New Sweden Cemetery – M-Z

Name of cemetery:New Sweden Cemetery
Caretaker:Raymond & Sharon Robbins, 17210 Axell Lane, New Sweden, TX; Marilyn Samuelson is secretary of church, works Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the church.
Location of cemetery:New Sweden, Travis County, Texas (Lat. N 30.40762, Long. W 097.51099)
Driving Directions:From the intersection of Rts. 79 and 973 in Taylor, drive south for 12 miles to New Sweden Road. Turn left onto New Sweden Road. Cemetery is on the corner.
Appearance:The entrance is marked by a cast iron archway with the words “New Sweden Cemetery”. See photo #7. There is an iron fence on either side of the archway. The cemetery consists of two sections – an “Old”section to the left of the archway and a “New” section that comprises the major portion of the cemetery. Most of the plots in the “New” section are surrounded by low concrete walls. See photgraphs #15 and #16. See the layout drawing for the plot numbering. Within each plot of the “New” section there are four subplots numbered 1 to 4. Within each subplot, there may be multiple markers – if so, they are number sequentially from north to south.
Date transcribed:October 2000 – April 2001
Abbreviations:FS : footstone, FHM: funeral home marker

Surnames M – Z

SectionPlot MarkerPersonSurname of deceasedGiven name of deceasedDate of birthDate of deathMarkings
New656111MagnusonAllen Ray9 October 194922 August 1967Floral design, FS: “ARM”
New663111MagnusonBert  Mauritz23 September 19082 March 1994Floral design with interlocked wedding rings: “Married 23 Dec 1935”, FS: Bronze military style marker with cross “Bertil M. Magnuson US NAVY, WORLD WAR II <dates>”
New663112MagnusonEarley Holmberg12 June 1911NoneFloral design with interlocked
wedding rings: “Married 23 Dec 1935”
New8312MagnusonEdith H.26 July 191121 March 1987Floral design
New8111MagnusonGeorge V.12 August 190230 August 1972Floral design, “Gone
but not forgotten”, on face of open Bible.
New123211MagnusonHoward L.11 February
27 May 1964Floral design, FS: “HLM”
New66312MagnusonIda S.18781965Floral design, FS: “ISM”
New655211MagnusonJarrell S.28 January 194428 April 1963Floral design, FS: “JSM”
New66311MagnusonJohn F.18751915Floral design, FS: “JFM”
New10212MagnusonLilly A.23 June 188115 December
Floral design and cross.
New656312MagnusonMargaret Adele28 July 1917NoneFloral design, “Married
14 Jan 1939.”
New123212MagnusonMildred M.20 November
NoneFloral design, FS: “MMM”
New8311MagnusonNils B.25 June 190429 December
Floral design.
New655411MagnusonReynold Lloyd13 February
26 November
Cross and Floral design,
Beloved husband and friend.” Planter urn next to headstone”, FS: FHM: Hyltin Manor
New656311MagnusonRudolf Axel25 March 191029 July 1998Floral design, “Married
14 Jan 1939.”, FHM: Elgin Funeral Home
New10211MagnusonSwen A.21 December
16 September
Floral design and cross.
New8112MagnusonViva Leigh29 April 190923 July 1995Floral design, “Gone
but not forgotten”, on face of open Bible.
New31121MalmElmer1918[1918][Only one date listed.]
New31111MalmKristina1916[1916][Only one date listed.]
New652311MalmquistCarl A.21 November
6 August 1970FHM: Cook Funeral Home
New652111MalmquistJohn Oscar31 December
22 November
Military style marker with
cross in circle. <na me> Texas, A2C US AIR FORCE KOREA,
New652121MalmquistNettie D.18891939Floral & geometric
design.” Mother”, FS: “MDM”
New652121MalmquistOscar J.18811966Floral & geometric
design.”  Father”, FS: “OJM”
New3411ManssonGusfaf7 February 184530 August 1883Holy bible on top, FS: “GM”
New3123ManssonGustaf18371884(this inscription is on
back of marker)
New13211McClellanRuby L.20 December
1999Miliary style marker: Cross
in circle “Buby <name and date>”, FS: FHM: Cook Walden with death date 1999.
