Lockwood Cemetery

Name of cemetery:Lockwood Cemetery
Location of cemetery:Roadrunner View Road
Driving directions:Take Blake Manor Rd east out of Manor from FM Rd. 973. Go to 19620 Blake Manor, to Roadrunner View Rd and turn left. Follow Roadrunner to the split and turn right on the dirt road. The cemetery is on the right.
Transcribed by:Donella Daywood-Love
Notes:Photos on Findagrave.com
Please NoteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
1Ayers, Thomas ca 1895 Killed
2Baker, Richard Clint25-Jun-7125-Jun-71 (not related to anyone in cemetery)
3Butler, Dorothy Angela4-Jul-27  Daughter to BF and Angela Ray
4Butler, Eric Allen 4-Jan-72 son to Monroe Ray
5Butler, Monroe (Monte) Allen19-Aug-4727-Apr-90  
6Daywood, Richard Sr.Sep. 10, 1920Dec. 31, 1998 m. Virginia Ray, son of Hykal and Amelia Daywood. SGT US ARMY WWII
7Daywood, Virginia Lanelle RayAug. 10, 1928Feb. 12, 1999 married to Richard Sr., dau of Angela Paschell and BF Ray
8Daywood, Wayne RaulMar. 8, 1952Oct. 10, 1987 son of Richard Sr. and Virginia
9Hamilton, Arthur JJun. 11, 1921Oct. 16, 1992 YI US NAVY WWII
10Hamilton, Jalen MatthewMar. 16, 1999Mar. 16, 1999An angel kissed him and he slept 
11Joseph, Anna Belle ScottFeb. 18, 1908Jan. 21, 1929  
12Lane, UnknownUnknownUnknown Twin infant son of Jim and Mary Lane
13Lane, UnknownUnknownUnknown Twin infant dau of Jim and Mary Lane
14Lockwood, Catherine Jennings WhistlerDec. 15, 1825Feb. 26, 1911 married to Sylvester Lockwood
15Lockwood, Dan S.Oct. 29, 1871Jun. 25, 1951 married to Mattie Lockwood
16Lockwood, George ThomasSep. 9, 1858Nov. 6, 1926 (unmarked grave)
17Lockwood, JohnnieUnknown1918  
18Lockwood, L.L.Oct. 8, 1868Oct. 27, 1869 dau of Joe and Emma
19Lockwood, MableJun. 21, 1905Jun. 28, 1905 dau of Edward Lockwood
20Lockwood, MaryAug. 2, 1907Aug. 6, 1907 dau of Edward Lockwood
21Lockwood, Mary ElizabethJul. 15, 1850Nov. 24, 1924 had 3 husbands. All died violent deaths
22Lockwood, Mattie N.Apr. 1, 1885Jan. 11, 1933 wife of Dan
23Lockwood, SylvesterFeb. 13, 1873Jul. 7, 1899 husband of Catherine
24Lockwood, WeltonJan. 17, 1907Mar. 11, 1921 killed by lightening, son of Dan and Mattie
25Lundy, Iona Norris RayNov. 18, 1907Apr. 25, 1966 wife of Taylor Ray
26Mason, Alyce Ray16-Feb-10Dec. 14, 1998 married to Willard “Perry” Mason
27Mason, Willard T.7-Mar-15Aug. 27, 1991 married to Alyce Ray
28Norris, Edward LeeUnknownunknown brother of Mattie Norris
29Norris, MaryUnknownunknown mother of Mattie Lockwood
30Paschal, Angela Lanicek RayAp. 20, 19063-May-92 1st married to BF Ray
31Perkins, Edna Ray28-Nov-07Feb. 25, 1987 married to Harold C. sister to Alyce Ray
32Perkins, Harold C19021980 US ARMY WWII married to Edna Ray
33Ray, Bundridge Fount Jr.20-Aug-26Aug. 26, 1926 born to Angela and BF Ray
34Ray, Bundridge Fount Pvt.23-Aug-02Mar. 11, 1969 TX PVT 61 Flying TNG SQ AAF World War II
35Ray, Charles Grady25-Jun-36Oct. 28, 1987 son of BF and Angela Ray
36Ray, General PatrickFeb 21, 1871Oct. 25, 1958 married to Nannie Evelyn Taylor Ray
37Ray, James M12-Oct-31  (not deceased)
38Ray, Jesse Jake Willard26-Oct-16Jun. 5, 1993 US ARMY WWII son to General Patrick and Nannie E. Ray
39Ray, Joseph Thomas Henry Patrick9-Apr-04Apr. 5, 1968 son of William and Melinda Ray
40Ray, MaryUnknown1896 dau of General Patrick and Nannie Ray
41Ray, Nannie Evelyn Taylor18811919 married to General Patrick
42Ray, Nannie MaeJun. 26, 1926Sep. 11, 1934 dau of Taylor and Iona
43Ray, Patrick 1912 shares headstone with twin sister
44Ray, Saddie 1912 shares headstone with twin brother
45Ray, Taylor19051962  
46Ray, William A.20-Oct-00Nov. 19, 1989  
47Ray, William Horace29-Jul-23Jul. 3, 2001 US ARMY WWII
48Ray, William MonroeJun 29, 1846Apr. 1, 1928 husband of Melinda
49Reeves, Maul C.18491878 1st husband of Mary Lockwood
50Scott, Charles NormanApr. 14, 1928Jan. 23, 1929 son of George and Sallie
51Scott, Ellen19121929  
52Scott, Fred SylvesterApr. 27, 1884Aug. 9, 1947 son of Mary and Hiram
53Scott, George HarmMar. 27, 1904Apr. 22, 1996 married to Sally
54Scott, Harm A.(Hiram)Unknown1885 second hus of Mary Lockwood
55Scott, Henry Davis28-May-10Oct. 7, 1988  
56Scott, Ira PrestonSep. 18, 1921Jun. 15, 1963  
57Scott, Sally RuthMar. 12, 1907Jan. 25, 1995 wife of George
58Scott, Stella MSep. 16, 1925Feb. 19, 1929  
59Scott, Willie FritzFeb. 25Feb. 19, 1929 dau of Fred and Willie
60Scott, Willie MNov. 19, 1888Dec. 9, 1956  
61Shern, MaryUnknownunknown grandmother of Mattie Norris
62Simpson, JoAnn Ray FergusonOct. 6, 1937Nov. 18, 1999  
63Smith, Adell LanaJan. 17, 1915Nov. 12, 1919 dau of Katie Ray and Scott Smith
64Smith, Jhonie CharlesApr. 24, 1918Nov. 12, 1919 son of Katie Ray and Scott Smith
65Smith, William HunterOct. 8, 1913Sep. 9, 1997  
66Taylor-Ray, Melinda Catherine LockwoodMar. 3, 1864Dec. 21, 1932 married to Bill Ray after divorcing John Taylor
67UnknownUnknown  unmarked grave
68UnknownUnknown  unmarked grave