Texas German and English Academy, 1876-1902

Originally printed in the Austin Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol 16, #1, 1975

Among the ten volumes of records of Jacob Bickler’s Texas German and English Academy which were preserved by the Bickler family are Ledgers (of accounts), Teacher’s Daily Registers (of attendance), and Model Roll Books (of attendance and grades).

Often a pupil attended only part of a year. When one left the academy, his name was scratched out and another written above it, making it difficult to decide whose father and age were written to the right of the name. Some books have entries skipping from, say, 1883 to 1897, with the intervening years found in other volumes.

1893: 22 Sep– “J. B. unwell” 20 Oct–“Field Day at Hyde Park. Fine day and Much Enjoyment.” 9 Nov–“Fire broke out at about 4.30 P.M. Thursday afternoon while the First Nine was playing a match game with the St Edward’s Nine in Horst’s Grove. Roof of Church partly burned; some damage to school.” 23 Nov–“Match Games by First and Sec. Nines with St Edwards Boys on their grounds. Ours lost. St Edwards furnished umpires!!!” 24 Nov–“Miss Carter broke her hip.” 6 Dec–“Alvah Thrasher died of typhoid fever. Aged 14” 11-15 Dec–“Sick with the Grippe” (presumably Professor Bickler)

1894: 15 June–“Closing Exercises at Millett’s Opera House” Oct–“Picnic at Hart’s Pasture”

1895: 8 Feb–“No School on account of cold weather” 14-15 Feb–“Heavy Snows and very cold” 21 Apr–“San Jacinto Day Lake Excursion”

1896: 22 Feb–“Celebrated Washington’s Birthday at Musical Union Hall in temporary Capitol Building” Dec–Christmas entertainment at Turner Hall (date uncertain)

1897: Last weekend in March–“Walk to the woods on upper Shoal Creek. Fine weather. Much fun.” 21 Apt–“Picnic at Barton’s Creek” 1 Oct–“moved School to residence, 1904 San Antonio St.”

1898: “Annual Picnic in Pease’s Park. Fine weather. Frank Brown and Dudley Smythe, cavalrymen, present.” 9 Dec–“Snow, Sleet & Ice”

1899: 12-13 Feb–“3 degrees below zero” March–“Went to hear William J. Bryan speak in the University Auditorium…a fine speech.” 3 May–“Confederate Reunion” 27 Oct–“School children’s Day at Travel County Fair (a rainy day)”

1900: 22 Feb–“Washington’s Birthday and Mamma’s” 7 Apr–“Bursting of Dam and Cave-in of Power House” 8 May–“23rd State Saengerfest held at Austin” 19 Oct–“Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show”

NameAge When EnrolledParent or GuardianAttendedcomments
Willie Abadie14W.B.1900 
Joseph Abrahams Phil1884 
Solomon Abrahams Phil1884 
CliffordAdenJ. D.1893-94 
Paul Albrecht8 1895-96 
Willie Alexander8T.T./T.N.1878-81(by apportionment $5. Settled in full by Willie in 1898. J.B.)
Dory Allen A. L.1884 
Richmond Alsworth17J. H.1893-94 
Robert Ammann22K.1898-99 
Joe Amstead6 1897 
Charles Anderson  1878 
Ira Anderson23 1900 
Irene Anderson12 1897 
Tom Anderson A. W.1883 
Tommie Anderson Gen Jno. B. Jones1881 
Ector Andrews J. A.?1880 
Edwin Andrews M. L.1880 
Maud Appell  1894 
Perry Appell P. F.1893-94 
Judge Archer16 1894 
Louis Arlitt10Max1895, 97 
Willie Arnold10Richard1894 
Berta Askew H. G.1893-94 
Bessie Askew H. G.1894 
Cordelia Assmann13 1896-98 
George Assmann Paul1881-82 
Karl Assmann George P.1893-94 
Oscar Assmann13Hans1897 
Paul Assmann  1881, 83 
H. S. Bacon12Stephen1879-80 
Hal Bacon12E. M.1879, 81, 83 
Henry H. Bacon11Henry L.1878 
Hugh S. Bacon13R. S.1879 
W. R. Bacon9E. M.1879, 81 
Wm. R. Bacon9R. S.1879 
Adolph Bahn8G. A.1893-95, 97, 1900 
DeWitt Baker  1880 
Graham Baker12DeWitt Clinton1879, 81-82 
Rush Baldwin14A. C.1899, 1900 
Tom Ball14A. C.1899-1900 
John Bandy John1883 
Elliott Barbee14Jno D., Jr.1878 
Jared Barbee13Joseph1877 
Eugene Barbisch Joe1896 
Margaret/Marguerite Barnes15? 1894, 97 
Wheeler Barnes15C. W.1893-94 
Willie Barnickel15John1893-94 
Wewe Barrett14E. M.1900 
Jim Bartholomew E. C.1879 
Emma Bassetti  1895 
Alma Bastian7Fritz1876 
Henry Bastian14Henry1896-97 
Julia Bastian10 1876 
George Beaty C. R.1880-81 
Joe Beaumont Dr. G. N.1883 
Neal Begley  1878 
Alice Bell  1894 
William G. Bell10W. H.1879 
Albert Bellas George1880-81 
George Bengener14H. C.1876 
Madison Benson B. K.1884 
Frank B. Bergen8James V.1879-83 
Mosie Berman9 1897 
August Berner10E./Emma1897-99 
Emil Bernhard S. A.1897 
Carl/Karl Berryman7 1897 
Carl Besserer7 1897 
Edna Besserer8William1893-95, 97 
Ewald Besserer William1893-94 
George W. Bickler6J.1900 
Katie M. Bickler9Jacob1893-95 
Max H. Bickler12Jacob1893-1900 
Ralph Bickler8J.1900 
Viola Bickler8Jacob1894-98(Had diphtheria in Nov 1894)
Emil Biernstiel8Julius1876 
Hedwig Biernstiel10 1876 
Jesse Billingsley J. R.1880 
Victor Black E.1883 
Walter Blassmann131896 
Louie/s Blenderman8 1896-97 
John R. Blewitt Albert1900 
BrooksBlocker A. P.1878-79 
Alfred Blum8Wilhelm Gerhard1876-77 
