Live Oak Cemetery – Surnames A-K

Name of cemetery:Live Oak Cemetery
Sextant/Caretaker:Cecil Clark, President of the Cemetery Association (512-295-3571)
Driving directions:From Austin: South on IH35 to Exit 225 (Onion Creek Parkway – FM 1626); continue south on the access to road to FM 1626; turn right (west); go .4 mile to Old San Antonio Road; turn left (south); go 1.4 miles to Twin Creeks Road; turn right (west); go .2 mile; cemetery is on the right.


From San Antonio: Exit IH35 at Exit 226 (Slaughter Creek Overpass); cross over the overpass and continue south on the access road; follow above directions

Appearance:This is a well maintained cemetery of just over 15 acres. It has a chain link fence and gravel roads. There are large oak and cedar trees and a number of benches throughout. The oldest grave is dated 1874 and the cemetery is still in use with about 1/4 of the land unused. The cemetery consists of an old, unplotted section, plotted sections A thru F, the Heep family cemetery and a section for babies.
Date transcribed:January 2002 through March 2002
Transcribed by:George Rasor and Sandra Schmidt
Please NoteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.

Live Oak Cemetery, Surnames L-Z

SurnameGiven name(s)Birth dateDeath dateSectionPlot or RowPerson
ACKLENW. T.4 October 187727 June 1950Old166
ACKLENJessie Edds17 March 18832 June 1970Old167
ACKLENMildred29 November 180119 November 1881Old168
ACKLENWilliam Thomas8 April 18409 March 1915Old186
ACKLENMary Rebecca17 February 185019 February 1891Old187
ACKLENinfant15 October 187527 October 1875Old188
ACKLENLula26 May 187011 June 1878Old189
ACKLENElizabeth26 November 187315 July 1893Old1810
ACOSTABenita Donley18971969A39 
ACOSTAHuey Elbert17 March 188724 September 1962A39 
ACOSTAJohnnie D10 October 191930 April 1978B350 
ACOSTATony18 June 191916 June 1991D37 
ADAMSJesse Franklin26 January 184830 September 1930Old294
ADAMSLaura Jane1 December 18583 June 1933Old295
ADAMSSilas Walter8 April 18795 January 1973A881
ADAMSOra Woolley15 January 18797 November 1969A882
ADAMSLee R2 September 191114 August 1990C651
ADAMSInez17 October 19123 January 1996C652
ADCOCKEula J7 February 18914 May 1980Old366
ADCOCKLinnie1 June 189522 October 1897Old3192
ADCOCKEverett A25 August 19122 December 1998D2401
ADCOCKLouise E6 May 191514 February 1988D2402
ADCOCKHoward14 August 191717 September 2000E1171
ADCOCKVirginia Ellis6 March 1919 E1172
ALBARADOSebastian R, Jr.16 May 193628 December 1983C29 
ALEXANDERB. D.28 January 185013 September 1919Old1271
ALEXANDERMary Elisabeth22 April 185413 January 1906Old1272
ALEXANDERRita Mary6 June 198312 June 1985D61 
ALEXANDERHoward Horace, Sr28 June 191627 September 1998E106 
ALEXANDERWillie Blackwell25 February 1921 E1062
ALEXANDERH. H., Jr.1 June 194517 February 1996E107 
ALLENSidney E29 December 188724 August 1973Old2103
ALLENSusie B1 June 18922 June 1986Old2104
ALLENMarjorie J19211995Old2105
ALLENWm Preston19081947Old3411
ALLENChester Dean19141995B2151
ALLENLucille M1917 B215 
ALLENTerry Lee21 May 196515 November 1983C126 
ALLISONBonnie I21 January 19238 December 1971B287 
ALSTONJ. A.19141995E1 
ALSTONMackenzie Rae28 March 199831 March 1998Baby171
ALSTONMercedes Shae28 March 19982 April 1998Baby172
AMAYAJohn G28 February 196718 February 2002B351 
AMAYARobert F30 August 19633 November 1978B351 
AMMONSAlma Harris3 December 188419 January 1968B88 
ANDERSONWilliam Witt8 February 19106 January 1965B1591
ANDERSONVirginia Green11 February 191112 April 1994B1592
ANDERSONDan D12 March 192627 May 1996E3801
ANDERSONBetty J22 June 1926 E3802
ANDERSONDavid6 March 20006 March 2000Baby18 
ANDREWSFitzhugh L12 February 187310 March 1961Old12016
ANDREWSMary Elsie9 October 187812 March 1961Old12017
ANDREWSLauren Elizabeth2 May 19898 May 1994E464 
APPLEChristy Dawn10 September 197320 February 1998E173 
ARECHIGACarmen7 September 191113 January 1990D256 
ARMBRUSTERAugust30 July 19084 January 1960Old2612
ARMBRUSTERCarle29 November 189323 September 1894Old4617
ARMBRUSTERPaulina25 August 189614 June 1897Old4618
ARMBRUSTERJoseph26 September 190529 June 1906Old4619
ARMBRUSTERRossa12 April 190717 May 1908Old4620
ARMBRUSTERRosa H18761916Old4713
ARMBRUSTERAnnie S19 November 19034 July 1974A169 
ARMBRUSTERPaul9 February 189913 January 1958A169 
ARMBRUSTERMary H18 October 191621 August 1955A170 
ARMBRUSTERClemens14 November 189717 February 1971A170 
ARMBRUSTEROtto3 October 190118 June 1987A170A 
ARMBRUSTERMartha F6 December 19081 May 1959A170A 
ARMBRUSTERIsidor16 February 189511 March 1965A170A 
ARMBRUSTERAnnie10 February 189719 November 1975A170A 
ARMBRUSTERErnest (Dutch)25 August 1922 A178 
ARMBRUSTERJackie L22 February 1926 A178 
ARMBRUSTERGary Wayne28 April 195912 October 1967A179 
ARMBRUSTERAnnie Crews20 March 19067 January 1966A180 
ARMBRUSTERHenry4 January 190428 March 1978A180 
ARMBRUSTERChristine1924 C132
ARMBRUSTERErvin19 May 1930 C141
ARMBRUSTERArlene J20 March 193030 June 1989C142
ARMBRUSTERHerman14 March 19189 June 1981C581
ARMBRUSTERJ Margaret1 January 1924 C582
ARMBRUSTERIsidor Jay11 September 194415 December 1996C59 
ARMSTRONGSarah Griffin18721896Old1187
ARMSTRONGJewel18 July 19063 December 1991E273 
ARNOLDLeatha E22 September 190026 December 1987Old21212
AULTPeter Powell22 April 187726 March 1937Old4418
AULTMartha Tero31 January 187219 November 1935Old4419
AULTHenry Lee16 June 190031 March 1977Old4420
AULTBertie Opal30 June 1911 Old4421
AULTBaby17 July 190617 July 1906Old4514
AYERSLawrence W18 January 191721 April 1984C401
AYERSPriscilla J25 October 1930 C402
AYERSRoy Leslie29 August 19138 October 1994D2631
AYERSDorothy Lee New23 June 192012 December 2001D2632
BAGGETTLouis E22 January 187128 February 1944Old2936
BAGGETTMelissa15 June 187625 April 1962Old2937
BAGLEYWm M13 September 18396 December 1895Old256
BAINTONMichael A31 October 19669 April 1985C135A 
BAKERHugh S16 September 186727 December 1887Old358
BAKERLonzo A18831884Old359
BAKERN. C.21 January 18565 April 1903Old3510
BAKERH. N.1 February 18401 May 1885Old3511
BAKERMattie C18461882Old3512
BAKERGeorge Sonny2 September 1936 D2491
BAKERHelen Franks5 October 193822 April 1991D2492
BALLARDPearl O19308 April 1979B332 
BAMBURGMary A19111972Old492
BANDYAncil23 December 18993 December 1995E2481
BANDYCalla5 May 1901 E2482
BARBEEBen, Sr.31 January 192518 September 1983B57 
BARBEEAda Mae15 May 192814 December 1989B572
BARBEEBen, Jr.27 February 195314 December 1972B57 
BARBERMoselle A19161996Old2106
BARKERN D9 March 191412 July 1998B439 
BARKERRobert E19081992D311
BARKERAllene B19051999D312
BARNESJ. C.18551929Old2823
BARNESM. J.18541929Old2824
BARNESMary I25 December 188310 July 1965Old2825
BARNESAndy Allen17 January 189111 June 1973Old2826
BARNESSallie Belle16 September 189727 April 1988Old2827
BARNESJohnnie Glynn21 February 193222 September 1998D74 
BARNEYWilliam Joseph24 January 193419 November 1992E3 
BARRInfant son18 July 1914(18 July 1914)Old2513
BARRM Aubrey21 July 189114 June 1973Old2514
BARREthel B5 August 189313 October 1987Old2515
BARRInfant daughter26 September 1949(26 September 1949)Old2516
BARRRobert A5 March 19167 January 1978Old2517
BARRONSarah Ida “Sally”29 August 196013 December 1996E198 
BARTELLMary Ann19151996E3251
BARTELLMichael8 October 190820 January 1996E3252
BAUDOINTerry Paul19351991D1681
BAUDOINNancy Ann1941D1682 
BAUERLEJacob30 January 190811 March 1976Old41113
BAUERLEEmmie E21 August 190413 August 1975Old41114
BAUERLERobert6 December 190530 March 1982A1411
BAUERLEE Maude9 July 191417 April 1991A1412
BAUERLEDennis O’Dean12 October 19387 June 1987B329(BAURLE spelling correction submitted by Kathleen Bauerle Vernon)
BAYNECalvin Douglas3 October 191026 April 2000E447 
BAZEMOREGarland Eugene2 March 192812 July 1996D2651
BAZEMOREJane Louise Ayers11 June 1936 D2652
BEACHCindy Lynn31 March 195922 June 1994E144 
BEATYCharles R22 October 182830 October 1902Old211
BEATYC. R.1 August 18899 September 1896Old212
BECKERCharles W, Jr.19212001E262 
BECKERMary Ellen22 September 1935 E2622
BEHRMaria Fatima8 October 193922 October 2000E399 
BELLHerbert I20 August 189213 December 1948Old1241
BELLLurline18 May 190011 June 1934Old1242
BELLMANMichael S28 April 194719 January 1979B398 
BENEFIELDHarley19 February 189212 May 1987B2111
BENEFIELDAnnie25 November 189120 December 1970B2112
BENNETTThomas C4 March 189411 July 1962Old3910
BENNETTMyrtle J13 December 18941 January 1959Old3911
BENNETTDoris J8 April 192028 May 1920Old3113
BERENDSAugust17 November 188311 February 1968Old3314
BERENDSHudie Stella13 February 18861 February 1970Old3315
