Walnut Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Cemetery: Walnut Creek Baptist Cemetery (This cemetery was known as Rock Church Cemetery until 1949)
Caretaker: Walnut Creek Baptist Church
Location: 12062 North Lamar Blvd.
For Cemetery Inquiry: 512-459-7949 or akgalloway@juno.com
Comments: Ladies maiden name is enclosed with [   ].
Codes = the relation to the person in the grave.
H) = husband; W) = wife (if married twice H1 or H2, etc.), P) = Parents; S) = son; s) = sister; B) = brother; GC) = grandchild, D) = daughter;
N) = Nephew; n) = niece, GN = greatnephew. Also, crematory graves are noted in comments. Unmarked grave information is listed in comments. A few inscriptions on headstones are listed in comments. Date when headstones were set is given on newer graves/ newly marked graves
Persons listed with no dates were alive at the time the list was published.

This listing is from the official church records.

B18-13 ABERCROMBIE no date no date u/m
B18-14 ABERCROMBIE, INFANT no date no date u.m
B18-15 ABERCROMBIE, JAMES 1818-02-04 1866-11-03 Grave in edge of row B19
A24-07 ADAMS, WINNIE [ROBERTSON] 1881-05-11 1968-01-07
B23-02 AKERS, BERTIE RUTH 1911 1986
B23-03 AKERS, OAKLEY MILEY 1905-10-25 1972-10-03 VET
B27-23 ALDRIDGE, MARY PAULINE [Hamilton] 1928-12-22 1989-06-28 ‘Polly’; P) Thomas & Roxie Hamilton Sprouse
B32-07 ALLAN, JOHN no date no date W) Marion
B32-08 ALLAN, MARION 1842-07-29 1877-04-18 H) John; name listed on B32-06 joint stone
A23-01 ALLEN, BABY BOY 1965 1965 Grave in H Allen plot
D08-04 ALLEN, MAMIE MARIE 1923-03-31 1979-01-14
A08-05 ANDERSON, JOSEPH P 1970 1970 P) Linda & Aubrey
A04-08 ANSTETT, BERTIE LOU 1889-03-15 1982-11-17 D)Doris Dees
B25-03 ARMKE, G E no date 1949
B10A-16 AYERS, ALICE [Mussett] 1889-09-02 1982-03-12 H) John Harvey
B10A-14 AYERS, BABY GIRL 1915-04-14 1916-05-17 P) John & Alice
B10A-15 AYERS, BABY GIRL 1927-04-12 1928-07-11 P) John & Alice
B10A-18 AYERS, CHESTER 1923-02-26 1999-08-28 B)Tom; s)Ella Ayers & Dorothy Whetsell Browning; stone set June 2000 VET
B10A-19 AYERS, ELLA LEE 1913-11-28 2011-7-28 P)John & Alice [Mussett] Ayers
B10A-17 AYERS, JOHN HARVEY 1880-07-19 1950-10-15 W) Alice
B29A-07 AYERS, SALLIE 1811-12-10 1891-03-19
B29A-08 AYERS, WILEY 1802-12-11 1873-08-03 Headstone is broken
B10A-13 BANKSTON, ARTHUR O 1920-10-10 1952-07-26 W) Dorothy [Ayers] Bankston Whetsell Browning VET
B10A-12 BANKSTON-BROWNING, DOROTHY A [Ayers] H1) Arthur Bankston, H2)Browning, P)J & A Ayers; headstone set Jan. 2008
A29-08 BARNARD, ESPY 1913-03-30 1964-10-01 P) John & Viola VET
A30-06 BARNARD, JOHN JR 1896-02-02 1918-10-08 P) John & Viola; Gave his life for his country WWI
A30-08 BARNARD, JOHN R SR no date no date W) Viola
A30-05 BARNARD, JULIA 1909-02-04 1917-01-17 P) John & Viola
A30-07 BARNARD, VIOLA MAE no date 1952 H) John Sr
A29-03 BARNARD, W J BRYAN 1899-04-16 1960-02-06 P) John & Viola VET
A30-09 BARNARD, WALTER 1903-03-05 1964-07-01 P) John & Viola VET
A31-03 BARNES, ANNIE MISS 1883-08-06 1948-12-02 P) Patterson Sr & Sarah [McClain]
B17-14 BARNES, CHARLES 1813-07-27 1871-02-04 W) Elizabeth
A31-10 BARNES, CHARLES & EDGAR 1916-11-02 1916-11-02 P) Charles R & Florence L; Twins in same grave
A31-09 BARNES, CHARLES R 1879-04-04 1958-04-02 W) Florence L; P) Patterson Sr & Sarah
A31-07 BARNES, CLYDE ROLAND 1920-12-26 1996-04-11 W) FrancIs Louise; ‘Lucky’ VET
B17-13 BARNES, ELIZABETH [Stover] 1818-10-31 1901-12-16 H) Charles
A31-01 BARNES, ELIZABETH MISS 1873-02-08 1958-02-06 P) Patterson Sr & Sarah [McClain]
A33-04 BARNES, EVA [HOOD] 1929-03-24 2006-12-30 H) Jay Jr;D)Anne; S) Jay iii Marker set May 2007
A31-08 BARNES, FLORENCE L 1883-11-28 1976-03-09 H)Charles R – A31-9; s) Edith Lawrence
A31-06 BARNES, FRANCIS LOUISE 1916-03-24 1965-03-18 H) Clyde Roland
B17-15 BARNES, GEORGE V 1839-01-21 1861-02-21 P) Charles & Elizabeth
A32-04 BARNES, HELEN [COLVIN] 1887 1964 H)Jehue William’Jay Sr’; D) Vada Helen Goodman; S) Jay Jr
A33-05 BARNES, JAY W, JR W) Eva; P)J WJSr & Helen; D) Anne; S) Jay III Marker Set May 2007 VET
A32-05 BARNES, JEHUE WILLIAM SR 1883 1964 W) Helen [Colvin]; P) Patterson Sr & Sarah; D) Vada Helen; S) Jay Jr
C14-01 BARNES, LISA LYNN 1977-11-02 1977-11-05 P) Bill & Faye
A30A-05 BARNES, MARGARET T MISS 1871-02-18 1953-05-30 P) Patterson Sr & Sarah
A30A-04 BARNES, PATTERSON C JR 1886-11-16 1965-04-19 P) Patterson Sr & Sarah
A31-05 BARNES, PATTERSON COLUMBUS SR 1840-11-16 1918-02-05 W) Sarah [McClain]; P) Charles & Elizabeth CSA
A31-04 BARNES, SARAH [McCLAIN] 1849-02-22 1932-03-12 H) Patterson Columbus Sr
A31-02 BARNES, SINA J MISS 1869-11-30 1956-02-21 P) Patterson Sr & Sarah
D11-11 BARRON, CAROLYN P) Ruth [Smith] Barron; s) Ruth Mulenex; reserved with headstone
D11-12 BARRON, RUTH S [SMITH] 1903-02-06 1983-07-06 P) Robert L & Flora May; D) Ruth Mulenex & Carolyn Barron
A16-11 BARROW, ISHAM N 1839-12-05 1929-10-29 W) Julia; Co B 4th Texas Inf CSA
A16-12 BARROW, JULIA [RUMSEY] 1857-06-03 1912-05-28 H) Isham N
B25-09 BECKER, ELVIRA D) Kendra Kieke; headstone set May 25, 2006
B30-11 BIRD, BABY no date no date
B31-01 BIRD, CECIL R 1909-09-27 1958-01-11
B30-08 BIRD, J W 1849-02-12 1885-06-27 P) Thomas & Polly Ann; 36 yrs, 4 mo ,15 da
B31-04 BIRD, JODIE C 1905-11-04 1930-11-30
B31-05 BIRD, JOHN H 1907-08-16 1941-09-10
B31-03 BIRD, JOSEPH E 1874-06-02 1929-07-20
B31-02 BIRD, LINNIE M 1881-06-26 1972-09-11
B30-09 BIRD, MARY E 1856-03-18 1923-12-31 H) William R
B30-06 BIRD, POLLY ANN 1832-07-24 1913-02-07 H) Thomas
B30-07 BIRD, THOMAS 1825-06-15 1892-04-02 W) Polly Ann
B30-10 BIRD, WILLIAM R 1851-03-02 1894-04-13 W) Mary E
A28-11 BODENHAMER, JOHN JOSEPH 1914-09-17 1996-04-22 W) Louetta [Sims] VET
A28-10 BODENHAMER, LOUETTA M [Sims] 1924-05-05 2007-12-13 H) John Joseph; P) Hiram & Sevie Sims; reserved with headstone
B17-19 BONHAM, DORA DIETRICH 1901 1973
B11A-07 BOUTALL, SUSAN [Mussett] GLASS 1869-08-14 1939-12-08 H 1) Joe Glass; H2) Boutall; D) Gussie Glass
A06-08 BRADFIELD, ERIN A 1898-01-12 1965-06-27 WAC
A06-09 BRADFIELD, MARTHA [COLVIN] 1871-08-11 1944-05-13 H) Thomas B
A06-10 BRADFIELD, THOMAS B 1852-11-28 1900-07-10 W) Martha; ‘Medical Dr.’