Ernst Blum13Wilhelm Gerhard1876-77 
Edward Bock Edward1883 
Curt von Boeckmann9Charles181-83 
Paul von Boeckmann10C.1881-83 (Credited for 4 bracelets, 2 doll heads, 1 pocket book) 
Gerald Boerner  1897 
Ida Bohn12Hermann1897 
Tom Boone11H. H.1876 
Charles E. Booth13 1879 
Grover Bornefeld111896 
Maggie Boroughs9J. M.1893-95 
Merrill Boroughs12J. M.1893-95 
Henry Bouchenneau  1876 
Arthur Bowles7Peter1877-78 
Tyra Bowman T. H.1881 
Joe Boyce17J. O.1990 
Clark Bradford6John B.1894-95 
David Brady12James187981-82 
Ralph Bragg Thomas H.1893 
Arthur Brass7 1896-97 
Gustave Brass G. M.1884 
Rich Brass  1897 
Paul Braun Dr. G. F. Weisselberg1880-81 
William Bremond William1883 
Waverly Briggs13R. J.1897-1900 
Wood Briggs9 1894 
Karl Brinkmann13($5 from State School Fund)1878 
Otto Brinkmann11Alex and Mrs. Joseph Snyder1878-97 
Burr Brown J. W.1893 
Frank Brown12Frank187981 (transferred from Graded School) 
Whitfield Brown7-9Frank1879-81 
Hugo BrueggermannHugo8 1896-97 
Louis Brueggerhoff Mary1883-84 
William Brueggerhoff12Wm. and Mary1881-83 
Tony Brunner16 1896 
C. Brunnow7Mrs. Brunnow1877 
Henry Bruno11 1876 
Hugo Buaas J. L.1876 
Lawrence Buaas10Otto1897 
Otto Buaas5 1896-97 
Walter Buaas8 1897 
” Erich Buechner13C. A. 1896-99 (Paid “”In Sewing””)” 
Karl Bulian111896 
Bertie Bunsen12Albert W.1881-83 
Oran Bunsen14A. W. 1881-82 
Sothoron Burke Dr. T. S. of Corpus1884 
H. E. Burleson  1894 
Rufus Burleson A. B.1880-81 
Harley M. Burns11Timothy1879-81 
James Burns12Z.1882-83 
Jimmie Burns C.1878 
Roscoe Burt14Wm. F.Dr.Wm. J.Dr. J. W.1881-83 
Charles Bush14C. M.1881 
Clay Bush8C. M.1881-84 
P. Caldwell  1880 
W. Caldwell R. M. of San Marcos1880 
Henry Calloway17C. M.1893-94 
Hudson Calvert Jim Taylor1880-8183 
Dell/Dellie Campbell13Thomas J.1881-83 
Edgar Campbell11Robert1879 
Fariss Campbell14C.C.1898 
Lennie Campbell15R.F.1876 
Stafford Campbell9 1879 
Frank Capeheart10W.Y. Leader1878 
Ben Carey W.D. of Gonzales1883 
James Carlisle Mrs. M.D.1883 
Robert Carlson15C.J.1895-96 
Alf. Castleman12R.M.1882 
Thomas Cater12Thomas E.1882-83 
Jack Chenneville Mrs. R.S.1900 
Arthur Childs E.A.1883 
David Childs E.A.1883-84 
Edward Christian16Ed.1882 
” Marguerite Clark  (Credited for “”Furniture&c.””)1900″ 
Duke Clements P.H.1900 
Alex Coggeshall Mrs. A.B.1883 
Harry Cohn9Jacob1876 
Isidore Cohn Jacob1883 
Sippi Cohn7 1876 
Tena Cohn14 1876 
Miss Eugenia Collett (German Lessons$.75/hourAug & Sep)1898 
” George Cook H.W.1882-83 (“”All Paid in advance–the first instance of this kind.””)” 
” Hugh B. Cook9Abner187981 (“”As to progress he seems to be completely indifferent.”” Credited with two cords of wood)” 
Terrell Cook8(2 cords of wood)187981 
Eddie Cooper  1883 
J./James Cooper8Spencer H.1879-83 
J.D. Coopwood Bethel1883 
Jeff. Davis Cotton12Frank B.187881-82 
Lee Cotton10Frank1878-798($10 from State School Fund for these two) 
Robert Cousins16R.H.1893-94 
Mabel Cox7 1895 
Mamie Cox6 1895 
Oscar Crawford W.L.1883 
Edmund/Edwin crooker10L.M.1878-7981-82 
Billie Crow15Galen Sr.1893-94 
Charlie Culley  1893-94 
Roland Curry  1883 
Edward Dahlich C.A.1883-84 
John Dahlich16C.A.1893-94 
Alex Daniells13 1879 
Ed. Daniells12Mrs. M.A.1877 
Nelson Darden14St. H. (Stephen)1880-83 
Alex Davis  1881 
Britton Davis16Edmund J. (Gov.)1876 
Charles Davis  1878 
David Davis5J .S.187881-84 
Fred Davis12Capt. P.J. DeNormandie1880-81 
Hugo Davis B.H. of Bryan1880-81 
I.V. Davis12I.V./Isaac187981-83 
Leon Davis13 1896 
Louis Davis12J.S.187981 
Salomon Davis  1878 
Theo Davis Mrs. Kate1883 
Waters Davis14Edmund J.1876 
Willie Davis Mrs. Kate1880 
Addison Day C.P. (?)1883-84 
Eula Day J.M.1893 
John D. Day R.F.1883 
Clarence Daymund12A.1878 
Lillie Deats  1894-95 
Pauline Deats  1894-95 
Ashley Denton8Dr. A.N.1893-95 
Joe Denton Dr. A.N.1893-94 
Louis Denton Dr. A.N.1893-94 
Milam Depew13 1900 
B. Dickens10Sarah/Williams?/1879 
Bryant Dickens E.O.1880-81 
Alb. Dieterich J.W.1884 
Tom Dieterich J.W.1884 
Edwin Dietrich6Edwin1877-78 (Credited $3 for pants for F.H. Colbya teacher) 
James Alexis Digges13Eugene D.1898-99 
William Dill12Mrs. Elizabeth1877 
” Bertha Dixon19 1899 (“”Not in good health””)” 
John Dodd  1881 
Ed. Dodgen18W.L.1900 
Agnes Doehler6 1897 
Edna Doehler6 1896-97 
Ferd. Dohme7Ferdinand18767981-83 
Louis Dohne9Ferdinand18767981 
Albert Domschke (Evening School)1876 
Frank Domschke7Charles1876 
Hettie Domschke13Charles1876 
Max Domschke Karl1883 
Rosa Domschke9 1876 
Carl Drake10 1894-95 
Tom Duggan Edm.1883 
Charles Dunbar  1880 
William Dunn M.S.1883 
David Earnest William1880-83 
Walter Earnest W.1883-84 
Tom Easton J.D.1883 
Fred Eck8Fred.1879-81 
Dick Edmundson14Lily/Nellie1881 
Erna Eggeling12 1896 
Lina Eggeling9 1896 
Walter Eggeling12Rudolph1897 
Guy Elder8 1896-98 
Dollie Ellis L.A.1893-94 
Leigh Ellis L.A.1893-94 
William Ervin William1883 
Nora Erzkins (?)7 1896 