BERGWilmer C15 September 191014 October 1982C301
BERGThelma S25 January 1916 C302
BERGERONAlice J9 March 193628 December 1971Old31118
BERNHARDTRuben Edwin, Sr.30 August 192729 December 1999D122 
BERRIOSJose Roberto13 March 196431 May 1990D120 
BESTLouise Estelle28 March 1915D106  
BIGGSWilliam A, Jr.11 April 1907Old1108 
BIGGSLois Walter24 November 1912Old1109 
BIGGSFestus Watts5 July 18707 December 1963Old11221
BILESA. J.15 November 189815 June 1899Old164
BILESJ. W.28 January 187318 June 1905Old165
BILESWilliam Smith20 March 185825 April 1935Old1611
BILESSarah Corina12 February 186727 November 1930Old1612
BILESJeff D19041962Old1617
BILESJoe10 May 184829 September 1916Old1812
BILLINGSOllie M18751975B310 
BIRDCecil H31 October 190027 January 1985B2311
BIRDLilla Brown6 June 190410 September 1981B2312
BIRDWELLLynn Reagan17 April 189812 May 1900Old1319
BIRDWELLWm Sherman31 October 186531 January 1943Old1320
BIRDWELLMrs W S23 August 187712 January 1955Old1321
BIRDWELLH. L.18261910Old1322
BIRDWELLC. A.3 May 182915 April 1914Old1323
BIRDWELLBaby(17 February 1896)17 February 1896Old1622
BIRKNEREdith22 November 190518 February 1935Old1129
BIRKNERAlfred CMay 1902January 1961Old11210
BIRKNERLorna E13 November 191621 February 1919Old11315
BIRKNERTheresa6 November 187923 May 1929Old11316
BIRKNERW. H.9 June 187410 January 1960Old11317
BIRKNERHellena10 April 18353 August 1910Old11413
BIRKNERGottfried5 March 183315 December 1910Old11414
BIRKNERTheadore27 September 189610 August 1897Old1158
BIRKNERAugust L27 February 18865 November 1887Old1159
BIRKNERWm G19041970Old11510
BIRKNERVivian F19091997Old11511
BIRKNEROtto26 February 187028 December 1940Old1163
BIRKNERIda May9 January 187527 February 1908Old1164
BIRKNERDella18 March 189519 September 1899Old1165
BISHOPNorma Jean1 August 19372 February 2002E308 
BLACKSTOCKW Leroy4 September 193117 October 1977B3701
BLACKSTOCKEdna A4 January 1936B3702 
BLACKWELLThomas F9 November 18659 October 1947Old213
BLACKWELLHannah A17 December 187413 November 1942Old214
BLAKEJames F5 June 190025 January 1992Old12425
BLALOCKCurtis L19351977B424 
BLANTONErskine Alva12 April 190025 October 1906Old236
BLAYLOCKLonnie J22 September 19029 December 1971Old2528
BLAYLOCKJewel R17 November 19059 January 1984Old2529
BLUMWilliam E, Sr11 October 191529 May 1979Old27 
BLUMDorothy N18 March 1921Old2727 
BLUMEdgar Lewis4 November 188426 August 1968Old2728
BLUMMattie Lamb5 August 189221 May 1976Old2729
BOARDMANEdwin O11 July 19149 November 1973Old349
BOARDMANFannie M23 April 191823 June 2000Old3410
BOATRIGHTLonnie M14 October 190823 March 1986B1171
BOATRIGHTBertie E9 August 190814 November 1994B1172
BOLLESJesse Lee, Jr.18 July 192517 September 1987D244 
BOLLESOrsenia Jean13 July 1931 D2442
BOLTINGHOUSE(Will A)188319xxOld3111
BOOTHRobert W1 October 192031 July 1991E91 
BOOTHEJ. H.5 January 183224 December 1880Old1620
BOOTHEMary23 May 183321 May 1914Old1621
BORRESONEmily Camille18 November 19906 January 1991B101 
BOSTEvelyn Kathleen Carter6 September 192031 October 1996Old11918
BOSTICKAlma Clark27 March 190611 March 1989B321 
BOSWORTHWalter R27 July 192017 October 1971B167 
BOUNDSFloyd16 October 192520 November 2000E3411
BOUNDSLora22 May 1924 E3412
BOURGEOISAllen B, Jr.26 December 19332 March 1974B233 
BOWENJames W16 March 190631 May 1977Old2720
BOWENLila M22 January 190625 March 1986Old2721
BOWLESMalcolm24 June 1912 E261
BOWLESIda Ethel24 February 19044 July 2000E262
BOYLEJohn  Old11415
BOYLEJames Patrick9 August 187010 June 1899Old11513
BOYLEJohn L16 July 186611 January 1890Old11514
BOYLEWillie D8 November 18735 February 1890Old11515
BOZARTHJesse L29 January 19122 February 1997Old4108
BOZARTHRuby T8 October 191113 April 1988Old4109
BOZARTHHoward E21 April 191413 March 1998B3911
BOZARTHDorothy L Smith9 October 19217 May 1997B3912
BRADLEYC. J.18601938Old1192
BRADLEYMartha Ann18601929Old1193
BRADLEYWilliam S18991962A1251
BRADLEYJudith W19041971A1252
BRADSHAWAlbert21 October 189211 March 1968A130 
BRADSHAWBilly W22 January 19421 December 1978B369 
BRADSHERJoseph B18691952B541
BRADSHEROliver Dewey17 September 190921 February 1992B551
BRADSHERHazel Rose Delke3 January 1913 B552
BRANDTJohn J18821970Old3116
BRANDTWinnie L18881970Old3117
BRANUME. G.10 July 18956 February 1922Old11920
BREWERRichard Elwood(11 February 1935)11 February 1935Old3310
BREWERGeorge W11 September 19032 June 1985C631
BREWERLois A11 February 19086 October 1981C632
BRIDGEFORTHA. L.26 January 188114 September 1941Old1257
BRIGHAMElton Eugene, Jr.3 October 19585 October 1958B12 
BRINKMANCleburance A17 December 1924 D461
BRINKMANJoy B22 April 1928 D462
BROADWAYZachary Jareb26 July 198413 November 1994E147 
BROOKSR. L.18 September 184921 June 1877Old1424
BROWNJoe C24 October 186018 January 1929Old11212
BROWNEudocia C17 March 18637 April 1932Old11213
BROWNPhilip B17 February 19152 June 1984Old11919
BROWNJames R18671945Old1222
BROWNMollie A18681949Old1223
BROWNWilliam E12 January 188226 December 1931Old1224
BROWNJ. F.14 March 183625 September 1896Old1237
BROWNWillie F18961967Old2518
BROWNLillie N18931969Old2519
BROWNJoe R18981988Old485
BROWNBessie R19111999Old486
BROWNHenry Edward25 August 192427 June 1987A441
BROWNMargaret Alyne Evans12 July 1931 A442
BROWNMarjorie Ann19261982A99 
BROWNAnnie Rackley18951980A99 
BROWNWalter Evan6 July 189710 May 1978B3771
BROWNGrace Virginia28 June 18993 October 1984B3772
BROWNEthel Viola30 June 190010 March 1983C53 
BROWNRoy Clayton, Sr10 September 192117 November 1988D176 
BROWNDanny Ray14 April 19642 July 1997E129 
BROWNJames M24 November 19462 March 1996E2421
BROWNToni G31 October 1950 E2422
BROWNKristi Lauren19 May 19784 November 1998E295 
BROWNJim1936 E4221
BROWNLEEW. R.26 November 190427 July 1985D531
BROWNLEEVera5 November 1913 D532
BROWNLEEVelda M1 May 190824 February 1999D56 
BRUCEJack K19302000C135A 
BRUCELouis V15 October 192527 May 1994D2461
BRUCECatherine L3 November 1927 D2462
BRUNERLorraine12 June 19207 October 1999C48 
BRUSTMelvin C19231988D247 
BRUSTBarney L19271988D247 
BRUSTGeorge V3 February 193222 January 1992E4131
BRUSTBetty R21 February 1934 E4132
BRYANTJames A22 November 190219 May 1969A1531
BRYANTCorine19 September 1906 A1532
BRYANTDaniel C24 September 193727 July 1982C26 
BRYANTJarrod Paul22 September 197325 August 1999E440 
BRYDONNeta Joelle(29 January 2001)29 January 2001C90A 
BUCHANANClyde W30 December 190617 October 1991D121
BUCHANANPauline Walker7 October 191125 February 1992D122
BUCKDean W4 November 195411 July 2001E212 
BURDETTJames Carl19211977B424 
BURGERLeslie L20 March 19047 July 1905Old11710
BURGERHenry F19 January 189429 April 1908Old11711
BURGERAugust C4 November 1918 Old11712
BURKLANDBill G20 May 1942 A1961
BURKLANDNatalie F14 August 194126 January 1991A1962
BURKLANDSegfred20 October 189424 October 1968A198 
BURLESONMary B188519__Old1179
BURLESONLouisa Weir18441894Old1185
BURLESONAddie Lou18 December 191213 December 1985Old11821
BURLESONDavid Crockett18371911Old1198
BURMANLusetta16 November 18254 August 1891Old1211
BURMANRachel7 March 18245 October 1885Old1212
BURMEISTERNorman R13 April 191631 October 1994D33 
BURMEISTERL Justine6 October 1920 D33 
BURNETTRobert E7 April 1885 Old126 
BURNETTBetty13 April 188419 October 1958Old1269
BURNSMattie H28 March 190816 May 1986C116 
BURRISJohn W12 March 19095 December 1962A51
BURRISPauline28 April 191323 July 1992A52
BURTONCharles Henry13 May 19032 January 1992Old2128
BURTONChas F5 June 18581 January 1929Old2129
BURTONMollie E15 March 186424 July 1934Old21210
BURTONAaron “Bum”25 November 18963 April 1969Old21211
BURTONJohn Ernest19101997Old21213
BUTCHERWilliam Leon15 October 19047 April 1979B3531
BUTCHERWilliam Luther2 July 194913 October 1989B3533
BUTLERHarold5 October 191217 March 1987D98 
BUTTSJohn E, Jr.19581988D206 
BUTTSTimothy Lee19611994D206 
BYRAMChester H7 June 190128 July 1984B405 
BYRAMThelma O22 August 1907 B405 
CABIYAJoseph Manuel6 February 195623 November 2000E218 
CAINRalph Dee17 February 192419 December 1975B313 
CAINThomas A20 December 190615 August 1985D101
CAINLillian Maxine2 August 191110 April 2000D102
CALDERONMaria del Rosario6 January 195220 May 1998E173 
CALLENDERWrea Frank22 April 191726 March 1991D1671
CALLENDERElizabeth Ann18 July 192521 August 1989D1672
CAMERONCarrie O10 September 189310 February 1976Old21214
CAMERONJohn E25 September 18849 August 1962Old21215
CAMERONL. T.  Old21216
CAMERONLucille Ammons20 April 19118 December 1984B88 
CAMERONEstle E20 February 191114 September 1976B2201
CAMERONEthel25 September 190914 September 1984B2202
