Travis County Naturalization Records – T

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NameRecord ReferencesName of CourtCountry of Birth or AllegianceBirth Date or AgeDate of ProceedingsNature of Proceeding and Remarks
Taenkerm Melchior Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p41Co. Ct.Switzerland18??Jul. 26, 1887Dec. of Int.
Tagio, AngeloDec Min Vol A p73 No 7681Dist. Ct.Italy1854Dec. 5, 1885Dec. of Int.
Takschten, IsraelCiv Min Vol B p420Co. Ct.RussiaOct. 27, 1886Dec. of Int.
Tamis, NicholasDec Min Vol A p263 No 10768Dist. Ct.Mexico1867Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Tanos (Tannos), Abraham
Dec Min Vol A p296 No 10786Dist. Ct.Turkey1863Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Nat Vol 1 p23Dist. Ct.Sep. 7, 1904Grant of Cit.
Tappe, BamhardD.C. Civ Min Vol E p592Dist. Ct.Prussia1817Nov. 13, 1855Dec. of Int.
Tapperson, CharleyDec Min Vol A p154 No 8448 1/2 (Civ Case File
No 8448 1/2)
Dist. Ct.Sweden1863Nov. 29, 1887Dec. of Int.
Tarmini, MasseninoDec Min Vol A p349 No 11794Dist. Ct.Austria1856Oct. 23, 1894Dec. of Int.
Tassaniri (Tassanari),
Dec Min Vol B p43 (Civ Case File 24825Dist. Ct.ItalyJul. 1854Nov. 18, 1906Dec. of Int
Pet & Rec Dept of Comm & Labor
Form 2204 No 24825 and No 5
Dist. Ct.Apr. 6, 1907Grant of Cit.
D.C. Civ Min Vol 17 p278 No 24825   
 Dist. Ct.Apr. 6, 1907Grant of Cit.
Teilking, LouisCiv Min Vol O p577 No 6051Dist. Ct.GermanyJun. 27, 1883Grant of Cit.
Telander, AlfredDec Min Vol B p101 (Civ Case File No 24676)Dist. Ct.Sweden1876Sep. 26, 1906Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File 24676Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Nat Vol I p201 Sec 2157 U.S.R.S.Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Telfer, A. G.Nat Vol 1 p27Dist. Ct.Gr. BritainOct. 3, 190?Grant of Cit.
Tell, Wm.Dec Min Vol A p122 No 8223 (Civ Case File
No 10693 & 8223)
Dist. Ct.Germany1852May 20, 1887Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 10693   
Final Nat p93 No 10693Dist. Ct.Oct. 27, 1892Pet. for Nat.
 Dist. Ct.Oct. 27, 1892Grant of Cit.
Teliner (Toellner), WilliamCiv Case File No 8242 1/2 and 9969Dist. Ct.Germany1842May 30, 1887Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 9969Dist. Ct.Jul. 6, 1891Pet. for Nat.
Final Nat p36 No 9969Dist. Ct.Sep. 7, 1891Grant of Cit.
Teneriez, JuanCiv Min Dec Vol L p230Co. Ct.Mexico1848Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Tetens, FrederichCrim Min Vol A pp383-384Co. Ct.Germany1860May 7, 1883Dec. of Int.
Tetens, Jocob (Jacob)Civ Min Vol B pp159-160Co. Ct.Prussia1857Oct. 21, 1884Dec. of Int.
Final Nat p133 No 11806 1/2Dist. Ct.Oct. 25, 1894Grant of Cit.
Thiele, G.D.C.Civ Min Vol N p25Dist. Ct.Germany1838Feb. 14, 1876Dec. of Int.
Thieme, Ottoman (Ottomar)Dec Min Vol A p62 No 7654Dist. Ct.Germany1864Nov. 30, 1885Dec. of Int.
Civ Min Vol Q p52 No 7655Dist. Ct.Nov. 30, 1885Grant of Cit.
Thies, W. G.Civ Case File No 10468Dist. Ct.EnglandJun. 2, 1892Pet. for Nat.
Final Nat p 73 No 10468Dist. Ct.Jun. 2, 1892Grant of Cit.
