Santa Maria Cemetery

Name of cemetery:Santa Maria Cemetery (also known as St. Mary’s)
Texas Historical Commission, 2003 cemetery marker, est. 1924
Caretaker:512-477-2201 (no name given)
Location of cemetery:1300 Pecan (Intersection of FM 1825 and Caldwell), Pflugerville, TX
Driving Directions:I 35 exit Pflugerville, West on FM 1825 (Pecan St.) to 1300 Pecan; located on north side of road, across from Pflugerville High School
Appearance:Slightly unkempt; some plots are weeded, many others need work. Some stones are broken or dirty. Some plots have grown trees obstructing the markers.
Date transcribed:Dec 2010
Transcribed by:Ken and Carole Pinkham, 512-670-1773
email chpinkham at suddenlink dot net
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
1Sanchea, Antonio D.13 Jun 191329 Nov 1997at foot of grave: “WWII”Modern, shared with Lucia SanchezGranite
2Sanchez, Lucia G17 Sep 192109 Sep 20003 Modern, shared with Antonio D. SanchezGranite
3Ramos, Luciana07 Jan 188207 Apr 1937on footstone: “MOTHER”ModernGranite
4Saldana, Epitacio188710-Oct-33“UN RECUERDO DE SUS ESPOSA E HIJOS”; footstone: cross with “E S”Sculptured Cross on baseStone
5Unknown  not able to readsculpture, boy with crossstone, cement
6Mercado, Jose Antonio21 Mar 1943 “FATHER, GRANDFATHER, ARCHITECT”Slant-faced, shared with Esther Alice MercadoMarble on cast stone
7Mercado, Esther Alice01 Mar 194207 Mar 2010“MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, TEACHER”Slant-faced, shared with Jose Antonio MercadoMarble on cast stone
8Mercado, Pantaleon19021995“WE REMEMBER THEM WITH LOVE”Slant-faced on flat slab, shared with Adela MercadoMarble
9Mercado, Adela19061994“WE REMEMBER THEM WITH LOVE”Slant-faced on flat slab, shared with Pantaleon MercadoMarble
10Mercado, Camilo18691924“DESANSE EN PAZ”/ wire fence enclosureModern, shared with Maxima H. MercadoGranite
11Mercado, Maxima H.18731945“DESANSE EN PAZ”/ wire fence enclosureModern, shared with Camilo MercadoGranite
12Barrera, Nonaciano18591924footstone: “ACILLO BARRERO 1924 YDROL”Slant facedCast Stone
14Guajardo, E. J.   CrossWood, on Cement Slab
15F. C.   Sculptured Crosst on baseCement
16Belmerigue, Ursula01 May 186130 Oct 1928“UN RECUERDO DE SUS ESPOSA E HIJOS”Heart shaped tablet on baseStone
17G___ra, Jose19??19? 1934 Sculptured Cross on baseStone
18Gue_ra, Marina18?71935 Sculptured Cross on baseStone
19Delacruz, Anastasia27 Nov 191515 Jun 1935 Sculptured Cross pedestal (broken), shared with Jose & DeloresCement
20Delacruz, Jose?? Sculptured Cross pedestal (broken), shared with Anastasia & DeloresCement
21Delacruz, Delores?? Sculptured Cross pedestal (broken), shared with Jose & AnastasiaCement
22Cardenas, Frances R.30 Oct 1935  Modern, shared with Cruz Cardenas, Jr.Granite
23Cardenas, Cruz Jr.26 Jul 192909 Feb 1990 Modern, shared with Frances R. CardenasGranite
24Reina, Joe11 Mar 193604 Apr 1986 Shouldered tablet on baseGranite
25Reina, Augustine29 Feb 190413 Aug 1987 Shouldered tablet on baseGranite
26Reina, Frank19251996 OtherSmall Metal Plate
27Zurita, Anselmo G21 Apr 192931 Aug 1983 Modern, shared with Hermona R. ZuritaGranite
28Zurita, Hermona15 May 1944  Modern, shared with Anselmo G. ZuritaGranite
29De Rendon, Sta Maria S08 Abril 191226 Junio 1936 Shouldered tabletGranite
30Ortiz-Martinez, Sra Lorenza18361938 Bronze plaque on slant faced base, shared with Epitasio Martinezstone
