1870 Travis County Mortality Schedule

As part of the decennial census from 1850 through 1880, information was taken on all persons who died in the year preceding June 1 of the census year. These mortality schedules contained, in addition to the name, various information that is genealogically useful. The original schedules were transferred from the National Archives to various state repositories, and those for Texas are in the Archives of the State Library at Austin.

Remarks on schedule:
The small number of deaths reported to me convinced me of the unwillingness of many persons to make a true statement; I supplied the deficiency by a copy from then Sexton’s report on file in the Mayor’s office at Austin. The same is defective in many respects, which defects, however, could not be remedied by me.

Please note:
The first column, Family No., corresponds with the family number on the population schedule.

 Kilroy, George MW  Maysoldier USAchronic bronchitis
51Slaughter, Henry6/12MB TexasOct measles
68Sedwick, Margaret6FW TexasFeb measles
67Locket, Elise3FW TexasDec dropsy
74Burke, James70MW IrelandJulyfarmerchronic rheumatism
75Pierce, Shaderach61MW GeorgiaJunefarmercongestion of stomach
138Owens, Fanny30FB TennJune apoplexy
145Gunde, Feliz60MBMMissMarchday lab.inflammation of brain
168Washington, Mathilde6/12FB TexasAug nervous fever
209Norwood infant3/52FB TexasMarch whooping cough
228West, Mary6FW TexasSept measles
281Boland, Laura22FWMAlaDec hemorrhage of lungs
324Boese infant MW TexasApril still born
328Craven infant3/12MB TexasMarch convulsions
329Raymond, Sylvia63FBWTennAug typhoid fever
333Burdett, Wallace9MW TexasJuly fracture of spine
342Robertson, Selah50FBWTennOct chronic dysentery
373Rowe, Joseph H.24MWMTexasNovfarmertyphoid fever
401Bratton, Robert38MWMIndianaDecfarmerconsumption
414Hopkins65MWMIndianaAugteacherinflammation of brain
418Ross, Mary8/12FW TexasSept inflammation of brain
421Joiner infant1/12MB TexasSept bronchitis
427Raven infant MW TexasNov still born
428Pflueger infant MW TexasJuly still born
435Carrington infant FW TexasAug still born
440Carter, Dolly4FB TexasDec drowned
459Cain, Russel89MWMVirginiaAugfarmerconsumption
469Giles, Battle2/12MW TexasOct inflammation of brain
474Johns, Lee2MW TexasAug accidental death
576Payne, Elisa J.39FWMTennJune consumption
 Monroe, M. M.37FWMTennOct measles
524Black, Sarah22FW TexasSept nervous fever
545Jackson, Alice6FB TexasJune dropsy
555Parton, Harvey3/52MW TexasOct croup
578House, Peter40MB TexasJunefield lab.pneumonia
590Bell infant3 daysFB TexasOct debility
591Rogers, Julia24FBMTexasSept during delivery
 Rogers, Charles2/12MB TexasNov croup
596M’Laurin, Georgia8FW TexasSept phthisis
599Posey, Elizabeth43FBMTennSept chronic rheumatism
658Townsend, Wm.3MW TexasJune measles
682Smith, Ninerva3FW TexasAug congestion of brain
 Smith, Nanny1FW TexasSept congestion of brain
702Gereste, Johns29FWMS. CarSept child birth
 Gereste infant FW Texas  still born
773Malone, Ada Lee6FW TexasAug congestion of spine
774Manor, Nelson8MB  Aug congestion of brain
778Harrison, Esther18FB TexasAug inflammation of brain
21Maron, Alvina9/12FMex TexasAug-69 nervous fever
