Travis County Naturalization Records – G

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NameRecord ReferencesName of CourtCountry of Birth or AllegianceBirth Date or AgeDate of ProceedingsNature of Proceeding and Remarks
Gaebel, Alios Civ Min Vol L p485Dist. Ct.Hungary1846Oct. 8, 1875Dec. of Int.
Gaffney, B.Civ Min Dec Vol I p103Co. Ct.BritainOct. 27, 1888Dec. of Int.
Gaheke, Jahann G.D.C. Civ Min Vol E p222Dist. Ct.Prussia1831Feb. 1, 1853Dec. of Int.
Gaimon, WilliamD.C .Civ Min Vol A p51Dist. Ct.Britain1830Jun. 21, 1856Dec. of Int.
Gallassi, AntonioCiv Min Dec Vol I p173Co. Ct.Italy1844Oct. 17, 1892Dec. of Int.
Gale, Chas.Dec Min Vol A p250 No 10622Dist. Ct.Britain1871Oct. 10, 1892Dec. of Int.
Gallardo, AntonioCiv Min Dec Vol I p258Co. Ct.Mexico1864Oct. 30, 1896Dec. of Int.
Galler, August (Aug)Dec Min Vol A p121 No 8220(Civ Case No 10140 & No 8220)Dist. Ct.Germany1838May 19, 1887Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 10140     
 Final Nat p53Dist. Ct.  Oct. 20, 1891Pet. for Nat.
  Dist. Ct.  Oct. 20, 1891Grant of Cit.
Gambasto (Antonio), Antonio (Gambasto)See Antonio     
Gamez, MarcallinoDec Min Vol A p420 No 12484Dist. Ct.Mexico1843Dec. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
Gammel, H. P. N.D.C. Case No 24555Crim. Ct., Cook Co., Chicago, Ill.DenmarkOct. 3, 1877Dec. of Int. (copy)
  Dist. Ct.    
 Civ Case No 24555Dist. Ct  Sep. 21, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Rec Vol 1 p121   Sep. 21, 1906Grant of Cit.
Gammel, Nelson N.Civ Min Vol O p371 No 5891 (Civ Case No 5891)Dist. Ct.Denmark1856Oct. 20, 1882Dec. of Int.
Gandara, AdolphCiv Min Dec Vol I p110Co. Ct.Mexico1859Nov. 3, 1888Dec. of Int.
Ganhoffmann (Granhoffmann), Joseph (Josep)Civ Case No 7358 (Min Vol A p 31 No 7368Dist. Ct.Austria1859Nov. 1, 1884Dec. of Int.
Ganns (Ganss), AlbertCiv Min Vol B pp440-441 (D.C. Civ Case No 24510)Co. Ct.Germany1852Oct. 30, 1886Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24510     
 Nat Vol 1 p93Co. Ct.  Sep. 8, 1906Pet. for Nat.
  Co. Ct.  Sep. 8, 1906Grant of Cit.
Garaboy, SebastianCiv Min Dec Vol I p108Co. Ct.Mexico1848Nov. 2, 1888Dec. of Int.
Garavi, Margarita (Margarito)Civ Min Dec Vol I p251Co. Ct.MexicoOct. 28, 1896Dec. of Int.
Garcia, AlvinoC.C. Min Vol C p207Co. Ct.Mexico1841Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Garcia, E.Dec Min Vol A p260 No 10678Dist. Ct.Mexico1861Oct. 25, 1892Dec. of Int.
Garcia, FelixCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p92Co. Ct.Mexico1855May 9, 1888Dec. of Int.
Garcia, FiodoraCiv Min Dec Vol I p166Co. Ct.Mexico1848Nov. 29, 1895Dec. of Int.
Garcia, FranciscoDec Min Vol A p298 No 12441Dist. Ct.Mexico1848Nov. 29, 1895Dec. of Int.
Garcia, FranciscoCiv Min Dec Vol I p136Co. Ct.Mexico1859Oct. 31, 1890Dec. of Int.
Garcia, Jose A.Civ Min Dec Vol I p203Co. Ct.Mexico1846Nov. 5, 1892Dec. of Int.
Garcia, M.Civ Min Dec Vol I p109Co. Ct.Mexico1864Nov. 4, 1888Dec. of Int.
Garcia, PabloCiv Min Dec Vol I p10Co. Ct.Mexico1843Nov 2, 1888Dec. of Int.
