Travis County Naturalization Records – C

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NameRecord ReferencesName of CourtCountry of Birth or AllegianceBirth Date or AgeDate of ProceedingsNature of Proceeding and Remarks
Cabrera, Sutario (Sauteno) Crim Min Vol A p46Co. Ct.Mexico1847Jun. 4, 1877Dec. of Int.
Cahill, J. D.Final Nat p103Dist. Ct.Gr. BritainNov. 5, 1892Grant of Cit.
Caie, J. C.Crim Min Vol A p25Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain1854May 24, 1878Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 10285Dist. Ct.  May 25, 1878Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 10285Dist. Ct.  Feb. 3. 1892Pet. of Nat.
 Final Nat p64Dist. Ct.  Feb. 3, 1892Grant of Cit.
Caieasse (Caiffassio), MarianoCiv Min Vol K p463Dist. Ct.Italy1822Oct. 9, 1873Dec. of Int.
Calson, C. G.Dec of Min Vol A p357 No 11827Dist. Ct.Sweden1871Oct. 29, 1894Dec. of Int.
Capillo, FelicianoCiv Min Dec Vol I p256Co. Ct.Mexico1860Oct. 30, 1896Dec. of Int.
Campo, JustinianoD.C. Civ Vol J pp548-549Dist. Ct.Mexico27Oct. 2, 1871Dec. of Int.
Campos, BenitoCiv Min Dec Vol I p248Co. Ct.Mexico1840Oct. 28, 1896Dec. of Int.
Candada, AdolfoCiv Min Dec Vol I p227Co. Ct.Mexico1847Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Candido, Dellano (Delina)Dec Min Vol A p65 No 7669 (Civ Case No 7669Dist. Ct.Austria1864Dec. 3, 1885Dec. of Int.
Caninenberg, JohnCiv Min Dec Vol I p157Co. Ct.Germany1866Jul. 8, 1892Dec. of Int.
Canova, B.Dec Min Vol A p245 No 10564Dist. Ct.Italy1866Sep. 26, 1892Dec. of Int.
Dist. Ct.Italy1832Oct. 25, 1875Dec. of Int.
Cantu, AugustinCiv Min Dec Vol I p254Co. Ct.Mexico1874Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cardes, DedrickCiv Min Vol B pp443-444Co. Ct.Germany1853Oct. 30, 1886Dec. of Int.
Carlo (Guiseppi), Guiseppe (Carlo)Civ Min Vol P p221 No 7190 (Civ Case File 7190)Dist. Ct.Italy1858Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Carlson, AlbionDec Min Vol B p8Dist. Ct.Sweden1873Nov. 3, 1900Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p197   Nov. 3, 1900Grant of Cit.
Carlson, AlfredD.C. Civ Case No 24078Co. Ct.Sweden49Jan. 6, 1902Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24078Co. Ct.  Jun. 5, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 D.C. Nat Vol 1 p83Co. Ct.  Jun. 6, 1906Grant of Cit.
Carlson, AlfredCiv Min Dec Vol I p154Co. Ct.Sweden1870Jan. 11, 1892Dec. of Int.
 Civ Min Dec Vol I p168Co. Ct.   Dec. of Int.
 Nat Rec Vol 1 p12Co. Ct.   Grant of Cit.
Carlson, AugustCiv Min Dec Vol I p123 (D.C. Case No 10681)Co. Ct.Sweden1865Oct. 22, 1890Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 10681Co. Ct.  Oct. 26, 1892Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p189Co. Ct.  Nov. 14, 1899Grant of Cit.
Carlson (Karlson), AugustDec Min Vol A p186 No 9242Dist. Ct.Sweden1862Nov. 30, 1889Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p176Dist. Ct.  Nov. 2, 1896Grant of Cit.
Carlson, C. G.Dec Min D.C. Vol A p357 No 11827Dist. Ct.Sweden1871Oct. 29, 1894Dec. of Int.
Carlson, C. G.D.C. Nat Vol 1 p1Dist. Ct.SwedenSep. 7, 1903Grant of Cit.
