Oakwood Sexton Records, 1859-1866

Austin Cemetery Records, burials by the City Sexton recorded from 3 Oct 1859 to 6 May 1866.
Mr. A Eanes, Austin, Texas, sexton
(Copied by Mrs. Lucie A. Price, assisted by Mrs. Emma Gene Gentry)

The above title is written on the front and back of an apparently homemade book. The pages are of a heavy gray paper which have survived years of existence in excellent condition. This record is in the Austin-Travis County History Collection at the Austin Public Library, Austin, Texas.

The entries begin October 3, 1859 and continue until May 6, 1866. There is one period when the entries were made by the Undertakers Hopkins and Millican instead of by Eanes. Not all of the deaths that Eanes recorded are in the Mortality Schedule for 1860. The City Cemetery was later called Oakwood and the State Cemetery is at a difference location. Mr. Eanes’ spelling of names is not always consistent or correct, but is rather interesting. Also his use of terms of possession are sometimes puzzling, but can usually be interpreted. The spelling in this record is not always as we spell today. Mr. Eanes quite often spelled phonetically. This record was printed in the Austin Genealogical Society Quarterly in November 2003. For questions concerning this entry contact Kay Boyd.

1859 Oct 3 Henry E. Sublett Apoplexy 42y 4m 6d residence Austin, Texas
1859 Oct 6 Tandy Seat Typhoid 11y 6m residence Austin, Texas
1859 Oct 10 John M. Brown Disintery 1y 6m
1859 Cornelius Berlison congestion of the brain 5m
1859 Robert Green Consumption 31y
1859 Nov 9 Henry Allen Anderson 1y 6m John Anderson’s child
1859 Nov 24 Negro child of Mr. Hutchens 3y
1859 Nov 24 Negro woman of Wm Rust Dropsy
1859 Dec 4 Negro Man of Thomas Freeman chronic sores abt 60y
1859 Dec 8 Mrs. Thomas Casadaye’s Child bowel complaint 2y
1859 Dec 11 H L Upsher disease lung abt 48y
1859 Dec 18 Martin Moore killed by horse abt 46y
1859 Dec 17 Mrs.Deene Dropsy abt 70y
1859 Dec 20 Nannie bell Sims Burned to Death 2y daughter of M. W. Sims
1859 Dec 30 Negro Girl of Mr. Bradley Pneumonia 17y of VA
1859 Dec30 Kate Eckles Congestion of the Bowels 11m daughter of J D Blair
1860 Jan 3 Francis Kelly Delerium Tremens 42y 4m 6d
1860 Black Boy of Col Risher Chronic Disease 28y
1860 Feb 3 A. G. Thorn Consumption 30y
1860 Feb 13 Perry Priestly Born Dead
1860 Feb 21 Wife of Wm H Martin Apoplexy 28y
1860 Mar 10 Luella Seat congestion of the Bowels 2y
1860 Mar 12 Black Girl of Geo W White Disease not known 4y
1860 Mar 18 Margaret Poisoned by eating Weeds 4y Servant of L. D. Carington
1860 Mar 20 Negro Child of Ed Clark born Dead
1860 Apr 7 Willie Burnett Pneumonia 2w
1860 Apr 12 Anderson Negro Boy Pneumonia 27y boy of John T. Miller
1860 Apr 15 Child of A J Hamilton Still born
1860 Apr 16 Mrs. Cowlen Consumption 22y wife of D. Cowlen
1860 Apr 17 Boon effects of Laudanum 13m administered through mistake
1860 Apr 17 Mexican Stabbed with knife not known
1860 Apr 18 John Taney Shot 54y Bornin Maryland
1860 Apr21 John Sherrer Disease of the heart 48y Born in Germany
1860 Apr 23 Henry Negro Man of O Smith Congestion of the Bowels 26y
1860 Apr 23 Child of C H Randolph Lived only few hours
1860 May7 Louisa Negro girl of Mrs Rundles Pneumonia 10y
1860 May 9 Lucy Negro girl of Mrs Rundles Congestive chill 43y
1860 May 17 Nancy H. Frasier Inflamation of Spinal Chord 28y 8m Mrs. J. S. Frasier
1860 May 17 Dan Weeks Disease infant of Mr. John Weeks
