Baptisms of the First Southern Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas 1875-1893

Originally printed the Austin Genealogical Society Quarterly, Quarterly, Vol VIII No. 4, 1967

Mr. W. H. Anderson & Eliza P. Anderson (parents of infant), Eloise Eugenia Anderson, baptized June 2, 1878

Mrs. Jennie M. Bacon (mother of children), Robert Bacon, Charles Bacon, and, Mary Bacon baptized April 5, 1885

Dr. G. N. Beaumont & Mary E. Beaumont (parents of infant), Mary Beaumont baptized October 6, 1879

John W. Brown & Kate Brown (parents of infant) Burr Brown, baptized October 19, 1884

Mrs. Eugene Adele Burt (adult), baptized October 8, 1892

Dr. Jno. L. Carter (adult), baptized March 4, 1878

Robert A. Cloud & Laura Cloud (parents,) Mattie Elizabeth Cloud and Luella McKenny Cloud, baptized October 17, 1886.

Mrs. Rebecca D. Collins (grandmother of infant), George Fitzgerald Collins, baptized October 9, 1881

Mrs. Cordelia A. Crow (mother and grandmother), Acrata Crow, Louise Crow, Maude Barton and Louise Barton, baptized July 26, 1885

Mr. P. M. Cuney and Mrs. Sallie Cuney (parents of infant), Eugene Swearingen Cuney, baptized January 31, 1886

Miss Lettie Dalton (adult), baptized March 11, 1877

Wm. Tryon Davis (adult), baptized October 13, 1878

Wm. Tryon Davis & Ina Davis (parents of infant), Tryon Blum Davis, baptized May 25, 1884

J. B. Davis & F. S. Davis (parents of infant), James Black Davis, baptized November 25, 1891

Mrs. Anna Belle DeLashmut (adult), baptized April 4, 1886

J. Jeff Erwin & Fanny L. Erwin (parents of infants), Ethal Stewart Erwin, Maude Elenor Erwin, George Ralph Erwin, and Mildred Barragas Erwin baptized April 1886

Miss Lizzie P. Erwin (adult), baptized April 8, 1875

Frank W. Glenn & Amelia J. Glenn (parents of child), Amey Hutchins Glenn, baptized June 20, 1880

Mr. L. Graham & Mrs. Kate F. Graham (parents of infant), Kelley Smoot Graham, baptized June 9, 1889

Dr. R. E. Grant Jr. and Mrs. Grant (parents of infants), Martha Grooms Grant and George Rutherford Grant, baptized December 23, 1888

R. S. Graves, Jr. and Caroline T. (parents of children), Richard Stanford Graves and Martha Elizabeth Graves, baptized August 3, 1879

Wm. E. Graves & Fanny C. Graves (parents), William Leonidas Graves, baptized September 30, 1877

Miss Florence Nightingale Griffin (adult), baptized September 28, 1884

Mr. R. M. Hall & Mrs. Betty Hughes Hall (parents of infant), James Donald Hall, baptized November 30, 1891

Mr. John Hoffar (adult), baptized May 22, 1887

Mr. C. W. Hopkins (adult), baptized February 21, 1886

Mr. C. W. Hopkins & Anna O. Hopkins (parents of infant) John Hicks Hopkins, baptized October 2, 1887

Mrs. F. Huberich (mother of children), Charles Huberich, Victor Hugh Huberich, Emil Huberich, Frances Huberich, baptized October 20, 1878

Prof. M. W. Humphreys & Mrs. L. G. Humphreys (parents of infant), Jenette Rose Humphreys, baptized November 1, 1885

Miss Kitty Irwin/Erwin (adult), baptized October 9, 1881

Miss Sarah S. Jennings (adult), baptized May 1, 1881

Miss Bobbie Lee Johns (adult), baptized October 10, 1886

Mrs. Jno. R. Johnson (adult), baptized January 31, 1892

Miss Alma Shelby Jones (adult), March 13, 1892

Miss Maud Jones (adult), baptized March 13, 1892

Miss Luetta A. Kinney (adult), baptized October 10, 1886

Miss Willie Eleanor Kissee (adult), baptized June 23, 1889

Louis H. Kreisle and Lottie Ann Kreisle (parents of infants), Mathew Ferdinand Kreisle, baptized June, 1886, Edwin Clinton Kreisle, baptized May 18, 1889 and Louise Lottrell Kreisle, baptized August 16, 1891

