Oakwood Sexton Records, 1859-1866

Austin Cemetery Records, burials by the City Sexton recorded from 3 Oct 1859 to 6 May 1866.
Mr. A Eanes, Austin, Texas, sexton
(Copied by Mrs. Lucie A. Price, assisted by Mrs. Emma Gene Gentry)

The above title is written on the front and back of an apparently homemade book. The pages are of a heavy gray paper which have survived years of existence in excellent condition. This record is in the Austin-Travis County History Collection at the Austin Public Library, Austin, Texas.

The entries begin October 3, 1859 and continue until May 6, 1866. There is one period when the entries were made by the Undertakers Hopkins and Millican instead of by Eanes. Not all of the deaths that Eanes recorded are in the Mortality Schedule for 1860. The City Cemetery was later called Oakwood and the State Cemetery is at a difference location. Mr. Eanes’ spelling of names is not always consistent or correct, but is rather interesting. Also his use of terms of possession are sometimes puzzling, but can usually be interpreted. The spelling in this record is not always as we spell today. Mr. Eanes quite often spelled phonetically. This record was printed in the Austin Genealogical Society Quarterly in November 2003. For questions concerning this entry contact Kay Boyd.

1859 Oct 3Henry E. SublettApoplexy42y 4m 6dresidence Austin, Texas
1859 Oct 6Tandy SeatTyphoid11y 6mresidence Austin, Texas
1859 Oct 10John M. BrownDisintery1y 6m 
1859Cornelius Berlisoncongestion of the brain5m 
1859Robert GreenConsumption31y 
1859 Nov 9Henry Allen Anderson 1y 6mJohn Anderson’s child
1859 Nov 24Negro child of Mr. Hutchens 3y 
1859 Nov 24Negro woman of Wm RustDropsy  
1859 Dec 4Negro Man of Thomas Freemanchronic soresabt 60y 
1859 Dec 8Mrs. Thomas Casadaye’s Childbowel complaint2y 
1859 Dec 11H L Upsherdisease lungabt 48y 
1859 Dec 18Martin Moorekilled by horseabt 46y 
1859 Dec 17Mrs.DeeneDropsyabt 70y 
1859 Dec 20Nannie bell SimsBurned to Death2ydaughter of M. W. Sims
1859 Dec 30Negro Girl of Mr. BradleyPneumonia17yof VA
1859 Dec30Kate EcklesCongestion of the Bowels11mdaughter of J D Blair
1860 Jan 3Francis KellyDelerium Tremens42y 4m 6d 
1860Black Boy of Col RisherChronic Disease28y 
1860 Feb 3A. G. ThornConsumption30y 
1860 Feb 13Perry PriestlyBorn Dead  
1860 Feb 21Wife of Wm H MartinApoplexy28y 
1860 Mar 10Luella Seatcongestion of the Bowels2y 
1860 Mar 12Black Girl of Geo W WhiteDisease not known4y 
1860 Mar 18MargaretPoisoned by eating Weeds4yServant of L. D. Carington
1860 Mar 20Negro Child of Ed Clarkborn Dead  
1860 Apr 7Willie BurnettPneumonia2w 
1860 Apr 12Anderson Negro BoyPneumonia27yboy of John T. Miller
1860 Apr 15Child of A J HamiltonStill born  
1860 Apr 16Mrs. CowlenConsumption22ywife of D. Cowlen
1860 Apr 17Booneffects of Laudanum13madministered through mistake
1860 Apr 17MexicanStabbed with knifenot known 
1860 Apr 18John TaneyShot54yBornin Maryland
1860 Apr21John SherrerDisease of the heart48yBorn in Germany
1860 Apr 23Henry Negro Man of O SmithCongestion of the Bowels26y 
1860 Apr 23Child of C H RandolphLived only few hours  
1860 May7Louisa Negro girl of Mrs RundlesPneumonia10y 
1860 May 9Lucy Negro girl of Mrs RundlesCongestive chill43y 
1860 May 17Nancy H. FrasierInflamation of Spinal Chord28y 8mMrs. J. S. Frasier
