New Sweden Cemetery – A-L

Name of cemetery:New Sweden Cemetery
Caretaker:Raymond & Sharon Robbins, 17210 Axell Lane, New Sweden, TX; Marilyn Samuelson is secretary of church, works Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the church.
Location of cemetery:New Sweden, Travis County, Texas (Lat. N 30.40762, Long. W 097.51099)
Driving Directions:From the intersection of Rts. 79 and 973 in Taylor, drive south for 12 miles to New Sweden Road. Turn left onto New Sweden Road. Cemetery is on the corner.
Appearance:The entrance is marked by a cast iron archway with the words “New Sweden Cemetery”. See photo #7. There is an iron fence on either side of the archway. The cemetery consists of two sections – an “Old”section to the left of the archway and a “New” section that comprises the major portion of the cemetery. Most of the plots in the “New” section are surrounded by low concrete walls. See photgraphs #15 and #16. See the layout drawing for the plot numbering. Within each plot of the “New” section there are four subplots numbered 1 to 4. Within each subplot, there may be multiple markers – if so, they are number sequentially from north to south.
Date transcribed:October 2000 – April 2001
Abbreviations:FS : footstone, FHM: funeral home marker

Surnames A – L

SectionPlot MarkerPersonSurname of deceasedGiven name of deceasedDate of birthDate of deathMarkings
New81111AlmquistCarl Oscar16 September 185011 June 1907FS: Father
New81112AlmquistMaria Christina17 June 18551 June 1932FS: Mother
New1212AndersonAdolf F.1 November 184825 June 1937Floral design, “Rest in Peace”, FS: “Father”
New132211AndersonAlton S.3 November 192714 May 1998Cross and Floral design, “A loving father”
New2211AndersonAnders Johan11 November 18446 November 1936Olive branch design, “Rest in peace. Father <name> born in Sweden <date> died in Austin, Texas <date> He died as he lived, trusting in God.”, FS: “AJA”
New66221AndersonAnnie O,2 October 188813 August 1953Floral design, FS: “AOA”
New70212AndersonAntonette M.2 December 18622 March 1937Floral deisgn “<names & dates> Mother, Gone but not forgotten”
New1121AndersonArthur F.15 May 188826 March 1973“Ring and sword decoration”, FS: “AFA”
New115112AndersonAugusta E.6 November 187120 August 1946Cross and floral design, FS: “Mother”
New69312AndersonBelle J.16 November 18932 September 1981None
New132412AndersonBertha E.4 December 189118 January 1991“The Lord is my shepherd”
New69311AndersonC. Robert8 February 189214 November 1979None
New13421AndersonCarl Johan10 December 182712 July 1892Doves on a fountain, “<name> fodd den <date> I
Stockaback Frinnar yds for samting Smaland Sweden dodd den <date> alder
64 ar 6 Manader och 28 Dagar”, and on the other side “Nu will jag bry
tu opp, Nu will jag Hüdanfara, och komma till det land Der …
New13421 cont’dAndersonCarl Johan10 December 182712 July 1892…migär gödt att war a.  Jag kämp
at längenog, med brister och besvär; ro Nu langtar jag till
och Gud mig ro beskär”, FS: “CJA”
New2421AndersonCarl Walter1 January 18834 December 1884Olive branch design, “<name> son of A.J. and
Matilda Anderson, born in New Sweden <dates> Laten barnen komma
till mig och formenen demicke, ty sadana horer Guds rike till. Mark.
