Travis County Cemeteries J – L

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Jackson Family Cemetery (Melvin Jackson) aka Nathan Woods Cemetery 8/1/2010 Mary Todd Complete
Johnson Property      
Jones Cemetery 2/1/2013 4/1/2007 From the intersection of Hwy 183 and 71 go 5.1 miles to the east and turn left at the entrance to the Southeast Metropolitan Park. At the first intersection, turn right and go to the maintenance building and ask for directions to the cemetery in the northeast corner of the park.
Jones-Norwood II 4/1/2007
Joseph J. Manor Cemetery   Donella Daywood-Love Completed
Jourdan-Giles Cemetery 9/1/2006 Hanna Anderson Completed
Kimbro Cemetery 9/1/2000   Completed
Lakewood Cemetery      
Lick Creek Cemetery     Available
Lindsey Cemetery 6/24/2000   Completed
Littig   Donella Love  
Live Oak Cemetery 3/1/2002 George Rasor and Sandra Schmidt Completed
Lockwood Cemetery   Donella Daywood-Love Completed
Lohmann Grave      
Lohmann’s Cemetery      
Longview (Bargsley) Cemetery 12/1/2003 Janet Taylor & Bill Plumley Completed
Lund Cemetery 8/1/2000   Completed