White Rock Cemetery

Name Of CemeteryWhite Rock Cemetery
Location of CemeteryLocated on Hwy 71 in Bee Cave at the intersection of Hwy 71 and Hamilton Pool Road (FM 3238)
Driving DirectionsFrom Austin, go south on Hwy 71. The cemetery is on the right, about a mile north Hwy 620. If you get to Hamilton Pool Road, you’ve gone too far.
Date transcribedMarch 2006 through October 2006
Transcribed byDona Kurtz, Inez Eppright, Pat Gannon, Jim King, Kay Gregory, and Sarah Shafer
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.

White Rock Cemetery plot (pdf file)

N11Mittie MaeFreitag27 Feb 19212 Feb 1991Shared marker with Emil Freitagdouble tablet on basegranite
N12Emil “Pete”Freitag11 Mar 191930 Sept 1998Shared marker with Mittie Mae Freitag. Back: Emil P. Freitag, US Army World War IIdouble tablet on basegranite
N13DoraFreitag9 Jul 18918 Feb 1980Shared marker with Charlie H Freitagdouble slant facegranite
N14Charlie H.Freitag20 Nov 188617 Aug 1940Shared marker with Dora Freitag  
N15Orva FayeRuston20 Jul 191331 Oct 1949 single tablet on basegranite
N16Gladys HudsonGregg19081997Metal marker shows 1890-1997single flat slabgranite
N17Wade H.Hudson19422006Cook-Walden Funeral Home markermetal 
N18Mary MHudson9 Sept 190920 June 1986shared with James R Hudson. Metal marker shows Mary Mae Hudsondouble tablet on basegranite
N19James R.Hudson14 Jan 190123 Apr 1977shared with Mary M Hudson  
N110Dora A.Hudson4 Jan 186411 Oct 1941flower engravingsdouble slant facegranite
N111Henry GHudson13 Oct 185821 Oct 1928   
N112ElsieHudson 6 Sept 1893 single flat slabgranite
N113EdithHudson23 Mar ’8615 Aug ’86shared marker with Maude Hudsondouble tablet on basegranite
N114MaudeHudson15 Feb ’8314 Mar ’83shared marker with Edith Hudson  
N21Simeon EdwardDeal 30 May 2004“For he is not the God of the Dead but of the living”single slant facegranite
N22Henry GreggHudson25 Jan 19322 Nov 2003PFC US Army. Harrell Funeral Home: Henry Gregg Hudson, Jr.  
N23“Hutt” Henry G.Hudson25 Feb 189623 Oct 1977shared marker with Marie G. Hudson. Married 20 Dec 1924double slant face 
N24Marie G.Hudson12 Jun 190623 Feb 2001shared marker with Henry G. Hudson. Married 20 Dec 1924  
N25Alma HudsonMiner19031984Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home marker  
N26JoeMiner19051986Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home marker  
N31Derril LeeMaul19571992Beloved son and brother. Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home markersingle flat slabgranite
N32Al Marie J.Maul19301960Shared marker with Beuford L Mauldouble slant face on basegranite
N33Beuford LemoyneMaul19221969Shared marker with Al Marie Maul. Back: Texas TEC 3, Co. C 3189 SIG SVC BN, World War II, 28 Aug 1922-6 Nov 1969. Wilke-Clay Funeral Homedouble slant face on basegranite
N41    No headstone. Foot: WFM.homeade on rock 
N42    No headstone. Foot: BAM  
N43Mabel R. MaulDooley5 Jan 189818 Mar 1981 single slant facegranite
N44Fred H.Maul19 Dec 189015 Nov 1954 single slant facegranite
N45Derril GeneMaul19 Feb 192931 Dec 1951 single slant facegranite
N51Myrna AnnGoldstein4 Apr 194127 Jul 1999In Memory of Beloved Mother and Wife. Cook-Walden Funeral Homesingle slant facegranite
N52Melba LTeague14 Oct 193018 May 2003Wife, Mother, Nannie. In God’s Arms. Back: Daughters- Paula, Terri, Debi. Harrell Funeral Homesingle slant facegranite
N53Bert Hillman, SrTeague9 Mar 192320 Oct 2003Husband of Melba L 1976-2003 and Wille Edna 1942-1975. “Papaw.” Harrell Funeral Home markersingle facegranite
