Live Oak Cemetery – Surnames L-Z

Name of cemetery:Live Oak Cemetery
Sextant/Caretaker:Cecil Clark, President of the Cemetery Association (512-295-3571)
Driving directions:From Austin: South on IH35 to Exit 225 (Onion Creek Parkway – FM 1626); continue south on the access to road to FM 1626; turn right (west); go .4 mile to Old San Antonio Road; turn left (south); go 1.4 miles to Twin Creeks Road; turn right (west); go .2 mile; cemetery is on the right.From San Antonio: Exit IH35 at Exit 226 (Slaughter Creek Overpass); cross over the overpass and continue south on the access road; follow above directions
Appearance:This is a well maintained cemetery of just over 15 acres. It has a chain link fence and gravel roads. There are large oak and cedar trees and a number of benches throughout. The oldest grave is dated 1874 and the cemetery is still in use with about 1/4 of the land unused. The cemetery consists of an old, unplotted section, plotted sections A thru F, the Heep family cemetery and a section for babies.
Date transcribed:January 2002 through March 2002
Transcribed by:George Rasor and Sandra Schmidt
Please NoteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.

Live Oak Cemetery, Surnames A-K

SurnameGiven name(s)Birth dateDeath dateSectionPlot or RowPerson
LABENSKEDaniel W18471924Old1121
LABENSKEMary P18511904Old1122
LABENSKIEdgar B5 July 189023 March 1971A771
LABENSKIMary L13 October 19218 December 1991A772
LABENSKICecil Tom17 September 191814 May 2000A791
LABENSKIMattie Louise11 July 1919 A792
LABRECQUESteven J19512002E263 
LADCOCKwife  Old41210
LAKEBetty Jo4 March 192510 August 1999Old493
LAMBJ. T.31 August 18579 December 1922Old2730
LAMBDella Moody27 March 186126 June 1937Old2731
LAMBAlice D26 May 19251 June 2000B401 
LANCASTERRalph14 June 19174 February 1991Old3514
LANCASTERElizabeth29 November 1918 Old3515
LANEDennis Crosby25 March 19057 June 1972A1631
LANEEmma B Montague15 June 19097 October 1992A1632
LANEJohnnie E19261992D254 
LANNO Cecil5 November 1919 A1971
LANNH Helen31 December 191719 December 1983A1972
LARSONFrederick Haverly23 October 19182 September 1995Heep26
LARSONDorothy Heep9 July 1924 Heep27
LARUELila Bell Dodd11 June 191128 September 1991B461
LARUEClarence Edward27 April 191412 December 1991B462
LAUEEllery Olen4 November 1921 E381
LAUEVera Ruth7 November 19245 March 1997E382
LAUFENBERGCecilia A23 October 190217 August 1970A68 
LAWWilbur Francis29 November 18998 December 1968A127 
LAW-HITEDorothy Fern18 March 191518 April 2001A127 
LAWRENCELillie O18901970Old2931
LAWSAlton B, Sr.16 October 190520 May 1972A761
LAWSAlfie J17 August 190725 February 1995A762
LAWSSamuel Hagler21 June 192523 December 1978B350 
LAWSONClaud2 December 189316 August 1895Old3610
LAWSONJ. W.20 July 186513 January 1895Old3611
LAYBert Franklin, Sr23 September 19269 November 1986B301
LAYEvelyn F24 January 1931 B302
LAYDorothy E22 September 191322 December 1918B31 
LAYBertie S18941966B311
LAYCharlie S18841955B312
LAYRobert D, Sr.22 March 192114 January 1976B1931
LAYHenrietta J18 January 193725 April 1999B1932
LAYJoyce Marie12 November 192511 October 1996D42 
LAYSushanna Jill11 June 196421 June 2001E476 
LEAHYJames26 February 18999 January 1966Old2616
LEAHYKatie Graef10 October 19203 December 1975Old2617
LEALSalena Paula19931993Baby13 
LEDOUXGene18 April 1913 B861
LEDOUXElvera S13 October 191815 February 1984B862
LEEJames F22 July 19397 September 1984Old1169
LEEJune Siebert30 January 1942 Old11610
LEEJessie Wanslee18841962Old269
LEEWilliam Bertram31 December 190513 March 1986D93 
LEEKathrynn M12 September 194318 January 2000E437 
LEHMANJerry Dale6 August 19542 December 1988D211 
LENDERMANBillie Jo25 May 19363 September 1987Old454
LENDERMANForrest E25 March 19298 February 1995Old455
LENDERMANHobart M13 October 18964 July 1976B2771
LENDERMANLillie Mae30 September 18995 September 1978B2772
LEONARDMartha Pearl12 August 192316 August 1999E490 
LESTERC. O.18741958Old2718
LESTEREffie C9 December 188018 March 1912Old2719
LESTER)Andrew Vaughn13 December 190229 January 1903Old2716
LESTER)Infant son31 May 19115 June 1911Old2717
LEWISJ. F.4 July 18377 April 1914Old4515
LEWISMargaret J10 December 18485 January 1900Old4516
LICARIONEBernard W19502001E174 
LIGHTFORDWilliam C, Jr.16 December 196510 May 1992D108 
LINDEMANJoe Biles10 March 189926 August 1925Old1610
LINDEMANJim H18941965A136 
LINDEMANHazel D19081975A136 
LINDEMANStayton Nichols28 November 18969 July 1979A136 
LINDSAYJoe, Jr.22 July 192117 January 1980C46 
LINDSEYSam, Sr.25 August 19288 May 1992E56 
LINDSLEYMary Grace9 July 19176 September 2000E390 
LITTLETONOliver D28 December 190226 September 1982B4171
LITTLETONAnnie N23 September 1915 B4172
LOCKGeorge C10 February 191020 November 1974Old2107
LOCKThelma L6 July 191229 October 1985Old2108
LOCKHARTMary Ann6 November 188217 June 1972Old4103
LOCKHARTCharles A27 November 187810 January 1949Old4104
LOCKHARTCharles Wayne29 May 191629 May 1916Old4111
LOCKHARTH. H. Pete23 January 19143 December 1998E1851
LOCKHARTKilda M25 September 191627 April 1994E1852
LOCKWOODEdward A30 May 19015 May 1977B1841
LOCKWOODPansy J28 March 190722 February 1974B1842
LONGRobert A20 April 1920 E201
LONGEsther I2 July 19209 April 1996E202
LONGBallard H12 July 19276 June 2000E321
LONGDorothy10 February 19278 February 1999E322
LOPERWilliam Warren22 January 192015 February 1999E223 
LOPEZPablo V12 December 193217 February 1987A172 
LOVETTEffie31 January 18838 July 1957Old11812
LOVETTGeo W21 February 187714 October 1927Old11813
LOVETTSarah N20 July 18874 January 1891Old11814
LOVETTW. H. C.4 November 185113 May 1929Old11815
LOVETTSarah A13 December 18514 June 1936Old11816
LOVETTDelbert B11 June 191019 March 1964A981
LOVETTJessie Thigpen28 December 19107 February 1961A982
LOVETTClarence E5 May 19072 November 1979A2011
LOVETTMinnie Elliott6 September 19099 October 1999A2012
LOVETTC B10 April 194212 December 1993A2091
LOVETTBonnie L8 March 1949 A2092
LOVETTH C13 August 19028 January 1956A210 
LOVETTEva E1 May 190727 August 1986A210 
LOVETTCarl Frances22 June 191412 September 1997D1571
LOVETTV Virginia Watts29 January 1918 D1572
LOWEJames Leon4 July 18943 February 1982C501
LOWEMary Etta28 March 189820 August 1980C502
LOWKEMarilyn Ann Adrian20 May 193729 January 1999E215 
LOWTHERClyde Wayne31 March 19552 April 1955Old12414
LUNAJoseph James29 July 197617 May 1997E131 
LUNDAYVirginia28 August 1927 Old221
LUNDYBuford C15 April 19262 January 1971B177 
LUNDYMark Curtiss11 July 195111 October 1981B177 
LYBRANDTimothy J28 July 195431 July 1954B36 
LYBRANDJack27 September 192323 November 1962B36 
LYNCHLillian Marie29 July 192419 February 1994E1431
LYNCHCharles Leroy31 August 194017 May 1993E1432
LYONSOscar E19 February 188614 February 1968A1171
LYONSAlma25 October 188125 July 1967A1172
MACINNESKenneth8 April 1909 A1571
MACINNESMarian E8 November 19134 October 1979A1572
MALDONADOGilbert, Sr17 February 192927 April 1998E260 
MALDONADOLupe A1 November 1930 E2602
MALINOWSKIJozef8 June 191717 January 1989Old2837
MALINOWSKIJoanna6 May 192113 February 1999Old2838
MANGHAMHunter Cody19 March 191017 July 1982B375 
MANGHAMViola Crawford Cathey2 March 19081 February 1990B375 
MANITMyrtle14 February 191115 February 1983C115 
MANNINGEllis H3 September 1942 E2771
MANNINGLinda Kay5 November 194518 February 1992E2772
MANSFIELDAlonzo4 December 187210 April 1967Old2933
MANSFIELDNora27 July 18822 March 1959Old2934
MANSFIELDWilliam L13 February 190220 December 1967B1511
MANSFIELDEliza20 September 189822 March 1963B1512
MANZBertha C12 May 191210 December 1993E243 
MANZAdolph P11 May 1918 E2441
MANZEugenia Ruth28 July 192110 February 1998E2442
MAPLESMelissa J1883 Old1152
MAPLESJohn T3 June 18472 August 1887Old1153
MARCUMLonnie13 July 1920 B2651
MARCUMLaura30 September 1918 B2652
MARINELLIMartha L9 July 189919 December 1998E218 
MARKOHarry A18901960A1291
MARKOBeatrice E19011969A1292
MARKSJoseph, Jr.27 March 192814 November 1991E54 
MARPLEStephen Ray, Jr.30 September 196820 November 1969B127 
MARSHALJoe Edward6 December 194725 March 2000Old4812
MARSHALLGilbert Dennis, Jr26 February 19468 March 1970Old498
MARSHALLGilbert D, Sr19182001Old499
MARTINClaud A4 January 190425 March 1993Old1246
MARTINMarie Antoinette Bowles19 September 191011 December 1977Old1247
MARTINClaud A18 April 188023 October 1904Old1248
MARTINJimmie C18 February 18786 May 1905Old1249
MARTINNancy Margaret Ruby1 September 185320 August 1914Old12410
MARTINJ. C.21 May 18447 March 1907Old12411
MARTINAnn28 April 190913 June 1977B18 
MARTINHenry H10 August 192121 February 1987D1971
