About AGS

No genealogist ever said “I know everything there is to know about genealogy.” There’s always more to learn.

The Austin Genealogy Society is here because there is always more to learn as genealogy and its methodologies change. We learn from each other and from experts, and working together enhances our capacity to discover and expand our knowledge. We are a learning community.

The Austin Genealogy Society was founded in 1960 by dedicated genealogists who wanted to extend learning opportunities for each other and for the field. Genealogy at that time was uniformly harder work, finding and mining paper sources at repositories around the country and world. The internet did not exist. Genealogists counted on each other for sharing sources and research opportunities.

That hasn’t changed. Even though today many people researching their family roots are relying on the internet for basic and complex information, both amateur and professional genealogists rely on each other to extend their knowledge and research opportunities. Even with the internet, we still need to go “into the field” and find what’s out there.

Learning how and where to explore family history records continues to be a primary function of the Austin Genealogical Society today. We connect with each other and with prominent researchers to grow as family historians in meetings, seminars and special events.

We provide access to and support for centers of research. We help preserve the vital historical information that future genealogists and historians will have to rely upon.

We continue to work to bring family history to life. Can you use help and support in your search for ancestors? That’s why we exist.