31Martinez, Sr Epitasio   Bronze plaque on slant faced base, shared with Lorenza Ortiz-Martinezstone
32Unknown   Metal plaque, very old 
33Rios, Sirii O.06 Jun 191802 May 1944 Sculptured crossCement
34Rios, Concepcion M.19021946 Sculptured heartLimestone
35Dominguez, Steve10 Sep 191427 Jul 1982“RECUERDO DE SUS FAMILIA”Slant facedMarble
36Quinonez, Jim Sr.27 Nov 192114 Oct 1993“IN LOVING MEMORY FROM..??”Modern, shared with Victoria R.Marble
37Quinonez, Victoria R.21 Apr 192521 Apr 1993 Modern, shared with Jim, Jr.Marble
38Quinonez, Hermana22 Dec 189612 Jul 1976“RECUERDO DE SUS HIJOS Y HIJAS”ModernCast stone
39Quinonez, Lorenzo22 Dec 189612 Jul 1976 Domed tabletLimestone
40Quinonez, Ruben Sr.01 Jun 192802 Sep 2005“I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU”Tablet on baseMarble
41Reynero, Delfino Q.07 Apr 194719 Apr 1976“OUR LOVED ONE”Tablet on baseGranite
42Vasquiz, Juan???Simple tabletGranite
43Mendoza, Alfonso Jr25 Sep 193621 Oct 1936“BABY”Slant facedMarble
44Guajardo, Adam15 Jan 193617 Jan 1937Etchings of toysDomed on Flat PlaqueMarble
45Arellano, Pedaro19291935 Tablet on Slotted Base (original stone for this grave)Limestone
46Arellano, Pedro19291935“SON”Shouldered tablet on base (stone added to Pedrano Arellano graveMarble
47Arellano, Antonio13 Jun 189214 Jul 1969“FATHER”ModernMarble
48Arellano, Isabel08 Aug 189920 Mar 1991“MOTHER”ModernMarble
49Roque, Cataline22 Mar 192811 Mar 1929“TWIN SISTERS”Modern, shared with Emilia RoqueMarble
50Roque, Emilia22 Mar 192806 Apr 1929“TWIN SISTERS”Modern, shared with Cataline RoqueMarble
51Flores, Matilda M.08 Aug 189917 Jul 1984“MOTHER”DomedMarble
52Roque, Jesus19071992 OtherSmall Metal Plate
53Gonzales, Emilaro07 Aug 187927 Mar 1938 OtherSmall Metal Plate
54Mercado, Felix25 Feb 190505 Jan 1929 Slant Faced on Flat SlabGranite
55Unknown   PedestalStone
56Gonzales, Ramon Barrera Jr.17 Feb 191124 Oct 2001“U S ARMY WW II”Flat PlaqueGranite
57Gonzales, Raquel04 Dec 189211 Mar 1934“MOTHER”; Footstone: “NANNY”Slant Faced Tablet on BaseGranite
58Unknown   Sculptured CrossStone
59Castro, Hilario 17 Aug 1940“AGE 85 YRS,OUR DEAR FATHER”; Footstone: “H.C.”Dome Tablet on Base, Flat SlabMarble
60Unknown  (Not able to read)Slant SculptureCast Stone
61Mercado, Alejandro H26 Feb 190816 Aug 1997 Slant Faced on Flat Slab, shared with Lucia Gonzales MercadoGranite
62Mercado, Lucia gonzales03 Jan 191216 Aug 1980 Slant Faced on Flat Slab, shared with Alejandro H MercadoGranite
63Mercado, Santiago28 Dec 191330 Oct 1994“EL AMOR NOS ACOMPANA SIEMPRE”; Bench at foot: “MERCADO”Slant Faced, shared with Irene MercadoGranite
64Mercado, Irene25 Feb 191723 Dec 1999EL AMOR NOS ACOMPANA SIEMPRE; Bench at foot: “MERCADO”Slant Faced, shared with Santiago MercadoGranite
65Alvarado, Candelaria27 Jan 191112 Aug 1992“RECUERDO DE SUS HERMANO Y ESPOSA”Shouldered Tablet on Base, Flat SlabGranite
66Alvarado, Juan Aguillor06 May 191520 Jun 2005 Sculptured Cross on base, Flat SlabCast Stone
67Ramos, Castulo26 Mar 1909 “MARRIED JAN 2, 1932”; Footstone: “GRANDFATHER”Double Heart Shaped Tablet on Base, shared with Sylvestra RamosGranite
68Ramos, Sylvestra31 Dec 1911 “MARRIED JAN 2, 1932”;; Footstone: “GRANDMOTHER”Double Heart Shaped Tablet on Base, shared with Castulo RamosGranite
69Ramos, Pedro Mercado29 Apr 193720 Feb 1973“TEXAS L CPL US MARINE CORPS”Slant Faced on Base (Military)Limestone
70Pacheco, Macedonia  “1970”Domed Tablet on Base with 2 UrnsStone ?