MARTINMargaret L15 January 1927 D1972
MARTINEZJuan Antonio13 July 194215 February 2001E219 
MARTINEZMariah K19961996Baby15 
MARXIsaac “Ike”9 February 1921 B721
MARXAnnabelle Tate8 March 1929 B722
MASCHFreddie Jean25 September 19477 May 1995D225A 
MASHBURNSamuel L9 January 191715 September 1980B408 
MASONLillie H12 October 192022 December 1988Old3202
MASSEYHarvey M20 July 1913 B3061
MASSEYLela R10 June 1921 B3062
MASSEYWoodrow E11 August 191931 March 1979B3841
MASSEYVivian G1 December 1922 B3842
MASSEYJess29 July 191010 December 1984C21
MASSEYOlien L18 December 192726 June 1996C22
MASSEYAlvin M13 August 190731 March 1985D131
MASSEYHildegard F4 August 1912 D132
MASSEYVerlin C19181998E281
MASSEYEvelyn C1920 E282
MASTERSThomas Jack19321999B288 
MASTERSDorothy N19311989B288 
MATHERJanis G21 April 1935 B2411
MATHERRichard D4 November 1938 B2412
MATHEWSInfant son5 August 18745 August 1874Old132
MATHEWSWm A23 September 187710 February 1935Old181
MATHEWSRoberts Lee19021979B339 
MATTHEWSMabel Audrey28 March 18895 June 1905Old146
MATTHEWSJosephine20 November 185226 July 1950Old1101
MATTHEWSA. G.18 January 184510 January 1938Old1102
MATTHEWSA Eugene18751971Old1103
MATTHEWSMaude S18761858Old1104
MATTHEWSThomas  Old11318
MATTHEWSSue  Old11319
MATTHEWSLouise G  Old11320
MATTHEWSMary Jane22 December 185414 December 1937Old11420
MAULDINGLee R1 September 19206 May 1967Old1418
MAULDINGGradie4 June 19108 January 1988Old1419
MAULDINGMary R18911975Old1615
MAULDINGClint D18871936Old1616
MAUNEYRobert L18 August 193524 August 1996E236 
MAURERWalter Arthur8 July 192523 June 1975B143 
MAYESJ. W.12 July 191927 March 1982Old2212
MAYESShirlene S11 December 19272 October 2000Old2213
MAYESJ Edward27 September 188924 March 1977Old271
MAYESIda A29 February 189226 September 1984Old272
MAYESJ. H.24 May 185411 September 1927Old281
MAYESM. C.10 September 186711 March 1953Old282
MAYESJesse W15 August 18925 December 1949Old291
MAYESMary Belle28 October 190031 July 1945Old292
MAYESWilliam Garrett11 April 192821 November 1997C211
MAYESTommie Jean Lane2 May 1930 C212
MAYESDaniel Charles20 May 195424 April 1995C22 
MAYFIELDViolet Cooper12 July 195114 October 1969A24 
MCADOOBillye Faye8 September 192917 June 1952 2113
MCBEEBuck24 December 19319 July 1977B271 
MCBRIDEEarly S22 December 19206 December 1993E10 
MCCANDLESSJames C5 September 19166 June 1982B65 
MCCANDLESSSadie10 October 192127 April 1997B65 
MCCASLINLee Roy30 July 190327 April 1994E181
MCCASLINDoris M Bryant17 January 1916 E182
MCCAUGHANAlph C19131999Old1275
MCCOMBSJessie Blanche8 October 188122 March 1972B309 
MCCORKLERaymond Wesley25 April 191514 February 1990C251
MCCORKLERilda Leah27 July 192613 May 1985C252
MCCORMICKPatricia Lynn10 December (19)6510 May (19)87D235 
MCCORMICKMichael Cecil23 May (19)6223 February (19)93E10 
MCCRARYMary Beth Huddleston26 April 191324 December 1993Old12418
MCCULLEYDana Rene23 May 19791 December 1995E376 
MCDERMIDMark Steven31 October 195613 August 1995E1901
MCDERMIDCarolyn Ann28 September 1936 E1902
MCDONALDJane29 November 194923 July 1989C48 
MCDOWELLCharles Stewart15 July 19409 May 2001E265 
MCELROYT. E.26 August 18589 May 1898Old2710
MCELROYAda L7 December 185811 May 1928Old2711
MCELROYHoward D10 February 18915 November 1955Old2712
MCELROYCarrington21 June 190725 September 1907Old2811
MCELROYWill A, Jr16 January 19159 May 1915Old2812
MCELROYNolte13 August 190930 September 1928Old2813
MCELROYWill Allen29 August 188213 July 1942Old2814
MCELROYCotta Killian20 February 188314 June 1959Old2815
MCGILLGeorge W21 August 190211 March 1988Old387
MCGILLMillie V1 October 1907 Old388
MCGILLMel15 June 194019 May 1982Old3810
MCGILLGeorge, Jr19311958Old3811
MCGUCKINEugene P19111977A511
MCGUCKINJeanne H19191996A512
MCGUIREBeverly H, III14 February 193213 February 1934Old11313
MCHENRYEileen L27 July 195616 April 1993E9 
MCLEANEdward James, Jr4 June 192718 December 1997E1721
MCLEANElizabeth Lane13 August 1930 E1722
MCLEMOREWorthie W18 June 190323 May 1982Old12311
MCLEMOREMyrtle Lea4 June 192412 March 1989Old12312
MCNABBRoy26 June 19041 February 1993B2491
MCNABBRuth P14 February 19116 March 1986B2492
MCNICHOLASVirginia A27 March 19166 September 1984A8 
MCQUAYJohn Russell, Jr19311995E191 
MEADORAda M18811952Old12223
MEADORJoseph D18451934Old12224
MEADORAnnie Maddox18551949Old12225
MEADORHenry E18821934Old12226
MEADOROrvis Ellis18981972Old12227
MEECEErnest24 November 19477 February 2000E485 
MEECEDelia28 April 192322 February 2000E485 
MEEKMelvin Neil19 March 1933 D135A1
MEEKRheta Nell Shields13 February 193524 September 2001D135A2
MEGEEIdela2 November 18659 June 1877Old315
MEIERAlma R Hagen12 March 19123 November 1971B63 
MEIERMonroe G16 October 190423 July 1976B64 
MEREDITHJames R18751939Old1225
MEREDITHMinnie M18801961Old1226
MEREDITHCarl I18991990Old1227
MEREDITHTalbert E20 January 190127 July 1973Old1229
MEREDITHWilliam A6 July 187313 May 1967Old266
MEREDITHLafayette O15 February 187818 March 1957Old267
MEREDITHJohn I18491906Old311
MEREDITHLydia Ann18471935Old312
MEREDITHNeal M18851977Old313
MEREDITHElla I18931979Old314
MEREDITHMaud18 December 189529 December 1896Old371
MEREDITHMargaret E21 August 191522 April 1981A110A1
MEREDITHJohn F20 June 19145 May 1982A110A2
MEREDITHCecil Francis15 March 19048 April 1980B2181
MEREDITHMarguerite Sinz4 June 190621 October 1999B2182
MEREDITHFrank R24 October 191614 March 1996E2761
MEREDITHDean B12 September 1924 E2762
MESSERLouie9 November 191128 January 1993A1661
MESSERNita26 January 1913 A1662
MESSERCurtis Neil, Jr19361981C110 
METZAlbert F28 May 1928 D1631
METZBetty J29 September 19317 December 1988D1632
MEYERRandall O19402000B410 
MEYERDarrell W19 January 195429 September 1984B410 
MEYERLouis O, Jr15 September 191416 May 1979B411 
MEYERLeonard O14 September 19001 October 1983C271
MEYERFreida W30 September 19157 September 1998C272
MICHALKEdwin Emil21 May 191215 December 1998B133 
MILESWilton J17 November 191419 July 1969Old3813
MILESAndrew C14 February 191530 June 1984Old3814
MILESFelix T23 August 188527 October 1962Old395
MILESCarrie M16 January 189226 June 1978Old396
MILESClarence Walden7 September 191210 April 1980A9 
MILESBessie M22 July 188622 May 1962A10 
MILESLester3 February 191418 March 1987B3641
MILESLillian24 November 18983 March 1979B3642
MILESWilton Turner17 May 194312 July 1997D141
MILESJulia Spears8 July 1945 D142
MILLERHardy William30 December 190711 December 1980Old12317
MILLERScott Allen30 July 19716 November 1988D44 
MILLERDannette12 October 19412 February 1989D141 
MILLERJohnny R1960 E2341
MILLERRobin A19611992E2342
MILLSMalcolm B15 March 193731 August 1997B374 
MILSTEADPaul D25 August 19509 December 1999E441 
MINORJack W22 April 195811 November 1996E111 
MITCHELLMary19 March 18?1 Old1412
MITCHELLEugene Lee2 November 189617 June 1912Old151
MITCHELLElizabeth Turley6 March 18602 April 1918Old161
MITCHELLCharles T14 October 186012 April 1926Old162
MITCHELLClaudia M11 March 188115 October 1969Old171
MITCHELLWilliam Merle8 October 190023 September 1942Old172
MITCHELLRosa A Teague30 September 187525 December 1961Old4811
MITCHELLElmer T30 January 19178 August 1972A2061
MITCHELLMary2 March 1910 A2062
MOBLEYHomer Monroe19 July 19147 April 2001Old11011
MOBLEYAllene Wallace16 January 1918 Old11012
MOBLEYMartha Elizabeth13 June 191822 July 1993E428 
MOMSENJ Fred18641938Old11216
MOMSENNannie L187419??Old11217
MONAGHANJohn O, Sr.21 June 191516 March 1989B3351
MONAGHANRebecca M8 July 1908 B3352
MONROEdaughter16 April 189828 April 1898Old216
MONTAGUEOscar H19 February 189517 May 1930Old284
MONTAGUEJason24 June (19)2129 November (19)66A1511
MONTAGUEAnne M Sutherland9 November (19)2226 September (19)97A1512
MONTAGUETony A1 January 188227 December 1971A1521
MONTAGUEMollie A10 August 18979 March 1979A1522
MONTAGUEWilliam A19222002A162 
MONTAGUEWalter S19142001E483 
MOODYHiram9 September 188826 March 1961A128 
MOODYRosie6 May 190029 April 1978A128 
MOOREL. H.5 April 18679 March 1907Old21018
MOOREMary E19061976B251 
MOOREJames Walter2 February 191018 July 1990C521
MOOREAnnie Olene11 May 192125 December 1980C522
MORANAnnie Ida28 December 18818 November 1934Old2926
MORANWilliam Everett6 August 191121 August 1992E317 
MORGANAndrew M11 December 187029 July 1955Old2113
MORGANMollie Waters7 August 188218 April 1971Old2114
MORGANTed M14 July 190528 November 1993Old2224
MORGANViola Mayes28 April 191016 January 1993Old2225
MORGANCenter19 November 186531 August 1955Old3101
MORGANMinnie E25 April 186616 May 1939Old3102
MORGANFrank A1 November 188526 November 1928Old3103
MORGANGilbert F, Sr4 February 19248 October 1986Old3104