Charles Evans14Charles1893-95 
John W. Evans A.O.1883 
Stanley Evans10Charles1882-83 
Steve Evans13S.J.1900 
Tom Farr12Ella/T.J.1894-97 
Edward Felter14/16R.L./R.H.1895-96 
George Felter13/14 1895-96 
Grace Finger  1895-97 
Olin W. Finger12G.W.1895-1900 
Harry Finklestein16 1893-94 
Albert Fisch8John Conrad1876-77 
C/Konrad Fisch10John Conrad1876-77 
Francis Fischer10 1897 
Charles Fisher10Sam R.18777981 
Rhoads Fisher12Rhoads1878-79 ($5 from State School fund) 
William C. Fisher Sam R.1877 
Pat. H. Fitzhugh14J.H.1881-83 
Willie Folts13Thomas W.1882-83 
Arthur Fonville14Aron Burleson1881-83 
Arthur Forbes  1880 
Thomas Ford F.W.1881-82 
Alma Fo(r)ster  1894-95 
Louis Freeman M.V. Friedman1883 
Louis Fr. Freeman8Philip H.187982 
Sanford Friedberger10Sam1877-79 (Charged 35¢ for breaking window pane. Paid mostly with dry goods) 
Louise Friedemann8August1877 
Leon Friedman  1883 
May (or Max?) Friedman D.1883 
Ilse Frischmeyer14 1896 
Edward Frishmuth7 1897 
Bennie Fromme13Louis Scherd—(blot)1895-96 
Alexander Fues6E./Mrs. Johanna187678-981-2 
Max Fues11E./Mrs. Johanna1876-78 (Each received $5 from State. Credited $4.50 for wine) 
Robert Fuhrman10 1896 
Wallie Fuhrman8 1897 
Gary Fuller12 1896 
Guy Fuller10 1896-97 
Nellie Fuller8 1897 
Percy Gallant  1883 
Henry Wm. Gammel14H.P.N.1898-99 
Jacob Gans8S.1878-79 
Mitchell Gans10I.(2 weeks only)1878 
Elise Ganter6 1896-97 
Frank Gehren14Mrs. Olga1893-95 
Louise Geisler13 1896 
Edgar Gerhard P.H./Willima1881-82 
George Gerson13 1896 
Bertha Gevers16 1896 
Emma Gevers16 1896 
Henry (Geuers?) Gevers August1884 
George Gibbons8Col. Jno. D. Elliott1878-79 
Gretchen Giesen Aug.1893-94 
Hilmar Giesen Aug.1893-94 
Walter Giesen Aug.1893-94 
Val C. Giles Val C.1895 
Arthur Girand12F.W.1876 
Frank Girand10F.W.1876 
Granville Girand6F.W.1876 
John Girand8F.W.1876 
Arthur Given(s?)9 1895 
Earl Glenn  1880 
John Percy Glenn10John W.187981 
Nina Glooper(?) A.J.1893 
Fred Goff8 1879 
Lee Goff15James B.1879 
James Goldbaum7P.1881-83 
Jim Goldbeck L.N.1893-94 
Adolph Goldmann7Adolph1876-7981-82 
Ernst Goldmann9Adolph1876-7981-82 ($5 each from State School fund. Paid part of tuition in groceries) 
Oscar Goldmann13Adolph1876-77 
Paul Goldmann10Adolph1876-79 
Birdie Goldstein S.1893-94 
Gaspar Gonzalez Guad.1893-95 
Pratt Goodloe13W.1893-9498-99 
Amelia Goodman12Joseph1893-97 
Bessie Goldman9 1896-97 
Joe Goldman6 1897-98 
Maggie Goldman7 1894-96 
Nannie Goldman14 1893-95 
Niles Graham Mrs. L.C.1893-95 
Collier Granberry14Stephen C.1881-83 
Howard Granberry11Stephen C.1881-83 
Armisted Graves12C.A.1898-1900 (Credited for dental work) 
Richard Graves16R.S.1893-94 
Thomas Gray10W.G.1877 
Annie Green (no data given) 
Ida Green8Clara1876 
Louise Green11 1876 
Washington Green14Clara1876 
Ed. Greenberg11Jacob1876-78 
Leon Greenberg9Jacob1876-79 ($5 each from State School Fund) 
Frank Greenwood13 1879 
Frank Greideweis7Jos. Guttmann/Jos. Goodman1877-7981-82 
Fritz Gresser H.1883-84 
Henry Gresser10H.1882-83 
Alma Griesenbeck13Alfred Schuetze1897 
” Chas/Charley Griffith(“”Left town owing $18) 1880-81″ 
Lula Griffitts  1894-95 
Brown Grizzard11T.J.1893-94 
Felix Grona  1880-81 
Louie/s Groos9 1896-97 
Paul Groos14C. Aug.1896-97 
Max Gross13Louis1896-97 
Sol Gross12 1896 
Adolph Gruber9Ad.1876-77 
Agnes Gruber11 1897 
Anton Gruber11Anton1878 
Hilmar Guenther Evening Schl.1876 
Rena Haas  1897 
Edwin Hachenberg12 1896 
W.C./W.J. Hadley21J.H.Cunningham1876 
Fritz Hadra9Dr. B.E. of San Antonio1876-7782-83(Paid in vaccinationsetc.) 
Alfred Haefner8 1897 
Benno Haehnel13Karl1897 
Lothar Haehnel10 1896 
August Haenel10Emil1898-1900 
Clara Haenel13Emil1898-1900 
Emil Haenel9E.1898-1900 
Henry Halbert  1881 
Josh L. Halbert11Mrs. Fanny J.187981 
Andrew Hall Amelia1884 
Jim Hamby William R.1893-94 
Louis Hamer17J.P.1895-9699 
Cora Hancock12 1894-95 
Else Hancock14 1894-95 
Jim Hancock J.W.1883 
John Hancock14E.B.1893-94 
E.L. Hanover  1894 
Otto Hanseler  1900 
John W. Harbert13A. Shirk1878 ($5 from State School Fund) 
John Harrall18G.W.1893-94 
David Harrell15 1877 
Eda Harrison14William H.1896-97 
Willie Hart James P.1883-84 
Karl Hartenstein  1883 
Aug. Hartkopf16A. von Koerneritz1895-96 
North Harvey13Harvey1876 
Feodor Haschke6R.1878-81 
Julius Haschke6R.1881-82 
Willie Haswell15George T.1881 
Lewis Haupt W.W.1883 
Tom Hawkins  1880 
Hugh Haynie  1883 
Allie Hearne M.T.1893 
Ida Lee Hearne Mrs. A.D.1893-94 
Leonard Hearne Anna D.1893-94 
C/Karl Hegel C.H.1893-94 
Lizzie Hegel18 1900 
Anna Heiermann9 1897 
Leo Hellman15H.1899-1900 
Hermann Hellmann7Sam/H. ($5 State Schl.)1876-78 
Heyman Hellmann10H. (window pane 35¢)1879-80 
Sammie Hellmann7Sam/H.1876-79 
Theodor Hendrichs/Heinrichs Frank1894 
Mariechen Henkes12Fritz Haesloop1897 
William Hermes William1883 
David Hewlett13D.H.1894-96 
Thomas Hickmann  1880-81 
Robert Hicks M.E.1883 
