Jourdan-Giles Cemetery

Cemetery nameJourdan-Giles Cemetery
Location of cemetery11600 block East Braker Lane
DirectionsTurn east from Dessau onto Braker Lane, go .3 miles. The cemetery is on the right or south side of the street. The cemetery is inclosed with a chain link fence and a locked gate. Can be seen from the road. Before Pioneer Farm Drive.
Appearancefenced, overgrown
Date transcribedSeptember 10, 2006
Transcribed byHanna Anderson
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
GilesAliceO. 32518673271910  
GilesEugeneVictor 21618806291974  
GilesLauraLewis 33118693231961“Olga Lewis” 
GilesMiss MaggieBell   1875991950(found in 1964) 
GilesSarahA. 10418423231897Wife of W. L. Giles 
J.E.N.       (Possibly Edwin N. Jourdan Jul 27, 1874-Apr 13, 1883, s/o J. E. & M. J. found in 1964) 
JourdanBillie  5218838181913Was faithful to every trust. 
JourdanFrederick  622181610131887 with Harriet Bachman Jourdan
JourdanHarrietBachman 101618153261881Wife of Frederick Jourdanwith Frederick Jourdan
JourdanJohnBachman 42218507221918  
ThurmanBaby Ernest       1890 with Fannie Butler Thurman
ThurmanFannieButler   1856  1890 with Baby Ernest Thurman
unmarked graves
There was one marker that was blank and might have been a foot stone. 2 metal signs with no information
**In memory-This stone is in memory of those children, their spouses and grandchildren of Frederick and Harriet Bachman Jourdan who are buried in unknown graves.
Erected by Eugene Victor Giles. These names are on that marker.
AlfordBaldySamuel   1830  1862  
AlfordThomasFrederic   1860  1940The finest guide in the Northwest 
AlfordWilliam    1862  1880  
AlfordWilliamThomas   1829  1873  
Alford-WaldemoreHarrietEmilyJourdan  1834  1885  
EdringtonHarrietEmilyAlford  1857  1878  
GilesLewisLucullus   1839  1861  
JourdanGeorgeW.   1835  1864  
JourdanGeorgeW.   1862  1889  
JourdanJamesW.   1859  1888  
JourdanWilliamA.   1840  1863