Waters Cemetery

Cemetery Name Waters Cemetery
Alternate Name Freedman Cemetery
Directions Located on east side of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Cemetery is inside the fence of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.
Latitude 30°10.936N
Longitude 97°39.068W
Restrictions Secured fence with airport police patrolling. Permission must be obtained to view site. Because of Homeland Security restrictions visitors are escorted to site. Terrain is better suited to a pickup or airport will allow you to ride with them. For further information contact GreenwoodCA@gmail.com.
Survey Date 3/19/2009
Photographed by Judy Shaw
Surveyed By Judy Shaw and Sue Shaw
Comments Close proximity to creek so best to visit in winter due to poison oak and snakes. City conducts clean-up only if there is a visit scheduled. Several toppled headstones and deep grave sinks. Over 15 grave-sized iron fences and/or remnants of fences with no headstones visible. Request made to city staff to remove tree that is growing directly in front of Isaac Davila’s headstone. There were 24 headstones (in a earlier survey there were 43). Random check of death certificates for those missing markers show they were interred at Waters.
Please note This page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.


Plot Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Markings Marker condition Photo
  Acosta Pedro 11-03-1899 10-19-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Alexander Fannie   06-17   Broken Off
  Anderson James 11-17-1871 04-15-1898 Gone But Not Forgotten  
  Arnold Alice   08-13-1917 No marker found in 2009    
  Bell John E. 12-27-1893 07-10-1920 Age 27 Yrs.; Asleep in Jesus  
  Billingsley Edmund 1828 07-03-1910 Age 82; At Rest; Joint with Rhody Billingsley  
  Billingsley Rhody 1844 04-12-1907 Age 63; At Rest; Joint with Edmund Billingsley  
  Bonner Raymond   10-26-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Caldwell Willie   04-05-1920 No marker found in 2009    
  Carlana Francisca F. 02-03-1886 08-03-1903   Broken
  Casmer Lola May   07-20-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Casmer, Jr. Norman   07-22-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Castillo Sra. Carlota B.G. 1851 07-04-1910 Edad 59  
  Clements Hannah   11-17-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Colunga Eloy 12-01-1893 07-05-1914 No marker found in 2009    
  Crenshaw Leslie 1909 01-01-1913 Age 4 Years; Joint with William Crenshaw  
  Crenshaw William H. 1924 07-27-1924 Age 4 Months; Joint with Leslie Crenshaw  
  Davila Isaac 07-03-1891 07-05-1914 Woodsmen of the World  
  Davis George 1886 10-27-1918 Age 32; At Rest; Joint with Caroline Easley; At Rest  
  Easley Caroline 1824 04-15-1909 Age 85; Joint with George Davis; At Rest  
  Easley Rosell   07-21-1920 No marker found in 2009    
  Flemings Hattie Lee   07-20-1917 No marker found in 2009    
  Gilbert Ida 1871 11-15-1916 Age 45; Asleep in Jesus  
  Givens, Jr. Cesear   06-23-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Gombor Causa   05-20-1920 No marker found in 2009    
  Griffin Estella   11-07-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Horton Henderson   11-05-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Houston Laura   04-01-1923 No marker found in 2009    
  Marshall Helena 1907 04-09-1910 Age 3; Asleep in Jesus  
  Marshall Joseph   03-30-1924 Texas; Pvt. 435 Labor Batt n  
  Marshall Lucy 1885 09-15-1911 At Rest Barely Legible
  Maxwell Leslieline   06-21-1930 No marker found in 2009    
  Moore, Jr. Isiah   10-13-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Moreno Pedro 06-29-1921 11-09-1922    
  Ockletree Will 1865 10-07-1919 Gray Stone Barely Legible
  Phillips, Jr. Robert   07-14-1919 No marker found in 2009    
  Rosales Ysauro 01-01-1887 01-14-1906 Age 19  
  Sterling Christiana 1844 05-27-1919 Age 75; Gone But Not Forgotten  
  Sterling Elder 1878 11-08-1915 Age 37: At Rest  
  Thompson Infant   07-30-1920 No marker found in 2009    
  Thompson John 1867 08-14-1904 Aged 37 Years  
  Thompson Lizzie   12-12-1919 No marker found in 2009    
  Thompson Mrs. Ida   07-30-1920 No marker found in 2009    
  Walker Willie 1918 08-19-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Wright Young   11-04-1918 No marker found in 2009    
  Waters Jane   02-13-1900 Age 55 Years; Gone But Not Forgotten