1860 May 5 Martha Negro girl Fever 23y Capt John Connor’s girl
1860 Jun 15 Henry O Hedgecoxe Dropsy
1860 Jun 23 Louisa Dancy Disease of the Heart 10y
1860 Jun 27 Charles ? Hervy Murdered 17y murdered on 23 May 1860
1860 Jun 27 Wm H Jones Murdered 22y murdered on 23 May 1860
1860 Jun 27 M A Deloach Murdered 21y murdered on 23 May 1860
1860 Jun 26 Rodolphus Willhelm congestion of the brain 8m
1860 Jul20 SamuelNorton Fever 91/2 m infant of Revt Bishop Greg
1860 Aug 3 Raffenstall Dropsy 46y
1860 Aug 11 Matilda Higher Tape Worm 24y
1860 Aug 12 Mrs. Williams Congestion of the Bowels 30y
1860 Aug 12 Haver Kirzinger not known 3m
1860 Sep 16 Mary Cile Wilcox Irasipelaus 2m
1860 Sep 17 Infant Daughter of Gen A B Norton Diarea 14m
1860 Sep 18 Hardy Holman Diarea 18m
1860 Sep 20 Setagast’s Son Diarrhae 18m
1860 Oct 5 William H Martin died from a fall abt 45y Native of Denmark
1860 Oct 16 Graham G Alford Bowel complaint 16m
1860 Oct 25 Charles Barker Not Known 14m
1860 Oct 25 Negro Child of Dr Kenan
1860 Oct 26 Theodore Heusinger Diarrhae 13m 1d
1860 Oct 26 Shehan’s son Typhoid Fever 4y 5m
1860 Oct 29 Theodore Pecht Teething 7m 16d
1860 Nov 4 Mrs. Clarer Collins Consumption 34y Native of Tenn
1860 Nov 14 Mr. Fritz Typhoid fever abt 36y Native of Germany
1860 Dec 3 Mrs. Gustavis Johnson Typhoid fever 25y Native of Sweden
1860 Dec 8 Shraders Child Apoplexy 9m Native of Texas
1860 Dec 18 John F White Typhoid fever 14y 8m of Tenn
1860 Dec 28 Mexacan Shot not known
1861 Jan 6 Negro child of Duvall Estate Teething not known
1861 Jan 6 Mrs M W Sims Consumption 35y Native of Miss
1861 Feb 1 E F Calhoun Apoplexy 25y Native of Miss
1861 Feb 14 Hon Forbes Britton Pneumonia 49y Native Virginia
1861 Feb 20 M L McMellen Whiskey 39y Native Tenn
1861 Feb 6 Rayford Negro of Wm Olaphant Apoplexy 65y
1861 Mar 9 J D Blair Cancer in Throat 39y Native of Miss
1861 Mar 21 Willis Holman Typhoid fever 36y Native of Tenn
1861 Mar 28 Thomas P Plaster Consumption abt 55y Native of Tenn
1861 Apr 8 Corer infant daughter Whooping Cough 1y 6m Of John Horan Tex
1861 Apr 9 Mary infant daughter Cholera infantum 9m Of John C Robinson
1861 Apr 15 Mrs. Fred Stusy (Steussy) Rheumatism 36y Native of Germany
1861 Apr 23 Willis servant of Mrs Rundles Rheumatism 50y Nat Tenn
1861 Apr 23 Shafer Child Unknown 8m Native Texas
1861 Apr 25 James Perkins Typhus Fever 12y at Blind Asylum, Native Texas
1861 Apr 27 Ophelia England Irasipales of the Lungs 24y 11m 21d
1861 Apr 30 Negro Boy of A P Blocker cold on the Lungs 8m Native Texas
1861 May 2 Infant Daughter of A N Hopkins Congestion of the Lunges 11d Native Texas
1861 May 17 Infant Daughter of F W Girand Convulsions 2d Texas
1861 May 18 Negro child of Mrs Lightfoot convulsions 10d Texas
1861 May 8 Wm S Baker Consumption 26y Native Main
1861 May 20 John Matter Mean Whiskey 55y Native of Germany
1861 May 22 Samuel Daveese Consumption 43y Native of Kentucky
1861 May 27 Mexican Stabbing
1861 May 29 Edward Finnin Congestion 9m 5d
1861 Jun 2 Negro Child of John Burlage Diareah 9m
1861 Jun 6 G Kirchberg Consumption 53y Native of Germany
1861 Jun 7 John Rabb Dropsy 63y 5m Native Penn
1861 Jun 8 Sarah servant of G R Freeman Consumption 35y Native Ky
1861 Jun 11 infant son of H M Alford Flux 6m Tex
1861 Jun 25 Negro Boy of Ben Hendricks Fever 3y Native of Geo
1861 Jul 2 John Mahoney Consumption 40y at Blind Asylum, Nat of Ireland
1861 Jul 2 Infant of Mrs McMellon Born Dead