N54Willie EdnaTeague6 Jul 191824 Mar 1975Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home markersingle slant facegranite
N61EarlFreitag17 Apr 1924 Shared marker with Martha Contat Freitag. Married 21 Sept 1946double tablet on slabgranite
N62Martha ContatFreitag23 Nov 1922 Shared marker with Earl Freitag. Married 21 Sept 1946double tablet on slabgranite
N63KatherineFreitag15 Apr 192528 Oct 1995Beloved Wife, Mother and Nana. Footstone: K.L.F.single slant facegranite
N64ElmoFreitag4 Mar 192124 Jan 1991Beloved Husband, Daddy, and Papa. Footstone E.E.F. Back: Ernest Elmo Freitag. Sgt US Army, World War II, 4 Mar 1921-24 Jan 1991single slant facegranite
N65Robert LeeFreitag7 Jun 193012 Jan 1976Cpl US Army, Korea. Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home markerflat slabgranite
N66BessieFreitag18921972Shared marker with Ernest Freitagdouble tablet on slabgranite
N67ErnestFreitag18931956 double tablet on slabgranite
N71Jack CecilMaddox21 Oct 19344 Sept 1997Back: Maddox. Footstone: Popssingle tablet on basegranite
N72Billy JackMaddox1 Oct 19642 Mar 1986 single slant face on basegranite
N73BlancheMaddox5 Apr 19148 Jul 1999Shared marker with Pete Maddox. Wilke-Clay-Fish funeral home markerdouble slant facegranite
N74PeteMaddox17 Sept 190617 Dec 1969Shared marker with Blanch Maddox. Hyltin-Manor funeral home: Pete T. Maddoxdouble slant facegranite
N75Claude J.Freitag18 Sept 18885 May 1968Cook Funeral Home markersingle flat slabgranite
N81Stacy LeeWhited18 Nov 197624 Nov 1976God’s little angel. Wilke-Clay Funeral Home markersingle slant facegranite
N82A. Leon “Huck”Freitag3 Sept 195818 Dec 1971Beloved Son and Brother. Hyltin-Manor Funeral Homesingle slant facewhite marble
N83Norman E “Willie”Freitag17 Jan 195618 Dec 1971Beloved Son and Brother. Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home markersingle slant facewhite marble
N84Bobby N.Freitag26 Oct 19287 Oct 1968Texas, PFC 223 Inf 40 Inf Div, Korea. Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home  
N91Joyce MyraWhited4 Jun 197117 Oct 1987Beloved daughter and sister. Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home markersingle slant face 
N92Dorothy D.Freitag9 Feb 191228 Nov 1993Shared stone with Rev George A. Freitag. Married 10 May 1927. Back: Loving parents of: Bobby, Billy, Betty, Boyce, Brent, Boyddouble tablet on basegranite
N93Rev. George A.Freitag31 Jan 190820 Nov 1988Shared stone with Dorothy D. Freitag. Married 10 May 1927. Back: Loving parents of: Bobby, Billy, Betty, Boyce, Brent, Boyddouble tablet on basegranite
N101Mary E.Davis7 Oct 190518 Apr 1987In loving memory. Our Mothersingle slant facegranite
N102Jesse R.Davis18891969Papasingle simple tabletgranite
N103Minnie P.Whited5 Nov 188524 Dec 1959 single slant facegranite
N104James E.Whited17 Jul 190825 Aug 1956Texas, Pvt US Army, World War IIsingle simple tabletgranite
N105Brent WilliamsAnderson5 Nov 193712 Aug 2001US Marine Corps. Footstone: Andy. If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. My Love, Betty. Harrell Funeral Home markersingle flat facegranite
N106Bobby LloydStewart31 Aug 19525 Aug 1971Footstone: Bobby Lloyd. If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Mama, Terry, Billy, Lloyd  
N111Samuel N.Aruck17 Mar 193420 Nov 1989Cpl US Army, Korea. Wilke-Clay Funeral Home markersingle simple tabletwhite marble