A06-11 BRADFIELD, THOMAS G 1894-02-21 1894-01-21 P) Thomas B & Martha
B25-12 BRIGGS, JAMES M 1812-12-20 1893-04-03
B25-13 BRIGGS, MARY W 1822-03-31 1893-08-14
A27-12 BRINKLEY, BILL RALPH 1930 1998-07-31 W)Jean
A27-11 BRINKLEY, JEAN MRS 1932 1980
B29-26 BROWN, ARTEILIA 1847-04-12 1927-08-05 (Dorothy Murller Farris; family)
B29-25 BROWN, JIM W 1879 1958
A14-07 BURNS, JOANN Q H) Rovert Love; S) Bruce & Richard; reserved with headstone
A14-08 BURNS, ROBERT LOVE 1923-05-27 1993-12-11 W) JoAnn; S) Bruce & Richard
B29-04 CARDENAS, SUSAN 1833-05-25 1900-08-16
A13-03 CARTER, D LEON W) Mary Edith; reserved with headstone
A13-02 CARTER, MARY EDITH [BURT] 1927-11-27 1984-08-31 H) D Leon
A11-05 CAUGHEY, ETTA MAY [CEARLEY] 1901-02-02 1985-07-25 ‘Queenie’; in John Cearley plot
A10A-09 CEARLEY no date no date u/m
B12-06 CEARLEY no date no date u/m
B12-07 CEARLEY no date no date u/m
B13-08 CEARLEY no date no date u/m
B14-09 CEARLEY, ADA [SCEVERS] 1901-09-27 1999-09-05 H) James Ervin Sr
B13-04 CEARLEY, AMANDA no date no date
B12-03 CEARLEY, CARRIE MISS 1904-10-24 1976-08-21 P) J E & Sarah [Polk]
A12-09 CEARLEY, CHARLES HENRY 1910-04-29 1997-02-03 W) Edna; P) J E & Sarah [Polk]; S) Allen, Victor, David, Richard
A11-08 CEARLEY, EDMUND A 1877-11-29 1954-06-09 W) Georgia L
A12-08 CEARLEY, EDNA [CLARK] 1914 1994-02-26 H) Charles Henry; S) Allen, Victor, David, Richard
A11-09 CEARLEY, ERVIN J 1888-05-25 1920-01-22
B12-05 CEARLEY, G W no date no date
A11-07 CEARLEY, GEORGIA L 1876-06-03 1927-08-09 H) Edmund A
A11-06 CEARLEY, HOMER S 1905-10-24 1933-08-02
B13-06 CEARLEY, J E 1829 1915 W) Nancy W; W2) Sarah [Polk]
A11-10 CEARLEY, J P ‘Infant’ 1897-09-29 1897-10-05 P) John P & Jane S
B14-07 CEARLEY, JAMES ERVIN JR 1932-03-05 1954-02-04 P) J E Sr & Ada
B14-08 CEARLEY, JAMES ERVIN SR 1901 1980 W) Ada
A11-12 CEARLEY, JANE S [EASTON] 1859 1955 H) John P
A11-13 CEARLEY, JOHN P 1850-11-19 1908-03-25 W) Jane S
A11-11 CEARLEY, JOHN PINKNEY 1891 1896 P) John P & Jane S; 5 yrs, 7 mo, 13 da
B13-05 CEARLEY, NANCY W 1831-08-23 1891-05-03 H) J E; 59 yrs, 8 mo, 10 da
B13-07 CEARLEY, P A 1861-10-23 1886-11-29 P) J E & Nancy W
B13-02 CEARLEY, RUTH MISS 1902 1996-06-25 P) J E & Sarah [Polk]
B13-03 CEARLEY, SARAH [POLK] 1873 1944 H) J E -second wife
B14-10 CEARLEY, WILLIAM EDMUND 1930-09-23 2009-03-16 P) James Ervin Sr & Ada
B15-05 CHRISTAL, JULIA [NEANS] 1878-04-03 1960-07-22
B15-05 CHRISTAL, MARGARET JOSEPHINE 1903-07-15 1989-03-24 P) Thomas & Julia
B15-06 CHRISTAL, THOMAS J 1871-02-27 1956-10-26
B03-22 CHRISTENA, JEAN ELIZABETH 1917-02-17 2003-05-03 H)Richard; S)Richard W;[Crematory urn] headstone set 2004
A35-09 CLAIBORNE, EMILE ESTER [STOCKMAN] 1901 1941 P) Perry & Margaret Stockman
B29A-05 CLOUD, J OBIE 1888 1972 W) Mary
B29A-04 CLOUD, MARY 1874 1960 H) J Obie
B26-14 COLVIN, ELLEN [SUMMERS] 1845 1924 H) Garland Sr; P) Silas & Ann Summers; GD) Helen Goodman
B26-16 COLVIN, GARLAND JR no date no date
B26-15 COLVIN, GARLAND SR no date 1905 W) Ellen [Summers]; Co B 4th Rgt Tex Vols, CSA CSA
B26-10 COLVIN, OSCAR B no date no date
C22-03 COMAN, SARAH A [BREESE] 1883 1908-01-30 H) Max Coman
B10A-09 COOTS, RAYMOND A 1911 1976 P) Sarah [Suhr] Coots Mussett
A12-12 CRAWFORD, FRANCES MAURINE 1910-07-19 2000-05-06 H)Overton; S) Dana & John
A21-13 CRAWFORD, OVERTON HARRIS 1917-09-27 2000-06-26 W)Frances Maurine, S)Dana & John
B32-13 CROOKS no date no date u/m
B32-11 CROOKS, JOHN no date no date W) Mary
B32-12 CROOKS, MARY 1828-05-16 1873-02-20 H) John
B31-07 CRUMLEY, ALBERT L 1904 1979 W) Marie [Barnes]; headstone set 2000
B31-06 CRUMLEY,FLORENCE MARIE [Barnes] 1910-05-01 2011-09-11 H)Albert, P) Charles R & Florence L; headstone set 2000
A30A-01 DANNELLEY, EMMETT F 1872-10-31 1969-12-26 W) Sallie B
A30-02 DANNELLEY, FERN [HEATH] H) Jay Charles Sr; reserved with headstone
A30-03 DANNELLEY, JAY CHARLES Sr 1914-12-14 1975-04-18 W) Fern [Heath]
A23-07 DANNELLEY, PAT 1907-02-21 1967-06-28 W) Adelle Dannelley-Lee
A30A-02 DANNELLEY, SALLIE B [BARNES] 1875-05-21 1982-09-13 H)Emmett F; s) Vada [Barnes] Gault
A23-06 DANNELLEY-LEE ADELE [McMullen] 1917-04-09 2007-01-05 H) Pat; 2nd marriage to Lee; reserved with headstone
B20-05 DAVIS, CHARLEY THOMAS JR 1954-10-01 1965-08-16 P) Charley Sr & Hester
B16-23 DAVIS, WILLIE 1901-03-23 1907-10-11 P) R E & L E Davis; in Dietrich plot
C13-04 DAWSON, DONALD CAROLL ‘Donnie’ 1947-08-08 2002-06-05 W)Pamela [Puckett]; S)Brian, Matt, Dwayne & Tim VET
A04-09 DEES, DORIS [Anstett] Wooley 1923-05-27 2004-09-19 D)Becky Wooley & Mary Cook; headstone set Feb 2005
B17-16 DIETRICH, ANNIE L 1876-04-12 1914-02-17 H) R F
B16-26 DIETRICH, JAMES 1836-05-15 1907-08-30 W) Mary F; P) Francis; grave has blank pillow; B16-27 has names
B16-28 DIETRICH, JAMES R 1861-06-21 1943-03-05 P) James & Mary F; grave has blank pillow; B16-27 has names
B16-27 DIETRICH, MARY [FERGUSON] no date 1919-01-uk H) James; stone has 3 names
B17-18 DIETRICH, ROY 1906-10-08 1948-08-30 P) R F & Annie [Fulkes]
B17-17 DIETRICH, ROY F 1876-09-28 1950-06-05 P) James & Mary F VET
B16-24 DIETRICH-DAVIS no date no date u/m
B16-25 DIETRICH-DAVIS no date no date u/m
A06-02 DOWLING, EDWARD N 1954-06-11 1981-01-21 grave in edge of row A7 VET
A06-06 DOWLING, LESTER A II 1975-06-07 1975-06-10
B31-15 DUNGAN, THEODOSIA ANN MISS 1943-01-29 2000-06-24 s)Virginia Puckett; n)Pam Dawson; headstone set Aug 2004
B28-15 EATON, JAMES BRENT 1910 1989-01-30 D) Mary Dunn & Ellen Stevens
A30A-10 EDGAR, ANNIE 1842 1920
A30A-09 EDGAR, H C 1871 1932
A30A-11 EDGAR, J C 1840 1917
A04-13 EHRHARDT, TERRY LYNN 1949-08-21 1979-12-16 W) Charlotte; P) Leon & Vada; s) Susan Sanders VET
A04-13a EHRHARDT, WENDELL 1953-07-14 2002-04-08 P)H Leon & Vada (Baird); S) Jo Babout 1953 about 2000 B) Terry;
B24-18 FAHEY, BESSIE [RINGSTAFF] PARK 1893 1964 H 1) Fred Park; H 2) Fahey
C10-01 FALTESEK, KATHRYN [STANLEY] H) Vince; S) Marty & Russ; P) Erma Stanley, headstone & bench set 6 Apr 2006