23John, son of Martha1/12MB TexasApril cramps
30Thomas, Egg30MB ArkFebday lab.consumption
33Dau. of Mary Thomspon3 daysFB TexasJuly debility at birth
68Mary Collin3/12FW TexasMay cholera infantum
129Sylvester, F. Smith43MWMNew YorkSept consumption
 Mary B. Smith13FW TexasJuly apoplexy
150Prosch, Selma10FW PrussiaMay typhoid fever
196Parker, Joseph3/12MW TexasMay diarrhea
243Crone, Caroline5 daysFB TexasJan lock jaw
248Nipsco, Sarah & child16FBMTexasDec child birth
279Hirschfield, Benjamin11/12MW TexasApril inflammation of brain
301Schulze, Agusta11/12FW TexasJan dysentery
383Risher, Nanny C.37FWMTexasJan child birth
410Sakeman, Heinrick1MW TexasApril cholera infantum
439Lightfoot, child of MB TexasJuly still born
501Freeman, Mathew1MB TexasNov fracture of skull
508Millican, Lucy9 daysFB TexasNov epilepsy
527Anderson, Jenny3FB TexasJan consumption
545Clemont, Tennessee7FB TexasMay whooping cough
556Hampton, Dr. Wade28MWMTennNovphysicianaccidental shooting
603Brown, Willis1/12MB TexasDec croup
643Hall, Anthony7/12MB TexasMarch whooping cough
417Wilson, John Henry7/12MW TexasMay cholera infantum
654Allen, Elizabeth1/12FW TexasApril acute dysentery
748Juergensen, Julius20MW TexasApril killed by shooting
 Hill20MW TexasJun-69 consumption
 Newsham, Joseph50MW EnglandJune softening of brain
 Payne, E. M.30FWMTennJune unknown
 Haynes, Meredith2MB TexasJune unknown
 Brown, Howard2MB TexasJune measles
 Wheeler, Edward1MB TexasJune measles
 Pauper, (child nameless) MB TexasJune still born
 Pauper35MB DelawareJune unknown
 (negro child) MB TexasJul-69 still born
 Lindsey, E.20FW TexasJuly shot by outlaw
 Crosby, George17MB TexasJuly unknown
 M’Cowen, Frances65FW MissJuly congestion of stomach
 Hoffins38FW SwedenJuly cancer of breast
 Barr, Robert3 daysMW Texas  unknown
 unknown6 daysMB TexasJuly unknown
 Reburn, H. A.48MW N. CarJuly killed by unknown parties
 Wilkins4MW TexasJuly acute diarrhea
 Reynolds, Euphania8/12FW TexasJuly acute diarrhea
 negro child MB TexasJuly still born
 Weathers, David F. MW TexasJuly apoplexy
 (City Sexton’s report for the month of August is missing)        
 Doss, Geo. B.2MW TexasSep-69 inflammation of bowels
 Hutchins16FB TexasSept unknown
 Herman, Friedrich50MW GermanySept disease of heart
 Carrington, Mary5 daysFB TexasSept unknown
 Missouria28FW TexasSept chilious fever
 Johnson35MW SwedenSept chilious fever
 Johnson, child of former MW TexasSept still born
 Baron, Alvernor9/12MMex TexasSept teething
 Anderson, Milas25MW strangerSept unknown
 Henry, J. (infant) FW TexasSept unknown
 Fisher, infant5/12FW TexasSept unknown
 Smith, Sylvester45MW TexasSept consumption
 Frazier, Lucy C.12FW TexasOct 69 inflammation of bowels
 Henry5 daysMB TexasOct unknown
 Brown, Tarltonabt. 100MW unknownOct general debility
 Tabor, J. J.4FW TexasOct inflammation of brain
 Steward, Lenora3FB TexasOct burned to death
 Fulk, Prince FB TexasOct still born
 unknown30FMex MexicoOct inflammation of brain
 Williams, Josephine4/12FB TexasOct whooping cough
 Forbes, J. A.30FW unknownOct congestions
 unknown3 daysMMex TexasOct unknown
 Partins22 daysFW TexasOct whooping cough
 Rogers, Sophia J.30FW TexasOct consumption ?