New13221McClellanThomas P.28 February
3 June 1985Cross in circle “<name> PFC
US ARMY, WORLD WAR II <dates>”, FHM: as : Hytin-Manor
Old86 11MiddlebrookHelga18861923Floral design, “Aunt”,
FS: “HM”
New130411ModenAugust E.15 January 188431 August 1966“Son”
New648111ModenCarl E.18841966Floral design, FS: “CEM”
       April 25, 1886 to Aug 16, 1999 death cert
New648311ModenClayton E.29 August 192525 February
Military style marker with
raised cross in circle. <name>Texas PFC 28 INF, World War II <dates>
New13022 ModenFamily marker   
New130421ModenGustaf A.25 December
23 August 1976“Son”
       Dec 25, 1881 to Aug 24, 1976 death cert
New130311ModenJohn Oscar30 April 18766 March 1945“Son”, FS: “JOM”
New648112ModenMayme E.18951979Floral design, FS: MEM FS:
FHM: Hyltin-Manor
       Oct 25, 1895 to Jan 27, 1979 death index
New130111ModenMinnie J.12 November
7 October 1950“Daughter”, FS: “MJM”
New130121[Moden]Petronella18 March 18438 July 1920“Mother”
New130132[Moden]Swen29 September
29 June 1933“Father”
New9111MonsonAnna C.18251909FS: “ACM”
New19412MonsonAugust25 January 18343 October 1912“Father, Flor-de-leis”,
FS: “AM”
New9121MonsonCarl P.18221908FS: “CPM”
New19411MonsonKristina Carolina7 March 184710 June 1881“Mother, Flor-de-leis”,
New20111MunsonAnna18451932Floral design, “Mother”,
FS: “AM”+J142
New119411MunsonAnna Deen7 September 192021 December 1987Floral design.
New119312MunsonEdward12 June 193012 June 1930“Budded on earth to bloom in heaven, born and died <date>”, FS: “EM”
New119112MunsonEllen Elnora10 October 188812 January 1964 Floral design, “The
Lord is my shepherd – I shall not want. Pms 23.”, FS: “EEM”
New2013 MunsonFamily marker  “Where immortal spirits reign, there shall we meet again”
New20312MunsonHannah25 November 189022 November 1975Church window and floral design, FS: “HM”
New20311MunsonHenry10 May 18841 November 1956Church window and floral
design, FS: “HM”
New20411MunsonIda Mathilda18741879FS: “Sister”
New119321MunsonNorine17 November
5 February 1918“Budded on earth to bloom
in heaven”, FS: “NM”
New119111MunsonSven Albert11 June 188030 November
Floral design, “The
Lord is my shepherd – I shall not want. Pms 23. <name and dates>”, FS: “SAM”
New20121MunsonSwen18411910Floral design, “Father”,
FS: “SM”
New67121NelsonAlbin Teofilus29 May 189030 July 1927“At Rest”, FS: “ATN”
New68121NelsonEllen E.8 January 189029 November
New6731 NelsonFamily marker   
New68311NelsonHelen V. Victoria10 October 192124 April 1922None
New67211NelsonHilma24 July 186426 May 1946“Rest in peace”, FS: “HN”
New67221NelsonJohn22 October 18611 December 1944“Rest in peace”, FS: “JN”
New4111NelsonLester C.1923NoneFloral design
New4112NelsonLois Moden19221984Floral design, FS: FHM: Hyltin Manor
New67111NelsonLuther Fredrik30 January 189511 November 1896“Let the little children
come unto me”, FS: “LFN”
New31211NelsonOskar19 July 18659 November 1892“<name> fodd <birthdate> I
Sverige, dod <deathdate> derfore wareri ock redo ty den stunnd I icke menen, warder meniskones son, kommande
salig ar den tjenaren, som hans herri finner sa gorande nar han kommer.
Matt. 24, 44-46″, FS: “ON”
New68321NelsonRosabelle Madeline J.16 January 19152 July 1970FS: “RMJN”
New68111NelsonVictor E.25 February
24 May 1982FS: “VEN”
New28211NewquistEinar E.4 October 19092 June 1972Military style marker, cross
in circle “<name> Texas, CPL ARMY AIR FORCES, WORLD WAR II <dates>”
New3111NewquistEthel8 August 191115 February
Seated lamb on top of stone, “<name & dates> Budded
on earth to bloom in heaven.”, FS: “EN”
New113212NicholsInfantNovember 1951November 1951FHM: Cook
Old97 11NilssonTage17 April 188227 July 1904Dove, “Fodd in Sverige
den <date>, Dod i New Sweden, Tex <date> Jesus sade jag i uppstandelsen och lifvet. Joh 11:25″, FS: “TN”
New67411OlsonAmanda19 February
18 November
“Rest in peace”,
FS: “AO”
New114111OlsonAmanda C.18671959FS: “Mother”
New69221OlsonAnders10 June 184430 January 1920FS: “AO”
New82212OlsonAnnie Johnson11 June 187211 September
Floral design, FS: Mother
New124111OlsonAugusta R.18881965Floral design, FS: “ARO”
New82411OlsonBeatrice19112000FHM: Elgin
New19111OlsonBertha19 February
21 June 1947“Wife of Pastor F. G. Olson”
Old87 11OlsonBrita Christina18401919FS: “BCO”
New17321OlsonC J W9 October 188017 February
“Gone but not forgotten”,
New12422 OlsonFamily marker   
New124321OlsonHelen A.19121986Floral design, FS: “HAO”
New124311OlsonHoward W.19161965Floral design, FS: “HWO”
New114411OlsonInfant son of S.A. and AgnesApril 1923[April 1923][Only one date on marker.]