Carlson, C. G.C.C. Civ Min Dec Vol I p265Co. Ct.Sweden1854Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Carlson, John EdwardCiv Min Dec Vol I p269 No 3159Co. Ct.Sweden1873Oct. 8, 1898Dec. of Int.
Carlson, OscarDec Min Vol B p46 (Civ Case No 22652)Dist. Ct.Sweden18782-May-05Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 22652Dist. Ct.  2-May-05Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p36Dist. Ct.  3-May-05Grant of Cit.
Carlson, Oscar M.Dec Min Vol B p20Dist. Ct.Sweden1875Apr. 5, 1902Dec. of Int.
Carlson, S. A.Dec Min Vol A p97 No 7935Dist. Ct.Sweden28Jun. 7, 1886Dec. of Int.
Carlson, VictorFinal Nat p159Dist. Ct.SwedenOct. 2, 1896Grant of Cit.
Carlstrom, G. A.D.C. Civ Case No 24635 (Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p128)Co. Ct.Sweden1869Oct. 27, 1890Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24635Co. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p161Co. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Carrion, Jose MariaDec Min Vol A p416 No 12478Dist. Ct.Mexico1845Dec. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
Carson, Oscar (O.) A.Dec MinVol B p99 (Civ Case No 24672) Civ Case No 24672Dist. Ct.Sweden1879Sep. 26, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Nat Vol 1 p197Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Pet. for Nat.
  Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Nat.
Carson, Thomas K.Dec Min Vol A p167 No 8619Dist. Ct.Ireland1825Jun. 20, 1888Dec. of Int.
Casserly, JohnCiv Min Dec Vol I p260Co. Ct.Gr. Britain1870Oct. 29, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cassidy, JohnD.C. Civ Min Vol F p35Dist. Ct.England1833Jun. 19, 1856Dec. of Int.
Cassidy, PatDec Min Vol A p249 No 10618Dist. Ct.Ireland1845Oct. 8, 1892Dec. of Int.
Cassidy, RichardDec Min Vol A p6 No 7312 (Civ Case File No 7312)Dist. Ct.Ireland1859Oct. 15, 1884Dec. of Int.
Castellano, FranciscoCiv Min Dec Vol I p228Co. Ct.Mexico1871Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Castigo, JuanCiv Min Vol K p582Dist. Ct.Mexico1845Nov. 7, —-Dec. of Int.
Castillo, CatarinoCiv Min Dec Vol I p140Co. Ct.Mexico1837Nov. 1, 1890Dec. of Int.
Castillo, FelixDec Min Vol A p446 No13119Dist. Ct.Mexico1850Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Castillo, TomasCiv Min Dec Vol I p244Co. Ct.Mexico1872Oct. 27, 1896Dec. of Int.
Castillo, TonbioCiv Min Dec Vol I p256Co. Ct.Mexico1863Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Castio, MasedonioDec Min Vol A p291 No 10776Dist. Ct.Mexico1862Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Castro, AugustineDec Min Vol A p211 No 9711Dist. Ct.Mexico1856Dec. 1, 1890Dec. of Int.
Cater, Isaac JosephFinal Nat p 187Dist. Ct.TurkeyOct. 30, 1899Grant of Cit.
Cater, IsadDec Min Vol A p294 No 10783Dist. Ct.Turkey1862Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Cater, JeabranDec Min Vol A p295 No 10784Dist. Ct.Turkey1871Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Cater, Mahoum JosephDec Min Vol A p429 No 13045Dist. Ct.Turkey1875Oct. 7, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cater, MelhamDec Min Vol A p294 No 10782Dist. Ct.Turkey1860Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Cater, Sheekri (Joseph)Dec Min Vol A p428 No 13042Dist. Ct.Turkey1874Oct. 7, 1896Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p216Dist. Ct.  Feb. 28, 1903Grant of Cit.
Cedar, Ander (Andere) (Anders)D.C. Dec Min Vol A p15 No 7333 (D.C. Civ Case File No 7333) (D.C. Civ Case 8755)Dist. Ct.Sweden1823Oct. 27, 1884Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 8755     
 D.C. Civ Min Vol S p23 File No 8755Dist. Ct.  Oct. 4, 1888Pet. for Nat.
  Dist. Ct.  Oct. 4, 1888Grant of Cit.