 Civ Min Dec Vol I p202Co. Ct.  Nov. 5, 1892Dec. of Int.
Garcia, PanchoDec Min Vol A p360 No 11841Dist. Ct.Mexico1845Oct. 31, 1894Dec. of Int.
Garcia, SenorDec Min Vol A p227 No 10209Dist. Ct.Mexico1851Dec. 7, 1891Dec. of Int.
Garcia, StephenDec Min Vol A p271 No 10749Dist. CtMexico1866Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Garcia, ThomasC.C. Min Vol C p203Co. Ct.Mexico1843Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Garco, RafailCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p90Co. Ct.Mexico1866May 9, 1888Dec. of Int.
Gardan (Gordon), E. D.Civ Min Vol B p400Co. Ct.Germany1849Oct. 8, 1886Dec. of Int.
Gardner, CharlesDec Min Vol A p178 No 8812 (Civ Case File 8813)Dist. Ct.England1839Nov. 5, 1888Dec. of Int.
Garibolli, SebastianCiv Min Dec Vol I p253Co. Ct.Mexico1851Oct. 31, 1896Dec. of Int.
Garlacio, AntonioCiv Min Vol B pp46-47Co. Ct.Mexico1844Dec. 3, 1883Dec. of Int.
Garnett, Wm.D.C. Civ Case No 9647 3/4Co.Ct., Hays Co.England35Aug. 2, 1880Dec. of Int. (copy)
 Civ Case No 9647 3/4Dist. Ct.  Oct. 27, 1890Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p 9 No 9647 3/4Dist. Ct.  Oct. 27, 1890Grant of Cit.
Garone (Gowne), Gacento (Cocnet)D.C. Civ Min Vol E p546Dist. Ct.Italy1848Nov. 1, 1873Dec. of Int.
Garsa, JuanCiv Min Dec Vol I p192Co. Ct.Mexico1843Oct. 29, 1892Dec. of Int.
Garza, CarlasD.C. Civ Min Vol J pp548-549Dist. Ct.Mexico22Oct. 2, 1871Dec. of Int.
Garza, DonacidoCiv Min Dec Vol I p227Co. Ct.Mexico1874Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Garza, Edurdo (Eduardo)D.C. Civ Min Vol K p582Dist. Ct.Mexico1844Nov. 7, 1873Dec. of Int.
Garza, FelipeC.C. Min Vol C p204Co. Ct.Mexico1836Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Garza, Juan P.Dec Min Vol A p335 No 11753Dist. Ct.Mexico1863Oct. 12, 1894Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p177 No 13211Dist. Ct.  Jan. 8, 1897Grant of Cit.
Garza, ProcopioCiv Min Dec Vol I p230Co. Ct.Mexico1847Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Garza, RefugioCiv Min Dec Vol I p228Co. Ct.Mexico1858Oct. 24, 1896Dec. of Int.
Garza, Venino (Venio)Dec Min Vol A p52 No 7413 (Civ Case File 7413)Dist. Ct.Mexico18Nov. 3, 1884Dec. of Int.
Gazette, JohnDec Min Vol A p63 No 7657 (Civ Case 7657)Dist. Ct.Italy1857Dec. 1, 1885Dec. of Int.
Gebert, AugustDec Min Vol A p445 No 13117Dist. Ct.Italy1857Nov. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
 Nat Vol 11 p26Dist. Ct.  Oct. 3, 1904Grant of Cit.
Gebert, Wilhelm (William)Civ Case No 10647Dist. Ct.Germany16Oct. 19, 1892Pet for Nat.
 Final Nat p97 No 10647Dist. Ct.  Oct. 19, 1892Grant of Cit.
Gebhardt, CharlesDec Min Vol A p379 No 11968Dist. Ct.Germany1874Jan. 23, 1895Dec. of Int.
Geham (Gehren), A.D.C. Min Vol O pp97-98 (Civ Case File 5648)Dist. Ct.Germany1843May 20(23), 1881Dec. of Int.
Geiger, AlphonzDec Min Vol A p448 No 13123Dist. Ct.Germany1866Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Geiser, GatthiseCiv Min Vol B p423Co. Ct.Switzerland1802Oct. 28, 1886Dec. of Int.
Geissler, George P.Civ Case No 17130Com Please Ct., New YorkGermanyMar. 2, 1892Dec. of Int.