New115212OlsonIrene B.19 August 190118 February
Floral design.
New124121OlsonIrving M.18891941Floral design, FS: “IMO”
New67421OlsonJohanna25 April 183525 December
Cross and olive branch, “<name
and dates> hvart jag gar, veten I, och vagen veten I.”, FS: “JO”
New82211OlsonJohn Ross11 February
26 December
Floral design, FS: Father
New114112OlsonJonas18601911FS: “Father”
New82421OlsonLawrence R.19072000FHM: Elgin
New19311OlsonLydia Stenborg19 September
18 February
New17131OlsonMildred E.3 September
12 July 1990“The lord is my Shepherd”,
Old28 11OlsonNels21 January 182314 January 1891Floral design with banner, “<name> born
in Sweden <date> died <date> Why seek ye the living among the dead, prepare to meet me in heaven.”, FS: “NO”
Old85 11OlsonOscar F.22 September
12 January 1928Floral design, “Brother”, “Earth
has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.”
New19121OlsonPastor F. G.1 January 188512 April 1971 
New115211OlsonPhilip J,15 July 18994 August 1992Floral design.
New17311OlsonSarah M.18 November
8 December 1960“The Lord is my Shepherd”,
New124211OlsonThomas Wm.15 June 19556 August 1955Floral design, FS: “Baby”
New65221OstromSelma Irene22 September
28 January 1919“Gone, but not forgotten.”,
New10312PearsonChristena1 June 184610 March 1929Floral design, “Mother”,
FS: “CP”
New10411PearsonEdward A.19 November
29 April 1965Floral design.
New10421PearsonEllen Sophia29 November
18 April 1891Rose, “<given
name> dau. of N. Pearson born <date> died <date> Her happy soul has winged its way to one pure, bright eternal day. “, FS: “ESP”
New10311PearsonNils27 May 184822 March 1918Floral design, “Father”,
FS: “NP”
New116421PetersonAlfred18681912“Gone but not forgotten:”,
FS: “AP”
New3121PetersonC. J.18581943Floral design, (this inscription
is on front of marker)
New26311PetersonCarl G.9 January 18785 March 1951Floral design, FS: “CGP”
New26132PetersonCarl Johan22 April 18523 March 1930Under his name is written “Ps.
107.7.”, This is on the north side of stone.
New11411PetersonCarl Peter30 March 183717 October 1892“<name> fodd <date> I
almsakra, sverige, dodd <date> New Sweden, Tex”. FS: “CPP”
Old92-93 12PetersonChristine18681945Floral design. “Saved
by grace.”
New12411PetersonEllen Mathilda13 November
24 May 1961Floral design.
New12311PetersonGustaf7 August 18447 November 1920Floral design, “Resting
in hope of a glorious resurrection.”, FS: “Father”
New12421PetersonGustaf Eliot19 August 188529 October 1892Seated lamb, “Died
in New Sweden.”, FS: “GEP”
New26131PetersonLena Maria2 July 18512 August 1915Cloth draped over top of
obelisk, “<name & dates>, esaias 26.19-20. V., Peterson” inscribed on east face of marker.
New12312PetersonMathilda A.5 December 185121 September
Floral design, “Resting
in op of a glorious resurrection.”, FS: “Mother”
New11412PetersonMrs. Johanna19 July 183413 January 1902“<name> fodd <date> I
nassjo, sverige, dodd <date> New Sweden, Tex”, FS: “JP”
Old92-93 11PetersonNicholaus18741906Floral design. “Saved
by grace.”