1860 May 17Dan WeeksDisease infant of Mr. John Weeks
1860 May 5Martha Negro girlFever23yCapt John Connor’s girl
1860 Jun 15Henry O HedgecoxeDropsy  
1860 Jun 23Louisa DancyDisease of the Heart10y 
1860 Jun 27Charles ? HervyMurdered17ymurdered on 23 May 1860
1860 Jun 27Wm H JonesMurdered22ymurdered on 23 May 1860
1860 Jun 27M A DeloachMurdered21ymurdered on 23 May 1860
1860 Jun 26Rodolphus Willhelmcongestion of the brain8m 
1860 Jul20SamuelNortonFever91/2 minfant of Revt Bishop Greg
1860 Aug 3RaffenstallDropsy46y 
1860 Aug 11Matilda HigherTape Worm24y 
1860 Aug 12Mrs. WilliamsCongestion of the Bowels30y 
1860 Aug 12Haver Kirzingernot known3m 
1860 Sep 16Mary Cile WilcoxIrasipelaus2m 
1860 Sep 17Infant Daughter of Gen A B NortonDiarea14m 
1860 Sep 18Hardy HolmanDiarea18m 
1860 Sep 20Setagast’s SonDiarrhae18m 
1860 Oct 5William H Martindied from a fallabt 45yNative of Denmark
1860 Oct 16Graham G AlfordBowel complaint16m 
1860 Oct 25Charles BarkerNot Known14m 
1860 Oct 25Negro Child of Dr Kenan   
1860 Oct 26Theodore HeusingerDiarrhae13m 1d 
1860 Oct 26Shehan’s sonTyphoid Fever4y 5m 
1860 Oct 29Theodore PechtTeething7m 16d 
1860 Nov 4Mrs. Clarer CollinsConsumption34yNative of Tenn
1860 Nov 14Mr. FritzTyphoid feverabt 36yNative of Germany
1860 Dec 3Mrs. Gustavis JohnsonTyphoid fever25yNative of Sweden
1860 Dec 8Shraders ChildApoplexy9mNative of Texas
1860 Dec 18John F WhiteTyphoid fever14y 8mof Tenn
1860 Dec 28MexacanShotnot known 
1861 Jan 6Negro child of Duvall EstateTeethingnot known 
1861 Jan 6Mrs M W SimsConsumption35yNative of Miss
1861 Feb 1E F CalhounApoplexy25yNative of Miss
1861 Feb 14Hon Forbes BrittonPneumonia49yNative Virginia
1861 Feb 20M L McMellenWhiskey39yNative Tenn
1861 Feb 6Rayford Negro of Wm OlaphantApoplexy65y 
1861 Mar 9J D BlairCancer in Throat39yNative of Miss
1861 Mar 21Willis HolmanTyphoid fever36yNative of Tenn
1861 Mar 28Thomas P PlasterConsumptionabt 55yNative of Tenn
1861 Apr 8Corer infant daughterWhooping Cough1y 6mOf John Horan Tex
1861 Apr 9Mary infant daughterCholera infantum9mOf John C Robinson
1861 Apr 15Mrs. Fred Stusy (Steussy)Rheumatism36yNative of Germany
1861 Apr 23Willis servant of Mrs RundlesRheumatism50yNat Tenn
1861 Apr 23Shafer ChildUnknown8mNative Texas
1861 Apr 25James PerkinsTyphus Fever12yat Blind Asylum, Native Texas
1861 Apr 27Ophelia EnglandIrasipales of the Lungs24y 11m 21d 
1861 Apr 30Negro Boy of A P Blockercold on the Lungs8mNative Texas
1861 May 2Infant Daughter of A N HopkinsCongestion of the Lunges11dNative Texas
1861 May 17Infant Daughter of F W GirandConvulsions2dTexas
1861 May 18Negro child of Mrs Lightfootconvulsions10dTexas
1861 May 8Wm S BakerConsumption26yNative Main
1861 May 20John MatterMean Whiskey55yNative of Germany
1861 May 22Samuel DaveeseConsumption43yNative of Kentucky
1861 May 27MexicanStabbing  
1861 May 29Edward FinninCongestion9m 5d 
1861 Jun 2Negro Child of John BurlageDiareah9m 
1861 Jun 6G KirchbergConsumption53yNative of Germany
1861 Jun 7John RabbDropsy63y 5mNative Penn
1861 Jun 8Sarah servant of G R FreemanConsumption35yNative Ky
1861 Jun 11infant son of H M AlfordFlux6mTex
1861 Jun 25Negro Boy of Ben HendricksFever3yNative of Geo
1861 Jul 2John MahoneyConsumption40yat Blind Asylum, Nat of Ireland
1861 Jul 2Infant of Mrs McMellonBorn Dead  
1861 Jul 7Negro Man HenryDrowned18yServ of Dr B Graham
