Oakwood Annex Cemetery Section F

These records may not be reproduced in any format for profit or by any organization without permission of Robert Sage.

This cemetery is located at 1601 Comal Street east of Oakwood Cemetery. It is owned and maintained by the City of Austin. It was probably first used starting about 1916. There are some older deaths but I believe they have been moved here. The cemetery consists of Sections A-G with approx 12,500 burials. The work was started in early 2008 and finished in the same year.

I started the inventory by using the records from the city books that are held by Intercare at the Austin Memorial Park Cemetery at Hancock and Mopac. These records were then checked by doing a section by section walking examination. This was done by me and a number of volunteers from the Austin Genealogical Society.

Since there were so many burials without markers, I checked the names against the Texas Death certificates online. All the dates from death certificates are noted by { }. In some instances only the date of burial taken from the cemetery record is available. The following abbreviations were used:

USAUnited States Army
USAAFUnited States Army Air Force
USNUnited States Navy
SPAMSpanish American War
MOHMedal of Honor
PHPurple Heart
WOWWoodmen of the World
FHMFuneral Home Marker
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NameSectionLotPlotBirth dateDeath dateNotes
WARD Edith EF12 {Sep 20,1987} 
WARD GladstoneF13Dec 13,1901Dec 23,1977 
COLLIER Mabel WillisF16Apr 23,1916Jan 24,1997 
RODDY Lillian MaberryF19Aug 13,1900{Nov 22,1995} 
RODDY Joe Allen SrF110Sep 2,1899Jan 31,1976 
MOORE Frank MurchisonF111Jul 4,1894Sep 2,1918LT 88 Aero SQ WW 1 KIA
MOORE Eula MurchisonF112Jul 15,1871Oct 17,1964 
MOORE FrankF113Jun 19,1868Nov 27,1941 
BLACKMORE Velma MF1141916{Dec 2} 1984 
BLACKMORE Roland NF115{Jul 12} 1912{Mar 31} 1976 
CLICK John DF116{Mar 16} 1912{Aug 4} 1976PFC USA WW 2
ROBERTS Francis WF118Dec 3,1916Jan 15,1998 
LOMASNEY Irene KeillorF120{Mar 23} 1897{Sep 22} 1959 
GRANATH NellF123 {Feb 1,1977} 
GRANATH PhilF124 {Feb 15,1977} 
BROWN REV EdwinF127Mar 26,1919Feb 12,1978 
BROWN BerbaF128Aug 17,1923Sep 5,2000 
BLOOR Bertram Hathaway SrF2N CTRApr 7,1888Nov 18,1953COL INF USA
BLOOR Alfred WainwrightF2 Sep 9,1876Jul 3,19522 VOL INF USA
BLOOR David SuttonF2 Mar 16,1874Apr 23,1931 
BLOOR Martha WainwrightF2 Jul 28,1849Feb 7,1928 
BLOOR Alfred SuttonF2 Jan 18,1850Nov 24,1899 
BLOOR Cecil MarkF2 Aug 4,1882Sep 13,1897 
BLOOR Joseph AbbottF2 Sep 8,1879Jun 11,1881 
BLOOR GrantF2 Dec 28,1884Jun 26,1901 
BLOOR Lucile ManorF2 May 6,1876Jan 17,1972 
BLOOR Ruby TallyF2 Nov 22,1887Dec 1,1937 
BLOCKER James McLaughlinF3 S 1/21Jul 13,1887Sep 20,1971 
BLOCKER Francis ChapmanF3 S 1/22Mar 1,1890Jul 10,1969 
DAVIS Tom H IIIF3 S 1/24Oct 5,1925Aug 1,2005 
DAVIS Tom Henry SrF3 S 1/27Jun 22,1875Dec 23,1953 
DAVIS MRS Tom (Mary Blocker)F3 S 1/28Feb 21 1880Nov 26,1976 
DAVIS William WootenF3 S 1/29Feb 26,1900Jun 10,1969 
DAVIS Thomas H JRF3 S 1/210Jan 21,1904Jun 7,1947 
MILLER Nellie MF3 N 1/22Dec 20,1900Dec 29,1963 
MILLER Robert Thomas (Tom)F3 N 1/23Sep 21,1893Apr 30,1962 
MAY Joe GF4 NE 1/41Sep 2,1906Apr 2,1989 
MAY Olga WF4 NE 1/42Feb 15,1907Dec 31,1990 
WHEELER Grady GF4 NE 1/43Feb 15,1907Apr 2,1969 
WHEELER Joe BenF4 NE 1/44Jul 16,1908May 20,1970 
WHEELER Mildred CF4 NE 1/45Oct 10,1916Jun 4,1997 
SMITH Erma WF4 NE 1/46Jan 26,1903May 26,1965 
WHEELER Maggie MaryF4 NE 1/47{Jun 3} 1881{Mar 20} 1959 
WHEELER William FranklinF4 NE 1/48{Sep 8} 1874{Aug 4} 1955WOW
HARRIS Ruth WheelerF4 NE 1/49Nov 19,1901Jan 27,2000 
LOWRY MRS R L (Laura E}F4 NW 1/41{Aug 8,1896} 1900{Dec 24} 1961DAR
LOWRY Robert LF4 NW 1/42{Jan 26} 1900{May 31} 1959 
DOREMUS Myrtle MeadorF4 NW 1/44Dec 15,1890Sep 11,1970 
MEADOR Amos AF4 NW 1/45Oct 29,1882Mar 12,1945 
MIDDLETON MRS Earl (Marinda)F4 NW 1/48Jun 7,1876Jan 29,1957 
MIDDLETON EarlF4 NW 1/49Oct 1,1874Sep 1,1945 
SEBASTIAN Adrain DaleF4 SE 1/41Feb 21,1927Jul 25,2004 
SEBASTIAN Martha (Jean Pils)F4 SE 1/42Apr 8,1929May 3,2004 
PILS Ernest RF4 SE 1/45Mar 14,1916Apr 3,1973 
KNIGHT HelenF4 SE 1/46Jun 14,1891Nov 6,1963 
PILS Marie CF4 SE 1/47Mar 19,1889Feb 2,1992 
PILS Ehrfried RF4 SE 1/48Nov 30,1891Feb 17,1947 
PILS Donald JF4 SE 1/49Jun 20,1920Mar 5,1945TX 1LT USAAF
DAVIS JennieF4 SW 1/44  buried Aug 22,1923
RECTOR MRS J B (Grace Davis)F4 SW 1/45{Jan 20,1875}{Feb 10,1955} 
RECTOR J BouldinF4 SW 1/46{Dec 19,1874}{Jun 5,1936} 
JARL Mildred OlsonF5 N 1/25Jul 12,1912Dec 27,1986 
JARL Milton HF5 N 1/26May 15,1911Aug 24,1994 
OLSON Dora PF5 N 1/27Dec 30,1903Sep 30,1998 
OLSON Estella RF5 N 1/28Aug 23,1908Mar 25,1909 
NELSON Pearl OlsonF5 N 1/210{Sep 3} 1900{Apr 29} 1970 
NELSON Lawrence CF5 N 1/2111897{May 10} 1980 
OLSON MRS F O (Esther S)F5 N 1/2CEN 12-13Jan 25,1879Oct 3,1960 
OLSEN F OF5 N 1/2CEN 13-14Dec 8,1874Jan 27,1945 
HILSBERG Margaret AF5 S 1/24Oct 3,1908{Dec 22,1996} 
HILSBERG Charles FF5 S 1/25Nov 21,1906Feb 1,1986 
MANZ Alvina LukerF5 S 1/211{Jul 12} 1883{Nov 29} 1960 
MANZ REV Karl GeorgeF5 S 1/212{Dec 20} 1882{Aug 30} 1947 
HILSBERG Annie MaeF5 S 1/213Dec 19,1908Oct 24,1992 
HILSBERG Alma MarieF5 S 1/214Jan 30,1886May 28,1961 
HILSBERG August HF5 S 1/215May 22,1881Nov 30,1944 
YETT Rose Greenwood FenwickF6 NE 1/42Jun 17,1910May 10,1982 
GREENWOOD Carl LF6 NE 1/43Sep 12,1884Aug 6,1945 
THORNBERRY Mary LillianF6 NW 1/4318731958 
THORNBERRY Willian MooreF6 NW 1/44{Mar 29} 1860{Apr 20} 1918 
HOUSTON LauraF6 NW 1/45Feb 7,1895Aug 26,1950 
RAATZ Eugene CF6 NW 1/47Feb 2,1904May 24,1977 
RAATZ Herbert JuliusF6 NW 1/48Nov 15,1903Aug 15,1945 
ROBERDEAU Mina GemF6 SE 1/44{Apr 27} 1877{May 23} 1945 
ROBERDEAU George MillanF6 SE 1/45{Dec 5} 1877{Nov 28} 1963 
EILENBERGER Evelyn BargeF6 SW 1/4119161994FHM
BARGE Loriene SF6 SW 1/42Feb 13,1923Oct 25,1999 
BARGE Marjorie SF6 SW 1/43May 1,1935Nov 30,1960 
RAUHUT Laverne BargeF6 SW 1/44Sep 21,1909Jun 13,1966 
RAUHUT John AntonF6 SW 1/45Jul 29,1907Jul 26,1960 
BARGE Ruth SaxonF6 SW 1/46Dec 3,1903Apr 2,1965 
BARGE Fred A JrF6 SW 1/47Jan 26,1906Feb 29,1980 
BARGE Fred AndersonF6 SW 1/48Dec 11,1884Mar 18,1945 
BARGE MRS Fred A (Mattie Murray)F6 SW 1/49Jan 6,1880Sep 13,1959 
HENDERSON Elmer HF7 NE 1/42Jul 5,1907Mar 5,1974 
HENDERSON MRS H H (Jessie L)F7 NE 1/43Jun 6,1884Sep 17,1963 