Charles W. Hill11R.T.1879-83 
Fay Hill6 1894-95 
Frank Hill12 1894 
Hunter Hill15Joseph T.1894-97 
Littlepage Hill J.T.1893-94 
Karl Hillert16Wilhelm1877 
Sterling Hillsman J.C. of LedbetterFayette Co.1884 
E./Ernest H. Hillyer11H.B.1877-79 
Earnest Hillyer13Timothy Burns(?)1879 
Orie Hinchman12L.A.1879-81 
Edgar Hinrichs12Frank/F. Wedig(?)1896-97 
Jake Hirshfeld Henry1893-94 
Morris Hirshfeld  1884 
Sam Hirshfeld H.1884 
Joe Hoegel  1895-96 
Charles Hofheinz  (Evening Schl)1876 
Henriette Hofheinz13Heinrich1876 
Mike Hogg15 1900 
Ben Hollingsworth    
” Hugh Hollingsworth10O.N.1878-7981(“”Taken out of school 31 Jan 1879 because he had to pay for a window pane he broke””35¢/ $5 State School Fund)” 
Leander Holman  1894 
Wilh. Holzinger7Johan(?)1876 
Eva von Homeyer11 1900 
Fritz von Homeyer6 18971900 
Epper Hooper J.A.1884 
Jacob Hornberger Jacob1883 
Louis Horne12A.O.1881-83 
” Charles Horner “”(Galveston) Here on a visit””1894″ 
DeWit Hotchkiss14W.S.1880-82 
John Houghton John H.1893-94 
Thomas Houston T.J.1882-83 
Jas Berkeley Howard12J.W.1879-80 
Louis Howard12C.F.1881-82 
C/Karl Huberich7Mrs. F.1878-7981 
T. Emil Huberich6 187981 
” Victor H. Huberich6Mrs. F.1878-7981($5 from State for Karl. Mrs. F. Huberich credited $4 for 2 hats. On 18 Mch 1881some of these boys “”left for St. Louis””)” 
Mr. Heind. Huebach (adult student or teacher?)  1894 
Charles G. Human10J.F./F.W.1876-79 
Clara Bell Human  1876 
Fred Human8($5 from State School. Fund)1876-78 
George F. Human11 1879 
George Hume J.L.1883-84 
Elton Hunter  1894 
Jas/Jim/Jimmy Hunter7W.D. (2 boys?)188493-94 
John Hunter W.D.1883-84 
Elsa Huppertz11Ed.1897 
Gretchen Huppertz7 1896-97 
Frank Iglehart14D.T.1897-98 
Tom Inglehart11Dr. David T.1881-83 (Credited $4 for a bushel of pecans) 
Franz Ilse8 1897-98 
Willie Isabell10(Attended 3 days; deportment perfect)1881 
Tom Jackson  1878 
Edwin Jalonick15Geo. W. of Galveston1880-83 
Ike Jalonick Ike188083 
Henry James7 1876 
James James W.B.1883 
William James10W.B.1876 (Credited $7.50nearly 2 months’ tuitionfor 1 1/2 cord wood) 
George Jernigan  1883 
Moore Jernigan A.J.1883 
Louise Joergens/z11Aug.1893-97 
Jim John  1893 
Frank Johns C.R.1883 
Charles L. Johnson13Charles H.1878 
Henry Johnson Charles E. ($5 State School)1876 
James/Jimmie Johnson10John O.1879-8183 
Knox Johnson8John O.187981-82 
Orgain Johnson Matt.1893-94 
Oscar Johnson W.J.1884 
Tiff Johnson15Mrs. A.T.1897-98 
Waller/Walter Johnson  1897 
Willie Johnson12John O.187781 
Charles Jones16C.G.1893-95 
Cora Belle Jones14 1894-95 
Elbert M. Jones17F.E.1899-1900 
Walter Jones Ike1878 
Ed. Junck12 1896 
James Kain  1894 
John Kain F.M.1893.94 
Willie Kain10F.M./F.W.1881-8393 
Carl Kallgren11J.W.189698-99 
Else von Kalow  1894-95 
Hans von Kalow  1894-95 
Julia von Kalow  1894-95 
Edward Kasch12Ed Schuetze Sr.1893-97 
Felix Keidel16Dr. A.1899-1900 
Edwin John Keller10Walter Jacoby1876-79 
Willie Keller George J.1883-84 
Alfred Kelley Mrs. J.W. Taylor1881-82 
Cyril Kelley14 1894-96 
Hugh Kelley J. Taylor1876 
Hedwig Kempe  1895 
Otto Kempe  1895 
George Kempen8Ad.1880-83 
Hermann Kempen10Minna1893-96 
Willie Kempen Adolf1883-84 
Otto Kentzler  1894 
B. Kessel13F.1882-83 
Alex Kessler A.J.1883 
Mary Kimbrough William H.1894 
Willie Kimbrough William H. ?1894 
Charles D. Kinney16John D.1878 (Credited $4 for 92 pounds of pork) 
Frank Kinney9 1878 
John D. Kinney18John D.1878 
Myron Kinney12B.E.1900 
N.P. Kinney13 1878 
Louis Kirk16John P.1893-95 
Palmer C. Kirk10John P. or C.187981-83 
Robert O. Kirtley21L.1897-99 
Marcellus E. Kleberg (Paid $20 a month for Board &c.)1899-1900 
Arnold Klein  1883 
Hertha Klein7 1897 
John Klein13Peter1876 
Karl Klein Karl Klein1883 
Lizzie Kleinage 10Karl Klein1876 
Theodor Kleinage 14Karl Klein1896 
Willie Klein Karl Klein1883-84 
Henry Klotzage 8H. A. Klotz18791881-82 
Frank von Koenneritzage 11Mrs. Helene von Koenneritz1876-79 
” August von Koenneritzage 13Helene von Koenneritz1876 ($12 tuition for April-June 1879 credited “”By services rendered as midwife at the birth of our son Heinrich Peter on June 111879 ñ besides the above amount$8 Cash fees were paid Mrs. H. v. K.)” 
Max Koerber R. C. Koerber1883-84 
Harry Kofahlage 11Chris Kofahl1897 
Katie Kofahlage 12Chris Kofahl1896-97 
Margaret Kofahlage 7Chris Kofahl1896 
Hermann Kopperlage 8B. J. Kopperl1880-83 (Paid with books) 
Willie Kopperlage 15B. J. Kopperl1893 
Emma (?) Koriesage 8Chas Henry (sic) Kories1877 
Arthur E. M. Kreisleage 8M. (Mrs. In 1883)1878-7981-83 (Credited $40 for wardrobe60¢ for singing book$5.50 for table) 
Edwin Kreisleage 6Mrs. Kreisle1895-97 
Ferdinand Kreisleage 7Mrs. Kreisle1894-97 
Ralph Kuechlerage 14Jacob Kuechler1875-76 
Charles Kuemmel  1878 
Oscar Kunzage 14Aug. Kunz1893-95 
Mildred Kunzeage 16 1896-1900 
Heinrich Kupfernagel  1895 (of GreggTravis Co.) 