71Ramos, Fabian20 Jan 187428 Mar 1955Footstone: “FATHER”Domed Tablet on BaseGranite
72Ramos, Flumencio27 Oct 190605 May 2005 Modern, shared with Maria R. RamosGranite
73Ramos, Maria R. (Cuca)04 Jul 191201 Apr 2006 Modern, shared with Flumencio RamosGranite
74Guajardo, R. E.  “B100”Two small tablets on a single cement base, shared with J. R. GuajardoGranite
75Guajardo, J. R.30 Jun 1935 “B101”Two small tablets on a single cement base, shared with R. E. GuajardoGranite
76Guajardo, Irene09 Jul 194406 Aug 1944Etchings of toysShouldered TabletGranite
77Ramos, Flumencio, Jr.24 Jul 194701 Jan 1948 Tablet on baseGranite
78Serna, Michael Eladio Jr. 01 Oct 2010“OUR BELOVED SON AND LITTLE BROTHER YOU WILL BE IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER”Large Temporary Sign…new graveOther
79Alonzo, Spita Bersabe01 Aug 189726 Oct 1925 Broken Tablet on Stepped BaseOther
80Mejia, Eloisa16 Mar 191313 Nov 1923(footstone)Pedestal on base (broken)Other
81Santiago, Mejia29 Jul 189117 Aug 1928 Broken Column (Woodmen of the World Memorial)Granite
82Ramos, Lauro18 Aug 190314 Jan 1936 Broken Column (Woodmen of the World Memorial)Granite
83Rendon,Margarita02 Aug 187123 Aug 1935“MADRE”; Angel FootstoneSculptured Tablet on Base (Woodmen of the World Memorial), shared with Ramon RendonGranite
84Rendon, Ramon04 Mar 187025 Jul 1936“PADRE”; Angel FootstoneSculptured Tablet on Base (Woodmen of the World Memorial), shared with margarita Rendon 
85Rendon, A. R.02 Aug 1888  Flat Tablet (loose) on cement footing 
86Gonzales, Cosme17 Nov 191701 Jul 1931 Sculptured Cross on Base (Woodmen of the World Memorial) 
87Arreola, Cosme19 Dec 189328 Mar 1976“PVT US ARMY WW I”Dome Tablet on Base 
88Gonzales, Ramon Barrera Jr.08 Dec 188725 Jul 1962“FATHER”; footstone: “De COLORES”Shouldered Tablet on BasePink Granite
89Zapata, Crestina G19081988“MOM”Tablet on BasePink Granite
90Rangel, Ramon09 Apr 190920 Dec 1977“OUR LOVED ONE”Shouldered TabletPink Granite
92Gonzales, Jessie Ramon01 Jan 192812 Apr 1991“BELOVED HUSBAND AND FATHER”Tablet on BasePink Granite
93Reyes, Petra Anne19 Oct 194903 Mar 1995“I AM NOT HERE…I DID NOT DIE”Slant Faced TabletPink Granite
94Rivera, Sanaida Marin30 Jan 195301 Mar 2006“BELOVED WIFE AND MOTHER”; photoFlat Tablet on BaseGranite
95Alvarado, Ursula C13 Jan 191928 May 1987“GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”Tablet on BaseGranite
96Mendoza, Bernardino 27 Aug 1939“EDAD 60 ANOS PADRE”Sculptured Cross on baseLimestone
97Mendoze, Elias H ? 1973 Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
98Gonzales, Santiago18921940footstone: “S G”Modern Tablet on Base (Woodmen of the World Memorial), shared with Josefa GonzalesGranite
99Gonzales, Josefa18951945footstone: “J G”Modern Tablet on Base (Woodmen of the World Memorial), shared with Santiago GonzalesGranite
100Mendoza, Alfonsa R14 Jan 190010 Dec 1989Single tablet between 2 persons “MENDOZA”Shouldered Tablet on shared base, vase, with Elvira G. MendozaGranite
101Mendoza, Elvira G17 Dec 190819 Apr 1998Single tablet between 2 persons “MENDOZA”Shouldered Tablet on shared base, vase, with Alfonsa G. Mendoza 
102Gonzales, Dora22 Dec 191407 Nov 1922footstone: “D. G.”Slant faced TabletGranite
103Torrez, Robert29 Apr 190907 Sep 1992“IN LOVING MEMORY”Slant faced Tablet, shared with Lucinda TorrezGranite
104Torrez, Lucinda30 Jun 1920 “IN LOVING MEMORY”Slant faced Tablet, shared with Robert TorrezGranite
105Aguilar, Justin Scott19862008 Wooden Cross; Small metal funeral home placque 
106Vasquez, Ramon02 Aug 191416 Apr 1985FATHER and “MOTHER” plus photo; “OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN”Two Headstones: 1. Slant faced; 2. Modern Tablet with side vases, shared with Eulalia Vasquezgranite