 Cassiday43MW   discharged soldierkilled by policeman
 Monroe, M. M.38FW TennOct measles
 Hamblin, FB TexasOct still born
 Brown1 dayFB TexasOct measles
 unknownabt. 40FB TexasOct consumption
 unknown6FW TexasNov-69 inflammation of lungs
 Brett, Edwd. J.2MW TexasNov bronchitis
 Anderson, Esther5FB TexasNov diarrhea
 Horan, John70MWMIrelandNov consumption
 Shelley50FWWAlabamaNov consumption
 Blackman, Susan20FB TexasNov consumption
 Baker, Andrew31MW MaineNov consumption
 Peltram, Megas19FW MexicoNov child bed fever
 unknown7 daysFB TexasNov unknown
 Sington, T.37MW unknownNov consumption
 unknown MB TexasNov still born
 unknown MB TexasNov still born
 unknown22FB unknownNov unknown
 Correll, Catherine26FW unknownNov consumption
 (Sexton’s reports for the month of December are missing)        
 Soleman, infant MB TexasJan-70 still born
 Risher, George45MB unknownJan consumption
 Owens, A.55MB unknownJan consumption
 Tredford, D.64MW unknownJan pneumonia
 Riggs, Thomas1/12MW TexasJan measles
 Brown, Gillis2/12FW TexasJan cold
 Roberson, Bella90FB unknownJan debility
 Pittman, W. F.47MW PennJan suicide by shooting
 Brown, N. P.26FW unknownJan cancered womb
 Thomas, J. H.35MW unknownJan killed
 Rumsey, infant child of MW TexasJan unknown
 Bostick, C. H.26MW unknownFeb-70 killed by upsetting of buggy
 Baker10/12MW TexasFeb measles
 Hardeman, Wm.10/12MB TexasFeb measles
 Hartson1/12FW TexasFeb measles
 Lowell, Elizabeth48FW unknownFeb unknown
 Christerson, Mathilde17FW SwedenFeb unknown
 Chaffe, Kate25FWMTexasFeb consumption
 Tumey, Thos. H.50MW TexasFeb consumption
 Ricks, E.35FW TexasFeb consumption
 Williams, Isaac2/12MB TexasFeb measles
 Ake, Louisa1FB TexasFeb measles
 Ake, Thomas45MB TexasFeb measles
 Chaffe25 daysMW TexasFeb measles
 negro child MB TexasFeb still born
 Calhoun, Philip70MB unknownMar-70 consumption
 Morris, Mary18FWMTexasMar measles
 Margaret40FB unknownMar measles
 Scoggins5 daysMB TexasMar measles
 Neel, Henry55MB ArkansasMar measles
 M’Commack, Ann15FB ArkansasMar measles
 Grant, Felix40MB TexasMar measles
 Wallace, Frank36MB TexasMar measles
 Beedle48FW unknownMar cancer of womb
 Cusine, E. D.78FW unknownMar unknown
 Settegast, Mary & child34FWMPrussiaMar fatal delivery
 Hickey, John1MB TexasMar measles
 Wilson11 daysFB TexasMar measles
 Roberson, Jack1MB TexasMar measles
 Wheets1MB TexasMar measles
 Bestler1MW D. ColApr-70 unknown
 Swisher, M. W.52FWMVirginiaApril disease of heart
 Mathilde25FB unknownApril child bed
 Shelly1MW TexasApril inflammation of bowels
 Anderson, Thomas23MB unknownApril unknown
 Williams, Margaret22FB unknownApril inflammation of brain
 Rolend infant  W TexasApril unknown
 M’Creely, James W.33MW TennApril killed
 James, Eugene MW unknownMay-70 shot by accident
 Passen, John R.27MW AlabamaMay consumption
 Sommerrow, Michael75MW unknownMay paralysis
 infant MB TexasMay still born
 Stone, M. B.26FWMTexasMay consumption
 Pridgen8/12FW TexasMay measles
 Pierce, Martha1FB TexasMay measles
 Bell10 daysMW TexasMay measles
 Warran, Ellen1FW TexasMay measles
 unknown1MB TexasMay burnt to death
 Haass, Max son of10 daysMW TexasMay debility
 White, James38MB unknownMay measles
 Pace, Mathwa1MB TexasMay measles
 Kees, David2MB TexasMay measles
 Zimpleman infant MW TexasMay unknown
 Otis MB TexasMay still born
 Clemont, Tennessee2FB TexasMay measles
 M/Comack, Sophia1FB TexasMay measles
 Williams, Henry2MB TexasMay measles
 unknown11MB unknownMay unknown
 Lampson55MW unknownMay measles
 Russell, Wm. (supposed) MW unknownMayOfficer USAkilled by Indians
 Callahan, Jas. (supposed) MW unknownMayOfficerkilled by unknown
 Jones, George2/12MB TexasMay measles
 Parker, Joseph2/12MW TexasMay red flux
 Fletcher, Mary6/12FW TexasMay red flux
793DeNormandie, Catherina41FWMNew YorkApril cancer of breast