Charles Lambage 8Charles Pecht Lamb1876 
Neva Lambage 18W. I. Lamb1898-99 
Albert Lammersage 11H. F. Lammers18791881-82 
Edwin Lammersage 13H. F. Lammers18791881 (Frequently paid in vinegar and wine) 
Dick Lane Dr. R. N. Lane1879 
Frank LaRueage 8James W. LaRue1881 
H. Laubuerage 13 1879 
William Lauraineage 15Augustus Lauraine1878 
Oliver Lauve  1884 
John Lawrenceage 14J. W. Lawrence1876 
Lawrence Ledbetterage 16E. J. Ledbetter1898-99 
George Lee (no data) 
Robert E. Lee  1883 
Halton William Leech P. D. Leech1884 
Adolph Lehman(n)age 10John Lehman(n)1878-79 
Hermann Lehmannage 18 1898 
Herbert Leitnakerage 14A. N. Leitnaker1894-96 
Arthur Leserage 14Jacob Leser1882-83 
Ida Leserage 14Jacob Leser1894-95 
Jacob Leser Jacob Leser1883-84 
Henry Lesterjet/Lestarjetteage 91877-78 
Herman Leubner  1879 
Morris/Maurice Levysonage 7H. Levyson1878-791881-82 
Julius Lichtenstein Mortiz Lichtenstein of Corpus Christi1884 
Harry Limbergage 12 1897 
Oscar Lindaleage 12Andreas Lindale1897 
Oscar Lindanage 121896-97 
Ernst Lindemannage 10Mary Lindemann1893-941896-97 
Gussie Lindemannage 10Ed Lindemann1879-80 
James Lindemannage 12Mary Lindemann1896-97 
Ferd. Lindheimer  1896 
Marchand/t William Littleage 12Mrs. W. K. Little18781880 
Olive Litts?  1893 
Willie Lock Mrs. B. Lock1880-82 
Lloyd Lockridgeage 101900 
Milton Lowdy/Lowdayage 7Charles L. /L. C. Lowdy/Lowday1876-781880-81 
Nellie Lowdy/Lowdayage 10Charles L./L. C. Lowdy/Lowday1876 
Agnes Lucksingerage 14Heinrich Lucksinger1876 
Eddie Lucksinger Sam Lucksinger1883-84 
Cornelius Lucyage 16 1900 
Hertha Lueschowage 14 1896 
Charles Lundell John Lundell1881 
Guido Lungkwitzage 11Herman Lungkwitz1876-79 
Jessie Lyell/Lyleage 6J. P. Lyell/Lyle1895-96 
Randolph Lyell/Lyleage 9J. P. Lyell/Lyle1895-96 
Alonzo Lyonage 13J. L./ H. L. Lyon1880-81 
Alphonzo Lyonage 13J. L./H. L. Lyons of Rockdale1880-82 (Paid with milk) 
Isabella Maasage 13 1896 
Julia Maasage 9 1876 
Laura Maasage 7 1876 
Louis Maasage 12Max Maas1876-78 
Rosa/Rosie Maasage 7 18971900 
Louis Mahornerage 14R. Mahorner1881-82 
Ange Martinage 6 1895 
Arthur Martinage 14Elise Martin1876 
Early Martin  1897 
Joseph Martinage 11Therese Martin18781881-83 
Victor Martinage 7 1897 
Johanna Mathiesenage 7 1897 
Frank Matterage 16John Matter1877 
Harvey Matthewsage 17 1900 
Ney Matthews S. P. Matthews1884 
Robert Matthews Robert Matthews1880-81 
Henry Mattingley J. W. Mattingley1880-81 
Henry Mautheage 10Raphael (Mrs. 1880-81)187618781880-81 
Carl Mayerage 9 1896 
Ernst Mayerage 5 18971900 
Ferdinand Mayerage 7 1896-971900 
Franz Mayerage 12Ernst Mayer1897 
Henry Mayerage 8Wm. Key/Kiese Mayer1878 
Louis Mayer  1897 
William McCampbell John S. McCampbell1884 
George McCartyage 12Martin M. McCarty1878-80 
Harry McCarty M. McCarty1883 
James/Jim McCartyage 14 1878 ($5 from State Schl. Fund) 
Harry McCleery Naomi McCleery1883 
Sam McCorkle Calvin McCorkle1878-7918801883 
Jim McCulloughage 13James McCullough1878 
Kenneth McDonald Burt McDonald1900 
W. M. McGregorage 9W. M. McGregor1878 
Bessie McInnis M. M. McInnis1893 
Laurin McInnis M. M. McInnis1893-94 
James McIntyre J. C. McIntyre1883 
William McIntyreageJ. C. McIntyre1883 
William E. McKinneyage 16James P. McKinney1879 
Guy McLaughlinage 7Chat/ C. E. McLaughlin1880-83 (Paid by advertising and printing) 
Hugh McLaughlin  1883-84 
James/Jim McLaughlinage 16J. W. McLaughlin1893-94 
Julius McLaurin  1894 
May McLaurin  1894 
Ad. Meinecke Ad. Meinecke of Bellville1880 
Ike Melaskyage 15B. Melasky1881 
Robert Mercerage 17M. A. Mercer1893-94 
Harry Metzage 6Ham. M. Metz18761878 
Louis Meyerage 7 1896-98 
Theodore Meyer Philip Meyer1884 
Charles Michaelage 10 1896 
Leon Michaelage 11Issac Michael1876 
Henry Michelson A. Michelson1893-94 
Sam Milbyage 13W. M. Milby1881 
Mamie Millerage 11M. M. or W. M. Miller of 1807 LavacaAustin1893-95 
Neff Miller  1895 
Nellie Millerage 7M. M. Miller1893-95 
Scott Millerage 12Mrs. Wm/M. M./T. S. Miller1893-95 
Sweeney Miller M. C. Miller1893-94 
Walker Miller T. H. Miller1883-84 
Charles Millhouseage 8T. S./S. T. Millhouse1878-79 
Harry Millhouseage 10 1878-79 ($10 from State Fund) 
Simon Michenage 13Meyer Minchen1898-99 
James Mitchellage 10James Mitchell18791881-82 
Bessie Mooreage 12William D. Moore1894-96 
Fred W. Mooreage 11 1879 
Jesse/Jessie Moore  1897-98 
Milton Moore E. T. Moore1893-94 
Napton Moore  1881 
Warren Mooreage 13Mrs. Mary W. Moore1879-80 
West Mooreage 11Mrs. Mary W. Moore1878-79 
Algir R. Morrisage 17A. R. Morris1881 
Charles Morrisage 13B. W. Morris1895 
Gussie Morrisage 11D. Morris1879-80 
Seth Morrisage 13Dr. W. A. Morris18801882-83 
Thomas D. Morrisage 9V. C. Morris1878 
Tom Morrison Dr. Philips Morrison1881 
Norman Morrowage 5Dr. H. C. Morrow1896-97 
Mae Morse Charles S. Morse1893-94 
Isidore Mosesage 12William Moses1877-78 (Charged 35¢ for window pane$5 from State School Fund. Tuition paid mostly by men’s apparel.) 