C10-02 FALTESEK, VINCE DANIEL 1940-09-23 2005-08-23 W)Kathy; S)Marty & Russ; s) Alice Bracewell, stone set 6 Apr 2006 Vet
B30-14 FARR, DARRELL W)Janet Mueller; headstone set 2000
B30-13 FARR, JANET EMILY [MUELLER] 1948-08-11 2000-03-29 H)Darrell; P)Dewey&Anna Evelyn; headstone set 2000
B16-29 FLOYD, MARY E 1891 1973 in Dietrich plot
D08-10 FRITTS, ROBERT DALE 1955-07-07 1965-10-04
B16-15 FULKES, A A 1820 1885-02-12 W) Elizabeth
B16-20 FULKES, ADDIE C [DIETRICH] 1875-03-18 1903-04-17 H) C D; P) James Dietrich
B16-16 FULKES, ELIZABETH 1835 1913-01-02 H) A A
B16-17 FULKES, HAYWOOD 1857-12-05 1860 Oldest marked grave in WCBC Cemetery
B29A-01 GALLOWAY, ANNA VIOLA [Kemp](Barrow) H)Daniel; S)Allen&Art Barrow; D)Anna Eileen Johnson; mkr set Aug 04
B29A-02 GALLOWAY, DANIEL GLIDWELL (Dan/Danny) 1941-03-03 2010-06-09 W)Anna Viola; Step children)Allen & Art Barrow, Eileen Johnson
A27-01 GANN, MATTIE B 1899-01-08 1986-08-05 H) William A
A27-02 GANN, WILLIAM A 1900-04-18 1975-09-05 W) Mattie B VET
B08-10 GAULT, ADA [MILLER] 1887-07-21 1912-08-19 H) T S Gault
B08-12 GAULT, DAVID GORDON 1910-08-24 1998-03-29 W) ILA MAE; P) T S & Ada Miller; S) David Wayne; D) Billie & Nancy
B07-06 GAULT, DAVID WAYNE 1945-01-27 2003-05-26 W)Jane; P)David G & Ila Mae; headstone set July 204 VET
A21-10 GAULT, EDWARD T 1911-11-18 1984-07-21 W) Vivian; P) T S & Ada Miller B) David Gordon VET
A04-05 GAULT, FLORENCE [DEEN] 1913-07-31 1993-08-29 H) James Rogers Jr; B) Grover Deen, S) Ron
B08-11 GAULT, ILA MAE [TURNER] 1912-07-12 2011-01-11 H) David Gordon; S) David W; D) Billie & Nancy
A04-06 GAULT, JAMES ROGERS JR 1908-07-11 1993-02-21 W) Florence S) Ron VET
A02-10 GAULT, JAMES ROGERS SR 1873 1955 W) Vada [Barnes]; 4 children at WCBC cemetery
B07-05 GAULT, JANE [WARD] H)David Wayne; headstone set July 2004
A02-09 GAULT, RUTH E MISS 1899 1953 P) James Rogers Sr & Vada [Barnes]; twin to Rena G Smith
A02-11 GAULT, VADA [BARNES] 1877 1967 H) James Rogers Sr; 4 children at WCBC cemetery
A02-12 GAULT, VADA MISS 1903 1991 P) James Rogers Sr & Vada [Barnes]
A21-09 GAULT, VIVIAN 1918-03-10 1966-10-29 H) Edward T
A24-06 GILLESPIE, ALLIN VIRGIL KEYS 1873-02-07 1953-03-06
A24-05 GILLESPIE, LUCY 1877-11-21 1970-10-21
B26-11 GILLEUM, ELLEN A no date no date in Colvin plot
B11A-05 GLASS, GUSSIE 1888-08-26 1907-12-15 P) Susan [Mussett] Glass Boutall
B11-08 GLASS, JAMES THOMAS 1890-11-27 1917-08-17 P) Joe Glass & Susan Glass Boutall; Austin Firefighter badge 13
B11A-06 GLASS, JOE no date no date W) Susan [Mussett] Glass Boutall; temporary marker placed 2005
B25-11 GLEASON, ALBERT & ALFRED no date 1879-04-uk Twins in same grave; in the Kamp plot
A21-04 GOLDEN, MARY 1934-09-08 1934-09-08 H) Walter Sam; D) Carol Voges; S) David
A21-04 GOLDEN, WALTER SAM 1918-06-18 1988-06-17 W) Mary; D) Carol Wuneburger Voges; S) David & Walter S VET
A23-03 GOODMAN, ROBERT J 1961-04-12 1961-04-12 P) Jack & Vada Helen [Barnes] Goodman
A09A-06 GOWER no date no date u/m
A09A-07 GOWER, MYRTLE B 1881-05-11 1902-03-01
B25-13A GRESHAM, JAMES NATHANIEL 1838 1874-02-18 Family erected veteran marker on Sept. 30, 1999 CSA
A33-09 HALL, ALEXANDER 1875-09-03 1943 W) Francis A;S)John, Joseph, Arthur, Alex;D) Annie Neans&Mary Neans
A33-11 HALL, ALEXANDER 1842 1920
A33-07 HALL, ARTHUR E SR 1889-11-25 1961-11-13 VET
A33-08 HALL, ELISABETH 1878 1960
A32-11 HALL, ELVIN JOHN 1913-12-29 1915-06-14 Top of headstone stolen in 1988
A32-09 HALL, EUDA MAE 1913-02-08 2003-10-04 H) Milton Arthur; S) Milton R ‘Randy’; crematory urn
A33-10 HALL, FRANCIS ANNIE 1850 1919 H)Alexander; S)John,Joseph,Alex&Arthur; D) Annie Neans&Mary Neans
A32-13 HALL, JOHN ALFRED 1880-11-06 1962-02-04 W) Nelia L; D)Margaret Wuethrich & Nelia Pfluger; GD) Nancy Cobb
A33-13 HALL, JOSEPH 1877 1931
A33-06 HALL, MARIE 1899-05-21 1985-01-01
A32-10 HALL, MILTON ARTHUR 1909-09-17 1982-07-25 W) EudaMae; S)Milton ‘Randy’ VET
A32-12 HALL, NELIA LENA [STOCKMAN] 1884-10-07 1966-01-29 H) John Alfred; P) Perry & Margaret Stockman
A33-12 HALL, OLIVER 1879 1921
B27-22 HAMILTON, ALBERT W 1922 1992-10-13 P) Thomas & Roxie Hamilton-Sprouse; S) James, Louis & Wayne
B26-18 HAMILTON, ALVIN 1930-05-04 2008-12-09 P) Tom & Roxie Hamilton Sprouse
B28-16 HAMILTON, BABY no date no date P) Samuel & Mary Jane
B27-18 HAMILTON, DOROTHY RUTH 1942 2000-12-03 H)Marvin Sr
B28-25 HAMILTON, J W N 1839 1921-12-09 W) Millie, Co G, 6th Rgt Tx Inf, Travis Co Rifles CSA
B28-23 HAMILTON, JOHN WESLEY 1849-09-29 1891-02-18 W) Elly
B27-19 HAMILTON, MARVIN E 1925 1991-12-02 W) Dorothy; P) Thomas & Roxie Hamilton-Sprouse
B28-17 HAMILTON, MARY JANE 1847-10-15 1884-09-24 H)Samuel
B28-24 HAMILTON, MILLIE ANNIE no date no date H) J W N
B28-21 HAMILTON, ROBERT J 1952 1977 VET
B28-22 HAMILTON, ROBERT J SR 1923-07-22 1988-05-13 ‘John’
B28-18 HAMILTON, SAMUEL no date no date W)Mary Jane
B27-14 HAMILTON, SARAH B 1820-02-24 1885-12-28 Mother’, encased in steel fence; D)Margaret Raven, m-in-l of H. L. Raven
B28-19 HAMILTON, THOMAS no date 1991
B28-26 HAMILTON, THOMAS O 1888-10-09 1975-05-16 VET
B27-13 HAMILTON, TOMIE 1887-06-20 1888-03-08 P)Joseph & Adelia
B27-20 HAMILTON-RAVEN no date no date u/m
B27-21 HAMILTON-RAVEN no date no date u/m
B22-01 HARGROVE, BABY 1962-12-31 1963-02-25 P) C D Hargrove; buried N to S at head of D E Neans
B03-03 HARMON, ROSEMARY [WALLING] 1902-12-11 1968-09-17 P) Robert & Inge Walling
B11-08 HARPER, CLAUDE W 1902-04-13 1973-05-13
A03-11 HARRELL, MAXINE FAE [DAILY] no date 1989-03-29 S) James R, David N, Ken W, Thomas J, Billy A; s) Sue Lloyd
B10-05 HARRIS, FAYE [LaRUE] 1877-12-28 1920-06-04 H) Henry H
B10-06 HARRIS, HENRY HARVEY no date no date W) Faye [LaRue]
B10-07 HARRIS, JULIA INEZ 1896-12-11 1981-06-05
B02-29 HARTWELL, BABY BOY 1982 1982 P) Patricia
A17-11 HARVEY, CLARENCE D JR 1923-09-01 1964-12-03 W)Gladys; D) Janice; S) Dudley, John VET
A17-13 HARVEY, CLARENCE D SR 1897-07-09 1927-08-29 W) Lucille;D) Mary Burris; S) C D Jr