MORGANJ. D.18321903Old3111
MORGANK. E.18371929Old3112
MORGANCharlie  Old3121
MORGANJohn B18741960Old3151
MORGANAlice I18881955Old3152
MORGANPierceJanuary 191119 November 1970Old3157
MORGANJessie15 October 1913December 1971Old3158
MORGANJohn H10 September 194217 July 1970Old31510
MORGANLeslie A, Jr10 July 19326 December 1993Old3225
MORGANWallace Lee, Sr19031953Old3226
MORGANAmanda Ferguson18701948Old3227
MORGANT. P., Sr18591926Old3228
MORGANWilliam Ferguson, Sr28 November 18968 December 1973Old32210
MORGANJohn Roy18941911Old32211
MORGANArnold O’Neal18891912Old32212
MORGANKenneth F17 April 191019 February 1973Old3231
MORGANMilton17 September 19019 April 1953Old3232
MORGANLeslie A3 September 190730 August 1959Old3233
MORGANT. P., Jr29 September 189230 January 1972Old3234
MORGANHerbert Stanley18881935Old3235
MORGANShelby2 October 190719 October 1999D2311
MORGANMildred23 September 191318 October 1987D2312
MORGANJohn Wesley3 May 19093 October 1993E501
MORGANZemoria27 June 1913 E502
MORLEYCharles Richard “Dick”27 October 192315 February 1988Old1514
MORLEYImojean Maulding “Smokey”3 June 1927 Old1515
MORRISDewey16 June 189820 June 1971A142 
MORRISLexa A16 March 190025 November 1984A142 
MORRISEdlyne Willoughby27 June 193520 December 1999E128 
MOTTLee Roy6 July 192725 December 1929Old434
MUELLERWillie H19 January 18997 September 1959B591
MUELLERCarrie B14 August 190714 November 1995B592
MUELLERMartin Robert1 May 189729 January 1966B1101
MUELLERNora Annie1 February 192014 December 1996B1102
MULLEREva Dell20 December 191629 April 2001Old31117
MULLINSEva J19031993B369 
MULLINSJames W19 August 19312 April 1982C68 
MULLINSArthur24 August 190928 March 1980C961
MULLINSElla9 September 191327 June 1997C962
MUNSONEsther L21 November 191114 May 1983B259 
MURPHREECharles Glenn19 January 192321 October 1998E2861
MURPHREEHelen Marie17 July 1927 E2862
MURPHYTroy O29 April 191027 March 1989B3171
MURPHYHazel O25 April 191411 September 1983B3172
MURPHYKathleen Ann10 November 195627 March 1982B426 
MURPHYMary E6 October 192610 December 1977B426 
MUSTIANEddie Ralph, Jr7 January 194122 January 1993E411 
MYNHIERGlen30 November 193425 December 1992E98 
NABORSHartsell Drew17 October 19183 December 1987D1541
NABORSBerma Maxine6 May 192025 November 1999D1542
NALLEYGrady Lynn12 May 195023 October 2000E340 
NANCEMyrtle Mae20 June 18892 July 1942Old2429
NANCEThera1924 B109 
NANTZRuby Ella19082000D169 
NEELCharlie D15 October 186126 March 1951Old21012
NEFFHenry Tyce18781910Old3141
NEILLGeo J8 September 180821 January 1891Old316
NELSONWalter Allen21 January 190626 December 1995B4371
NELSONSara L Caskey23 February 190929 December 1990B4372
NELSONRay Dennis7 October 19482 July 1982C109 
NEVELSIma Rose1 April 194112 November 2001E204 
NEWSam22 September 191316 March 1981A201
NEWLuella B3 March 19105 March 1993A202
NEWJames Henry18751954B141
NEWDelta Mae18881971B142
NEWMarvin Alex5 February 19043 May 1960B821
NEWIda May10 May 189820 December 1982B822
NEWMorris Dwaine17 August 194324 May 1967B123 
NEWTalmadge E17 October 190711 January 1969B1241
NEWAnnie M21 March 1912 B1242
NEWJames Alfred27 September 190213 January 1969B1381
NEWMary Willie2 April 190531 December 1965B1382
NEWCOMBLauren Michelle28 September 198619 January 1987D192 
NEWMANJ. A.18701907Old3131
NEYLANDCarl M13 March 19005 February 1987D230 
NEYLANDFlora Lee9 February 190422 July 1993D230 
NICHOLSMary Caldonia15 September 185812 June 1901Old336
NICHOLSAbner Russell1 March 192410 March 1992D124 
NIVENSSamuel Henry25 December 18523 February 1937Old3161
NIVENSAlice Penelope11 November 18601 July 1947Old3162
NIVENSFrank17 June 187818 October 1966Old3163
NIXAlbert O23 September 191619 September 1999B321
NIXMary S28 January 1916 B322
NOLENMary Woods18561925Old11215
NOLENGladys10 November 19159 September 1995E324 
NORVELLScott G2 December 196323 December 1996E330 
NYBERGGeorge W27 May 191519 March 1999E305 
O’BRIENDoyle Leon9 May 191024 Spetember 1965Old2732
O’BRIENDorothy3 February 191417 November 2000Old2733
O’BRIENGeraldine Lynn Turner “Jerry”3 January 194518 December 1992B314 
ODELLHarvey L4 January 192828 March 1969Old222
ODELLRose Marie24 January 195016 February 1950Old223
ODELLOllie M18831973Old2124
ODELLNancy M19 November 193814 March 1852Old2125
ODELLClaud E, Sr7 January 190519 February 1974B21
ODELLMyrtle N1 January 1916 B22
ODOMDaniel Leon24 January 194820 August 1986D147 
OGGJon Carpenter16 February 194623 October 1994Old111
OLIVERDora E17 March 192217 April 1998E114 
OMANVelena26 October 190222 November 1903Old2101
OMANEssie29 January 190421 January 1905Old2102
OPHEIMRobert Thomas13 January 193616 July 1972B194 
OPHEIMLarry K19 June 19525 July 1976B194 
OWENSFrith C18981977B1571
OWENSHelen B18981986B1572
OWENSJohn Bremond14 October 191125 November 1983B3731
OWENSLucille Marie26 March 1920 B3732
OWENSHenry B6 August 192716 September 1987D195 
OWENSFrith CJr26 June 1924E331
OWENSGloria DeSilva27 September 193112 June 1997E332
PAGEDan H17 March 18866 June 1967B291
PAGELorene E16 September 18886 December 1974B292
PAGEWesley W19291990D259 
PAINEDavid C13 February 188811 August 1964Old12713
PAINEMabel O25 June 189414 March 1970Old12714
PALMERRobert Harvey25 April 191619 October 2000B395 
PALMERTREEBertha Ellis19091981C51 
PARKDarin Carbahal19851985Old31116
PARKMary Jane19161993A89 
PARKERAurgrette E5 May 191815 April 1993D43 
PARKERGleason E11 July 189630 October 1989D43 
PARKERDonald Boughton31 January 192526 August 1986D64 
PARKERLela W19191992E55 
PARRISHEvelyn J Wallace19371958Old1813
PARSONSMarlin “Mickey” Lee16 October 193421 December 1996E3281
PARSONSBillie Gene23 January 1935 E3282
PATTERSONLina Mullins19362000C68 
PATTONCecil29 June 1940 A451
PATTONGinger Evans21 January 1942 A452
PATTONArthur16 November 188019 October 1972A801
PATTONPauline Seal22 January 188218 July 1979A802
PATTONChester C10 August 19106 December 1986C561
PATTONEdna Felps8 September 191228 April 1984C562
PAYNERobert Lyles, Sr15 December 191227 November 1986D1441
PAYNEJonora Holleyman1 April 1918 D1442
PECKWilliam Ware18 July 189231 January 1985D15 
PENICKFred Miller12 December 189313 October 1977A1041
PENICKJulia C13 December 189715 March 1995A1042
PENNINGTONBonnie K19211998E311 
PERCIVILLTommie D20 January 19066 April 1960B48 
PEREZJacob Elroy3 December 197921 March 1996E197 
PERRYJoseph Lee, Sr19382001E307 
PERRYFrancis Eugene23 September 19587 June 1995E332 
PETERSENKent Allen24 November 196419 February 1992E99 
PETRILLIMadeline Elizabeth Warner4 May 191821 December 1993E239 
PHELANJessie Dea25 April 188419 October 1967A1671
PHELANMary Jane27 March 189225 October 1970A1672
PHILLIPSJoseph Roland25 December 1923 D1171
PHILLIPSSarah C “Sally”28 April 192717 July 1991D1172
PHIPPSCurtis L20 December 1928 D2001
PHIPPSV Maxine19 November 1923 D2002
PHIPPSBeverly M3 October 1950 D201 
PICKELColumbus A18571937Old11222
PICKELSarah M18681947Old11223
PICKELEvelyn Amelia25 January 191929 September 1998E211 
PICKENSRobert Leonard1 June 19156 November 1991D219 
PIEPLOWJoe LouisJr3 August 1943E1021
PIEPLOWClara Nell5 August 1934 E1022
PIERCE   Old2122
PIERCEMattie17 September 191724 February 1965Old41220
PIERCEGerald W8 May 19497 October 1979B347 
PIERCELitton T, Jr.19292001E360A 
PIERSONWoodrow Doyle5 September 19139 September 1977B4151
PIERSONBetty June10 November 1921 B4152
PILANDE. R.18591932Old2338
PILANDHarvey E5 September 188514 May 1924Old2340
PILANDHerman W19101980Old2423
PILANDDorothy M1921 Old2424
PILANDWarren H3 August 191821 June 1936Old2427
PILANDRay L18951930Old2428
PILANDJesse2 June 189617 May 1969Old2828
PILANDOttis8 March 189910 April 1912Old2829
PILANDElla Martin9 April 187217 March 1954Old2830
PILANDOtho Monroe26 November 186819 January 1925Old2831
PILANDInfant12 May 1915(12 May 1915)Old2832
PILANDLeonard18 February 186324 December 1929Old299
PILANDLula G15 August 187115 March 1949Old2910
PILANDBelle1 June 187414 October 1949Old2911
PILGRIMMary Turner17 March 188023 December 1947Old1914
PIPERNannie V30 November 182927 January 1892Old31112
PIPERIsabella20 February 18329 January 1902Old3129
PIPERAlexander19 May 182515 November 1894Old31210
PIPERJohn M18631955Old31211
PIPER)Infant son7 June 18868 June 1886Old31113
PITTMANJames Doc4 April 1933 E2501
PITTMANAlice Pollan18 October 1935 E2502
PLANTJohn James19 November 19165 October 1971B178 
PLANTJames Odell27 January 191826 August 1994B178 
PLANTBewel Wesley, Jr.9 November 192924 February 1974B216 
PLANTBrittan Elise(17 December 1982)17 December 1982C69 
PLUMLEYArthur W19 March 1923 E2051
PLUMLEYRuby S3 November 191615 April 1998E2052