107Vasquez, Eulalia12 Feb 192016 Feb 1995“FATHER” and “MOTHER” plus photo; “OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN”Two Headstones: 1. Slant faced; 2. Modern Tablet with side vases, shared withRamonVasquezGranite
108Vasquez, Dolores L 16 Apr 1971“RECUERDOS DE SU HIJO”Slant Faced Tablet on BaseGranite
109Moreno, Jose20 Jul 198410 Jun 1943“RECUERDO DE SU SU ESPOSA E HIJOS”Slant Faced Tablet on Basegranite
110Saldana 22 Dec 1946“87 ANOS MICAELA K RUIZ MURIO ALAEDAD”Shouldered tablit with insetCast Stone
111Ruiz, Florentino 24 Jan 1924“EDAD 85 ANOS”Sculptured Cross on Base 
112Ramos, Casimara R18851950“THE LORD IS MY SHEPPARD”Shouldered TabletGranite
113Ramos, Navidad R24 Dec 188018 Oct 1918“QUEIRDO PADRE”Tablet on BaseGranite
114Perez, Bertha R19461978“DAUGHTER”; footstone: “BRP”Slant Faced Tablet on BaseGranite
116Perez, Gonzalo H03 Sep 1903 “IN LOVING MEMORY” separate stone: “FATHER”Slant Faced Tablet, shared with Eufemia R. PerezGranite
117Perez, Eufemia R20 Mar 1911 “IN LOVING MEMORY” separate stone: “MOTHER”Slant Faced Tablet, shared with Gonzalo H PerezGranite
118Guajardo, Miguel29 Sep 184706 Dec 1925“SU ESPOSA Y HIJOA LE DEDICER ESTE UMILDE RECUERDO E SU MEMORIA”Sculptured Cross on base, flat slabLimestone
119DeGuajardo, Eulogia H Vda11 Mar 186922 Feb 1932“D.E.P.”Sculptured Cross on base, Flat SlabLimestone
120Guajardo, Muiguel02 Feb 188224 Dec 1973 Shouldered TabletPink Granite
121Guajardo, Zapopan27 Sep 190028 Dec 1983 Flat Tablet ,shared with Rita GuajardoGranite
122Guajardo, Rita17 May 190330 Nov 1990“HERMANAS” small stone: “R.G.”Flat Tablet ,shared with Zapopan GuajardoGranite
123O Brien, Zapopan B O17 Jun 193730 Aug 2001 Flat Sculpture (Plot shared with Zapopan and Rita Guajardo)Cast stone
124Rodriguez, Merejildo19031977“FATHER” “GOD IS MY REFUGE & STRENGTH” “IN MEMORY FROM WIFE & FAMILY”Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
125Ridriguez, Maria Mercedes25 May 191609 May 1994“IN MEMORY OF OUR LOVING MOTHER AND GRANDOTHER…”Domed tablet on base, 2 vasesCast stone with tiled Mary
126Rodriguez, Juan C08 Dec 194926 Nov 1986“SO LOVED… SO MISSED”Flat PlaqueGranite
127Arellano, Jesus P13 May 192223 May 1996Carving of Mary in stoneTablet on base, shared with Rosa M ArrelanoPink Granite
128Arrelano, Rosa M20 Jul 1923 Carving of Mary in stoneTablet on base, shared with Jesus P ArrelanoPink Granite
129Ruiz, Juanita R24 Jun 188525 Apr 1991“IN GODS ARMS”Shouldered, slant faced tabletgranite
130Saldana, Lorenz Ruiz05 Sep 189708 Jan 1986“UN RECUERDO DE SUS HIJOS Y HIJAS”Domed tablet on basegranite
131Saldana, Cruz R12 May 192130 May 2005“US ARMY”Domed tablet (militaryLimestone
132Hererra, Dominga Trevino04 Aug 1929 “UNITED FOREVER” “Married June 7, 1952”Domed Tablet on base, cement footing, shared with Louis Garcia HerreraPink Granite
133Herrera, Louis Garcia10-Jun-2420 Mar 2010“UNITED FOREVER” “Married June 7, 1952”Domed Tablet on base, cement footing, shared with Dominga Trevino HerreraPink Granite
134Perez, Joe R26 Aug 193227 Jun 1988“CHURE”, “IN MEMORY OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS”Tablet on base, 2 vasesgranite
135Vasquez, Joe10 Dec 195303 Jul 2006 Funeral plaquemetal
136Le Febure, Henry R12 Mar 193203 Sep 2004“U S ARMY” “KOREA”Domed TabletLimestone
137LeFebvre, David Wayne15 Nov 198802 Jan 2002“SON” “WE LOVE YOU”Slant faced tabletGranite
138Castillo, ? A ?19212009 Funeral plaquemetal
139Cruz, Angela26 Oct 1936 (sculptured roses in bronze)Modern, Bronze tablet on granite, shared with Lucio Cruz, Sr.Bronze, pink granite
140Cruz, Lucio, Sr.o2 Mar 193224 Aug 2004(sculptured roses in bronze)Modern, Bronze tablet on granite, shared with Angela Cruz, Sr.Bronze, pink granite