HENDERSON Hoyt HF7 NE 1/44Jun 21,1883Sep 22,1947 
HENDERSON David WilliamF7 NE 1/48Aug 26,1904Dec 11,1960 
GORDON Virginia EzellF7 NW 1/41{Apr 13} 1887{Aug 3} 1924 
GORDON William GF7 NW 1/42{Feb 12} 1879{Aug 14} 1958 
GORDON Arthur EF7 NW 1/43{Mar 16} 1906{Jun 27} 1961 
PETERSON Perry Herman JrF7 NW 1/44Jun 25,1919Feb 1,1976 
RICHTER Violet MF7 NW 1/45{Sep 3} 1884{Feb 27} 1974 
OTTO Cecelia Richter HendersonF7 NW 1/4CEN 5-6  buried Feb 19,2000
RICHTER Al HenryF7 NW 1/46{Oct 9} 1879{Aug 9} 1948 
NEUMANN Violet GordonF7 NW 1/47Jan 13,1909Apr 20,1994 
NEUMANN Louis WF7 NW 1/48Jul 14,1906Feb 16,1982 
NEWMAN Paulina MoritzF7 SE 1/41Oct 26,1862Jan 12,1962 
MORGAN Mary Anna NewmanF7 SE 1/42Jul 30,1902Sep 12,1976 
MORGAN Virgil BentonF7 SE 1/43Feb 14,1901Nov 28,1973 
RICHTER Carl HF7 SE 1/48{Mar 15} 1889{Jan 20} 1946 
HENNINGS Meta BretthaurF7 SW 1/41Dec 4,1921May 19,1983 
BRETTHAUR WilliamF7 SW 1/42Jun 4,1910May 10,1994 
NELSON Bessie PearlF7 SW 1/43May 1,1915Aug 5,1989 
NELSON Alfonze LeonardF7 SW 1/44Nov 9,1906Sep 19,1974CAPT USA
NELSON Marion HammerF7 SW 1/48Oct 16,1903Apr 10,1996 
NELSON Philip AdelF7 SW 1/49May 13,1903Mar 19,1991 
FRUTH Roy Francis JrF8 NE 1/41Jul 24,1929Jun 15,2000 
FRUTH MRS Roy (Doris Frances)F8 NE 1/42Apr 7,1905Sep 23,1979 
FRUTH Roy FrancisF8 NE 1/43Mar 13,1890Apr 23,1966TX GM3 USN WW1
MCCOY Corrilla NF8 NE 1/44Mar 17,1885Feb 18,1950 
MCCOY Wallace FosterF8 NE 1/45Dec 26,1883Nov 19,1958 
HUGHES MRS Calvin (Nellie Florence)F8 NE 1/4CEN 6-7Apr 6,1872Mar 5,1951 
HUGHES Calvin LF8 NE 1/4CEN 7-8Aug 2,1865Jun 29,1957 
CAGE Virgia LoF8 NE 1/4CEN 8-9Jun 21,1891{Oct 16,1979} 
LUNDELL Carl WilliamF8 NW 1/42Oct 3,1889Jun 18,1959 
LUNDELL Della EdithF8 NW 1/43Jan 21,1895Aug 8,1947 
SANDBERG Linden BeatriceF8 NW 1/48Feb 17,1913Jul 13,1999 
SANDBERG JohnF8 NW 1/49Mar 1,1915Sep 1,1990 
HORTON Wilmont Roberdeau (Virginia)F8 SE 1/44Feb 23,1914Jul 15,1988 
HORTON Wilmont RoberdeauF8 SE 1/44 AT FTJun 14,1950Jun 26,2006 
HORTON John Coleman JrF8 SE 1/45Sep 13,1905Sep 29,BRIG GEN USAF WW2 KOREA
ETNYRE MentorF8 SE 1/410  buried Dec 23,1950
SCHRADER Charles JrF8 SW 1/41Dec 26,1896Nov 20,1974PVT USA
SCHRADER Ruby WF8 SW 1/42Oct 12,1901Aug 19,1996 
HECHT Bernice Wanda (Dale)F8 SW 1/45May 14,1900Aug 31,1981 
HECHT Leslie ElmerF8 SW 1/45 NW 1/4Apr 6,1894Oct 16,1977 
BARTON John DanielF8 SW 1/48Sep 5,1915Nov 29,1978USN WW 2
BARTON Paula JaneF8 SW 1/49Sep 27,1910Aug 25,1999 
SWARD Stephanie MF9 NE 1/411920{May 24} 2000 
SWARD Paul RobertF9 NE 1/421912{May 2} 1996 
SWARD Carl LouisF9 NE 1/46Mar 22,1907Oct 21,1936 
SWARD MRS Carl H (Alfreda)F9 NE 1/47{Jan 15} 1887{Mar 2} 1960 
SWARD Carl HF9 NE 1/48{Apr 30} 1884{May 15} 1959 
GOODWIN June PearlF9 NW 1/42Jun 9,1909Jul 18,1990 
GOODWIN Earl HF9 NW 1/43Jul 25,1898Jun 10,1972 
GOODWIN LoraF9 NW 1/44Dec 25,1886May 11,1975DAR
GOODWIN LucileF9 NW 1/45Sep 6,1890May 28,1968 
SKINNER Michael DouglasF9 NW 1/46Dec 10,1954Mar 31,2007 
REINARZ Ronald BertF9 NW 1/49May 23,1944Sep 1,1982 
LEITER LuellaF9 SE 1/41Aug 2,1877Mar 4,1970 
ZANDER Edward William GF9 SE 1/45Dec 12,1890Apr 10,1950TX SC1 USN WW1
LIVELY Ruby LeiterF9 SE 1/46Apr 13,1902Jan 4,1999 
LIVELY William PaulF9 SE 1/47Feb 16,1901Sep 8,1974 
MORTON BessieF9 SE 1/48Oct 9,1889Mar 6,1987 
MORTON John FF9 SE 1/49Jul 6,1883Mar 12,1951 
WELLS James AF9 SE 1/410Jan 19,1902Jan 29,1948 
ZUCH Bertha Freida DuesterhoeftF9 SW 1/46Dec 23,1908Sep 12,1997 
ZUCH Helmuth WilliamF9 SW 1/47Oct 21,1903Jan 14,1983 
DUESTERHOEFT Martha AlmaF9 SW 1/48Feb 24,1915Mar 12,2002 
DUESTERHOEFT MRS W C (Emilie)F9 SW 1/49Nov 22,1890Jan 30,1974 
DUESTERHOEFF William CharlesF9 SW 1/410Jan 13,1882Jun 25,1948 
SIMMS MRS Walter E (Mae)F10 NE 1/44Jun 15,1886Mar 17,1966 
SIMMS Walter EF10 NE 1/45Sep 28,1885Apr 30,1949 
SIMMS Margaret BF10 NE1/47Nov 6,1918Jan 15,1956 
SIMMS Dorothy JF10 NE 1/49Jul 31,1917Feb 15,1948 
JANKNEGT Betty MartinF10 NW 1/41Jul 15,1926Mar 1,1997 
MARTIN William JrF10 NW 1/42Sep 3,1923Mar 10,1978USA WW 2
MARTIN Christine WebsterF10 NW 1/43Mar 5,1894Mar 14,1987 
MARTIN William HudsonF10 NW 1/44Oct 9,1891Mar 14,1972 
WEBSTER Etta CF10 NW 1/45Jul 29,1884Jun 10,1972 
WEBSTER Jessie MayF10 NW 1/46Feb 10,1883Dec 16,1949 
DAVIS MRS W M (Lettie)F10 NW 1/47{Jan 12} 1880{Jan 3} 1967 
DAVIS WM MF10 NW 1/48{Sep 20,1875} 1874{Apr 11} 1947 
STARK Raymond HaroldF10 SE 1/41Oct 15,1921Nov 13,1997 
STARK W JF10 SE 1/43Dec 1,1923Apr 12,1984USA WW 2
STARK Etta WitcherF10 SE 1/44Feb 6,1901Apr 9,1984 
STARK Willie JohnF10 SE 1/45Sep 25,1899Jul 28,1995 
STARK Benny HenryF10 SE 1/46Oct 21,1917Nov 3,1990PVT USMC WW 2
STARK Anita RobertsonF10 SE 1/47May 4,1918Dec 3,1993 
WALKER Nanie Evelyn RobertsF10 SE 1/48Oct 8,1897Nov 17,1980 
STARK Mary Evelyn WalkerF10 SE 1/49Jun 11,1915Jan 11,1972 
STARK Ernest ForrestF10 SE 1/410Dec 3,1912Feb 28,1997 
WUSTENHAUSEN Jessie MF10 SW 1/41Feb 28,1924Nov 27,2005 
WUSTERHAUSEN Albert JF10 SW 1/42Aug 20,1921May 11,1968 
MCKINNEY Ollie WusterhausenF10 SW 1/43Mar 31,1905Dec 19,1995 
WUSTERHAUSEN Cliff AF10 SW 1/44Oct 8,1900Apr 5,1947 
WUSTERHAUSEN MRS A B (Gertrude)F10 SW 1/45Jun 13,1905Dec 27,1952 
WUSTENHAUSEN A BF10 SW 1/46Oct 10,1903May 15,1963 
WUSTERHAUSEN MRS T A (Rosie Bertha)F10 SW 1/47Jun 12,1912Jul 15,1966 
WUSTERHAUSEN T AF10 SW 1/48Jun 20,1913Sep 11,1962 
NELSON Nadine MF11 NE 1/42Sep 2,1914May 24,1979 
JOHNSON Robert AF11 NE 1/431886{Oct 6} 1968 
JOHNSON Maude EF11 NE 1/441889{Mar 13} 1980 
SNODGRASS Anthony WayneF11 NW 1/41Oct 21,1885Mar 23,1954TX CPL 17 RAILWAY ENGR WW1
SNODGRASS Bruce WilsonF11 NW 1/4CEN 1-2Feb 19,1923Apr 28,1924 
SNODGRASS Iva MaeF11 NW 1/42Mar 1,1894Sep 12,1962 
WILSON Ann EF11 NW 1/43Aug 29,1865Feb 26,1950 
WILSON James JessieF11 NW 1/44Dec 12,1868Mar 30,1949 
CUNNINGHAM Virginia ClarkeF11 NW 1/45{Mar 28,1893} 1892{Jul 5} 1976 
CUNNINGHAM Randolph DouglasF11 NW 1/46{Jun 2} 1893{Sep 3} 1972 
THORNQUIST HelenF11 NW 1/47Jul 28,1898{Feb 9,1993} 
THORNQUIST Theodore EF11 NW 1/48Oct 26,1892Feb 16,1969TX USN WW 1
NELSON James HF11 SE 1/45Sep 6,1899Aug 16,1969 
NELSON Margaret JF11 SE 1/45 W END  buried Nov 19,1981
MACKEY Ben WF11 SE 1/410Jun 23,1896Nov 15,1959 
DAVIS Mary BelleF11 SW 1/43May 17,1916Sep 30,2001AR SFC QM CORP WW 1
DAVIS Robert HF11 SW 1/44Apr 27,1915May 20,1999 
HOWELL Emma DF11 SW 1/45May 13,1897Oct 11,1990 
HOWELL AltonF11 SW 1/46Jun 14,1896May 12,1969 