POEPaul Michael25 September 192014 January 1999E280 
POEHLWalter18 July 192223 July 1995A33 
POEHLChristian25 March 18918 January 1966A341
POEHLEdith27 February 18927 February 1985A342
POERJames “Jim”29 March 19271 August 1995B3191
POERJoyce “Tommy”23 June 1929 B3192
POGUEClaude25 July 188930 March 1940Old21227
POGUEMattie28 July 18939 June 1980Old21228
POGUEClaude, Jr.10 September 193414 January 1955Old21229
POGUEPearlie MariaNovember 1931November ????Old21230
POGUEJames L2 July 18916 April 1963B221
POGUEMary Alma28 June 189326 November 1956B222
POGUEJohn M24 October 1914 C331
POGUETrudie A3 December 191630 June 1990C332
POGUEJames L, Jr.10 September 192726 March 1988C45 
POLKEmma Young26 September 188711 June 1972Old2223
POLKMary Elizabeth4 September 19082 October 1966Old3316
POLKTerry C25 March 194221 January 1944Old461
POLKAlton Olen27 September 191630 April 2001Old462
POLKHerman Nelson3 February 1909 Old471
POLKDorothy Frieda1 January 191418 April 1988Old472
POLKVirgil8 February 191429 August 1999A1131
POLKMary Dee1 December 1916 A1132
POLLANRaymond J21 June 190923 August 1983A1321
POLLANEdna T13 January 19151 February 1998A1322
POLLANBilly Ray11 July 1939 A133 
POLLANElizabeth Ann30 January 19509 August 1999A1332
POLLANDonald Ray  A133 
POLLOCKJeffrey O11 May 196116 December 2000E4041
POLLOCKGay L12 December 1967 E4042
POLVADOHollis W19181997E21
POLVADODorothy L1926 E22
POLVADOBilly E8 September 192511 February 1996E51 
POOLGeorge T1 March 190816 March 1979B2641
POOLDorah V14 July 1907 B2642
PORTERAnnie M23 February 18663 January 1892Old1235
PORTERNelson20 November 18914 March 1892Old1236
PORTERGrover D13 March 1915 A1311
PORTERMarjorie R5 July 192121 February 1988A1312
PORTERAnna Hilburn18 February 190412 February 1976B61 
PORTERW. R.8 September 19307 July 2000B62 
PORTERAllen T19161994E2901
PORTERLois D8 May 192223 June 1995E2902
PORTERDavid Allen31 July 194921 September 1994E291 
POWELLDaisy27 November 187315 March 1940Old12321
POWELLG. B.6 August 185219 August 1916Old2124
POWELLEvelyn T18651933Old2125
POWELLJohn Wesley30 June 18904 July 1960Old2333
POWELLLillie Pearl15 September 18947 October 1968Old2334
POWELLKathryn29 August 1929 Old3211
POWELLCharles Lee3 June 1941 Old3221
POWELLWilliam David14 October 1943 Old3222
POWELLL. R.26 May 192614 August 1959B24 
POWELLLlewellyn24 August 190522 August 1975B241
POWELLDorothy E18 November 191425 August 1978B242
POWELLCharles Wm6 January 188410 October 1951B251
POWELLEllen L17 August 18874 September 1972B252
POWELLChas Wm, Jr.17 December 192518 July 1961B26 
POWELLGeorge B., Jr.b Nov 2 1901d Jan 25 1954  no stone (verified by death certificate submitted by Billie Blackstock 2/27/09)
POWELLLeroy Irving27 October 190419 February 1971B28 
POWELLTheodore Roosevelt, Jr.27 August 193123 December 1955B40 
POWELLTheodore R18 December 19033 March 1969B411
POWELLViola May24 May 1910 B412
POWELLRobert Austin19321987D158 
POWELLGladys Sylvia21 March 190419 June 1990D2331
POWELLJ Cleo16 March 190320 September 1995D2332
POWELLWalton E26 December 191915 September 1997E2001
POWELLRose Lucille16 January 1922 E2002
POWELLBilly Ray24 August 194324 November 1994E201 
PRESLEYMark Allen11 December 198123 December 1981Baby1 
PRICEW. H.10 October 18422 April 1918Old197
PRICESallie C9 September 184710 May 1897Old198
PRICEHarvey2 November 187714 October 1878Old199
PRICEHenry E7 February 1915 E4891
PRICEMable Davis31 December 191929 November 1999E4892
PRITCHETTFloyd V7 August 1926 Old3105
PRITCHETTLaNelle E10 May 1927 Old3106
PRUETTVictor B23 December 19215 January 2002E401
PRUETTJo A14 September 1922 E402
PRUITTPauline Cryer18 February 190821 November 1982B445 
PURYEARLonnie J8 September 191024 September 1983Old2412
PURYEARIrene Holden3 July 1918 Old2413
PURYEARJerrell M4 February 1939 Old2414
PURYEARVerney E, Sr.2 August 190322 January 1978Old2938
PURYEARMyrtle M6 July 191131 December 1985Old2939
PURYEARAlvy D26 March 190812 July 1961B501
PURYEARElla Holden15 February 19139 January 2002B502
PURYEARJames G2 May 18803 August 1959B581
PURYEARDebbie D27 October 18938 October 1989B582
PUTNAMRichard J11 November 191327 May 1972Old12612
QUINONESHerminia2 January 19084 July 1986C43 
RAATZMaisie McLaughlin20 March 192513 April 2001D62 
RACKLEYJulian J18971978A72 
RACKLEYJohn M18971977A72 
RAMIREZRoman R19111997E199 
RAMSEYJames S27 November 191030 June 1997D90A1
RAMSEYMary Jane26 January 1918 D90A2
RANDALLCharles Richard22 November 197213 August 1974B286 
RANDOLPHHerbert S17 April 190915 February 1971B1921
RANDOLPHTommie30 September 190714 October 1999B1922
RATLIFFJane11 December 186417 January 1946Old2109
RATLIFFFrancis E18951990B226 
RATLIFFM. J. Bob2 June 1922 D1901
RATLIFFJean26 June 1931 D1902
RATLIFFWalter Don12 June 195421 July 1987D236 
REAGANDan M18261904Old1427
REAGANMarv Frances18501939Old1428
REAGANInfant son18 May 188719 May 1887Old1623
REAGANDaisy A18661924Old255
REAGINT. H.18 November 185028 May 1903Old254
REAGIN)Clarence W5 September 188524 January 1935Old265
RECTORJohn T18771964Old12210
RECTORMay M18891965Old12211
RECTORInfant(29 May 1926)29 May 1926Old12212
REDDINGSara Gober1 October 196326 August 1997Old2418
REECEMyrtle B3 September 19054 April 1947Old475
REEDAlexander A25 December 18768 November 1948Old2526
REEDEmma A24 May 188826 February 1967Old2527
REEDEddie23 November 195924 July 1986D153 
REEDCecile Mehew2 April 190710 January 1974E96 
REEDJimmie Donald19332001E222 
REESELilburn C18 February 191910 August 1998D140 
REESERuhama18 August 19212 February 1987D140 
REEVESGladys “Flo”5 September 19193 December 1984C117 
REICHE. B.7 November 183628 March 1917Old333
REICHSarah J13 November 18381 February 1914Old334
REICHJohn B16 February 186223 August 1926Old335
REIDReine Ruby26 February 189313 November 1973Old1111
REINHARDTChester E19242001E186 
REITHERJ. D.  Old3518
REPLOGLEMichelle L12 April 196023 April 1987D106 
RESPESSNannette Logan14 March 19426 May 1984C1131
RESPESSRichard Orman28 January 1942 C1132
REYNAVictor V12 January 193513 February 1985C89 
REYNAGeorge E24 June 195529 January 1988C90 
REYNOLDSHarold W2 May 190919 November 1973Old497
REYNOLDSWilliam W, Sr.22 June 190226 December 1970A126 
REYNOLDSJack21 January 191631 December 1989B2471
REYNOLDSWillie E8 December 191512 March 1971B2472
REYNOLDSJulius T, Jr.17 July 192727 April 1990D79 
REYNOLDSHerman H7 October (19)1426 August (19)93E1121
REYNOLDSElsie Bryant24 April (19)2316 June (19)95E1122
RHYMESMargaret Ann8 January 196031 January 2002E180A 
RICHARDSDiane Franki29 December 193623 August 1996B445 
RIDDELLMarjorie K25 September 19276 February 1998A28 
RIDENOWKelly Marie17 December 198419 December 1984Baby3 
RIEDELRudolph F O14 July 189511 July 1960Old12512
RIEDELClara Graef3 March 190131 January 1981Old12513
RIEDELOtto August6 December 19201 January 1992Old12710
RIEDELWren Florida18 January 1923 Old12711
RIGSBEEHerbert Kenneth, Sr.26 October 191022 February 1996A271
RIGSBEEMyra Kitchens24 February 190712 December 1994A272
RINEREitria Evelyn19172002Old1274
RISSMANNWalter George1 December 189028 May 1870B981
RISSMANNNora Wirth16 October 189517 November 1974B982
RITCHIEIrma I4 October 191511 January 1969B129 
ROACHWilliam Thomas18771970Old481
ROACHMary Elizabeth18811964Old482
ROACHTom26 October 19088 November 1912Old483
ROACHWilliam Decal8 April 194126 April 1970A81 
ROACHMilton D15 November 190914 May 1973B2901
ROACHHazel O23 August 1923 B2902
ROACHRobert James19132002E401 
ROARKKenneth R19411995E2751
ROARKCarol K1942 E2752
ROBERTSEvelyn18 November 19289 January 1987D1491
ROBERTSJames4 August 1926 D1492
ROGERSJames A6 July 190724 March 1998Old4218
ROGERSFlorine M19 June 18946 August 1993Old4310
ROGERSRay J12 January 189430 October 1988Old4311
ROGERSVirgil C10 December 19099 December 1911Old4312
ROGERSJames A19 July 185818 March 1935Old4313
ROGERSMiriam Ruth12 September 186814 August 1952Old4314
ROGERSAddie25 March 189220 October 1969Old4315
ROGERSBilly Rex19361993E4671
ROGERSNancy Huff1939 E4672
ROLANDOwen L4 February 189431 May 1967A1161
ROLANDHattie B  A1162
ROLLSJohn F31 December 190229 August 1971Old2126
ROLLSLena29 April 1894 Old2127
ROLLSHallet L29 February 190811 June 1989Old3312
ROLLSBessie29 November 19136 June 2000Old3313
ROLLSMorris C5 October 192411 November 1998D2241
ROLLSMary E13 September 192830 December 1990D2242
ROSEEmily Ann19 November 19984 May 2000E441 
ROSENDaniel Hunt19 September 195314 June 2000E443 
ROSSDavid10 July 19022 June 1990A961
ROSSMaurine Thigpen8 August 19063 April 1979A962
ROSSByron, Sr.17 April 193520 March 1987D961
