1860 Travis County Mortality Schedule

Schedule 3 — Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1860, in the City of Austin in the county of Travis, State of Texas, enumerated by me, S. J. Wood ass’t. Marshal.

No disease in the form of an “Endemic” or an “Epidemic” has ever prevailed here.

The northern & western part of Travis county is a limesone region, soil black, deep, & rich, water limestone, the eastern & southern part is also a limestone region but very little rock is seen, soil black, very deep, rich and in the creek bottoms alluvial — Cistern water generally — No disease to any extent ever prevalent.

1Mrs. L .D. CARRINGTON35FWFMTennDec-59wifePulmonary consumption 
1W. H. CARRINGTON1 6/12MWF TexJul-59 Congestion of brain10
1Louisa3FBS TexApr-59 Accidental poisoning4
1Mary F. WHITE11FWF TennJun-59 Pneumonia12
1Anna WHITE2FWF TennJun-59 Cholera infantum30
1H. B. KINNEY’s slave10FBS VaMay-60 Pneumonia16
1Bernard WAECHTER1 7/12MWF TexSep-59 Brain Fever14
1Rudolphus WILHELM8/12MWF TexJun-59 Teething21
1P. H. RAIFORD’s slave17MBS Indian NationMar-60 Accidental drowning 
1James F. BROWN1 2/12MWF TexOct-59 Flux21
1William SMIDTZ8/12FWF TexAug-59 Flux28
1Deborah DEEN73FWF SCDec-59 Dropsey36
1Caleb PENDARVIS17FWF GaOct-59 Bilious fever4
1Henry W. SUBLETT42MWFMKyOct-59LawyerKilled2
1Robert GREEN30MWF TennOct-59LawyerBronchitis10
1Thomas WARD70MWFMNCSep-59FarmerIndigestion30
1John T. ALEXANDER21MWF MissJun-59 Epilepsy4
1slave15MBS LaMar-60 Spasms1
1Mrs. J. S. FRAZIER25FWF AlaMay-60 Paralysis16
1John ANDERSON10/12MWF TexOct-59 Uncertain60
1A. G. BROWN40MWF GerOct-59PhysicianYellow fever8
1W. S. OLSHAM’s child1FWF TexJul-59 Teething30
1Mrs. Mary A. OLDHAM35FWFMTennJul-59 Consumption90
1Wm. RUST’s slave50FBS VaMay-60 Uncertain90
1Wm. GEORGE2/12MWF TexMar-60 Croup2
1S. K. HARDEMAN10/12FWF TexMar-60 Typhoid fever60
1Isaac HAMMETT’s slave3FBS TexMar-60 Influenza12
1Isaac HAMMETT’s slave1/12FBS TexJan-60 Unknown1
1J. W. SMITH1/12MWF TexSep-60 Jaundice30
1E. C. BROWN slave29FBS FlaFeb-60 Pneumonia5
1Wm. ROBINSON’s slave6/12MBS ArkMar-60 Unknown1
1J. R. ROBINSON1MWF ArkMay-60 Congestion5
1Paul slave25MBS TennAug-59 Congestion of bowels5
1Jim slave1MBS TexAug-59 Cholera infantum1
1infant slave1/12MBS TexNov-59 Unknown2
2Mahulda slave17FBS TennAug-59 Dropsy180
2Lucy slave22FBS TexApr-60 Pnemonia45
2Jannette slave5FBS TexApr-60 Accidental burning1
2John slave3/12MMS TexJan-60 Cause unknown2
2Abram AUSTIN15MWF MoMay-60FarmerInflamation of bowels6
2A. W. TERRELL’s slave7FBS MoOct-59 Typhoid fever21
2R. J. TOWNES slave3FBS TexApr-60 Fever6
2R. J. TOWNES slave3FBS TexMay-60 Fever6
