Walnut Creek Cemetery

Submitted by J. L. and Linda Cooksey

Family Contact Jessica Caldwell

Walnut Creek Cemetery, transcribed 21 January 2002. There were 31 marked graves and 35 unmarked graves.

Walnut Creek is believed to be an African American cemetery. Located at 516 E. Braker Ln. This cemetery is in very bad condition.

Bradford, Ada10/4/18751/11/1910   
Caldwell, George W5/21/18998/23/1914   
Car, J. E.     
Car, Julia6/19/18641/25/1901   
Corzine, G. W.5/10/18431/12/1904   
Corzine, Jamima8/184211/19/1904   
Corzine, Madison5/1/18803/18/1942   
Hardaway, Andrew3/08/19066/11/1938no stonefrom death certificate*
Hardaway, Bennie9/22/19108/6/1935no stonefrom death certificate*
Hardaway, Elizabeth (Simmons)5/8/18771/8/1951no stonefrom death certificate*
Hardaway, Hillery a.k.a. Henry T.3/4/18779/19/1952no stonefrom death certificate*
Hardaway, Infant, of Andrew & Velma (Sorrels) Hardaway3/27/19316/3/1931no stonefrom death certificate*
Hardaway, Velma (Sorrels)2/4/19091/22/1936no stonefrom death certificate*
Davison, N. 2/1/1914   
Hendricks, Annage 752/24/1924   
Hendricks, brother unborn 6/5/1985   
J. E. and C.W.     
Johnson, Bettie18221922   
Leonard, Lucindyage 222/25/1892   
Manor, George W.5/24/18895/15/1943   
Organ, Johnnie18721944 Johnnie Armento (McFarland) Organ
b. 9/4/1872 d. 3/15/1944
from death certificate
Wife of Peter D. Organ
Organ, Peter18671954 Peter D. Organ
b. 2/22/1867 d. 1/23/1954
from death certificate
husband of Johnnie Armento (McFarland) Organ
Parker, Marion6/7/1888???   
Robinson, F.R.age 748/29/1916   
Ross, Rachaelage 274/22/1918   
Scott, O.12/25/18645/28/1937   
Sorrell, Mildred19041975 Mildred R. (Organ) Sorrells
b. 10/2/1904 d. 12/28/1974
from death certificate
Daughter of Johnnie & Peter Organ
Wells, C.W.age 34    
White, Albert 3/13/1921   
White, Catherine     
White, Winnie 7/29/1923   
Wilson, Caroline12/25/18306/10/1934   
* Entries submitted by Andy Hardaway