St. Mary’s Catholic Church Marriage Records, 1853-1875

Compiled by Mrs. J. M. Pinckney, Jr. and Mrs. Marcella D. Spiller
Printed in the Austin Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. XI No. 2, June 1970

The church was first known as St. Patrick’s Church when it started services in the fall of 1852, and was located at the northeast corner of Brazos and Ash (9th) Streets. During the pastorate of Reverend Nicholas Feltin (1864-1874) the name of the church was changed to St. Mary’s of the Immaculate Conception. St Mary’s is presently located at 203 E. 10th St. All spellings were taken from the original article. Microfilm of these records is available at the Catholic Archives in Austin.

1 7 Apr 1853 Wm. H. Carr Catherine Finning M. Sheehan
2 21 Sep 1854 Karl Weisse Elizabeth Noellen M. Sheehan
3 17 Oct 1854 James M. McIntyre Jane Silkirk M. Sheehan
4 11 Jun 1854 Francisco Aguilera, 19
son of Agapitoage Aguilera and Zapapa Lineana
Mariana Luartuhe, 15
dau of Domingo Luartuhe and Juanita Granada
M. Sheehan Fernando Sequin and Francisca Ruiz
5 2 Feb 1855 Michael McNamara Laura Jonson M. Sheehan Jesse Johnson and Laura Jonson
6 4 Sep 1856 James Cassidy Margaret Hollan T. B. Naghten O.M.F. Peter Smith and Catherine Dillon
7 2 Aug 1857 Miles Byrne Mary Smith S. Mackin C.C. (Note this marriage was contracted before the Hon T. Costa on the 4th of Nov 1856)
8 13 Mar 1856 Thomas Brown Margaret Smyth M. Sheehan Nicholas Brady and James McAlister
9 18 May 1856 James Higgins Catherine Madley M. Sheehan Philip Burke and Jane Torphy
10 8 Jun 1856 Thomas Hadrington Sarah Lalor M. Sheehan Henry Allen and Mr. McLennan
11 17 Aug 1856 Edward M. Sutherland Ellen Sweeney M. Sheehan Daniel Sullivan and Thos. Crowley (This marriage was “blessed” on this date indicating that a civil service had previously been performed but no date given for civil service)
12 17 Aug 1856 John G. O’Brady Catherine Cahill M. Sheehan James Burnett and Ann Burnett (marriage “blessed” with no date)
13 25 Aug 1856 Owen Boyle Catherine Hart M. Sheehan John Ford and Thomas Fitzgerald
14 25 Aug 1856 Michael Patridge Bridget O’Reilly M. Sheehan James Paul (“blessed” marriage no date)
15 4 Dec 1856 James Duff Harriett Paul M. Sheehan G. R. Paul and John M. Jones, U.S. Army
16 4 Jul 1857 Chas. B Stiners Gertrude Paul M. Shehan G. R. Paul and James Duff
17 14 Sep 1858 Mr. Gibbs Mrs. Gibbs S. Mackin, RCC Edward Conway and Bridget Da___ (at Camp Hudson, marriage “ratified”, no other dates or name for bride.)
18 20 Sep 1858 W. T. Davis Miss Eliza Maloney S. Mackin, RCC F. W. Green and Bridget Cunniff (at Fort Lancaster)
19 21 Sep 1858 Charles Martin Bridget Cunniff S. Mackin, RCC William Barrett, Francis, Shields and Eliza Davis (at Fort Lancaster)
20 15 May 1860 Sebion G. Sneed Miss Fannie L. Finnin S. Mackin, RCC Thomas Sneed, T. Anderson, Miss Mary Augustine Costa and Polly Mussett
21 3 Jun 1860 Robert, slave of Mr. Jefferson of Seguin Evalin, slave of Widow Mary Louisa Johnson S. Mackin, RCC Mrs. Johnson and Mary Cambron
22 1 Jul 1860 James Hickey Catherine Quigley M. Sheehan Mr. T. Kirby and Miss Mary A. Costa
23 16 Jan 1862 M. T. Doyle Mary E. McKinney A. Faure H. White and Miss Mary A. Costa (The bride was non-Catholic and made the solemn promises previous to the marriage.)
24 19 Jan 1862 Robert Smyth Alice Scanlan A. Faure T. B. Costa and Bridget Sims (Mr. Smyth was non-Catholic and made the vows and promises before the marriage.)
25 17 Feb 1864 Candido Pais Teresa Daneda N. Feltin Taxto Campo and Caralotta Goner
26 30 Apr 1864 Frederic Hanke Mrs. Catherine Dillon (born Mearten) N. Feltin Owen O’Brien and Mrs. Mary O’Brien (indications that both are residents of Austin, Texas.)