ROSSWanda1 November 1940 D962
ROSSHazel11 March 191018 March 1994E22 
ROSSSharon Sue19462002E45A 
ROSSCurtis W9 January 196627 September 1991E271 
ROTHENBERGPolly14 March 190631 December 1995E146 
ROUNTREEInfant12 July 1947(12 July 1947)Old11015
ROUNTREEInfant6 October 1936(6 October 1936)Old11016
ROUNTREERuben L1 July 19092 July 1971Old11017
ROUNTREEDeanie P10 February 1913 Old11018
ROWLANDPatrick J14 March 191810 April 1996E3291
ROWLANDTherese M20 November 192221 September 2001E3292
RUBYJames Cecil3 December 190131 August 1993Old1105
RUBYLouise Walter19 January 190424 July 1982Old1106
RUBYGeorge W8 September 185510 May 1942Old1107
RUBYT. E.1 November 187124 September 1921Old1112
RUBYEmma15 August 187514 July 1964Old1113
RUBYW. T.31 May 18352 April 1896Old1115
RUBYSarah Hungate5 February 18325 December 1919Old1116
RUMSEYG1911 Old41211
RUMSEYR. R.  Old41212
RUMSEYG. W.  Old41213
RUMSEYM. Y.  Old41214
RUSSELLEllen28 January 1880 Old382
RUTLEDGEWalter T18931979A103 
RUTLEDGEKenneth E9 February 192518 November 1991E4541
RUTLEDGEElaine Martin4 November 1928 E4542
RYLANDERLuellen25 November 194016 March 1941Old237
RYLANDERRay13 December 190410 July 1990Old238
RYLANDERMaurine10 January 191019 May 1980Old239
RYLANDERBuck H18821970Old2310
RYLANDERLula Adair18821959Old2311
RYLANDERArthur Key2 July 188910 November 1911Old2312
RYLANDEREmory17 August 18809 February 1960Old2313
RYLANDERDaisy11 February 188223 March 1967Old2314
RYLANDERHattie23 February 18846 July 1965Old2315
RYLANDERFew Anthony18 December 186130 October 1940Old2316
RYLANDERElizabeth P14 January 185623 September 1929Old2317
RYLANDERG. S.23 September 184920 December 1936Old2318
RYLANDERinfant son10 January 1909(10 January 1909)Old243
RYLANDERinfant son13 April 1913(13 April 1913)Old244
RYLANDERHomer5 August 190430 November 1913Old245
RYLANDERWilliam L10 January 18797 December 1962Old246
RYLANDERDrue G5 Marcy 18782 July 1951Old247
RYLANDEREarl C17 December 19051 May 1967Old257
RYLANDERValeria M19 June 19044 January 1978Old258
RYLANDERMarySeptember 1955(September 1955)Old259
SALINASRobert Carlos25 October 19571 June 1997E79 
SALINASMary Jo17 July 193712 March 1997E80 
SALTERLudie5 November 186115 December 1910Old3148
SANDERSHenry G18 November 191311 July 1975B931
SANDERSEllen B7 May 191228 February 1985B932
SANDERSRoy Charles25 October 19091 October 1992B3361
SANDERSViolet Orlee14 September 1915 B3362
SANDERSBennie Tump23 May 1927 E1491
SANDERSBetty Jo20 October 1931 E1492
SANTIAGOIngrid S15 October 19782 December 1995E142 
SASSMANThomas Brooks8 July 190815 July 1992Old11810
SASSMANLeola Lovett31 May 191015 December 1997Old11811
SATTERWHITESarah Belle16 November 188513 January 1886Old12015
SATTERWHITEMary Abigail29 February 185225 November 1934Old12118
SATTERWHITEH. C., Sr.16 December 185031 December 1916Old12119
SATTERWHITESindarilla29 November 184918 September 1883Old12120
SATTERWHITEE. J.8 September 184214 October 1900Old12423
SATTERWHITEH. E.18 November 184616 June 1917Old12424
SATTERWHITEAlvis13 June 19079 June 1999Old2211
SATTERWHITEHugh C, Jr.12 February 188022 June 1970B148 
SATTERWHITEEthie8 March 18868 February 1963B148 
SATTERWHITEMajor Franklin8 September 191013 January 1989C78 
SAULMargie Estelle Pogue Newman20 March 191811 May 1989D217 
SAUNDERSSmith3 March 184426 August 1911Old11010
SAUNDERSCharles A16 March 19065 September 1979Old463
SAUNDERSNola V25 May 19104 January 2000Old464
SCARBROUGHRobert Lynn29 May 195829 January 1980C93 
SCHADTEverett W19011991Old12412
SCHADTLillian Martin19021963Old12413
SCHLEYThresa15 August 18372 August 1920Old11314
SCHMIDTJulius H18831961A1391
SCHMIDTQueen S18851965A1392
SCHMIDTWeldon, Jr.30 January 195629 September 1976B284 
SCHMIDTWeldon F3 November 192429 July 1988C11
SCHMIDTLou Ann18 October 19349 October 1982C12
SCHNEIDERArthur W14 July 191930 May 1998E4191
SCHNEIDERLouise Daniel16 December 1926 E4192
SCHOTTSMollie E30 November 187910 May 1971Old21223
SCHROEDERBertha May6 October 191519 May 1979B395 
SCHUELKELou Ellen8 September 194123 October 1965A151
SCHUELKELinda Lou24 September 196223 October 1965A152
SCHWAKEKenneth Lynn19 August 19508 February 1985C37 
SCHWAKEGlenn C29 December 195629 December 1999E221 
SCHWEITZERJack Robert30 July 192921 December 1993D49 
SCOGGINSJustin Duane27 December 191928 April 1996E3741
SCOGGINSEdith Johnson18 January 1924 E3742
SCONCIJohn4 September 192728 May 1995D1261
SCONCIMargie L27 June 192917 April 1991D1262
SCOTTJames Mackel24 May 18597 November 1910Old155
SCOTTAlice Fritts11 March 19063 October 1986B19 
SCOTTDee Stanley23 January 1916 C1111
SCOTTVenita Kunchick22 February 191618 August 1983C1112
SCOTTJanet Marie Carlson31 Mrach 19572 December 2000E394 
SCREWSCharlie G19 October 190710 May 1973B287 
SCRUGGSRoy B19192001E158 
SCUDDERLee Odis7 May 1898 Old3125
SCUDDERAldyth Flenniken11 August 19025 July 1971Old3126
SEATONAlex Z17 January 188912 July 1963B35 
SEILERSteve Ray11 September 196225 July 1985D55 
SELFFloyd G12 April 19246 March 1996B4321
SELFMildred L4 May 19287 September 1978B4322
SELLARSAndrew9 October 186921 March 1946Old21010
SELLARSDora B4 December 18891 March 1969Old21011
SELLARSEugene F19511995A11 
SELLARSWarren Franklin11 March 19115 April 1973A121
SELLARSBelle Hector14 December 191419 November 1973A122
SELLARSClay Allen25 September 191428 September 1991B2001
SELLARSEvalyn Irene23 March 1924 B2002
SELLARSSharon Eileen1 March 194826 December 1972B201 
SELLARSBentley B3 August 190917 September 1971B202 
SELLARSViola F19 November 19117 February 1974B202 
SELMANBartlett9 June 190228 May 1983C741
SELMANBeryl10 August 1905 C742
SELPHKatie Archer12 April 190318 January 1976B259 
SEVERN)Berta O10 October 188919 May 1970Old2324
SEVERN)Eugene A23 February 18902 February 1936Old2325
SEVERN)Billy John9 January 19267 July 1941Old2410
SEYMOURGardiner K19101993B307 
SHAFFERMargaret Patterson12 December 19054 October 1989D156 
SHANAHANTonya Nicole3 January 198824 April 1998E255 
SHANNONA.  Old21017
SHAUCKNickie A10 April 19807 January 1994E368 
SHAWMarvin L18 October 193523 March 1954B17 
SHELLEYJohnsie B18891976Old1191
SHELTONPhilip15 February 189014 February 1966Old12116
SHELTONMary L Mansfield26 July 189726 March 1985Old12117
SHELTONMinerva20 December 183818 June 1936Old12213
SHELTONE. E.16 January 185623 August 1926Old12214
SHELTONLelia A Turner29 October 18663 November 1911Old12215
SHELTONSmith4 July 18978 July 1897Old12216
SHELTONWilliam12 April 189612 November 1896Old12217
SHELTONJames G30 March 191727 October 1918Old12218
SHELTONEffie I19 June 188319 July 1883Old342
SHELTONTobie Edward22 June 193029 September 1982C24 
SHEPPERDAnne Enola17 December 188421 January 1972Old1910
SHERMANHarold Jay10 December 1911 E2591
SHERMANFrances Audrey Gafford14 August 19121 August 2000E2592
SHIELDSRonald K17 December 19344 July 1980B217 
SHIELDSKenneth Allen17 January 19568 March 1990D40 
SHIELDSCindy Jo12 November 19568 March 1990D41 
SHIPPJames W22 October 191324 January 1973A581
SHIPPLinda Maxwell7 May 192625 June 1968A582
SHIRLEYGeorge W1 March 190119 July 1976B1361
SHIRLEYVelma Lee10 October 190416 September 1995B1362
SHORTAddie Lou Gravis23 December 193315 June 1996Old12616
SHORTCharlie22 June 191115 October 1978B4121
SHORTMartha16 May 19228 January 1984B4122
SIEBERTFred W26 September 191415 January 2002Old11424
SIEBERTDoris Allen22 January 1921 Old11425
SIEBERTJoe Thomas1 January 191912 November 1980Old11426
SIEBERTJoe G18731956Old11519
SIEBERTAra B18931972Old11520
SIEBERTMary K25 November 191223 January 1915Old11521
SIMKINSArthur L21 February 189527 July 1972A1741
SIMKINSDella C12 May 189727 June 1972A1742
SIMKOJohn Christopher16 December 198518 February 1995E68 
SIMMANKAlloph18 August 193017 May 1998E2571
SIMMANKHenrietta13 July 1932 E2572
SIMPSONCharles4 September 1920 C1061
SIMPSONEsther L24 September 192129 July 1983C1062
SLADEBillie Johnson22 September 1943 A1651
SLADETroy Donovan22 June 19704 August 1988A1652
SMITHHubert, Jr19461992Old11111
SMITHJames E22 March 18849 March 1966Old11112
SMITHBannie T5 January 188830 December 1964Old11113
SMITHHoward W20 June 191815 February 1962Old11114
SMITHVirgil Lee21 August 191331 August 1936Old11115
SMITHH. D.10 February 187725 June 1920Old1273
SMITHJohn W18801950Old2922
SMITHMatilda M18871971Old2923
SMITHAlfred Montez23 December 192114 March 1972Old328
SMITHTammera Lynn26 June 196117 December 1961Old3194
SMITHWilliam John28 November 191929 August 1962B66 
SMITHMary A18 September 18895 March 1976B66 
SMITHJames Bennett8 March 189820 May 1972B83 
SMITHAmelia Rebecca6 May 190212 June 1984B83 