Ceder, AugustD.C. Dec Min Vol A p14 No 7332 (D.C. Civ Case File No 7332)Dist. Ct.Sweden1862Oct. 27, 1884Dec. of Int.
 D.C Final Nat Paper p162     
  Dist. Ct.  Oct. 16, 1896Grant of Cit.
Cella, AntonioD.C. Civ Min Vol _ p226 No 7209(D. C. Civ Case File No 7209)Dist. Ct.Italy1863Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Cernigoi, FrankDec Min Vol A p393 No 12430Dist. Ct.Austria1845Nov. 28, 1895Dec. of Int.
Cerra, FrankCiv Min Dec Vol I p175Co. Ct.Italy1855Oct. 17, 1892Dec. of Int.
Cervantez, Jose MariaCiv Min Dec Vol I p245Co. Ct.MexicoOct. 27, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cervin, AugustCiv Min Dec Vol I p264Co. Ct.Sweden1871Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Ceschina (Giovanni), Giovanni (Ceschina)D.C. Civ Min Vol P p225 No 7204 (D.C. File 7204)Dist. Ct.Italy1857Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Ceullar (Cuellar), ValerianoC.C. Min Vol C p200Co. Ct.Mexico1840Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Chabino, LucianoD.C. Civ Case No 7667 (D.C. Dec Min Vol A p69 No 7667)Dist. Ct.Mexico1849Dec. 3, 1885Dec. of Int.
Chalmers, John G.D.C. Min Vol A p14Dist. Ct.1840Dec. of Int.
Champaglia, AlfonzoDec Min Vol A p87 No 7714Dist. Ct.Italy28Dec. 7, 1885Dec. of Int.
Chapa, Endoxio (Endoscio) M.Dec Min Vol B p45Dist. Ct.Mexico1869Apr. 21, 1905Dec. of Int.
Chaves, FranciscoDec Min Vol A p89 No 7721Dist. Ct.Mexico45Dec. 7, 1885Dec. of Int.
Chavez, IgnacioMin C.C. Vol C p202Co. Ct.Mexico1836Nov. 24, 1875Dec. of Int.
Chavis, FranciscoCiv Min Dec Vol I p99Co. Ct.Mexico1852Oct. 17, 1888Dec. of Int.
Cheyne, RobertD.C. Dec Min Vol A p108 No 8068Dist. Ct.Scotland-England1864Nov. 1, 1886Dec. of Int.
 (D.C. Civ Case File No 8068)     
Chico (Chicco), Priter (Peter) P.D.C. Dec Min Vol A p68 No 7668 (D.C. Civ Case No 7668)Dist. Ct.Italy1855Dec. 3, 1885Dec. of Int.
Dec. of Int.
      (Born in Mass. afterwards became a cit. of Canada)
Christen, JacobD.C. Civ Min Vol K p187Dist. Ct.Switzerland1845Oct. 24, 1872Dec. of Int.
Christensen, R.Dec Min Vol A p238 No 10450Dist. Ct.Denmark1870May 20, 1892Dec of Int.
Christensen, Sören (Soren)Dec Min Vol B p77Dist. Ct.Denmark1860Sep. 21, 1906Dec. of Int.
Chirstian, JohnCiv Min Vol B p518Co. Ct.Denmark21Apr. 12, 1872Dec. of Int.
Christianson, C. H.Final Nat p158 No 13029Dist. Ct.DenmarkOct. 2, 1896Grant of Cit.
Christianson, JohnCiv Min Dec Vol I p194Co. Ct.Denmark1847Oct. 31, 1892Dec. of Int.
Christinet, EmileDec Min Vol B p54Dist. Ct.France1849Jan. 22, 1906Dec. of Int.
Christopherson, LarsD.C. Civ Min Vol K p183Dist. Ct.Norway1838Oct. 23,
Dec. of Int.
Clandis, ArteroDec Min Vol A p386 No 12405Dist. Ct.Italy1841Nov. 27, 1895Dec. of Int.
Claus, T. W.C.C. Min Vol C p206Co. Ct.Germany1849Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Clayton, CharlesC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol I p117 (D.C. Civ Case No 24556)Dist. Ct.England-Gr. Britain1865Sep. 6, 1890Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 24556     
 D.C. Nat Vol 1 p132Dist. Ct.  Sep. 21, 1906Pet. for Nat.