  Dist. Ct.    
 Civ Case No 17130Dist. Ct.  Jun. 26, 1901Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p 203 No 17130   Jun. 27, 1901Grant of Cit.
Geissler, Ludwig ReinholdDec Min Vol B p37Dist. Ct.Germany1879Aug. 2, 1904Dec, of Int.
Geneiner, PeterCiv Min Vol B p414Co. Ct.Austria1847Oct. 22, 1886Dec. of Int.
Gericke (Gerricke) GeorgeDec Min Vol A p318 No 11337 3/4Dist. Ct.Germany1871Dec. 4, 1893Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat p123 No 1l337 3/4Dist. Ct.   Grant of Cit.
Gerrero, JuanDec Min Vol A p 228 No 10211Dist. Ct.Mexico1846Dec. 7, 1891Dec. of Int.
Gerson, J. (T.)Dec Min Vol A p256 No 10557Dist. Ct.Prussia1840Oct. 21, 1892Dec. of Int.
Gerson, JosephCiv Min Vol L p553Dist. Ct.Prussia1840Oct. 29, 1875Dec. of Int.
Gerstmann, PaulCiv Min Vol N p490 No 5474 (Civ Case File 5474Dist. Ct.Prussia1844Jun. 28, 1880Dec. of Int.
Gesch, ErnstNat Rec Vol 1 p51Co. Ct.GermanyOct. 21, 1896Grant of Cit.
Gest, JohnDec Min Vol B p90 (Civ Case File No 24625)Dist Ct.Germany1873Sep. 25, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Nat Vol 1 p151Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Gettris (Gettins), DanielD.C. Civ Min Vol P p36 No 7028(Civ Case File 7028)Dist. Ct.Scotland1844Oct. 13, 1883Dec. of Int.
Ghezzi (Gueppie) (Gueseppe), Guiseppi
Dec Min Vol A p161 No 8469 (Civ Case File 8469)Dist. Ct.Austria1853Dec. 5, 1887Dec. of Int.
Ghiszi (Louise), Louise (Chiszi)Civ Min Col P p67 No 7044 (Civ Case File 7044)Dist. Ct.Italy1859Dec. 1, 1883Dec. of Int.
Giacomo (Gracoma), Caretto (Coretto) BuffoCiv MinVol P p223 No 7197 (Civ Case File No 7197Dist. Ct.Italy1853Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Giaseppi (Gioseppe) (Mazoliti), Mazoliti (Gioseppe)Civ Min Vol P p69 No 7051 (Civ Case File 7051)Dist. Ct.Italy1841Dec. 1, 1883Dec. of Int.
Giese, A. A.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p73Co. Ct.Germany1860Aug. 1, 1887Dec. of Int.
Giese, August HermannNat Rec Vol 1 p54Co. Ct.GermanyOct. 26, 1896Grant of Cit.
Giesen, AugustD.C. Civ Case No 24547Co. Ct., San Marcos, Hays Co.Germany-PrussiaJun. 18, 1877Dec. of Int.
  Dist. Ct.    
  Dist. Ct.    
 Civ Case No 24547   Sep. 20, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p119   Sep. 20, 1906Grant of Cit.
Gillis, SimonDec Min Vol A p376 No 11905Dist. Ct.Nova Scotia-England1870Dec. 1, 1894Dec. of Int.
Gilmour, JohnCiv Min Vol O p390 No 5927 (Civ Case File 5927)Dist. Ct.Scotland1858Nov. 6, 1882Dec. of Int.
Gioseppe (Giaseppi) (Mazoliti), Mazzoliti
See Giaseppi     
Giovanni (Ceschina), Ceschina (Giocanni)See Ceschina.    
Giovda, JohnCiv Min Vol L p547Dist. Ct.Italy1849Oct. 28, 1875Dec. of Int.
Gissel, GustavCiv Min Vol B p413Co. Ct.Germany1850Oct. 22, 1886Dec. of Int.
Gissel, GustavCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p15Co. Ct. 1828Jul. 11, 1887Dec. of Int.
 Civ Min Vol C p182Co. Ct.  Jul. 16, 1891Grant of Cit.
Gissel, HenryDec Min Vol A p158 No 8463 (Civ Case File 8463)Dist. Ct.Germany1858Dec. 5, 1887Dec. of Int.