CAMERONAnna Elizabeth10 December 185620 November 1950Old21217
CAMPAlva Lee18911984Old4211
CAMPLudie Belle Jones19011993Old4212
CAPPELCherry Lynn Murry15 June 195019 February 2001E342 
CARDWELLInfant son  Old1413
CARDWELLWilliam Thurston3 February 189017 February 1892Old1511
CARDWELLInfant son7 April 18777 April 1877Old1512
CARDWELLMarie B25 October 18814 October 1918Old1513
CARDWELLAlbert19 July 188623 December 1923Old12712
CARNAHANDenver J1 June 192823 June 1981C10 
CARNESJ Elmer21 April 191212 March 1996E3701
CARNESBobby L Blakeney21 May 191324 November 2000E3702
CARPENTEREdna Turley4 January 187228 February 1965Old114
CARPENTERS. T.20 February 187413 May 1940Old115
CARPENTERShawnee Turley3 August 19047 March 1976Old121
CARPENTERKatherine Joy3 October 18996 January 1904Old153
CARPENTERInfant sons(28 February 1898)28 February 1898Old154
CARPENTERLeon5 July 192317 December 1988B95 
CARPENTERMichael L13 May 19548 November 1984C42 
CARRINGTONCarrol D15 February 189517 February 1895Old253
CARROLLJ. R.20 August 18299 June 1907Old217
CARSONJoe13 April 189330 May 1980A2001
CARSONCarrie1 August 190718 July 1993A2002
CARSONVernon30 July 192318 September 1982B3941
CARSONDell29 October 1925 B3942
CARTEREdward C16 August 189825 January 1918Old11817
CARTERIda Belle2 January 187329 April 1945Old11818
CARTERBob R21 April 187020 July 1947Old11819
CARTERRoy Jameson13 April 189517 February 1970Old11820
CARTERLezora M8 October 188517 March 1963Old11822
CARTERLindsey L11 October 187426 February 1952Old11823
CARTERMrs Lou T29 July 184115 February 1916Old11825
CARTERWilliam F (Bill)12 February 191126 December 1983A2041
CARTERMary Annis20 December 190924 January 1974A2042
CARTERSylvia May (Wheeler)13 September 193424 January 1979B291 
CARTWRIGHTBillie Jean M28 March (19)2620 January (19)96B324 
CARTWRIGHTDan22 October 19158 September 1980B324 
CARYWilliam Hobart28 May 189922 July 1989D1601
CARYEmma Josephine Class20 June 1918 D1602
CASAREZSheila Marie Alred28 February 19586 February 1994E53 
CASSIDYAlexandrea Pier(9 May 1993)9 May 1993E221
CASSIDYAngelliea Pier(9 May 1993)9 May 1993E222
CASTLEBERRYDavid16 May 18307 January 1889Old3205
CASTLEBERRYMargaret E HollidayNovember 18371 September 1900Old3206
CASTNERM Juanita19361992E317 
CATHEYR Q18 March 19293 December 1997B376 
CATHEYFreda L19351983C64 
CATLIFFN2 November 18?71 September 1877Old343
CAUTHENChas R22 October 188522 November 1939Old2329
CAUTHENRose16 September 18926 January 1919Old2330
CAUTHENDoris Morgan8 October 19134 September 1978Old3237
CEARLEYLeander Larkin21 August 18997 December 1966B1691
CEARLEYRuth Alleene15 April 190519 January 1990B1692
CHAMBERSRonald Dale, Jr.20 April 19752 June 1975B303 
CHAMBERSNewt12 June 192214 June 1974B303 
CHAMBERSVirgie8 May 1925 B303 
CHAMBERSCharles Leon21 October 19445 November 1987D95 
CHANCEKenneth Dale12 July 194218 October 1997Old1817
CHANCEEarlayne Summerrow Hess29 October 1942 Old1818
CHANEYKenneth L5 October 193822 August 1993E2781
CHANEYDarlene H23 November 1939 E2782
CHANGMike10 August 19203 March 1996E327 
CHELFCarl B22 October 194013 August 1999E414 
CHESNUTTThomas Donnell19141994E196 
CHILDRESSCrystal Gayle26 October 19768 August 2000E181 
CHITWOODJohn W20 January 1870January 1947Old285
CHITWOODHattie Stringer11 September 18796 August 1964Old286
CHITWOODAlton B27 July 190412 December 1976Old287
CHITWOODVirgil Davis13 November 19095 June 1994Old288
CHITWOODWinfred Noel16 April 190724 September 1998Old289
CHITWOODMathilde Webre10 September 192421 December 1995Old2810
CHITWOODJames S18731945Old431
CIELAKIEEdward J1 November 193513 September 1981C19 
CIOLEKJack Cobb11 September 193711 September 2001E309 
CISNEROSJoe E4 July 191423 January 1995E326 
CLAGGCharles E8 November 186414 May 1894Old2121
CLARKSamuel J14 July 186917 February 1942Old2816
CLARKIda Bell27 October 188426 March 1981Old2817
CLARKPreston Claude29 July 19185 March 1945Old2818
CLARKClifton Lee9 December 190817 April 1995Old2917
CLARKRuth Elle24 October 190925 February 1999Old2918
CLARKCecil M24 October 1912 Old2919
CLARKWayne P31 August 1911 Old2920
CLARKCecil Allen, Jr.6 April 196116 March 1964Old29 
CLARKWeldon Ray23 October 192422 November 1970B208 
CLARKRoland L19161990D270 
CLARKJanet M18 July 194231 December 1994E52 
CLARKGeorge Lee9 September 194412 December 1949Old2916
CLAYGeorge E9 June 19121 December 1976B1901
CLAYNettie I19 August 191021 October 1989B1902
CLENDENENCecil S1 February 191515 January 1964A3 
CLENDENNENEugene A25 March (19)133 January (19)91D266 
CLEVELANDM Catherine Crooks2 February 19364 October 1985D137 
CLEVENGERJack M19211993E319 
CLICKMartha L14 March 1945 B2451
CLICKJoseph F23 January 194428 May 1993B2452
CLIFTONWm J6 March 184231 December 1880Old1316
CLIFTONVicki Jo2 August 19591 April 1997E162 
CLYBURNS Lynden19011962Old4219
CLYBURNEldora Rogers25 August 190019 February 1997Old4220
CLYBURNJohn Henry8 June 188218 September 1975B188 
COATSEmily Corrigan4 January 192722 November 1998E311 
COBBGrover B, Sr.7 December 189217 January 1972A67 
COBBEthel A20 October 19061993A672
COCHRANMollie21 November 18792 December 1965A150 
COLEJeffrey W4 May 188116 February 1903Old1177
COLEBetty Ann7 December 192421 June 1976B263 
COLEEmma V27 September 191522 May 1986D147 
COLEFrancis H20 January 192929 January 1992D210 
COLEMary Lee19422000E226 
COLEMANJames J17 September 19033 October 1939Old296
COLLEYA. W.28 May 183628 January 1916Old2117
COLLEYWillie N18711945Old2119
COLLEYPurpy T18771950Old2120
COLLEYClarence B, Sr.24 August 190912 January 1982Old21 
COLLIERCalvin Jefferson11 April 18825 January 1968B1391
COLLIERBathsheba Milam9 February 189219 February 1987B1392
COLLIERCharles Wesley12 September 19174 July 1970B140 
COLLIERSarah Lavonia9 March 192323 March 1971B140 
COLLIERCalvin Jefferson, Jr.20 August 19239 November 2000B141 
COLLIERDoris Elaine Fritts17 August 1925B1412 
COMBSMarquis R19382001E348 
COMPTONJames A8 October 18987 February 1970B1651
COMPTONMaude T6 February 190116 January 1975B1652
COMPTONSeth3 March 19893 March 1989Baby7 
CONDEMarjorie Mae19311991D125 
CONKLEJoe Stephen5 June 192312 July 1987A31 
CONKLEHarry Stephen23 June 18878 February 1962A41 
CONKLESudie Bell5 October 190610 August 1962A41 
CONKLEMarvin J (Smoky)5 September 19419 June 1975A185 
CONNELLJudy C19442001E204 
CONNERLeroy B27 November 191122 July 1942Old2123
COOKEmma A28 April 18834 March 1959Old2520
COOKMary J20 August 185723 August 1940Old2522
COOKL. G.26 November 184918 August 1920Old2523
COOKC. C.1 February 18941 November 1962Old319
COOKSusie J20 July 18861964Old3110
COOKSEYFloyd W28 June 191116 March 1997E111
COOKSEYGladys B15 November 190814 December 1994E112
COOPMildred G27 May 192226 November 1988D166 
COOPERJerry Joe19 March 193616 August 1995Old12324
COOPERA Newton183726 October 1897Old12325
COOPERElizabeth Stapleton20 January 18414 November 1923Old12326
COOPERN Ollie18741928Old12327
COOPERJohanna W18841958Old12328
COOPERInfant son(11 January 1942)11 January 1942Old12426
COOPERBaby girl  Old12427
COOPERJana Lynn20 March 197320 March 1973Old12430
COOPERArchie M18801955Old12618
COOPERAurelia R18801972Old12619
COOPERMarvin J12 December 192020 April 1970Old12620
COOPERDora I22 June 192413 February 1962Old12621
COOPERCylde C4 October 190710 March 1987Old12622
COOPERLeather A3 April 191025 December 1969Old12623
COOPERJimmy Ray16 September 194324 April 1997Old12624
COOPERSamuel F18931966Old3612
COOPERLillie P28 August 18954 January 1966Old3613
COOPERClara Bell3 October 191418 November 2001A231
COOPERClaude Lee27 April 190620 July 1996A232
COOPERBobby G19 January 19333 April 1970B209 
COOPERRandy Ray2 June 195826 September 1996B209 
COOPERHarles Archie17 September 19188 May 1981C121
COOPERAnnie Mae3 July 1925 C122
COOPERJ. W. (Boots)19131989D2521
COOPERGeorgie M1922 D2522
COOPERClarence E9 August 1931 E4681
COOPERBetty S8 March 193518 March 1995E4682
COPEJohn Robert2 March 194423 February 1999E2971
COPECora Lee Schuh21 November 1948 E2972
COPELANDJames Timothy Kellen20 November 19841 March 1997E126 
CORDERThurman F26 October 193515 September 2001E463 
CORLEYHenry R9 November 19217 December 1992E418 
COSTLEYKathryn Jane14 October 19522 February 1997E25 
COVERTEdward Mundy29 June 183429 April 1908Old11211
COWANChester26 March 191721 January 1992D1841
COWANAnne Marie6 June 192426 March 1994D1842
COXWillie4 July 188825 August 1889Old182
COXJames Frank11 September 185026 July 1935Old183
COXBelle H6 October 18583 January 1943Old184
COXJ. B.18821941Old185
COXMerle Shepperd5 August 18894 October 1929Old1911