141Rocha, Esteban02 Jan 191523 Mar 1982“BELOVED FATHER”Slant-FacedMarble
142Rocha, Carmen19171993 OtherSmall Metal Plate
143Rocha, Reynaldo19472003 OtherSmall Metal Plate
144Jimenes, Petra18871965“AMOROSA MADRE”Simple tabletLimestone
145Jiminez, Ignacio19061976 OtherSmall Metal Plate
146Unknown   Sculptured CrossSandstone
147Mioran, Emiliana30 Jun 189013 Sep 1978“MOTHER”Tablet on BaseMarble
148Mioran, Esaias01 Nov 189701 Jun 1988“FATHER”Tablet on BaseMarble
149Briseno, Eliodoror03 Jul 193902 Sep 1941 Slant facedGranite
150Torrez, Alfred16 Nov 194723 Nov 1947 Slant facedGranite
151Torrez, Jimmy11 Jul 194512 Oct 1945 Slant facedGranite
152Reyes, Maria DeloresNov 88Nov 88 Simple tabletLimestone
153Reyes, Pete07 Jan 194811 Jan 2010 OtherSmall Metal Plate
154D…., Maria 1955 OtherSmall Metal Plate
155Quinonez, Patricia15 Sep 196516 Sep 1965“OUR DARLING”Simple tabletGranite
156Garcia, Raul Rene13 Sep 198430 Sep 1984“INFANT SON”Slant FacedMarble
157Garcia, Raul Rene06 Dec 196208 Dec 1962 Slant FacedMarble
158Quinonez, George20 Oct 196120 Oct 1961“BABY”Slant FacedMarble
159Quinonez, Baby Girl 1971 OtherSmall Metal Plate
160Unknown   Sculptured CrossLimestone
161Menchaca, Victoria188001 Aug 1939 Tablet on BaseCast stone
162Gonzales, Beatriz C.07 Apr 191429 Apr 1938“MOTHER”Slant FacedMarble
163Avila, Susie19321933“DAUGHTER”Tablet on BaseCast Stone
164Gonzales, Clestino Jr. 29 Jun 1939 Tablet on BaseLimestone
165De Leon, Amy 10 Oct 1982 Tablet on BaseCast Stone
166Castillo, Macario07 Aug 195509 May 1957Etchings of toysSlant FacedGranite
167Castillo, Valeria27 Apr 196704 Dec 1967 Slant FacedGranite
168Martinez, Michael25 Aug 196508 Dec 1968 Tablet on BaseGranite
169Solis, Chris25 Dec 199825 Dec 1998 Tablet on BaseGranite
170Gonzalez, Marcelino Martinez Sr.03 Jun 193422 Sep 1994“REC. DE SU ESPOSA, HIJOS, HIJAS & NIETOS TO QUE EN LA ??”Sculpture on Flat PlaqueCast Stone
171Arrelano, Alvina Roque16 Dec 191722 Aug 2001“ARRELANO”Modern, shared with Lucio Perez ArrelanoGranite
172Arellano, Lucio Perez09 Jan 191929 Oct 1987“ARRELANO”Modern, shared with Alvina Roque ArrelanoGranite
173Marin, Mabel 1947 Flat SlabOther
174Unknown  “M. C.”Sculptured CrossLimestone
175Quinones, John A.03 Nov 195125 Apr 2003“IN LOVING MEMORY”ModernGranite
176Quinonez, Jim Jr.7 Nov 195608 Sep 1997“OUR BELOVED BROTHER AND BEST FRIEND”ModernGranite
177Dominguez, Alice Q. 25 Oct 1916“LOVING MOTHER”Slant FacedGranite
178Botello, Marcial Sr.03 Aug 192524 Jul 1992“BELOVED FATHER”Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
179Botello, Carmen M.03 Feb 192305 Feb 1998“BELOVED MOTHER”Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
180Marin, Joe Soto15 Aug 192730 Apr 2006“BELOVED BROTHER”Slant FacedGranite
181Marin, Calletano20 May 192011 Apr 1990“RECUERDO DE SUS HIJOS Y HIJAS”Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
182Marin, Joe G. Jr12 Jun 194609 May 1986“IN MEMORY OF HIS FAMILY”Slant FacedGranite
183Correa, Alfred19011972 Slant FacedCast Stone
184Correa, Catarino12 Apr 190002 Feb 1980“THY KINGDOM COME”Modern, shared with Ramona CorreaGranite
185Correa, Ramona11 Sep 190225 Nov 1986“THY KINGDOM COME”Modern, shared with Catarino CorreaGranite
186Correa, Joe L07 Nov 190926 Feb 1981“GONE FROM OUR HOME”Modern, Shared with Otilla M. CorreaGranite
187Correa, Otila M.03 Jun 191217 Dec 2000“GONE FROM OUR HOME”Modern, shared with Joe L. correaGranite
188Correa, Lozaro16 Mar 192514 Dec 1987“CON TODO CARINO UN RECUERDO DE SU HIJOS Y HIJAS”Shouldered Tablet on baseGranite
189Correa, Jess19121990 OtherSmall Metal Plate
190Correa, Rachel M.20 Dec 192008 Feb 1995“MOM” “WE LOVE YOU”Shouldered tablet on baseGranite