A17-10 HARVEY, GLADYS MARIE 1924-05-31 1999-02-11 H) C D Jr; D) Janice; S) Dudley, John
A17-12 HARVEY, LUCILLE [SANDERS] 1900 1986 H) C D Sr; D) Mary Burris; S) C D Jr
B18-12 HAUFLER, EDITH [STOBAUGH] 1908-10-27 1964-07-30 P) Rufus & Ada Lee
A27-10 HEATH, GORDON 1925-01-18 1940-05-16
A27-09 HEATH, HARRIS 1894-12-19 1955-03-19
A27-08 HEATH, MARGARET ELIZABETH 1900-12-18 1988-08-10
A13-08 HELTON, RUTH O [HUDSON] H)Thomas; P)Otho & Roxie
A13-07 HELTON, THOMAS J 1927-05-16 1999-06-16 W)Ruth Hudson; headstone set 1999
C12-06 HENDRICKSON, BABY no date 1974-04-uk GP) A W & Margaret Linden; in Reid Plot
B24-23 HOFFMAN, LULA-ROSE [KAMP] no date 1950-10-17 in Kamp plot
D10-11 HOLLAR, DAVID CARROLL 1947-08-08 1998-03-19 W) Marilyn Hollar – Wade; GGP) Eli W Hollar VET
D10-07 HOLLAR, ELI WAGGONER 1828-04-02 1913-11-29 W) Lucetta CSA
D09-02 HOLLAR, LEE R 1896 1966
D10-06 HOLLAR, LUCETTA [ANDERSON] 1839-04-26 1914-02-25 H) Eli W
D09-03 HOLLAR, OTHO O 1898 1918
D09-04 HOLLAR, R W 1866 1940
A21-06 HOLLEMAN, BARBARA SUE 1943 1994-09-08 P) Mary Allir Weesner; s) Mary Golden & Shirley Morgan
B29-29A HOLMAN, BABY 1889-10-08 1889-10-08 P) O H & P A Holman
A15-06 HOOVER, JAMES HERBERT SR 1928-08-01 1995-11-29 W) Sulena; D) Evelyn & Liz; S) Jay VET
A15-05 HOOVER, MARTHA SULENA H) James Herbert Sr; D) Evelyn & Liz; S) Jay; reserved with headstone
B29A-15 HORNBERGER, EDITH AMY[LAWRENCE] 1896 1990 H) Hugo; D) Anna Evelyn Mueller; S) Herbert; B) C H ‘Bertie’
B29A-17 HORNBERGER, EDITH EMILY 1923 1937 P) Hugo & Edith Amy
B29A-16 HORNBERGER, HUGO 1897 1986 W) Edith Amy
A13-10 HUDSON, OTHO LLOYD SR 1900-06-11 1993-12-24 W) Roxie
A13-09 HUDSON, ROXIE [HILDEBRAND] 1901-11-14 1984-11-13 H) Otho
B11-06 INDIAN no date no date No name on marker; historic information = Indian’s grave; In Harper plot
B11-07 INDIAN no date no date No name on marker; historic information = Indian’s grave; In Harper plot
B11-09 INDIAN no date no date No name on marker; historic information = Indian’s grave; In Harper plot
B23-17 INGRAM, EUGENE W 1932-06-06 1993-07-05 W)Fawnette; S) Kim & Kevin
A19-12 JENNINGS, ADDIE M 1899 1971 H) Thomas Eddie
A19-04 JENNINGS, MYRTLE JO ‘MICKEY’ 1934-10-02 1999-01-04 H)Willie R Jr; headstone set 6-28-2000
A19-06 JENNINGS, NELLIE B 1897 1980 H) Willlie R Sr
A19-13 JENNINGS, THOMAS EDDIE 1897 1975 W) AddieM
A19-05 JENNINGS, WILLIE R JR 1932-01-03 2004-09-27 W)Myrtle Jo ‘Mickey’; hedstone set 6-28-2000, death date etched Oct 06 KOR
A19-07 JENNINGS, WILLIE R SR 1902 1970 W) Nellie B
B26-03 JESTER, LORRIE DAWN 1962-02-28 1962-02-28
D08-02 JOHNSON, ALEX 1898 1958 W) Pinkie P
B23-09 JOHNSON, CHARLSIE M 1934-12-03 1985-05-09 H) Edward L
B23-10 JOHNSON, EDWARD L W) Charlsie M; reserved with headstone
A05-07 JOHNSON, JEROLD ‘JERRY’ 1922-09-10 1992-10-11 W) L Frances; D) Christy Payne & Becky Schaefer; S) Jeff VET
A05-06 JOHNSON, LOLA FRANCES 1922 2007-05-31 H) Jerold; D) Christy Payne & Becky Schaefer; S) Jeff; crematory urn
D08-03 JOHNSON, PINKIE P 1895 1967 H) Alex
C17-04 JONES, GLADYS F 1914-04-29 1975-12-17 H) Mack Sr
C17-05 JONES, MACK T SR 1915-08-02 1991-05-04 W) Gladys; S) Frank, Mack Jr & Randy VET
B24-12 KAMP no date no date u/m; O. U. R. on foot marker
B25A-12 KAMP, WILLIE A 1878-12-27 1954-03-23
B24-13 KAMP, BABY no date 1866-08-18
B26-17 KEITH, ANNIE [COLVIN] no date no date in Colvin plot
B27-09 KEMP, CHARLES ELBERT 1891-10-27 1965-07-12 W) Minnie Bell; S) Charles R; D) Opha Thedford
B27-07 KEMP, CHARLES RUDOLPH 1911-12-16 1973-08-18 W) Clydie ; P) Charles Elbert & Minnie Bell
B27-06 KEMP, CLYDIE [HART] 1912-09-16 2006-02-07 H) Charles Rudolph; S) Dewayne, Wayne & E J, book name Kemp-Moore
B30-03 KEMP, GRACE ALICE [DUNCAN] 1903-06-30 1969-01-02 H) Ross B; D) Anna Galloway; S) W Erwin
B30-04A KEMP, MARGARET ELIZABETH (GALLAOWAY) 6/8/1936 9/10/2008 H) Wm Erwin; D) Debra Winograd & Sandie Cottongin; B) Dan; crematory urn
B27-08 KEMP, MINNIE BELL [TOWNSEND] 1892-05-11 1972-09-26 H) Charles Elbert; S) Charles R; D) Opha Thedford
B30-02 KEMP, ROSS BARNETT 1889-06-14 1944-09-21 W) Grace A; D) Anna Galloway; S) W Erwin WWI
B30-05 KEMP, TERRY BERT 1958-08-11 1958-08-11 P) W Erwin & Margaret
A25-02 KENNEDY, JOHN PRESSLY 1837 1902-01-23
A09-07 KEY, NANCY JO [WOODARD] 1935-02-15 2009-03-21 H) Joe H; S) Joe Doug; D) Kristi Faulk
B11-03 KIBBE, RUTH [LaRUE] 1886-10-12 1978-06-01 in LaRue plot
B25-10 KIEKE, TANDRA ANN 1958-10-07 1958-10-16 P) Elvira [Becker] Kieke Medger
A11-04 KLEEN, DAVID B SR 1892-11-20 1983-04-29 W) Mattie; D) Billie McMinn VET
A11-03 KLEEN, MATTIE E 1893-10-06 1979-01-24 H) David B Sr; D) Billie McMinn
B10-02 LaRUE, AMANDA W 1849-04-21 1924-10-20
B10A-02 LaRUE, EDWARD 1832-03-24 1871-03-05
B08-04 LaRUE, EMILY MYRTLE MISS 1872-07-29 1962-05-04
B08-05 LaRUE, GEORGE EVE MISS 1883-09-16 1963-02-15
B10-03 LaRUE, GEORGE F 1839-10-09 1897-01-20
B10A-03 LaRUE, GEORGE W 1863-07-08 1883-10-02
B10A-01 LaRUE, LUCRETIA 1835-05-19 1863-07-08
A26-13 LATHAN, BLAKE DANIEL 1983-06-22 2000-10-22 GM)Camille Sanders; headstone set Dec 2001
B29A-19 LAWRENCE, ALFRED ERNEST 1866 1917 W) Edith; S) C H Bertie
B29A-23 LAWRENCE, C H ‘BERTIE’ 1898-04-04 1964-08-17 W) Emma [Sanders]; S) Ernest & Stanley; P) Alfred & Edith E
B29A-22 LAWRENCE, CLARA EMMA [SANDERS] 1906-11-29 1990-11-24 H) C H Bertie; S) Ernest & Stanley; s) Lucille Harvey & 5 other; B) has 2
B29A-18 LAWRENCE, EDITH E 1869 1960 H) Alfred Ernest; S) C H Bertie; D) Edith Hornberger
B29A-21 LAWRENCE, ERNEST Clarence ‘Ernie’ 1932-03-27 2005-03-13 P)C H ‘Bertie’ & C Emma; S)Eliot; D)Amy Loughlin & Amanda Sherrill
A03-01 LEE, BETTE JEAN [SWEET] H)Tommie M; P)Lou Sr & Estelle [Morrow] Sweet; mkr set Feb 2005
B29A-10 LEE, JAMES R 1848-02-12 1887-01-25 W) Rhoda
B29A-11 LEE, RENNY R 1878-01-20 1896-03-29
B29A-09 LEE, RHODA 1856-02-04 1875-06-30 H) James R; P) Thomas & Polly Ann Bird
A03-02 LEE, TOMMIE MARVIN 1933-06-27 2003-06-01 W)Betty Sweet Lee
B17-23 LEVERETT no date no date u/m