10,14″, FS: “GWA”
New70211AndersonCharles O.20 November 18353 December 1921Floral design “<names & dates> Father, Gone but not forgotten”
New666421AndersonClarence Raymond23 March 192228 June 1998Military style marker with cross: <name> PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II <dates>
New662412AndersonDoris I.5 July 1922NoneFloral design
New2111AndersonEllen Ericka20 May 188711 March 1976Olive branches, “Rest in peace <name> born
in New Sweden, Texas <date> died <date> God is my refuge
and strength. Psalm 46-1A”
New23121AndersonEmma23 May 189418 November 1910FS: “EA”
New2312AndersonEsther18921974Floral design, FS: “EA”
New2121AndersonEsther Matilda17 September 189420 January 1964Olive branches, “Rest in peace <name> born in New Sweden, Texas <date> died <date> The Lord is my Shepherd Psalm 23-1”, FS: “EMA”
New113 AndersonFamily marker  “AF Anderson”
New213 AndersonFamily marker  “I know that my Redeemer liveth Job 19:25”
New2313 AndersonFamily marker   
New666111AndersonFamily marker   
New120411AndersonHilda Maria18 April 19007 October 1930Floral design, “Asleep in Jesus”, FS: “HMA”
New662411AndersonHoward C.18 December 19173 February 1987Floral design, FS: Military style marker with cross
in circle <name> TEC 4 US ARMY, WORLD WAR II <dates> FHM:
New23311AndersonIda17 February 185823 March 1937FS: “Mother”
New1111AndersonIda E.1 April 187825 December 1965FS: “IEA”
New65211AndersonJohan24 June 181813 January 1905“<name> fodd I sverige den <birthdate> dod
I New Sweden, den <deathdate> forbida herren, tiden ar sa kort,
ar resan stormig, huru skon ar hamnen! Forbida morgonen och skada bort,
nej, skada hemat, Jesus oppnar famnen.” FS: “JA”
New120211AndersonJohn5 March 185219 March 1936Fleur-de-lis, “In loving remembrance of Father. Gone
but not forgotten”
New132411AndersonJohn S.17 January 18887 September 1973“The Lord is my shepherd”
New1411AndersonJohn Walfrid27 February 18769 June 1893“Se jag kommer snart: behall det du har, att ingen
ma taga din krona.”, FS: “JWA”
New1211AndersonJosephina C.20 April 185229 May 1943Floral design, “Rest in Peace”, FS: “Mother”
New120212AndersonJosephine F.29 May 185910 March 1928Fleur-de-lis, “In loving remembrance of Mother. Gone
but not forgotten”
Old75 11AndersonKasper L.28 September 18617 April 1902Floral design, “Asleep in Jesus”
New14111AndersonMargaret M.21 October 190019 April 1901FS: “MMA”
New14112AndersonMargaret O.19 October 187530 October 1900Initials “MOA”, FS: “MOA”
New2311AndersonMartin18891951Floral design, FS: “MA”
New2221AndersonMathilda Charlotta3 July 185122 January 1905Olive branch design, ” Rest in peace Mother <name> born
in Sweden <date> died in New Sweden, Texas <date> The loved
one from us has gone. The voice we love is stilled, a place is vacant
in our home, which never can be filled.”, FS: “NCA”
New2221 cont’dAndersonMathilda Charlotta3 July 185122 January 1905On back of stone: “Hon ar icke dod, hon sofver, stilla
slumradehon in. slumarade fran kval och plagor och fran vedermodan sin.
Hvilande fran jordens oro. Fran dess vexlingar och stride bidar honde
sinas mote uti evig ostord frid.”
New23111AndersonOlga4 April 18872 April 1905FS: “OA”
New1421AndersonOlga Akolina23 June 188527 July 1886“Hvilken somicke motiager Guds rike sasomett barn,
Han kommer aldrig der in.”, FS: “OAA”
New2411AndersonOscar Hilding15 May 18854 August 1886Olive branch design, “<name> son of A.J. and
Matilda Anderson born in New Sweden, Texas <dates> Jesus sade:
jag ar uppstandel sen och lifvet; den som tror pa mig, han skall lefva,
om han an dor, och hvar och en som lefver och tror pa mig, han …”
New2411 cont’dAndersonOscar Hilding15 May 18854 August 1886“…skallicke do evinnerligen. Joh 11: 25,26”, FS: “OHA”
New115412AndersonOscar Howard19 April 1907[19 April 1907]“Gone to be an angel”, FS: “OHA”
New115421AndersonPhilip Lambert12 June 19107 August 1912“Our loved one”, FS: “PLA”
Old26 11AndersonRobert Fredrick17 May 18748 May 1891“Born in Sweden”, FS: “RFA”
New666411AndersonRose Katherine Almquist24 May 1922NoneMilitary style marker with cross.
Old49 11AndersonS. August5 December 185825 November 1894“Minne AF”. Open Bible “<name> figleaves <dates> Net ar blott ett stegmellan mig och doden. Sof i ro.”, FS: “SAA”
New78412AndersonSelma B.18871970Floral design.” Married 2 Oct 1917 on open face bible”,
New115121AndersonSixtus Mauritz12 January 187112 July 1917“Woodman of the World Memorial. We shall meet again.”,
New23321AndersonWilliam2 November 185222 July 1925FS: “Father”
New78411AndersonWillie R.18891967Floral design.” Married 2 Oct 1917 on open face bible”,
Old2 11AnderssonAdla Wiktoria14 August 188320 April 1888Seated lamb.