New3122PetersonSophia18591946Floral design, (this inscription
is on front of marker)
New26121[Peterson]FatherNoneNoneFS: blank
New26111[Peterson]MotherNoneNoneFS: “LMP”
New658412PittsfordNorine M.31 July 1924NoneFloral design and scrollwork, “Momma”
New658411PittsfordRaymond M.2 July 192210 May 1994Floral design and scrollwork, “Daddy”,
FS: FHM: Elgin Funeral home
New5112PraterBlenda7 September
18 November
New5111PraterHarold27 October 191629 December
Old94 11RhombergC. F.23 January 186528 March 1905“<name>,
Fodd I Severige, den <date>, dod den <date>, Och af hans fullhet hafve vi alle fatt och nad fornadd. Joh.1.kap.16″, FS: “CFR”
New17411RolfBertha4 March 188328 May 1958“At rest”, FS: “Sister”
New11211RolfBertha Ann23 January 193216 December
Floral design, FS: “BAR”
New11111RolfCarl O.29 October 18901 February 1976Floral design and wedding
New11112RolfDagmar M.8 September
25 April 1961Floral design and wedding
New11221RolfEdna  Karoline11 December
1 February 1936Floral design, FS: “EKR”
New1714 RolfFamily marker   
New17111RolfJohana S.22 December
21 August 1917“For mig ar lifvet kristus
och doden en vining.”, FS: “Mother”
New17121RolfJohn E.18 August 184927 May 1919“Du skall saknas nar din
plats star tom.”, FS: “Father”
New17211RolfJohn E.26 May 192825 March 1997“The Lord is my Shepherd”
New17421RolfSigne E.10 November
27 January 1888FS: “Sister”
New23421RuckmanAnna Charlotta22 June 18266 May 1906FS: “ACR”
New27321SamuelsonAdella.18 November
3 December 1903Seated lamb on top of stone.
On base has “1920”
New27211SamuelsonAstrid17 November
20 April 1905Seated lamb on top of stone.
On base has “1920”. FS: “AS”
New27111SamuelsonClarence19 April 189326 July 1897Seated lamb on top of stone.
On base has “1920”, Concrete brick as FS: blank
New27121SamuelsonElmer21 July 189618 April 1900Seated lamb on top of stone.
On base has “1920”; also 1920 written on tablet. Concrete brick as FS: “ES”
New27311SamuelsonRichard11 April 18996 July 1899Seated lamb on top of stone.
On base has “1920”
New27221SamuelsonWilliam15 March 190815 June 1908Seated lamb on top of stone.
On base has “1920”. FS: “WS”
New648421SandahlChester H.12 January 190930 December
Floral design, FS: FHM:
Hyltin Manor
New663211SandahlCurtis L.7 April 191817 October 1995Floral design and heart
with “Married 21 June 1942”
New648211SandahlEric L.18751957Floral design, FS: “ELS”
New648411SandahlEugene L.19011970Floral design, FS: “ELS”
New663212SandahlEvelyn L.20 June 1920NoneFloral design and heart
with “Married 21 June 1942”
New1311SandahlHelen H.C.17 February
10 January 1922FS: “HS”
New663411SandahlLambert S.26 February
26 December
Floral design and open scroll, “S”,
Bronze FS: “<names & dates> EM I US NAVY”
New648212SandahlSarah E.18801963Floral design, FS: “SES”
New74111SandbergDora Pauline1910[1910][Only space for one date.], “Baby”
New74121SandbergFrieda Skog18901964“Mother”
New78221SandstromHustrun Emily13 March 18572 October 1892Floral design, “Här
hvilar<name> född I Engelholm Sverige d<birthdate> död I New Sweden, Texas d<death date> saliga aro de doda sam i Herranom dö härefter ja sa ger anden de skola hvila sig fran sill ar bele ly deras ger ningar
folja dem efter…”
New78221 cont’dSandstromHustrun Emily13 March 18572 October 1892“… Uppl 14:13”,
New78211SandstromJ. Edwin15 April 18864 June 1907Floral design, “Här
hvilar <name> född I Minneapolis, Minn. d<birthdate> dod I Taylor, Tex d<deathdate> Jesus sade: Jag ãr uppståndelsen och lifvet: den som tror på mig, han skall lef ua, am han ãn dör. JOH 11:25″, FS: “JES”
New649311ScottAlfred L.28 August 186211 May 1949Floral design, “The
Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.”, FS: “ALS”
New649312ScottAnna E.23 August 188019 August 1954Floral design, “The
Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want”, FS: “AES”
New649211ScottConrad E.1 November 190923 December
Floral design.