1861 Jul11Waller M BoothConsumption42yNative of DC
1861 Jul 17Mrs. Josephene PriceEffect of Cloriform23yNative Vermont
1861 Jul 23Mrs Martha J ReaganConsumption29yNative of Alabama
1861 Jul 30Reverend L S PriceConsumption  
1861 Aug 13Hannar servant of Joseph Spenceinflamation of the Brain50ynative of Tenn
1861 Aug 14Sone of Ed FinninBorn Dead  
1861 Aug 17Mrs. KirchbergMorphene60yNative of Germany
1861 Aug 18Infant Daughter of H N JargersonColic19d 
1861 Aug 19Mrs E M CrosbyConsumption45yNative of Virginia
1861 Sep 14Horas RobertsonCholera Morbus6mSon of Wm Robertson
1861 Sep 30Son of B F CarterCongestion of the Brain18m 
1861 Oct 2Thomas Ewing 2yson of Charles Wooldridge
1861 Oct 2WilliamCroup4mson of J O Illingsworth
1861 Oct 5Mary S HaralsonTyphoid fever14y 8mNative of Georgia
1861 Oct 6Mrs Murphy 70yNative Ala
1861 Oct 9Mrs. ChalmersCongestion31yNative Ky
1861 Oct 11Alice DarterDyptheria6y 8m 
1861 Oct 19Infant Son of L S PriceSore Throat6m 
1861 Oct 11Daughter of J B BarronBorn Dead  
1861 Oct 18Mr Wilhmkilled by unknown36yFayette Co. native Germany
1861 Oct 30Mrs. Givinsfever77yDied at Thos F McKinney
1861 Oct 31Negro Woman of Joseph SpenceFever18y 
1861 Nov 3Mrs DurhamPneumonia53yat Mrs Johnes, Native of Tenn
1861 Nov 5Richard ManleyConsumption20yat Lunatic Asylum, native of Johnson County Texas
1861 Nov 12Otto Presler (Pressler)Croup3y 6mNative of Texas
1861 Nov 14Mexacan GirlTyphoid fever6yName not known
1861 Nov 16Infant Daughter of Charles Springerborn before its time11d 
1861 Nov 17Eliza servant of O H MillicanNervous Debility40yNative of Miss
1861 Nov 26Negro Child of E D TownsConsumption11m 
1861 Nov 29Emma Willson (Wilson)Diptheria11yNative of Texas
1861 Dec 5Lucy Negro of Bishop GreggDiarhe8mTexas
1861 Dec 7Negro Boy JohnDiarhe2mservant of John T Miller, Texas
1861 Dec 9Elizabeth TownsTyphes fever6y 8mNative of Texas
1861 Dec 9Edward Willson (Wilson)Diptheria7yNative of Texas
1861 Dec 10Ethel Maud BarrDiptheria8mNative of Texas
1861 Dec 12Mrs L O CarterSpinal affection24yNative of Virginia
1861 Dec 14Annie Bell KeenanDiptheria3yNative of Texas
1861 Dec 15Willie RandolphDiptheria5yNative of Texas
1861 Dec 17______RandolphDiptheria7yNative of Texas
1861 Dec 18Mr J H WalkerCongestion of the Brain60yrepresentative from Harris County
1861 Dec 19Miss Elmira JohnsonDipheria9yNative of Texas
1861 Dec 26Mrs CushneyConsumption36yNative of Tenn
1861 Dec 24Anna FoxDiptheria4yNative of Texas
1861 Dec 22Wm P StappChronic Diarrhoea52yNative of Ky
1862 Jan 6Margret Negro girl of W D ScottDropsy12yNative of Ky
1862 Jan 8Mexacan WomanStabed25y 
1862 Jan 17Mr Sniderfalling out of wagon48yNative of Germany
1862 Jan 18Luckey WalkerCroup2yNative of Texas
1862 Feb 14Sisy-Lily SirginerDiptheria3yNative of Mo
1862 Feb 15Sarah Ten BeckDiptheria9yNative of Texas
1862 Mar 4Negro Woman of John BillingslyPneumonia30yNative of Tenn
1862 Mar 4Sarah BrownPneumonia14yNat of Texas
1862 Mar 22Miss Moore  niece of E Hansbrough
1862 Mar 25J D Holman’s childDiptheria  
1862 Mar 28_____FairchildsConsumption  
1862 Apr 6B F Carter childDipth4y 
1862 Apr 9Sally child of Geo DurhamDiptheria  
1862 Apr 9Ben McCullochkilled in battle (in State Cemetery)
1862 Apr 10Leander child of Geo N DurhamDipth  
1862 Apr 20Mrs. Hornsbyold age  
1862 Apr 20Johnkilled with ax by unknown the Gardner