B17-25 LEVERETT, ALICE RUBY 1893-04-22 1918-01-29
B17-22 LEVERETT, E H 1855-09-13 1924-03-28
B17-21 LEVERETT, W E 1900-04-08 1956-12-04
C12-02 LINDEN, ANDREW W 1912 1989-07-27 W) Margaret; D) Donna Gross; GC ) Adanna & Michael Hendrickson WWII
C12-01 LINDEN, MARGARET E [REID] 1920 2002-02-11 H) Andrew; P) Robert & Ada Reid; D) Donna Gross; s) Lola Willie
A10A-10 LITTLE, MARY E 1900 1974 in John Cearley plot, no name on stone
B23-19 LYONS, DOROTHY K 1910-04-23 1993-02-07 H) Neal; D) Fawnette Ingram; S) Bruce Pike
B24-11 MARKETT, ELLEN [KAMP] 1864-07-23 1887-05-18
A05-09 McADAMS, BERTHA ILENE H) Oran Lee; reserved with headstone
A05-08 McADAMS, ORAN LEE 1921-04-28 1979-10-29 W) Bertha Ilene
A05-10 McADAMS, JANET OZELL 1946-11-21 2010-12-19 H) Ronnie
B20-14 McCLAIN, JEHUE M 1820-07-09 1892-12-01 W) Sarah[Ayers]; top of stone stolen in 1988
B20-15 McCLAIN, SARAH [AYERS] 1818-03-08 1879-09-18 H) Jehue M; stolen stone recovered Jun 1, 2002 and reset Aug. 20, 2004
B25-05 McCLELLAN, JIMMY LEE 1939-03-24 1990-09-06 s-in-law) Elvira [Becker] Kieke Medger VET
B18-10 McDONALD, ALFONSO F 1854-06-27 1926-07-21 W)Nannie {Stinnett]; D)Ada McDonald Stobaugh
B18-11 McDONALD, NANNIE J (JANIE) 1863-05-08 1891-10-27 GC) John, Virgie, & C Rogers Mussett
A18-12 McLAURIN, ANNIE LEE 1887-11-18 1977-08-30
A18-07 McLAURIN, ARTIE LOUISE (Ferrell) 1922-11-01 2011-06-19 H) LaRue; S) Mark; D) Marsha McCarroll
A18-10 McLAURIN, JOHN WILLIAM 1912-12-15 2002-09-26 P) WF & Annie Lee; s) Jan
A18-08 McLAURIN, LaRUE 1923-05-12 2011-10-05 W)Artie; S) Mark; D) Marsha McCarroll VET
A18-11 McLAURIN, W F 1880-03-01 1941-12-15
A11-01 McMINN, BILLIE H) Richard ‘Dick’; P) David & Mattie Kleen; reserved with headstone
A11-02 McMINN, RICHARD ‘DICK’ 1918-07-04 1989-06-10 W) Billie; S) Richard David; D) Rebecca Morton & Cheryl Kabler WWII
A14-09 MILAM no date no date u/m
A14-10 MILAM no date no date u/m
A14-11 MILAM no date no date u/m
A12-11 MILAM, BASHEBA 1829-02-28 1898-04-27 H)Burris, name listed on same stone; P)J H Hudson; possibly moved here
A12-12 MILAM, BURRIS 1820-10-06 1903-05-17 W) Basheba, name listed on same stone; possibly moved here
A19-07A MILES, MARY 1937-05-04 2001-02-08 B)Willie Jennings Jr; body moved from International Cemetery 2002
B09-11 MILLER, D G 1858-12-23 1944-10-07
B08-09 MILLER, ORA B 1889-03-28 1943-07-07
B08-08 MILLER, RUTH B 1904-09-03 1991-02-06 N) David G Gault
B09-12 MILLER, VICTORIA C 1864-10-09 1958-05-05
B24-17A MORCOMBE, LATON EUGENE 1939 1994-08-13 W) Nancy Jennings, D) Mary Diane & Jennifer; crematory urn VET
B24-17 MORCOMBE, MARY DIANE no date 1962-11-23 P) Laton & Nancy (infant); in Fred Park plot
A03-06 MORROW, ARAMINTA ‘MINTA’ 1915-08-04 1992-02-21 H) Marce; S) Terry; D) Cindi Grimes
A02-06 MORROW, DOSHIE FRANCES 1887-04-12 1974-11-20 H) William F; S) Marce; D) Eva Sweet & Estelle Sweet
A03-07 MORROW, MARCE LAWSON 1911-04-09 2006-12-19 W)Araminta; S)Terry; D)Cindi Grimes; P)William F &Doshie
A02-07 MORROW, WILLIAM FRANKLIN 1885-10-28 1966-04-19 W) Doshie F; S) Marce; D) Eva Sweet & Estelle Sweet
B29-13 MUELLER no date no date u/m
B29-14 MUELLER no date no date u/m
B29-15 MUELLER no date no date u/m
B29-21 MUELLER no date no date u/m
B29-12 MUELLER, ALMA IDA 1893-08-28 1977-01-29 stone inscribed ‘Sister’
B29A-12 MUELLER, ANNA EVELYN [Hornberger] H) Dewey F; P) Hugo & Edith Amy Hornberger; reserved with headstone
B32-16 MUELLER, ANNIE S 1878-12-08 1957-01-08 H) Daniel, stone inscribed ‘Mother’
B29-17 MUELLER, CHARLES 1842-08-01 1908-02-05 W) Johanna
B32-17 MUELLER, DANIEL 1879-01-08 1907-07-30 W) Annie; stone inscribed ‘Father’
B29A-13 MUELLER, DEWEY FRANK 1921-06-15 1983-11-10 W) Anna Evelyn VET
B29-22 MUELLER, DORA JANE 1882-05-04 1964-08-21 H) Emil Christian; D) Dorothy Farris; S) David
B32-15 MUELLER, EDDIE 1905-03-26 1963-10-04 VET
B29-18 MUELLER, ELICE [KUNZ] Frau 1811-12-23 1888-10-23
B29-32 MUELLER, EMIL CHRISTIAN 1880-06-22 1943-12-14 W) Dora Jane
B29-20 MUELLER, EMILIE Frau 1846-10-16 1888-09-23
B30-17 MUELLER, ETHEL S 1888-12-31 1918-10-20
B29-19 MUELLER, HENRY F 1848-11-22 1913-12-08
B29-16 MUELLER, JOHANNA 1855-08-05 1937-08-19 H) Charles
D11-14 MULENEX, EDWAD J 1928-05-29 1991-05-22 W) Ruth [Barron]; S) Joe & James VET
B12-08 MUSSETT no date no date u/m; this grave may belong to the Cearley family
B12-13 MUSSETT no date no date u/m; this grave may belong to the Glass family
B17-10 MUSSETT, BEN T 1882-03-30 1935-06-05 W) Flora
B17-09 MUSSETT, C ROGERS 1911-10-17 1956-07-16 P) Ben & Flora; A) Ada Stobaugh; GM) Nannie McDonald
B17-12 MUSSETT, FLORA M [McDonald] 1885-02-02 1920-07-04 H) Ben; S) John & C Rogers; D) Virgie M
B12-20 MUSSETT, GILES B 1897-10-27 1980-10-28 W 1) Sarah [Suhr]; W 2) Sally Jo; government marker = 1896 VET
B12-11 MUSSETT, JAMES 1799 1880
B12-15 MUSSETT, JOHN SENNETT SR 1848-10-03 1933-12-29 W) Mary E; stone inscribed ‘Dad’; TEXAS RANGER
B12-09 MUSSETT, LONA no date 1983-05-20 H) Tom
B12-16 MUSSETT, MARY E [DAVIS] 1861-10-19 1942-09-13 H) John; S) Ben, Giles, Bill Tom; D) Alice Ayers
B12-14 MUSSETT, RUBY 1885-04-27 1913-08-16 P) John & Mollie
B12-19 MUSSETT, SALLY JO [BOOTH] 1900 1992-02-27 H) Giles; his 2nd marriage
B10A-10 MUSSETT, SARAH [SUHR] COOTS 1890-01-01 1958-06-30 H) Giles; his 1st marriage; double headstone cut by family
B12-12 MUSSETT, SENETT 1811 1894-12-23
B12-17 MUSSETT, THEODORE C 1905-01-22 1945-05-31
B12-10 MUSSETT, TOM 1900 1955-10-28 W) Lona
B17-11 MUSSETT, VIRGIE M 1908-10-07 1915-06-01 P) Ben &Flora; A) Ada Stobaugh; GM) Nannie McDonald
B12-18 MUSSETT, W D ‘BILL’ 1899-11-25 1965-03-01
A22-01 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; located in edge of row A23
B08-07 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B12-04 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B15-10 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B15-13 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B15-23 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; grave is in walk between row B15 & C7