New649421ScottEmely24 August 1923[24 August 1923][One date only, no space
for second date.]
New649411ScottHildur L.14 January 190824 December
Cross and floral design.
New649212ScottNina P.31 October 191126 January 1998Floral design
Old44 11SeaholmAnna Catharina24 June 18619 June 1894Floral design
New6421SellstromAnders Johan18391887FS: “AJS”
New6121SellstromCarl O.18741946“Father”, FS: “COS”
New6311SellstromClarence O.19011965FHM: Hyltin-Manor, American
Legion plaque (flower holder), FS: “COS”
New6321SellstromEdna Constance6 February 191220 November
Hand holding flowers, “Si
Guds lam”, FS: “ECS”
New6111SellstromEmma E.18741961“Mother”, FS: “EES”
New613 SellstromFamily marker   
New6411SellstromMathilda Peterson18531895FS: “MSS”
New653312ShaferHildur D.19131982Floral design, FHM: Newby
New653311ShaferPaul C.19141993Floral design, FHM: Newby
New7211SkogCharles Herman25 March 187724 April 1952“Uncle”, FHM: Wilke
Funeral Home
New7121SkogClaus Johan7 April 185022 March 1919FS: “Father”
New713 SkogFamily marker   
New7111SkogHedwig4 November 18475 August 1913FS: “Mother”
New7311[Skog]Helga S.19 January 18888 March 1928FS: “Mother”
New7321SkoogRichard W.6 April 188125 September
FS: “Father”
New130212SmithAnnie Marie26 April 18794 June 1963FS: “Mother”
New120431SmithCarl Levin3 February 186424 September
Floral design, “Asleep
in Jesus”, FS: “CLS”
Old1 11SmithErik Magnus16 October 18341886“<name & birthdate> Sweden <deathdate> USA,
Died of snakebite. Wife buried at Free Church Cemetery Decker”
New650111SmithGladys L.19 October 191117 March 1939“You are gone my beloved
wife, but not forgotten”, FS: “GLS”
New130211SmithJohn August2 December 18729 August 1965FS: “Father”
New120421SmithMathilda30 May 186230 December
Floral design, “Asleep
in Jesus”, FS: “MS”
New122311SobeyGloria Johnson9 April 193029 September
Cross and floral design, “Tho
lost to sight to memory dear”
New667311SpillmanLillian Lundgren18 April 19206 May 1993“Military style marker
with cross”, FS: FHM: Cook Walden
New667321SpillmanMax, Jr.26 April 192017 September
Military style marker with
cross: <name> S SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II <dates> FS: FHM: Cook-Walden
New14221StamlineAndrew J.18881892FS: Blank
New14421StamlineDr. J. A.18531928FS: Blank
New1423 StamlineFamily marker  Open bible on top reads “Holy
Bible, From its teachings, we lived, taught, and died.”
New14411StamlineHedvig18461922FS: Blank
New65111StenholmAmanda L. Fredrickson20 July 18763 March 1906Floral design, “Wife
of Carl H. Stenholm, born in Sweden <birthdate> died and <deathdate> She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all.”, FS: “ALS”
New18231StenholmAxel Walter18841968Floral design, FS: “AWS”
New65121StenholmCarl H.10 September
4 January 1951Floral design, FS: “CHS”
New1813 StenholmFamily marker  Mother’s picture and the
words “What is home without a mother?, What are all the joys we meet. When her loving
smile no longer greets the coming of our feet?”
New1813cont’dStenholmFamily marker  Father’s picture and the
words “Although he sleeps, his memory doth live and cheering comfort to his mourners
give; he followed virtue as his truest guide. Lived as a Christian – as
a Christian died.”
New18211StenholmHilda Christen18 October 18784 December 1881“Weep not, father and mother,
for me for I am waiting in glory for thee.”, FS: “HCS”
New18411StenholmHulda J.18801969FS: “HJS”
New18121StenholmJohn12 June 184821 June 1913Floral design looks like
a broken off pillar lying on his side, “Frulst af nad.”, FS: “JS”
New18221StenholmJohn R.18891956 
New65311StenholmLillie6 December 187513 April 1939Floral design, “At
rest”, FS: “LS”
New18111StenholmMathilda Maria4 December 184924 August 1934 Floral design
(as above), “hemma hos Jesus”
New18421StenholmOscar A.18801947 
New32212SundbergAmanda Sophie1 February 187623 April 1949Floral design, “Born
in New Sweden, Tex”
New32312SundbergHenrietta K.19081996Floral design.