DAVIS Mary Maggie RF11 SW 1/47Mar 7,1877Jul 5,1971 
DAVIS Robert BF11 SW 1/48Feb 12,1877Oct 28,1951 
LOPEZ TrinidadF12 NE 1/43Jun 11,1907Apr 13,1973 
BOTELLO LizzieF12 NE 1/44Apr 6,1925Jul 3,1972 
NANEZ SusieF12 NE 1/45{Dec 25,1883}Dec 21,1955 
LOPEZ NorvertoF12 NE 1/46{Jun 7,1905}Apr 3,1971 
LOPEZ MRS N T (Susie)F12 NE 1/47{Nov 23,1910}Oct 25,1947 
LOPEZ Luisa TF12 NE 1/48{May 5,1891}Dec 27,1969 
LOPEZ Jose MariaF12 NE 1/49 Dec 10,1952 
LEE Louise LewisF12 NE 1/42Aug 6,1905May 2,2000 
LEE Ray DiggsF12 NW 1/4318961976 
LEWIS Ben Kerley (Stubby)F12 NW 1/46{Feb 19} 1911{May 17} 1970 
LEWIS Louise StonerF12 NW 1/4718781974 
LEWIS Charles AlexanderF12 NW 1/48{Jul 5} 1874{Jan 27} 1947 
THOMPSON William J IIIF12 SE 1/42Sep 17,1931Aug 15,2005 
KARLING DanielF12 SE 1/47Feb 2,1884Nov 22,1980 
BERGSTROM Hannah KarlingF12 SE 1/48Mar 26,1896Nov 15,1993 
BERGSTROM Arthur SF12 SE 1/49Apr 17,1892Mar 22,1965 
KLINE Florence ShaferF12 SW 1/41Oct 26,1908Oct 29,1946 
SHAFER Robert TF12 SW 1/42{Jan 13} 1905{Jun 8} 1963 
SHAFER Bessie SeayF12 SW 1/43{Feb 13} 1881{Feb 9} 1964 
SHAFER John WillF12 SW 1/44{Dec 27} 1867{Feb 2} 1948 
ESKEW Dallas ClintonF12 SW 1/45Feb 9,1903Oct 31,1975 
ESKEW Lorene ShaferF12 SW 1/46Nov 25,1906Jan 13,1997 
MORITZ Joseph AlfredF13 NE 1/43Apr 3,1913Mar 7,2000 
MORITZ Carolyn GrieshopF13 NE 1/44Jul 15,1917Aug 6,1990 
MORITZ Mary FrancesF13NE 1/45Dec 12,1954Apr 6,2003 
GRIESHOP ElizabethF13 NE 1/412May 14,1915Nov 19,1979 
GRIESENBECK MetaF13 NW 1/41{Sep 25} 1886{Apr 29} 1959 
KRUEGER Alma GF13 NW 1/42Aug 2,1883Jun 16,1971 
KRUEGER FelixF13 NW 1/43Mar 22,1876Dec 13,1966 
LIND Pauline JF13 NW 1/44Nov 5,1910Dec 24,1990 
LIND Earl OttoF13 NW 1/45Dec 21,1906Aug 8,1958 
GARNER Mary BessF13 NW 1/46Feb 2,1907Feb 1,1998 
GARNER Leonard JacksonF13 NW 1/47Sep 8,1906Jul 22,1994 
COCHRAN Roy ArthurF13 NW 1/48{Feb 17,1888}{Jan 11,1968} 
COCHRAN Loula MaeF13 NW 1/49{Dec 19,1890}{Dec 11,1971} 
HARPER Edith WalkerF13 SE 1/41Dec 15,1903Dec 2,2005 
HARPER Kenneth BowmanF13 SE 1/42Jun 11,1910Oct 28,1968 
CLARKE Minnie Ettta WhiteF13 SE 1/44Nov 30,1877Mar 12,1962 
WHITE Sarah LucindaF13 SE 1/45Feb 17,1875Nov 1,1958 
HARPER Thomas StocktonF13 SE 1/46Mar 21,1874Sep 27,1963 
HARPER MRS T S (Carrie Bowman)F13 SE 1/47Jun 29,1882Sep 27,1954 
CLARKE Mary Helen HarperF13 SE 1/49Oct 17,1913May 24,1990 
CLARKE George MatthewsF13 SE 1/410Oct 26,1910Sep 19,1999 
BUCHSCHACHER AlmaF13 SW1/47Oct 2,1904Dec 11,2000 
BUCHSCHACHER REV Walter GF13 SW1/48Feb 5,1903Oct 8,1951 
JOURDAN Alvah HF14 NE 1/411883{Nov 23} 1977 
JOURDAN E EF14 NE 1/42{Apr 4} 1886{Jul 25} 1951 
SALAZAR Chester GF14NE 1/44Jan 19,1917Apr 13,20051LT USA WW2 KOREA BSM
BERRY GladysF14 NE 1/49Jan 17,1912Aug 16,1973 
BERRY Benny HF14 NE 1/410Aug 2,1909Feb 1,1967 
STROM Emma CeciliaF14 NW 1/47Apr 5,1894May 26,1968 
STROM Klas VernerF14 NW 1/48Jan 14,1887Mar 8,1947 
MOTLOCH Henry EmilF14 SE 1/46May 30,1944Mar 7,2002 
SWENSON Mamynette CF14 SW 1/41Jan 24,1912Dec 26,1994 
SWENSON Roland HoraceF14 SW 1/42Sep 5,1908Feb 24,1967 
SWENSON Roland JrF14 SW 1/44Jan 17,1934Jan 15,1970 
SWENSON EttaF14 SW 1/46{Jul 31} 1885{Feb 4} 1948 
SWENSON ErnestF14 SW 1/47{Mar 5} 1882{ Oct 13} 1918 
ELSNER MRS Dale (Lula Mae)F14 SW 1/48Jun 7,1913May 8,1947 
ROSE Ellen MaeF15 NE 1/4CEN 2-31896{Mar 9} 1990 
ROSE Jesse LF15 NE 1/4CEN 3-4Dec 25,1893Jan 20,1954 
HARRIS Nell ArendellF15 NE 1/491904{Jul 29} 1991 
HARRIS Lyle ChandlerF15 NE 1/410{Sep 6} 1899{Sep 11} 1955Mason
GREEN Mildred M EF15 NW 1/47{Nov 14} 1899Oct 1,1945 
REED Hudson UenF15 SE 1/41Jun 22,1899Aug 28,1985 
STRICKLAND Loretta LF15 SE 1/42Nov 5,1932Aug 10,1948 
CLARK Grace CF15 SE 1/43{Mar 16,1881}{Mar 26,1952}Stone face down
CLARK DR Everet MF15 SE 1/44{Nov 27,1879}{Dec 23,1961}Stone face down
WIETHORN Marion StricklandF15 SE 1/45Sep 9,1913Feb 9,1973 
STRICKLAND John DF15 SE 1/46Apr 5,1912Sep 23,1969 
DYER Wilson BowenF15 SW 1/41Oct 6,1924Apr 25,1993USA WW2
SCHEUMACK Daniel JoelF15 SW 1/4219222005 
SCHEUMACK Ruth SaulF15 SW 1/431925{Jan 20} 1995 
SCHEUMACK Paul SamuelF15 SW 1/451924{Jun 11} 1980USN WW 2
DYER Nina RuthF15 SW 1/46Oct 19,1929Jan 5,1988 
SCHEUMACK Caroline DemerisF15 SW 1/47{Oct 30,1861} 1859{Apr 8} 1947 
SCHEUMACK REV Joseph DoughtyF15 SW 1/48{Jun 26,1857} 1862{Jan 24} 1946 
SCHEUMACK Minnie PerfectF15 SW 1/4918961995 
HYLTIN Mabel EthelF16 NE 1/44Nov 8,1907Sep 10,1949MAJ USAAF WW2 KOREA
SPEARS Jo Ann HyltinF16 NE 1/45Jan 19,1932Feb 9,1996 
HYLTIN Irene BlaiseF16 NE 1/46Sep 29,1907Dec 23,2000 
HYLTIN Carl LambertF16 NE 1/47Apr 1,1902Mar 20,1978 
HYLTIN AlmaF16 NE 1/48Jun 1,1875Dec 14,1945 
HYLTIN Carl HF16 NE 1/49Nov 11,1870Aug 6,1950 
HYLTIN MinnieF16 NW 1/42May 4,1891Sep 13,1976 
HYLTIN Carl ArthurF16 NW 1/43Dec 4,1888Mar 31,1948 
HYLTIN Eileen BrasswellF16 NW 1/44Nov 16,1919Sep 24,2008 
BORNEMAN Charles William JrF16 NW 1/46Dec 18,1925May 29,1999 
HYLTIN Arthur HartleyF16 NW 1/48Jan 25,1918Nov 16,1995USA
HARBMAN Ruth CampbellF16 SE 1/45INMONOct 17,1920Mar 3,1995 
KLUGE HenryF16 SE 1/46Aug 1,1893Jun 6,1979 
KLUGE MRS Henry (Ruth)F16 SE 1/47Jan 19,1896Mar 29,1969 
KREUGER Ada LyonsF16 SE 1/48Nov 16,1875Jan 30,1946 
WUNDERLICK Ella MarieF16 SW 1/41{Nov 3} 1893{Aug 2} 1955 
WUNDERLICH Hilmar AF16 SW 1/42{Jan 13} 1892{Oct 4} 1958 
TOWNSLEY Kenneth CarlF16 SW 1/46Dec 13,1938Dec 22,1945 
TOWNSLEY ChristopherF16 SW 1/48Nov 19,1912Dec 16,1973S1 USN WW2
FLOYD Wilmer Ruth ArbuckleF17 NE 1/41Dec 18,1917Aug 17,1987 
ARBUCKLE Orville MalcomF17 NE 1/42Dec 30,1910Jul 4,1961 
TURNER Annie PolkF17 NE 1/43Feb 18,1894Aug 9,1963WOW
TURNER Thomas HaywoodF17 NE 1/44Jul 31,1896Nov 1,1979 
RITTER Edith C MunsonF17 NW 1/41Oct 21,1912Jun 15,2005 
RITTER Armin HenryF17 NW 1/42Jul 27,1906Feb 7,1985 
RITTER Ann MarieF17 NW 1/43Dec 16,1882Nov 26,1975 
RITTER Henry FF17 NW 1/44Sep 2,1876Apr 12,1947 
JOSEY William Ernest SrF17 SW 1/42{Dec 14} 1921{Sep 28} 1976LCDR USN WW2
JOSEY Grace ToddF17 SW 1/43Jan 17,1891Sep 12,1975 
JOSEY James JackF17 SW 1/44Nov 6,1890Aug 21,1945 
TODD Avis MF17 SW 1/46Mar 18,1892Apr 15,1974 
TODD William HF17 SW 1/47Feb 7,1875Sep 24,1948 
CHAPLINE Viola PF17 SE 1/41May 7,1884Jul 27,1951 
LOCKHART Martha JF17 SE 1/43May 5,1900Sep 15,1986 
SASSER Christopher SterlingF17 SE 1/44Dec 151,1951Jan 12,1994 
CROCKETT MRS M H (Mae T)F18 NE 1/42{Dec 13} 1882{Nov 12} 1966 