191Correa, Fred25 Nov 191923 Oct 1969“TEXAS TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II”Simple tabletGranite
192Correa, Francisca17 Sep 187813 Jan 1968“Madre”Slant FacedGranite
193Correa, Teodoro??“FATHER”Slant FacedCast Stone
194Toledo, Enrique29 Mar 196710 Jun 1997“EL HOMBRE MAS GENEROSO” “AMOR MIO”Slant FacedMarble
195Marin, Manuel19171957 Flat SlabCast Stone
196Castillo, Florentino16 Oct 190115 Jul 1982“WE WILL MEET AGAIN”Modern, shared with Bonifacia CastilloGranite
197Castillo, Bonifacia14 May 190824 Mar 1988“WE WILL MEET AGAIN”Modern, shared with Florentino CastilloGranite
198Tello, Tina19641994 OtherSmall Metal Plate
199Tello, Mr Felix19411991 OtherSmall Metal Plate
200Castillo, Asuncion17 May 192703 Jun 2001 Slant FacedGranite
201Tello, Ruben C.09 Feb 196316 Dec 1996“SPEEDY” “MI VIDA FUE UN SUENO” “WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU CARMEN AND YOUR FAMILY”Shouldered Tablet on Base with Granite VaseGranite
202Flores, Victoria T.23 Mar 1927 “MARRIED JUNE 24, 1944”Modern, shared with Ramon FloresGranite
203Flores, Ramon03 Aug 192307 Aug 1979“MARRIED JUNE 24, 1944”Modern, shared with Victoria FloresGranite
204Castillo, Louis Sr19622005 OtherPlastic (Cook Walden)
205Castillo, Daniel J26 Aug 196004 Aug 2002“DIRTY D”Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
206Castillo, Manuel15 Jun 192924 Oct 1994“MARRIED Sept. 13, 1954” “TOGETHER FOREVER”Metal Plaque on Slant Faced, shared with Carmen M CastilloBronze on Granite
207Castillo, Carmen M15 Jul 1937 “MARRIED Sept. 13, 1954” “TOGETHER FOREVER”Metal Plaque on Slant Faced, shared with Manuel CastilloBronze on Granite
208Cruz, Pete04 Sep 196427 Apr 1990“WE LOVE YOU DADDY” “GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”Tablet on BaseGranite
209Castillo, Bonifacio04 Jan 195926 Aug 1977PhotographSlant Faced TabletGranite
210Rivera, Agapito19 Aug 195808 Aug 1979“OUR SON” Footstone: “A.R.”Shouldered tablet on BaseGranite
211Castillo, Frank Jr.16 Jun 195808 Aug 1979Footstone: “F.C.”Shouldered tablet on BaseGranite
212Castillo, Frank Sr.17 Sep 1939 “TO OUR BELOVED FATHER”Modern, shared with Alice M. CastilloGranite
213Castillo, Alice M.06 Mar 193501 Jan 1990“TO OUR BELOVED MOTHER”Modern, shared with Frank Castillo, Sr.Granite
214Mercado, Daniel14 Oct 192507 Feb 1990PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR IISimple tablet, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotGranite
215Mercado, Elizabeth06 Jul 191911 Sep 1996“MOTHER”Simple tablet, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotGranite
216Mercado, C. H. (Cray Sr.)19 Apr 190520 Jun 1945“UN RECUERDO DE SU ESPOSA Y HIJOS”Domed Tablet, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotGranite
217Mercado, Eduardo05 Jun 193311 Dec 1933 Small domed Tablet, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotStone
218Mercado, Lucia Gamez24 Jul 190906 Jun 2001“UNIDOS PARA SIEMPRE”Simple tablet, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotGranite
219Mercado, Ronals11 Jun 1947 (11 Jul 1947 on large tablet)16 Jan 2001PVT US ARMY VIETNAMSimple tablet, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotGranite
220Mercado, Donald1947 (11 Jul 1947 on large tablet)  Other, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotMetal
221Mercado, Diane R   Other, plus large modern stone erected over enclosed Mercado plotMetal
222Aguilar, Leonor08 Mar 191706 Apr 2000Carved CrossesModern, shared with Guadalupe AguilarGranite
223Aguilar, Guadalupe28 Oct 191323 May 2002Carved CrossesModern, shared with Leonor AguilarGranite
224Sifuentes, Leonor Aguilar23 Mar 193914 Mar 1988“BELOVED MOTHER AND SISTER”Slant-faced tabletGranite