1861 Jul 7 Negro Man Henry Drowned 18y Serv of Dr B Graham
1861 Jul11 Waller M Booth Consumption 42y Native of DC
1861 Jul 17 Mrs. Josephene Price Effect of Cloriform 23y Native Vermont
1861 Jul 23 Mrs Martha J Reagan Consumption 29y Native of Alabama
1861 Jul 30 Reverend L S Price Consumption
1861 Aug 13 Hannar servant of Joseph Spence inflamation of the Brain 50y native of Tenn
1861 Aug 14 Sone of Ed Finnin Born Dead
1861 Aug 17 Mrs. Kirchberg Morphene 60y Native of Germany
1861 Aug 18 Infant Daughter of H N Jargerson Colic 19d
1861 Aug 19 Mrs E M Crosby Consumption 45y Native of Virginia
1861 Sep 14 Horas Robertson Cholera Morbus 6m Son of Wm Robertson
1861 Sep 30 Son of B F Carter Congestion of the Brain 18m
1861 Oct 2 Thomas Ewing 2y son of Charles Wooldridge
1861 Oct 2 William Croup 4m son of J O Illingsworth
1861 Oct 5 Mary S Haralson Typhoid fever 14y 8m Native of Georgia
1861 Oct 6 Mrs Murphy 70y Native Ala
1861 Oct 9 Mrs. Chalmers Congestion 31y Native Ky
1861 Oct 11 Alice Darter Dyptheria 6y 8m
1861 Oct 19 Infant Son of L S Price Sore Throat 6m
1861 Oct 11 Daughter of J B Barron Born Dead
1861 Oct 18 Mr Wilhm killed by unknown 36y Fayette Co. native Germany
1861 Oct 30 Mrs. Givins fever 77y Died at Thos F McKinney
1861 Oct 31 Negro Woman of Joseph Spence Fever 18y
1861 Nov 3 Mrs Durham Pneumonia 53y at Mrs Johnes, Native of Tenn
1861 Nov 5 Richard Manley Consumption 20y at Lunatic Asylum, native of Johnson County Texas
1861 Nov 12 Otto Presler (Pressler) Croup 3y 6m Native of Texas
1861 Nov 14 Mexacan Girl Typhoid fever 6y Name not known
1861 Nov 16 Infant Daughter of Charles Springer born before its time 11d
1861 Nov 17 Eliza servant of O H Millican Nervous Debility 40y Native of Miss
1861 Nov 26 Negro Child of E D Towns Consumption 11m
1861 Nov 29 Emma Willson (Wilson) Diptheria 11y Native of Texas
1861 Dec 5 Lucy Negro of Bishop Gregg Diarhe 8m Texas
1861 Dec 7 Negro Boy John Diarhe 2m servant of John T Miller, Texas
1861 Dec 9 Elizabeth Towns Typhes fever 6y 8m Native of Texas
1861 Dec 9 Edward Willson (Wilson) Diptheria 7y Native of Texas
1861 Dec 10 Ethel Maud Barr Diptheria 8m Native of Texas
1861 Dec 12 Mrs L O Carter Spinal affection 24y Native of Virginia
1861 Dec 14 Annie Bell Keenan Diptheria 3y Native of Texas
1861 Dec 15 Willie Randolph Diptheria 5y Native of Texas
1861 Dec 17 ______Randolph Diptheria 7y Native of Texas
1861 Dec 18 Mr J H Walker Congestion of the Brain 60y representative from Harris County
1861 Dec 19 Miss Elmira Johnson Dipheria 9y Native of Texas
1861 Dec 26 Mrs Cushney Consumption 36y Native of Tenn
1861 Dec 24 Anna Fox Diptheria 4y Native of Texas
1861 Dec 22 Wm P Stapp Chronic Diarrhoea 52y Native of Ky
1862 Jan 6 Margret Negro girl of W D Scott Dropsy 12y Native of Ky
1862 Jan 8 Mexacan Woman Stabed 25y
1862 Jan 17 Mr Snider falling out of wagon 48y Native of Germany
1862 Jan 18 Luckey Walker Croup 2y Native of Texas
1862 Feb 14 Sisy-Lily Sirginer Diptheria 3y Native of Mo
1862 Feb 15 Sarah Ten Beck Diptheria 9y Native of Texas
1862 Mar 4 Negro Woman of John Billingsly Pneumonia 30y Native of Tenn
1862 Mar 4 Sarah Brown Pneumonia 14y Nat of Texas
1862 Mar 22 Miss Moore niece of E Hansbrough
1862 Mar 25 J D Holman’s child Diptheria
1862 Mar 28 _____Fairchilds Consumption
1862 Apr 6 B F Carter child Dipth 4y
1862 Apr 9 Sally child of Geo Durham Diptheria
1862 Apr 9 Ben McCulloch killed in battle (in State Cemetery)
1862 Apr 10 Leander child of Geo N Durham Dipth
