Travis County Naturalization Records – E

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NameRecord ReferencesName of CourtCountry of Birth or AllegianceBirth Date or AgeDate of ProceedingsNature of Proceeding and Remarks
Earwady, Nicola Dec Min Vol A p275 No 10757Dist. Ct.Turkey1870Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Eatily, GeorgeDec Min Vol A p275 No 10756Dist. Ct.Turkey1865Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Eatily, MousesDec Min Vol A p274 No 10755Dist. Ct.Turkey1855Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Eberspacker (Eberspacher), Ernest (Ernst)Dec Min Vol A p130 No. 8242 (Civ Case File 8242)Dist. Ct.Germany1850May 28, 1887Dec. of Int.
Ebert, AlbertCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p64Co. Ct.Germany1836Jul. 30, 1887Dec. of Int.
Ebrahart, AndrewD.C. Civ Min Vol D p215Dist. Ct.Germany1821Sep. 28, 1853Dec. of Int.
Eckardt, ErnstC.C. Min Vol C p206Co. Ct.Germany1852Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Eckdahl (Ekdahl), N. P.D.C. Civ Case No 24633Co. Ct., Georgetown, Williamson Co.Sweden42Feb. 24, 1902Dec. of Int.
  Dist. Ct.    
  Dist. Ct.    
 D.C. Civ Case No 24633   Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat Vol 1 p159   Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Eckelund, JosuaDec Min Vol A p343 No 11777Dist. Ct.Sweden1858Oct. 22, 1894Dec. of Int.
Ecker, Josef (Joseph)Dec Min Vol A p355 No 11817Dist. Ct.Germany1844Oct. 24, 1894Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p195 No 16824Dist. Ct.  Oct. 3, 1900Grant of Cit.
Eckerly, William H.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p169Dist. Ct.Germany1847Oct. 21, 1872Dec. of Int.
Eckert (Erckert), Henry (Henrich)Dec Min Vol A p144 No 8274 (Civ Case File 8274)Dist. Ct.Germany1844Jun. 10, 1887Dec. of Int.
Ecklund (Eklund), A. (H.)
Rec Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p181 (Dist Civ Case 24578)Co. Ct.Sweden1866Oct. 20, 1892Dec. of Int.
 Nat Vol 1 p144Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Ecklund, Chas. P.Final Nat p 161 No 13064Dist. Ct.SwedenOct. 14, 1896Grant of Cit.
Ecklund (Eckland), Elis
Civ Min Dec Vol I p129 (D.C. Civ Case No 24535)Co. Ct.Sweden1869Oct. 27, 1890Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 24535Dist. Ct.  Sep. 19, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Ecklund, G. A.Dec Min Vol A p107 No 8065 (Civ Case File 8065)Dist. Ct.Sweden1861Oct. 30, 1886Dec. of Int.
Eckman, CarlDec Min Vol A p183 No 9236Dist. Ct.Sweden1866Nov. 26, 1889Dec. of Int.
Eckman, John P.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p188Dist. Ct.Sweden1825Oct. 24, 1872Dec. of Int.
Eckman (Ekman), N.C.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p166Co. Ct.Sweden1865Oct. 12, 1892Dec. of Int.
Eckstrom (Ekstrom), J. AugustC.C. Min Vol C p203Co. Ct.Sweden1844Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 8758Dist. Ct.  Oct. 4, 1888Pet. for Nat.
 Civ Min Vol S pp25-26 File No 8758Dist. Ct.  Oct. 4, 1888Grant of Cit.
Edborg, A. W.D.C. Civ Case 10683 (Civ Min Dec Vol I p118)Co. Ct.Sweden1869Oct. 8, 1890Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 10683Dist. Ct.  Oct. 26, 1892Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p 93 No 10683Dist. Ct.  Oct. 26, 1892Grant of Cit.
Edgar, Harold G.Dec Min Vol B p80 (Civ Case No 24566)Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain1870Sep. 22, 1906Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 24566Dist. Ct.  Sep. 22, 1906Pet. for Nat
 Nat Vol 1 p132Dist. Ct.  Sep. 22, 1906Grant of Cit.