New21111AxellAlma18841942FS: “AA”
New21312AxellAnna16 January 18448 March 1925Floral design: FS: “AA”
New8431AxellAxell Alarick29 March 18907 July 1891FS: “Son”
New8411AxellClaus Alfrid15 February 184527 January 1895FS: “Father”
New21121AxellE. R.18811936FS: “ERA”
New21221AxellHenry A.18751948“Father”
New21311AxellJohn10 February 18472 March 1932Floral design, FS: “JA”
New8421AxellLouisa Charlotta5 December 186431 July 1891FS: “Mother”
New70111BannerHedvig Theresia13 January 190226 April 1904“<name & dates> om en kurt lilenlid vila
molos pa himmeles strand”, FS: “HJB”
New70312BannerIda3 April 18571 September 1934“Urn design”, FS: No markings
New70311BannerSwante25 September 184614 November 1934“Urn design”, FS: No markings
New651211BarthElmer G.9 January 190914 July 1954Scrollwork & geometric design, FS: “Daddy”
New651221BarthEstelle J.23 January 190925 November 1978Scrollwork & geometric design, FS: “MOMA”
New25121BengtsonAnders J.20 October 184320 January 1930None
New25311BengtsonAnders M.7 January 187621 September 1946None
New73211BengtsonAugust5 June 185412 December 1910Floral design, FS: “AB”
New74211BengtsonChester Lynn23 July 194928 July 1949FS: “CLB”
New73212BengtsonChristina30 August 18691 December 1947Floral design, FS: “CB”
New25321BengtsonClaus Albin13 October 187318 February 1915Woodman of the world marker, figleaf on face and
top, woodman seal “<name and dates> Gone but not forgotten <surname>”.
Concrete walls surround plot.
New74312BengtsonEdith28 August 18923 October 1965Floral design, FS: “EB”
New25111BengtsonMaria27 December 183719 January 1931None
New73411BengtsonSvea U.19042000Elgin Funeral Home
New73421BengtsonThecla A.20 October 18994 December 1983FS: FHM: Newby Funeral Home
New74311BengtsonVictor18 November 189323 October 1971Floral design: FS: “VB”
New73121BengtsonWalfred E.4 March 189521 May 1972FS: “WEB”
New73111BengtsonWerner12 April 18972 November 1910FS: “WB”
New69211BeratCarl Lundgren24 December 182918 September 1913None
New127111BergGustaf15 July 18397 June 1929Floral design, “Gone but not forgotten.”, FS: “Father”
New127411BergHaddie18761960Floral design, FHM: Hyltin-Manor. FS: “HB”
New127321BergHenry William23 February 188618 November 1956“Gone but not forgotten”.” Floral design”, FS: “HWB”
New127311BergJohn August15 June 186820 October 1928Floral design, “At rest”, FS: “Brother”
New127112BergMathilda C.11 October 18379 April 1925“Gone but not forgotten”.” Floral design”, FS: “Mother”
New127412BergSallie18821963Floral design, FHM: “Miss Sallie Berg”, Hyltin-Manor
New664311BerggrenBonnie L.19571993FHM: Cook-Walden
New126311BerggrenCarl E.29 April 18963 July 1972None
New15111BerggrenDarrel De Verne28 August 192719 July 1933FS: “DVB”
New661212BerggrenFlorence L.NoneNoneFloral design
New661211BerggrenJohn B.24 August 190126 February 1988Floral design, “Johnnie”, FHM: Cook-Walden
New126312BerggrenLou Ella R.3 June 190219 February 1968None
New123112BerglundEsther Elvira10 February 189224 April 1983Floral design, FS: “Mother”
Old31 11BerglundHanna Gustava24 October 188710 August 1888Seated lamb on top, “Aro vi barn sa aro vi ock ar
fvingar, nemligen Guds ar fvingar ock Christi med ar fvingar.”, FS: “HGB”
New123321BerglundLouis Gustaf17 December 191728 December 1962Floral design, FS: “LGB”
New123111BerglundMartin Gusfaf28 February 188930 December 1962Floral design, FS: “Father”
New6821 Berglund – NelsonFamily marker   
New123311[Berglund]Dorothy Hanna Mae19 January 192222 July 1932FS: “DHMB”
New80211BerkmanAlma L.22 February 189330 June 1969Church window and flowers design.
New80111BerkmanAndrew8 February 186214 December 1932Floral design.
New80112BerkmanCarrie17 February 186530 December 1951Floral deisgn.
New122121BerkmanInfant Baby17 March 1930[17 March 1930]Floral design, [One date only.]
New80231BerkmanJohn W.8 April 188928 November 1980Military style marker with cross in circle.”<name>,
New80221BerkmanMartin T.26 July 190717 November 1975Church window and flowers design.