27 23 Apr 1865 John D. Clark Adeline Roff N. Feltin Lucinda Raymond and wife Kath. Raymond
28 24 Jun 1865 Peter Smith Alice Caffrey N. Feltin Miles Byrne, Bernard Streeting, Mrs. Mary Byrne, and Ellen Nolan
29 25 Nov 1865 Florenzo Mendoza Angelita Trejo N. Feltin Candido Pais, Teresa Pais and Juanita Sanchez
30 8 My 1866 Joseph Kuhn Mary Baggage N. Feltin Peter Smith, Mrs. Alice Smith and Miss Elizabeth Smith (Banns previously published.)
31 15 Jun 1866 James Callan Margaret Sheen N. Feltin Mrs. Julia Boucher and Miss Elizabeth Smith (“blessed” and “ratified”, couple had been married for several years having contracted before a civil magistrate.)
32 5 Jan 1865 Joseph Wagner Ida Schwab N. Feltin Philip Goertz, J. Wolf, and Jos. Wagner (at the residence of Philip Goertz in the Co. of Bastrop.)
33 6 Jan 1865 Henry Schuhmacher Catherine Deffeld N. Feltin Philip Goertz, John Wolf, and Jos. Wagner (at the residence of the bride in Bastrop County.)
34 23 Mar 1865 John Wolf Catherine Meuer N. Feltin Anthony Eisenbach, Ed Boecker and Jos. Mahlen (in the Chapel at Pinoak in Bastrop County.)
35 1 Oct 1865 Edward Hale Mary Jane Sorrels N. Feltin Ed Boecker, A. Eisenbach, and Mr. Keepers
36 3 Oct 1865 Joseph Lange Eva Brahm N. Feltin Edwin Boecker, A. Eisenbach, and F. Meuth
37 4 Oct 1865 George Schaefer Adelaide Boese N. Feltin Charles Schaefer, Ed Boecker, and John Preuss
38 19 Apr 1866 John Wilhelm Elizabeth Mueth N. Feltin Andrew Mueth, John Hartmann, and Philip Goertz
39 4 Mar 1864 Theodore Brione Francisca Garza N. Feltin Thomas Kinney, Ed Finnin and Mrs. McKiney
40 22 Feb 1868 Frank Froehlich Mrs. Margaretha Schneider N. Feltin Renny Bagarri, Fred Hanke, and John Deinhardt
41 2 Mar 1868 Mr. Manindiano (sp) Felicia Samona N. Feltin Felipe Lopez, Candido Pais, and Isabel Aribe
42 27 Jul 1868 George Doerr Mrs. Barbara Weise N. Feltin General Reynolds, Mr. Reynolds, and Adolph Reynolds
43 25 Jan 1869 Damario Davila Guadalupe Trejo N. Feltin Bartolo Hernandez and Gustita Hernandez
44 20 Mar 1869 Antonio Biles Rafaela Morales N. Feltin Juan Pedro Samapro and Alexander Reno
45 3 Mar 1869 Alfred Robinson,
son of John H. and Elizabeth Robinson
Pauline Bremond,
dau. of John and Elizabeth Bremond
N. Feltin Ben Walker, James Hart, Mollie Peck and Lizzie Robinson
46 20 Mar 1869 Charles William Harker Margaret Elizabeth Cassidy N. Feltin Thomas Horan, Lucy Cassidy and Sarah Cassidy
47 30 Jun 1869 Antonio Espinosa Melehora Rodriques Martin Weinzacpfeln Lurthimano Campos, Antonio Hermanes and Epienene Espinsoa
48 24 Aug 1869 Joseph Eltsner Margaret Wolf N. Feltin T. N. Leonard, John Wolf and Lewis Feltin
49 24 Aug 1869 Michael Wolf Rebecca Hill N. Feltin T. N. Leonard, John Wolf, and Lewis Feltin
50 8 Sep 1869 Geo. Wm. Oswald Kate McHugh N. Feltin T. N. Leonard, Patrick McKarthy, Catherine Miller, Mary Jane Smith
51 20 Jan 1870 Augusto Martin Dolores Perez N. Feltin Leonardo LaCruz, Marcella Perez, and Juanita Perez
52 21 Apr 1870 Frank Davis Mary Ann Stubbs N. Feltin Frank Stubbs, Rebecca Stubbs and Elizabeth Stubbs
53 17 Aug 1870 Flavins Joseph Mary Willis Robards N. Feltin W. L. Robards, Mr. Manlove, Miss Maggie Mullen
54 10 Oct 1870 Francis M. Kane Louisa Berry N. Feltin Mr. Brauer, Mr. Hickey and Mrs. Spalding