1862 Apr 20 Mrs. Hornsby old age
1862 Apr 20 John killed with ax by unknown the Gardner
1862 Apr 21 Kate daughter of A J Hamilton Diptheria
1862 Apr 25 Mr Barnes Child
1862 May 14 Black Woman of Jos P Neal
1862 May 17 Tannihill (Tannehill) Consumption
1862 May 26 Mr Warren Shot with gun by Hurley
1862 May 26 Mrs Lounts
1862 Jun 1 Laura daughter of Rev Mr Zivley
1862 Jun 5 Unknown Man drowned in the Colorado
1862 Jun 8 Mr Randolph inflamation of the Bowel
1862 Jun 10 Son of Jas Thompson Irysipelus
1862 Jun 25 Blackwoman of Col Crozier
1862 Jul 10 Geo Hesner Coffin
1862 Jul 20 Negro Woman of Judge Paschal Coffin
1862 Jul 23 E M Peas Child (Pease) Coffin
1862 Jul 24 Mays Coffin
1862 Jul 30 Maxwell Coffin
1862 Aug 1 Robard’s Negro Wm (or Man) Coffin
1862 Aug 14 Miss Whipple Coffin
1862 Aug 15 Gibson Child Coffin
1862 Aug 19 Mike Burditt’s Child Coffin
1862 Aug 28 Jenkins Davis Wife Coffin
1862 Aug 12 Mike Burdet’s Child Coffin??
1862 Sep 6 J M Young’s Wife Coffin
1862 Sep 13 Negro Man of Dr Wright Coffin
1862 Sep 23 Mrs Ten Eyck’s Child Coffin
1862 Sep 20 Negro Children 2 Coffins
1862 Oct 14 Mrs. C Ziller Nervous Exhaustion
1862 Nov 15 Wash Bonner’s Child in country
1862 Nov 18 Mr Suggs in country
1862 Oct 19 Wash Bonner’s Child in country
1862 Oct 20 Mr Goodman’s child
1862 Oct 22 Mr Allen 22y in country, Coffin
1862 Oct 22 J Darden Died from home brought here to be buried
1862 Oct 22 Joseph Hornsby Consumption abt 40y country
1862 Oct 24 W Bonners diptheria country
1862 Oct 29 Mr Ross Consumption abt 40y country
1862 Oct 31 Duffau’s Negro Man pneumonia abt 38y
1862 Nov 3 Judge Wheeler’s Boy diptheria abt 10y
1862 Nov 9 Mrs W G Johnson consumption abt 35y
1862 Nov 15 Jas G Swisher disease of the heart abt 60y
1862 Nov 19 Child of Tom Green debility abt 1y
1862 Nov 27 Negro Man of Hugh Tinin Coffin
1862 Dec 18 Mrs. Schuler died in childbirth Coffin for Suiters sister
1862 Dec 26 Child of Mrs. Elison (Ellison) 1y
1862 Dec 28 Abner Mathews 70y
1862 Dec 17 Child of Mr Lee son in law of Thos H Jones
1862 Child of Mrs. Doyle grandchild of Jas P McKinney
1862 Nov 12 W Bonner 4 coffins buried in country
1862 Oct 30 F T Duffau’s Negro Boy Pneumonia abt 40y
1863 Jan 20 Dr Rodgers Child born dead
1863 Mar 7 Jo Grumble’s Child Pneumonia 2y
1863 Mar 10 Rev Mrs Zively’s Child Diptheria 9y country
1863 Mar 16 Mrs. Wicks Consumption abt 30y brought from Bexar County
1863 Mar 16 Mrs Shutzey miscarriage abt 28y
1863 Mar 17 Mr Tannyhill (Tannehill) consumption abt 60y country
1863 Mar 18 Wm Glenn pistol shot 42y buried in Strangers grounds
1863 Mar 25 Daniel E Waters Dropsey 71y
1863 Mar 26 Child of M Collins 1w buried in Strangers ground
1863 Mar 30 Negro Woman of R T Wheelers abt 40y
1863 Mar 31 Jonathan Berg 56y
1863 Apr 1 Child of Wm Good 1 1/2y
1863 Apr 2 Negro Woman of Jas P McKinney 65y
1863 Apr 7 James A Longly chronic Diareah 21y
1863 Jun 8 James A Burdett Dropsey abt 35y private in Fred Moores Co, Flournoys Regt
1863 Jun 18 Rebecca Hopkins Chronic Diesease 81y Relict of John Hopkins
1863 Jul 5 Mrs Stantz lung disease abt 65y country
1863 Alexander Hopkins Killed by Armsby
1863 Andy Hopkins Killed by Armsby
1863 Meithe – Boy Killed by Armsby
1863 Mrs J P Neel wife and child
1863 Dec 11 J H Bells Son Diptheria 4y
1863 Dec 20 Stephan Cassiday Rheumatism 28y
1863 Dec 24 James Brisenden’s son 11y
1863 Dec 25 Capt Shelby W Charles Hemorrhage of the Lungs
1863 Dec 25 E G Adkins Negro infant