Edgar, John C.Civ Min Vol B p160 (D.C. Civ Case No 24553)Co. Ct.England1840Oct. 17, 1884Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24553Dist. Ct.  Sep. 21, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p125Dist. Ct.  Sep. 21, 1906Grant of Cit.
Edgar, S. L.Dec Min Vol B p96 (Case File No 24659)Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain1875Sep. 26, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case File No 24659Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Pet. of Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p184Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Edstrand, RobertDec Min Vol A p381 No 12264Dist. Ct.Sweden1874Sep. 3, 1895Dec. of Int.
Eggeinam (Eggrinane), J. WalterCiv Min Vol O p370 No 5890 (Civ Case File 5890)Dist. Ct.Switzerland1858Oct. 17, 1882Dec. of Int.
Eggengerger, GeorgeDec Min Vol A p17 No 7339 (Civ Case File 7339)Dist. Ct.Switzerland1850Oct. 27, 1884Dec. of Int.
Egidy, Henry F.Civ Min Vol B p587Co. Ct.Prussia1852Oct. 31, 1887Dec. of Int.
Ehlers, Peter Fredrick LudwigDec Min Vol A p98 No 7939 (Civ Case File 7939)Dist. Ct.Germany1827Jun. 16, 1886Dec. of Int.
Ehrlich, LudwigDec Min Vol A p24 No 7352 (Civ Case No 7352) (Civ Case No 10600)Dist. Ct.Germany1841Oct. 30, 1884Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case 10600     
 Final Nat p 79 No 10600Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1892Pet for Nat.
  Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1892Grant of Cit.
Eichholtz, OttoDec Min Vol B p43Dist. Ct.Germany1883Dec. 10, 1904Dec. of Int.
Eichhorn, Chas.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p36Co. Ct.Germany1837Jul. 25, 1887Dec. of Int.
Eidenschink, AloisCiv Min Dec Vol I p179 (D.C. Civ Case No 24629)Co. Ct.Germany1857Oct. 19, 1892Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24629Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p155Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Eikel, JohnProb Min Vol C p610Prob. Ct.PrussiaMay –, 1866Grant of Cit.
Eilers, AugustCiv Case No 24544Co Ct., Hays Co.Germany22May 4, 1884Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24544Dist. Ct.  Sep. 20, 1906Pet. for Nat
 Nat Vol 1 p117Dist. Ct.  Sep. 20, 1906Grant of Cit.
Eisold, Emil WilhelmCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p22Co. Ct.Saxony1842Jul. 15, 1887Dec. of Int.
Ekdahl, AugustMin Vol A p45 No 7398 (Civ Case No 7398)Dist. Ct.Sweden1860Nov. 3, 1884Dec. of Int.
Ekdahl (Eckdahl), N. P.See Eckdahl     
Ekdall, C.Dec Min Vol A p301 No 10868Dist. Ct.Sweden1864Dec. 19, 1892Dec. of Int.
Ekenstam, Gustaf HennigD.C. Dec Min Vol B p82Dist. Ct.Sweden1875Sep. 24, 1906Dec. of Int.
Ekholm, CarlDec Min Vol B p105 (Civ Case No 24703)Dist. Ct.Sweden1882Sep. 26, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24703Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Ekland (Eklund), JohnD.C. Rec Dec Min Vol A p173 No 8801 (Civ Case No 8801)Dist. Ct.Sweden1859Nov. 5, 1888Dec. of Int.
Eklud, CarlCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p87Co. Ct.Sweden1858Aug. 4, 1887Dec. of Int.
Eklund (Ecklund), A. (H.) P.See Ecklund     
Eklund, CarlRec of Dec Dep of Com & Labor Form 2202 p4 No 24829Dist. Ct.SwedenFeb. 12, 1881Dec. 31, 1906Dec. of Int.
Eklund, Geo. E.D.C. Nat Vol 1 p109Dist. Ct.SwedenSep. 19, 1906Grant of Cit.
Eklund, J. A.D.C. Final Nat p 129Dist. Ct.SwedenSep. 20, 1906Grant of Cit.
Ekman, A. F.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p176Dist. Ct.Sweden1851Oct. 22, 1872Dec. of Int.
Ekman, Carl JohanD.C. Nat Vol 1 p32Dist. Ct.SwedenJan. 2, 1905Grant of Cit.