SMITHWade Travis21 January 19052 March 1974B84 
SMITHRuth Leola17 December 19072 February 1993B84 
SMITHCharles B19141965B1051
SMITHNancy O19171999B1052
SMITHJohn E19 March 19013 November 1986B1791
SMITHIda P20 June 191410 May 1995B1792
SMITHKusie L15 April 189329 January 1984B226 
SMITHCharles E23 June 190417 June 1973B2501
SMITHLillie Mae20 May 18999 January 1983B2502
SMITHJ D, Sr.26 January 190814 July 1986B2701
SMITHHelen Eugenia30 May 191031 August 1975B2702
SMITHRaymond E28 May 191517 September 1988D35 
SMITHOpal Lucille2 March 190410 August 1992D131 
SMITHBobby Joe12 October 192516 May 1997E851
SMITHJoan B2 September 192430 April 2001E852
SMITHPaula Dianne1 November 195219 February 1997E116 
SMITHDavid19 July 194823 December 1999E135A 
SMITHVan W22 February 191828 November 1999E3461
SMITHDolores M26 February 19235 May 1999E3462
SMITHJohn Russell4 September 195926 October 2000E429 
SMITHDonald D12 July 193614 April 2000E4921
SMITHMary Lou23 September 1943 E4922
SMITHJohn Russell4 September 195926 October 2000E495 
SMOTHERSAddie Ruth13 October 189623 September 1970Old293
SOLEBennie R8 July 1934 C751
SOLEJoy D4 January 193526 May 1996C752
SOLEDennis Lee9 May 196122 October 1982C76 
SORENSENShawn Christian4 December 19595 June 1987D150 
SOSEBEEEdward Y19202000B278 
SPEARSMary Waggoner26 October 19065 February 1990D100 
SPENCERChester H17 March 19028 November 1963B154 
SPENCEREmer24 October 190223 November 1971B154 
SPILLARRuby P18981991B2571
SPILLARBliss R18971977B2572
SPILLERFrank W9 July 192322 November 1972A105 
SPILLERThomas Dorsey19 July 192911 December 1993D11
SPILLERLamyra Louise19 January 1937 D12
SPILLERLee Matthew30 May 196426 January 1984D2 
SPONBERGAlton C6 June 190519 July 1973A78 
SPONBERGMary29 November 191118 February 1992A78 
SPROUSEIrene5 February 188830 September 1953Old3223
SPROUSEBen R29 January 19229 August 1991C1301
SPROUSEEdith M25 April 1916 C1302
ST PIERRERobert Mark  E4121
ST PIERREMary Kathryn Murray23 April 192724 January 1992E4122
STALNAKERGuy vonZoll2 December 19137 January 1990D207 
STANSBERRYRalph E19441992B246 
STEINJeanne M29 March 19425 November 1988C90A 
STEINJoseph21 May 197330 August 1988C134 
STEPHENSFelton Terranc “Terry”9 September 19329 August 1991E4511
STEPHENSAnn Louise Carpenter20 April 1931 E4512
STEPHENSONWilliam Harold15 September 191122 November 1991B2121
STEPHENSONNora Teague15 December 19098 May 1990B2122
STEPHENSONMichael W13 October 1945 E3651
STEPHENSONPeggy J5 March 194522 February 1993E3652
STERLINGM.14 May 181413 November 1906Old2512
STERNNADLEllen28 April 191718 March 1993E103 
STEUSSYMatt Dupree27 May 18855 October 1971A2051
STEUSSYBessie17 March 188926 April 1978A2052
STEVENSFannie Lula19 September 187721 September 1898Old3191
STEVENSA. Z.18 August 187428 June 1951B3 
STEVENSJoan9 May 192917 January 1997E81 
STEVENSCurtis2 June 192723 April 1997E121 
STEWARTLucille MJune 1886November 1966Old4518
STEWARTKay Kollette17 February 195326 December 1972B204 
STINSONNed G25 November 193516 February 1991D87 
STOBIERobert Eugene7 May 191912 October 1990D1341
STOBIEWyna Ruth Morris26 December 1919 D1342
STOCKElo L12 February 19272 July 1988D2041
STOCKAda L19 January 19375 December 1997D2042
STOCKDennis Lane26 October 195524 April 1997D205 
STOCKDakota Leigh(23 February 1995)23 February 1995D205 
STOCKTONRobert Larry27 April 193710 October 1996Old3812
STOFFERSJohn14 January 181920 December 1909Old11412
STONEBenjamin Franklin9 November 192014 April 1997B761
STONEMary Veletta7 November 1927 B762
STONEElizabeth L28 October 1915 B77 
STONEJames M6 August 188319 September 1959B781
STONEEvy L6 January 188716 December 1968B782
STONEJames P13 July 190826 February 1999B2581
STONEKittie M18 June 19012 January 1985B2582
STONEWilliam B26 June 19235 March 1998B3281
STONELois E26 July 192729 July 1978B3282
STONEBenjamin Curt3 June 195225 September 1997D125 
STONEDavid Wayne8 January 195625 November 1996E144 
STONEPeter A14 February 194211 July 2001E356 
STOWERachel L9 November 18654 September 1951Old2834
STOWEWilliam E18971978Old2835
STRATTONGuy11 January 191530 October 1991B34 
STRATTONRuby Hazel19231993B34 
STRATTONAllen3 February 195522 June 1956B34 
STRICKLANDJames27 February 18847 September 1967Old11311
STRICKLANDLeola20 May 18786 December 1934Old11312
STRICKLANDLinnie O18841968Old1148
STRICKLANDJohn H18811954Old1149
STRICKLANDNancy Jane7 August 18541 September 1946Old11410
STRICKLANDG. W.7 December 184412 June 1905Old11411
STRICKLANDEdith Jane12 June 19244 February 1925Old1154
STRICKLANDJ Woodrow26 February 191418 December 1914Old1155
STRICKLANDInfant daughter(6 June 1907)6 June 1907Old1156
STRICKLANDInfant son11 February 188325 April 1883Old1157
STRICKLANDHarold A21 August 192113 October 1998Old1251
STRICKLANDBlanche E2 October 1924 Old1252
STRICKLANDMinnie Lou23 October 190712 November 1950Old12613
STRICKLANDA Brown17 October 190326 May 1983B399 
STRINGERThomas H25 January 18756 August 1943Old274
STRINGERNellie C9 January 18783 July 1958Old275
STRINGERTheodore7 August 190321 December 1962Old2912
STRINGERLaura B1 July 19118 November 1980Old2913
STRINGFIELDLeighton Delos9 June 19202 June 1944Old1132
STRONGEdna Thompson19071977Old12114
STROUSEJack Carr13 March 193618 February 1999E3061
STROUSECarol20 September 1937 E3062
STRUCKI)Louise12 November 182112 January 1905Old31013
STUBBSMeneria25 December 183013 May 1927Old11611
STUDERTheresa8 February 190722 December 1919Old1263
STURDIVANTWilliam A28 March 189217 February 1967B101
STURDIVANTEmma W5 November 18987 June 1993B102
SULLIVANJoseph ThomasJr15 December 193722 March 1991B398
SULLIVENTJesse (J D)19 September 190929 March 1983C411
SULLIVENTCleo Asadell22 March 1921 C412
SULLIVENTJimmie D30 August 194610 July 1989D41 
SUMMARELLWanda Sansocie22 March 192614 February 1996E330 
SUMMERROWNancy A14 December 184819 November 1879Old145
SUMMERROWWillie P18661941Old1814
SUMMERROWMichael E2 July 184223 May 1884Old1815
SUMMERROWSue A28 February 18485 June 1877Old1816
SUMMERROWRobert E23 November 186822 April 1918Old1912
SUMMERROWEarl J Lee3 August 191810 November 1944Old1918
SWANKCalvin B23 May 188724 April 1955Old11022
SWANKMary Jane23 December 189217 July 1970Old11023
SWANKFred B5 June 192124 October 1944Old113A5
SWANKBen Eva7 August 19052 May 1916Old113A6
SWANKBen F7 March 187220 October 1962Old113A7
SWANKNettie B16 November 18844 August 1966Old113A8
SWANKJ Franklin18961915Old1208
SWANKT Edward18681914Old1209
SWANKMamie29 August 18754 August 1896Old12010
SWANKCharles Dennis7 June 191624 July 1989D260 
SWENSONCharles E10 March 189428 September 1974B223 
SWENSONQuinton O9 April 191119 September 1998B2691
SWENSONLillian R13 February 1917 B2692
SWENSONGary Lynn13 October 19442 July 1994E2921
SWENSONYanci Kristen30 March 1974 E2922
SYLERMathew M27 October 186928 October 1924Old1171
SYLERAnnie Crews9 March 186816 March 1969Old1172
SYLERHubert Matthew13 February 18982 April 1960A401
SYLERAgnes Elgin24 October 1900 A402
TANNEHILLGeorge E18 February 190319 February 1978B1041
TANNEHILLKathryn S2 June 190520 November 1976B1042
TAPIALinda Faye Trexler5 April 195516 October 1993E67 
TAYLORRufe L18821941Old2610
TAYLORMattie C18781968Old2611
TAYLORJessie H7 August 190723 December 1972Old491
TAYLORGuy B28 November 194329 January 1999E3151
TAYLORShirley J Ray20 February 1949 E3152
TAYLORDonald W.July 26, 1954March 27, 2007   
TEAGUEJ. G.14 June 18459 May 1938Old2924
TEAGUELillie13 May 18758 February 1947Old2925
TEAGUECalvin15 March 185519 July 1937Old2927
TEAGUEMary21 May 18579 April 1930Old2928
TEAGUEJohn Henry29 June 188221 March 1963Old2929
TEAGUEMargaret Stowe26 August 188711 November 1936Old2930
TEAGUERufus C16 August 189414 March 1966Old21014
TEAGUEAnnie A3 October 1901 Old21015
TEAGUEJames Howard20 January 19164 July 1934Old489
TEAGUESophia15 December 190618 December 1941Old4810
TEAGUEJames Everett26 January 1917 B2131
TEAGUEFannie Jackson8 February 19138 October 1996B2132
TEAGUELeona May19141984C104 
TEELERRobert M18771968B201
TEELERLydia Ann18861966B202
TEELERKenneth Lee2 October 196016 December 1979B252 
TEELERGary D25 July 194426 April 1979B374 
TEELERReuben C16 December 190422 July 1992C991
TEELERStella Lea23 August 191223 January 1998C992
TEELERClifford L, Sr.3 October 193814 August 1996E51 
TEICHMANFrank W18861957B8 
TERRELLCalvin E18991987D234 
TERRELLRuby Gene19361999E295 
THIEMWalter A8 August 192115 May 1999C1291
THIEMElsie E29 July 1925 C1292
THIGPENBrythal B23 January 18817 December 1959Old2618
THIGPENJanie Wegner1 October 188418 September 1968Old2619
THIGPENGeneva Maxine29 September 192325 September 1950Old2620