225Aguilar, Salome02 Oct 191730 Sept 1989“UNCLE CHARLIE”; Carved U.S. FlagSlant-faced tabletGranite
226Ochoa, Estefana M.22 Apr 191506 Jun 1983“UN RECUERDO DE SU ESPOSO, HIJOS Y HIJAS”Shouldered Tablet, on shared base with Gornonio R.OchoaGranite
227Ochoa, Gorgonio R.27 Aug 191116 Sep 2002“RECUERDOS DE SUS HIJOS”Shouldered Tablet, shared base with Estefana M. OchoaGranite
228Martinez, Estroberto28 Feb 190129 Feb 1996Colored flowers, praying MaryModern, shared with Maria G. MartinezGranite
229Martinez, Maria G.24 Nov. 190731 Mar 1990Colored flowers, praying MaryModern, shared with Estroberto MartinezGranite
230Martinez, Theodor C.12 Jan 193626 Nov 1971“TEXAS PVT US MARINE CORPS KOREA”Slant Faced Tablet on baseGranite
231Marin, Luisa O22 Ar 192915 Nov 2007“ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS”; photoShouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
233Perez, Clemente19101976“PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II”Simple Tablet on BaseGranite
234Sanchez, Paula P29 Jun 190003 Oct 1970“BELOVED MOTHER ” “UN RECUERDO DE SUS HIJOS”Shouldered TabletPink Granite
235Ramos, Alfonso Sr.29 Oct 190510 Aug 1994“PRECIOUS MEMORIES” “LOVING PROUD FATHER”Modern, shared with Elvira P. RamosGranite
236Ramos, Elvira P.19 Apr 190503 Jan 2001“PRECIOUS MEMORIES” “LOVING CARING MOTHER”Modern, shared with Alfonso Ramos, Sr.Granite
237Sanchez, Sixto P.28 Mar 190423 Aug 1982“FATHER” “UNRECUERDO DE SUS HIJOS”Tablet on BasePink Granite
238Perez, Pascual17 May 190920 Jun 1969“TEXAS PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II”Simple Tablet on concrete baseGranite
239Perez, Justin H.05 Sept 191228 Apr 1990“PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II”Simple Tablet on shared base with Candaleria PerezGranite
240Perez, Candelaria02 Feb 192619 Aug 1992 Simple Tablet on shared base with Justin H. PerezGranite
241Perez, Louis18721956“FATHER”Shouldered Tablet on Base, shared with Trinidad PerezGranite
242Perez, Trinidad18801959“MOTHER”Shouldered Tablet on Base, shared with Louis PerezGranite
243Rodriguez, Porfirio19181988 OtherSmall Metal Plate
244Flores, Baby Eduardo 1984Iron fence around plotOtherSmall Metal Plate
245Hernandez, Ofelia04 May 19311 May 1982“RIP”Box TombCast Stone
247Castellanos, Jose A22 Jan 191518 Aug 1974“RECUERDO DE SUS HIJOS Y ESPOSA”; Iron fenceTablet on BasePink Granite
248Reyes, Augustine12 Jan 192406 Jan 1979“BELOVED BROTHER”Slant facedGranite
249Reyes, Pete18871944 Slant facedGranite
250Reyes, Esequiel17 Dec 191426 Nov 1984“BELOVED FATHER IN LOVING MEMORY”Slant FacedGranite
251Castillo, Marcario R.09 Mar 188029 Mar 1948 Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
252Marin, Antonio Soto08 Dec 188808 Dec 1959“UN RECUERDO DE SU HIJA”Flat SlabGranite
253Dominguez, Candelario S02 Feb 190719 Aug 1971CrossShouldered Tablet on BaseMarble
254Salazar, Adela B.24 Mar 189921 Feb 1998“MADRE QUERIDA – TE FUISTES PERO NO OLVIDARENDS”Shouldered TabletMarble
255Saucedo, Jesus08 Apr 195515 Jan 1988 Slant FacedGranite
256Toledo, Enrique29 Mar 196710 Jan 1997 Slant FacedGranite
257Marin, manuel19171957 Flat SlabConcrete
258Marin, Eusebia L.21 Jun 197323 May 1979“DAUGHTER” “IN MEMORY”Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
259Belman, Belia18811956“RECUERDO DE SUS HIJAS”Shouldered TabletGranite
260Hernandez, Manuel Belman23 Jun 192020 Jun 1951“RECUERDO DEDICADO POR SU MADRE”Sculptured CrossGranite
261Ruiz, Ramona28 Feb 188515 Jan 1947 Flat SlabGranite
262Roque, Matilda18941970 Modern, shared with Jesus RoqueGranite
263Roque, Jesus18921946 Modern, Shared with Matilda RoqueGranite
264Perez, Ruben   Slant FacedConcrete
265Mercado, George Sr.19262005 OtherSmall Metal Plate
266Mercado   Sculptured CrossConcrete