New32211SundbergJohn August14 May 18713 March 1951Floral design, “Born
in Sweden”
New32411SundbergMitchell H.4 October 190228 February
Floral design with urn next
to marker, “Gone, but not fogotten”, FS: “Brother”
New32311SundbergRoosevelt E.19071955Floral design, FS: “RES”
SectionPlotSub plotMarkerPersonSurname of deceasedGiven name of deceasedDate of birthDate of deathMarkings
New125411SwensonAlden James12 July 19205 May 1986Military style marker with
cross, “<name> TEC 5 US ARMY, WORLD WAR II, <dates>”, FHM: Hyltin-Manor
New652411SwensonAlma S.1 January 18974 July 1993 
New79111SwensonAnders Magnus8 September
17 September
Floral design “Blessed
are the dead which die in the Lord and their works do follow them.”, FS: AMS
New125321SwensonAndrew John15 February
13 January 1941Floral design, “Father,
his memory is blessed”, FS: “AJS”
New118211SwensonBabyNoneNone“God will take care of
me”. FS: no markings
New125121SwensonBernard E.30 June 191020 April 1952Floral design, “Husband,
Life is ever Lord of death, Love can never lose its own”, FS: “BES”
New9312SwensonChristina18411919Floral design, FS: “Mother”
New125311SwensonEdla Albertina24 March 18808 December 1927Floral design, “Mother,
Wife of John Swenson, patient, unselfish, and kind, asleep in Jesus”, FS: “EAS”
New659311SwensonEunice H.16 November
3 October 1977Cross and Floral design
and open faced Bible. “In God’s care” FS: FHM: Mrs. Eunice Swenson – Hyltin Manor
New652421SwensonGunnar A.9 April 18966 January 1939FS: Blank
New3124SwensonGustaf18241897(this inscription is on
back of marker)
New125111SwensonHilmer30 May 190525 November
Floral design, “Brother,
Gone but not forgotten” FS: “JHS”
New659321SwensonIvar T.19 January 19088 November 1992Cross and floral design
and open faced Bible. “In God’s Care”
New14211SwensonJohn14 December
20 March 1892Two doves, “<name>,
born in Sweden <date>, died <date>, “His memory is blessed, The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my
cup: thou maintaniest my lot.  The line are fallen unto me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage.”, FS: “JS”
New25411SwensonJosef13 September
9 February 1970FS: “JS”
New9311SwensonMagnus18411896Floral design, FS: “Father”
New79112SwensonMaria Sophia23 March 184521 January 1940Floral design “Blessed
are the dead which die in the Lord and their works do follow them.”, FS: MSS
New79411TinglowEllen Lyckman29 May 188311 November
Floral design, FS: ELT
New79211TinglowHugo C.14 November
25 April 1955Floral design, FS: HCT
New125211WalentaSara Mae1947[1947]None [Only one date.]
New16412WestlingAnders8 February 182616 February
“<name> fodd
I Wastergotland, Father”. FS: “AK”
New16211WestlingAnna Charlotta21 April 185930 October 1893Bible on top of drape, “<name> Wife
of Peet Carlson <dates> Text David 73, Psalm 23 & 26 verse”, FS: “ACWG”
New16411WestlingKatarina11 March 182020 September
Urn and Floral design, “<NAME>fodd
I Wastergotland Sverige <birthdate> dod I New Sweden Tex den <deathdate>”, “Mother”, FS: “KW”
New658211YoungAgnes Marie2 December 190317 October 1989Praying hands and Floral
design, “Our Great Aunt”
New126222YoungAmanda E.26 June 187127 September
“Gone but not forgotten”.
FS: “Mother”
New126221YoungCarl A.30 November
11 July 1948“Gone but not forgotten”.
FS: “Father”
New126411YoungCarl Oscar7 September
14 November
Military style marker with
cross in circle, “<name> Texas PVT CO I 303 ORDNANCE REG, WORLD WAR II, <dates>”
New657111YoungElias J.16 January 19095 April 1987Floral design, FHM: Elias
John Young – Hyltin-Manor
New657112YoungElsie20 May 1911NoneFloral design.
New126211YoungMabel E.25 August 191213 March 1928“Gone but not forgotten”.
New6211    FS: in place of headstone
reads: “SAS”
New9211    Empty plot surrounded by
a wall of limestone.