COXJohn H18851934Old2220
COXA. C., Jr.22 May 192627 March 1989Old315 
COXAlice Jean19 March 1934 Old3156
COXAlex24 December 189012 August 1973B1751
COXEmma Leta21 February 190628 June 1985B1752
COXRobert D, Jr19741974B310 
COXGeorge Howard19061978B349 
COXMary E19161984B349 
COXB. L.24 March 191515 March 1999D1871
COXM Lois25 September 1920 D1872
COXLinzy H, Jr 8 February 1931E691
COXMary Evelyn28 June 193613 January 1999E692
COXChristopher C15 August 19717 July 2000E391 
COXIris Ruth2 September 198731 January 1988Baby5 
CRANEForest”Big” M21 February 190929 February 1992B2441
CRANELucetta K28 November 1914 B2442
CRAWFORDJimmie Earl7 March 19474 November 2000Old317
CRAWFORDIsaac H1 March 19166 August 1961Old318
CRAWFORDGenevive (Jeanne)1927 B68 
CRAWFORDAggie J18901961B691
CRAWFORDMack D18861876B692
CRAWFORDEarlene Swenson23 November 1937 B1861
CRAWFORDDuffy Ray31 December 19318 August 1994B1862
CRAWFORDIsaac Lyle22 August 194228 March 1997E130 
CREAGERFrances L11 April 19116 June 1971B304 
CREWSMinta20 March 184231 August 1921Old1417
CREWSSam T15 February 187411 June 1951Old1161
CREWSOla17 March 188028 November 1965Old1162
CREWSMary E17 December 186430 January 1883Old1173
CREWSLealier S8 February 188125 March 1881Old1174
CREWSAnn Zora15 January 183929 December 1885Old1175
CREWSDavid W11 January 182813 October 1921Old1176
CREWSFrank H18791945Old1181
CREWSLena E18901962Old1182
CREWSN. D.27 April 187017 October 1891Old1183
CREWSEarl T19031961Old123A1
CREWSMaggie O19052000Old123A2
CROFFORDJoseph C19551994E140 
CROMEANSCharles R15 March 18911 March 1966A361
CROMEANSMay14 May 189229 April 1988A362
CROWEthan Randolph12 April 197231 August 1979B389 
CROWGary Lynn7 September 194130 August 1979B389 
CRUMLEYFloid Riley11 September 19191 March 1976B235 
CRUMLEYJames F28 July 191717 March 1994B235 
CRUMLEYAlvin (Frank)15 June 19578 December 1973B236 
CRUMLEYJames Darrell(8 March 1973)8 March 1973B237 
CRUMLEYElizabeth10 November 1980 B272 
CRUMLEYJenny LynnDecember 1974 B274 
CRUZSanta Renee18 November 19746 November 1992E96 
CRUZEWill P18791958Old2126
CRUZEAlice A18961985Old2127
CULLShirley F5 April 192015 April 1986D61 
CULLENClarence Charles26 December 191616 September 1993B3591
CULLENMaribel Buaas6 November 1918 B3592
CULLENEdwin Victor28 September 19029 December 1989D56 
CUNNIFFWilliam Earle21 May 192612 May 1997E841
CUNNIFFCharlotte R2 October 193129 January 1997E842
CUNNINGHAMJ. P.18721936Old12320
CUNNINGHAMDan Thomas27 November 188015 June 1943Old123A8
CUNNINGHAMJoshua Daniel8 February 198813 August 1988Baby6 
CURTISHoward W11 January 191712 October 1995D139 
CURTISVirginia G12 August 191828 November 1985D139 
DAHLSTROMEric C2 December 190113 September 1977B2611
DAHLSTROMDora H “Dodie”21 September 1905 B2612
DAHLSTROMEric L1 July 1928 E2371
DAHLSTROMAgnes E9 August 192821 October 1993E2372
DALEMorris A10 July 19093 August 1992A651
DALEAlphine E Canion15 July 1910 A652
DAVIDSONTena4 November 193026 May 1998E253 
DAVISCollis C27 October 191926 July 1948Old427
DAVISDonald Leo16 August 191427 December 1970A1151
DAVISLorene25 November 191012 February 1999A1152
DAVISAlvin D7 January 189316 December 1971B1131
DAVISGeorgia A6 April 190523 November 1997B1132
DAVISAlfred Vernon (Al)17 October 192810 January 1980B3161
DAVISGeraldine (Kitty)12 September 1933 B3162
DAVISDavid K16 September 19394 April 1991D113 
DAVISCarol Diane19592001E264 
DAVLINLinda Pauline Dietz29 June 19531 June 2015F235 
DEANEWalter S18761932Old11418
DEANELena B18811957Old11419
DEANEWalter B19011954Old11517
DEANERussell A190519__Old11518
DEANEJoe F28 August 190811 September 1971B471
DEANEMary K16 January 1919 B2 
DEANEJohn Blanton28 February 191016 December 1981B521
DEANERowena C Cruze3 May 1919 B522
DEANEJewel1921 D2272
DEANECylde18 July 19122 July 1991D228 
DEISONJohn Wesley5 February 197329 September 1975Heep17
DEKLEEarlene Ellis12 February 192018 November 1996C1141
DEKLEAubry17 December 19181 May 1991C1142
DELEONFrancisco Ramirez16 April 191322 November 1998D2481
DELEONPatricia Martinez27 August 191320 November 1987D2482
DELEONFrancisco “Frank” H21 December 19099 January 1995E191 
DELGADOCornelio GJr17 January 1945E2611
DELGADOLinda Gale12 December 194428 July 1998E2612
DENNISCarl20 May 189122 October 1965B1561
DENNISLouise18 March 190826 August 1997B1562
DENNISRobert Carl19 July 193028 December 1997B195 
DENTConnie Sue19572001E344 
DEPEWJohn HJr5 February 192123 March 1982B164
DERICKSONArvin L12 November 19504 August 1997E82 
DEWWayne W9 January 1926 E4171
DEWJ Lorene16 April 19302 September 1992E4172
DIALJames R21 July 19321 May 1977B232 
DIERSCHKETristan Daniel Wade31 August 20008 January 2001Baby20 
DILLEYOtis M3 September 192028 October 1995E5 
DITTMARRobert Sidney5 December 192531 May 1982C70 
DITTMARCarl D27 June 192015 July 1984D81
DITTMARBetty Y20 October 1932 D82
DIXIERobert B26 September 192030 September 2000D159 
DIXIEFlossie B19 August 191319 December 1988D159 
DIXONJerrell D10 March 19213 March 1992E274 
DOBBSPatricia Jean Wesely25 November 193819 May 1999E176 
DOBYNSBertha Mae5 February 190128 June 1995B254 
DODDWiley Arthur8 September 188828 January 1961B451
DODDMary Stephenson17 September 189214 June 1965B452
DODGENJohn Lafayette23 August 19058 May 1985B3551
DODGENRuby Mae Smith24 August 191215 February 2000B3552
DOHERTYLaura Lee9 December 191610 August 1917Old2335
DOHERTYLee W18961975Old2336
DOHERTYGrace A18981981Old2337
DOHERTYLaura Lee12 December 191610 August 1917Old4316
DOHERTYEnnis A19051978B991
DOHERTYBobby Jack30 October 193715 November 1989B101 
DORANTroy R19041969A661
DORANEdna B1922 A662
DORSETTTim “Skippy”7 March 19359 October 1996E2931
DORSETTLenora Mae25 June 1936 E2932
DOTSONOcie7 August 18961 June 1978A1431
DOTSONVera18 July 1912 A1432
DOWNINGKirk8 April 195221 September 1983D146 
DOWNSSenter P12 June 191615 February 1984C1191
DOWNSVelma B28 March 1928 C1192
DRAGONRaymond P19252001E343 
DRISKILLS. N.18741934Old1142
DRUMMONDBrian Keith6 March 196311 October 1973A184 
DUBEVirona Weisser9 August 191325 February 1993B401 
DUBEOrdell28 January 193720 July 1977B402 
DUNAHOOMildred Flinn18961956Old1146
DUNAHOOChester Alfred19021992Old1147
DUNCANRose Ann29 May 187420 August 1943Old11218
DUNCANGeorge L3 February 187723 September 1911Old11219
DUNCANClarence Earl28 June 18808 October 1935Old1243
DUNCANLolo30 December 18824 June 1954Old1244
DUNCANLemuel M19011902Old321
DUNHAMDaniel R18801966Old12610
DUNHAMFlorence R18801964Old12611
DUNHAMNancy T23 July 187413 May 1974B137 
DUNLAPBen Frank19081982B118 
DUNNAHOOVirginia M9 January 183923 February 1923Old113A2
DUNNAHOOAlfred11 September 187024 March 1926Old113A3
DUNNAHOOSarah Louise26 October 18739 August 1929Old113A4
DUNNAHOOThomas M10 January 186913 January 1956Old11421
DUNNAHOOCordie N27 December 187718 April 1964Old11422
DUNNAHOOSeth Thomas14 September 192111 August 1972B176 
DUNNAHOO-LAWSMarguriete L2 March 192612 April 1996B176 
DUTCHERLucile J3 September 189319 March 1947Old4416
DYEWilliam Alfred1939 D1791
DYELatrell Lorrisa Owens19381990D1792
DYERMartha Lee Jennings3 April 1927 D1222
DYKESKelly Michelle16 November 197226 May 2001E222 
EADYCarl Edward15 September 19309 February 1999Old373
EADYGladys1999 Old374
EADYWilliam Jackson18 September 193624 July 2000Old435
EADYLittle Louise26 July 194429 April 1952A60 
EARLYBethany Ruth5 April 197929 June 1996E336 
EASLEYLucy Belle25 April 187820 November 1881Old144
EDINGTONMelissa Dawn23 April 197427 August 1991E228 
EDMISTONCarlton Maley11 November 192714 December 1995C821
EDMISTONWilma Dean3 June 1929 C822
EDWARDSMalford C, Sr11 September 190518 February 1979Old112 
EDWARDSMartha Lee16 August 190822 June 1971Old11225
EDWARDSRobert Dempsey5 August 191712 October 1978Old11226
EDWARDSJosie Bee6 June 193215 October 1961A6 
EDWARDSRosemary31 August 19562 June 1976A7 
EITZEHarold Otto17 September 191617 August 1999A551
EITZELois Barclay10 July 19177 January 2002A552
ELLIOTEthel Dodd31 July 192926 March 2000A62 
ELLIOTTDollie3 October 189012 March 1912Old1238
ELLIOTTMary O31 December 187112 May 1960Old1239
ELLIOTTMilton H25 November 18651 December 1955Old12310
ELLIOTTLaura17 July 186623 April 1937Old31011
ELLIOTTNeal25 November 186017 November 1923Old31012
ELLIOTTAce B15 December 18535 November 1939Old31114
ELLIOTTEdna30 July 187025 September 1926Old31115
ELLIOTTJohn B13 January 190418 January 1979Old31212
ELLIOTTJasper C20 August 187114 April 1942Old31213
ELLIOTTCallie F13 April 187627 December 1957Old31214
ELLIOTTMaggie14 February 186721 February 1903Old3136