1862 Apr 21Kate daughter of A J HamiltonDiptheria  
1862 Apr 25Mr Barnes Child   
1862 May 14Black Woman of Jos P Neal   
1862 May 17Tannihill (Tannehill)Consumption  
1862 May 26Mr WarrenShot with gun by Hurley  
1862 May 26Mrs Lounts   
1862 Jun 1Laura daughter of Rev Mr Zivley   
1862 Jun 5Unknown Mandrowned in the Colorado  
1862 Jun 8Mr Randolphinflamation of the Bowel  
1862 Jun 10Son of Jas ThompsonIrysipelus  
1862 Jun 25Blackwoman of Col Crozier   
1862 Jul 10Geo Hesner  Coffin
1862 Jul 20Negro Woman of Judge Paschal  Coffin
1862 Jul 23E M Peas Child (Pease)  Coffin
1862 Jul 24Mays  Coffin
1862 Jul 30Maxwell  Coffin
1862 Aug 1Robard’s Negro Wm (or Man)  Coffin
1862 Aug 14Miss Whipple  Coffin
1862 Aug 15Gibson Child  Coffin
1862 Aug 19Mike Burditt’s Child  Coffin
1862 Aug 28Jenkins Davis Wife  Coffin
1862 Aug 12Mike Burdet’s Child  Coffin??
1862 Sep 6J M Young’s Wife  Coffin
1862 Sep 13Negro Man of Dr Wright  Coffin
1862 Sep 23Mrs Ten Eyck’s Child  Coffin
1862 Sep 20Negro Children  2 Coffins
1862 Oct 14Mrs. C ZillerNervous Exhaustion  
1862 Nov 15Wash Bonner’s Child  in country
1862 Nov 18Mr Suggs  in country
1862 Oct 19Wash Bonner’s Child  in country
1862 Oct 20Mr Goodman’s child   
1862 Oct 22Mr Allen 22yin country, Coffin
1862 Oct 22J DardenDied from home brought here to be buried
1862 Oct 22Joseph HornsbyConsumptionabt 40ycountry
1862 Oct 24W Bonnersdiptheria country
1862 Oct 29Mr RossConsumptionabt 40ycountry
1862 Oct 31Duffau’s Negro Manpneumoniaabt 38y 
1862 Nov 3Judge Wheeler’s Boydiptheriaabt 10y 
1862 Nov 9Mrs W G Johnsonconsumptionabt 35y 
1862 Nov 15Jas G Swisherdisease of the heartabt 60y 
1862 Nov 19Child of Tom Greendebilityabt 1y 
1862 Nov 27Negro Man of Hugh Tinin  Coffin
1862 Dec 18Mrs. Schulerdied in childbirth Coffin for Suiters sister
1862 Dec 26Child of Mrs. Elison (Ellison) 1y 
1862 Dec 28Abner Mathews 70y 
1862 Dec 17Child of Mr Lee  son in law of Thos H Jones
1862Child of Mrs. Doyle  grandchild of Jas P McKinney
1862 Nov 12W Bonner  4 coffins buried in country
1862 Oct 30F T Duffau’s Negro BoyPneumoniaabt 40y 
1863 Jan 20Dr Rodgers Childborn dead  
1863 Mar 7Jo Grumble’s ChildPneumonia2y 
1863 Mar 10Rev Mrs Zively’s ChildDiptheria9ycountry
1863 Mar 16Mrs. WicksConsumptionabt 30ybrought from Bexar County
1863 Mar 16Mrs Shutzeymiscarriageabt 28y 
1863 Mar 17Mr Tannyhill (Tannehill)consumptionabt 60ycountry
1863 Mar 18Wm Glennpistol shot42yburied in Strangers grounds
1863 Mar 25Daniel E WatersDropsey71y 
1863 Mar 26Child of M Collins 1wburied in Strangers ground
1863 Mar 30Negro Woman of R T Wheelers abt 40y 
1863 Mar 31Jonathan Berg 56y 
1863 Apr 1Child of Wm Good 1 1/2y 
1863 Apr 2Negro Woman of Jas P McKinney 65y 
1863 Apr 7James A Longlychronic Diareah21y 
1863 Jun 8James A BurdettDropseyabt 35yprivate in Fred Moores Co, Flournoys Regt
1863 Jun 18Rebecca HopkinsChronic Diesease81yRelict of John Hopkins
1863 Jul 5Mrs Stantzlung diseaseabt 65ycountry
1863Alexander HopkinsKilled by Armsby  
1863Andy HopkinsKilled by Armsby  
1863Meithe – BoyKilled by Armsby  
1863Mrs J P Neel  wife and child
1863 Dec 11J H Bells SonDiptheria4y 
1863 Dec 20Stephan CassidayRheumatism28y 
1863 Dec 24James Brisenden’s son 11y 
1863 Dec 25Capt Shelby W CharlesHemorrhage of the Lungs  
1863 Dec 25E G Adkins Negro infant   
1863 Dec 16Infant Negro of Mrs. Perry Umphra’sDiptheria3w 