Ekman (Eckman), N.See Eckman     
Ekman, Peter MargresD.C. Civ Min Vol K p177Dist. Ct.Sweden1839Oct. 22, 1872Dec. of Int.
Ekstrom (Eckstrom), J. AugustSee Eckstrom     
Ekstrom, JohnC.C. Min Vol C p203Co. Ct.Sweden1847Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Elatal, GeorgeD.C. Final Nat p 190Dist. Ct.TurkeyNov. 27, 1899Grant of Cit.
Elbrecht, E. P.D.C. Civ Case No 24623Dist. Ct.GermanySep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Elisondo, SensionC.C. Min Vol C p202Co. Ct.Mexico1851Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Ellmers, HeinrrichD.C. Civ Case No 24617 1/2Dist. Ct., St. Cloud, Stearns Co., MNGermanyNov. 2, 1882Dec. of Int.
  Dist. Ct.    
  Dist. Ct.    
 Civ Case No 24617 1/2   Sep. 26, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p171   Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Elser, ChristoffC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol I p100Co. Ct.Prussia1844Oct. 18, 1888Dec. of Int.
Emanuele (Emanuel) (Merlo), Carlo (Merlo) (Emanuel)D.C. Civ Min Vol _ p220 No 7189 (D.C. Case File No 7189)Dist. Ct.Italy1853Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Emmert, GustavCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p153Co. Ct.Germany1854Aug. 3, 1891Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat. p 126Dist. Ct.  May 19, 1894Grant of Cit.
Emmerti, Frank A.C.C. Civ Min Vol 1 p153Co. Ct.Germany1857Aug. 3, 1891Dec. of Int.
Eng, John (Fah) (Jah)D.C. Dec Min Vol A p307 No 11323Dist. Ct.Sweden1827Nov. 28, 1893Dec. of Int.
Engborg, G. W.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p72 (D.C. Civ Case No 9636)Co. Ct.Sweden1856Aug. 1, 1887Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 9636Dist. Ct.  Oct. 26, 1890Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p4Dist. Ct.  Oct. 22, 1890Grant of Cit.
Engdahl, GustavC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p60Co. Ct.Sweden1864Jul. 30, 1887Dec. of Int.
Engel, AlbertD.C. Dec Min Vol A p338 No 11764Dist. Ct.Saxony1867Oct. 16, 1894Dec. of Int.
Engelmann (Engelmen), MartinRec Dec Min Vol A p132 No 8246 (Civ Case File No 8246 & 9975)Dist. Ct.Germany1860May 30, 1887Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 9975     
 Final Nat p39Dist. Ct.  Jul. 8, 1891Pet. for Nat.
  Dist. Ct.  Sep. 7, 1891Grant of Cit.
Engguist, O.C.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p104Co. Ct.Sweden1857Oct. 29, 1888Dec. of Int.
 Civ Min Vol C p69Co. Ct.  Oct. 29, 1888Grant of Cit.
Engler, CharlesCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p235Co. Ct.Germany1856Oct. 26, 1896Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24570Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p136Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Engleall, J.C.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p50Co. Ct.Sweden1860Jul. 26, 1887Dec. of Int.
Ennstrom (Enstrom), GustafC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p139Co. Ct.Sweden1862Nov. 1, 1890Dec. of Int.
Enrico (Ferarri), Ferrari (Enrico)Civ Case File No 7045 (Civ Min Vol P p67 7045)Dist. Ct.Italy1857Dec. 1, 1893Dec. of Int.
Enrico (Frezzero) (Frezzero), Ferari (Enrico)Civ Case File No 7192 (Civ MinVol P p221 7192)Dist. Ct.Italy1854Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Eoliers, JohnD.C. Dec Min Vol A p454 No 13163Dist. Ct.Turkey1871Dec. 7, 1896Dec. of Int.
Eoliers, TomD.C. Dec Min Vol A p454 No 13162Dist. Ct.Turkey1864Dec. 7, 1896Dec. of Int.
Equivell (Esquivel), JuanD.C. Dec Min Vol A p361 No 11842Dist. Ct.Mexico1868Oct. 31, 1894Dec. of Int.
Erckert (Eckert), Henrich (Henry)See Eckert     
Erckson, J. EdwardC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p126Co. Ct.Sweden1867Oct. 24, 1890Dec. of Int.