Thimber, C. O.Civ Min Vol K p461 (Civ Case File No 7411)Dist. Ct.Sweden1845Oct. 7, 1873Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 7411Dist. Ct.Dec. 5, 18847Pet. for Nat.
Thoen, JohanDec Min Vol A p127 No 8235Dist. Ct.Germany1845May 26, 1887Dec. of Int.
Thomas, Albert (Albirt)Dec Min Vol A p241 No 10456Dist. Ct.England1863May 21, 1892Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 24654Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Nat Vol 1 p179Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Thomas, MikeDec Min Vol B p11 No 17025Dist. Ct.Turkey1871Apr. 1, 1901Dec. of Int.
Thomas, StephenDec Min Vol B p10 No 17024Dist. Ct.Turkey1869Apr. 1, 1901Dec. of Int.
Thomasen (Thomason, J.
Dec Min Vol B p96 (Civ Case File No 24660Dist. Ct.Denmark1857Sep. 26, 1906Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 24660Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Nat Vol 1 p185Dist. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Thomssen, W. D.Final Nat p178 Case No 13390Dist. Ct.GermanyMar. 17, 1897Grant of Cit.
Thonio, Gus, I. (J.)Dec Min Vol A p207Dist. Ct.Germany1874Nov. 1, 1890Dec. of Int.
Thornquist, AugustCiv Min Dec Vol I p211Co. Ct.Sweden1853Apr. 23, 1894Dec. of Int.
Nat Vol 1 p11Co. Ct.Dec. 2, 1903Grant of Cit.
Thren, JohannCiv Case File No 8235 and No 9970Dist. Ct.Germany1845May 26, 1887Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 9970Dist. Ct.Jul. 6, 1891Pet. for Nat.
Final Nat p37 No 9970Dist. Ct.Sep. 7, 1891Grant of Cit.
Thurmann (Tuhrmann), CarlCiv Min Vol B p422Co. Ct.Germany1852Oct. 27, 1886Dec. of Int.
Thum, WilliamD.C. Civ Min Vol E p631Dist. Ct.PrussiaJan. 8, 1856Pet. for Nat.
Tillmann, EdwardD.C. Civ Min Vol E p495Dist. Ct.PrussiaJun. 9, 1855.Pet. for Nat.
Timbel, C. O.D.C. Civ Min Vol P p346Dist. Ct.SwedenOct. 3, 1884Grant of Cit.
Timeneg (Jimenez), RefugioSee Jimenez     
Timmerman, CarlD.C.Civ Min Vol K p185Dist. Ct.GermanyOct. 23, 1872Grant of Cit. (Discharged soldier, U.S. Army)
Ting, LeeCiv Min Vol B p121-122Co. Ct.China1847Jul, 28, 1884Dec. of Int.
Tingavall )Tingvall) (Jongquist)
(Jongquuist), Alex (Axel)
See Jongquist     
Tirlop, DaveDec Min Vol A p74 No 7683Dist. Ct.Hungary1864Dec. 5, 1885Dec. of Int.
Tirlop, OttoDec Min Vol A p342 No 11776Dist. Ct.Prussia1870Oct. 20, 1894Dec. of Int.
Final Nat p131 No 11776Dist. Ct.Oct. 23, 1894Grant of Cit.
Toellner, LudwigCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p8Co. Ct.Germany185?Jul. 9, 1887Dec. of Int.
Toellner (Tellner), WilliamSee Tellner     
Tollichet, H.Civ Min Dec Vol I p151Co. Ct.France1844Jul. 15, 1891Dec. of Int.
Tomasichi, LouisDec Min Vol A p309 No 11328 1/2Dist. Ct.Italy1867Dec. 2, 1893Dec. of Int.
Tomquirt (Tornquist), S. H.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p177 Civ Case File No??Dist. Ct.Sweden1847Oct. 22, 1872Dec. of Int.
Torn, Andrew P.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p184Dist. Ct.Sweden1842Oct. 23, 1872Dec. of Int.
Torn, Nils (Nels)Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p52Co. Ct.Sweden1824Jul. 27, 1887Dec. of Int.
Civ Min Vol B pp541-42Co. Ct.Jul. 27, 1887Grant of Cit.