1863 Dec 26Negro Boy JohnTyphoid fever Gen Thomas Green
1864 Jan 4John McClure 24yLunatic
1864 Jan 9Frank V BrectaDropsey32y 
1864 Jan 12Thomas KellehanConsumption Strangers burying ground, SW cor Main St
1864 Jan 23Col Risher Infant DaughterDiptheria  
1864 Feb 4Gen Shelley’s Infant son   
1864 Jan 15Negro  from Hospital
1864 Jan 18Infant Negro of Bishop Gregg   
1864 Jan 18Negro Man of James WhiteInflamation of Brain18y 
1864 Jan 18Negro Moses of Mr Baconnot reported26y 
1864 Mar 4Mr Tho B CummingsConsumption31yHays County, Native Missouri
1864 Mar 5Negro Woman of Gen Tho Greenold age65y 
1864 Mar 28Negro Girl of Wm Olipansudden death disease14y 
1864 Mar 28James P Neel Son abt 3y 
1864 Mar 28John Warenburgerconsumption47yfrom Hays County
1864Children Warenburgerdisinterred and buried on Lot 42 with their father John Warenburger
1864 Mar 14Mr Goochdied Mar 14abt 70y 
1864 Mar 20Negro Woman Sylva of Col Groomdied Mar 19abt 35y 
1864 Mar 23Infant Negro of Mr. Peoples   
1864Dr J Brounrigdied Mar 26abt 70y 
1864 Mar 26Bennett H ClarkDisease Lungs26y 5dNative of Missouri
1864 Apr 12Infant Son of Wm H D CaringtonDiptheria (Carrington)
1864 Apr 17Rev Frank Brown abt 28y 
1864 May 2Maj General Thomas GreenKild on the Battlefield 12 Apr 1864 Blairs Landing Buried cemetery ground
1864 May 6Revd J Philip Negro 9y 
1864 May 23Dr J M Stinner Negro 10y 
1864R M Johnson’s Infant ChildDrowned Removed from Bastrop
1864 May 26Dr George Bordiman’s InfantDiptheria12m 
1864 Jul 3Mr J H Ross DaughterDiptheria3y 10m 4d 
1864 Jul 7Miss Roberson DaughterDropsey16yof Mrs Fredrick Smith
1864 Jul 26Danel TrabueDropsey62y 
1864 Aug 6James Thornton ScottInflamation of the Bowels1y 2m 20dInfant son of Sam Scott
1864 Aug 7Bird Holmankilled by Lightningabt 15mand infant daughter
1864 Aug 7Mary Von RosenburgInflamation of Brain18mWm Von Rosenburg
1864 Aug 12James Burdett Little SonInflamation of the ______  
1864 Aug 18John BurldageDiptheria46y 
1864 Aug 21David Riby Infant SonDiptheria  
1864 Aug 21W H Green InfantInflamation Bowels  
1864 Aug 22Mrs. James Burdett’s Little girlDiptheria5y 
1864 Aug 31Wm Strader InfantInflamation Bowels  
1864 Sep 8John McGeeAmputation arm23ycause shot, Soldier
1864 Sep 11Mrs E Davisconsumption26y 
1864 Sep 11Mrs Tulane MeitheLiver Complaint48y 8m 
1864 Sep 14Mrs. Ann LaneConsumption23ywife of Dr R N Lane
1864 Sep 15Bishop GreggRemoval from Block 118 lot by Remains properly markedOrder of Boardunknownof aldermen & cemetery committee corps & deposited on the public burial
1864 Sep 16Removd from Lot No 115 by Order of board of alderman. Bearing a + made of small sticks with a cross Bearing a + made of small sticks supposed Strangers graves Properly markdpod to be Mexicans killed by Capt John Conner to the publick
1864 Sep 18Capt Joseph Kneeland TaylorCommitted Suicide  
1864 Sep 29Mrs Taylor Little sonInflamation Bowelsabt 2y 
1864 Oct 13Mr Mansfield’s Negro Infants   
1864 Oct 14Dr Stiners Negro child 3m 
1864 Oct 15Mr J. Ben Jones Infant 3 m 
1864 Oct 17Mrs. N Ware Infant Negro 3w 
1864 Oct 27Hulbert M Alfred 50y 
1864 Oct 28Mr E Nash 50y 
1864 Nov 2Mrs. Monroe Swisherchildbed wife of Monroe
1864 Nov 10Mr Koonsey Removal to the old Graveyard. Stone set at the Headgraveyard and immediately South west of Block 9 bearing the names  