N112Tiffany MarieShaw13 Dec 198114 Dec 1997Daughter and sister. Heaven’s angel. Wilke-Clay-Fish markersingle tablet on basegranite
N113John K.Davis24 May 193529 Dec 1991US Army, Korea. Footstone: Our Beloved Father and Grandfather “Papa” Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home markersinlge slant facebronze plaque
N114MyrtleVanlandingham19061985Wilke Amey Clay Funeral Home markermetal 
N115John LewisFogle10 Mar 189119 Feb 1949Texas GY Sgt G. Regt USMC 2 Div, World War Isingle slant facegranite
N121Gene LeeJohnson23 Apr 1934 Married 3 Jul 1959  
N122Albina “Ronnie”Johnson16 Jan 194027 Sep 1999Married 3 Jul 1959. Footstone: Mom gray granite
N123Clinton LeeJohnson6 Dec 196319 Sep 1981“Beloved Son and Brother” gray granite
N131Cecil MartinJohnson5 Nov 19223 Jul 1988Shared stone with Marilyn Ruth Johnson. Wed 25 June 1849. “Father”  
N132Marilyn RuthJohnson30 Jan 1932 Shared stone with Cecil Martin Johnson. Wed 25 June 1849 “Mother” gray granite
N133Winifred JohnsonArmes29 Jul 193520 Jul 1998  gray granite
N134WinnieJohnson28 Oct 18953 May 1989Footstone: Mama gray granite
N135Edward W.Johnson19 Jan 189113 Dec 1960  gray granite
N141B. Jean SandersFreitag26 Dec 1929 “Mother” Married Wednesday, July 24 1948. “Alude with Me” On back: Freitag children, Melvin J, Dickey R, Sharon J. Bluebonnet Memorials, Marble Falls, Texas  
N142Melvin TesbyFreitag12 Oct 192729 Apr 1997“Father” Married Wednesday, July 24 1948. “Alude with Me” On back: Freitag children, Melvin J, Dickey R, Sharon J. Bluebonnet Memorials, Marble Falls, Texas  
N151ATommy RankinBicknell23 Feb 1932 part of one large stone “Together Forever” gray granite
N151BAnieSnett17 Aug 1937 part of one large stone “Together Forever” gray granite
N152AFreddie ThomasBicknell29 Mar 1971 part of one large stone “Together Forever” gray granite
N152BPaulette JaneBicknell27 May 1970 part of one large stone “Together Forever” gray granite
N153Richard LeeLoper11 Dec 193012 Feb 1991“Father”  
N154Vira JoannLoper27 June 1933 “Mother” “Together Forever”  
N155Michael WayneLoper23 Jan 19601 Jan 1994Son. Brother. US Army. “Together Forever.”  
N156PaigeZurovetz10 Mar 199721 Jun 1997“God’s Little Angel” gray granite
N157Zorah Ann HudsonTrammell2 Dec 190125 Oct 1979Hyltin-Manor funeral home gray flat stone
N158Ernest ClarenceTrammell24 Jan 191715 Feb 1976Cross. Pvt. US Army, World War II. Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home marker  
N159Viola A.Kreuger19191979  gray stone
N161Mrs. EmmaChandler18971971Wooden cross. Cook Funeral Home marker.funeral homemetal
N162John S.Chandler18941978Cook-Walden Funeral Home markerfuneral homemetal
N163Emma HudsonChandler6 Feb 189720 Jul 1971 tablet on basegray granite
N164Rev. Bennie E.Hudson17 Oct 19064 Jul 1974Shared stone with Bertha Hudson. In loving memory. On back of stone: HUDSON. Plot bordered by wood timbers and cement blockstablet on base 
N165BerthaHudson5 Oct 19117 Jan 1993Shared stone with Bennie Hudson. In loving memory. On back of stone: HUDSON. Plot bordered by wood timbers and cement blocks  
N171Jack ArthurManers4 Jul 192728 Jun 2000Shared stone with Verlene. In Loving Memory. Footstone: Jack A. Maners, US Army, World War II, 4 Jul 1927 to 28 June 2000tablet on base 
N172Verlene MaeHudson-Abbott29 May 193230 Mar 2005Shared stone with Jack Maners. In Loving Memory. Wilke-Clay-Fish Funeral Home marker  
N181Ray H.Proffitt19131987footstone: RHPslant facedgray granite
N182Della M.Proffitt19081981footstone: DMP  