1863 Dec 16 Infant Negro of Mrs. Perry Umphra’s Diptheria 3w
1863 Dec 26 Negro Boy John Typhoid fever Gen Thomas Green
1864 Jan 4 John McClure 24y Lunatic
1864 Jan 9 Frank V Brecta Dropsey 32y
1864 Jan 12 Thomas Kellehan Consumption Strangers burying ground, SW cor Main St
1864 Jan 23 Col Risher Infant Daughter Diptheria
1864 Feb 4 Gen Shelley’s Infant son
1864 Jan 15 Negro from Hospital
1864 Jan 18 Infant Negro of Bishop Gregg
1864 Jan 18 Negro Man of James White Inflamation of Brain 18y
1864 Jan 18 Negro Moses of Mr Bacon not reported 26y
1864 Mar 4 Mr Tho B Cummings Consumption 31y Hays County, Native Missouri
1864 Mar 5 Negro Woman of Gen Tho Green old age 65y
1864 Mar 28 Negro Girl of Wm Olipan sudden death disease 14y
1864 Mar 28 James P Neel Son abt 3y
1864 Mar 28 John Warenburger consumption 47y from Hays County
1864 Children Warenburger disinterred and buried on Lot 42 with their father John Warenburger
1864 Mar 14 Mr Gooch died Mar 14 abt 70y
1864 Mar 20 Negro Woman Sylva of Col Groom died Mar 19 abt 35y
1864 Mar 23 Infant Negro of Mr. Peoples
1864 Dr J Brounrig died Mar 26 abt 70y
1864 Mar 26 Bennett H Clark Disease Lungs 26y 5d Native of Missouri
1864 Apr 12 Infant Son of Wm H D Carington Diptheria (Carrington)
1864 Apr 17 Rev Frank Brown abt 28y
1864 May 2 Maj General Thomas Green Kild on the Battlefield 12 Apr 1864 Blairs Landing Buried cemetery ground
1864 May 6 Revd J Philip Negro 9y
1864 May 23 Dr J M Stinner Negro 10y
1864 R M Johnson’s Infant Child Drowned Removed from Bastrop
1864 May 26 Dr George Bordiman’s Infant Diptheria 12m
1864 Jul 3 Mr J H Ross Daughter Diptheria 3y 10m 4d
1864 Jul 7 Miss Roberson Daughter Dropsey 16y of Mrs Fredrick Smith
1864 Jul 26 Danel Trabue Dropsey 62y
1864 Aug 6 James Thornton Scott Inflamation of the Bowels 1y 2m 20d Infant son of Sam Scott
1864 Aug 7 Bird Holman killed by Lightning abt 15m and infant daughter
1864 Aug 7 Mary Von Rosenburg Inflamation of Brain 18m Wm Von Rosenburg
1864 Aug 12 James Burdett Little Son Inflamation of the ______
1864 Aug 18 John Burldage Diptheria 46y
1864 Aug 21 David Riby Infant Son Diptheria
1864 Aug 21 W H Green Infant Inflamation Bowels
1864 Aug 22 Mrs. James Burdett’s Little girl Diptheria 5y
1864 Aug 31 Wm Strader Infant Inflamation Bowels
1864 Sep 8 John McGee Amputation arm 23y cause shot, Soldier
1864 Sep 11 Mrs E Davis consumption 26y
1864 Sep 11 Mrs Tulane Meithe Liver Complaint 48y 8m
1864 Sep 14 Mrs. Ann Lane Consumption 23y wife of Dr R N Lane
1864 Sep 15 Bishop Gregg Removal from Block 118 lot by Remains properly marked Order of Boardunknown of aldermen & cemetery committee corps & deposited on the public burial
1864 Sep 16 Removd from Lot No 115 by Order of board of alderman. Bearing a + made of small sticks with a cross Bearing a + made of small sticks supposed Strangers graves Properly markd pod to be Mexicans killed by Capt John Conner to the publick
1864 Sep 18 Capt Joseph Kneeland Taylor Committed Suicide
1864 Sep 29 Mrs Taylor Little son Inflamation Bowels abt 2y
1864 Oct 13 Mr Mansfield’s Negro Infants
1864 Oct 14 Dr Stiners Negro child 3m
1864 Oct 15 Mr J. Ben Jones Infant 3 m
1864 Oct 17 Mrs. N Ware Infant Negro 3w
1864 Oct 27 Hulbert M Alfred 50y
1864 Oct 28 Mr E Nash 50y
1864 Nov 2 Mrs. Monroe Swisher childbed wife of Monroe
1864 Nov 10 Mr Koonsey Removal to the old Graveyard. Stone set at the Head graveyard and immediately South west of Block 9 bearing the names