Sylvan Mosesage 8E. Moses1878-79 
Sylvan Moses William Moses1883 
Bernhard/t Mueller John Mueller1883-84 
C/Karl Muellerage 13Louise Mueller1896-97 
Hermann Muellerage 12O. Mueller1893-94 
John Mueller John Mueller1883-84 
Lawrence Mueller F. J. Mueller1883 
Leo Muellerage 11Louise Mueller1896-97 
Robert Muellerage 15Louise Mueller1896-97 
Robert Muir  1883 
Louis Muncure (?) (No Data) 
Ernst Mundeliusage 12O. Mundelius1876 
Paul Mundeliusage 15 1876 
Joe Murphyage 13M. C. Murphy1881-83 
Warren Mussinaage 11Dr. E. M. Mussina1898-1900 
J. B. Naborsage 19 1881 
Nelson Nagleage 14John Nagle1880-81 
Edgar Nalleage 10Joseph N. Nalle1881-83 
Ewell Nalleage 15Joseph Nalle1893-94 
Rosie Nalle Joseph Nalle1893-94 
Thomas Neavittage 12T. J. Neavitt1876 
Willie Neffage 13John B. Neff1893-95 
Emanuel Newmanage 11S. Newman1878-791881-82 
Julius Newmanage 12 1878-79 
Robert Newmanage 12George Herzog Newman1897 
Brush Newning  1895-97 
Eddie NewtonageW. B. Newton1893 
Oscar NewtonageN. M. Newton1897 
Ed. Nitschkeage 10C. L. Nitschke1876-77 
Lena Nitschke  1877 
Harvey Chas North(?)age 13Harvey (See HarveyNorth)1876 
Willie North William North1883 
Sam Norton E. H. Norton1894 
Edwin Numbersage 13Ed. F. Numbers1896-98 
Herbert Numbersage 10 1896 
Roscoe Numbersage 12 1896 
Clifton Nunezage 17I. M. Nunez1897-99 
Dave Nunez  1894 
Will Nunezage 16I. M. Nunez1899-1900 
Harry Nunnelee S. E. Nunnelee1900 
Austin Oberwetter Mrs. Tula Oberwetter1900 
William Oberwetter  1880-81 
Fred Odell J. M. Odell1883 
Annie O’Kaneage 11 1896 
Alwin Olleage 18 1895 
Norma Olleage 12 1896-98 
Oswald O. Olleage 18 1900 
Daisy Orlemannage 7 1876 
Karl Orlemannage 6L. H. Orlemann1876-78 ($5 from State) 
Louis H. Orlemannage 9L. H. Orlemann1876-78 ($5 from State) 
Jack Owings Mrs. R. S. Owings1900 
John Parkerage 7L.? Parker1896-97 
Nellina Parkerage 6 1897 
Dick Patrick H. D. Patrick1883 
Earl Pattersonage 11R. W. Patterson1897-98 
Dan Pattonage 13William D. Patton18781881 (Tuition paid by advertising in & subscription to paper) 
Deacon Patton  1881 
Dee Patton W. D. Patton18791883 
G. D. Pattonage 10 1879 
H. D./Hubbard Pattonage 12 1878-79 
Ida Pechtage 13Charles Pecht1876 
Lee Peelerage 15Col. A. J. Peeler1881-82 
Stanley Peelerage 9A. J. Peeler1881 
George Pendleton Mrs. L. H. Easton1900 
Robert Penn R. R. Penn1979-80 
Lewis? Percy  1894 
Benno/Bruno Pesselsage 12G. Pessels18781881 
C. Pesselsage 14G. Pessels1878 (Charged 35¢ for window pane; credited $5 State fund) 
Fred Petmeckyage 6Joe C. Petmecky1878-791881-82 
Walter Petmeckyage 6Joseph C. Petmecky18811883-84 (Paid with cartridgesknifeand other goods) 
Charles Petrie/y  18811883 
K/Carl Petrie/yage 14Henry Petrie/y1900 
Lily Petrie/yage 7 1896-97 
” Walter Pfeufferage 15Dan. Pfeuffer1899-1900 (“”Left 24 Nov 1900 a/c his mother’s sickness.””)” 
Fleecie Phillipsage 6 1895 
Willie Phillipsage 14Dr. W. C. Phillips1881-83 
Willie Phillipsage 5 1895 
Horatio Philpottage 8Dr. Philpott1880-81 
W. Philpott  1880 
William Pitt  1884 
Henry C. Pittsage 10William A. Pitts18791881 
Wirt Pitts  1880 
Radcliffage 13R. Radcliff1881-82 
Robert L. Pollardage 16R. L. Pollard1895-96 
John Popeage 10John H. Pope1881-83 
Lulu Pope (No data) 
Johanna Porschage 9Auguste Porsch1876 
Otto Porschage 13Auguste Diedrick Porsch1876-77 
Anna Mae/May Poteet Dr. W. A. MorrisSr.1894 
Oscar Pressler Paul Pressler1883 
Harrison Priceage 16 1896-97 
Jacob Price  1883 
Willie Price Leslie Price1883-84 
Arnim Quebedeauxage 8 1896-97 
Emmett Quisenberryage 12A. T. Quisenberry1900 
Mary Quisenberryage 14A. T. Quisenberry1900 
Otto Raatzage 14Julius Raatz1876 
Rudolph Raatzage 11Julius Raatz1878-791881 (Carpenter work exchanged for tuition) 
Dee Rance Rabb D. T. /G. T. Rabb1883-84 
Oliver H. Radkey B. Radkey1883-84 
Stephen Radkeyage 9Ben/Mrs. B. Radkey1881-84 (Credited for stovepaintsundries) 
David Ragsdale Peter C. Ragsdale of San Marcos1880 
Wallace RalstonageJ. C. Ralston1893 
Richard Randig  1895 
Elgin Randolphage 11William H. Randolph1878-79 
Halbert Randolphage 16C. H. Randolph1877-78 
George Ray G. R. Ray1883 
Walter Ray G. R. Ray1883 
Frank Raymondage 16John C. Raymond1880-81 
Avery Rector A. N. Rector1895 
John Rector John B. Rector1880-81 
Sam Redd  1881 
Max Reeseage 8M. R. Reese1881 
Chester Reinhardage 12Julia Reinhard1896-97 
Karl Reinhardage 11Julia Reinhard1897 
Gustav Reisnerage 13Theo. Reisner1896-97 
Helen Reisnerage 11Theo. Reisner1897 
Adolph Reissigage 11Adolph Reissig1896-97 
Agnes Reissigage 13Adolph Reissig1896-97 
Edna Rembert?  1894 
DeW. Reynolds  1881 
John Henry Reynoldsage 12D. W. C. Reynolds1878-81 
Arthur Rheiman (Schaefer written above it)age 13George Rheiman1898 
Hugo Ribbeck Henry Ribbeck1883-84 
Paul Ribbeck Henry Ribbeck1883 
Bob Richardsonage 17 1894-95 
Julian Richardsonage 13William H. Richardson1894-95 
Anna Richterage 12Joseph Richter1897 
Tommy Richterage 6Charles Richter1876 
Henry Riedel  1881 
Hayden Riosage 22 1900 
Fred. Rivera T. P. Rivera of Corpus Christi1884 
Russell Robbinsage 6 1894-95 
Archer Roberdeauage 8J.D.187981-83 
Roger Roberdeauage 10J.D.187981-82 
Gordon Roberts  1884 
Harry Roberts  A.S.1883 
Henry C. Robertsage 10A.S.187881-83 
Alf. Robinsonage 15Mrs. A.1893-94 
Madelaine Robinson  John H.1893-94 
Oscar Robinson  Alonzo  1893-94 
Richard Robinsonage 15Th. P.1897 
Charles Roblee  1881 
Edward Roessler  Robert  1880 
Rogers Manor?  1893. 
Eddie Roosage 15O/R1893-94 
Rudy Roosage 16R. Sen. (Sr/Senator?)1893 
Lloyd Roosevelt  Mrs. J.A.1894 
Elsie Von Rosenbergage 12E.1893-95 
Emma Von Rosenbergage 6E.1900 
Ernst Von Rosenbergage 7  1896-981900 
Fred Von Rosenbergage 12William1879-81 
Fritz Von Rosenberg  W.1876 
Hannah Von Rosenbergage 8E.1894-1900 
Herbert Von Rosenberg  1898 
Marie Von Rosenbergage 12Herbert?1896-981900 
Mary Von Rosenbergage 9E.1893-9698-1900 
Ralph Von Rosenbergage 8  1900 
Hedwig Rosenbushage 8  1897 
Anton Rosentritt  1896-97 
Willie Rubeyage 14G./E.E.1877-78 
Gus Rundellage 17F.M.1896-98 
Jesse Rundellage 14F.M.1882-83 
Robert Rust  1878 (98?) 