N183Dorothy FayeGlass5 Apr 19273 Apr 1983Back of headstone: GLASS. Wilke-Clay-Amey Funeral Home markershouldered tablet on basegray granite
N184RuthProffitt18891982Wilke-Clay-Amey Funeral Home markerslant facedblack and gray granite
N185Dora F.Proffitt13 Nov 19109 Jan 1973She is not dead only sleeping in Jesus. Wilke-Clay Funeral Home marker.slant facedred-pink granite
N186ElbertProffitt19151996Cook-Walden Funeral Home markerfuneral homemetal
N187Mason MGephart19021977Wilke-Clay Funeral Home marker. Plot bordered by block stonesfuneral homefuneral home
N188Lila MaeGephart19031972Weed-Corley Funeral Home marker. Plot bordered by block stonesfuneral homefuneral home
N189Wallace JoeWilson19291969Weed-Corley Funeral Home. Plot bordered by block stones.funeral homefuneral home
N191Oliver R.Crumley4 Oct 19036 Jan 2001Wed 23 Jul 1923. Isaiah 40:31 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. Footstone: O.R.C. Cook-Walden Funeral Home marker.tablet on basegray granite
N192Beulah GCrumley3 Aug 190414 Jan 1990Shared stone with Oliver Crumley. On back of stone: CRUMLEY. Footstone: B.G.C.tablet on basegray granite
N193Clenton D.Crumley11 Nov 193123 Sep 1951Texas Pvt 23 Inf. 2, Inf Div, Korea PH. Footstone: C. D. C.slant facedgray granite
N194Patsy A. SimpsonMoore20 Sept 19608 Jan 1988Chapel of Hills Funeral Home marker: Patsy Ann Moore. Footstone: Pattyslant facedgray
N201Irene (Crumley)Simpson23 Dec 1927 Mama. Shared stone with Barton Simpson. Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home marker.slant facedgray granite
N202Barton B., Sr.Simpson25 Apr 191814 Oct 1998Daddy. 65 Infantry. Barton Bascom Simpson, Sr. Pvt. 65 Army, World War II. Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home marker.slant facedgray granite
N211EuellCrumley26 Jan 189714 Jul 1974Shared stone with Prudie Crumley. Married 3 Aug 1913. Footstone: father, Euell Crumley, Pvt 65 Army, World War I, 1897-1974. Wilke-Clay Funeral Home marker.slant face on basegray granite
N212Prudie M.Crumley21 Jun 189926 Aug 1996Shared stone with Euell Crumley. Footstone: mother. Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home markerslant face on basegray granite
N221EarvieBurt9 Jan 1905 Shared stone with Laura Burt. Married 14 Jun 1926. Family plot marked with blocks of sandstone.tablet on basegray granite
N222LauraBurt15 Oct 190812 Sept 1987Shared stone with Earnie Burt. Married 14 Jun 1926. Family plot marked with blocks of sandstone.  
N223stone marker, illegible      
N224SueBurt11 Jul 1924 extremely hard to read homeade plaster of paris
N225MikePorfirio16 Oct 192318 Apr 2003   
N226MaedellPorfirio18 Oct 192919 Oct 2002Austin-Peel Funeral Home markertablet on basepink granite
N231Jesse J.Burt8 Jan 189920 Jan 1977Shared marker with Ella Burt. Hyltin Manor Funeral Home marker.slanted flat facegrey granite
N232EllaBurt17 Nov 1900 Shared marker with Jesse J. Burt.slanted flat facegrey granite
N233Nelda Jean BurtMiller15 Oct 1938 Shared marker with Franklin Emerson Miller. Married 1 Sept 1957. Psalms 118:24  
N234Franklin EmersonMiller15 Apr 193711 Jun 1999Shared marker with Franklin Emerson Miller. Married 1 Sept 1957. Galatians 2:20  
N235IsaacAirheart4 Oct 188524 Jun 1946Wilke Funeral Home.  
N241Floyd S.Killebrew25 Feb 189625 Aug 1968Shared stone with Clara Killebrew. Footstone: Floyd S. Killebrew, Texas Pvt. 3 Convalescent Co. World War I gray granite
N242ClaraKillebrew16 Apr 190016 Nov 1958Shared stone with Floyd S. Killebrew. Footstone: C.E.K.  