1864 Nov 13F J RoberdsDiseased generallyAbt 32y 
1864 Nov 24Fanny Little daughter  of Wm Sharp
1864 Dec 3Mrs M Y CliftonCongestion of the Lung59ypaid
1864 Dec 13Rev J W Philips Infant  paid
1864 Dec 13Mrs Linda LanawaverWinter fever37y 
1864 Dec 26John T. Miller Infant Negro  paid
1864 Dec 26Bish Gregg Infant Negro   
1865 Jan 1Negro Prisonerkilled in Jail Williamson County
1865 Jan 3Lieutenant Tho C HowardGeneral Debility27y 
1865 Jan 4Col Wm Rusk Infant Negro  paid
1865 Jan 4Dr W A Moris son (Morris) 3y 
1865 Jan 5Mr James Cruzeconsumptionabt 26yHays County
1865 Jan 7David McNewPneumonia23ya member Capt Wheets Co.
1865 Jan 13Mr Muskgrove Servant Rose 44y 
1865 Jan 22Mrs. Rivers Negro girlInflamation Brain8m 
1865 Jan 23Bis Greggs Negro girl 18m 
1865 Feb 2Col C R John Infant Negro   
1865 Feb 6Mrs Julia G AlfordConsumption26yNative of Missouri
1865 Feb 9Drury WilsonDisease of the Heart56yNative of Tennessee
1865 Feb 15Mrs M J Spencedisease of Brain Native Arkansas
1865 Feb 18Miss Ann Sims 65y (64)could be 6y ?????
1865 Feb 25Elizabeth HornInflamation of Brain68yNative of Virginia
1865 Mar 2Mr J (S) Fords Negro 3m 
1865 Mar 11Mr James MussettConsumption23y 
1865 Mar 18Mrs Southeland’s Infant Negro 11m 
1865 Mar 17Mr T BrushAmputation foot mortifiedabt 60yNative
1865 Mar 19James R JacksonMurdered45yNative
1865 Mar 20Dr Tho Moore Negro woman 20y 
1865 Mar 21Lt Thomas B MacklinConsumption23y 7m 
1865 Mar 25Mr Spencer Ford Infant childgeneral debility5mTexas
1865 Apr 1Mr J Spence Infant NegroInflamation Brain12mNative of Texas
1865 Apr 8John H Walker Negro woman 30yNative of Tennessee
1865 Apr 10Col George White Infant Negro few daysNative of Texas
1865 Apr 10John H Roberson Negro childHooping cough6yNative Texas
1865 Apr 15J H Roberson Infant NegroHooping cough30mNative Texas
1865 Apr 16Mr John Dontcongestion of the heart56yNative of Germany
1865 Apr 17Mrs Wares Infant NegroHooping cough Texas
1865 Apr 18Gen Risk Infant child 8dTexas
1865 Apr 23Patrick Angus Monroe 39yNative N Carolina
1865 Apr 23Wesley McGlothland  infant child
1865 Apr 25Dr Tl L Moore Infant Negro   
1865 Apr 25Mrs J Burdett Infant Negro 2wNative Texas
1865 Apr 25Mrs M C Burdett Infant NegroHooping Cough3m 
1865 Apr 25Antonio Probas InfantHooping cough2mMexican
1865 Apr 26John BurlageHooping cough with bloody Flux6ySon of Mrs J Burlage
1865 Apr 27Mrs E A P Stockdalecongestion Native of Virginia
1865 Apr 30Mrs Elizabeth Foxnot reported42yNative of Germany
1865 May 3Dr Pariot Infant 3dNative Texas
1865 May 8Carleydrownedabt 26yservant of Christian & Lumas
1865 May 10Gen August BuchellKilled in Battle State Cemetery ground
1865Josiah RobersonKilled in a street fightabt 45y 
1865 May 20Mrs. L Lackey 22yNative Arkansas
1865 May 27Alberto AlgerioKilled by Thompson Italian, Native Mexico
1865 Jun 1Mrs Mathis Negro child 14mN Texas
1865 Jun 1Mrs Harelson Negro child 4m 
1865 Jun 2W W AppersonDied near Austinb 1826State Kentucky
1865 Jun 12John ConnerBurn from Gun Powder10ynative of Texas
1865 Jun 13CammelShot while Robbing Treasury23ynative of Texas
1865 Jun 14Mary daughter of Mr R S BaconInflamation of Bowels2yNative Texas
1865 Jun 18Little Negro child of R S Bacon 4m 
1865 Jun 19Dr A J TaylorConsumptionb 4 Nov 1818East Feliciana Parish Louisiana
1865 Jun 20Infant of R S BaconHooping cough4m 
1865 Jun 26Infant daughter of Mr EsserHooping cough11m 
1865 Jun 27Mr PreastleyConsumption63y 9m 22dNative of Maryland
1865 Jun 30Joe Negro Man of J W ButlerLungs25yNative Arkansas
1865 Jun 30James E LackyHooping cough11mMr L Lackey
1865 Jul 5Infant son of Mr EsserHooping cough20m 
1865 Jul 10Mrs Mary HarrallSuddenly, Infirmity of age68yNative of Kentucky
1865 Jul 12Infant son of A P Blocker 15m 
1865 Jul 12Dr Jo Right Servant Girl MaryConsumption18y 
1865 Jul 13Infant Negro of Gen A RuskHooping cough3m 