Glaser, S. A.Civ Case No 24076 (Dec Min Vol B p69)Dist. Ct.Germany1871Jun. 4, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24076Dist. Ct.  Jun. 4, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Rec Vol 1 p82Dist. Ct.  Jun. 5, 1906Grant of Cit.
Glatzle, Joseph ImanuelDec Min Vol A p182 No 9172Dist. Ct.Germany1854Sep. 28, 1889Dec. of Int.
Gleitsmann, Ernst (Ernest)Civ Min Vol O p363 No 5878 (Civ Case File 5878)Dist. Ct.Germany1856Oct. 9, 1882Dec. of Int.
Glennon (Glenon), StephenCiv Min Vol 1 p218Co. Ct.England1854Oct. 16, 1896Dec. of Int.
Glismann (Glisman), HansCiv Min Vol 1 p169Co. Ct.Germany1866Oct. 13, 1892Dec. of Int.
Henry H.Civ Case No 24631 (Dec Min Vol B p91)Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24631Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p157Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Godwin, CharlesCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p131Co. Ct.England1822Oct. 29, 1890Dec. of Int.
Goebel, A. (AV.) H.Civ Case No 10617Dist. Ct.GermanyOct. 7, 1892Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p 83 No 10617Dist. Ct.  Oct. 7, 1892Grant of Cit.
Goede, Gottlieb Com Pleas Ct., Venage Co., Pa.PrussiaJul 15, 1871Pet. for Nat.
  Dist. Ct.    
 D.C. Civ Min U. N. pp 248-249 No 5308   Jul. 18, 1879Grant of Cit.
Goedel, LudwigCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p57Co. Ct.Germany1853Aug. 1, 1887Dec. of Int.
Goemer, LouisDec. Min Vol B p90Dist. Ct.Germany1860Sep. 25, 1906Dec. of Int.
Goericke, F.D.C. Civ Case No 10104Co. Ct.Germany1849Feb. 14, 1876Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 10104Co. Ct.  Sep. 30, 1891Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p48 No 10104Co. Ct.  Sep. 30, 1891Grant of Cit.
Goerlitz, FriedrichC.C. Min Vol C p205Co. Ct.Germany1843Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Goerner, LouisDec Min Vol A p1347 No 11788Dist. Ct.Austria1869Oct. 23, 1894Dec. of Int.
Goerner, LouisCiv Case No 24625Dist. Ct.Austria1860Sep. 25, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24625Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p152Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Goetz, GeorgeFinal Nat Rec p169 No 13098Dist. Ct.GermanyOct. 21, 1896Grant of Cit.
Gohe, GeorgeCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p210Co. Ct.Germany1855Oct. 30, 1893Dec. of Int.
Golden, Wm.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p93Co. Ct.Gr. Britain1855Aug. 4, 1888Dec. of Int.
Goldstein (Goldstin), HenryCiv Case File No 8063Dist. Ct.Austria34Aug. 29, 1871Dec. of Int.
  Washington Co.    
 Civ Case File No 8063Dist. Ct.  Oct. 29, 1886Pet. for Nat.
 Civ Min Vol Q p405 File No 8063Dist. Ct.  Oct. 30, 1886Grant of Cit.
Goldstein, SimonDist. Ct.Russia1854Nov. 16, 1887Dec. of Int.
 C.C. Nat Rec Vol 1 p4Co. Ct.  Oct. 5, 1892Grant of Cit.
Goldstin, MikeC.C. Min Vol C p210Co. Ct.Sweden1848Nov. 27, 1873Dec. of Int.
Gomez, JoeDec Min Vol A p317 No 11337 1/2Dist. Ct.Mexico1844Dec. 4, 1893Dec. of Int.
Gomez, Tebosio (Teborsio)Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p254Co. Ct.Mexico1862Nov. 2, 1896Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, AlejandroDec Min Vol A p392 No 12428Dist. Ct.Mexico1869Nov. 28, 1895Dec. of int.