CROCKETT Moton HF18 NE 1/43{Dec 10} 1879{Mar 29} 1961 
DRISCOLL Dan JF18 NW 1/431909{Aug 17} 1984 
DRISCOLL Alice RF18 NW 1/43 FT19112003 
DRISCOLL Clara MierowF18 NW 1/46{Aug 16} 1886{Aug 17} 1974 
DRISCOLL William AF18 NW 1/47{Jun 29} 1881{Sep 12} 1959 
BUTLER Clara DriscollF18 NW 1/48  buried Jun 3,2005
ERZKUS MRS Hugo (Bettie)F18 SE 1/41Apr 14,1863Apr 4,1954 
ERZKUS HugoF18 SE 1/42Jul 21,1860Jul 20,1951 
HOFFMAN Elenora EF18 SE 1/43Oct 18,1888Aug 10,1979 
HOFFMAN Ernest WF18 SE 1/44Jun 27,1876Aug 5,1968 
FALK ThelmaF18 SW 1/42 {Oct 3,1982} 
FALK Arthur GF18 SW 1/43Mar 1,1896Mar 5,1961 
REESE Emily VF18 SW 1/45Oct 4,1911Apr 29,1977 
REESE Frank HF18 SW 1/46Sep 27,1910Feb 6,1987 
BAILEY Josephine CF18 SW 1/47Aug 25,1909Feb 25,1975 
BAILEY Gordon ArthurF18 SW 1/48Apr 4,1909Jan 27,1990 
VOLZ George AlfredF19 NE 1/41Jan 15,1911Aug 4,2002 
VOLZ Amelia MoritzF19 NE 1/42Nov 11,1910Oct 20,2004 
MORITZ Edmund LF19 NE 1/43Jun 17,1924Oct 2,2007 
MORITZ MRS Edmund (Anna M)F19 NE 1/46Mar 15,1881Jan 8,1968 
MORITZ Edmund FF19 NE 1/47Oct 5,1884Nov 16,1957 
STEDMAN Lois YoungF19 W 1/22{Oct 21,1893}{Dec 16,1918} 
STEDMAN JUDGE Nathan Alexander SrF19 W 1/23Oct 22,1854Sep 14,1927 
STEDMAN Elizabeth RowlettF19 W 1/22Nov 7,1864Oct 6,1902 
GRAVES Elizabeth StedmanF19 W 1/25Apr 24,1915Mar 10,1917 
GRAVES MRS Ireland (Mary Stedman)F19 W 1/26Oct 29,1884Mar 24,1965 
GRAVES JUDGE IrelandF19 W 1/27Jul 23,1885Sep 26,1969 
DOUGHERTY INFF19 W 1/28Oct 16,1947Oct 16,1947 
DOUGHERTY Sarah Margaret BlairF19 W 1/29Apr 23,1914Jun 20,1997 
DOUGHERTY Mary Ireland GravesF19 W 1/211Nov 10,1919Jul 7,1977 
PAGGI Henry BF19 SE 1/41Mar 6,1889Jul 30,1984 
PAGGI Julia CollierF19 SE 1/42Feb 3,1895Mar 26,1945 
PAGGI MRS L C (Naomi Gray)F19 SE 1/47Sep 5,1916Nov 7,1966 
PAGGI DR Leonard CollierF19 SE 1/48Dec 30,1913Jul 4,1971 
POPE Ruth JonesF20 E 1/25Dec 3,1889Feb 9,1967 
POPE John BurwellF20 E 1/26Jan 11,1871May 16,1938 
POPE John B JrF20 E 1/213Dec 28,1915Jul 17,1972TX 1LT USAAF WW2
WATSON Arthur Pope JrF20 W 1/43Jul 7,1926Jan 12,1993 
WATSON EleanorF20 W 1/24May 7,1925Dec 28,1927 
WATSON Eleanor CovertF20 W 1/25Aug 17,1903Jun 1,1988 
WATSON Arthur PopeF20 W1/26Feb 22,1894Jul 3,1965 
PRATT Ema EgglingF21 N 30 FT1Jun 20,1884Jan 10,1962 
PRATT Harry WilliamF21 N 30 FT2Feb 20,1890Sep 1,1972 
BOWLING Nellie MF21 N 30 FT31888{May 27} 1979 
MAHAN Myra EF21 N 30 FT4{Jul 7} 1857{Jul 18} 1947 
MAHAN John WesleyF21 N 30 FT5{May 10} 1846{Sep 7} 1923 
PFAEFFLIN Alice HF21 N 30 FT6Dec 6,1886Jan 6,1969 
PFAEFFLIN Roy EF21 N 30 FT7Jan 21,1893Dec 31,1979USA WW 1
DOZIER William Enoch IIIF21 N 30 FT8Sep 19,1936Apr 14,1992 
DOZIER Imogene SappF21N 30 FT9Sep 11,1913Jan 15,1977 
NEWHINNEY Preston BlakeF21 N 30 FT10Jul 14,1965Dec 3,1990 
PORTER JopheneF21 N 30 FT13Oct 23,1897Nov 1,1987 
PORTER Roger HF21 N 30 FT14Dec 4,1898Dec 1,1971 
MILLER Mabel ReginaF21 N 30 FT17Oct 11,1894Jul 8,1982DAR
MILLER Howard AF21 N 30 FT18Aug 21,1897Jun 27,1974 
DOZIER Winnie MahanF21 N 30 FT21Apr 6,1880Apr 4,1959 
DOZIER William EnochF21 N 30 FT22Nov 13,1880Sep 18,1930 
DAVIS Flora McDonaldF21 S 20 FT1Jun 17,1890Jul 26,1979 
TURNER Waldo EmersonF21 S 20 FT2Aug 3,1897Sep 6,1961 
TURNER Laurelle HF21 S 20 FT31909{Jan 10} 1978 
TURNER Marvin CF21 S 20 FT4{Apr 11} 1906{Jun 16} 1960 
ADEN Clifford RF21 S 20 FT618771923 
ADEN Helen MF21 S 20 FT7{Dec 26} 1901{Nov 23} 1963 
MASTERSON Rebecca BF21 S 20 FT8{Jan 19} 1882{Sep 22} 1969 
ADEN EuniceF21 S 20 FT9{Dec 28} 1879{Apr 7} 1967 
ADEN Sallie LF21 S 20 FT101849{Oct 29} 1914 
ADEN John DF21 S 20 FT1118461913 
WEED Agnes AdenF21 S 20 FT12Mar 17,1883Jan 3,1972 
WEED Florence AF21 S 20 FT13 {Jul 1,1995} 
WEED Thurlow B JrF21 S 20 FT14Sep 20,1908Sep 17,1994 
WEED MRS T B (Avanelle Wiley)F21 S 20 FT15Nov 23,1912Jul 1,1995 
WEED Thurlow BF21 S 20 FT16Oct 26,1881Apr 10,1973 
RICHARDSON Robert LeeF22SC18771921 
HILL Nina RichardsonF22 {Mar 2,1885}Dec 19,1937 
RICHARDSON Julian AndrewF22 18801961 
RICHARDSON W H JrF22 Apr 21,1874Jan 17,1953 
RICHARDSON MRS W H Jr (Bess Gage)F22  Jul 26,1965 
HILL Harry PearsallF22 18871960 
RICHARDSON Euphemia KF22  Dec 29,1929 
RICHARDSON W H SrF22 1837{Sep 16} 1924 
HAMBY Catherine JaneF231Apr 4,1914Feb 10,1991 
HAMBY Kathleen CollinsF233Jun 29,1905Mar 26,1973 
HAMBY Lewis MeriwetherF234Feb 8,1903Jul 23,2002 
HAMBY Carolyn MaeF235Sep 11,1905Jan 11,1929 
HAMBY Minnie Jane MeriwetherF236Jun 4,1877Jun 31,1951 
HAMBY Robert MorrisF237May 30,1871Oct 21,1949 
TEW Charlie MF24 NE 1/42Oct 4,1908Apr 22,1980 
SWAHN Lillie SF24 NE 1/44Aug 30,1883Oct 30,1978 
SWAHN Arthur TF24 NE 1/45May 14,1879Apr 11,1971 
SANDBERG Selma MatildaF24 NW 1/42Apr 26,1876Jul 9,1956 
SANDBERG Carl HermanF24 NW 1/43Jan 12,1874Jul 19,1951 
SANDBERG Elfrieda HF24 NW 1/45Aug 27,1894Apr 4,1982 
SANDBERG Harry AF24 NW 1/46Aug 3,1892Dec 27,1993 
SWAHN Hilma JF24 SE 1/41Aug 21,1888Dec 1,1973 
SWAHN SimonF24 SE 1/42Mar 2,1887Jul 15,1980 
SWAHN Carl JF24 SE 1/46Mar 14,1872Dec 21,1953b. Sweden
WHITE Mollie TaylorF24 SW 1/45Feb 6,1878Dec 16,1953 
WHITE Susan TF24 SW 1/46Mar 3,1871May 2,1950 
WHITE Ike DF24 SW 1/47Apr 26,1867Sep 8,1948 
SCHMIDT Albert W JrF25 NE 1/42Dec 3,1925Feb 19,1984 
SCHMIDT Robert EF25 NE 1/43Jan 17,1929Nov 23,1970 
SCHMIDT Ricca EF25 NE 1/44Sep 1895Mar 17,1985 
SCHMIDT Albert WF25 NE 1/25Jul 27,1891Mar 9,1949 
MARTIN SulaF25 SW 1/42Jun 5,1909{Aug 12,2000} 
MARTIN Marvin {Buell}F25 SW 1/43Apr 4,1911Jan 2,1999 
BURNETTE Bertha MattieF25 SW 1/44Aug 4,1907May 22,1949 
BURNETTE Mattie MaeF25 SW 1/45Aug 31,1889Sep 20,1982 
BURNETTE Sam AF25 SW 1/46Jan 5,1880Dec 2,1963 
JABOUR Muntaha NehmeF25 SE 1/42Oct 15,1937Nov 27,1994 
JABOUR Isabel HageF25 SE 1/44Aug 6,1921Nov 24,2000 
JABOUR Fred MichaelF25 SE 1/45Dec 9,1914Jul 13,1986 
JABOUR Mary AttelF25 SE 1/46Jun 19,1898May 3,1986 
JABOUR AlbertF25 SE 1/47{Feb 29,1892} 1893{Dec 13} 1954 
CLOUD Frederick G JrF261{Jul 31,1908} 1909{Jul 10} 1971 
CLOUD Mary Elizabeth LF2621911{Mar 12} 1992 
HOWARD EugeneF2624{Aug 7} 1885{Apr 9} 1958Mason
ANGELL Nancy EllenF2625Mar 14,1942Jun 8,2001 
GULLBERG Dottie WattsF27 NE 1/44{Jun 8} 1886{Apr 3} 1955 
GULLBERG EricF27 NE 1/45{Jul 13} 1876{Jan 27} 1946 
JOHNSON Ludvig OF27 NW 1/41Feb 3,1897Jul 17,1960 
SWANSON Edward DF27 NW 1/42Jul 4,1881Aug 12,1965 
SMITH Manuel JosephF27 NW 1/45Nov 20,1895Jan 21,1946TX PVT 6 REG USMC