Erdmann, Herman (H.)D.C. Civ Case No 10172Co. Ct., Georgetown, Williamson Co.Germany37Jun. 29, 1887Dec. of Int.
  Dist. Ct.    
  Dist. Ct.    
 Civ Case No 10172   Nov. 16, 1891Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat. p57   Nov. 16, 1891Grant of Cit.
Ericksen, Julius W.D.C. Dec Min Vol A p302 No 10954Dist. Ct.Germany1869Feb. 9, 1893Dec. of Int.
(Erickesson), A. Y.
D.C. Dec Min Vol A p252 No 10637Dist. Ct.Sweden1861Oct. 15, 1892Dec. of Int.
 Nat Vol 1 p10Dist. Ct.  Dec. 2, 1903Grant of Cit.
Erickson, C. E.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p65 (D.C. Civ Case No 24638)Co. Ct.Sweden1863Aug. 1, 1887Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24638Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Civ Case No 24638 Vol 1 p164Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Erickson (Errickson), ErickC.C. Civ Min Vol B p433Co. Ct.Sweden1853Oct. 30, 1886Dec. of Int.
Erickson, M.D.C. Civ Min Vol L pp560-561Dist. Ct.Sweden1844Oct. 30, 1875Dec. of Int.
Erickson, S. J.Civ Min Dec Vol T p146Co. Ct.Sweden1858Nov. 3, 1890Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p155Dist. Ct.  Sep. 8, 1896Grant of Cit.
Erikson, W. F.C.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p44Co. Ct.Sweden1860Jul. 26, 1887Dec. of Int.
Erler, HenriD.C. Civ Min Vol C p253Dist. Ct.Sep. 17, 1852Dec. of Int.
Ernst, KarlCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p40Co. Ct.Germany1842Jul. 26, 1887Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p142Dist. Ct.  Nov. 3, 1894Grant of Cit.
Errickson (Erickson), ErickSee Erickson     
Erricksson, JosephD.C. Civ Min Vol K p177Dist. Ct.Sweden1827Oct. 22, 1872Dec. of Int.
Erzkus, ErnstD.C. Dec Min Vol A p 255 No 10645Dist. Ct.Germany1831Oct. 19, 1892Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat. p135Dist. Ct.  Oct. 27, 1894Grant of Cit.
Erzkus, HugoD.C. Final Nat p 96Dist. Ct.Germany Oct. 28, 1892Grant of Cit.
Escobar, FaustinaC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p143Co. Ct.Mexico1868Nov. 1, 1890Dec. of Int.
Esparza, AntonioD.C. Dec Min Vol A p419 No 12482Dist. Ct.Mexico1873Dec. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
Espinoza, R.C.C. Civ Min Vol B p43Co. Ct.Mexico1855Dec. 3, 1883Dec. of Int.
Esquivel (Equivel), JuanSee Equivel     
Essen, W.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p498Dist. Ct.Prussia1840Oct. 18, 1873Dec. of Int.
Estrada, Felicono (Felecono)C.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p 232Co. Ct.Mexico1859Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Estrada, LeonardoC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p250Co. Ct.Mexico1869Oct. 26, 1896Dec. of Int.
Estrada, PedroC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p222Co. Ct.Mexico1851Oct. 21, 1896Dec. of Int.
Estrada, RamonD.C. Civ Min Vol J p551Dist. Ct.Mexico36Oct. 2, 1871Dec. of Int.
Estrada, RobertoC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p219Co. Ct.Mexico1864Oct. 17, 1892Dec. of Int.
Estrada, VictorianoD.C. Dec Min Vol A p258 No 10671Dist. Ct.Mexico1849Oct. 24, 1892Dec. of Int.
Estrado, LeonardoC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p166Co. Ct.Mexico1869Oct. 11, 1892Dec. of Int.
Etal (Etel), AbrahamD.C. Rec Dec Min Vol B (Civ Case No 23424)Dist. Ct.Syria1882Jan. 12, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case 23424Dist. Ct.  Jan. 12, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p53Dist. Ct.  Jan. 12, 1906Grant of Cit.
Ewart, AlbertC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p54Co. Ct.Germany1836Jul. 27, 1887Dec. of Int.