1864 Nov 13 F J Roberds Diseased generally Abt 32y
1864 Nov 24 Fanny Little daughter of Wm Sharp
1864 Dec 3 Mrs M Y Clifton Congestion of the Lung 59y paid
1864 Dec 13 Rev J W Philips Infant paid
1864 Dec 13 Mrs Linda Lanawaver Winter fever 37y
1864 Dec 26 John T. Miller Infant Negro paid
1864 Dec 26 Bish Gregg Infant Negro
1865 Jan 1 Negro Prisoner killed in Jail Williamson County
1865 Jan 3 Lieutenant Tho C Howard General Debility 27y
1865 Jan 4 Col Wm Rusk Infant Negro paid
1865 Jan 4 Dr W A Moris son (Morris) 3y
1865 Jan 5 Mr James Cruze consumption abt 26y Hays County
1865 Jan 7 David McNew Pneumonia 23y a member Capt Wheets Co.
1865 Jan 13 Mr Muskgrove Servant Rose 44y
1865 Jan 22 Mrs. Rivers Negro girl Inflamation Brain 8m
1865 Jan 23 Bis Greggs Negro girl 18m
1865 Feb 2 Col C R John Infant Negro
1865 Feb 6 Mrs Julia G Alford Consumption 26y Native of Missouri
1865 Feb 9 Drury Wilson Disease of the Heart 56y Native of Tennessee
1865 Feb 15 Mrs M J Spence disease of Brain Native Arkansas
1865 Feb 18 Miss Ann Sims 65y (64) could be 6y ?????
1865 Feb 25 Elizabeth Horn Inflamation of Brain 68y Native of Virginia
1865 Mar 2 Mr J (S) Fords Negro 3m
1865 Mar 11 Mr James Mussett Consumption 23y
1865 Mar 18 Mrs Southeland’s Infant Negro 11m
1865 Mar 17 Mr T Brush Amputation foot mortified abt 60y Native
1865 Mar 19 James R Jackson Murdered 45y Native
1865 Mar 20 Dr Tho Moore Negro woman 20y
1865 Mar 21 Lt Thomas B Macklin Consumption 23y 7m
1865 Mar 25 Mr Spencer Ford Infant child general debility 5m Texas
1865 Apr 1 Mr J Spence Infant Negro Inflamation Brain 12m Native of Texas
1865 Apr 8 John H Walker Negro woman 30y Native of Tennessee
1865 Apr 10 Col George White Infant Negro few days Native of Texas
1865 Apr 10 John H Roberson Negro child Hooping cough 6y Native Texas
1865 Apr 15 J H Roberson Infant Negro Hooping cough 30m Native Texas
1865 Apr 16 Mr John Dont congestion of the heart 56y Native of Germany
1865 Apr 17 Mrs Wares Infant Negro Hooping cough Texas
1865 Apr 18 Gen Risk Infant child 8d Texas
1865 Apr 23 Patrick Angus Monroe 39y Native N Carolina
1865 Apr 23 Wesley McGlothland infant child
1865 Apr 25 Dr Tl L Moore Infant Negro
1865 Apr 25 Mrs J Burdett Infant Negro 2w Native Texas
1865 Apr 25 Mrs M C Burdett Infant Negro Hooping Cough 3m
1865 Apr 25 Antonio Probas Infant Hooping cough 2m Mexican
1865 Apr 26 John Burlage Hooping cough with bloody Flux 6y Son of Mrs J Burlage
1865 Apr 27 Mrs E A P Stockdale congestion Native of Virginia
1865 Apr 30 Mrs Elizabeth Fox not reported 42y Native of Germany
1865 May 3 Dr Pariot Infant 3d Native Texas
1865 May 8 Carley drowned abt 26y servant of Christian & Lumas
1865 May 10 Gen August Buchell Killed in Battle State Cemetery ground
1865 Josiah Roberson Killed in a street fight abt 45y
1865 May 20 Mrs. L Lackey 22y Native Arkansas
1865 May 27 Alberto Algerio Killed by Thompson Italian, Native Mexico
1865 Jun 1 Mrs Mathis Negro child 14m N Texas
1865 Jun 1 Mrs Harelson Negro child 4m
1865 Jun 2 W W Apperson Died near Austin b 1826 State Kentucky
1865 Jun 12 John Conner Burn from Gun Powder 10y native of Texas
1865 Jun 13 Cammel Shot while Robbing Treasury 23y native of Texas
1865 Jun 14 Mary daughter of Mr R S Bacon Inflamation of Bowels 2y Native Texas
1865 Jun 18 Little Negro child of R S Bacon 4m
1865 Jun 19 Dr A J Taylor Consumption b 4 Nov 1818 East Feliciana Parish Louisiana
1865 Jun 20 Infant of R S Bacon Hooping cough 4m
1865 Jun 26 Infant daughter of Mr Esser Hooping cough 11m
1865 Jun 27 Mr Preastley Consumption 63y 9m 22d Native of Maryland
1865 Jun 30 Joe Negro Man of J W Butler Lungs 25y Native Arkansas
1865 Jun 30 James E Lacky Hooping cough 11m Mr L Lackey
1865 Jul 5 Infant son of Mr Esser Hooping cough 20m
1865 Jul 10 Mrs Mary Harrall Suddenly, Infirmity of age 68y Native of Kentucky
1865 Jul 12 Infant son of A P Blocker 15m
1865 Jul 12 Dr Jo Right Servant Girl Mary Consumption 18y
1865 Jul 13 Infant Negro of Gen A Rusk Hooping cough 3m