1865 Jul 19Mr A T Logan sonDisease of the Heart3y 5m 22dVery sudden death
1865 Jul 24Infant daughterCholera Infantum10mBass Nichols
1865 Aug 1Mr Lee United States soldierChronic diariah22yCo D 18 New York Calvary, Native of NY
1865 Aug 1Wm Colerchronic Diarear20yCo E 3 Michigan Calvary, Native of Michigan
1865 Aug 6John Kirk Infant 4m 
1865 Aug 7infant Negro of Mrs Rosina Sturne   
1865 Aug 7Augusta daughter of Mr J BahnDrowned in the Colorado River16y 
1865 Aug 20Little Daughterburned to death4yof Mrs. J Stephen Minott
1865 Aug 16Mrs Amanda Wilkinsconsumptionb Mar 15 1840Native of Missouri
1865 Aug 25Little Negro child of Sam Johnston  former servant of Ben Johnston
1865 Aug 29Little son of B H HatchInflamation of Bowels18m 
1865 Aug 29James BradleyChronic Diarear59y18 New York, Native NY
1865 Sep 5Infant Negro 8dformer property Mr J Pearce
1865 Sep 9Mrs Mary Petersonconsumption43yNative Sweden
1865 Sep 16Private Joseph JohnsChronic Diarrhea United States soldier 18 New York Cav
1865 Sep 26Freed boynot reported5yof Joseph Harald
1865 Sep 29Infant Negro 4wfreedman
1865 Sep 30Morris R ReaganKilled by a fall45yfrom gallery House
1865 Oct 4Rob J Touns (Towns)  died Tuesday 3 Oct 1865
1865 Oct 2Mrs G W Pascal   
1865 Oct 9Negro abt 5yFormer Property A Hendricks
1865 Oct 9Abraham HendricksDisease congestion46y 
1865 Oct 18Bird Holland  Remains reached the City on the 14th & was deposited in his vault on the 18
1865 Oct 17Cortinas abt 40yMexican waggoner
1865 Oct 19Negro childDiseasd Bowels formerly belonging to Joseph Hornsby
1865 Oct 22Mary Horanconsumptionabt 17yNative Texan
1864 Oct 24Edward Tipps 2yNative Texan
1865 Oct 26Margaret daughter of Mrs George Robersonrheumatism12y 
1865 Nov 1___Lemonsshot soldier
1865 Nov 2Charles SmithChronic diareaabt 35ysoldier
1865 Nov 4John Gillaspeedrownedabt 30ysoldier
1865 Nov 4Jane Pellum childBrain fever3mfreedman
1865 Nov 5Mrs HillRheumatismabt 50y 
1865 Nov 9Infant daughter of Mrs John RappBowel affectedabt 3m 
1865 Nov 12Infant daughter of Charles S Westediseased Bowels6m 
1865 Nov 12Wm Carelton 53yPeraleces
1865 Nov 16John C ColeDiseased Bowels22yCo M 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry
1865 Nov 18Miss L Haney  daughter of S G Haney, died at San Antonio
1865 Nov 20Mariah, Freedman abt 45yformer property Tho Green
1865 Nov 27Wm Holland freedmanPneumonia26y 
1865 Nov 27Willeann T Horn 14m 15dInfant daughter Eliza, Andrew O Horn
1865 Dec 1Sarah Kate Moris (Morris)Entine Feverb Sep 18 1856born in Austin Texas, died Dec 1 1865
1865Elizabeth P KirkPneumonia7m 1dCalup Kirk Infant daughter
1865 Dec 13Edward R Donahooconsumption28y 
1865 Dec 13Negro boy, freedman 3yformer property of N G Shelley
1865 Dec 15Infant child, freedman  Peter Marshel
1865 Dec 16Infant child, freedmannot reported3dWm Strader
1865 Dec 19George Gisborne Simcox   
1865 Dec 23Infant daughter of James Brown 5m 
1865 Dec 25Edward SwisherConsumption23yremains from New Orleans Native Texas
1866 Jan 4Wiley Mathis PainConsumption14y 
1866 Jan 6Wm Edward Walkerfracture of the scull & Brain9y 
1866 Jan 7Willis, Freedman  former property Mr Davis
1866 Jan 9FreedmanCancer (name blurred)
1866 Jan 10Miss Merrell H Borden   
1866 Jan 12John FreedmanNot reported50yformer property of Mrs Calhoon
1866 Jan 17Julia, Freedwomannot reportedabt 50yformer property Mr Peoples
1866 Jan 22Solderkilled for House Breaking  
1866 Jan 25Robert Clemmons Infant 3d 
1866 Jan 29Little son of W B Woehter 9m 
1866 Feb 2Mrs Mary Walace Greencongestion wife of Gen Thos Green
1866 Feb 4Susan MorrisDeranged28y 
1866 Feb 8W D WalchCongestion Native
1866 Feb 10The remains of Mrs P Pursey wasDisintured on her farm & broughtto the AustinCemetery & Interred
1866 Feb 10Mr Klugar Infant 11m 
1866 Feb 11Mr John Kelley 45yCDV 8, Native New York
1866 Feb 14Billingsley FreedmanMeasles50y 
1866 Feb 18Carl ButramMeesles1y 3m 