Tornquist, Alfred J.Civ Min Dec Vol I p145 (D.C. Civ Case No 24587)Dist. Ct.Sweden1858Oct. 3, 1890Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 24587Co. Ct.Sep. 26, 1906Pet for Nat.
Nat Vol 1 p236Co. Ct.Sep. 24, 1906Grant of Cit.
Tornquist (Tomquirt), S. H.See Tomquirt     
Torres, ManuelDec Min Vol A p389 No 12421Dist. Ct.Mexico1871Nov. 28, 1895Dec. of Int.
Torres, RafaelCiv Min Dec Vol I p141Co. Ct.Mexico1838Nov. 1, 1890Dec. of Int.
Torres, VincenteDec Min Vol A p309 No 11328 1/2Co. Ct.Mexico1862Dec. 2, 1893Dec. of Int.
Torstad, ChristianDec Min Vol I p212 No 3294 (Civ Case No 3294)Co. Ct.Sweden-Norway1877Apr. 27, 1900Dec. of Int.
Traco, Thos.Civ Min Dec Vol I p134Co. Ct.Mexico1865Oct. 31, 1890Dec. of Int.
Trangel, TheodoraCiv Min Vol K p576Dist. Ct.Mexico1843Nov. 7, 1873Dec. of Int.
Traugatt, H. J.Civ Case File No 10452Dist. Ct.Germany1867May 21, 1892Dec. of Int.
Civ Case File No 10452Dist. Ct.May 21, 1892Grant of Cit.
Trautwein, AdolphD.C. Civ Min Vol F p21Dist. Ct.Germany-Prussia1829Jun. 17, 1856Dec. of Int.
Prob Min Vol D p26Prob. Ct.Jun. 25, 1866Grant of Cit.
Trautwein, JohnD.C.Civ Min Vol K p171Dist. Ct.Germany184?Oct. 21, 1872Dec. of Int.
Trebino, DamasoCiv Case File No 7186Dist. Ct.Mexico1859Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Treifel, JohnDec Min Vol A p37 No 7382Dist. Ct.Prussia1850Nov. 3, 1884Dec. of Int.
Trevenio MelitonCiv Min Dec Vol I p239Co. Ct.Mexico1865Oct. 28, 1895Dec. of Int.
Trevinio, RamonDec Min Vol A p228 No 10210Dist. Ct.Mexico1875Dec. 7, 1891Dec. of Int.
Trevino, FranciscoDec Min Vol A p267 No 10741Dist. Ct.Mexico1848Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Troilo, VitateDec Min Vol A p93 No 7734Dist. Ct.Italy40Dec. 7, 1885Dec. of Int.
Tromhalz, SimonCiv Min Vol B p401Co. Ct.Germany1854Oct. 11, 1886Dec. of Int.
Truccagg, S.Dec Min Vol A p388 No 12420Dist. Ct.Italy1842Nov. 28, 1896Dec. of Int.
Trufel, John (Johann)Civ Case File No 7382Dist. Ct.Prussia1850Nov. 3, 1884Dec. of Int.
Tschageny, John JacobD.C. Civ Min Vol P p198 No 7168 (Civ Case
Dist. Ct.Switzerland136May 22, 1884Dec. of Int.
Tucker, ThomasD.C. Civ Min Vol A p14Dist. Ct.1840Oath of Alleg. (To Republic of Texas)
   Grant of Cit.
D.C/ Civ Min Vol A p14Dist. Ct.1840 
Tuerk, C. H.Civ Min Vol N p104Dist. Ct.Prussia1847Oct. 14, 1878Dec. of Int.
Tuhrman (Thurmann), CarlSee Thurmann     
Turner, Robert Sr.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p54Co. Ct.England1839Jul. 27, 1887Dec. of Int.
Turner, Robert Jr.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p53Co. Ct.England1865Jul. 27, 1887Dec. of Int.
Turner, W.Dec Min Vol A p180Dist. Ct.England1855Mar. 29, 1889Dec. of Int.
Tyerino, MauricioDec Min Vol A p390 No 12423Dist. Ct.Mexico1845Nov. 28, 1895Dec. of Int.