B18-06 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B18-07 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B19-05 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; has big odd shaped rock, not sure it is a grave
B22-02 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; rock at foot is in a tree
B22-03 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; at the head of Roelse grave
B22-04 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; at the head of Riley grave
B23-04 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B25-14 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; concrete marker = L L W
B26-08 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B26-09 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B29-10 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B29-11 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B31-14 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B33-08 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B33-09 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
B33-10 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m
C22-06 NAME UNKNOWN no date no date u/m; grave is half space into row C23
B18-02 NEANS, ALBERT SIDNEY 1885-11-28 1964-07-24 W) Mary Hall
B17-03 NEANS, ANNIE [HALL] 1884-04-16 1944-01-31 H) Walter; s) Mary (Mrs Albert) Neans
B18-05 NEANS, AUGUSTA MISS 1882-04-16 1960-09-06 B) Albert S & Walter
B16-08 NEANS, BABY no date 1953-07-uk Grave is outside Neans plot& vandals removed letters from temp marker
B16-05 NEANS, BENNETT W 1911 1970-06-19
B21-05 NEANS, BILL B 1877 1962
B16A-07 NEANS, C B no date no date No last name on headstone, only C B
B20-02 NEANS, CHARLEY 1872-05-29 1917-12-02
B21-02 NEANS, DORTHEA ELLEN 1923-02-24 1981-11-04
B18-04 NEANS, ELIZABETH 1850-02-01 1910-04-03 H) Henry; headstone repaired after storm damage on Aug. 13, 2003
B21-04 NEANS, FANNIE 1883 1963
B18-03 NEANS, HENRY 1845-06-07 1909-02-25 W) Elizabeth; headstone repaired after storm damage on Aug. 13, 2003
B20-03 NEANS, HENRY 1880-06-20 1944-09-15 W) Mamie; Owner of ‘Watch’ faithful dog, headstone repaired from storm of 2003
B17-02 NEANS, KENNETH HALL 1921 1987 W) Rosa Lea; S) Terry, Daryl & Ken VET
B17-05 NEANS, KYRIE W 1912-07-04 1941-04-19
B19-01 NEANS, MARY 1835-09-18 1921-10-31
B18-01 NEANS, MARY [HALL] 1882-10-06 1942-05-27 H) Albert; s) Annie (Mrs Walter) Neans
B16A-02 NEANS, MARY ELLA 1877-09-30 1961-03-21 H) William J
B17-01 NEANS, ROSALEE HULDA [ALBERTHAL] 1919-10-27 2007-02-04 H) Kenneth; S) Terry, Daryl, Ken
B16A-04 NEANS, WALTER no date no date Top of headstone stolen in 1988
B17-04 NEANS, WALTER 1888-02-15 1957-02-04 W) Annie [Hall]
B20-03A NEANS, ‘WATCH’ dog grave no date Dog is buried North to South at foot of Henry Neans, inscribed ‘Faithful’
B19-02 NEANS, WILLIAM 1838 1904-09-03 W) Mary
B16A-05 NEANS, WILLIAM CHESTER 1903-10-29 1913-01-11 P) W J & Mary
B16A-03 NEANS, WILLIAM J no date 1954-01-uk W) Mary Ella
B19-03 NEANS, WILLIE 1869-01-10 1869-12-12
B21-03 NEANS, WILLIE ROBERT 1906-03-07 1963-11-18 W) Dorthea VET
B20-04 NEANS-RITCHEY, MAMIE 1887-09-19 see notes H) Henry; her name is on headstone, but she is buried elsewhere
D08-08 NOE, EDWARD ROWIN 1876 1961 W) Elvie; D) Eura Wilson & Peaches Hill
D08-07 NOE, ELVIE [BRATTON] 1880 1969 H) Edward; D) Eura Wilson & Peaches Hill
A28-03 NOLEN, ALTA GRACE 1905-04-20 1970-06-26 in Sims plot
A28-02 NOLEN, WILLIAM W 1894-05-25 1970-04-18 in Sims plot VET
B15-22B PALMER, CHARLES LEWIS 1914-10-03 2004-03-10 Crematory remains interred; stone set 2004
B15-21 PALMER, CHARLEY O 1885-09-12 1970-10-04 W) Dora F
B15-22 PALMER, DORA F 1880-12-08 1966-06-17 H) Charley O
B15-20 PALMER, MAMIE 1887-09-29 1897-03-27 P) Mecca &Oswald
B15-19 PALMER, MECCA E 1860 1914 H) Oswald
B15-22A PALMER, MINTA A 1918-04-18 2002-06-04 Crematory remains interred & headstone set August 2002
B15-18 PALMER, OSWALD 1853 1927 W) Mecca
B15-17 PALMER, THOMAS 1825-06-26 1889-09-20
A23-12 PARK no dae no date u/m
A23-13 PARK, ALICE B 1908-11-20 1970-06-02 H) Theron Sr; inscribed ‘Mama’
B29A-31 PARK, ARTHUR M 1893-10-15 1967-06-17 W) Mary
A25-12 PARK, BABY no date no date u/m; Audit of graves in 1996 sows no indication of a grave
A25-08 PARK, BESSIE AILEEN 1921-09-04 1987-01-20
A25-09 PARK, BILLY FRED SR 1926-11-08 2002-03-06 W)Bessie Aileen; S)Billy Jr; headstone set 2-13-2004
B24-19 PARK, FRED 1891 1929
B27-01 PARK, GILES DOUGLAS 1922-08-30 1989-03-11 P) James W & Minnie L VET
A25-11 PARK, GLENDA JEAN 1976-04-06 1976-04-06 inscribed ‘Our Baby’
B29-02 PARK, J W 1851-02-18 1904-01-28 W) Matilda; D) Rhonda Ringstaff; S) J W & Fred
A23-09 PARK, JAMES RAY 1939-12-07 1993-01-25 Crematory remains interred 01-26-2002; newspaper birth year = 1932 Vet
B28-02 PARK, JAMES W 1879-09-08 1952-05-13 W) Minnie L
B27-02 PARK, LESLIE 1912 1982
B29A-30 PARK, MARY [SWEET] 1897-09-10 1967-06-17 H)Arthur M; P) Charlie & Mary Sweet
B29-01 PARK, MATILDA [PHILLIPS] 1857 1930 H) J W; Headstone set April 2000
B28-01 PARK, MINNIE L 1887-03-20 1954-12-16 H) James W
A23-14 PARK, THERON P SR 1908-06-28 1981-12-18 W) Alice B; inscribed ‘Daddy’
A23-10 PARK, THERON PASCHAL JR 1945-01-06 2000-03-29 P)Theron P & Alice VET
B24-20 PARK, WALTER E 1910-05-23 1914-01-19 4 Year old child
A05-04 PAYNE, GARY ALLEN 1948-11-16 1987-12-04 W) Christi [Johnson]; D) Rachel VET
B20-18 PAYTON, BILLIE R 1889 1962 W) Lydia
B20-17 PAYTON, LYDIA 1895 1987 H) Billie R
A9A-13 PHILLIPS, PAULA GAY [SWEET] 1963-04-12 2000-06-23 H)Glen; P)Lou Jr & Inez; headstone set Dec 2001
A30-04 PIPER, OLLIE [BARNARD] 1894-07-28 1929-03-29 P)John & Viola Barnard; stone set 1996
D11-10 PLUNKETT, KAREN SMITH 1915 1999-12-15 H#1) Harold Smith, headstone set 2005
A25A-13 POPE, INFANT 1925 1925 inscribed ‘Baby’
A25A-11 POPE, MINNIE D [PARK] 1906-01-26 1990-12-24 H) Wiley; B) Brad, L G, Billy, Leslie, Giles, Cecil; s) Maxine Bisson