Old74 11BjorklundJohan Reinhold Andersson18281901 
New122112[Blank]Mavis19171919Floral design
New653411BlombergAlbin A.21 January 189111 February 1979Floral design.
New75112BlombergBeda T.31 December 189428 December 1989FHM: Elgin Funeral Home
New7112 BlombergFamily marker   
New71111BlombergIda ChristinaNone22 November 1904“Come ye blessed, mother, consecrated to the memory
of Mrs. <name> and <death date>, aged 42 years. Blessed are
the dead which die in the Lord from hence forth ye saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their labors. For their works follow with …”
New71111 cont’dBlombergIda ChristinaNone22 November 1904“… them. Rev. 14.18.”, FS: “ICB”
New75111BlombergJ. Hilding16 June 189331 May 1977None
New71311BlombergJohn A.15 August 185014 December 1939“Father <name> born in Sweden <dates> Gone
but not forgotten.”, FS: “JAB”
New653412BlombergLuella J.24 June 189413 July 1992Floral design.
New653221BlombergMartin E.H.19181992FHM: Elgin
New653211BlombergMilton E.17 November 191818 November 1951Military style marker with raised cross in circle, “<Name> Texas,
SGT 159 Infantry, World War II <dates>”
New71221BlombergOlga1 March 189727 February 1933“Rest in peace”, FS: “OB”
New71211BlombergSigne4 February 188922 October 1911“Rest in peace”, FS: “SB”
New75211BlombergWilburn I.8 July 192516 October 1984Military style marker with cross: “<name> US
Old73 11BodelsonJohs29 July 18303 April 1900Floral design “Till minne af <name> fodd I
Sverige den <date> dod den <date>” on back of tablet: “Farval
i barn samt vanner kara som redan stan vid grafven snart ock er vandring  …”
Old73 11 cont’dBodelsonJohs29 July 18303 April 1900“…ar ni lamnar vandring stafven o ma vi da
hos herren Gud fa motas uli snovit skrud och segerpalmer bara.”
New72111BraggBaby1952[1952]“Born and died <date>”, FS: blank
New72412BraggBlanche14 October 1911NoneFloral design, ” The Lord is my shepherd”, on open
face bible.
New72411BraggCarl Erland28 January 191219 February 1986Floral design, ” The Lord is my shepherd”, on open
face bible.
New72311BraggErnest R.6 January 188629 March 1974Floral design: :”Asleep in Jesus”,” on face of open
bible”, FS: “Father”
New72312BraggJennie W.31 July 188925 December 1982Floral design, “Asleep in Jesus”,” on face of open
bible”, FS: “Mother”
New76411BromanCarl Edvard19 September 18695 March 1909“<name> Fodd I Sverige den <date> dod
New76121BromanJohan Emil23 January 18752 March 1909“Woodman of the World Memorial <name & dates> To
him, we trust, a place is given, among the saints with Christ in heaven.”,
New69111BrownKarl Patrick8 September 19288 July 1976Military style marker with cross in circle “<name> MSGT
New29311CarlsonA. J.18431919“Father”, FS: “AJC”
New657311CarlsonAlbert Julius24 November 190823 November 1997Cross design, FS: Miliary style marker with cross <name> LT
New113221CarlsonAndrew Budford4 October 19244 October 1924FS: “ABC”
New29111CarlsonAnnie18731893FS: “AC”
New29312CarlsonAnnie C.18451929“Mother”, FS: “ACC”
New658112CarlsonBetty29 June 1930NoneFloral design and disc shape design.
New113112CarlsonC. Oscar Jr.27 April 19058 August 1981FS: “COC Jr.”
New113421CarlsonCarl Oscar3 August 187424 March 1943Floral design with the phrase “Rest in Peace”, FS: “Father”
New13411CarlsonCharlotta24 October 18321 February 1914Floral design.
New120321CarlsonChester R.10 December 191927 September 1955Floral design.
New658111CarlsonDarrell16 March 19304 April 1976Floral design and disc shape design.
New81311CarlsonEdwin Leroy19211998FHM: Elgin
New120111CarlsonEdwin Morris8 August 188521 January 1979Floral design, FS: “EMC”
New113311CarlsonElmer A.6 June 19112 February 1966FS: “EAC”
New658311CarlsonErnest H.7 January 18877 March 1978Floral design and disc shape design.