55 17 Oct 1870 Manuel Aguirre Manuela Ranjela W. M. Sweeney (witnesses not listed)
56 20 Jan 1870 Charles Edwin Dietrich Alice Berry N. Feltin Miss Mary Fruth, Theresa Fruth and Mrs. Hickey
57 15 Nov 1870 Joseph A. Costa Emma Kyle N. Feltin Sebern G. Sneed, Miss Mary A. Costa, Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Burleson
58 29 Dec 1870 Lewis Feltin Theresa Fruth N. Feltin Mrs. Frank Fruth, Mr. Froelich and Mr. T. Bauer (Banns had been published)
59 1 Jan 1871 James McGuire Ann V. Smith N. Feltin T. Smith, Mr. Gammon and Mr. Byrne (Banns had been published)
60 23 Mar 1871 Joseph Kempf Mary Cole N. Feltin Mrs. Lucinda McNoeley and Francis Petit Pierre
61 20 May 1871 Incarnacion Hernandez Josefa Gonzales N. Feltin Raymon Gonzales, Refugio Rojas and Juanita Sanchez
62 15 July 1871 Julian Cortez Pedra Dominquez N. Feltin Juan Abardoz and Juana Arauza
63 31 Jul 1871 James R. Cummins Mary Regina Carr N. Feltin Ed Finnin, Dr. Cummins, Mary Jane Kelly and Leona Carr
64 14 Oct 1871 Alfred Mays (colored) Mary Proctor N. Feltin James M. Olliver and Miss Elizabeth Gordon
65 1 Nov 1871 Frank Valentine Elizabeth Stubbs N. Feltin Mr. Frank Stubbs, Barney Brown and Mrs. Mary E. Stubbs
66 6 Dec 1871 Juan Garcia Juanita Torres N. Feltin Francine Garcia, Florentine Ruez and Francis Norre(?)
67 2 Jan 1872 Cleopher Hernandez Antonio Abieta N. Feltin Juan Nunez, Sebastian Chaber, Julia Fanano and Marian Gorner
68 3 Jan 1872 John H. Horan Augusta Everett N. Feltin Mr. Tenly (?) Duval and Mrs. Duval
69 7 Apr 1872 Andrew Huber Mrs. Eva Lange (born Brahm) N. Feltin Sister L. Joseph and Miss Margaret Brahm
70 21 May 1872 Daminano Tuarejo Daria Salsida N. Feltin H. Garcer and Francisca Barcos
71 13 Jun 1872 James Deville Ellen O’Hanley N.Feltin Ellen M. Manley and Elizabeth Fruth
72 9 Jul 1872 Charles Augustus Shaw Eugenia Louisa Peterson N. Feltin Marian Acerra, T. M. Brand and John Accera
73 4 Aug 1872 Inez Gonzales Maria de Jesus Rendon N. Feltin Jose de la Barara, Dijominicia de la Barara
74 26 Aug 1872 Juan Hernandez Santa Samora N. Feltin Ig Machado, Tulio Teres, and Juanita Herrera
75 3 Oct 1872 John McGowen Mary Hoffman N. Feltin Not listed
76 26 Oct 1872 Juan Hernandez Santa Samora N. Feltin Estefa Guzman and Santa Radez
77 7 Nov 1872 John C. Minter Mrs. Evelina A. Linn N. Feltin Judge G. B. Costa and General N. G. Shelley
78 19 Dec 1872 William Wallace Ataska Costley N. Feltin Mrs. John Costley, Joseph Costa and Mr. Washington
79 11 Jan 1873 Thomas T. Markely Sophia L. Monson N. Feltin B. Costa, Henry Montgomery and Emma Buekner
80 31 Jan 1873 Juan Castillo Emmaline Davis N. Feltin J. B. Costa and L. Sheehan
81 31 May 1873 August Tietemann Mrs. Mary Hurtsmeyer N. Feltin Mr. and Mrs. (Mary) John Connally
82 5 Jun 1873 John Bauer Theresa Michel N. Feltin Mr. L. Bauer and Miss Elizabeth N. Smith (parties were already civilly married)
83 6 Jun 1873 Viviana Medina Tedra Garcia N. Feltin (witnesses not listed)
84 2 Aug 1873 Trenceo Morena Maurita Flores N. Feltin Hilario Mendiela and Josefa Brichalba
85 17 Aug 1873 Constantino Cuneo Rosina Raggio N. Feltin Andrea Raggio and H. G. Burland
86 7 Sep 1873 Manuel Taffoio Theordora Garcia N. Feltin Hilario Mendela, Josefa Brichalba and Jose de Costa
87 7 Oct 1873 John T. Kelly Offilia Arlitt N. Feltin Lewis Willebrand and Henry Filler
