Travis County Naturalization Records – Y

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NameRecord ReferencesName of CourtCountry of Birth or AllegianceBirth Date or AgeDate of ProceedingsNature of Proceeding and Remarks
Yarl, Carl Dec Min Vol A p248 No 10608Dist. Ct.Sweden1847Oct. 3, 1892Dec. of Int.
Ybarra (Ybarro), JuanRec Civ Min Vol P p222 No 7194 (Civ Case 7194)Dist. Ct.Mexico1853Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Yden, CarlRec Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p66Co. Ct.Sweden1863Aug 1, 1887Dec. of Int.
D.C. Civ Case No 24543Dist. Ct.Aug. 1, 1887Dec. of Int. Filed
Civ Case File No 24543Dist. Ct.Sep. 20, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Nat Vol 1 p116Dist. Ct.Sep. 20, 1906Grant of Cit.
Young, GustavC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p42Co. Ct.Sweden1852Jul 26, 1887Dec. of Int.
Young, AdolphDec Min Vol B p62Dist. Ct.Sweden1878Apr. 3, 1906Dec. of Int.
Young, AugustDec Min VolAa p331 No 11618 1/2Dist. Ct.Sweden1867Jun. 2, 1894Dec. of Int.
Young, CarlDec Min Vol B p63Dist. Ct.Sweden1874Apr. 3, 1906Dec. of Int.
Young, EdwardCiv Case File No 3827Co. Ct.Sweden30Jul. 13, 1906Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 3827Co. Ct.Jul. 13, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Young, JohnDec Min Vol B p15 (Civ Case File 24674)Dist. Ct.Sweden1875Apr. 4, 1901Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 24674Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Pet for Nat.
Final Nat Vol 1 p199Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Youngquist, AlbinDec Min Vol B p47Dist. Ct.Sweden1878Aug. 24, 1903Dec. of Int.
Youngquist, CharleyDec Min Vol A p424 No 12936Dist. Ct.Sweden1870Sep. 25, 1895Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 17833Dist. Ct.Nov. 1, 1901Pet. for Nat.
Final Nat p205 No 17833Dist. Ct.Nov. 1, 1901Grant of Cit.
Youngquist, FrankCiv Min Dec Vol I p271 No 3260Co. Ct.Sweden1876Apr. 11, 1900Dec. of Int.
Youngquist, JohnCiv Min Dec Vol I p232Co. Ct.Sweden1867Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Youngquist, P. H.Civ Min Dec Vol I p267Co. Ct.Sweden1865Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.