KASMAREK Richard JosephF27 S 1/21Feb 28,1929Mar 27,1997A2C USAF KOREA
MCGEE Annette JacksonF27 S 1/23Mar 30,1897May 11,1979 
MCGEE George ClevelandF27 S 1/24Nov 7,1892Jun 14,1972TX PFC CO L 360 INF WW 1
KASMAREK Anthony JamesF27 S 1/25Sep 23,1987Jun 13,2007 
ARKUS Leon JF27 S 1/26Apr 12,1921Jan 20,1946NJ SGT AAF 807 BASE UNIT
COX Brian Keith INFF28 NE 1/41 N 1/2{Jul 5,1963}Jul 5,1963 
YOST Frederick LeroyF28 NE 1/45Oct 29,1952Apr 13,1995USA
DUNN Cynthia AnnF28 NW 1/41Feb 7,1955May 10,1984 
DUNN MRS Arthur (Louise Burkhalter)F28 NW 1/42Sep 9,1916Nov 24,1945 
DUNN Alice Irene HodelF28 NW 1/44Feb 2,1926May 5,2005 
DUNN Arthur LeeF28 NW 1/45Jul 7,1915Mar 17,1992USMC
JOHNSON Agnes EF28 SE 1/41Nov 28,1892{Jan 24,1986} 
JOHNSON WesleyF28 SE 1/42Aug 26,1890Jan 7,1972TX PFC USA WW 1
BARNES MRS Martin G (Mattie)F28 SE 1/46{Jan 22,1884}{Mar 22,1976} 
BARNES Martin GF28 SE 1/47{Jan 12} 1885{Dec 7} 1967 
PIERCE Mary JaneF28 SW 1/41Jul 27,1908Feb 20,1995 
PIERCE J TF28 SW 1/42Feb 24,1905Oct 29,1981 
PIERCE Bessie LeeF28 SW 1/43Jan 1,1899Oct 23,1984DAR
PIERCE Joseph WalterF28 SW 1/44Jan 16,1896Jun 14,1965AR CPL 336 AERO SQ WW 1
PIERCE Bessie WilmothF28 SW 1/45Oct 23,1890Sep 6,1985 
PIERCE James Arch SrF28 SW 1/46Nov 28,1892Mar 8,1972 
PIERCE Ollie DellF28 SW1/47Aug 23,1875Jan 21,1959 
JACKSON Annie HF29 NE 1/42Sep 22,1890Aug 26,1989 
JACKSON Frederick SF29 NE 1/43Feb 20,1886Jan 15,1969 
CRANE Eula LeeF29 NE 1/44{Sep 7} 1879{Dec 9} 1954 
CRANE John WF29 NE 1/45{Mar 30} 1875{Mar 2} 1946 
BEWIE Clara WF29 NW 1/42Nov 14,1913Aug 2,1993 
BEWIE Dorothy LF29 NW 1/43Jan 15,1908Jan 10,1971 
BEWIE Clara ElenoraF29 NW 1/44{Feb 10} 1874{Apr 27} 1955 
BEWIE REV William HenryF29 NW 1/45{Sep 28} 1876{Jul 29} 1958 
KUHNE Linnea AF29 SE 1/42Mar 29,1923Dec 13,1977 
ANDERSON Milton GF29 SE 1/43Mar 26,1912Sep 24,1980Mason
ANDERSON MRS Milton (Mary Rich)F29 SE 1/44Oct 3,1916Jun 15,1986 
ANDERSON Hugo PF29 SE 1/45Jun 9,1885Jul 8,1974 
ANDERSON MRS Hugo (Gerda A)F29 SE 1/46May 9,1888Jan 10,1972 
ANDERSON AldenF29 SE 1/47Sep 23,1910Apr 15,1977USN Mason
ATTRA MaryF29 SW 1/44Feb 15,1927Jun 15,1999 
ATTRA EraF29 SW 1/45Apr 15,1900Jan 3,1968 
ATTRA EdF29 SW 1/46Feb 14,1875Jun 18,1946 
MILLER Marshall RF30 NE 1/41Apr 10,1895Jul 16,1979 
MILLER Emma BerthaF30 NE 1/42May 29,1892Oct 13,1979 
MILLER Marshall JrF30 NE 1/43Feb 1,1920Jun 3,1943TX SSGT 323 BOMB GP AAF
BERGMAN Olga FredrikeF30 NW 1/41{Nov 11} 1877{Nov 18} 1949 
BERGMAN Fred CF30 NW 1/42{Oct 11} 1861{Jul 11} 1946 
STOWE LillieF30 NW 1/43{Mar 29,1877}{May 14,1960} 
GRIFFIN Clarence E JrF30 NW 1/44{Jul 24} 1907{Mar 20} 1947 
FITZSIMMONS Ernestine VoltzF30 NW 1/45Oct 20,1883Mar 31,1971 
VOLZ Alma SwensonF30 NW 1/46Jan 2,1881Nov 21,1953 
VOLZ John AF30 NW 1/47Aug 11,1878Jun 5,1950 
ROBERTS INFF30 SE 1/41 N1/2 Feb 6,1953 
ROBERTS Murry WayneF30 SE 1/41Aug 22,1951Nov 13,1951 
ROBERTS Joseph ThomasF30 SE 1/42Aug 6,1953Apr 6,1979 
ROBERTS Bertha SF30 SE 1/43Sep 11,1904Dec 8,1991 
ROBERTS Tom W JrF30 SE 1/44Feb 6,1902May 23,1994 
ROBERTS Georgie LF30 SE 1/46Jul 13,1906Feb 3,1997 
ROBERTS Annie LF30 SE 1/47Mar 2,1880Dec 17,1974 
ROBERTS Thomas W SrF30 SE 1/48Aug 28,1878Oct 24,1961 
BURLAND FredF30 SW 1/43  buried Aug 25,2008
TURNER Wesley FF30 SW 1/44Jan 16,1923May 13,1946TX FIREMAN 1CL USNR
WARNER GladysF30 SW 1/45Jan 20,1913  
WARNER Harold AF30 SW 1/46May 15,1921Oct 24,1981 
BURKLAND Selma TF30 SW 1/47Dec 1,1891Feb 1,1981 
BURKLAND Fred HF30 SW 1/48Aug 11,1888Jun 30,1960 
SCOTT Andrew TF31 NE 1/41Jul 14,1892Jul 6,1979 
SCOTT Myrtle LeeF31 NE 1/42Feb 2,1897Mar 9,1981 
BRYANT James Tf31 NE 1/45Apr 20,1932Jun 15,2003 
BRYANT Sterling C Jr (Memorial)F31 NE 1/4 Mar 23,1925May 7,1946AMMF3C WW2 (buried at sea)
BRYANT Phronie Mae WF31 NE 1/46{Dec 21} 1903{Mar 18} 1948 
BRYANT Sterling CF31 NE 1/47{May 9} 1894{Aug 21} 1946 
WARREN Ora May HillF31 NE 1/41Jul 8,1908Jul 18,1991 
WARREN Malcom Orain SrF31 NW 1/42Apr 4,1894Feb 26,1960 
WARREN Wiley EF31 NW 1/43Sep 3,1858Feb 19,1947 
HILL Fredericka MinerF31 NW 1/45{Jan 13} 1878{Jul 20} 1946 
HILL Wiliiam Otis SrF31 NW 1/46{Apr 1} 1883{Jul 19} 1964 
BLOOM MildredF31 NW 1/41  buried May 1,1993
BLOOM Cornelelius HjalmarF31 SE 1/42{Jul 25,1905}{Feb 19,1973} 
THEOBALD Enne LeeF31 SE 1/43 {Aug 28,1986} 
THEOBALD EdwardF31 SE 1/44Apr 6,1893Mar 29,1967TX WAGN USA WW 1
CARLSON Marie JF31 SE 1/45Jan 17,1907Apr 28,1993 
CARLSON David JF31 SE 1/46Jan 22,1907Dec 22,1985 
CARLSON CarolenaF31 SE 1/47Mar 11,1863Jun 19,1951 
CARLSON Claus LF31 SE 1/48Aug 27,1864Nov 19,1949 
ERLANSON M VerniceF31 SW 1/41May 13,1919  
ERLANSON Laurence MF31 SW 1/42Aug 20,1917Oct 4,1978 
ERLANSON Mathilda OF31 SW 1/43Jun 30,1876Jul 30,1946 
ERLANSON Carl VictorF31 SW 1/44Sep 26,1865Oct 11,1938 
MOBERG Esther EF31 SW 1/45Mar 9,1896Jun 23,1985 
MOBERG Eric EF31 SW 1/46Oct 24,1889Aug 10,1973 
EKVALL Hedvig MF31 SW 1/47Feb 24,1898Jun 30,1997 
EKVALL Olof GF31 SW 1/48May 12,1891Jul 13,1972 
MEDFORD Elizabeth RayF32 NE 1/45jug 7,1924May 26,1998 
MEDFORD Floyd CF32 NE 1/46Jan 28,1923Oct 25,1998 
TILLMAN MRS J T (Bernice M)F32 NE 1/47Jun 15,1898Apr 20,1967 
TILLMAN James TF32 NE 1/48Aug 22,1892Mar 4,1972 
GALARZA AndresitoF32 NW 1/42 Nov 24,1925 
GALARZA GenaroF32 NW 1/44Sep 19,1902Sep 10,1984 
GALARZA Belen HF32 NW 1/45Jan 27,1900Apr 5,1991 
JOHNSON Jo AnnF32 SE 1/41Sep 9,1940Feb 20,2007 
JOHNSON John DeeF32 SE 1/42Oct 9,1939Apr 3,2005 
BALKE Rena LeeF32 SE 1/43Feb 11,1906Dec 31,1999 
BALKE ChesterF32 SE 1/44Apr 9,1899May 4,1991 
TUCKER JoeF32 SE 1/46Dec 11,1901Nov 14,1977 
TUCKER Mary LeeF32 SE 1/45Jan 12,1912  
BALKE AnnaF32 SE 1/47Feb 12,1866Nov 13,1971 
BALKE EdwardF32 SE 1/48Dec 5,1873Oct 17,1946 
HARTON Joyce LouiseF32 SW 1/4119212005 
BURRELL MRS Kenneth(Mildred Ann)F32 SW 1/42{Jan 9} 1906{Apr 27} 1964 
BURRELL Kenneth BF32 SW 1/431909{May 28} 1991 
ROBERTS LouiseF32 SW 1/4518941977 
ROBERTS Oba EdwardsF32 SW 1/46{May 2} 1892{Jul 8} 1967 
ROBERTS Evelyn JosphineF32 SW 1/47{Jun 9} 1919{Oct 7} 1946 
GUAJARDO SoledadF33 NE 1/441906{Oct 10} 1983 
GUAJARDO Eloy JoeF33 NE 1/45{Jun 25} 1903{Jan 26} 1955 
LUCKSINGER Wilber EF33 NW 1/42Mar 15,1915Apr 4,1992S1 USN WW 2
LUCKSINGER Harold EF33 NW 1/42AJan 27,1922Oct 5,1990CPL USA WW 2
LUCKSINGER Laura EF33 NW 1/43Mar 11,1886Nov 5,1961 
LUCKSINGER William HenryF33 NW 1/44Jul 4,1894Jun 13,1948 