THOMASRobert23 November 191622 May 1960Old2115
THOMASJimmie Dale30 November 193711 April 2002Old2116
THOMASW. J.25 January 19095 May 1963Old324
THOMASWilliam E18 May 18834 September 1964Old325
THOMASLillie I3 September 188819 October 1962Old326
THOMASHugh8 May 18789 October 1930Old337
THOMASWilliam E31 December 186417 November ????Old4621
THOMASRaymond W14 September 191811 August 1995E4241
THOMASLorene M16 August 1925 E4242
THOMASM Sean23 September 196918 January 1993E4591
THOMASSharon L13 May 1976 E4592
THOMPSONJohn S18651959Old1206
THOMPSONNellie M18751955Old1207
THOMPSONJohn H25 January 189929 July 1995Old12110
THOMPSONJohn David19442001Old12111
THOMPSONDonald Franklin5 November 193512 May 1943Old12112
THOMPSONHoward M11 December 19008 October 1984C45A 
THOMPSONMathew Dwain(11 December 1983)11 December 1983C128 
THOMSONMelvel G15 February 189318 July 1975A1461
THOMSONRuby O28 March 190224 February 1979A1462
THOMSONDaniel M24 March 196525 March 1965A148 
THOMSONJames Mack20 February 193125 December 1984C38 
THRIFTG. C.18591936Old1614
TIDWELLWinfred Leslesy3 December 19062 July 1986Old2218
TIDWELLGrace Lileene23 April 192912 October 2000Old2219
TISCHLERJoshua Detrick17 September 19771 March 1997E134 
TOBINJohn R19 July 19167 June 1979B3711
TOBINLillie M7 February 190626 February 1999B3712
TODDW. H. “Bill”4 October 191311 February 1993A1711
TODDFlora “Granny”21 December 1920 A1712
TOOMBSBuford Earl2 January 19023 October 1999Old1253
TOOMBSBeatrice B25 July 190214 April 1996Old1254
TORREYAlfred James19171999E213 
TOWNSJames Robert18781972Old3171
TOWNSMabel Nivens18861982Old3172
TOWNSLEYSusan E8 September 183211 October 1930Old1123
TOWNSLEYD. W.18571930Old1124
TOWNSLEYRobert L21 November 18707 August 1935Old1126
TOWNSLEYWillie E11 August 18924 August 1974Old1134
TOWNSLEYThomas E3 September 191223 January 1970Old1135
TOWNSLEYBernice29 January 1919 Old1136
TOWNSLEYHarvey A25 February 189912 February 1985Old1137
TOWNSLEYMyrtle M20 December 190418 May 1981Old1138
TOWNSLEYHoyt H4 October 192128 March 1993Old1139
TOWNSLEYD Oneta14 July 1921 Old11310
TRACYPaul Aubrey2 October 192316 October 1988D221 
TRASKBarrett L27 December 190413 March 1992E941
TRASKTommie M10 October 1914 E942
TREADWELLCurtis W19131994C18 
TROGDENRobert  Old441
TUCKERJames C29 November 190415 April 1979A611
TUCKERAnita L8 July 189919 August 1981A612
TUREGANOJanie Catherine West Bridges17 March 19348 February 1994E189 
TURLEYF. M.18741947Old122
TURLEYW. H.28 September 18628 June 1898Old141
TURLEYJane4 January 183125 November 1924Old142
TURLEYJas M21 January 181613 April 1883Old143
TURLEYAnnie Labenske26 October 187011 December 1898Old152
TURNERAlfred M(17 August 1880)29 August 1880Old131
TURNERAlfred Monrow17 August 188029 August 1880Old135
TURNERJames W18821921Old136
TURNERJames M18431916Old137
TURNERMary J10 November 184430 June 1894Old138
TURNERMary J18441894Old139
TURNERAnn17 March 18248 January 1897Old1310
TURNERLeonora5 November 186925 December 1897Old147
TURNERAnna Pearl5 November 187127 June 1887Old148
TURNERM. B.23 April 184917 April 1887Old149
TURNERCornelia A19 March 185026 February 1876Old1410
TURNERCornelius24 February 187627 May 1876Old1411
TURNERInfant son4 December 189221 December 1892Old156
TURNERM. M.19 January 1897 Old157
TURNERJames H2 December 186928 June 1890Old158
TURNERG. W.26 February 18455 February 1929Old159
TURNERM. A.6 March 185025 February 1929Old1510
TURNERP. R.7 May 188029 July 1898Old193
TURNERFred M22 July 18798 December 1930Old1913
TURNERJack T14 November 191126 December 1932Old1915
TURNERFred M, Jr.1 July 190528 August 1955Old1916
TURNERMabel K19 December 19098 August 1980Old1917
TURNERLizzie Bess13 July 1903 Old12419
TURNERRobert E18601924Old12514
TURNERRobert M7 August 190015 October 1972B1661
TURNERAnnie B14 February 18995 May 1964B1662
TURNERJack Manly18 July 195824 December 1962B168 
TURNERMilton H9 July 190923 December 1983B315 
TURNERLorene Jones30 September 1908 B315 
TURNERSusan Gautier11 December 195624 September 1982C72 
TUTTLEWilliam F “Bill”30 May 194014 November 2001E474 
TYLERMary Annette4 March 192030 December 1994E371 
TYNDALLRobert Walker19 July 1927 C871
TYNDALLBrenda McBride26 December 193921 October 1984C872
TYNERDee Witt24 December 191115 January 1996E1481
TYNERFannie “Frances” Lee30 July 192624 December 1994E1482
ULMANLorraine Alice6 October 192517 June 1972B189 
UNDERWOODWalter Eugen18671949Old2819
UNDERWOODAgnes Sarepta18661949Old2821
UNDERWOODFrances2 May 1925 E166 
UNKNOWN?18 September 184921 July 1877Old1317
UNKNOWN?2 October 18879 December 1955Old12219
UNKNOWN?  Old2113
UNKNOWN?  Old21222
UNKNOWN?18 August 187?19 May 1879Old341
UNKNOWN?  Old399
UNKNOWN?  Old429
UNKNOWN?  Old439
UNKNOWN?  Old444
UNKNOWN?  Old4517
UNKNOWN?  Old4611
UNKNOWN?  Old4614
UNKNOWN?  Old41010
UNKNOWN?  Old41011
UPTONBilly E13 January 193419 November 1994E452 
URIASFrank RamirezJr22 July 1939E4751
URIASMargaret Moncivais19 June 1937 E4752
VALIGURAMozelle Ross10 March 19243 March 1994E19 
VAN HISEEula Lee6 June 188730 January 1964B87 
VANCEGerald W5 May 192013 March 1996D781
VANCEEileen Crook5 February 1921 D782
VANDERCOOKClarence R21 September 19228 March 1986D189 
VANDERSLOOTGary N19442002E270A 
VAQUERAJose David20 October 195428 May 1977B423 
VARDELLPat Maynard19221998A631
VARDELLPatricia A19251999A632
VAUGHNA Pup12 April 19104 May 1983B345 
VAUGHNSteven M23 April 195015 July 1978B346 
VERMILLIONJustin C15 June 195824 January 1993E92 
VILLATOROMaria Romelia15 October 195715 May 1999E177 
VOGESAlbert12 October 191220 March 1985B161 
VOGTHarvey E22 December 1923 E931
VOGTVernetta “Marie”26 June 1927 E932
VOIGHTCarl Ernest5 April 192810 August 1995B2391
VOIGHTMargie Branum28 November 192111 November 1991B2392
VOWELLDebra Joan14 October 198426 October 1984Baby2 
WADEClaudie Lee2 August 191418 April 1998A186 
WADESherman M24 February 19074 March 1973A186 
WADLEWilliam Alexander23 November 19071 January 1993B221 
WADLEJames Michael12 November 197413 November 1974B223 
WAGGONERRobert Newton5 March 191112 May 1995Old2230
WAGGONERMae A Trogdon21 October 191926 July 1971Old2231
WAGGONERThomas Cass9 May 18768 December 1960Old3224
WAGGONERJohn E22 June 190931 March 1985A70 
WAGGONERSherrill L19121998C471
WAGGONERTravis7 March 190814 June 1995D1031
WAGGONERMilada17 November 1915 D1032
WAGGONERMartin Travis1 November 19386 August 1992D104 
WAGGONERElizabeth A17 April 19402 August 1986D104 
WAGGONERMaurice R3 April 191826 October 1993E2471
WAGGONERV Lenora19 September 192722 August 1999E2472
WAGNERMarvin C7 January 190925 January 1962A118 
WAGNERFrank19 July 188216 March 1973A1191
WAGNERNora B13 November 188728 September 1963A1192
WAGNERAndy F1 July 1925 C911
WAGNERJeannette E30 April 192910 February 1980C912
WAGNERJimmie Lee22 April 192127 April 1999D72 
WAGNERGene L15 August 192527 April 1996E284 
WAKEMANMichael R21 December 195812 August 1979A184 
WALDROPEBess Biles3 February 188921 December 1928Old169
WALDROPEJames Lester27 March 19147 May 1982Old1811
WALKERLouis Rosson19 July 193621 March 1942Old2326
WALKEREdwin Hardy30 March 192821 March 1942Old2327
WALKERLoa Joy27 September 19262 April 1945Old2328
WALKERJ. H.11 August 1926 A371
WALKERJoyce Eileen20 June 192829 January 1991A372
WALKERWarren H, Jr.3 August 195411 September 1995D86 
WALKERWanda Jean14 April 193817 December 1997E77 
WALLACEEustace Maury18861964Old194
WALLACEWillie Biles18931974Old195
WALLACEJoe W30 August 192217 October 1937Old196
WALLACEE Maury, Jr.15 June 191523 May 1990Old11013
WALLACEA Lorraine28 December 191825 April 1985Old11014
WALLACEThomas Lee29 August 194329 August 1943Old3311
WALLACECreed T22 March 189830 December 1971Old416
WALLACERosie I11 August 190517 March 2001Old417
WALLACEHenry O, Jr.14 December 192828 March 1993E63 
WALLACEIva Jo13 April 1932 E63 
WALTBettie E14 February 186616 March 1907Old4615
WALTONCharles V27 April 19166 March 1997B3661
WALTONHarriett S11 November 1923 B3362
WALTRIPMarguerite Brunner13 June 190615 October 1978B380 
WANSLEEPolly M17 November 181724 June (18)74B39 
WANSLOWJasper P11 October 18556 February 1886B38 
WARDEffie  Old11416
WARDMinnie17 November 188510 September 1917Old11417
WARDDave W24 April 187519 February 1941Old11516
WARDCharlie E12 March 187927 February 1964Old4112
WARDJennie B4 December 188425 February 1974Old4113
WARDDorothy23 June 192121 August 1921Old4114
WARDRobert E17 January 191922 October 1997D220 
WARNKENAllison Kourtney4 April 19986 April 1998E208 
WARRENJewell G Medford6 October 19088 July 1984B228 
WARWICKOphelia14 May 18457 November 1924Old2321