ELLIOTTInfant daughter6 April 19006 April 1900Old3137
ELLIOTTAndrew J13 April 1902 Old3138
ELLISAlse M6 April 187513 December 1947Old3164
ELLISLora Lee11 June 19973 November 1948Old3165
ELLISJimmy W28 May 193812 December 1982Old3193
ELLISL. A.26 May 189914 January 1976Old3195
ELLISMary E17 January 19018 September 1982Old3196
ELLISLillie May18771920Old3198
ELLISRobert P18751906Old3199
ELLISMarvin E19331978Old31911
ELLISHattie Herrin18 May 18991 January 1933Old4210
ELLISBrehon F26 April 194320 November 1999B3781
ELLISJewell D23 November 1937B3782 
ELLISBennie F9 April 1916B4211 
ELLISReola M25 October 1915B4212 
ESTRELLOJose C20 July 195414 February 1990D39 
ETHERIDGESarah A18551937Old277
EUERSLewis T18 August 18824 February 1973A501
EUERSNeatie B1 December 188011 March 1975A502
EUERSNorman Otto22 April 191126 May 2001B161
EUERSRosa Wolff11 December 191226 March 1981B162
EUERSThomas Lewis19071989D112 
EUERSMarybelle19 April 19241 October 1991E232 
EUERSLester D1 January 1920 E3851
EUERSMary Jo27 August 192123 March 2000E3852
EVANSNolie Aline24 July 191220 August 1997A46 
EVANSSylbia C19 November 1926 A471
EVANSWilliam Owen6 October 191128 May 1968A472
EVANSAnna Julia29 October 19133 July 1971A87 
EVANSJames Clayton26 January 191530 April 1976B210 
EVANSClyde M18 November 191310 April 1975B320 
EVANSJames E9 July 195312 April 1987D91 
EVERETTAdolph1874January 1954Old12329
EVERSOLERaymond2 August 190221 December 1964Old1231
EVERSOLEGeorgia19 December 190715 September 1969Old1232
EVILSIZERRichard D31 August 193531 December 1996E75 
EWALDLena27 April 189918 December 1967B1191
EWALDEddie11 April 18996 May 1970B1192
FADEJ Lee7 November 192221 July 1972B133 
FARQUHARAlice N18831970B163 
FARRELLGeorge W15 December 19141 November 1991B3921
FARRELLMary A28 May 191820 April 1975B3922
FARRISJohn B25 February 19051 December 1978B358 
FASELFaye2 April 195228 November 1987D150 
FAURIEElie M, Jr6 January 192915 April 1970B134 
FAYOMichael R, Sr.19 September 1916May 1985C43 
FELPSNewton H5 March 18797 March 1964Old4105
FELPSLouise E12 January 190322 March 1992Old4106
FELPSRoy Wesley2 November 190821 December 1944Old4107
FENTONMarvin L, Jr.14 May 195817 March 1997E29 
FERGUSONSarah E12 April 185423 August 1902Old2122
FERGUSONE. G.7 September 18576 October 1928Old2221
FERGUSONMary AbneyMarch 1917October 1962A124 
FERGUSONJohn, Jr.28 June 191316 June 1984B318 
FERGUSONKatherine Woods13 July 1917 B3182
FERGUSONRuth M14 October 19138 August 1983C26 
FIGEROscar30 March 189411 January 1985Old494
FIGERLettie14 June 190220 February 1993Old495
FISHERThomas Gregory10 December 195218 April 1999E212 
FLANDERSIdy E19 July 195231 December 1994E285 
FLENNIKENMene8 July 18762 August 1959Old3118
FLENNIKENDavid G13 February 187230 October 1938Old3119
FLORIDAWilliam K2 May 18959 December 1964Old411
FLORIDARuth J18 August 18983 September 1971Old412
FLORIDAWilliam W25 January 19215 April 1978Old413
FLOURNOYBillie Davis15 April 1930 E490 
FORDRonald Dean18 December 192819 June 1988D36 
FORDMagda Magdalena20 October 192910 May 1995D36 
FORISTERRonald L19501988D170 
FOSSELMANHorace27 November 18967 March 1897Old11019
FOSTERArthur R18911963B741
FOSTERMarie M18971990B742
FOXWilliam M15 May 1904 Old2415
FOXRuby M9 April 191030 June 1980Old2416
FOXWilliam M, Jr21 June 19394 March 1965Old24 
FRANKIJudy M23 August 19418 January 1974B440 
FRANKIFred D18 June 191017 October 1993B4441
FRANKIEdna A12 May 1921 B4442
FRANKLINClara18 September 189128 January 1978B337 
FRANKSPhyliss22 December 194722 December 1947Old12428
FRANKSLarry22 December 194721 January 1948Old12429
FRANKSRaymond L21 April 1915 Old468
FRANKSRozelle Hollis24 December 1918 Old469
FRANKSLaverne16 December 193615 May 1937Old4610
FRANKSClaude I26 September 18923 June 1972Old4612
FRANKSBeulah L7 January 18959 May 1972Old4613
FRANKSR Clifton20 September 193828 September 1985D57 
FRANKSF. F.8 April 1915 D2501
FRANKSAnn Cooper26 January 1923 D2502
FREEMANRobert I25 June 192326 August 1996Old3516
FREEMANMac J16 March 1926 Old3517
FREEMANRobert9 August 18999 September 1961A92 
FREEMANPauline18 February 19056 June 1970A92 
FRIARH Kenneth12 August 19381 November 1991E49 
FRITTSGeorge W30 March 186714 March 1942B171
FRITTSAnnie Medearis25 May 187119 January 1959B172
FRITTSRoy C8 February 18994 June 1978B18 
FRITTSJack Garner1 February 193231 May 1997B791
FRITTSGaye Clemens21 September 1936 B792
FRITTSJim Smith3 December 190131 December 1989B1821
FRITTSDolly Birkner6 January 1907 B1822
FRITZGeorge H, Jr20 April 197326 March 1999E449 
FRYERBryan James27 February 199328 February 1993E243 
FUESE. W. (Bill)27 January 18958 September 1970Old1215
FUESLittie Mae14 December 189811 April 1979Old1216
FULLERNeal Dow21 September 189317 March 1969Old329
FULLERDonald L19 January 19528 April 1997D270A 
FULLINGHAMMark Neal16 June 195627 August 1990C23 
GABBERTFloyd W2 July 192725 November 1985D138 
GAGEEdna Willis20 November 189220 June 1976B144 
GAGEEdwin Willis9 July 191431 July 1999B1451
GAGEAvis Cole24 November 191124 February 1996B1452
GAGEStafford Glenn9 December 194012 June 1982C108 
GAGNONMary E18531918Old1429
GAGNONMedard D18471911Old1430
GALBREATHVernon C19021960Old4125
GALBREATHCarl E18801953Old4126
GALBREATHElizabeth M18811975Old4127
GALBREATHO’Dean18 May 191519 December 1978B431
GALBREATHAlma M19 March 190610 September 1976B432
GALBREATHLeycester R31 January 191212 November 1988B441
GALBREATHOlga H4 June 191421 December 1989B442
GALBREATHDonald H4 September 193023 February 1997E372 
GALLOWAYPinkston N1 November 191216 August 1973B243 
GAMBILLRobert L1 December 19269 April 1978B344 
GANDYA. C.13 October 18685 February 1891Old372
GAREFALOSVina Medford19131989B228 
GARISONDavid S, Sr.18841959Old125 
GARISONAnna B18921959Old1259
GARISONJohn D17 July 188123 January 1974Old1276
GARISONByrd Mims29 June 188429 April 1922Old1277
GARISONDavid Gell17 August 191229 April 1922Old1278
GARISONLucy A25 September 18867 January 1919Old1279
GARRETTNelson3 October 19096 April 1984Old2722
GARRETTMildred19 August 191027 August 1993Old2723
GARRETTMartha A18771961Old2724
GARRETTWalter C18761924Old2725
GARRISONMinnie Jameson18741950Old11916
GARTMANBessie A19201983A93 
GARTMANA. J.19161968A94 
GARTMANJerry Glen19431965A94 
GATLINJohn “Jack” Harold25 February 1946 A481
GATLINLynda Sue25 December 194718 October 1999A482
GATLINJohn M20 January 190110 April 1970A491
GATLINNelda E11 December 19023 September 1989A492
GAULTRoger Browning24 March 188321 November 1973Old2839
GAULTVivian Irene29 March 189412 November 1948Old2840
GAULTJoe John30 April 19162 September 1942Old2841
GAUTIERJuanita Reed14 July 193225 June 1998C71 
GEARHARTErnest Earl28 March 19332 November 1993E8 
GEBHARDTBen L29 December 1896 A691
GEBHARDTGladyce14 October 189913 September 1972A692
GEBHARDTBenjamin L, Jr.27 December 19245 June 1977B229 
GENTRYBarbara Kay26 May 19618 January 1984B128 
GEORGEHenry W11 October 189711 October 1980B300 
GEORGEHelen C19061996B300 
GIBBSDel B2 July 193728 April 1979B352 
GIBSONEula C20 March 190230 April 1964Old21218
GLENNAmelia E18 March 186218 March 1899Old418
GOBERBaby girlNovember 1962(November 1962)Old2419
GOBERThurman M12 June 193013 October 1965Old2420
GOBERPerry A1 June 18991 July 1980Old2421
GOBERHattie Stacy5 September 190412 December 1999Old2422
GOBERJames Howard8 February 194220 February 1985C135 
GOLDENBertie7 December 191116 January 1995D2131
GOLDENElster2 June 19112 May 1992D2132
GOODENHarold W3 May 191413 September 1988B3671
GOPFFARTHGeorge J5 September 19071 March 1994Old11910
GOPFFARTHBernice H5 August 19075 June 1971Old11911
GRACEGeorge Barry19001926Old477
GRACEJefferson Daniel3 January 186217 April 1928Old478
GRACEMargaret Idella9 February 187127 November 1918Old479
GRACEArthur D27 April 190830 October 1977B1731
GRACELena E17 January 191024 October 1997B1732
GRACERussell D26 September 196027 November 1982B1741
GRACEDorothy M Clayton26 October 1930 B1742
GRACEArthur R23 March 193028 April 2001D239 
GRACEGloria L27 November 192719 March 1988D239 
GRACEPhillip Bruce26 June 1934 D2531
GRACEDorothy Jean11 June 193518 March 1989D2532
GRAEFMartin Clements21 February 191211 February 1992Old248
GRAEFBertha Allman15 June 1911 Old249
GRAEFMartin C4 December 195716 December 1967Old2511
GRAEFErvin2 May 191615 March 1938Old2613
GRAEFEdmund29 November 188823 December 1941Old2614
GRAEFMathilda18 December 188224 April 1951Old2615
GRAEFEdgar Roland8 May 191826 February 1993Old2713
GRAEFGussie Israel4 December 1919 Old2714
GRAEFBaby daughter8 August 19628 August 1962Old2715
GRAEFKolmar15 November 191426 September 1971B2951