New29121CarlsonEsther18861924FS: “EC”
New113411CarlsonEthelia A.13 December 190623 June 1970FS: “EAC”
New121411CarlsonF. Lawrence13 May 189921 July 1974Floral design, “In loving memory. Rest in peace”,
New2913 CarlsonFamily marker   
New12122 CarlsonFamily marker   
New13311CarlsonFrank11 March 18741 December 1927Floral design, “C”, FS: “FC”
New29411CarlsonFrank A.18831964“Cross”, FS: , “FAC”
New29211CarlsonHelen18201897FS: “HC”
New121121CarlsonHenry G.28 December 189212 April 1966Floral design, “In loving memory. Rest in peace”,
New81321CarlsonHermine19271998FHM: Elgin
New121311CarlsonHilda D.29 May 186910 December 1964Floral design, “In loving memory. Rest in peace”,
FS: “Mother”
New658311CarlsonHildur8 January 189823 September 1986Floral design and disc shape design.
New121111CarlsonInfant son of Edward & HuldaNoneNoneNone
New120331CarlsonInfant son of Mr & Mrs E.M.August 1918August 1918“Born & died <date>”, FS: No markings
New121211CarlsonIrene M.23 August 190310 March 1997Floral design, “In loving memory. Rest in peace”,
FS: “IMC”, FHM: Weed Corley
New29421CarlsonJohn H,.18811943“Cross”, FS: “JHC”
New29221CarlsonJosephine18881979“Cross”, FS: “JC”
New120311CarlsonLaverne L.30 December 192624 October 1955Floral design, FS: “LLC”
New113422CarlsonMathilda Josephine28 June 188314 September 1955Floral design with the phrase “Rest in Peace”, FS: “Mother”
New657312CarlsonPearl Connelly19 September 1918NoneCross design
New121321CarlsonPete26 January 186212 February 1940Floral design, “In loving memory. Rest in peace”,
FS: “Father”
New113121CarlsonTheodore W.9 November 191411 November 1995FS: “TWC”
New120112CarlsonTina Maria30 November 188931 December 1991Floral design, FS: “TMC”
New654312CulwellEdith C.1916NoneWedding rings and Floral design “Wed 15 Jan 1944”
New654311CulwellSamuel Walter19 July 19113 January 1999Wedding rings and Floral design “Wed 15 Jan 1944”,
FS: Military style marker with cross “<name>, SFC US ARMY, WORLD
WAR II <dates>”, FHM: Newby
New81221EkenstamEric H.18 September 188319 July 1969Floral design, FS: EHE
New81211EkenstamHilda T.3 February 188815 July 1961Floral design, FS: THE
New81231EkenstamJohn E.5 January 19247 February 1981Floral design, FHM: as : Newby
New131221EricksonDavid19001958Floral design, FS: “DE”
New131211EricksonElla K.19121992Floral design, FS: “EKE”
Old33 11EriksonLinnea5 September 18924 December 1892Seated lamb, “Linnea, dau. of W.F. & Lovis Erikson
born <date> died <date> Sleep on sweet babe, take my thy
rest. God calls away when he thinks best.”, FS: “LE”
New663311FitchK. W. C.15 January 1915None 
New663312FitchMarjorie B. Sandahl6 September 192212 January 1987 
New64211FreeJohan29 August 182318 January 1894“<name> fodd I Lekeryd, Sverige den <birthdate> dod
I New Sweden, Tex den <deathdate>”, FS: “JF”
New64212FreeSven August27 February 185819 January 1913“<name> fodd I Barkeryd, Sverige den <birthdate> dod
I San Diego, Calif den <deathdate>”, FS: “SAF”
Old19 11GrahnChristina20 June 18095 August 1892Fig leaf, “Jag har kampat den yoda kampen, jag har
fullbor dat loppet, jag har bevarat tron. Harefter ar mig forvar ad rattfardiglietens
krona. 2 Tim 1.7.8″, FS: “CG”
Old67 11GullbergOlof14 July 183428 December 1894Floral design, “Father. Rest in Peace”, FS: “OG”.
New9421GustafsonHilding I.17 December 189323 August 1971Floral design, “Father”, FS: Military sytle marker
with cross in circle, “<name>, Texas, CPL US ARMY, WORLD WAR I, <dates>.”
Old21 11GustafsonPehr29 September 184329 May 1890Shaking hands and cross, “Minne af”
New9411GustafsonSigne M.8 July 18945 July 1969Floral design, “Mother <name and dates> 74
years, 11 months, 27 days.”
Old39 11HansenAndrea Petrea23 September 185723 December 1893“Mink jare hustbug vor moder <name> Born end
Danmark <date>, died in Texas <date>”
Old39 12HansenEmma Albine30 November 187324 December 1893“Vor kjare datter, born end Danmark <date>,
died end Texas <date>”  FS: “EAH”
New126111HansonHenryNone16 May 1926FS: “HH”
New26211HemmeterJudy L.19421997FHM: Elgin Funeral Home
New116412HesslerBen Lewis19121979Floral design and praying hands, FHM: Hyltin-Manor
New116411HesslerMyrtle M.1911NoneFloral design and praying hands.