WASHBURNVirgil Lee30 December 19176 June 1996D711
WASHBURNM Charlotte6 January 192320 December 2000D712
WATERSSherman K19061925Old1233
WATERSCharles K2 July 183524 March 1912Old2110
WATERSMary Ann8 March 184417 February 1902Old2111
WATERSMarion M18791960Old419
WATERSKatie I18861964Old4110
WATERSBremond Madison1 December 190914 April 1999Old4111
WATERSBetty Caroline Beard15 December 1924 Old4112
WATKINSMyrtie Lee22 December 189831 October 1977B344 
WATSONJohn A18591907Old1921
WATSONKimberly Lynn22 November 196710 February 1968Old21221
WATSONCaroline Kirstan30 July 199730 July 1997Baby16 
WATTERSONAlvis D19021985A2021
WATTERSONEthel Lock19051995A2022
WAUGHJames Alvie4 April 189713 April 1968B1501
WAUGHTyreca M A6 August 1902 B1502
WAYLANDNell Holtzclaw10 April 190023 May 1965Old273
WEATHERFORDIris Adams14 February 193129 March 1996E338 
WEAVERPaul, Sr.19 May 19415 December 1993E161
WEAVERJoyce G13 October 1941 E162
WEBBMildred E20 October 1921 Old1217
WEBBJack L25 October 192211 May 1982Old1218
WEBSTERFrances E23 August 193525 February 1999E314 
WEGESATiffany A20002000Baby19 
WELLSRichard Lee9 July 19381 September 1990D1301
WELLSFrances Ann17 December 1939 D1302
WELLSAmandaBaby  10 
WELSHMonica Marie2 May 196014 March 1992E137 
WELSHMark AJr11 May 1925E138 
WELSHMargaret Duane25 January 1930 E138 
WERCHANHeather Nicole30 May 197910 May 1997E123 
WESTBERGRobert David9 March 195021 April 2001Old496
WHEELERBilly Jack28 July 1930 Old1213
WHEELERDoris Diane (Fromberg)5 February 1934 Old1214
WHEELERRobin Lee10 April 19568 March 1995Old1221
WHEELERL. O.12 November 18997 April 1973Old1261
WHEELERWillie T11 January 190016 January 1986Old1262
WHEELERClarence Lee9 September 18984 November 1973B292 
WHITAKERJesse W11 March 186321 August 1949Old224
WHITAKERLucinda27 August 186326 May 1946Old225
WHITAKERJena M25 October 18946 July 1949Old2331
WHITAKERJ. M.14 March 190031 August 1954Old2332
WHITEGeorge W19 January 191212 May 1992Old2228
WHITEMildred Rose16 January 1915 Old2229
WHITEHarry15 April 187314 December 1892Old3912
WHITEJames Grey19041951Old466
WHITESadie Rebecca19091999Old467
WHITEJoan Taylor4 March 194123 March 1984Heep16
WHITERose Kathleen Owens11 January 193316 April 1994D195 
WHITECharles N31 July 19248 March 1993E4621
WHITEPauline A17 December 1928 E4622
WHITE)Lettie J16 August 186827 November 1882Old3913
WHITEDEd, Jr24 January 193022 December 1988D209 
WHITEDRichard Zeke27 February 192613 October 2001E4461
WHITEDDorothy23 January 193623 November 1999E4462
WHITEHEADPhillip Robert16 October 1941 D2121
WHITEHEADDorothy9 January 192218 August 1991D2122
WHITEHEADBuford Alan6 February 195118 February 1991D267 
WHITEHEADBuford A17 March 192019 February 1992D2681
WHITEHEADAnnie Mae8 May 191918 March 1991D2682
WHITTINGTONJohn M9 September 1916 C1201
WHITTINGTONSarah E17 November 192013 December 1983C1202
WIGETMichael Neil19 July 196926 May 1987D193 
WILDERClarence18 February 191028 March 1994E239 
WILHELMMiss Rose23 June 189121 August 1956B9 
WILHELMJoe7 April 189723 June 1971B9 
WILHELMHerman15 December 18926 December 1977B1601
WILHELMMinnie K20 November 189321 December 1979B1602
WILLIAMSAnnie M19001959Old21013
WILLIAMSWm Garrett5 June 18874 April 1950Old3109
WILLIAMSMary Lou24 September 189011 February 1960Old31010
WILLIAMSSilas28 February 186815 May 1941Old41215
WILLIAMSEllen10 February 187810 February 1959Old41216
WILLIAMSJohn2 March 190023 October 1978B801
WILLIAMSIda O A16 August 1920 B802
WILLIAMSBertha Jewel21 December 190414 October 1989B252 
WILLIAMSPaul M28 January 193331 August 1996B312 
WILLIAMSAmanda Dale5 May 197724 October 1980C101 
WILLIAMSJuanita H2 November 1914 C1011
WILLIAMSRaleigh N13 June 190921 January 1981C1012
WILLIAMSJasper Allen10 February 19238 February 1990D177 
WILLIAMSCecil Felix2 November 191726 October 1991E481
WILLIAMSMary Frances Stonum27 April 192021 December 1995E482
WILLIAMSPaul3 March 19129 July 1992E1821
WILLIAMSWilma9 september 1917 E1822
WILLIAMSONJay E19311990D2621
WILLMANChristopher A31 March 19714 March 1999E225A 
WILLMANTyne Josef24 October 200024 October 2000E225A 
WILLMSArnold31 January 189913 November 1971A1141
WILLMSEthel May17 April 189610 April 1973A1142
WILSONJames R27 March 186519 January 1927Old11612
WILSONJimmie W29 June 1886 Old1205
WILSONLynn Porter22 February 188717 January 1938Old2629
WILSONMattie Lovett18 April 189214 January 1982Old2630
WILSONSolomon C3 February 1900 Old352
WILSONEster Johnson19 April 18245 November 1902Old353
WILSONJack29 February 190416 May 1939Old4101
WILSONFannie L7 October 190417 December 1988Old4102
WILSONWheeler5 January 192624 January 1996B183 
WILSONAlice Jane8 July 19269 March 1971B183 
WILSONSusannah Leigh15 August 19747 October 1985D182 
WILSONPatricia Leigh8 October 195124 September 2001E281 
WILSONGeorge F2 July 19496 September 1996E289 
WILSONFred A, Jr.31 July 19392 January 2001E3961
WILSONMarine K28 December 1940 E3962
WIMBISHRuth C27 April 189628 February 1968Old2525
WINKELMANNDennis D1 September 19401 January 1998E1751
WINKELMANNBarbara A16 November 1940 E1752
WINTERSAndy5 June 192129 May 1989Old1219
WINTERSGeorge M7 June 188827 March 1955B231
WINTERSGeorge S31 July 193125 March 1971B232
WINTERSEmma9 September 18909 September 1982B233
WINTERSBilly Don29 June 194210 November 1980B263 
WIRTHAndreas28 April 182230 August 1907Old2111
WIRTHHenrietta10 March 18363 July 1909Old2112
WIRTHEmil A15 January 18576 December 1895Old2114
WIRTHJulius16 April 186718 January 1913Old2116
WIRTHFrederick W24 April 186526 January 1952Old2118
WIRTHAnnie28 July 187325 February 1958Old2119
WIRTHLee C23 November 189722 January 1915Old21110
WIRTHHarry O26 January 190623 October 1979A951
WIRTHDoris Thigpen24 March 191410 September 1978A952
WIRTHCharles D19041977B61
WIRTHMittola1906 B62
WIRTHAlbert V23 January 190016 February 1967B71
WIRTHArleen A18 September 190017 February 1976B72
WIRTH)Infant son-19151915Old21111
WISDOMCharles Franklin31 May 193213 April 2000Old116
WISDOMMary Sue Ogg25 April 1939 Old117
WITTJesse Bertram, Sr.3 March 187523 March 1943Old2624
WITTBettie Ann11 September 187510 October 1964Old2625
WITTJ. B., Jr.13 June 191114 February 1974Old2626
WITTGeorge W19111979Old2627
WITTMyrtle S1910 Old2628
WITTJ Henry11 May 190324 December 1977B2761
WITTGladys A17 March 190714 January 2001B2762
WITTClarence W30 November 192610 September 2000E3881
WITTMary Nell Smith17 December 1931 E3882
WITTRobert E15 December 193214 March 2000E3891
WITTBarbara J24 November 1935 E3892
WOFFORDLarry Lloyd3 December 19445 April 1997E80 
WOLFFNina Byrd19101996B152
WOLFF-SULLIVANEdna P23 September 1929 B409 
WOODWesley Scott(2 September 1983)2 September 1983C37 
WOODSRoland M13 May 191419 July 1966Old123A3
WOODSHenry Rose28 September 188623 December 1941Old2226
WOODSEffie “Nannie”7 April 189423 December 1988Old2227
WOODWARDMichael Wayne14 December 195430 April 1985B393 
WOOLSEYRobert L8 November 191531 August 1996E7 
WOOLSEYPaula McLain8 March 1953 E4841
WOOLSEYGeorge Clifton6 May 195213 September 2000E4842
WORTHINGTONVerna Mae20 May 193216 March 1967Old3147
WRIGHTMartha P16 May 18369 August 1913Old2524
WRIGHTinfant daughter8 October 19078 October 1907Old484
WRIGHTPlas Junior15 September 192924 March 1987D155 
WRIGHTGraham “Lefty”12 October 191215 January 1995E1521
WRIGHTNadyne Davis  E1522
WRUBEREdwin A24 February 193021 November 1978B811
WRUBERGeraldine N11 October 1931 B812
WYATTEula29 December 19055 November 1989A194 
WYATTElbert Lowell19322002E258 
YARBERLew A7 December 191029 June 1974B1911
YARBERLois L2 October 1916 B1912
YBARBOAlfredo A19 September 190729 April 1998D255 
YEAKELBetty Black23 January 192318 January 1987C97 
YEAKELEarl Leroy28 June 19186 December 1997C97 
YEAKELMarjorie Hulen6 July 189424 January 1983C98 
YOASTLillian Marie3 May 190612 January 1986Old11423
YOEThomas J, Sr.23 October 18789 July 1947Old12220
YOEJodie Meador20 February 188522 August 1949Old12221
YOESamuel Meador24 May 190918 July 1929Old12222
YOKUMHarold Alfred19081994E427 
YOUNGRobert Wallace7 January 194224 August 1983Old1117
YOUNGKelly Lynn12 October 196815 October 1968Old1118
YOUNGRichard Alden22 April 19094 January 1965Old1119
YOUNGNell Wallace12 October 1912 Old11110
YOUNGMabel Fuller1 July 189619 December 1988Old3210
YOUNGHoward Leslie2 January 19182 November 1979A185 
YOWELLJerry K22 June 19341 May 1987D146 
YUJung Sook19471989D209 
YUHASDeborah Ann Butts19611997E168 
ZIEGENEdith M28 October 19032 December 1989D143 
ZSCHOCHEEdward A25 January 191610 May 1975B285 
 Charley  Old41217
 Sammy  Old41218
 Elizabeth  Old41219