Walter Sakewitzage 15Mrs. B.M.1896-97 
Charlie Sanderage 14C.F.1897 
Vance San(d)fordage 8Mrs. S.1878-80 
Willie/William San(d)fordage 12Mrs. S.1878-90(Most of tuition paid for with wood; $5 from State) 
Arthur Schaeferage 13George1899 
Harry Schapiro  Joseph1900 
Max Schapiro  Joseph1900 
Adolph Schenckage 7Mrs. Fr.1876-7981-82($5 from State School Fund) 
August Schenckage 11Mrs. F.1876-81 
Fritz Schenckage 13Friedericke1876-77 (Transferred to Texas Military Institute) 
Adalbert Schenkenage 14C.A. Buechner1876-77 (Left school Jan 1878 to learn a trade) 
Karl Schenkenage 16  C.A. Buechner1876 
Charley Schiefferage 8  1897 
Emmett Schiefferage 14Rich1897-99 
Emma Schlegelage 11  1896 
Herman Schlegelage 9  1896 
Benno Schlochaurage 12Moritz18971900 
” Fedie Schlochaurage 17F.E.1898 (75¢ credited on his private lessons for “”two pair overalls for Ralph and George.) “”23 East 131 StN.Y.”” written under name.” 
Siegfried Schlochaurage16Morris1897-1898 
Gustav Schlueterage 7John1896-971900 
Arthur Schmitt  1895 
Frank Schmittage 15Dr. F.A. of Schulenberg1881 
Gustave Schmittage 12  1895 
William Schmitzage 10Fritz1876-7981(credited for mattress repairs several times) 
Adolph Schneiderage 14Margarete1876 
Hugo Schnerr/Schuerrage 17F.W. of Fredericksburg1880-81 
Gerhard Schoenebaumage 10M.M.1881-82 
” George Schoepfage 14Charles1878 (charged for “”sundries”” 35 ¢-another window pane $2.50 from State)” 
Anna Schubertage 8  1876 
Jose (Josie?) Schubertage 13Joseph1876 
Louise Schubertage 10  1876 
Adolf Schuetze  Julius1883 
Adolf Schuetzeage 9Eduard1876-77 
Alfred Schuetzeage 9  1897 
Alvina Schuetzeage 101893-9496 
Clara Schuetzeage 6  1893-97 
Eddie/Edward Schuetzeage 12Julius1876-78 (expelled 29 May 1878óthe ringleader of the window breakers?) 
Hugo Schuetzeage 9Julius1876-78 
Irma Schuetzeage 11  1897 
Julius Schuetzeage 13Julius1882-83 
Max Schuetzeage 11  1896 
Nono Schuetzeage 8Julius1893-97) (Paid by advertising in newspaper) 
Toni Schuetze  Eduard1877 
Martha Schullerage 5  1893-97 
Henry Schul(t)zage 16D.1882-83 
Earnest/Ernst Schwiening  Fritz1883-84 
George Schwiening  Fritz1883-84 
Albert P. Scottage 13Sam T.1879-83 
Clay Searcyage 9I.G.1878-7983 
Bert Searight  G.A.1883 
George Searight  G.A.1884 
Thomas S. Sedgwick (no data) 
Janey/Jennie Seekatzage 12Henry1893-95 
John Sekatz  1894 
Tom Seekatz Henry1893-94 
Herbert Shapard  William1884 
Robert Shapard  W.M.1884 
Jerry Sheehanage 15Jerry1878 
Horace Shelton  1894-95 
Sidney Shepherdage 13Dr. James B.1878 
Glenn Shipe  1893 
Walter Shortage 11Mrs. M.S.1878 ($5 apportionment from State School Fund) 
Auguste Siegmundage 12Joseph1876 
Emma Siegmundage 8  1876 
Charles E. Simpson  Charles1893 
George T. Simpson  L.W.1880-81 
John A. Simpsonage 14J.S.1898-99 
Merle Simpsonage 10George F.1899-1900 (credited for sewing machine) 
Portis Sims  W.A.1883-84 
George T. Sissonage 11C.T.1878-79 (By piano for May and June $10.00) 
Stella Sisson (no yearcredited for $375 for piano) 
Josephine Skinner  1877 
Branch Smithage 11W.B.1882-83 
Garland Smithage 19  1900 
Henry Smith  1884 
James Smithage 9Q.C.1879 
Jimmie Smithage 7James B.1879 
John Henry Smith  J. B.1878 
Louise Smithage 9Mary1876 
Robert Smith  Mrs. N.W.1883 
Stephen H. Smith  1884 
William B. Smithage 13W. B.1880-1882 
Asher Smootage 12Rev. Dr. Richmond K.1881-82 
Lawrence Smoot  Dr. R. K.1883-84 
Dudley Smith  William1879-80 
Mike Sneedage 14Prof. S.G.1881-82 
Walter G. Sneedage 13Thomas E. 1879-81 
Hill Snyder  1900 
” Emmett Solomonage 17Rev. E. W.1895-96 (“”Came to school without breakfast so as to be on time for his Latin.”” ñ J.B.)” 
Erle Solomonage 15E.W.1895-96 
Hal Solomon  1895-96 
Walter Solomonage 13E.W.1985-96 
Fred Southgateage 13John1881-83 
Robert Southgate  John1881-83 
” Tom Spainage 17(“”Left to go to work””) 1898″ 
Curtis Spauldingage 12C.1879-81 
Oakley Spauldingage 9Curtis1879-81 
Willie Spauldingage 14Curtis1879 
John Speirs  M.H.1883 
Arthur Spenceage 9William M.1880-8183 (William M Spencereporter on Austin Democratic Statesman; paid son’s tuition with advertising and subscription to paper.) 