Gonzales, AntonioDec Min Vol A p313 No 11334 1/2Dist. Ct.Mexico1845Dec. 2, 1893Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, Becenda (Besenoa)D.C. Civ Min Vol K p575Dist. Ct.Mexico1841Nov. 7, 1873Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, BenendaD.C. Civ Min Vol K p521Dist. Ct.Mexico1837Oct. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, CistoDec Min Vol A p409 No 12465Dist. Ct.Mexico1864Dec. 2, 1895Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, JesusDec Min Vol A p227 No 10208Dist. Ct.Mexico1866Dec. 7, 1891Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, JuanCiv Min Dec Vol 1(I) p224Co. Ct.Mexico1851Oct. 23, 1895Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, JuanDec Min Vol A p313 No 11334 3/4Dist. Ct.Mexico1861Dec. 2, 1893Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, JuanD.C. Civ Min Vol J pp548-549Dist. Ct.Mexico23Oct. 2, 1871Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, LuisCiv Min Dec Vol I p246Co. Ct.Mexico1849Oct. 27, 1896Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, MathiasCiv Min Dec Vol I p208Co. Ct.Mexico1862Nov. 5, 1892Dec. of Int.
Gonzales, PeterC.C. Min Vol C p212Co. Ct.Cuba-Spain1836Nov. 26, 1873Dec. of Int.
Gordon (Gardan), E. D.Civ Min Vol B p400Co. Ct.Germany1849Oct. 8, 1886Dec. of Int.
Goricke, F.D.C. Civ Min Vol M p23Dist. Ct.Germany1849Feb. 14, 1876Dec. of Int.
Gorlitz, Fredrich (Freidrich)D.C. Civ Min Vol K p579Dist. Ct.Germany1848Nov. 7, 1875Dec. of Int.
 Civ Min Vol C p182Co. Ct.  Jul. 16, 1891Grant of Cit.
Gottfried, EberD.C. Civ MinVol N p149 No 5221Dist. Ct.Germany1848Nov. 4, 1878Dec. of Int.
Gouzenbach, LebrechtCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p22Co. Ct.Switzerland1865Jul. 15, 1887Dec. of Int.
Gowne (Garone), Gocnet (Cacento)See Garone     
Gracoma (Giacomo), Coretto (Caretto) BuffoSee Giacomo     
Grado, DonicioDec Min Vol A p325 No 11342 1/2Dist. Ct.Mexico1855Dec. 4, 1893Dec. of Int.
Grady, James (Jas.)Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p217Co. Ct.Gr. Britain-Ireland1858Oct. 12, 1896Dec. of Int.
Grafe, EmanuelCiv Min Vol B p448Co. Ct.Germany1842Nov. 1, 1886Dec. of Int.
Granado, ElarioDec Min Vol A p393 No 12429Dist. Ct.Mexico1848Nov. 28, 1895Dec. of Int.
Granger, Charles TDec Min Vol A p235 No 10442Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain1870May 17, 1892Dec. of Int.
Granger, JohnDec Min Vol A p197 No 9263Dist. Ct.Scotland1868Dec. 2, 1889Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 22570Dist. Ct.  24-May-05Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Vol 1 p40Dist. Ct.  Apr. 3, 1905Grant of Cit.
Granhoffmann (Ganhoffmann), Joseph (Josep)See Ganhoffmann     
Granio, JesusDec Min Vol A p281 No 10765Dist. Ct.Mexico1847Nov. 7, 1892Dec. of Int.
Grann, G. W.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p31Co. Ct.Sweden1863Jul. 23, 1887Dec. of Int.
Grannel, MikeDec Min Vol A p61 No 7649Dist. Ct.Gr. Britain-Ireland1858Nov. 24, 1885Dec. of Int.
Granotte (Grauotte), A.D.C. Civ Min Vol K p170Dist. Ct.Sweden1843Oct. 21, 1872Dec. of Int.
Grau, CarlDec Min Vol A p216 No 10074 (Civ Case 11181)Dist. Ct.Germany1868Sep. 18, 1891Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 1181Dist. Ct.  Aug. 15, 1893Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat p121Dist. Ct.  Sep. 11, 1893Grant of Cit.
Gray, AndyCrim Min Vol A p411Co. Ct.Gr. Britain1859Jul. 2, 1883Dec. of Int.
Grebillat, PaulDec Min Vol A p337 No 11759Dist. Ct.Switzerland1872Oct. 15, 1894Dec. of Int.
Greble, BenCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p101Co. Ct.Austria1852Oct. 25, 1888Dec. of Int.
Green, Aug.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p73Co. Ct.Sweden1859Aug. 1, 1887Dec. of Int.
Green, AugustCiv Min Vol K p184Dist. Ct.Sweden1844Oct. 23, 1872Dec. of Int.