GRAEFMelda27 September 19131 September 1996B2952
GRAMSMilton William5 August 190826 November 1978B2191
GRAMSEdna WIlson12 September 19178 August 1997B2192
GRAVISAddie Mae28 May 19173 January 1935Old12322
GRAVISJesse A31 July 19209 March 1928Old12323
GRAVISJessie Herd18911934Old12614
GRAVISW. A.21 October 18879 December 1955Old12617
GRAVISMandie L18941973B128 
GRAVISBarney D, Jr.30 January 194822 April 1971B185 
GRAVISBarney D, Sr.7 June 192616 March 1993E12 
GRAYN. S.30 December 18562 April 1880Old163
GRAYPaul Milton6 January 1913 E3671
GRAYMary Stewart15 January 1913 E3672
GRAYFred Stewart19 October 194419 May 1999E3673
GREATHOUSEGlen E19 September 194619 February 1993E19 
GREENW. W.19 October 187027 March 1948Old1167
GREENDocia A25 September 187916 August 1971Old1168
GREENWilliam H30 July 189715 August 1962Old1264
GREENBernice25 April 190112 April 1988Old1265
GREENRagen Lee10 May 19053 February 1967A135 
GREENAlma A W Ebner14 July 19128 February 1994A135 
GREENLuther24 November 19095 April 1968A144 
GREENEmmett L9 April 189911 June 1956A208 
GREENLena K8 October 190413 February 1986A208 
GREENThomas A22 September 191813 October 1977B4001
GREENMargaret H11 January 1928 B4002
GREENR Frank8 April 192324 May 1980C31
GREENFrances28 December 192519 August 1995C32
GREENHAWWilliam Joseph18 March 190418 January 1911Old1423
GREENHAWJohn Edward19061965Old1618
GREENHAWIla Daphna19101997Old1619
GREENHAWSarah Elizabeth18841956Old174
GREENHAWJeff FMay 1908April 1936Old175
GREENHAWGeorge W18481925Old176
GREENHAWG. W. (Doc)18721965Old12313
GREENWOODPearl Estelle19061988Old3132
GREER(Sonny) Lewis E17 October 19396 June 1984C1231
GREERRuby L Smit23 July 1943 C1232
GREGORYAlice L19201984C132 
GRELLEEdgar E3 August 191011 February 1987B2551
GRELLEGloria H19 July 192321 September 2000B2552
GRIBBLEBaby(23 May 1940)23 May 1940Old31110
GRIBBLEDavid Andrew4 August 193721 September 1968Old31111
GRIBBLEAndrew W18 January 188523 January 1972Old3127
GRIBBLEDorothy Flenniken22 September 189930 November 1987Old3128
GRIFFINErnest Richard29 January 189825 January 1984A381
GRIFFINMabel Julia Wininger3 June 19084 August 1991A382
GRIFFINVernon Sylvester13 January 191023 May 1998A1091
GRIFFINJessie E28 July 191431 January 1964A1092
GRIMESWalter S18941963A1681
GRIMESEmma M18971981A1682
GRIMESGeorge Robert10 July 19171 February 1986D186 
GRIMESRonald A7 October 195318 January 1995E321 
GRIZZLEStarkey C, Jr.19161967Old125 
GRIZZLEAlma Rose19172000Old1256
GROVEBret Harold10 December 19561 July 1995E1451
GROVEDru Ann Shipman11 July 1955 E1452
GRUMBLESHerbert E, Sr.13 December 190721 September 1980B240 
GRUMBLESMineola P15 August 1913 B2402
GRUTZMACHERWillie M20 May 189617 June 1965B511
GRUTZMACHERCallie15 February 190017 May 1978B512
GUESSWilliam T13 July 191025 December 1931Old1228
GUINNDavid Earl21 January 196216 May 1994E189 
GUNDERSONRobert James19 November 194518 July 1997E901
GUNDERSONPatricia Darlene18 April 1958 E902
GUYONDaisy E18801948Old4122
GUYONRoy E9 May 190412 December 1976Old4123
GUYONRuth8 August 1913 Old4124
GWYNNEdward Riley23 June 1929 Old241
GWYNNShirley Rylander20 September 193527 June 2000Old242
HAFFELDERTommie B1908 B1021
HAFFELDERElizabeth C19171999B1032
HAGENJames P15 October 19092 July 1959B63 
HALLFrances Marie25 September 192514 March 1997B254 
HALLCharles David19721999E342 
HAMBLINMary E21 June 187910 January 1943Old2521
HAMBRICKEarl Kinsey15 July 191120 February 1992A108 
HAMBRICKMyrtle C22 February 19135 March 1989A108 
HAMBURGERAzalee Morgan25 June 18997 November 1986Old3236
HAMILTONEmma Ann16 February 182425 September 1912Old191
HAMILTONBettie20 March 186320 March 1904Old192
HAMILTONFrank D, Sr.3 August 194031 October 1992E283 
HAMILTONAllen R19 July 191814 December 200E3391
HAMILTONMarjorie B30 November 192314 February 1999E3392
HAMMANLillian W9 May 191216 August 1993Old4113
HAMMETTWashington B18271888Old1416
HAMMETTMaggie Addie10 September 18996 October 1900Old3135
HAMMETTA. J.17 February 1907 Old31511
HAMMETTBeaulah28 October 186919 March 1904Old31513
HAMMOCKClyde (Oscar)2 November 1928 E230 
HAMMOCKEvelyn Pollan26 October 1932 E230 
HAMPTONAlva Blaine26 May 191221 May 1989A53 
HAMPTONAlva Lou18821964A531
HAMPTONAdah Grace18831997A532
HANCOCKJohn H4 June 182513 July 1889Old1313
HANCOCKMartha A2 July 183222 April 1886Old1314
HANCOCKChas B, Jr.18951897Old13 
HANCOCKSarah F22 July 183418 February 1905Old1422
HANCOCKJohn G20 January 1906 Old12315
HANCOCKGolda A10 October 190727 June 1970Old12316
HANCOCKSarah Elizabeth11 March 19049 November 1904Old123A4
HANCOCKChas B29 July 186225 December 1951Old123A5
HANCOCKSarah E3 August 186614 April 1963Old123A6
HANCOCKAnna Velma  Old123A7
HANCOCKJohn R, Sr.10 February 190813 September 1982C31 
HANCOCKBernice L3 February 191517 May 1988C312
HANEYVirgil B3 January 191113 April 1979B292 
HARBERJames M28 December 185522 December 1948Old11913
HARBERMary J3 August 185314 January 1935Old11914
HARDINJoseph H20 November 184020 August 1873B38 
HARDINNancy Gay15 September 194223 December 1993E104 
HARGISGary D17 April 196225 June 1983C121 
HARLNile25 August 19153 September 1983C81 
HARLKatherine M3 June 192620 February 1986C81 
HARLANRichard Wayne19 February 195325 July 1984D21 
HARPJessie7 April 18892 July 1969A130 
HARPJames M2 August 1894 B1461
HARPMattie L6 December 1896 B1462
HARPJohn Henry22 July 19266 April 1973B146 
HARPLeonard Willie29 July 191322 April 1975B2271
HARPElna Blancke28 April 192123 March 1989B2272
HARPERWaldo17 December 19225 March 1998E133 
HARRELLErnest G19131977B4291
HARRELLEdna D19141988B4292
HARRELLCadwell Tabb28 October 192026 April 1990C731
HARRELLMaidland Gray27 October 19188 December 1997C732
HARRISWalton Lee27 January 191630 January 1994Old391
HARRISEthel Elizabeth14 January 1918 Old392
HARRISEdward L2 September 18822 May 1965Old3114
HARRISSadie B27 March 18961 February 1972Old3115
HARRISI. L. “Shorty”3 October 1913 Old3122
HARRISEva L23 August 1924 Old3123
HARRISRobert Lee12 July 19565 May 1987Old3124
HARRISJoseph L26 February 18539 November 1940Old3133
HARRISMary J22 June 186224 April 1938Old3134
HARRISErmon Jackson20 January 190113 December 1932Old3146
HARRISEdward W24 March 189025 March 1974B90 
HARRISFrances S28 February 189725 March 1987B90 
HARRISFrances P13 October 191714 January 1994B90 
HARRISEdward W, Jr.25 December 191921 December 1994B90 
HARRISRoy B11 June 192316 February 1975B234 
HARRISRoy V1978 B234 
HARRISBrenda Kay19611997E36 
HARRISGlenn15 February 19399 June 2001E178 
HARRISCarl Bruce16 June 194612 January 1993E1831
HARRISBobbie Joyce26 November 1935 E1832
HARRISLester Thomas, Jr10 October 19331 May 2000E400 
HARRISElizabeth Ann Burleson26 March 1934 E4002
HARRISBobby Lee9 August 195711 May 1989E401 
HARRISONBenjamin Marvin4 April 191615 March 1996E3811
HARRISONMartha Parr11 September 1918 E3812
HARTInfant son21 August 187421 August 1874Old133
HARTT(ennessee) Belle (Turley)22 August 185426 August 1874Old134
HARTJ. N.25 February 186221 July 1938Old231
HARTLuna B27 February 187621 July 1923Old232
HARTMorris “Hip”14 November 19043 December 1967Old233
HARTFrank W28 April 191729 February 2000Old3153
HARTEva Belle13 February 191323 January 1996Old3154
HARTGROVEBaby  Old21219
HARTLEYNancy A13 September 19 E4071
HARTLEYLouis D, Jr.24 March 19311 August 1991E407 
HASTINGSRose Marie11 September 195817 February 1978B368 
HAVEMANHarvey L21 December 1932 Old1266
HAVEMANFrances B31 July 1933 Old1267
HAWKMartin R14 October 18892 February 1951Old397
HAWKMaude Alma15 June 189030 December 1969Old398
HAWKDonald W17 October 191310 October 1998C111
HAWKDorothy G28 September 191512 March 1998C112
HAWKBilly W23 July 194315 December 1999E2021
HAWKAlma Jean Bulian23 July 1942 E2022
HAWKINSEarl Ben19632001E486 
HEARNDavid L15 March 1932 E581
HEARNJuanelle H19 July 19337 January 1993E582
HEATHPete29 August 192212 August 1997E105 
HEATHFrankie E19232002E258 
HECTORAmy Elvina1 January 188319 August 1976Old3181
HECTORJett William8 February 188327 January 1958Old3182
HECTORMrs E M20 June 185429 October 1919Old3183
HECTORA. L.21 March 184613 September 1903Old3184
HECTORLouis B29 March 19199 November 1996Old3201
HECTORBertie Lee26 May 191321 August 1931Old3203
HECTORL. B.13 September 191125 December 1911Old3204
HECTORJames K30 December 193622 October 1938Old451
HECTORMarvin B19101992Old452
HECTORLurlene G19091975Old453
HECTORMegan “Sue Sue”1940(19)45Old4115
HECTORRussell C19071985Old4117
HECTORRussell D16 May 188316 May 1975Old4128
HECTORElla E24 December 18867 August 1956Old4129