PETERSON Katherine AF33 SE 1/41Jun 17,1942Aug 27,2006 
PETERSON Ruth GF33 SE 1/42{Jul 19} 1900{Jan 11} 1970 
PETERSON Simon PF33 SE 1/431897{Aug 13} 1984 
CARLISLE Jessie MF33 SE 1/44{Mar 16} 1893{Aug 19} 1946 
CARLISLE Andrew JackF33 SE 1/45{Sep 8,1882} 1883{Jun 25,1967} 
SMITH Maggie Pearl CunninghamF33 SW 1/41May 26,1905Nov 12,1997 
SMITH Willie WadeF33 SW 1/42{Jul 13} 1895{Nov 29} 1955 
CUNNINGHAM Sallie EF33 SW 1/43{Jan 14} 1879{Jun 14} 1969 
CUNNINGHAM William WF33 SW 1/44{Jun 30} 1875{Jan 10} 1968 
JACKSON Dora FosterF34 NE 1/42{Nov 2} 1892{Aug 14} 1961 
JACKSON Floyd ThomasF34 NE 1/4318941979 
FEILD Lilla CottleF34 NE 1/44{Dec 11,1880} 1881{Apr 3} 1970 
FEILD Harry LeanderF34 NE 1/45{Jul 13} 1879{Aug 4} 1946 
MONK Ona ElizabethF34 NW 1/41Feb 25,1906Mar 16,1985 
MONK Joseph DF34 NW 1/42Mar 30,1902Nov 10,1949TX LTCOL CORP ENGRS WW2
MONK Mattie SF34 NW 1/43Jun 30,1879Apr 8,1967 
MONK Robert WF34 NW 1/44Feb 12,1871May 25,1950 
SWINNEY Elmer DF34 SE 1/41Jun 3,1923Nov 28,1943TX PFC AAF WW 2
SWINNEY Lessie MF34 SE 1/42Jun 13,1900Mar 15,1991 
SWINNEY Clifford ClaytonF34 SE 1/43Aug 8,1898Mar 29,1990 
MOORE MRS C H (Nora)F34 SE 1/44Feb 4,1879Jan 23,1962 
MOORE Clarence WF34 SE 1/45Jul 17,1879Nov 22,1946 
SMITH Bonnie MF34 SW 1/41Aug 7,1893Aug 10,1984 
SMITH Charles HF34 SW 1/42Mar 17,1889Mar 26,1967TX PVT USA WW 1
SMITH Edward AF34 SW 1/43Dec 13,1913Dec 12,1943 
SMITH Allen TF34 SW 1/44Dec 28,1886Sep 7,1939 
THOMPSON Jefferson Davis IIIF35 NE 1/42Feb 18,1941Dec 26,1992 
THOMPSON Jefferson Davis JrF35 NE 1/43Sep 13,1908Feb 16,1984 
THOMPSON MRS J D Jr (Hazel Roberts)F35 NE 1/44Mar 10,1909Nov 4,1999 
THOMPSON Jefferson DavisF35 NE 1/46Nov 14,1888Jan 3,1959 
THOMPSON Bertha KochF35 NE 1/47Dec 18,1889Nov 24,1970 
LINDQUIST Della KF35 NW 1/41Mar 25,1891Feb 9,1981 
LINDQUIST Edward CarlF35 NW 1/42Sep 3,1894May 8,1961 
LINDQUIST Ellen CF35 NW 1/43Feb 19,1893Apr 11,1966 
LINDQUIST MRS M E (Edla N)F35 NW 1/44{Jun 23} 1856{Apr 2} 1933 
LINDQUIST HenningF35 NW 1/45{Mar 31} 1857{Aug 11} 1917 
BURKE Eva FF35 SE 1/41Jan 7,1907Aug 11,1987 
BURKE Emil PF35 SE 1/42Mar 20,1907Apr 10,1988 
STROMQUIST Ann EF35 SE 1/43Jan 6,1901Jul 20,1993 
STROMQUIST GeorgeF35 SE 1/44Jun 19,1900Jul 15,1989 
BURKE SophieF35 SE 1/45{Jan 23} 1910{Nov 8} 1952 
BURKE Adla MarieF35 SE 1/46{Aug 6} 1866{Dec 26} 1957 
BURKE TheodoreF35 SE 1/4718661920 
STROMQUIST BenF35 SE 1/481903{May 8} 1983 
SWENSON HuldaF35 SW 1/42Feb 2,1883Sep 14,1946 
SWENSON SolomonF35 SW 1/43Jun 8,1874Mar 9,1954 
LINDEN Joan EllasonF35 SW 1/45Aug 3,1933Nov 5,2001 
LINDEN Frank SpencerF35 SW 1/46May 14,1930Jan 9,1989 
CHRISTENSEN MRS C W (Esther Marie)F36 NE 1/41Jul 14,1892Feb 15,1959 
CHRISTENSEN Christian WF36 NE 1/42Oct 28,1892Mar 12,1954CPL QM CORP WW 1
LINDEN Lois LottaF36 NE 1/43Apr 24,1910Mar 3,2002 
LINDEN Carl FrederickF36 NE 1/44Feb 28,1905Jun 11,1968 
ENGLEKING Della GF36 NE 1/4519051992 
ENGELKING S PeterF36 NE 1/46{Jun 30} 1911{Jun 30} 1954 
GUSTAFSON Birdie ElizabethF36 NE 1/47Feb 13,1892Apr 12,1990 
GUSTAFSON Will ManuelF36 NE 1/48Jul 4,1888Apr 15,1959 
COCHRAN Minnie AdaF36 NW 1/41Aug 10,1887May 5,1971 
HASLEY Bessie MayF36 NW 1/42Aug 5,1904Apr 4,1986 
MCKINLEY James H SrF36 NW 1/46Mar 10,1882Apr 28,1946 
MCKINLEY James H JrF36 NW 1/47Mar 9,1918Apr 2,1948 
SANDERS Hollis R JrF36 SE 1/431944{Jul 13} 1986CAPT US ARMY VIETNAM
SANDERS Frances LF36 SE 1/44Sep 9,1914Nov 29,1993 
SANDERS Hollis R SrF36 SE 1/45Dec 20,1916Jun 28,2003 
LINDEN Esther LillianF36 SE 1/47Jul 12,1910Mar 10,1997 
LINDEN Ruth EmeliaF36 SE 1/48Dec 27,1900Jun 21,1986 
LINDEN Ellen HortenseF36 SE 1/49Jun 24,1896Jul 11,1965 
JACOBS Bedie SF36 SW 1/421891{Jan 22} 1977 
JACOBS William PaulF36 SW 1/43{Sep 11} 1877{Feb 9} 1964 
SMITH DR RaymondF36 SW 1/45Jan 9,1909Nov 21,1951TX CPT 807 BASE UNIT WW 2
SMITH Emma BellF36 SW 1/46May 21,1878Jan 30,1960 
SMITH Lewis CollinsF36 SW 1/47Sep 12,1874Mar 22,1952 
STEPHENS Darthula StohlF37 NE 1/41May 2,1900Oct 16,1991 
STOHL VernerF37 NE 1/42May 16,1896Jan 16,1956 
TAYLOR RuthF37 NE 1/43Jul 28,1898Jul 24,1964 
TAYLOR DR RobertF37 NE 1/44Apr 13,1898May 14,1975 
OLSON NaomiF37 NE 1/45Apr 22,1903Aug 22,1997 
OLSON OscarF37 NE 1/46Oct 17,1900Apr 12,1990 
KIMMONS MildredF37 NE 1/47Nov 9,1905Oct 24,2002 
KIMMONS Chester WF37 NE 1/48Aug 8,1905May 2,1977 
ELLIOT David NealF37 NE 1/42Nov 21,1926Apr 4,2006COL USAR
ELLIOTT Maude WattF37 NE 1/43Oct 18,1894Apr 18,1981DAR
MCCOWN Barbara ElliottF37 NE 1/44Feb 20,1952Aug 3,1982 
FIELDS Jessie MaeF37 NE 1/45Mar 29,1881Aug 27,1953 
FIELDS Elbert FF37 NE 1/46Aug 4,1871May 24,1946 
SHAFFMAN Louis H JrF37 SE 1/41Mar 21,1914Mar 19,2003 
SHAFFMAN Bessie NF37 SE 1/42Jan 9,1885Oct 15,1948 
SHAFFMAN Louis H SrF37 SE 1/43Feb 24,1869May 20,1946 
BARR Minnie BF37 SE 1/44May 9,1863May 28,1953 
BARR Robert HF37 SE 1/45Dec 12,1860Sep 15,1947 
WOLFROM Ann IreneF37 SW 1/41Mar 11,1909Aug 10,1983 
WOLFROM Rupert SF37 SW 1/42Oct 1,1907May 13,1946 
NEWMAN MRS J E (Annie G)F37 SW 1/44Feb 17,1880Aug 29,1957 
ROBISON Myrtle NewmanF37 SW 1/45Mar 23,1904Jan 27,1993 
MCEACHERN Charlene AgnesF38 NE 1/42Jan 20,1934Nov 19,1986 
BERKMAN CharlesF38 NE 1/44Oct 6,1875May 30,1966 
BERKMAN Mayme LungrenF38 NE 1/45May 3,1883Apr 20,1989 
BAXTER Ethel EF38 NW1/41Jul 13,1920Jun 30,1951 
ANDERSON AugustaF38 NW 1/4CTR 4-5Feb 25,1890Feb 2,1982 
ANDERSON Knut HF38 NW1/45-6CENDec 17,1891Feb 8,1970 
MCEACHERN Elbert LF38 SE 1/41Oct 7,1903May 8,1971 
MCEACHERN Eldora HF38 SE 1/42Dec 30,1905Mar 6,1971 
BEARDEN Dana GayleF38 SE 1/45Mar 7,1968Dec 28,1973 
PETERSON Julia PF38 SW 1/41{Dec 5,1875} 1876{Dec 14} 1972 
PETERSON Charles OF38 SW 1/421874{Jul 6} 1950 
MAREK LucileF39 NE 1/41-2 CENOct 17,1905May 23,1987 
MAREK Edward LF39 NE 1/42-3 CENJun 1,1881Apr 25,1959 
MCFADDEN Minnie HF39 NE 1/45Feb 20,1885Oct 18,1945 
MCFADDEN George BF39 NE 1/46Feb 11,1880May 29,1949 
BLENDERMAN MRS L H (Maude S)F39 NW 1/41Dec 13,1887Nov 29,1962 
BLENDERMAN Louis HF39 NW 1/42Jul 31,1888Nov 3,1952 
BLENDERMAN Alice AF39 NW 1/44Apr 4,1914Dec 24,1967 
BLENDERMAN Louis MF39 NW 1/45Jul 18,1912Dec 9,1999 
PACE Daniel ParkerF39 SE 1/42Jun 16,1889Oct 14,1945 
YARRINGTON Hulda FiedlerF39 SE 1/44Oct 13,1902Nov 20,2005 
YARRINGTON Lester RiggleF39 SE 1/45Sep 24,1886Sep 26,1966 
JENSEN AnnieF39 SW 1/41 {Mar 27,1977} 
WILLESS MRS N V {Mary Jenson}F39 SW 1/42{Dec 28} 1880{May 23} 1953 