Green, MorrisCiv Min Dec Vol 1 p200Co. Ct.Gr. Britain1855Nov. 3, 1892Dec. of Int.
Green. N. P.Dec Min Vol A p423 No 12933Dist. Ct.Sweden1865Sep. 25, 1896Dec. of Int.
Greenberg, SamD.C. Civ Case No 24515Inferior Ct of Com Pleast. Passiso Co., Paterson,
Russia1888Sep. 24, 1894Dec. of Int. (copy)
  Dist. Ct.    
  Dist. Ct.    
 Civ Case No 24515   Sep. 13, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Rec Vol 1 p96   Sep. 13, 1906Grant of Cit.
Greidenweis, FrankNat Rec Vol 1 p3Co. Ct.GermanyAug 6, 1892Grant of Cit.
Grein (Grim), MathiasCiv Min Vol N p552 No 5552 (Civ Case 5552)Dist. Ct.Germany1853Nov. 1, 1880Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case File No 5643Dist. Ct.  May 3, 1881Pet. for Nat.
Gren, CarlDec Min Vol A p364 No 11849Dist. Ct.Sweden1866Nov. 1, 1894Dec. of Int.
Grenata, MarcuDec Min Vol A p317 No 11337 1/4Dist. Ct.Italy1845Dec. 4, 1893Dec. of Int.
Grenzen (Grinzen), Frederick Wm. (F.W.)Civ Case File 8040 (Dec Min Vol A p100 No 8040)Dist. Ct.Germany1855Oct. 8, 1886Dec. of Int.
Gres, PlacidoC.C. Min Vol C p204Co. Ct.Mexico1843Nov. 24, 1873Dec. of Int.
Griffin, EdmundDec Min Vol A p306 No 10307Dist. Ct.England1857Nov. 21, 1893Dec. of Int.
Griffin, H.Dec Min Vol A p438Dist. Ct.England1873Oct. 19, 1896Dec. of Int.
Grim (Grein), MathiasSee Grein     
Gripp, ErnstDec Min Vol B p94Dist. Ct.Sweden1882Sep. 26, 1906Dec. of Int.
Grizzetti, AngeloCiv Min Vol P p68 No 7046 (Civ Case 7046)Dist. Ct.Italy1853Dec. 1, 1883Dec. of Int.
Grober, ErnstCiv Min Dec Vol I p162Co. Ct.Germany1866Oct. 8, 1892Dec. of Int.
Gross, LouisCiv Min Dec Vol I p184Co. Ct.Germany1857Oct. 24, 1892Dec. of Int.
Grosskopf, GustaveD.C. Civ Min Vol M p156Dist. Ct.Germany1847Oct. 31, 1876Dec. of Int.
Grothe, Shorlis (Sharles)Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p99Co. Ct.Germany1855Oct. 13, 1888Dec. of Int.
Grove, JohnCiv Case No 10061Dist. Ct.GermanySep. 14, 1891Pet. for Nat.
 Final Nat Rec p42 No 10061Dist. Ct.  Sep. 14, 1891Grant of Cit.
Gruble, BenCiv Min Vol C p68Co. Ct.Oct. 25, 1888Grant of Cit.
Grunau, Herrman (Herrmann)D.C. Civ Min Vol M p192Dist. Ct.Nov. 24, 1876Grant of Cit.
Grunert, G.Civ Min Vol B p432Co. Ct.Germany1831Oct. 30, 1886Dec. of Int.
Guber, AntoniaCiv Min Vol B pp446-447Co. Ct.Bavaria1843Nov. 1, 1886Dec. of Int.
Gueppie (Ghezzi) (Gueseppe), Ghezzi (Guiseppi)See Ghezzi     
Guerrara, LorenzoCiv Min Dec Vol I p145Co. Ct.Mexico1867Nov. 3, 1890Dec. of Int.
Guerrero, FranciscoCiv Min Dec Vol I p343Co. Ct.Mexico1849Oct. 27, 1896Dec. of Int.
Gueseppe (Gueppie) (Ghezzi), Ghezzi (Guiseppi)See Gueppie     
Guest, JohnCiv Case No 24625Dist. Ct.GermanySep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
Guiseppe, F.Dec Min Vol A p385 No 12402Dist. Ct.Italy1852Nov. 27, 1895Dec. of Int.