New122211HolmbergAugust18821956Floral design and scroll.
New118411HolmbergElton R.28 October 191219 May 1976Military style marker with cross in circle, “<name> S2
US NAVY, WORLD WAR II, <dates>”, FHM: Hyltin-Manor
New118312HolmbergHjalmar T.18881947Floral design.
New122212HolmbergLaura18841968Floral design and scroll.
New118311HolmbergLizzie18881934Floral design.
New11311IsraelsonMathilda16 November 18508 January 1925“Asleep in Jesus”
New30112JohannessonJohannes10 December 182130 December 1892“<name> fodd den <date> I almesakra Sverige
dod den <deathdate> I New Sweden, Texas”, FS: “JJ”
New30111JohannessonMaja Lena26 January 183424 May 1900“<name> fodd den <birthdate> I Malmbeck
Sverige dod den <deathdate> New Sweden, Texas”, FS: “MLJ”
New24321JohnsonAlexander12 December 18456 March 1924“Father”, FS: “AJ”
New30322JohnsonAlfred13 September 185913 August 1929Floral design, FS: “AJ”
New24111JohnsonAnders W.18811902Picture of doorway; at arch “Love”, doorway has open
gate and a cross. Gate has vines, “Life and truth <name and dates> Johnson” On
the back, “Invid hans hjerta, vet jag ej af nagon smarta:, Ro jag hafver
funnit der, efter vedermodan har.”
New23211JohnsonAnna5 February 187728 December 1958Floral design, FS: “AJ”
New117411JohnsonBenjamin4 March 19154 March 1915“Infant son of Emil and Emma Johnson, born and died <date>”
New76131JohnsonCarl A.6 June 188011 June 1953Floral design, “Father”
New30411JohnsonCarl Hilding18991951Floral design, FS: “CHJ”
New23411JohnsonCarl S.11 October 18702 May 1950FS: “CSJ”
New30321JohnsonCarrie L.14 June 18756 February 1968Floral design, FS: “CLJ”. FHM: Cook Funeral Home
New24311JohnsonChristina23 March 184413 January 1926“Mother”, FS: “CJ”
New65411JohnsonClaus Linus26 November 18474 July 1908“<name> fodd I Sverige den <birthdate> dod
I New sweden, Tex den <deathdate> jag skall sofva. Men ej evigt.
Snart en harlig morgon grytt. Och vi skola ater motas sedan alt ar vordetnytt.”,” Shaking
hands on back”, FS: “CLJ”
New117211JohnsonEmil4 October 186814 April 1924“Born in Smoland, Sweden, died at Pflugerville, Tex”
New122411JohnsonEric Felix Severin16 July 190124 January 1993Floral design FHM: Elgin Funeral Home
New32111JohnsonEugenia B.1 December 190029 March 1951Floral design, FS: “EBJ”
New33212JohnsonEunice Kay26 September 1940NoneCross and Floral design, “And now face to face <name
and date> I Cor. 13:12-13″
New11722 JohnsonFamily marker  Floral design, “Johnson. In my father’s house are
many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare
a place for you”
New65113 JohnsonFamily marker  “Oscar Johnson”
New129311JohnsonFrank18711930FS: “FJ”
New129111JohnsonFrank H.29 March 18965 July 1973Military style marker with cross “<name> TEXAS,
PVT US ARMY, WORLD WAR I <dates>”, FHM: Hyltin Manor (“Herbert
New129221JohnsonGlenn E. Sr.11 April 191222 December 1984FHM: Hyltin-Manor
New23221JohnsonGottfrid28 December 18699 October 1951Floral design, FS: “GJ”
New122412JohnsonHazel Luzenia Holmberg28 December 190631 October 1989Floral design FHM: Elgin Funeral Home
New33211JohnsonHomer Lloyd15 February 1933NoneCross and Floral design, “And now face to face <name
and date> I Cor. 13:12-13″
New32121JohnsonIrene Kubitz19101991Floral design, FHM: Hyltin-Manor
New32112JohnsonLuther C.25 August 189729 August 1967Floral design, FS: “LCJ”
New651311JohnsonMillard16 September 19005 October 1970Scrollwork & geometric design.” Son”, FS: “MJ”
New651111JohnsonNora27 November 18763 October 1936Scrollwork & geometric design.” Mother”, FS: “NJ”
New651121JohnsonOscar5 August 187424 December 1957Scrollwork & geometric design.”Father”,  FS: “OJ”
New19211JohnsonPearl21 June 19084 January 1978Church window and Floral design, “Wife of Pastor