A25A-12 POPE, WILEY B SR 1901 1976 W) Minnie [Park]; D) Camilla Sanders
A25A-10 POPE, WILEY B JR 1928-07-27 2010-12-20 W) Lucille
B34-06 POTTER no date no date u/m
B34-07 POTTER no date no date u/m
B34-08 POTTER no date no date u/m
B34-09 POTTER no date no date u/m
B35-07 POTTER no date no date u/m
B34-10 POTTER, ARTHUR L 1900-06-19 1906-06-01
B35-06 POTTER, E G MISS 1845-02-09 1914-01-08
B35-08 POTTER, JOHN EDWARD 1896-12-29 1968-02-22 VET
B35-05 POTTER, L J 1811 1896
B35-04 POTTER, NANCY P 1847-04-02 1910-02-18
B24A-06 PRESCOTT, DELBERT RAY 1948-07-20 2008-04-05 W) Masha Vet
B04-06 PROLL, AUGUST 1925-12-23 2008-03-15 W) Rosemary; D)Mandy & Melissa Proll Vet
B04-05 PROLL, ROSEMARY [WHITAKER] 1925-05-31 2003-10-14 H)August; D)Mandy & Melissa Proll; headstoneset Jan 2005
B31-16 PUCKETT, VIRGINIA 1929-04-20 2003-09-06 H) O C; S)Wiley; D) Pamela Dawson & Beth
B27-17 RAVEN no date no date u/m
B28-20 RAVEN, HENRIETTA SISSELIA [WOODS] 1842 1902-01-10 H) H L – his 2nd marriage
B27-16 RAVEN, HERMAN LEAPOLD ‘LEE’ 1831-08-05 1905-02-01 W 1) Margaret [Hamilton]; W 2) Henrietta [Woods], Co G 15th TX Inf (from family) CSA
B27-15 RAVEN, MARGARET A E [HAMILTON] 1838-08-10 1890-07-23 H) H L – his 1st marriage
C12-03 REID, ADA LOUISE 1887-10-01 1924-06-22 H)Robert – his 1st marriage;D) Margaret Linden&Lola Willie;inscr:’Mother’
C12-05 REID, MELISSA VERDA 1885-04-28 1972-07-16 H) Robert – his 2nd marriage
C12-04 REID, ROBERT 1885-06-15 1971-02-19 W 1) Ada; W 2) Melissa; D) Margaret Linden & Lola Willie; inscr: ‘Father’
B14-17 REYNOLDS no date no date u//
B14-18 REYNOLDS no date no date u/m
B14-19 REYNOLDS no date no date u/m
B14-20 REYNOLDS, PEARL 1885 1900-09-30 child, 14 years, 3 mo, 15 da
D12-07 RICHARD, BERNICE [YAGER] 1888-07-16 1980-08-06 H) Oscar Seamon VET
D12-08 RICHARD, OSCAR SEAMON 1881-02-25 1954-02-27 W) Bernice [Yager] VET
B12-17 RILEY, DAVID 1833-04-26 1911-02-21
B21-16 RILEY, DAVID W 1878-04-03 1902-07-02 inscribed ‘Son’; 24 years old
B21-16A RILEY, JULIA P 1871-03-27 1872-09-15 Marker found when tree removed August 2003; cleaned and set Aug 04
B28-04 RINGSTAFF, BABY 1942 1942
B28-06 RINGSTAFF, HATTI P 1888-10-09 1971-05-09 H) Ruffe J – his 2nd marriage
B28-03 RINGSTAFF, RHODA [PARK] no date no date H) Ruffe J – his 1st marriage
B28-05 RINGSTAFF, RUFFE J 1884-04-25 1955-05-08 W 1) Rhoda; W 2) Hatti P
B32-04 ROBB, HANNAH 1812-08-25 1892-01-24
B32-05 ROBB, JOHN 1816-05-10 1873-10-18
B32-06 ROBB, THOMAS 1829-02-16 1900-04-15
A29-04 ROBERTSON, VIOLA BEA [BARNARD] 1897-05-30 1940-09-25 B) John F Barnard
B25-20 ROBINSON, IMOGENE ALIDA [GAULT] 1923-05-03 1999-09-07 H)Murray; S)Craig&Steve; P) N L; headstone set May 2000
B25-21 ROBINSON, WILLIAM ‘MURRAY’ 1919-12-26 2010-02-09 W)Imogene; S)Craig & Steve; P)William F & Florence; headstone set May 2000 WWII
B21-12 ROELSE, ABRAHAM C 1882 1960 W) Dannie
B21-13 ROELSE, CORNELIUS 1923-01-03 1996-12-27 P) Abraham & Dannie; government marker set 1999 WWII
B21-11 ROELSE, DANNIE A 1901 1995-09-uk H) Abraham
B27-10 ROSS, BETTIE 1868-07-17 1874-08-29 P)Henry&Anna; GN) Ross&C E Kemp; ‘Little Bettie’;new stone 2005 by old
A26-08 SANDERS, CAMILLA FAY H)Edwin Dudley; double headstone set Sept 2002; married 8-1-1955
A26-07 SANDERS, EDWIN DUDLEY 1929-04-13 2001-12-06 W)Camilla Fay; dbl mkr set Sept 2002 & govt at foot; married 8-1-1955 VET
B34-01 SANDERS, SUSAN ANN [EHRHARDT] 1956 1994-12-23 H) Dale; P) Leon & Vada; B) Wendell & Terry; Crematory urn
B14-21 SANDLIN, MATTIE MRS 1890 1966
B17-20 SAUER, ALPHA H 1908-12-23 1965-02-09 H) L T; in Dietrich plot
A29-05 SAULTERS,BOBBIE JO [ROBERTSON] no date 1995 P) Viola B Roberston; B) John F; crematory urn
A07-06 SCOTT no date no date u/m
A07-07 SCOTT no date no date u/m
A07-08 SCOTT no date no date u/m
A07-10 SCOTT, ELLDORA 1883-09-22 1948-04-23 H) John Van
A07-09 SCOTT, JOHN VAN 1880-08-03 1913-11-24 W) Elldora
B33-14 SHAY, FRANCIS ‘SKIP’ 1924-12-25 1997-04-20 W)Bobbie; S) Clay & Clark VET
A27-07 SIMS, ALMA 1924-12-22 2003-09-27 H)Chester W, his crematory urn enclosed in her coffin; mkr set Dec 03
A27-07A SIMS, CHESTER W 1922-09-24 2002-06-24 W)Alma; his cremator urn enclosed in Alma’s coffin; mkr set Dec 03 VET
A28-04 SIMS, HELEN E 1908-01-29 1968-03-07
A28-08 SIMS, HIRAM N 1903-03-23 1988-08-14 W) Sevie
A28-05 SIMS, LOUETTA 1886-01-18 1958-04-25 H) Mitchell
A28-06 SIMS, MITCHELL W 1884-04-17 1960-10-21 W)Louetta
A28-07 SIMS, SEVIE M 1904-06-09 1997-11-29 H) Hiram N
A28-09 SMIS, GERALD LEE 1926-07-17 1938-08-01 P) Hiram & Sevie
D12-18 SMITH, AGNES RUTH [MAYS] 1906-11-07 1992-08-30 H)Mayette; D) Rosemary Oatman
D12-13 SMITH, CULTON 1905 1921 P) Robert Lee & Flora May [Yager]
D12-11 SMITH, ELLA MISS 1902-03-06 1986-10-04 P) Robert Lee & Flora May [Yager]
D12-17 SMITH, EMBRE W 1897-08-21 1984-11-19 W) Matilda; P) Robert Lee & Flora May [Yager]
D12-12 SMITH, ETTA BEA MISS 1904-02-06 1994-02-17 P)Robert Lee & Flora May [Yager]
A08-13 SMITH, EUEL 1921-12-05 2006-02-12 W) Mildred; S) Ronny; D) Bobbi, Peggi, Mary, Joi, family& govt mkr 9/2006 VET
D12-09 SMITH, FLORA MAY [YAGER] 1876-03-03 1975-01-15 H) Robert Lee; P) Mayette & Laura Frances Yager
D11-09 SMITH, HAROLD 1910-11-14 1967-06-05 W) Karen Smith-Plunkett; P) Robert Lee & Flora May [Yager]
D12-15 SMITH, INFANT no date 1932 P) Embre W & Matilda
D12-16 SMITH, MATILDA B 1895-02-15 1974-01-07 H) Embre W
D12-19 SMITH, MAYETTE 1898-12-17 2000-09-21 W) Agnes Ruth; P)Robert Lee & Flora May [Yager]; D)Rosemay Oatman WWI
A08-12 SMITH, MILDRED H) Euel; S) Ronny; D)Bobi, Peggi, Mary, Joi, stone set 2006
B14-16 SMITH, REBECCA 1831 1885-11-20 54 yrs, 1 mo
A02-08 SMITH, RENA [GAULT] 1899 1977 P) James R Sr & Vada [Barnes] Gault; s) Twin to Ruth
D12-10 SMITH, ROBERT LEE 1871-03-08 1951-06-13 W) Flora May; D) Etta & Ella; S) Embre, Mayette, Harold, & Culton
B16-11 SNOW, MILDRED [PENICK] 1834-11-09 1929-08-17 D) ? Mattie Wells ?