1865 Jul 19 Mr A T Logan son Disease of the Heart 3y 5m 22d Very sudden death
1865 Jul 24 Infant daughter Cholera Infantum 10m Bass Nichols
1865 Aug 1 Mr Lee United States soldier Chronic diariah 22y Co D 18 New York Calvary, Native of NY
1865 Aug 1 Wm Coler chronic Diarear 20y Co E 3 Michigan Calvary, Native of Michigan
1865 Aug 6 John Kirk Infant 4m
1865 Aug 7 infant Negro of Mrs Rosina Sturne
1865 Aug 7 Augusta daughter of Mr J Bahn Drowned in the Colorado River 16y
1865 Aug 20 Little Daughter burned to death 4y of Mrs. J Stephen Minott
1865 Aug 16 Mrs Amanda Wilkins consumption b Mar 15 1840 Native of Missouri
1865 Aug 25 Little Negro child of Sam Johnston former servant of Ben Johnston
1865 Aug 29 Little son of B H Hatch Inflamation of Bowels 18m
1865 Aug 29 James Bradley Chronic Diarear 59y 18 New York, Native NY
1865 Sep 5 Infant Negro 8d former property Mr J Pearce
1865 Sep 9 Mrs Mary Peterson consumption 43y Native Sweden
1865 Sep 16 Private Joseph Johns Chronic Diarrhea United States soldier 18 New York Cav
1865 Sep 26 Freed boy not reported 5y of Joseph Harald
1865 Sep 29 Infant Negro 4w freedman
1865 Sep 30 Morris R Reagan Killed by a fall 45y from gallery House
1865 Oct 4 Rob J Touns (Towns) died Tuesday 3 Oct 1865
1865 Oct 2 Mrs G W Pascal
1865 Oct 9 Negro abt 5y Former Property A Hendricks
1865 Oct 9 Abraham Hendricks Disease congestion 46y
1865 Oct 18 Bird Holland Remains reached the City on the 14th & was deposited in his vault on the 18
1865 Oct 17 Cortinas abt 40y Mexican waggoner
1865 Oct 19 Negro child Diseasd Bowels formerly belonging to Joseph Hornsby
1865 Oct 22 Mary Horan consumption abt 17y Native Texan
1864 Oct 24 Edward Tipps 2y Native Texan
1865 Oct 26 Margaret daughter of Mrs George Roberson rheumatism 12y
1865 Nov 1 ___Lemons shot soldier
1865 Nov 2 Charles Smith Chronic diarea abt 35y soldier
1865 Nov 4 John Gillaspee drowned abt 30y soldier
1865 Nov 4 Jane Pellum child Brain fever 3m freedman
1865 Nov 5 Mrs Hill Rheumatism abt 50y
1865 Nov 9 Infant daughter of Mrs John Rapp Bowel affected abt 3m
1865 Nov 12 Infant daughter of Charles S Weste diseased Bowels 6m
1865 Nov 12 Wm Carelton 53y Peraleces
1865 Nov 16 John C Cole Diseased Bowels 22y Co M 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry
1865 Nov 18 Miss L Haney daughter of S G Haney, died at San Antonio
1865 Nov 20 Mariah, Freedman abt 45y former property Tho Green
1865 Nov 27 Wm Holland freedman Pneumonia 26y
1865 Nov 27 Willeann T Horn 14m 15d Infant daughter Eliza, Andrew O Horn
1865 Dec 1 Sarah Kate Moris (Morris) Entine Fever b Sep 18 1856 born in Austin Texas, died Dec 1 1865
1865 Elizabeth P Kirk Pneumonia 7m 1d Calup Kirk Infant daughter
1865 Dec 13 Edward R Donahoo consumption 28y
1865 Dec 13 Negro boy, freedman 3y former property of N G Shelley
1865 Dec 15 Infant child, freedman Peter Marshel
1865 Dec 16 Infant child, freedman not reported 3d Wm Strader
1865 Dec 19 George Gisborne Simcox
1865 Dec 23 Infant daughter of James Brown 5m
1865 Dec 25 Edward Swisher Consumption 23y remains from New Orleans Native Texas
1866 Jan 4 Wiley Mathis Pain Consumption 14y
1866 Jan 6 Wm Edward Walker fracture of the scull & Brain 9y
1866 Jan 7 Willis, Freedman former property Mr Davis
1866 Jan 9 Freedman Cancer (name blurred)
1866 Jan 10 Miss Merrell H Borden
1866 Jan 12 John Freedman Not reported 50y former property of Mrs Calhoon
1866 Jan 17 Julia, Freedwoman not reported abt 50y former property Mr Peoples
1866 Jan 22 Solder killed for House Breaking
1866 Jan 25 Robert Clemmons Infant 3d
1866 Jan 29 Little son of W B Woehter 9m
1866 Feb 2 Mrs Mary Walace Green congestion wife of Gen Thos Green
1866 Feb 4 Susan Morris Deranged 28y
1866 Feb 8 W D Walch Congestion Native
1866 Feb 10 The remains of Mrs P Pursey was Disintured on her farm & brought to the Austin Cemetery & Interred
1866 Feb 10 Mr Klugar Infant 11m
1866 Feb 11 Mr John Kelley 45y CDV 8, Native New York
1866 Feb 14 Billingsley Freedman Measles 50y
1866 Feb 18 Carl Butram Meesles 1y 3m
