The Pioneer Families of Travis County

Did your ancestors live in Travis County before 1880? Then they are Travis County Pioneers. The Austin Genealogical Society issues Pioneer Families of Travis County certificates to descendants who prove that their ancestors were living in Travis County, Texas, prior to the close of 1880. This preserves our past and and honors our earliest settlers. All of  the information submitted provides a valuable resource to others studying the history and genealogy of Travis County.

To qualify for the certificate:

  • You must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who lived in Travis County on or before December 31, 1880.
  • You must submit verifiable proof of such descent including  birth, death, marriage certificates; probate, census, military records; obituaries and Bible records.
  • You must pay a fee of $20 to cover the costs of verification of the application.
  • You do not need to be a current Travis County resident to quality.

If you would like to apply for this certificate, download and complete the AGS Pioneer Certificate Application Form, following the included  instructions, and mail the form and your check* for $20 to Kay Boyd-AGS, 1405 South Meadows Dr, Austin, Texas 78758-4760.  Important:  be sure to include documentation for each item on the application.

*For your convenience, you may now pay via PayPal:

AGS Pioneer Certificate Application form

Travis County Pioneers

Reuben and Sarah Morrison Hornsby 1832
Mahala Murchison Strain 1839
Jacob Mangrin Harrell 1840
Daniel Brown 1840
Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson 1840
William W. Atwood and Mary C. Neely 1840
Lorenzo Van Cleve 1840
Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson 1840
John Henry Lohmann 1842
Hanson George Catlett 1843
Jesse F Burditt, Sr. 1844
Sylvester and Catherine Jennings Lockwood 1844
Franklin Tate Brown 1846
James Gibson and Elizabeth Swisher 1846
Benjamin Grumbles 1848
William and Matilda Rayson Baker 1850
David Alexander Harris 1850
Thomas Jefferson and Catherine Hyde Johnson 1850
James Sherrod Prewitt 1850
Sebron Graham and Miranda Adkins Sneed 1850
Addison and Sally Lane 1850
Henry and Jane Goldfinch Johnson 1850
William Martin and Mary Giddons Preece 1850
William and Emily Rather Ellison 1850
Mary Ann Grumbles Plumley 1850
Quilla James and Sarah Amelia Hill Nichols 1850
Andrew W and Jane T (Scrivner) Caperton 1853
John and Magdalena Henninger 1853
George Fleming Moore 1854
William H. Sharp 1854
Carl Ludwig Nitschke & Emma Maria Bassett 1856
Thomas Salathiel and Eugenia L. Phillips Thompson 1856
William A. and Ritha Ann Ragsdale Townsley 1856
Gustave and Mary Munson Johnson 1858
William George and Mary E. Mayfield Rountree 1860
R. A. and Erin Kyle Rutherford 1860
William Franklin and Mary Ann (Caperton) Robertson 1861
August Wilhelm and Lissette Schuelke 1863
James Edward Maxey 1866
Joseph Almar Roberts 1866
William and Jessie McAngus 1867
Henry K/Clinger 1869
James Alexander and Roxy A. Raney 1870
Leberecht Sakewitz 1870
Alexander Carson Maxwell and Cynthia Ann Owen 1871
Carl August and Lovisa Carlson Syngg Peterson 1871
Richard E. Stromberg and Adelina Gok 1872
Robert Edmondson and Ann Long Snodgrass Grant 1872
James T. Plumley 1872
Henry Emil Seekatz and Jane M. Halden Freland Seekatz 1873
John Stevenson Farrow 1874
William Frederick Ludwig Luedecke 1876
Theodore F and Lillie Decker 1877
Crockett J. and Caroline Gray 1877
John P. Dipprey 1880
Thomas Jones and Sophie Caroline Downs 1880
Willis and Margaret Jackson Hopkins 1880
Emma Pollock 1880
Christian Houser 1880
Joseph Michael Traugott 1880