2E. A. CARROLL1/12MWF ArkMar-60 Cause unknown5
2J. W. WICKS slave60MBS VaFeb-60 Inflamation of bowels10
2J. W. WICKS slave40FBS AlaJan-60 Consumption730
2J. W. WICKS slave3MBS TexAug-59 Congestion bowels90
2J. W. WICKS slave6/12FBS TexJan-60 Cause unknown5
2L. M. McLAUREN’s slave3/12FBS TexApr-60 Smothered 
2Mary A. WILLIAMS25FWF KyOct-59 Fever60
2W. B. SMITH’s slave3MBS TexSep-59 Bilious fever10
2James WOOD1/12MWF TexAug-59 Cause unknown1
2John MEEKS slave3MMS TexMay-60 Bilious fever6
2John MEEKS slave1/12FBS TexMar-60 Cause unknown1
2S. M. DAVIS slave2/12FBS TexMar-60 Croup6
2P. S. TOWNES74FWF VaApr-60 Apoplexy10
2Cynthia STEEL38FWF TennApr-60 Typhoid fever18
2Earnest WILDBAHN5MWF TexApr-60 Pnemonia8
2James T. STERLING3/12MWF TexJul-59 Unknown60
2G. D. BAKER26MWF IndJul-59StockraiserMurdered 
2Joseph WRIGHT2/12MWF TexJan-60 Pnemonia30
2M. W. SIMS slave50MBS VaJan-60 Consumption10
2M. W. SIMS slave60FBS VaJan-60 Old age20
2M. W. SIMS slave45FBS MissJan-60 Rheumatism1095
2M. W. SIMS slave2FBS TexSep-59 Cholera infantum4
2M. W. SIMS slave1FBS TexSep-59 Cholera infantum10
2M. W. SIMS slave1MBS TexSep-59 Cholera infantum5
2M. W. SIMS slave1MBS TexOct-59 Cholera infantum5
2M. W. SIMS slave1MBS TexOct-59 Cholera infantum11
2M. W. SIMS slave1MBS TexOct-59 Croup3
2M. W. SIMS slave1MBS TexJan-60 Croup1
2M. W. SIMS slave6/12FBS TexApr-60 Pnemonia7
2M. W. SIMS slave6/12FBS TexApr-60 Croup3
2M. W. SIMS slave3MBS TexApr-60 Croup1
3William ROBY8/12MWF TexOct-59 Pleurisy14
3James ROGERS1/12MWF TexApr-60 Unknown1
3S. W. BARKER67FWF VaFeb-60 Cancer90
3W. D. PATTON’s slave70MBS VaDec-59 Unknown 
3Jane ROBERTSON67FWF KyJul-59 Unknown150
3B. G. GOODRICH’s slave1/12MBS TexApr-60 Unknown1
3Elba SWENSON1FWF TexAug-59 Whooping cough90
3J. T. MILLER’s slave76MMS MissApr-60 Pneumonia11
3J. T. MILLER’s slave1/12MMS TexMay-60 Cramp colic1
3F. DIETRICH45MWF BavariaMay-60MerchantConsumption2655
3F. KELLY40MWF IreJan-60FarmerInflamation8
3Julia A. BACON74MWFWTennMar-60 Palsey (sic)730
3John HANCOCK’s slave3MBS TexDec-59 Unknown1
3E. H. HOLMAN’s slave1MMS TexOct-59 Inflamation2
3Wm. H. HENRY7MWF TexDec-59 Whooping cough35
3Anna GREEN2FWF TexJan-60 Dropsey (sic) brain20
3E. KUNGE2FWF TexJan-60 Dropsey (sic) brain14
3M. SHAFFER1/12FWF TexAug-59 Unknown21
3L. SHAFFER3/12FWF TexSep-59 Unknown70
3Caleb BOON1MWF TexApr-60 Teething28
3Lewis CASSADY1MWF TexDec-59 Teething21
3Aug SOMMERS6/12MWF TexNov-59 Diarrhea2
3William BURNETT1/12MWF TexMar-60 Pneumonia7
3Lucy REYNOLDS slave42FBS VaMay-60 Dropsey (sic)35
3Charlotte GREGG1/12FBS TexJul-59 Fever9
3Jerry slave2MMS TexApr-60 Teething60