1866 Feb 19 John Morton Ward Meesles 11y 11m 4d born Mar 15 1854
1866 Feb 20 Ann Ruby Meesles 30y Charged to County
1866 Feb 20 Julia daughter of Thadeus McKee Meesles 2m 15d
1866 Feb 20 Patsey Touns Freedman (Towns) Meesles 11y
1866 Feb 21 G W Symth State Cemetery Ground
1866 Feb 23 George Lencey Cronic Diareah 14y He followed the army, native of Philadelphia
1866 Feb 24 Richard H Harvey soldier b Feb 6 1836 Native of New York, Expense has been paid
1866 Mrs Nancy Fretcer Disease of the womb 45y
1866 W H Adams Chronic Diareah 23y 1st Lt Col H Iowa Cavalry, Veteran Volunteers
1866 Mar 1 Negro child Meesles former property of W Peoples
1866 Mar 4 Moses Billingsly, Freedman Meesles 22y
1866 Mar 5 Sam Freedman Meesles abt 30y
1866 Mar 6 Infant son of Dr M A Taylor Meesles 18m
1866 Mar 7 Egin Tepperson Sattergast Meesles 5y Paid
1866 Mar 8 Joseph Thomas Infant Freedman Meesles 8y 6m Paid
1866 Mar 9 Sargent Moses Miller amputated leg abt 30y Company I 1st Iowa Veteran Volunteer Cav.
1866 Mar 10 J Chalmers Freedman Meesles 20y
1866 Mar 11 P S Durham 19y
1866 Mar 11 Tho J Bowers Meesles 3y
1866 Mar 12 Frank Coplin Meesles 21y
1866 Mar 13 Infant Negro Meesles
1866 Mar 14 Miss Amanda Dan Hurley Meesles & Congestion 23y
1866 Mar 15 Perry Preastley child Meesles 3y 6m
1866 Mar 15 Cato Gregg Freedman meesles 2y girl
1866 Mar 15 Infant Negro Meesles Former property Mr. Muskgrove Paid $3
1866 Mar 16 Olive Lyman miscarriage 25y Paid
1866 Mar 16 Salley Pellun Freedman Meesles 26y Buried by City of Austin
1866 Mar 18 Infant child Meesles Dr. W A Morris paid
1866 Mar 18 Little Jimmy Gray Meesles 4y George H Gray Paid
1866 Mar 19 Robert S Mythe Meesles 11y 4m Paid
1866 Mar 23 James Mathes Meesles, inflamation bowels 11y son of John F Mathes
1866 Mar 23 Silas Sanders Freedman Meesles abt 45y
1866 Mar 24 Albert Dederick Meesles, inflamation bowels 10y
1866 Mar 24 Amelia Horan Meesles Relaps 8y 1m 6d Daughter of John Horan
1866 Mar 25 Jane Negro Woman childbed
1866 Mar 26 Infant child Freedman Meesles 8m Robert Rusk, paid
1866 Mar 28 Negro Arthur Jackson Meesles 8y
1866 Mar 28 Mrs. Shannon Child Meesles 2y charged to the city
1866 Mar 29 Freedman’s child Meesles 8m Jim Duvall
1866 Mar 30 Mrs. Phenick Smith Dropsey 45y
1866 Mar 30 Miss Mittie Beedle Meesles 15y
1866 Negro Boy Jim Meesles 12y
1866 Apr 3 Aberdeen Holensworth Freedman Meesles 3m 10d
1866 Apr 3 Geor Rusk Freedman meesles 3m
1866 Apr 4 D E Coke meesles an Flux 4y
1866 Apr 4 Anna Rosalee Settegast Teething 1y 6m
1866 Apr 5 Fany Lomanck Freedman Meesles 3m
1866 Apr 5 Miss E B Cheesam Meesles 11y 12d
1866 Apr 6 Edward Finnin son brain meesles 10 m
1866 Apr 6 Mrs L C Roberds Meesles 20y
1866 Miss M J Montgomery Relapse Meesles 8y _m
1866 Apr 8 Emma Holand Messles 3m
1866 Apr 6 Jacob Stucey 2y
1866 Apr 9 Bennie Holinsworth disentary 10m
1866 Apr 9 Mariah Shaw colored Consumption 26y
1866 Apr 10 Robert Tipps Cholera Infantum 5m
1866 Apr 11 Sam Scott child Diareha 11m
1866 Apr 11 Lewis Eagle colored Meesles 5y
1866 Apr 11 Maj Wm Rust General debility 75y
1866 Apr 11 Harriet Fulks colored meesles & Flux evening, former property of Mr. Fulks
1866 Apr 12 Catherine Bowers colored meesles infant
1866 Apr 13 Peace Cassiday Mexican Meesles 18m
1866 Apr 14 Mr Montgomery Infant Meesles 11m
1866 Apr 14 Mary L Tatum Bowel 7m 1d
1866 Apr 15 Caroline Wallace colored Childbed 18y Infant buried with Mother
1866 Apr 18 E M Bacon 2y 9m
1866 Apr 19 Joe Luckett colored 45y
1866 Apr 20 Clato White colored Meesles & Flux abt 30y Charged to the county by order Judge Gray
1866 Apr 20 Royal son of George Durham
1866 Apr 22 Willie Calmers Flux
1866 Apr 22 E M Bacon Infant
1866 Apr Nancy Negro woman Effects of meesles 18y
1866 Apr 25 Serena Crusebar consumption 45y
1866 Apr 26 Sherly Touns Negro (Towns) Meesles 3y Paid $2
1866 Apr 26 Peter Allyors Epileptic Fit abt 40y
1866 Apr 31 Martha Jourdan Negro Diseasd bowels 3m
1866 May 4 John Brown meesles & Teething 1y 6m
1866 May 6 Mansfield Peoples Typhoid Fever 1y 2m 20d