David Spenceage 12Joseph1879-83 
Harry Spenceage 9Joseph1879-83 
Robert Spence  1880 
” Willie Spindleage 14H.J. (“”By Milkbutter&C””)1881-82″ 
Walter Staehelyage 13  1896 
Will Staplesage 17J.A.Q.1895-90 
Darwin M. Stappage 9J. P. Duvinage1879-1872 
John Stegall  1880-81 
Laura Steele (no data) 
Alphonse Stein  1896 
Ike/Isaac Steinage 11Isaac($5 from State)1878-7981-83 
Helene Steinerage 11Edward1876 
Julia Steinleage 15 1896 
Clarence Stelfoxage 14John18971900 
Wm. Steph(v)ensonWilliam1877-78 
Max Sternage 10J. of 501 E.5th St.189496 
Rosa Sternage 9Jacob1876 
Solomon Stern10  1896 
Frank Sternbockage 14N. of Round Rock1878-79 (Boardtuitionetc. Oct-Dec 1878–$50; $5 from State) 
Claude Stewart  Joe H.1880-81 
Wallie T. Stewartage 12Joe H.1879-83 
William Sti(y)lesage 16Dr. William1880-82 (Stopped on account of sore eyes) 
Herbert Sto(e)rzing  Fred188493-95 
C/Karl Stolleage 7L./Fred.1895-1900 
Gilbert Stovall  J.C.1880 
Felix V. D. (Van Der?) Stucken  Emile1883 
Adele Sutorage 10  1876 
Bertha Sutorage 8  1876 
Fritz G. Sutorage 14F.W.1875-76 
Mathilde Sutorage 12  1876 
Archie Swindells  J.W.1883-84 
—Swisherage 8J.M./Monroe1877 
Milton Swisherage 12Monroe1878 ($5 from State School Fund) 
Clarence Tate  C.W.1893-94 
A.Q./Quincy Taylor  1894 
Eva Taylorage 13J.G.1896991900 
Jeff Taylor  1894 
Marion Taylor  E.V.1894 
Will Taylorage 11J.G.1896991900 
Fritz Tegenerage 11Judge Fritz1879-81-84 
Gust. Tegenerage 12Fritz1879 
Hilmar Tegener  1884 
Dave Templetonage 18Frank1893-94 
Edwin Templetonage 15Frank1893-94 
Robert Tendrickage 10R.P.1878 
Ten EyckAlfredage 13 (Paid with chickens and milk)1878 
Edward Ten Eyckage 9(Transferred to Mrs. Porter’s) 1878-80 
Howard Terrellage 9W.A./A.W.1878-79 
Will Terry  Mrs. S.M.?1893-94 
Ed Thiele  William1883-84 
Robert Thieleage 12  1894-95 
Willie Thieleage 11  1900 
Ernst Thielepapeage 16George J.1876 
George Thielepapeage 10  1896-98 
George J.Thielepapeage 12Ad. W.  1898-1900 
Hans Thielepape  1895-97 
Mary/Marie Thielepapeage 8  1894-97 
Clarence Thomasage 13David E.1879-83 
Dock Thomasage 10V.C. (Paid by shaves)187981-82 
Gray Thomas  Mrs. G1880 
Bennie Thompsonage 11Ben1880-83 
Louie Thompson  1895-96 
Rector Thompson  1894-95 
Robert Thompsonage 13H.1882-83 
Alvin Thomson  Peter1895-96 
Hal Thomson  1894 
Mary Thomson  1894 
Will Thomson  1896 
Willie Thomson/Tomsonage 8  1894-95 
Alva Thrasherage 14W.B.1893 (Dec 6 ñ died of typhoid feverburied next day) 
Chester Thrasherage 16W.B.1893 
Jewel Thrasher  W.B.1893 
Algernon Thweattage 16A.S. Sr.1895-97 
Ed Tippsage 9Olga/Aust. Von Gehren1876-77 (paid $4 by one bedstead) 
Eugene Tipps  Walter1884 
Karl Tips  Walter1876 
Walter Tipsage 7Walter1876-7782-83 
Courtney Toddage 20D.A.1898-991900 
Walter Toddage 18D.A.1898-99 
Charles Tomlinsonage 8Charles L. Lowday1876-78 
Tommy Towery  1878 
Everhard/Everett Townes E.T. Eggleston1878-79 (Paid by insurance policies for $1500 worth of property; $15) 
John Traynham  1894 
Mac Turnbull  G.W. 1880 
Louise Ulbrichage 14John Holzinger1877 
Willie Ungnadage 10Mary1896-97 
John Van Arsdallage 15G. W. Beaver1893-94 
Clarence Vannage 15J. H.1897-99 Paid part of tuition with cordwoodhay and chickens) 
Ella Vannage 14J.H.1898-99 (tuition credited for one load of sugar cane) 
Henry Vaughn  G.D.1893-94 
George Vogtsbergerage 9 1876 
Guido Vogtsbergerage 11 1876 
John Vogtsbergerage 7 1876 
Henry Voight  1896 
Charley Volzage 11 1897 
Karl Volzage 10Charles Lundberg187678 (Credited for bread tickets $2) 
Alfred Waechter  Evening School1876 
Alma Waechterage 7 1896-971900 
Bernhard Waechterage 13Bernhard(paid with milk)1876-7781-82 
Edmund Waechterage 9Bernhard1876-79 
Reinhard Waechterage 8 1878 
ReinholdWaechterage 10 187981-83 ($10 State School Fund for 2 boysplus milk and honey) 
Emma Wahrmannage 14Aug. W.1876 
Joseph Wahrmannage 8 1876 
Ben Walker  1894 
Earl(e) B.age 14George H.1900 
Joe Walker J.M. Cloud1881 
Dan Wallaceage 11J.C.1900 
Nora Wallace  J.C.1900 
Edwin Waller J.P.1883 
Lina Walterage 16 1897-98 
Florence Warnerage 12  1895-97 
George Warnerage 10  1895-97 
Harry Warner  B. R.1883 
Howard Warner  1896-97 
Sim Warnerage 6  1895-98 
George Warrenage 10  1896 
Willie Waren  Mrs.1883 
Albert Wattingerage 12Jacob1893-97 
Fred Wattingerage 7Jacob1894-981900 
Henry Wattingerage 9Jacob1894-98 
Jacob Wattingerage 12Jacob1893-97 
Lina Wattingerage 8 1897 
Ivan Wattsage 14 1897 
Nellie Webb  1895 
Clarence Wedig Frank1894 
Homer Wedigage 7 1896-97 
August Weilbacherage 14August1876 
Emil Weilbacherage 12August1876-78 
Joseph Weinbergerage 11David1876-78 
Katie Weinbergerage 8 1876 
Sallie Weinbergerage 12 1876 
Agnes Weise  1897 
Theo Welke  1883 
William Wellmer  1895 
George Werthamage 6 (went back to Chicago Nov. 3rd)1878 
Sidney Werthamage 8David1878 
Willie West Charles S1883 
AaronWetter  1881 
Emil Wetterage 7 1881 
Erin Wetterage 6 1880 
Karel Wetterage 6 1878 
Victor Wetter5 1878 
Josiah W. Whipple J. W.(the J. W. of J. W. Dietrich listing above is dittoed) 
Campbell White14R. E.1899-1900 
Coley White16R. E.1899-1900 
Walter White J. P.1883 
Charles Whitis Mrs. C. W.1883-84 
Tommie Whitis Mrs. C. W.1883-84 
George Wilhelm9Chris.1896-97 
Joe Wilhelm  1894 
Frank Wilke8 1897 
Lottie Wilke8 1897 
Bryan Williams 14 1900 
Henry Williams12Sarah1879-81 
Tyler Williams (left school on first day)1877 
W. H. Williams S. R.1880 
Neva Willis  1896 
Walfred/Wallie Wilson11Norval1878-80($5 by app from State School Fund) 
Harry Winn C. W.1883 
— Wittmann8 1876 
John (?) Wittemann     
Emma Wolf7 1876 
Gustav Wolf9August1876-77 
Hugo Wolf7August1876-77 
William M. Woods15Thomas B. Cochran1895-98 
Mabel Wooldridge  1897 
Goodall Wooten7Dr. Thomas D.1877-78, 80-82 
Joe Wooten5 187780-83 
Joseph Wooten  1881-83 
Benj. F. Wright11D. F.1879-83 
Lee York Mrs. S. M.?1893 
Carl J.Youngberg/Joungberg  1881 
Elsie Zahn12Justus1900 
Ida Sahn17Justus1900 
Hermann Ziegler  1895 
Robert Ziller8Aug.1879, 81-83 
George Zimpelmann7(charged with 3 window panes)1878-81 
Hubert Zimpelmann7 1896-97 
Jac./Jacob Zimplelmann14George B.1877-78 
Lee Zimpelmann12 1878-7981