N243Elvin R.Killebrew2 Feb 1920    
N244M. JeanKillebrew11 Oct 19301 Apr 1981Footstone: MJK  
N245JosephineSwisher5 Oct 187413 Nov 1957Wilke-Clay Funeral Home.homemade, carvedflat granite
N246Emma NeumannMeinzer   hand carvedgranite
N2411MiltonSwisher   hand carvedgranite
N2412MikeSwisher   hand carvedgranite
N2413Mary A.Swisher   hand carvedgranite
N2414Capt. James M.Swisher   hand carvedgranite
N251WhendyMinnick19551990Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home. Indian/Mexican pottery headstone.  
N252Alvin E. “Al”Figer13 Jun 192627 Sep 1983hands praying, American flag. Footstone: Alvin Figer, US Navy, World War II  
N253IraPuryear30 Dec 188712 Jan 1919   
N254JeffPuryear25 Mar 18816 Mar 1964   
N2510IsabellaPuryear12 Dec 187724 Nov 1964  black granite
N2511Delby M.Puryear 24 Feb 1942Texas Pvt., US Army black granite
N2512Odys A.Puryear19121961So gentle was his nature, true, to every one his hear was open, too, So God stood upon the heavens high, and called, “Come, thou shalt not die.”  
N261Jasper AJones26 Nov 19131 Jan 2005Shared marker with Anna Mae Jones. Mason symbol  
N262Anna MaeJones15 Jun 19152 Mar 2005Shared marker with Jasper Jones.  
N263SpeedMoore18401899Shared marker with Margaret Moore  
N264MargaretMoore5 Mar 185213 Feb 1927Shared marker with Speed Moore  
N265uncarved stone marker      
N266WalterMaul26 Aug 188721 Aug 1966Shared marker with Ozella Maul. Wilke Clay Funeral Home  
N267OzellaMaul31 Oct 189723 Apr 1983Shared marker with Walter Maul. Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Home.  
N268RobertMoore28 Oct 187527 Oct 1952Shared marker with Angie Moore  
N269AngieMoore31 Mar 187810 Oct 1970Shared marker with Robert Moore. Wilke-Clay Funeral Home: Mrs. M. Angie Moore  
N2610Baby GirlMoore 1900   
N271Olive MyrtleCooper9 Jul 19239 Sep 1962“In peace”. Cook funeral home  
N272Leona A.Rutledge19071965Cook Funeral Home markermetal 
N273Della E.Cooper20 Oct 18875 Oct 1923  concrete
N274Arthur LeeCooper24 Aug 195027 May 1980Cross, US Army. Wilke-Clay funeral home. Footstone: Arthur Roscoe Lee, Jr. “In Loving Memory of Daddy”.military 
N275Rose KassoufCooper21 Jun 191910 Dec 1964Cross. Wilke-Clay funeral home. Footstone: Rose Mary Cooper. black granite
N276John F.Figer27 Aug 19029 May 1979Wilke-Clay funeral home black granite
N277Maudie L.Figer22 Feb 19076 Feb 2003Red cardinal statuette black granite
N278Pauline “Polly”Moore10 Nov 191217 May 2002  black granite
N281Joseph ACrumley18621951Shared stone with Mary J. Crumley.  