EKLUND Charles EF39 SW 1/44Jul 12,1884Mar 30,1975 
EKLUND Nellie TF39 SW 1/45May 17,1885Nov 11,1985 
BERKMAN Clara MayF40 NE 1/41Feb 26,1909Jul 18,2000 
BERKMAN Lambert CF40 NE 1/42Dec 10,1904Jul 29,1996 
BERKMAN Lillie JF40 NE 1/43Jun 24,1877Sep 17,1945 
BERKMAN Oscar FF40 NE 1/44Feb 19,1874Oct 4,1945 
GIBSON MRS Eugene (Vollie)F40 NW 1/42Feb 14,1868Jul 13,1960 
GIBSON EugeneF40 NW 1/43Jul 19,1868Jul 31,1949 
GIBSON Ada KleinertF40 NW 1/44Aug 12,1897Aug 1,1994 
GIBSON John DF40 NW 1/45Mar 14,1896Jan 30,1984 
PICKEL Florine GibsonF40 NW 1/46Sep 1,1891Aug 30,1981 
PICKEL Sam HF40 NW 1/47Dec 21,1891Aug 21,1944TX PVT 128 MG BN 35 DIV
PALMER DR John R JrF40 S 1/21 N ENDAug 24,1921Nov 4,1979 
HAWKINS Frances BF40 S 1/22Feb 24,1901Sep 3,1945 
HAWKINS Wallace EF40 S 1/23-4 CENJul 24,1895Aug 5,1951 
FISH Janet LongF411719202008FHM
LONG DR Walter KaapkeF4119Jan 26,1919Jan 4,1994 
LONG Walter EwingF4120Nov 1,1886Nov 8,1973b. Ladonia,TX
LONG MRS W E (Inathe Janet Kaape)F4121Nov 9,1891Aug 8,1966b. Dewitt Co,TX
KAAPKE Nanny Alberta AndersonF4122Oct 28,1868Oct 19,1947b. Dewitt Co,TX
KAAPKE Charles EF4123Dec 5,1862Feb 20,1895 
AMEY Florence MF42 NE 1/41Nov 27,1891Oct 8,1970 
ATER Veda MF42 NE 1/42Jan 18,1908{Apr 12,1991} 
ATER Richard WF42 NE 1/43Mar 2,1908Dec 6,1987 
RAMSEY Edith MaxineF42 NE 1/44Jun 16,1920Jan 29,1994 
RAMSEY John NeffF42 NE 1/45Feb 18,1922May 9,2007 
PEARSON LillieF42 NW 1/43Nov 22,1889Jul 22,1980 
PEARSON Reynold EcklandF42 NW 1/44Nov 18,1914Jan 10,1989 
PEARSON ReinholdF42 NW 1/44{Feb 23} 1890{Feb 5} 1954 
OLSON Davida HelenF42 NW 1/471891{Sep 26} 1986 
OLSON F JohnF42 NW 1/48{Feb 23} 1888{Jan 2} 1968Mason
MANGHAM BOY INFF42 SE 1/43W1/2  buried Sep 24,1961
FOSTER Herman TonyF42 SW 1/42Mar 15,1920Apr 29,1984USA WW 2
CARLSON Emma SF42 SW 1/431904{Oct 31} 2000 
CARLSON Egner GF42 SW 1/441902{Dec 18} 1978 
DAGAR MRS J A (Margaret A)F42 SW 1/45Feb 7,1907Aug 21,1971 
DAGAR John AF42 SW 1/46Jul 12,1895Mar 31,1987 
SJOBERG MaycieF42 SW 1/47Mar 13,1890Jun 15,1949 
SJOBERG Carl RobertF42 SW 1/48Jun 24,1880Jun 30,1958 
BODLING MaryF43 NE 1/41Aug 16,1868Mar 10,1946 
BODLING HermanF43 NE 1/42Jan 8,1868Sep 1,1947 
BODLING Annie AF43 NE 1/44Feb 10,1894Jan 3,1978 
BODLING Walter GF43 NE 1/45Dec 9,1894Jan 1,1976HQ CO 360 INF 90DIV WW1
BODLING Walter G JrF43 NE 1/46May 8,1929Feb 8,2006Mason
HEIERMAN HarrileeF43 NW 1/41 SW 1/4Aug 17,1917Jul 22,1995 
HEIERMAN John GranvilleF43 NW 1/42Jan 7,1909Mar 31,1983 
LEWIS America SF43 NW 1/43Feb 11,1885Apr 23,1978 
LEWIS Jessie GeorgeF43 NW 1/44Apr 18,1885Jun 14,1970 
HEIERMAN Janie LF43 NW 1/45Oct 13,1883Apr 5,1982 
HEIERMAN Harry WF43 NW 1/46Aug 10,1877Feb 16,1946 
PORTER Andrew JosephF43 NW 1/45-6 E ENDNov 5,1901Sep 10,1977USN WW 2
HEIERMAN CharlotteF43 NW 1/47Aug 5,1882Dec 23,1968 
HEIERMAN Walter LF43 NW 1/48Oct 18,1883Feb 5,1971 
LANIER Lillie MaeF43 SE 1/41{Dec 27} 1887{Jun 14} 1972 
LANIER Benjamin FranklinF43 SE 1/42{Jun 4} 1878{Jan 28} 1952 
LANIER Derris WF43 SE 1/46May 12,1911Apr 3,1946 
SPILLMAN Anna MF43 SW 1/43Sep 5,1917Nov 6,1968 
JOHNSON Melba QuickF43 SW 1/45Sep 28,1907Feb 20,1994 
JOHNSON Hugo GF43 SW 1/46Aug 4,1908Feb 20,1949 
SANDSTROM Ellen JF43 SW 1/47Oct 8,1899Apr 30,1988 
SANDSTROM Axel RudolphF43 SW 1/48Mar 23,1896Dec 17,1971TX CO I 360 INF WW1
ALFORD Bertha CookeF44 E 1/22Nov 21,1900Feb 2,1981 
ALFORD Charles MaxwellF44 E 1/23Jul 31,1896Apr 23,1970 
ALFORD Samuel BuckF44 E 1/25Nov 18,1905Jul 26,1985 
BILLINGSLEY Charles RF44 E 1/26Mar 15,1866Aug 3,1948 
BARNETT LillianF44 E 1/27{Apr 17,1864}{Mar 24,1949} 
ALFORD MRS C F (Vallie B)F44 E 1/29Feb 14,1869Feb 20,1952 
GROUTHAUS Katherine Dee AlfordF44 E 1/2FT 9&10Aug 7,1899Sep 4,1992 
ALFORD Charles FF44 E 1/210Aug 15,1868Aug 4,1946 
KNIGHT Vera AlfordF44 E 1/211Jun 29,1893Feb 8,1991 
KNIGHT John GibbsF44 E 1/212Mar 24,1884Apr 8,1967 
GRANBERRY Frances SF44 W 1/23Jul 12,1878Jun 25,1966 
GRANBERRY Dr Howard B SrF44 W 1/24Feb 5,1870Oct 1,1942 
GRANBERRY Doris HF44 W 1/25Aug 22,1920Jan 30,1977 
GRANBERRY DR Howard JrF44 W 1/26Mar 9,1900Jun 15,1955 
NICHOLS Marvel KoehlerF451Nov 20,1897Oct 7,1984 
NICHOLS Bobby KoehlerF452Jun 31,1926Feb 10,1927 
NICHOLS DR CranzF453{Dec 21,1910}Jan 6,1942TX 1LT MED CORP
NICHOLS MRS Clay Sr (Susan Hutchins)F4519Oct 9,1872Jul 28,1948 
NICHOLS RagsdaleF4518Sep 23,1902Mar 27,1964 
NICHOLS DR Clay SrF4520Feb 12,1868Feb 29,1952 
NICHOLS KatherineF4521Oct 16,1906Sep 10,1993 
NICHOLS DR Clay JrF4522Sep 4,1898Dec 4,1982 
NICHOLS Jean RossF4523May 12,1905Apr 3,1998 
KILGORE Sally R NicholsF4524Jun 13,1933Nov 3,2007 
LEMBURG Howard L BrookeF46 NE 1/41{Sep 10} 1901{Aug 21} 1968 
LEMBURG Florence WF46 NE 1/42{Jul 26} 1880{May 6} 1959 
LEMBERG Edward HF46 NE 1/43{Feb 3} 1875{Oct 24} 1946 
GLENN GeorgieF46 NW 1/41 {Dec 11,1988} 
GLENN DempieF46 NW 1/42Nov 7,1878May 20,1953 
GLENN Alfred BrentF46 NW 1/43Mar 4,1872May 2,1954 
WILLIAMS Grace MacdonaldF46 NW 1/44Jan 15,1903Dec 8,1996 
WILLIAMS Charles JoekelF46 NW 1/45Aug 24,1899Mar 22,1979USA
JENKINS Velma RicksF46 SE 1/41Jun 12,1907Oct 13,1985 
JENKINS Francis RandallF46 SE 1/42Jun 18,1911Jul 16,1991 
MAY Lenah SF46 SE 1/44Feb 3,1903Nov 6,1998 
MAY Bailey BF46 SE 1/45Feb 6,1903Mar 1,1990 
RICKS Sam BealF46 SE 1/47Oct 28,1905Nov 5,1955 
STONE MRS Wesley (Mary Lou)F46 SE 1/48May 16,1876Aug 22,1962 
STONE WesleyF46 SE 1/49Jan 20,1872May 6,1963 
GARNER Andrew JackF46 SW 1/41Mar 21,1884Jan 14,1964 
GARNER Clementine FoxF46 SW 1/47May 25,1916Jun 24,2005 
FOX Julia Louise Von BoeckmanF46 SW 1/48Jun 17,1889Sep 11,1947 
FOX EdgarF46 SW 1/49Aug 23,1883Oct 30,1947 
ARCHER Samuel OtisF47 NE 1/41Jan 7,1918May 8,1944TX 2LT 96 BOMB GP AAF WW2
ARCHER Jessie KarrF47 NE 1/42Dec 5,1888Aug 9,1986 
ARCHER Charles OtisF47 NE 1/43Jan 22,1885Dec 17,1949 
CLIFTON Georgia BerniceF47 NE 1/44Aug 17,1923Jan 10,1997 
CLIFTON Lena Iva HartF47 NE 1/45Feb 9,1900Oct 11,1976 
GUSTAFSON Paul OF47 NW 1/41Feb 2,1909Dec 16,1983 
GUSTAFSON MRS Ernest (Annas S)F47 NW 1/42Sep 8,1883Jan 14,1966 
GUSTAFSON Ernest TF47 NW 1/43Mar 9,1869Jun 9,1954 
GUSTAFSON Esther MF47 NW 1/44Jun 26,1914Jul 11,2007 
GUSTAFSON Martin TF47 NW 1/45Oct 23,1907Jun 16,1990 
FINN Doris OF47 SE 1/41Jan 9,1923Jul 21,1989 
OVERSTREET Florine ElizabethF47 SE 1/43Aug 1,1927Jul 5,1948 
OVERSTREET Fred L JRF47 SE 1/42Mar 31,1924Jul 5,1944PFC USMC WW 2