HEEPTommie  Heep11
HEEPEmma18 April 18717 June 1957Heep21
HEEPMary1 April 187730 December 1903Heep23
HEEPBoone H10 August 189513 March 1976Heep31
HEEPZoe Cage8 December 189715 September 1989Heep32
HEEPInfant sons19181920Heep33
HEEPAlma25 August 186626 December 1956Heep34
HEEPF. A.28 June 185315 July 1916Heep35
HEEPAnna V2 July 1888 Heep36
HEEPBoone Hillsman, Jr.14 April 192712 May 1978Heep3 
HEEPMinnie Belle18 July 190721 March 1993Heep41
HEEPHerman F2 April 189910 February 1960Heep42
HEEPLudwig24 May 182611 June 1920Heep43
HEEPCharlotte28 August 183427 March 1925Heep44
HEEPHenry W31 December 18584 July 1941Heep45
HEEPinfant  Heep37
HEIDEMANNHerman H8 December 18742 June 1949Old2622
HEIDEMANNAgatha B19 November 188215 January 1969Old2623
HEISEJanis L15 March 1934 E171
HEISERichard D2 April 1933 E172
HEISERHilda3 January 19147 January 1915Old4710
HELTONJohn Anthony26 June 191825 March 1984C79 
HENDERSONClifton Wayne26 August 197928 March 1998Old1234
HENDERSONJames R18731940Old437
HENDERSONLucinda Shorter18751936Old438
HENDERSONEula K2 February 190128 April 1935Old445
HENDERSONTom N18 August 189912 May 1929Old446
HENDERSONEva P23 March 192019 October 1922Old447
HENDERSONLena B27 February 191827 February 1918Old448
HENDERSONRaymond E8 October 19148 June 1917Old449
HENDERSONRoy Neal20 October 190725 November 1987Old456
HENDERSONO. B.26 February 192722 August 1941Old465
HENDERSONJohn Peeler6 October 191014 November 1978Heep12
HENDERSONMary Lou Heep22 April 192720 May 1998Heep13
HENDERSONRicardo Jose30 September 196522 February 1986D188 
HENSLEYJohn Thomas16 March 19331 December 1992E4 
HERBERTDavid13 May 195631 August 1989D165 
HERBERTWm Johnson24 September 190928 March 1995E4151
HERBERTHelen E14 July 1910 E4152
HERNANDEZJesus14 June 190113 March 1997D1281
HERNANDEZVictoria12 January 1920 D1282
HERNANDEZKathy Knause15 March 195927 October 1986D203 
HERRICKLynette27 March 19159 April 1941Old11824
HERRINJames M2 October 18808 December 1962Old424
HERRINRebecca Jane26 May 186424 March 1949Old425
HERRINArchie Allen3 February 188428 February 1949Old426
HERRINEsther Lee9 December 18924 April 1945Old428
HERZOGBrenda Sue19521990D223 
HEWITTJames A3 February 187020 November 1886Old12011
HEWITTRobert1 May 187813 March 1907Old12012
HEWITTJoseph W18711940Old12013
HEWITTLaura B  Old12014
HICKSWanda Stine12 September 194818 November 1984C51 
HICKSONTroy W29 June 19206 October 1975Old3197
HIGHTLloyd15 August 191626 November 1998B1121
HIGHTMinnie16 April 191310 May 1990B1122
HILBURNinfant1 January 19235 January 1923Old4118
HILBURNtwins18 March 193518 March 1935Old4119
HILBURNWiley14 October 1938 Old411 
HILLBilly DeWayne20 November 196422 September 2000E128 
HINKLEFerne F20 April 191530 May 1986D192 
HIZERArminta5 August 186419 November 1901Old3149
HOAGCarl D16 October 193630 June 1994A1451
HOAGOrine M21 March 193929 March 1996A1452
HOBBSElfie27 October 190025 September 1980B1551
HOBBSCarl26 November 189410 August 1981B1552
HODGEDorris D19091990B1071
HODGECullie L19141991B1072
HODGESWillis Alonzen14 February 18897 December 1974B305 
HODGESAnnie Laurie3 September 189313 July 1989D210 
HOESElmore Bryant, Jr.14 April 193117 July 1997E165 
HOESRubie “Lee” Baker11 January 19294 June 2001E1652
HOESRichard Dean19 August 1959 E166 
HOGANJane Sue Carpenter Ogg28 July 191420 March 1987Old112
HOGANWilliam Ranson23 November 190826 September 1971Old113
HOHERTZWallace Wilburn13 January 19352 February 2001Old442
HOHERTZPatricia Mary Ellen23 January 1934 Old443
HOHERTZWalter Wm16 February 19113 November 1989C1051
HOHERTZRuth M22 July 1914 C1052
HOHMANNAbner Albert9 July 193228 December 1951B4 
HOHMANNWilhelm E15 September 190210 June 1983B4 
HOHMANNWanda M13 March 1909 B4 
HOLCOMBAdam Scott17 January 196222 August 1996E1511
HOLCOMBRhonda Rene7 November 1967 E1512
HOLDEREddie Lee31 January 191730 January 1986B291 
HOLLOWAYNoah J24 March 19072 July 1967A43 
HOLLOWAYWilliam Ponder13 October 19102 January 1972B443 
HOLLOWAYWilliam Wayne16 January 195622 February 1990D76 
HOLLOWAYBilly Wayne17 August 193011 May 1997D761
HOLLOWAYLinda Sue4 February 1948 D772
HOLTWayland Tony12 February 1942 E3451
HOLTPeggy2 July 19448 April 2000E3452
HOLTZCLAWJohn W18421904Old251
HOLTZCLAWHarriett E18411906Old252
HOLTZCLAWWilliam E18701937Old262
HOLTZCLAWJessie S18751952Old263
HOLTZCLAWWilliam E, Jr.19071954Old26 
HOLTZCLAWMargaret Chessher30 March 190911 January 1928Old261
HOLWEGERAlice7 February 19221 October 1997A181 
HOLWEGERDouglas S6 May 195112 July 1973A181 
HONCFrank M18 October 194129 July 1997E1701
HONCWanda D21 December 1948 E1702
HOOKERA. Lee24 April 191826 May 1997E1271
HOOKERDorothy M23 February 1926 E1272
HOOVERPearl L24 September 189922 July 1966B116 
HOPKINSRobert W, Sr19621986D92 
HORRIGANJohn P27 June 19322 July 1995D105 
HORTONJoseph Julian2 March 18939 May 1970A1581
HORTONNina Williams13 September 190428 August 1976A1582
HOUSEMANHarriette20 May 19054 May 2001Heep14
HOUSEMANHal22 May 190015 January 1963Heep15
HOUSTONEchman4 July 186619 March 1901Old2510
HOVLANDAnton Ivan28 December 186117 November 1950Old2216
HOWARDMary Leon21 June 19126 February 1983Old12510
HOWARDRay S9 February 19134 November 1935Old12511
HOWARDMary Virginia18 February 188831 August 1973Old226
HOWEAra11 January 18903 November 1924Old433
HOWEJohn Robert4 February 187613 May 1961Heep22
HOWEDarrel A30 December 1938 E4561
HOWEGretchen V16 February 194217 May 1993E4562
HOWELLE. L. “Bud”11 August 191428 February 1992A561
HOWELLBuddie, Jr.(21 September 1972)21 September 1972A56 
HOWELLMadge M4 December 1905 A563
HOWELLTillman11 January 190930 June 1992C281
HOWELLRowena1 October 19111 February 1997C282
HOWELLSam17 January 196014 September 1989D120 
HUBBARDArlie C27 January 190015 June 1978Old3107
HUBBARDWillie P15 July 189817 March 1988Old3108
HUBERCharles HarryJr27 September 195715 June 1978B334
HUCKABYLester A19 March 1910 D2411
HUCKABYOleta H12 July 1915 D2412
HUDDLESTONDelbert A11 October 19177 July 1978Old1201
HUDDLESTONLenore B24 January 188821 September 1961Old1202
HUDDLESTOND. A.16 January 188522 January 1964Old1203
HUDDLESTONNewty17 April 188326 December 1885Old1204
HUDDLESTONLorene24 August 19056 November 1914Old12415
HUDDLESTONCleburne C18791947Old12416
HUDDLESTONNeva Cardwell18791971Old12417
HUFFThomas M10 January 18189 February 1888Old11512
HUGHESNellie Nora Teague18901970Old2932
HUGHESLorenzo L7 July 187929 October 1883Old381
HUGHESPaulina J21 August 185025 January 1920Old383
HUGHESA. A.17 October 181729 January 1880Old384
HUGHESMary Ann2 December 182821 February 1892Old385
HUGHESS. J.21 August 186329 September 1898Old393
HUGHESMaggie M1 February 186512 October 1954Old394
HULSEYDolores A5 September 192827 February 1969B132 
HUNTERCarroll L, Sr.21 February 19296 January 1991D199 
HUNTERVelma S15 December 1953 D1992
HUNTLEYHelen Marie24 September 191616 April 1999E34 
HURLBUTPearl L18821972Old278
HURLBUTCharles H18721946Old279
HUTCHINSDeborah True11 December 19544 August 1982C54 
HUTSONWilliam Langston5 February 19102 August 1997Old11020
HUTSONViolet Lemora Swank24 September 191328 March 1994Old11021
HUTSONMark2 June 188517 March 1962A1C1
HUTSONMary Eva22 October 19004 January 1975A1C2
HUTSONArie W6 December 190619 September 1978B1141
HUTSONRosie A25 May 190919 April 1967B1142
HYDEDorothy Ray19231907A1A 
HYDETommy  B323 
HYLANDRobert J19 September 190024 June 1918Old113A10
HYLANDJ EugeneApril 1871December 1959Old113A11
HYLANDAtie KDecember 1880November 1965Old113A12
HYNESWilliam Ray19 March 19849 April 1992D108 
IBERGRobert Eugene19 August 198526 August 1985Baby4 
IRELANDJohn4 May 18511 March 1936Old1188
IRELANDBessie F20 May 186823 April 1956Old1189
IRELANDGeorge24 September 190024 April 1986Old11912
IRELANDW. G.18531927Old41013
IRVINStanley Ray19292000E333 
IRVINDeborah Susan19632001E334 
IRWINJohn Frederick9 January 19615 May 1992E100 
IRWINWilliam K19252002E101 
ISRAELOscar M25 November 194211 January 1982C1021
ISRAELFrances Chastain12 February 195411 January 1982C1022
ISRAELSavannah West(8 July 1993)8 July 1993Baby12 
JACKSONTimothy Wayne25 July 196930 January 1972Old21220
JACKSONMargaret Lee7 August 192420 January 1977Old3142
JACKSONC. E.18661943Old3143
JACKSONMyra E18891961Old3144
JACKSONWilliam B26 December 19191 June 1980C98 
JACKSONRichard B15 November 191224 March 1987D2381
JACKSONViolet D9 January 1917 D2382
JACOBSONNaphtali27 January 199218 February 1992Baby11 
JAMESJohnnie M18981915Old2112
JAMESLila S23 February 18783 November 1967Old2217
JAMESRobert C19401998E2981
JAMESLaVonne E1940 E2982