N282Mary JCrumley18681932Shared stone with Joseph A. Crumley. Footstone: MJC  
N283W. OrbraCrumley18851906Shared stone with Ruby Crumley. Footstone: WOC  
N284RubyCrumley18951895Shared stone with W. Obra. Footstone: RC  
N287Devero EugeneCrumley12 Jun 192110 Apr 1991   
N288Roy WardCrumley28 Feb 192123 Jan 1989Cpl US Army Corps, World War II. Wilke-Amey-Clay Funeral Homemilitary 
N289Benton MCrumley16 Sept 19099 Feb 1965Texas, S Sgt US Army, World War II BSM-PHMilitary 
N2810Smith SCrumley25 Dec 187228 Feb 1942Shared stone with Sallie Crumley. A Faithful Father. Footstone: SSC  
N2811Sallie CCrumley12 Jun 187714 Nov 1960Shared stone with Smith Crumley. A Loving Mother. Wilke-Clay Austin Funeral Home  
N2812Infant Baby BoyCrumley 1904   
S11SamuelPearson 25 Nov 1868Hands shaking  
S12no name   rock for marker  
S13no name   rock for marker  
S14Juan R., Jr.Ibarra19462004Austin-Peel and Son markerfuneral homemetal
S15no name   rock for marker  
S16Mrs. VeraMaples18851972wreath, Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home markerfuneral homemetal
S17Richard WilliamMaples19051985Kerrville Funeral Home markerfuneral homemetal
S18Glenda SueWilliams4 Dec 194929 Nov 1997In loving memory, flowers. Beck Funeral Home granite
S19Charlene S.Russell26 Jun 19519 Feb 1985“My loving wife”. Silk flowers granite
S110Jo AnnLatimer2 Apr 196214 May 1987Mother, praying hands, cross, red roses  
S111Anthony WilliamBenish III19612006Cook-Walden funeral home  
S112Henrietta E.Benesh15 Jul 19207 Jun 1980Cook-Walden funeral home  
S113George EugeneRay9 Sep 192824 Apr 1971Footstone: Gene gray granite
S21Estella LBreshears19331984“In God’s Hands” “Welcome to My Garden” Wilke-Amey-Clay funeral home gray granite
S31William PaulTroutt3 Jan 194712 Apr 1992Married 26 Jul 1970. Harrell funeral home red granite
S32Jacqueline LeeTroutt26 Aug 1951 Married 26 Jul 1970 red granite
S41Albert S.Lohmann6 Apr 186218 Jul 1940Footstone: ASL gray granite
S42John HenryLohmann17991872Harrell Funeral Home marker pink granite
S43Rosene WeberLohmann18001891Harrell Funeral Home marker pink granite
S44unmarked head and footstone     pink granite
S51Robert E.Mackey12 Apr 192412 Mar 1994Shared stone with Elaine H. Mackey. Wed 12 Nov 1949  
S52Elaine H.Mackey12 Nov 19294 Dec 1996Shared stone with Robert E. Wed 12 Nov 1949  
S53Emilia GonzalezValenzuela19432005Asu memoria de sus hijos  
S54Thelma E.Scott10 Jul 191112 Apr 1986   
S55RichardMarshall  Harrell Funeral Home  
S56LauraMarshall  Harrell Funeral Home  
S57DonaldMarshall  Harrell Funeral Home  
S58 Marshall  Harrell Funeral Home  
S61no name   black iron cross  
S62Ida MayHudson18821883Shared stone with Blanchie and Elmer Hudsongray granite 
S63BlanchieHudson18971899Shared stone with Ida May and Elmer Hudsongray granite 
S64ElmerHudson18851888Shared stone with Ida May and Blanchie Hudsongray granite 
S65ReneHoltz27 May 195917 Jul 2004All Faith Funeral Servicescrosswooden
S67William O.Combs30 May 19195 Mar 1996M-Sgt US Army, World War II bronze
S68EstelleCombs21 Feb 1927  urnbrass
S69Heather MarieHudson5 Nov 197810 Mar 2001Harrell Funeral Home pink granite
S610Allen J.Hudson10 Aug 19576 Nov 1981  gray granite
S611Victor L. “Vick”Marshall21 Aug 190822 May 1993Cook-Walden funeral home  
S612Viola M.Marshall27 Oct 19093 Jun 1995Cook-Walden funeral home  
S71John C.Wood     
S72unmarked    wood 
S73LemuelHudson8 Dec 189929 Aug 1957Texas, F1 US Navy, World War Imilitary 
S74ElmahHudson23 Sept 18972 Feb 1978Mamma, Psalms: 23rd Chapter  
S75Howard A.Hudson22 Jul 192317 Apr 1984US Navy, World War IImilitary 
S76James AlvieHudson22 Jun 19349 Dec 1988A1C US Air Forcemilitary 
S77L.M. “Buck”Marshall25 Mar 192910 Nov 1983Back of stone: Lloyd M. Marshall, US Army, Mar 25 1929-Nov 10 1983  
S78Bonnie M.Bedford     
S86William H.Hudson18601942Shared stone with Fannie J Hudson  
S87Fannie JHudson18691954Shared stone with William H Hudson  
S88no name   funeral home marker metal
S89JosieMiller18931964Shared stone with John Miller  
S810John C.Miller18921967Shared stone with Josie Miller  
S811August, JrMiller16 Mar 188428 Dec 1959   
S812Veronica MarleneYanta16 Mar 197711 Mar 1995Forever Roni, #21heart-shaped 
S813Nila Zene HudsonDikes15 Jan 192520 Aug 2003   
S814Woodrow BenDikes30 Jan 191828 Jan 1995Also: Strickland Funeral home marker, Rev. Woodrow B. Dikes, 1918-1995  
S815James L, JrBoyette10 Apr 19357 Aug 1982US Army. Cook-Walden Funeral Home marker  
S91W. O.Cox11 Dec 188516 Sept 1924   
S101Joseph W.Jolly18581917Shared stone with Sarah B. Jolly  
S112Sarah B.Jolly18631945Shared stone with Joseph Jolly  
S113Sarah Ann FrancisRountree18721944Mother  
S114no name   funeral home marker metal
S115Evelyn M.Jarvis29 Feb 189628 Aug 1953Rest in Peace. God Bless Mother.  