Miss Sallie Elsie Kyle (adult), baptized December 26, 1890

Robert J. Loving and Virginia F. (parents of infant), James Carson Loving, baptized November 9, 1879

Judge John N. Lyle (father of baptized children when he transferred from Christianburg Church, Va.), Henry Waller Lyle and John Newton Lyle, prior to July 11, 1876

Miss Lizzie Jeanette Martin (adult), baptized November 4, 1877

Pope Maxwell & Maggie Maxwell (parents of infant), Woods Owen Maxwell, baptized May 1885

Chas. A. Maybie/Mabie (adult), baptized January 12, 1879

Miss Carrie D. Meriwether (adult), baptized January 10, 1892

Mr. Emory E. Millett (adult), baptized April 8, 1875

Mrs. Laura J. Moore (mother of children), George Moore and Hattie Moore, baptized June 8, 1879

Mrs. Wm. E. Moore (adult), baptized January 24, 1892

Mr. Milton Morris, baptized December 10, 1882

Harry D. McCreary (adult), baptized March 8, 1888

Dr. Saml W. McJunkin (adult), baptized November 16, 1884

Dr. Saml W. McJunkin & Mrs. Jessie McJunkin (parents of infant), Frederick Albert McJunkin, baptized June 24, 1885

Mrs. Mary R. McInnis (mother), Maggie Elgin McInnis, Duncan McInnis, Josie Kinley McInnis, Bessie McInnis, Lawrence McInnis, and Mary McInnis, baptized December 10, 1882

Mr. Jno. D. McLemore, Jr. & Susie B. McLemore (parents of daughters), Fannie Mary McLemore, baptized September 2, 1877 and Minnie Dewey McLemore, baptized June 20, 1880

Miss Maude Nunn (adult), baptized February 8, 1885

Mr. E. L. Petus (adult), baptized November 20, 1881

Mr. & Mrs. Pillow (parent of infant), Katie Adair Pillow, baptized April 8, 1875

B. S. and Mary G. Pillow (parents of son), Benjamin Lewis Pillow, baptized September 7, 1879

Wm. D. Porter and Athol A. Porter (parents of infant) Margaret Ruth Porter, baptized June 16, 1890

Miss Emma Frances Puckett (adult), baptized March 9,1890

Rev. & Mrs. Lell Purcell (parents of infant), Stuart McCloud Purcell, baptized October 12, 1891

Mrs. Haldah Rainey (adult), baptized September 1, 1889

Gardner Ruggles and Emma Grant Ruggles (parents of children), Daniel Grant Ruggles, 6 years, Annie Ruggles, 5 years, and William Boush Ruggles, 2 years, baptized July 2, 1893

Mr. Edwin Rust & Mrs. Rhoda Rust (parents of infant), Carrie Rust, baptized July 18, 1875

Anna Peterson Rutherford (adult), baptized May 18, 1889

Miss Ella Lilian Rutherford (adult), baptized September 28, 1890

Miss Susan Mary Rutherford (adult), baptized April 11, 1886

Mr. James Sames/Lames (adult deaf mute), baptized January 18, 1885

Walter Scott & Mrs. Scott (parents of infant), Lilly Zenobia Scott, baptized November 26, 1891

Miss Lottie Annie Shipman (adult), baptized December 28, 1884

Mr. Henry Bryant Stoneman (adult), baptized March 14, 1886

Hugh L. Spain & Maggie E. Spain (parents of infant), Joseph Spencer Spain, baptized June 19, 1881, Margaret Ewing Spain, baptized September 24, 1882

M. P. Summerrow & Anne Summerrow (parents of children), Eugene Summerrow and Kate Summerrow, baptized August 11, 1878

R. C. Walker & Pattie Walker (parents of infant), Lillian Jesse Walker, baptized November 1, 1885, Georgia Walker, baptized July 8, 1888, and Robert Clark Walker, baptized March 6, 1892

Mrs. Ella Washington (mother of infant), Owen Washington, baptized May 1885

Miss Kate Weed (adult), baptized January 24, 1892

Robert West and Emma West (parents of infant), Florence Dance (Dana) West, baptized July 7, 1889

Miss Bobbie Wilson, (adult), baptized October 10, 1886

H. B. Wilson & S. R. Wilson (parents of children), William Francis Wilson and Jennie Burnette Wilson, baptized September 28, 1891

Louis C. Wide (father of infant), Henry A. Wise, baptized October 24, 1880

Mr. Joseph Lee Zimpleman (adult), baptized February 15, 1885