1866 Feb 19John Morton WardMeesles11y 11m 4dborn Mar 15 1854
1866 Feb 20Ann RubyMeesles30yCharged to County
1866 Feb 20Julia daughter of Thadeus McKeeMeesles2m 15d 
1866 Feb 20Patsey Touns Freedman (Towns)Meesles11y 
1866 Feb 21G W Symth  State Cemetery Ground
1866 Feb 23George LenceyCronic Diareah14yHe followed the army, native of Philadelphia
1866 Feb 24Richard H Harvey soldier b Feb 6 1836Native of New York, Expense has been paid
1866Mrs Nancy FretcerDisease of the womb45y 
1866W H AdamsChronic Diareah23y1st Lt Col H Iowa Cavalry, Veteran Volunteers
1866 Mar 1Negro childMeesles former property of W Peoples
1866 Mar 4Moses Billingsly, FreedmanMeesles22y 
1866 Mar 5Sam FreedmanMeeslesabt 30y 
1866 Mar 6Infant son of Dr M A TaylorMeesles18m 
1866 Mar 7Egin Tepperson SattergastMeesles5yPaid
1866 Mar 8Joseph Thomas Infant FreedmanMeesles8y 6mPaid
1866 Mar 9Sargent Moses Milleramputated legabt 30yCompany I 1st Iowa Veteran Volunteer Cav.
1866 Mar 10J Chalmers FreedmanMeesles20y 
1866 Mar 11P S Durham 19y 
1866 Mar 11Tho J BowersMeesles3y 
1866 Mar 12Frank CoplinMeesles21y 
1866 Mar 13Infant NegroMeesles  
1866 Mar 14Miss Amanda Dan HurleyMeesles & Congestion23y 
1866 Mar 15Perry Preastley childMeesles3y 6m 
1866 Mar 15Cato Gregg Freedmanmeesles2ygirl
1866 Mar 15Infant NegroMeesles Former property Mr. Muskgrove Paid $3
1866 Mar 16Olive Lymanmiscarriage25yPaid
1866 Mar 16Salley Pellun FreedmanMeesles26yBuried by City of Austin
1866 Mar 18Infant childMeesles Dr. W A Morris paid
1866 Mar 18Little Jimmy GrayMeesles4yGeorge H Gray Paid
1866 Mar 19Robert S MytheMeesles11y 4mPaid
1866 Mar 23James MathesMeesles, inflamation bowels11yson of John F Mathes
1866 Mar 23Silas Sanders FreedmanMeeslesabt 45y 
1866 Mar 24Albert DederickMeesles, inflamation bowels10y 
1866 Mar 24Amelia HoranMeesles Relaps8y 1m 6dDaughter of John Horan
1866 Mar 25Jane Negro Womanchildbed  
1866 Mar 26Infant child FreedmanMeesles8mRobert Rusk, paid
1866 Mar 28Negro Arthur JacksonMeesles8y 
1866 Mar 28Mrs. Shannon ChildMeesles2ycharged to the city
1866 Mar 29Freedman’s childMeesles8mJim Duvall
1866 Mar 30Mrs. Phenick SmithDropsey45y 
1866 Mar 30Miss Mittie BeedleMeesles15y 
1866Negro Boy JimMeesles12y 
1866 Apr 3Aberdeen Holensworth FreedmanMeesles3m 10d 
1866 Apr 3Geor Rusk Freedmanmeesles3m 
1866 Apr 4D E Cokemeesles an Flux4y 
1866 Apr 4Anna Rosalee SettegastTeething1y 6m 
1866 Apr 5Fany Lomanck FreedmanMeesles3m 
1866 Apr 5Miss E B CheesamMeesles11y 12d 
1866 Apr 6Edward Finnin sonbrain meesles10 m 
1866 Apr 6Mrs L C RoberdsMeesles20y 
1866Miss M J MontgomeryRelapse Meesles8y _m 
1866 Apr 8Emma HolandMessles3m 
1866 Apr 6Jacob Stucey 2y 
1866 Apr 9Bennie Holinsworthdisentary10m 
1866 Apr 9Mariah Shaw coloredConsumption26y 
1866 Apr 10Robert TippsCholera Infantum5m 
1866 Apr 11Sam Scott childDiareha11m 
1866 Apr 11Lewis Eagle coloredMeesles5y 
1866 Apr 11Maj Wm RustGeneral debility75y 
1866 Apr 11Harriet Fulks coloredmeesles & Flux evening, former property of Mr. Fulks
1866 Apr 12Catherine Bowers coloredmeesles infant
1866 Apr 13Peace Cassiday MexicanMeesles18m 
1866 Apr 14Mr Montgomery InfantMeesles11m 
1866 Apr 14Mary L TatumBowel7m 1d 
1866 Apr 15Caroline Wallace coloredChildbed18yInfant buried with Mother
1866 Apr 18E M Bacon 2y 9m 
1866 Apr 19Joe Luckett colored 45y 
1866 Apr 20Clato White coloredMeesles & Fluxabt 30yCharged to the county by order Judge Gray
1866 Apr 20Royal son of George Durham   
1866 Apr 22Willie CalmersFlux  
1866 Apr 22E M Bacon Infant   
1866 AprNancy Negro womanEffects of meesles18y 
1866 Apr 25Serena Crusebarconsumption45y 
1866 Apr 26Sherly Touns Negro (Towns)Meesles3yPaid $2
1866 Apr 26Peter AllyorsEpileptic Fitabt 40y 
1866 Apr 31Martha Jourdan NegroDiseasd bowels3m 
1866 May 4John Brownmeesles & Teething1y 6m 
1866 May 6Mansfield PeoplesTyphoid Fever1y 2m 20d