88 8 Nov 1873 Augustino Rodriquez Carnuela Martinez N. Feltin Andrew Guilelmo, Miranda and Manuela Balboa
89 8 Nov 1873 Anisetto Lara Refugio Monhada N. Feltin Padrino Antonio and Luna y Narcissa
90 18 Nov 1873 James McKinney Clara Degress N. Feltin Col. T. C. Degress, Mrs. Davis and Miss Mary Martin
91 24 Nov 1873 Estefan Fernandez Teresa Mol N. Feltin Lou Carasco and Gusta Garcia
92 9 Dec 1873 Morris B. Moore Julia Bell Eanes N. Feltin Joseph Coasta, Mrs. and Mrs. Eanes
93 4 Feb 1874 Mauricio Navarro Rosa Sales N. Feltin Appoliar Aguilar, Margarita Garcia and Nepomenco Martinez
94 25 Feb 1874 Christian Traugott Maria Wunderlich N. Feltin Joseph Traugott and Andrea Traugott
95 5 Apr 1874 Robert Copeland Anna Esser N. Feltin Mr. Thomas Hume and Mrs. Hattie Hume
96 2 May 1874 Jesus Varra Rosa Martinez N. Feltin Pedro Coustans and Isabel Morales
97 18 May 1874 Antonio Brejonis,
son of Stephen Brejonis
Refugio Rejois,
dau of John Joseph Rejois
D. J. Spillard CSC Manuel Garcia and Dolores Ibera
98 25 May 1874 John Flattery,
parent John Flattery
Marg A. James,
parent Daniel James
D. J. Spillard CSC A. W. Orr and William Brown
99 27 Jun 1874 Edward E. Ledderle Louisa Streicher D. J. Spillard CSC G. W. Hettie and Eliza Stein (non-Catholic; baptized, usual dispensation)
100 28 Jul 1874 Candido Pias Gertrudas Trexa D. J. Spillard CSC Epimanio Bella and Maria Quita
101 10 Oct 1874 Andreas Ramirez Domasia Pena D. J. Spillard CSC Juan Belmontez and Inez Sais
102 4 Nov 1874 Dorotia Biareal Isabel Suniga D.J. Spillard CSC Pablo Torres and Gregoria Garca
103 24 Nov 1874 James Breen Annie Haley John Lauth Asst Pastor CSC (witnesses not listed)
104 28 Nov 1874 James Green Mary Schraven D.J. Spillard CSC John Sheehan and ___ Schraven
105 7 Jan 1875 Martin Belger Annette Moohan D.J. Spillard CSC John Green and Mary Green (non Catholic, usual dispensation)
106 8 Feb 1875 Florence Mahoney Catherine Roache (Vidra?) D. J. Spillard CSC John Lauth and Lizzie Roache
107 27 Apr 1875 Richard W. Walsh Louisa A. Fruth D.J. Spillard CSC Dr. Miller and Elizabeth Fruth
108 8 Jun 1875 Manuel Estrada Carlota Tijerina D.J. Spillard CSC Mr. and Mrs. Tijernia
109 8 Jul 1875 Michael Gough Josephine Meredith D.J. Spillard CSC Michael Reilly and Margaret Berry (non-Catholic, usual dispensation)
110 21 Jul 1875 Fortino Cayosa Antonia Mericarde D.J. Spillard CSC Pedro Evera and Isabella Suniga
111 21 Jul 1875 Angel Cayosa Librada Mericardo D.J. Spillard CSC Jesus Bara and Rosa Bara
112 2 Aug 1875 Louis Kempf Sarah Burnett D.J. Spillard CSC Michael Reilly and Margaret Berry (non-Catholic, usual dispensation)
113 16 Aug 1875 Leonardo Lopez Romano Apolinar D.J. Spillard CSC Joseph Lopez and Reillis Sanchis
114 2 Nov 1875 Daniel L. Ryan Mary Ann Lenihan D.J. Spillard CSC James Marr and _____
115 4 Dec 1875 Cypriano Mendez Reyes Sanchez D.J. Spillard CSC Feliciano Lara and Assumption Moreno
116 4 Dec 1875 Theodore Rankle Martha Ann Ramirez D.J. Spillard CSC Nanjez and Mary Bella
117 16 Dec 1875 Pedro Adrera Lopez Dolores Mercado D.J. Spillard CSC Jesus and Rosa Varra
118 16 Dec 1875 Isadoro Gormez Catherine Morena D.J. Spillard CSC Francisco Salez and Antonia
119 31 Dec 1875 Albin Ortis Guadalupe Martinez D.J. Spillard CSC Philip Lugo and Louisa Hernandez