Herbert Johnson”, FS: “PJ” and FHM: Hytin-Manor
New129211JohnsonRuby Marie2 November 191627 October 1990FHM: Hyltin-Manor
New76111JohnsonSarah K.4 February 187927 June 1953Cross and floral design on altar, “Mother”
Old57 11JohnsonSven J.3 May 185928 December 1896Clasped hands. Floral design, “<name and dates> born
in Sweden…[Cannot read the rest. It is quotation from the book of Psalms]”,  FS: “SJJ”
New24121JohnsonThorston E.18681958None
New128411JohnsonWallace R. “Buster”9 July 193330 December 1997Sunset scene, “Buster”, “Precious memories. Love
New129411JohnsonWalter Eugene21 August 190222 July 1903Floral design, “We loved him”
New63121JosephsonAlton T.8 August 191517 August 1968Military style marker with cross in circle “<name> PFC
US ARMY, WORLD WAR II, <dates>”, FHM: Miller-Newby
New63211JosephsonAugust T.18661942FS: “ATJ”
New63111JosephsonGladys19151996FHM: Elgin Funeral Home
New63212JosephsonHulda M.18771958None
New18321JylfeClaes Henning18561911FS: “CHJ”
New18311JylfeJohanna N.18501935FS: “JNJ”
New654111KlausWilbert Woodrow19361991Floral design, Dove of peace, “Mickey”, FHM: Newby
New76311KretschmarHerbert1927[1927][Only space for one date.] A star, FS: no markngs.
New76211KretzschmarEdgar E.31 January 190531 August 1978Floral design, ” The Lord is my shepherd I shall
not want”, FS: “Father”
New76212KretzschmarJulia E.1 July 190614 July 1977Floral design, ” The Lord is my shepherd I shall
not want”, FS: “Mother”
New22112KrutAnn Stina11 December 18157 February 1899Geometric design, “Mother <name> born <date> in
Sweden, died <date> aged 83 yrs, 1 mo., 27 days., Blessed are the
pure in heard for they shall see God.”, FS: “ASK”
New22111KrutCarl Johan15 May 181824 January 1899Geometric designs, “Father <name> born <date> in
Sweden. Died <date> aged 80 yrs, 8 mos, 9 days. He died as he lived,
a Christian.”, FS: “CJK”
New64311KylbergA. Gustaf11 November 18634 November 1951FS: “Father”
New131122KylbergAnna18811971Floral design,”Mother”, FS: “AK”
New64131KylbergAnna Elisabet Otilia24 January 186121 May 1906“<name> fodd Free I Barkeryd, Sverige den <birthdate> dod
I New Sweden, Tex, den <deathdate>”
New131121KylbergOscar18791964Floral design, “Father”, FS: “OK”
New131111KylbergRichard19141924Floral design, “Brother”, FS: “RK”
New64121[Kylberg]A.E.O.KNoneNoneFS: “AEOK”, [This is assumed to be associated with
the large headstone for Anna Elisabet Otila Kylberg and Carl Walfrid
New64111[Kylberg]C. W. KNoneNoneFS: “CWK”. [This is assumed to be associated with
the large headstone for Anna Elisabet Otila Kylberg and Carl Walfrid
New64132[Kylberg]Carl Walfrid22 August 18932 June 1894“<name> fodd I New Sweden Tex den <birthdate> dod
den <deathdate>”
Old30 11LarsbergEbba Dorotea11 February 188912 January 1891Laying lamb. “Dau of G.G. und A.M. Larsberg, born <date> died <date> Sleep
on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home he thought it …
[the rest is now buried in the concrete base].” FS: “EDL”
Old29 11LarsbergMabel Theresa19 June 189130 August 1898 
New20212LarsonElenora4 February 187713 February 1973Floral design, FS: “EL”
New20211LarsonJohn16 May 187720 September 1922Floral design, FS: “JL”
New30212LarsonLars11 May 18737 September 1936Floral design, FS: No markings
New30211LarsonMary3 March 188622 August 1972Floral design, FS: No markings
New13111LarsonRaymond John18 January 191424 December 1938Floral design, “Gone but not forgotten.”, FS: “RJL”
New13121LarsonWayland Emil3 January 191820 October 1940Floral design, “Gone but not forgotten.”, FS: “WEL”
New128212LehnhardtErika18 October 19114 August 1965Floral design, “Ruhet in frieden”
New128211LehnhardtRudi24 August 19118 July 1983Floral design, “Ruhet in frieden”
New71411LindquistLeonard18911950Floral design.