S116MilaRhemann14 Dec 187427 Jul 1961   
S121Etta J.Hudson1873    
S122George BHudson9 Sep 186813 Jul 1858Metal Wilke-Clay funeral home marker 9 Sep 1868-13 Jul 1858  
S123AmandaHudson18721903 urn 
S124EdwardHudson18081873under juniper tree  
S125Sarah AnnHudson1822 covered in ivy  
S131Beulah Hudson FryLove6 Sep 19116 Apr 1988roses  
S132Roy AlvinFry19 Dec 19402 Aug 1953lamb. Gone but not forgotten marble
S133ElryHudson27 Jul 18911893   
S134ArdieHudson6 Oct 18931895   
S141Mrs. OCox29 Oct 187216 Jul 1941Mother  
S142James MPuryear  Co. A, 8 Ark Inf. CSA  
S143J. M.Puryear1 Jan 184117 Oct 1925   
S144Mary ElizabethHudson25 Apr 18824 Aug 1961Shared stone with Ananias Albert Hudson  
S145Ananias AlbertHudson7 Feb 187928 Mar 1947Shared stone with Mary Elizabeth Hudson  
S146Sarah JosephineHudson17 Aug 18761 Feb 1968Shared stone with William Edward Hudson. Behind a nandina.  
S147William EdwardHudson10 Mar 187414 Mar 1952Shared stone with Sarah Josephine Hudson. Behind a nandina.  
S151Nell EthelColeman19092001Metal Harrell Funeral Home marker  
S152Wamond B, Jr.Coleman19122005Metal Harrell Funeral Home marker  
S153AddieCaskey27 Jan 190418 Oct 1992Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home granite
S154Alma HudsonAllen2 Sept 190116 Jul 1993Rest in Peace. Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home marker  
S161Clarence T.Wellborn26 Dec 1925    
S162Thelma D.Mandaville27 Jun 1925    
S163Daniel James, JrMandaville7 May 192321 Jan 1982Military marker: DJ Mandaville, Jr, US Navy, WWII, 1923-1982  
S171    Funeral home marker, no name metal
S172Lucy AEvers26 Aug 185512 Jan 1942   
S173Rose JaneGregg Weaver Jackson10 Mar 191014 Jul 1987   
S174unmarked head and footstones      
S175unmarked head and footstones      
S181Charles RWeaver24 Aug 190513 Jun 1978Shared stone with Pauline Weaver  
S182PaulineWeaver24 Jul 1898    
S184Vivian W.Gregg12 Sep 191525 Feb 1991Footstone: Mom. Wilke-Clay funeral home marker granite
S191EvaSylvester  shared stone with C.H. Sylvester red granite
S192C. H.Sylvester  shared stone with Eva Sylvester red granite
S193AlfredSylvester  unmarked footstone  
S194Cora B.Massey11 Apr 19012 Nov 1977Beloved Mother  
S195John F.Sylvester4 Oct 186920 Aug 1948Shared stone with Lelah A. Sylvester black granite
S196Lelah A.Sylvester24 Nov 187217 May 1930Shared stone with John F. Sylvester black granite
S197MyrtleSylvester  Footstone: Myrtle  
S198UtahCrumley19 Sep 192522 Feb 1926   
S199no name   unmarked head and footstone  
S1910C. C.Sylvester18961945  granite
S1911Daisy C.Sylvester5 Jan 189823 Oct 1971  polished granite
S1912Ernest L.Sylvester24 Oct 191827 Feb 2000Shared stone with Francis I. Sylvester  
S1913Francis I.Sylvester6 Sep 19215 Dec 1993Shared stone with Ernest L. Sylvester. Footmarker: Irene Sylvester. Waldrop-Hatfield funeral home  
S201unmarked headstone      
S202LouieGravell13 Apr 191225 Oct 1983Double stone with Georgia Gravell: Wed 23 Apr 1936. Footstone: Daddy  
S203GeorgiaGravell17 Dec 1921 Double stone with Louie Gravell: Wed 23 Apr 1936.  