Guiseppe, Gudla (Joe)Civ Min Vol L p548Dist. Ct.Italy1839Oct. 28, 1875Dec. of Int.
Guiseppi (Carlo), Carlo (Guiseppe)Civ Min Vol P p221 No 7190 (Civ Case 7190)Dist. Ct.Italy1858Jun. 13, 1884Dec. of Int.
Guizzetti, AngeloCiv Case File No 7046Dist. Ct.Italy1853Dec. 1, 1883Dec. of Int.
Gunter, HenryFinal Nat p191 No 16459Dist. Ct.GermanyJan. 16, 1900Grant of Cit.
Gunther, Karl (Carl)Dec Min Vol B p85Dist. Ct.Germany1883Sep. 24, 1906Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case No 24607Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Rec Vol 1 p256Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1906Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, A. V.Civ Min Dec Vol 1 p32Co. Ct.Sweden1845Jul. 23, 1887Dec. of Int.
 Civ Min Vol C p70Co. Ct.  Oct. 29, 1888Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, August GideonRec Dec of Int Form 2202 Dept of C & L No 1
No 24829
Dist. Ct.SwedenDec. 14, 1883Dec. 11, 1906Dec. of Int.
Gustafson, AxellCiv Min Dec Vol I p178Co. Ct.Sweden1865Oct. 19,1892Dec. of Int.
Gustafson, C. A. (Carl) (August)Civ Min Dec Vol I p119Co. Ct.Sweden1856Oct. 18, 1890Dec. of Int.
 Nat Rec Vol I p47Co. Ct.  Aug. 8, 1896Grant of Cit.
Gustafson (Gustavson), C. (Claus) (Claas) V. (Victor)Dec Min Vol A p176 No 8807 (Civ Case 8807)Dist. Ct.Sweden1862Nov. 5, 1888Dec. of Int.
 Civ Case File No 24664Dist. Ct.  Nov. 5, 1888Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Rec Vol 1 p189Dist. Ct.  Sep. 25, 1905Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, CharlesD.C. Civ Min Vol K p183Dist. Ct.Sweden1845Oct. 23, 1872Dec. of Int.
 C.C. Civ Min Vol C p67Dist. Ct.  Oct. 23, 1888Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, CharlesFinalNat p159 No 13038Dist. Ct.SwedenOct. 6, 1896Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, Charles (Chas.)Civ Min Dec Vol I p122Co. Ct.Sweden1863Oct. 22, 1890Dec. of Int.
 Nat Rec Vol 1 p42Co. Ct.  Nov. 5, 1892Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, Claus EmilDec Min Vol B p49Dist. Ct.Sweden1870Oct. 23, 1905Dec. of Int.
Gustafson, ClausCiv Min Dec Vol I p219Co. Ct.Sweden1871Oct. 17, 1896Dec. of Int.
Gustafson, EfraimDec Min Vol A p351 No 11804Dist. Ct.Sweden1872Oct. 24, 1894Dec. of Int.
Gustafson, ErnstDec Min Vol ? p359 No 11831Dist. Ct.Sweden18695????Oct. 29, 1894Dec. of Int.
Gustafson, FredDec Min Vol B p27Dist. Ct.Sweden1876Nov. 12, 1902Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat Rec p214 No 19513Dist. Ct.  Nov. 12, 1905Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, Frank (F.) Oscar O.D.C. Civ Case No __Co. Ct., Georgetown, Williamson Co.Sweden21Nov. 3, 1884Dec. of Int. (copy)
  Dist. Ct.    
  Dist. Ct.    
 Civ Case 24514   Sep. 13, 1906Pet. for Nat.
 Nat Rec Vol I p95   Sep. 13, 1906Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, G.Dec Min Vol A p378 No 11929Dist. Ct.Sweden1831Dec. 17, 1894Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat Rec p177 No 13212Dist. Ct.  Jan. 8, 1894Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, J.Civ Min Vol O p388 No 5920 (Civ Case 5920)Dist. Ct.Sweden1857Nov. 6, 1882Dec. of Int.
Gustafson, J. E.Civ Min Dec Vol I p144Co. Ct.Sweden1867Nov. 13, 1890Dec. of Int.
 Final Nat Rec p199 No 16874Dist. Ct.  Nov. 15, 1900Grant of Cit.
Gustafson, JohnDec Min Vol A p336 No 10446Dist. Ct.Sweden1865May 19, 1892Dec. of Int.
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