Strahle Cemetery

Name Of CemeteryStrahle Cemetery
Location of Cemeterynear 963 Lohman’s Crossing Rd., Lakeway
Driving DirectionsFrom RR620S, turn at Lakeway Boulevard and continue for about 2-miles to Lohmans Crossing Road (stop-light).
Turn right; continue for about 1-mile to Hurst Creek Road (stop-sign, with Heritage Park on the right corner).
Turn right; continue for about 1-mile to Rupen Drive.
Turn right; continue for two full blocks to Peterson Lane.
Turn left; continue for one-block and turn right on Strahle Lane.
Turn right; continue to stop-sign at Ladin Lane.
Turn right; continue one block to the end of the street. You will come upon a Private Property sign on the right, adjacent to a swimming pool, a tennis court, with the cemetery within the private property adjacent to a log-cabin.
501 Ladin Lane 78734
Date transcribed2006
1A. C. StrahleOct 28, 1836Jan 1, 1882(Also listed asAndreas/Andrew C. Streahley, Strahley
2John Jacob StrahleMar 6, 1876Aug 25, 1878(son of Andrew and Anna)