  Dist. Ct.  Sep. 21, 1906Grant of Cit.
Clayton, JosephDec Min Vol A p461File No 13636Dist. Ct.England1857Dec. 16, 1897Dec. of Int.
Clowacti, AlbertCiv Min Vol K p204Dist. Ct.Russia1844Oct. 26, 1872Dec. of Int.
Cogan, JohnCiv Min Dec Vol I p152Co. Ct.Gr. Britain-Ireland1854Jul. 29, 1891Dec. of Int.
Cohn, LeopoldD.C. Civ Case No 24563 (D.C Dec Min Vol B p57)Dist. Ct.Russia1879Jan. 29, 1903Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 24563Dist. Ct.  Sep. 22, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 D.C. Nat Vol 1 p129Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Collin, AndrewCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p121Co. Ct.Sweden1869Oct. 21, 1890Dec. of Int.
Collin, H.D.C. Civ Case No 8799 (D.C. Dec Min Vol A p172 No 8799)Dist. Ct.Sweden1866Nov. 3, 1888Dec. of Int.
 C.C. Nat Rec Vol 1 p10     
  Dist. Ct.  Oct. 10, 1892Grant of Cit.
Colson, E.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p171Dist. Ct.Sweden1825Oct. 21, 1872Dec. of Int.
Colten (Cotter), JohnD.C. Civ Case File N 5357Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain-IrelandAug. 1, 1870Dec. of Int.
  Cook Co., IL    
 D.C. Div Case File 5357Dist. Ct.  Oct. 27, 1879Pet. for Nat.
 Civ Min Vol N p327 No 5357Dist. Ct.  Oct. 27, 1879Grant of Cit.
Comeskey, PatD.C. Dec Min Vol a p31 No 7367 (D.C. Civ Case No 7367)Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain1860Oct. 31, 1884Dec. of Int.
Cominelli, LouisCiv Min Vol L p546Dist. Ct.Italy1841Oct. 27, 1875Dec. of Int.
Cooper, A. J.Civ Min Dec Vol I p149Co. Ct.Gr. Britain1868Nov. 4, 1890Dec. of Int.
Cooper, John T.Civ Min Dec Vol I p150Co. Ct.Gr. Britain1862Nov. 4, 1890Dec. of Int.
Cooper, W. E.Civ Min Vol I p149Co. Ct.Gr. Britain1866Nov. 4, 1890Dec. of Int.
Corleti (Corletti), Antonio, (Antonio) (Corleti)(Corletti)D.C. Civ Min Vol P p68 No 7047 (D.C. Civ Case File No 7047)Dist. Ct.Italy1854Dec. 1, 1883Dec. of Int.
Corner, CharlesCiv Min Dec Vol I p210Co. Ct.England1859Oct. 31, 1893Dec. of Int.
Corner, RichardDec Min Vol A p335 No 11699Dist. Ct.England1867Sep. 5, 1894Dec. of Int.
Corriges (Courriges), L.D.C. Dec Min Vol A p160 No 8467 (D.C. Civ Case File No 8467)Dist. Ct.France1863Dec. 5, 1887Dec. of Int.
Cortes, BurnoCiv Min Dec Vol I p265Co. Ct.Mexico1871Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cortes, TomasCiv Min Dec Vol I p242Co. Ct.Mexico1853Oct. 27, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cortez, FelipeD.C. Civ Min Vol J pp518-519Dist. Ct.Mexico60Oct. 2, 1871Dec. of Int.
Cortes, FelipeCiv Min Dec Vol I p202Co. Ct.Mexico1866Nov. 5, 1892Dec. of Int.
Cortez, JesusD.C. Civ Min Vol J pp548-549Dist. Ct.Mexico38Oct. 2, 1871Dec. of Int.
Cortez, RomanCiv Min Dec Vol I p223Co. Ct.Mexico1836Oct. 23, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cortina, ManuelDist Civ Min Vol J pp548-549Dist. Ct.Mexico25Oct. 2, 1871Dec. of Int.