OVERSTREET Martha SF47 SE 1/44Oct 30,1894Sep 8,1967 
OVERSTREET Fred L SrF47 SE 1/45Oct 16,1892Dec 29,1971 
SCHEID Birdie ChericoF47 SW 1/42Aug 26,1907Oct 29,1996 
SCHEID Morris DarnellF47 SW 1/43Nov 13,1907Jan 3,1993 
CHERICO Ida EF47 SW 1/47Jun 26,1879Dec 17,1972 
CHERICO John AF47 SW 1/48Dec 26,1869May 28,1965 
CHERICO DR John IF47 SW 1/49Jul 17,1903Jul 13,1971 
MCKELLER Hallie BelleF48 NE 1/41{Aug 4,1888}Jan 23,1949 
MCKELLER LoisF48 NE 1/42{Feb 26,1885}May 22,1956 
MCKELLER MRS W G (Florence Iwin)F48 NE 1/43Nov 10,1863Jul 15,1961 
MCKELLER James HowardF48 NE 1/44Jan 4,1893Nov 23,1967 
DRISKILL Felix HF48 NE 1/45May 22,1918Dec 1,1965 
DRISKILL Felix EF48 NE 1/46Oct 26,1896Feb 23,1949 
RICHEY Annie Ethel DriskillF48 NE 1/47Apr 29,1897Oct 25,1987 
CROCKETT Willis G IIIF48 NE 1/48Jan 4,1904Dec 5,1973 
CROCKETT Lena WF48 NE 1/49Mar 1,1882May 12,1961 
CROCKETT W G IIF48 NE 1/410Aug 23,1880Jun 2,1938 
DAVIS Laura VickF48 NE 1/411Sep 16,1905Sep 5,1983 
DAVIS ClideF48 NE 1/412Apr 8,1901Jul 2,1980 
SWAYZE Lawrence MF48 NE 1/42Oct 10,1917Jan 29,2004USA WW2
GUSTAFSON Bertha EggelingF48 NW 1/43Sep 14,1904Nov 12,1995 
GUSTAFSON Arthur G AF48 NW 1/44Sep 10,1909Feb 1,1989 
CAIN Roy BrattonF48 NW 1/45Aug 30,1884Aug 16,1965 
CAIN William AugustusF48 NW 1/46May 30,1880Dec 29,1952 
ESTILL Jesse SF48 SE 1/42Jul 29,1890Jun 9,1961TX SGT CO A 174 INF WW 1
CORNWELL Marjorie AnnF48 SE 1/45Jun 17,1927Sep 7,1984 
CORNWELL Allie EdwardF48 SE 1/46Nov 11,1919Jan 19,2006TX MAJ USMC WW 2
ESTILL Earle BF48 SE 1/47Apr 14,1890Dec 16,1962 
ESTILL Allie CrowF48 SE 1/48Aug 23,1882Nov 7,1950 
CORNWELL Earl R JrF48 SE 1/49Sep 19,1913Apr 22,2006SGT USAAF WW 2
CORNWELL Julia EF48 SE 1/410Sep 7,1885Jul 8,1961 
CORNWELL Earl RF48 SE 1/411Jul 9,1884Jan 31,1948 
GRAHAM Ed AustF48 SW 1/41Sep 7,1914May 11,1981 
GRAHAM William RF48 SW 1/42 W ENDSep 7,1914May 11,1991COL USA WW 2
MARSHALL Una AustF48 SW 1/431907{Sep 5,1991} 
MARSHALL Cal ThomasF48 SW 1/441910{Dec 13} 1978 
LOCK Edgar ArthurF48 SW 1/4618981953 
MCKELLAR HallieF48 NE 1/41{Aug 4,1888}Jan 23,1949 
MONTGOMERY Julia Ellers RobbinsF49 NE 1/43&4 CENSep 2,1907May 26,1972 
ROBBINS MRS R B (Julia Eilers)F49 NE 1/48Apr 9,1885Dec 26,1958 
ROBBINS Richard BrownF49 NE 1/49Mar 1,1881May 31,1954 
MAXSON MRS Willis E (Lucille Eilers)F49 NE 1/410Sep 22,1894Jul 30,1951 
MAXSON Willis EdwardF49 NE 1/411Nov 3,1892Jun 26,1953 
DEBRETAGNE Mary CainF49 NW 1/41Jul 21,1913Sep 25,1996USA WW 2
BIEZE George ArthurF49 NW 1/43May 25,1909Oct 6,1954TX SSGT 878 ORD CO WW 2
GRADY Howard Wayne JrF49 NW 1/42Oct 16,1971May 16,1973 
BIEZE Anna MabusF49 NW 1/44{Apr 13} 1883{Feb 21} 1947 
BIEZE Tobias HermanF49 NW 1/45{Jun 18} 1878{Aug 6} 1953 
GRADY Howard WayneF49 NW 1/46Nov 16,1946Dec 17,1990T3 USN VIETNAM
STROMBERG MRS H P (Esther M A)F49 SE 1/43Apr 14,1886Oct 22,1966 
STROMBERG Hjalmar PF49 SE 1/44Aug 21,1882Aug 4,1969 
STROMBERG Roland EF49 SE 1/46May 29,1905Apr 19,1988MAJ USA WW2
SPONBERG David AF49 SE 1/49Dec 23,1892Sep 7,1969TX PVT 451 INF WW 1
STROMBERG John ElmerF49 SE 1/411Feb 9,1908Mar 26,1958 
STROMBERG Richard AF49 SE 1/412Oct 25,1920Jul 30,1943PVT 169 INF 43 DIV WW II PH
JOHNSON AmandaF49 SW 1/44May 27,1892Sep 29,1976 
JOHNSON AlbinF49 SW 1/45Sep 115,1890Mar 14,1963 
JARL Emma AliceF50 NE 1/41-2 W 1/2Sep 28,1885Jun 7,1982 
JARL Hilding RF50 NE 1/42-3 W 1/2Oct 14,1882Jul 8,1954 
JARL MRS Lambert (Vesta)F50 NE 1/41 E 1/2Nov 9,1895Nov 8,1957 
JARL Clifton EF50 NE 1/42 E 1/2Feb 14,1924Feb 29,1944TX PFC 15 INF 3INF DIV WW 2
JARL Lambert LeroyF50 NE 1/43 E 1/2Sep 29,1896Jan 10,1956PVT 165 DEPOT WW1
DEEN Thomas ElbertF50 NW 1/41Jun 21,1942{Jun 26,1942} 
DEEN Allie LawrenceF50 NW 1/42Dec 22,1908Jan 12,2000 
DEEN Harvey EF50 NW 1/43May 6,1895Jun 2,1977USA WW 2
SECORD Helen Frances JohnsonF50 SE 1/43Oct 1,1918Apr 6,1994 
JOHNSON MRS Dowell B (Louise)F50 SE 1/44Mar 4,1882Aug 3,1963 
JOHNSON Dowell BF50 SE 1/45Dec 25,1889Mar 28,1947 
MORROW Aaron FF50 SW 1/42Jul 31,1873Mar 3,1947 
SHAW Edith PearceF50 SW 1/44Jan 3,1895Nov 7,1967 
SHAW John WilliamF50 SW 1/45Oct 8,1891Feb 11,1958 
REEVES Ruby MaeF51 NE 1/411897{Feb 20} 1980 
NATIONS W Harper JrF51 NE 1/42Oct 28,1887Dec 12,1952 
GRANT Silas W JrF51 NE 1/45Oct 4,1946Nov 12,1947 
GRANT Betty F GriffithsF51 NE 1/4619211998 
GRANT Silas Winton SrF51 NE 1/471921{Dec 29} 1998 
GRIFFITH Evelyn BF51 NE 1/48Oct 24,1900Sep 1,1981 
GRIFFITH HarryF51 NE 1/49Apr 9,1899Feb 11,1983 
EIDMAN Mary Agnes VF51 NW 1/42Oct 26,1871Oct 19,1947 
EIDMAN Charles SidneyF51 NW 1/43Apr 6,1871May 14,1957 
RHODES Margaret EidmanF51 NW 1/46Aug 21,1906Dec 20,2005 
RHODES Arthur EdgertonF51 NW 1/47Aug 8,1900Nov 17,1992 
BURGER Elizabeth Eldman OlleF51 NW 1/491910{Jun 7} 1989 
OLLE Edwin WernerF51 NW 1/49{Feb 12} 1904{Apr 3} 1964 
KRUEGER Maude AF51 SE 1/41Apr 15,1874Jul 21,1967 
KRUEGER AugustF51 SE 1/42Mar 27,1874Mar 27,1947 
MENN Minnie KruegerF51 SE 1/43Feb 4,1907Sep 7,1994 
LUHN MRS William (Marie Krueger)F51 SE 1/44Feb 4,1907May 20,1968 
LUHN Walter OttoF51 SE 1/45Mar 7,1894Nov 16,1967 
CASIS Lilia MaryF51 SW 1/41{May 12} 1869{Oct 18} 1947 
CASIS Josephine RF51 SW 1/42{May 31} 1873{Mar 9} 1947 
FELTS Mildred IleneF52 S 201Mar 5,1894May 15,1982 
FELTS Amos MartinF52 S 202May 18,1886Feb 2,1952 
FELTS Dr James MartinF52 S 203Mar 11,1923Feb 11,1988 
LYTTON-SMITH GertrudeF52 S 207 W ENDFeb 19,1914Sep 17,1975 
LYTTON-SMITH JamesF52 S 207 E ENDJul 29,1905Dec 12,1976 
SMITH MRS Samuel J (Lee Lytton)F52 S 208Sep 7,1874Feb 7,1962 
SMITH Samuel JF52 S 209Sep 27,1865Jun 1,1951 
SZEWZUK Lisa NicoleF52 S 208&9 AT FTJul 20,1967Jan 3,1968 
SMITH Mary EF52 S 2010 HEADDec 4,1899Apr 21,1990 
PETTIGREW Willie DF52 N11{Nov 28} 1876{Nov 20} 1959 
PETTIGREW Alvis WilliamF52 N12{Jul 13} 1876{Oct 9} 1973 
FLOW Alma Bertha HarveyF52 N211909{Jul 19} 1998 
FLOW Oran AdairF52 N22Aug 21,1908Feb 14,1979PHM2 USN WW2
KEOUGH Edward ThomasF52 N231884{Jul 25} 1961 
FLOW MRS John T (Mattie Adair)F52 N24{Mar 30} 1874{Jul 13} 1959 
FLOW John ThomasF52 N25{Mar 23} 1875{Apr 9} 1949 
KEOUGH Eunice FlowF52 N26{Aug 31} 1897{Nov 24} 1959 
PAYNE Cora FlorenceF52 N31Oct 2,1878Jun 4,1967 
PAYNE Robert WorthF52 N32Oct 13,1877Oct 5,1960 
PAYNE MildaF52 N33Nov 9,1904Jan 31,1996 
PAYNE Lloyd WF52 N34Jun 17,1899Feb 24,1983 
HERRON Keya MF52 N37Apr 24,2002May 6,2002 
HERRON Ricky LloydF52 N38Feb 25,1953Feb 17,2005