JAMESENR. J.11 March 18589 November 1899Old1318
JAMESONGaston Mortimer4 November 18933 October 1894Old1421
JAMESONGeorge M11 March 18567 January 1927Old11917
JANUSShigeko (Marie)19361998E266 
JEFFCOATBobby R17 January 192621 October 1985D581
JEFFCOATJoy L3 January 1924 D582
JENNINGSKerney T13 April 19019 November 1971B1961
JENNINGSLottie P1 December 190418 September 1975B1962
JENNINGSBrenda Underwood4 January 195211 September 1986B197 
JENNINGSThomas E13 July 19313 October 1974B1981
JENNINGSLouise E1 June 1924 B1982
JENNINGSRandy L23 July 196217 April 2001B272 
JENTSCHClemens F9 August 19061 May 1990D1161
JENTSCHLillie A22 January 190913 February 1995D1162
JESTERDonald C25 October 19395 March 1969A90 
JOHNSONFannie16 October 186817 July (19)48Old12615
JOHNSONBob21 August 189227 February 1975Old227
JOHNSONBruce B19 December 189821 February 1990Old228
JOHNSONChester T26 September 1919 Old229
JOHNSONMartha Ellen20 September 1926 Old2210
JOHNSONJacob Winslow12 December 192724 July 1988Old327
JOHNSONW. M.18441932Old338
JOHNSONA. E.18571936Old339
JOHNSONRebecca12 July 180327 November 1895Old344
JOHNSONEmma A Shelton31 July 18656 August 1882Old345
JOHNSONL. M.6 September 18962 March 1897Old351
JOHNSONRobert L31 July 188224 February 1957Old354
JOHNSONAnnie M26 June 18854 July 1962Old355
JOHNSONWalter L, Sr.19121993Old35 
JOHNSONRoxie A19102001Old357
JOHNSONMoses11 April 18469 March 1930Old361
JOHNSONElizabeth6 January 18678 August 1910Old363
JOHNSONHadley8 December 190014 August 1954Old365
JOHNSONMose21 April 189327 August 1973Old367
JOHNSONMabel M1 June 189919 May 1980Old368
JOHNSONEdith Rebecca2 September 189411 July 1976Old415
JOHNSONMary Ann23 October 1942 A85 
JOHNSONSolomon W17 November 1917 A86 
JOHNSONBetty M10 October 192114 November 1997A862
JOHNSONFrank A22 December 18857 December 1972A1491
JOHNSONGertrude A16 October 189528 November 1983A1492
JOHNSONKennith F25 February 19191 October 1994A1541
JOHNSONEva R29 January 191913 June 1998A1542
JOHNSONJ. W. John William15 June 191424 November 1987A155 
JOHNSONErma Pauline Albright2 April 1920 A155 
JOHNSONJoel Franklin, Jr.9 March 191123 June 1928A164 
JOHNSONJoel F19 May 18879 January 1979A1641
JOHNSONEmma May30 July 18842 May 1975A1642
JOHNSONWoodrow L19161958B21 
JOHNSONArmalee Pogue2 December 19199 January 1989B21 
JOHNSONWoody Edward, Jr10 September 194118 January 1993B21 
JOHNSONArt1 March 193121 December 1978B331 
JOHNSONDavid Martin3 January 19631 March 1987B3532
JOHNSONPerry Elmer16 June 190620 August 1990B3601
JOHNSONOllie Pearl5 January 19143 March 1979B3602
JOHNSONHugh A17 February 18874 December 1979B3881
JOHNSONRevie L14 January 189415 August 1979B3882
JOHNSONBilly Ray11 August 192822 December 1999B388 
JOHNSONLeonard George6 October 19192 October 1995B4301
JOHNSONLucile Abbott30 May 1914 B4302
JOHNSONPaul11 July 190815 June 1993D37 
JOHNSONRandolph David16 August 191627 October 1999E4351
JOHNSONMary Myrtle17 January 1920 E4352
JOHNSONSarah E17 October 188823 May 1904Old346
JOHNSONHugh7 February 18823 February 1883Old347
JOHNSONJoseph D23 October 189926 February 1900Old348
JOHNSONBaby Howard14 August 1914(14 August 1914)Old362
JOHNSONBaby Howard30 August 1915(30 August 1915)Old364
JOHNSONBaby Hellum23 November 1918(23 November 1918)Old369
JONESAnderson12 September 180823 May 1887Old1195
JONESMartha1 February 182016 November 1904Old1196
JONESElias Johnson, Sr.24 June 190714 December 1983Old21 
JONESAllie Margaret2 March 19032 June 1985Old219
JONESMattie Jackson19141963Old3145
JONESJames Russell5 April 19116 July 1966Old3207
JONESLillian Marie3 January 191124 April 1988Old3208
JONESEllen J Piper16 August 185828 September 1899Old32213
JONESJ. S.9 November 186013 December 1896Old32214
JONESCordelia J18831956Old32215
JONESWalter D18821966Old32216
JONESAlfred Earl28 July 18953 November 1918Old3238
JONESAnnie Bell14 May 188821 October 1888Old3239
JONESPauline “Polly” Peeler9 January 19176 November 1998Old32310
JONESElie Mark30 September 191515 November 1956Old32311
JONESEthel14 July 18971 October 1916Old4213
JONESEula28 October 187313 September 1907Old4214
JONESInfant daughter  Old4215
JONESAbner F16 June 186924 December 1922Old4216
JONESJames B19211999Old4410
JONESHazel L1929 Old4411
JONESWillie E1 August 18901 January 1973Old4412
JONESMaggie E29 January 189220 April 1975Old4413
JONESJesse B28 Match 186624 June 1916Old4414
JONESMary Jane11 September 187121 December 1968Old4415
JONESJesse Ray1 February 191812 March 1986Old4417
JONESWesley E23 August 191520 October 1999Old459
JONESThelma L Kunze6 June 19217 June 2001Old4510
JONESMorris S18991984Old4511
JONESErcelle W19101984Old4512
JONESMorris S, Jr.16 April 193226 April 1932Old45 
JONESCordelia J18831956A1101
JONESWalter D18821966A1102
JONESElie Mark30 September 191515 November 1956A120 
JONESPauline (Polly) Peeler9 January 19176 November 1998A120 
JONESPatrick C, Sr4 April 191310 December 1973B286 
JONESOtho B19041974B314 
JONESAlfred Earl, Jr29 January 194727 January 1981C7 
JONESEvelyn Ruth5 April 192424 March 1997C81
JONESAlfred Earl23 November 19221 June 1998C82
JONESErnest Baxter11 February 190924 December 1995E319 
JORDANGloria Jean20 June 194626 January 1974Old436
JORDANJack Merl6 March 19117 February 1988D991
JORDANMattye Dale Cameron5 October 1912 D992
KAHNLouis5 January 1932 D171
KAHNJean29 November 193429 September 1984D172
KAHNPhil28 July 190728 February 1991D1071
KAHNElizabeth19 June 190928 November 1996D1072
KANADYBerlin L, Jr.30 November 192531 August 1996E285 
KANETZKYFelix25 April 188411 January 1962A1 
KANETZKYJ. B.20 December 192616 December 1988A2 
KANETZKYMarvin7 October 191515 April 1996D71
KANETZKYMamie15 January 191325 September 1991D72
KARPMEYERInfant daughter2 May 189930 May 1899Old2117
KASPERJowayne Marie26 February (1970)10 April 1970Old215
KAYEckward C4 September 189627 September 1981A831
KAYWinnie W12 July 18995 July 1975A832
KAYJack C19202002A84 
KEESEELuther Floyd22 January 190016 July 1972B1621
KEESEENova Vivian21 June 190231 October 1985B1622
KELLANJimmie, Jr.19571995Old38 
KELLERMartin Hubert27 December 1918B3971 
KELLERAlice Jeannette7 March 191912 September 1986B3972
KELLERMelvin George19242001E143 
KELLEYAndy J26 July 188812 January 1890Old1127
KELLEYHenry W18511922Old421
KELLEYOllive M18571923Old422
KELLEYR. D.1 August 18938 July 1915Old423
KELLEYJohn28 April 1937 E4301
KELLEYLoretta K Folley3 July 1937 E4302
KELLYRebecca Marchbanks1923 E2991
KEMPAlta May1906 Old332
KENNEDYGlenn W6 October 1918 D1091
KENNEDYEstelena Boring11 March 19138 December 1987D1092
KEPLEYDeborah23 April 195113 December 1988D2151
KEPLEYJack C17 August 192620 July 1988D2152
KIDDMathrew Earl10 September 19773 March 2001E350 
KILLENMary E24 November 185827 January 1923Old113A9
KILLIANWilliam W18841962Old2214
KILLIANAnnie Laura18801971Old2215
KILLIANW. F.12 January 18539 April 1915Old2319
KILLIANS. E.20 March 185126 January 1913Old2320
KILLIANEthel15 March 188722 April 1932Old2322
KILLIANAnna E7 August 188110 September 1968Old2411
KIMKyong Hui22 April 19228 March 1992D208 
KIMIn Bae10 September 193611 August 1992E184 
KINGCarrie19 February 18501 March 1878Old3513
KINGMary Morgan18371911Old3229
KINSEYJames E8 July 189421 June 1974Old21224
KINSEYSophie H4 May 190316 January 1940Old21225
KIRKPATRICKEthel12 July 188224 September 1882Old1420
KIRKPATRICKMary Susan18591947Old31410
KITCHENSRex D1 July 19051 December 1965A301
KITCHENSEffie6 June 190612 November 1999A302
KITCHENSTillford Joe7 November 193722 January 1993E6 
KLEIBERKelly Jo11 February 199411 February 1994Baby14 
KNAUSEClaudette Deane30 August 1935 D2021
KNAUSERussell Keith10 October 192227 July 1988D2022
KNOWLTONAudrey Jean10 June 193512 December 1973B305 
KNUDSONMorris Alvin14 March 19272 August 1994E196 
KOENIGWayland Horace25 October 1912 B1721
KOENIGFlossie Mae25 May 191020 June 1998B1722
KOPACZBetty Jean13 August 194020 March 1985D16 
KOURITommy24 March 19227 May 1993B2141
KOURIMaurine2 June 1923 B2142
KRAUSEEdna May6 June 189625 March 1918Old11523
KRAUSEKenneth M10 February 19873 January 2001E482 
KRUEGERAlvin E19291988D171 
KUBALAArnold E2 October 191430 June 1983B2661
KUBALASophie A27 October 19133 June 1983B2662
KUBSCHFred23 August 193420 November 1995E151
KUBSCHAnna25 December 1936 E152
KULLENBERGMark E19572001E34 
KUNSCHICKFrank11 April 191815 September 1980C41
KUNSCHICKThelma24 December 1921 C42
KUNSHICKLonnie L21 February 191411 January 1976B2601
KUNSHICKMary H7 April 19184 March 1976B2602
KUYUSFredrick W9 August 18977 May 1970B2481
KUYUSAlmeta S (Richter)21 January 18971980B2482