Costa, FelippaDec Min Vol A p315
No 11336 ¼
Dist. Ct.Mexico1867Dec. 2, 1893Dec. of Int.
Cotter, (Colten), JohnD.C. Civ Case File No 5357Dist. Ct.,Gr. Britain-IrelandAug. 1, 1870Dec. of Int.
  Cook Co., IL    
 D.C. Civ Case File 5357Dist. Ct.  Oct. 27, 1879Pet. for Nat.
 Civ Min Vol N p327Dist. Ct.  Oct. 27, 1879Grant of Cit.
Counter, WilliamD.C. Civ Min Vol O p387 No 5912 (D.C. Civ Case File No 5912)Dist. Ct.England1852Nov. 6, 1882Dec. of Int.
Courreges (Couriges), LouisC.C. Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p148Co. Ct.France1869Nov. 3, 1890Dec. of Int.
 C.C. Civ Min Dec Vol I p183Co. Ct.  Oct. 24, 1892Dec. of Int.
Courriges (Corriges), L.See Corriges     
Courvoisier, LouisDec Min Vol A p265 No 10717Dist. Ct.Switzerland1856Nov. 4, 1892Dec. of Int.
Coury, AntonyDec Min Vol A p412 No 12470Dist. Ct.Turkey1874Dec. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
Coury, BodouiDec Min Vol A p411 No 12469Dist. Ct.Turkey1870Dec. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
Coury, NagimDec Min Vol A p413 No 12471Dist. Ct.Turkey1867Dec. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
Crentzfeldt (Crenzfeldt) (Creutzfeldt), HenryD.C. Civ Case No 7440 (D.C. Dec Min Vol A p58 No 7440)Dist. Ct.Germany1847Dec. 22, 1884Dec. of Int.
 Nat Vol 1 p16     
  Dist. Ct.  Jan. 4, 1904Grant of Cit.
Crewseyi, John (Jon)D.C. Dec Min Vol A p110 No 8079 (D.C. Civ Min File No 8079)Dist. Ct.Russia1860Nov. 23, 1886Dec. of Int.
Croad, JamesCiv Min Dec Vol I p109Co. Ct.England1865Nov. 4, 1888Dec. of Int.
Croisdale (Croidale), Arthur B.D.C. Dec Min Vol B p102 (D.C. Civ Case 24688)Dist. Ct.England1865Sep. 26, 1906Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Case No 24688Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 D.C. Nat Vol 1 p213Dist. Ct.  Sep. 26, 1906Grant of Cit.
Crozetti, DominicoCiv Min Dec Vol I p168Co. Ct.Italy1844Oct. 12, 1892Dec. of Int.
Cuellar (Ceullar), ValerianoC.C. Min Vol C p200Co. Ct.Mexico1840Nov. 24, 1875Dec. of Int.
Cuneo (Cuneoi), ConstantineC.C. Civ Min Vol B pp 41-42Co. Ct.Italy???Dec. 3, 1883Dec. of Int.
 D.C. Civ Min Vol Q p53 No 7671Co. Ct.  Dec. 4, 1885Grant of Cit.
Cunio, CharlesC.C. Civ Min Vol B pp32-33Co. Ct.Italy1835Nov. 23, 1885Dec. of Int.
Cuningham, Terrece (Terrence)D.C. Civ Min Vol E p628Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain1831Jan. 7, 1856Dec. of Int.
Curham, Wilson RichardD.C. Dec Min Vol A p213 No 9714Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain1866Dec. 1, 1890Dec. of Int.
Cusii, AntonioD.C. Dec Min Vol A p189 No 9247Dist. Ct.Italy1866Nov. 30, 1889Dec. of Int.
Cusii, FrankD.C. Dec Min Vol A p190 No 9249Dist. Ct.Italy1856Nov. 30, 1889Dec. of Int.
Cuthbertsson, RobertD.C. Dec Min Vol A p439 No 3091Dist. Ct.Scotland1873Oct. 20, 1896Dec. of Int.
Cynamon, H.Dec Min Vol A p440 No 13107Dist. Ct.Austria1859Oct. 23, 1896Dec. of Int.