B28-08 SPROTT, CLYDE 1924-11-04 1982-06-15 W) Thelma VET
B28-07 SPROTT, THELMA 1916 1988-12-22 H) Clyde; D) Mary Dunn & Ellen Stephens
A09-11 SPROUSE no date no date u/m
A09-13 SPROUSE, CLYDE 1909-02-21 1955-12-18 W) Roxie [Pruett] Hamilton Sprouse
A09-12 SPROUSE, FELIX A 1872-09-08 1957-07-11
A09-14 SPROUSE, ROXIE ETTA [PRUETT] 1906 1996-05-30 H 1) Tom Hamilton; H 2) Clyde; D)Pauline & Oline; S) Al, Marv + 4 others
A26-01 STARK, DAVID H JR 1956 1957 P) David Sr & Loretta [Israel]
A26-03 STARK, DAVID HILMER SR 1932 1986 W) Loretta [Israel]
B30-27 STARKWEATHER, MICHAEL DEAN 1954-09-19 2011-01-10 W) Karla
D06-07 STEPHAN, KLARA VERONIKA 1986-07-21 2002-06-29 P)Rosewhita& Joe Dowell; B)Marion Stephan; headstone set Apr 04
A20-07 STIEFER, DOYLE D 1906-01-09 1995-09-19 W) Marie
A20-06 STIEFER, MARIE C 1901-03-16 1968-10-15 H) Doyle D
B18-10 STOBAUGH no date no date u/m
B18-09 STOBAUGH, ADA LEE [McDonald] 1882-12-01 1966-09-12 H) Rufus, P) A F & Ada McDonald
B18-08 STOBAUGH, RUFUS A 1882-11-20 1965-03-05 W) Ada Lee; N) John & C Rogers Mussett; n) Virgie Mussett
A34-12 STOCKMAN, EDRIE 1905 1974 H) Woody
A35-10 STOCKMAN, MARGARET J [Dillingham] 1866 1917 H) Perry F; D) Margaret Wuethrich; inscribed ‘Mother’
A35-11 STOCKMAN, PERRY F 1859 1939 W) Margaret; GD) Nancy [Wuethrich] Cobb; inscribed ‘Father’ VET
A34-10 STOCKMAN, WALTER H 1889 1923 P) Perry &Margaret
A34-11 STOCKMAN, WOODY 1893 1956 W) Edrie; P) Perry & Margaret
B26-13 SUMMERS, ANN [GILLEUM] no date no date in Colvin plot
B26-12 SUMMERS, SILAS B 1820 no date in Colvin plot CSA
B29A-29 SWEET, CHARLIE D JR Private no date 1936-02-05 P) Charlie Sr & Mary; 19th Infantry 18th Division WWI
B29A-28 SWEET, CHARLIE D SR 1870-08-07 1926-06-15 W) Mary N; S) Ben, Charlie Jr, Lou, Milton, Joseph & Jimmy
A02-04 SWEET, ESTELLE [MORROW 1907-03-05 1994-06-14 H) Louis Sr; P) William & Doshia Morrow; D) Betty Lee; S) Louis Jr
A02-02 SWEET, EVA [MORROW] 1908-10-23 2004-03-05 H) Joseph Baker; P) Wm & Doshia Morrow; D) JoAnn Williamson
A02-03 SWEET, JOSEPH BAKER 1903-05-04 1983-04-02 W) Eva [Morrow]; P) C D Sr & Mary; D) JoAnn Williamson
A02-05 SWEET, LOUIS SR ‘LOU’ 1906-05-28 1967-07-27 W)Estelle [Morrow]; P) C D Sr & Mary; D) Betty Lee; S) Louis Jr
B29A-27 SWEET, MARY N [PARK] 1874-10-04 1969-05-22 H) Charlie D Sr; S) Ben, Charlie Jr, Lou, Milton, Joseph & Jimmy
A16-09 TRIPP, DWIGHT 1913-04-30 2001-09-02 W)Wilma; S)Fred & Virgil
A16-10 TRIPP, WILMA 1916-08-02 2001-01-19 H)Dwight; S)Fred & Virgil
A24-08 VOGES, FLOELLA N 1901-01-02 1969-12-24
C20-04 VON de WALL, ELESE 1857-12-02 1939-06-06
C20-02 VON de WALL, EMELIA 1881-07-28 1972-03-23
C20-03 VON de WALL, H C 1839-11-26 1922-02-13
C20-05 VON de WALL, HILDA MISS 1893-07-03 1950-02-06
C20-01 VON de WALL, IDA 1882-09-28 1973-08-10
B03A-04 WALLING, INGE [LaRUE] 1869-12-07 1972-09-24 H) Robert Wright; D) Inge Whitaker; age 102 years
B03A-05 WALLING, ROBERT WRIGHT 1862-01-17 1955-09-06 W) Inge [LaRue]
D08-05 WALSH,DELMAR 1915-01-16 1969-01-13
A13-11 WARD, ROXIE 1891 1979 H) W P
A13-12 WARD, W P 1885 1958 W) Roxie
A18-04 WATSON, EDWARD JR 1921-05-21 1987-08-07 W) Mary; crematory urn VET
A29-01 WATSON, JOYCE LOUISE 1924-10-10 1980-04-30
A18-06 WATSON, MARY L 1924-09-22 1983-10-05 H) Edward Jr; S) Shelby
B20-12 WATTS, HENRY B 1853 1936 W) Julia
B20-11 WATTS, JULIA A [McCLAIN] 1858 1937 H) Henry B; n) Vada [Barnes] Gault; s) Sallie [McClain] Barnes
B20-13 WATTS, MARTHA DANDRIDGE 1886-10-14 1888-10-30 P) H B & Julia
A21-01 WEESNER, MARY ALLIE 1916-04-08 1974-10-23 D) Mary Golden; grave in edge of row A22
B16-09 WELLS, MATTIE [SNOW] 1862 1928 P) Mildred
B16-10 WELLS, WAYMAN THOMAS 1861-04-08 1937-05-18
C19-03 WEST, GLORIA M 1936-02-05 1982-11-14 H) Ollie D
C19-02 WEST, MARION D 1953-10-02 1970-05-30 P) Ollie D & Gloria
C19-04 WEST, OLLIE DEE 1934-05-07 1970-05-30 W) Gloria
C19-05 WEST, SAMUEL M 1960-11-27 1961-02-02 P) Ollie D & Gloria
B04-03 WHITAKER, BERRY M 1890-10-22 1984-01-10 W) Inge [Walling] Whitaker; D) Rosemary Proll VET
B04-02 WHITAKER, INGE [WALLING] 1900-06-06 2004-11-09 H)Berry; GD)Mandy Proll & Melissa Proll; P)Robert & Inge Walling, mkr 2005
A10A-11 WHITE OLLIE P 1896-07-04 1896-07-09 in John Cearley plot; stolen marker found and reset Aug. 20, 2004
A20-11 WIELAND, ELIZABETH DORIS [BAKER] 1927-04-28 2010-06-02 H) Minor W; D)Diane Smith, Sally Lyons, Sarah Wieland
A20-13 WIELAND, IULA L [LOHMAN] 1905-12-07 1991-06-16 H) Martin C; D) Evelyn Scott; S) Warren
A20-14 WIELAND, MARTIN C 1882-10-12 1971-10-01 W1) Minnie; S1) Martin M; W2) Lula D2) Evelyn Scott, S2) Minor Warren
A28A-02 WIELAND, MARTIN M 1905 1979 W) Minnie Ruth
A28A-01 WIELAND, MINNIE RUTH 1886-07-22 1942-08-08 H) Martin C; S) Martin M
A20-12 WIELAND, MINOR WARREN 1927-09-01 1987-03-01 W) Elizabeth [Baker]
B31-20 WILKERSON, MYRNA DIAN 1941-12-25 2009-02-05 S) Chris Shurman
C18-01 WILKES, LARRY WILLIAM 1933-01-13 2007-07-07 S) Billy, 2 other sons; D)LaVeta Toliver; Crematory urn Kor Vet
A29-09 WILLIAMS, ALMA PEARL 1894 1984
A29-10 WILLIAMS, CARRIE [BARNES] 1861-08-03 1963-03-31 H) Lycurgus J; age 102 years
B33-17 WILLIAMS, DOROTHY B H)Robert ; headstone set 2000
A28A-08 WILLIAMS, GRACE H [DIENST] 1901-07-01 1977-10-25 H) Robert
A28A-09 WILLIAMS, J ROBERT ‘BOB’ 1888-03-21 1973-11-30 W) Grace
A29-11 WILLIAMS, LYCURGUS J 1861-06-07 1946-07-01 W) Carrie [Barnes]
B33-18 WILLIAMS, ROBERT W 1910-06-28 1993-11-02 W) Dorothy; Stone set March 2000
A15A-13 WILSON, EFFIE 1907-09-17 1909-11-22 Grand daughter of I N Barrow
D08-06 WILSON, EURA JANE [NOE] 1901 1992 P) Edward & Elvie Noe; s) ‘Peaches’ Hill
A19-12A WINGATE, WINIFRED WINNETTE [Jennings] 1928-05-01 2006-08-28 P) Tom & Addie Jennings; s) Mildred Willman; B) Randol; crematory urn
A04-08A WOOLEY, PAUL 1956-01-26 2003-12-15 P)Doris Dees [Crematory urn];buried at foot of grandmother, Vet mkr set 2004 VET
A04-10 WOOLEY, WILLIAM DUNCAN 1913-02-10 1974-12-01 W) Doris – later married Dees
A35-01 WUETHRICH, EMMETT HENRY 1911-12-12 1968-04-25 W) Margaret [Hall]; D) Nancy Cobb & Betty Wells; S) Tommy D WWII
A35-02 WUETHRICH, MARGARET ANNIE [HALL] 1916-04-28 1976-07-01 H) Emmett; P) John A & Nelia L; see Emmett for children
D12-04 YAGER, ANNIE ETLAN MISS 1881-01-16 1950-05-01 P) Mayette & Laura Frances
D11-04 YAGER, ATHOL LEE MISS 1884-01-09 1975-11-13 P) Mayette & Laura Frances
D11-06 YAGER, CLARA PAYNE MISS 1885-11-21 1959-06-27 P) Mayette & Laura Frances
B09-01 YAGER, ETTA [LaRUE] 1875-07-30 1954-08-29 H) Herbert L; P) Edward & Lucrietia [LaRue]
B09-02 YAGER, GEORGE L 1906-10-09 1956-10-25 P) Hertbert L & Etta [LaRue] Yager
B09-03 YAGER, HERBERT L 1878-06-15 1958-12-06 W) Etta [LaRue]
D11-07 YAGER, HOPE MISS 1897-11-04 1996-01-15 P) Mayette & Laura Frances
D11-05 YAGER, KATHERINE MISS 1880-01-09 1962-02-27 P) Mayette & Laura Frances
D12-05 YAGER, LAURA FRANCES 1852-07-17 1933-09-09 D) F May Smith; B Richard, Annie, Clara, Katherine, Athol, Hope,S) Herb
D12-06 YAGER, MAYETTE 1846-04-29 1931-01-09 W) Laura Frances; D) 5 + F May Smith; S) Herbert
B24-06 YETT, CATHARINE E 1838-09-18 1916-03-12
B24-09 YETT, CATHARINE I 1878-12-13 1887-11-22
B24-10 YETT, J H JR 1878-12-13 1878-12-13
B24-07 YETT, JAMES H 1832-07-29 1919-11-02
B24-08 YETT, MARTHA E 1837-05-23 1873-01-28