New71412LindquistMabel18991978Floral design.
New28111LowtherGeorge W.29 September 191530 September 1979Floral design.
New28112LowtherMyrtle E.24 December 19194 February 1997Floral design
New10112LundgrenAnnie E.18771969Floral design, FS: “Mother”
New72211LundgrenBertha A.17 November 190326 October 1991Floral design, , “Rest in peace”, on open face bible.
New63311LundgrenCarl W.18871944FS: “CWL”
New5312LundgrenDorothy E.19131998Floral design.
New12111LundgrenEdla E.12 October 188928 December 1960FS: “EEL”
New15411LundgrenEmil23 August 184716 October 1924FS: “EL”
New15321LundgrenEsther M.24 July 18928 March 1894Floral design, FS: “EML”
New69411LundgrenGustaf Emil18771959Floral design, FS: “GEL”
New15121LundgrenHarriett Gordon6 March 19268 March 1926Floral design, FS: “MGL”
New15311LundgrenHenry A.22 May 189026 September 1918Fig leaves and crossed rifles in a plaque, “PVT.
CO G. 359 INF 90 DIV. <Name & Dates> Killed in action <deathdate> He
shall not have died in vain. In commemoration <name> post 295 American
Legion.”, FS: “HAL”
New668112LundgrenJune Josephine LaRuth4 June 1916NoneFloral design, “Momo”
New5311LundgrenLuther G.19021981Floral design.
New63312LundgrenMabel E.18901970None
New72212LundgrenMartin H.21 October 18987 June 1986Floral design, , “Rest in peace”, on open face bible.
New15421LundgrenMary1 July 185720 November 1890FS: no markngs.
New15211LundgrenMatilda27 February 186213 July 1943FS: no markngs.
New10111LundgrenOscar A.18631947Floral design, FS: “Father”
New63411LundgrenRaymond19181940Floral design, FS: “RL”
New12121LundgrenRobert Emil18 July 188416 February 1934FS: “REL”
New668111LundgrenRoland Weldon11 December 191419 November 1995Floral design, “Popo”
New650311LyckmanAlbina R.5 February 190724 May 1950“Gone but not forgotton”
New77411LyckmanBen W.30 October 190412 September 1959Floral design.
New66111LyckmanClara Matilda25 March 184712 May 1914“Mother <name> fodd I Balaryd, Sverige den <birthdate> dod
I new Sweden, Tex den <deathdate>, det star en sabbatsro, ater
for Guds folk.”, FS: “CML”
New79421LyckmanEdward W.15 November 18774 September 1915Floral design, “A true and loving husband”, On back
of stone:” Woodman of the World Memorial”, FS: EWL
New77121LyckmanF. O.22 October 187424 December 1908Olive branch design, “Gone but not forgotten”, FS: “FOL”
New6641 LyckmanFamily marker   
New77111LyckmanIda C.9 April 187420 January 1930Olive branch design, “She is missed at home”, FS: “ICL”
New650121LyckmanJeanette T. N.23 July 1925NoneFloral design, FS: “JTNL”
New77321LyckmanJohn A.9 July 18839 April 1944Floral design, “Gone but not forgotten”, FS: No markings
New77311LyckmanLouis L.11 January 190721 June 1980Floral design, ” Gone but not forgotten”, FS: “LLL”
New650321LyckmanNannie E.2 June 189010 October 1932“Gone but not forgotton”, FS: “NEL”
New66121LyckmanS. J.10 March 184027 October 1894“Father, <name> fodd I Malmback, Sverige, den <birthdate>,
dod I New Sweden, Tex, den <deathdate>, de trogna, sombo I Guds
gardar. De aro ej doda:de sofva.”, FS: “SJL”
New66211LyckmanSwanty8 November 187512 June 1943Floral design “Son <name & dates> his memory
is blessed.”, FS: “SL”
New650331LyckmanT. M. Wesley31 July 18885 July 1959“Gone but not forgotton”, FS: “TMWL”
New650411LyckmanWalter7 April 18811 July 1946Floral design, “I would seek unto God and unto God
would I commit my cause.”
New77312LyckmanZella M.20 February 191013 June 1957Floral design, ” Gone but not forgotten”, FS: “ZML”
New62211LymanEldredia “Dede”12 February 191518 January 1989Floral and bird design, “Nee Holmberg”
New62221LymanJohn Robert27 March 192017 January 1995Floral and bird design.
New62411LymanMichael T.22 November 19464 September 1952Hobbyhorse, toy soldier, horn, ball and flowers design, “In
the memory of <name & date>”