S211AnnieHaas17 Sept 18654 Jul 1941  red granite
S212John DavidGravell19492005Harrell Funeral Home markerfuneral homemetal
S221Henry L.Freitag29 Dec 18536 Aug 1939“Daddy” “At rest” black granite
S222Clara W.Freitag12 Aug 187113 Jun 1941“Mama” “At rest” black granite
S223Dora E.Freitag22 Nov 190410 Sep 1968“At rest.” Wilke-Clay funeral home black granite
S224Ida Bertha FreitagAnderson10 Oct 191616 Sep 1995“Mother” “In God’s care” Harrell funeral home black granite
S225Paul RevecAnderson16 Dec 195225 Jun 1993“The Lord is our shepherd” Harrell funeral home black granite
S231Homer LeeRosenbusch17 Oct 19301 Mar 1939  black granite
S232Wilbur LewisRosenbusch9 Nov 194028 Feb 1941  black granite
S241W. C.Milam21 Jan 18847 Nov 1884Footstone: WCM stone
S251Russell F.Gordon22 Mar 195231 May 2004Amn US Air Force Vietnam wooden stake
S261G. W.Killebrew5 Mar 183214 Jun 1916anchor and ivy  
S262Mrs. R. E.Killebrew3 Sept 184210 Nov 1926Mother. Faithful to her trust even unto death limestone
S263unknown, window box as marker    window boxterra cotta
S264George W.Killebrew10 Jul 187215 Aug 1925Footstone: GWT  
S265Birdie TKillebrew18 Apr 188112 Mar 1957   
S267IlaKillebrew12 Mar27 Aug 1906   
S268Infant SonTurner 26 Oct 1931   
S269Infant DaughterTurner 5 Jul 1939   
S271Samuel AaronKrutsinger8 Jan 198231 Dec 200Bible, hands praying, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers on men”, Matt 4:19. On back: “Krutsinger families can be together forever.”  
S272J. J.Hawkins18451922Gone but not forgotten. Father.  
S274Nora E.Crumley1 Aug 190228 Dec 1919Wife of D.C. Crumley  
S275John W.Bowles23 Nov 18738 Jan 1952At rest black granite
S276LillieBowles19 Feb 18812 Sep 1965At rest. Footstone: L.B.  
S277Lester JacksonBowles13 Aug 191013 Dec 2003Married 22 Nov 1938. Our Father Which Art in Heaven. Father. Footstone: Dad  
S278Izola LucilleBowles6 Nov 1919 Married 22 Nov 1938. Our Father Which Art in Heaven. Mother. Footstone: Mom  
S279Jarrett C.Walker27 May 19251 Aug 1978Cross. US Army. Wilke-Clay funeral home granite
S281Lottie O.Marshall6 Oct 189110 Jan 1966Mother  
S282J. L.Marshall23 Jun 186411 Apr 1945Father  
S283OttoMarshall11 Mar 19147 Dec 1943   
S284J. S.Sloan18071879   
S285FrancisGuest17 Sept 18611888   
S286Infant son of J & FGuest     
S287Baby LulaSloan18721877   
S292unmarked headstone      
S301Donald CharlesLiercke9 Feb 194425 Jun 1998Wood head-marker: loving brother of the human family. Footstone: Your Favorite Outlaw.