267Davila, Jaun24 Jun 188931 Aug 1941“DECANSE EN PAS”Shouldered Tablet on BaseGranite
268Marin, Cirildo soto09 Feb 192810 Feb 1996 Slant FacedGranite
269Marin, Eusebio Marin07 Mar 189304 Jan 1973 Slant FacedGranite
270Reyes, Rosalio19161975“PVT US ARMY”Somple TableGranite
271Reyes, Petra Anne17 Feb 189823 Sep 1975 Flat TabletGranite
272Reyes, Ben12 Jan 192221 Aug 1964“BELOVED BROTHER”Slant FacedGranite
273Correa, Lube10 May 190724 Jan 1978 Flat TabletGranite
274Correa, Gabriel I.11 Nov 190905 Jun 1973 Flat TabletGranite
275Salazar, Antonio05 Jan 189327 Sep 1971“TEXAS PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR I”Flat TabletGranite
276Salazar, Gilberto13 Nov 192710 May 1958 Slant Faced, shared with Paula SalazarGranite
277Salazar, Paula19 Jun 192315 Apr 1935 Slant Faced, shared with Gilberto SalazarGranite
278DeLeon, Rosalio “Charlie”04 Sep 191615 Apr 1995 Slant Faced, shared with Rachel DeLeonGranite
279DeLeon, Rachel14 Jun 191829 Nov 2003 Slant Faced, shared with Rosalio DeLeonGranite
280DeLeon, Osualdo16 May 191424 Aug 2004 Slant FacedGranite
281DeLeon, Manuel18 Jun 191929 Nov 1989“SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II”Flat TabletMetal
282Ruiz, Sunieta Dian   Sculptured VaseGranite
283Lopez, Isabel R.03 Nov 191220 Apr 1983 Flat SlabGranite
284DeLeon, Francica G.17 Sep 189010 Jul 1941“SU ESPOSO E HIJOS DEDICAN ESTE RECUERDO”Domed TabletGranite
285Garcia, Refugia04 Jul 187107 May 1941“OUR MOTHER WE LOVED”Domed TabletGranite
286Perez, Emilia S.18581935 Flat SlabGranite
287Perez, Raul   Slant FacedConcrete
288Perez, Lupita Guadalupe Q.10 Aug 195123 Jan 2010“FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS”Shouldered TabletGranite
289Quinonez, Peter P.   Flat SlabGranite
290Quinonez, Robert Sr.20 Nov 195322 Aug 2007“IN LOVING MEMORY” “BELOVED SON, BROTHER, HUSBAND, FATHER, GRANDFATHER AND FRIEND TO ALL”Shouldered TabletGranite
291Villalba, Martin19572008 OtherSmall Metal Plate
292Renee04 Jun 197704 Mar 2007“FOREVER LOVED MOTHER OF MIRINA & MIRIAN”Shouldered TabletMarble
293Reyes, Casimira M.04 Mar 191903 Feb 2006“BELOVED SISTER, MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER”Slant FacedGranite
294Guajardo, Lorenzo12 Aug 193417 May 2005“IN LOVING MEMORY FROM SONS AND DAUGHTERS”Modern, sculpted hearts and vases, shared with Emerlinda GuajardoGranite
295Guajardo, Emerlinda15 Feb 1943 “IN LOVING MEMORY FROM SONS AND DAUGHTERS”Modern, sculpted hearts and vases, shared with Lorenzo GuajardoGranite
296Guajardo, John Anthony Hernandez16 Aug 198404 Apr 2002“BELOVED SONS & BROTHERS”Modern, shared with Guadalupe GuajardoGranite
297Guajardo, Guadalupe16 May 197405 May 2007“BELOVED SONS & BROTHERS”Modern, shared with John Anthony Hernandez GuajardoGranite
298Gonzales, Juanita01 Oct 191812 Nov 1934“NINA”CrossGranite
299Reyes, Gregoria25 Nov 191718 Dec 1996“FOREVER LOVED – NEVER FORGOTTEN”Slant FacedGranite
300Reyes, Frances19331983 OtherSmall Metal Plate
301Reyes, Teresa20 Sep 194921 Aug 1987 Flat SlabStone
302Guajardo, Lorenzo Jr.11 Aug 195908 Jul 1996“GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”Simple TabletGranite
303Quinonez, Celestina28 Mar 192029 Dec 1981“REST IN PEACE”Modern, shared with George QuinonezGranite
304Quinonez, George09 Feb 1920 “REST IN PEACE”Modern, shared with Celestina QuinonezGranite
305Flores, Helen Quinonez08 Aug 194808 Mar 1999“BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD”Slant FacedGranite
306Marin, Tomas22 Jun 194822 Sept 2002“BELOVED SON”Slant FacedGranite
307Mercado, Martin H.30 Jan 191018 Jan 1945“OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN”Modern, shared with Magdalena G. MercadoGranite
308Mercado, Magdalena G.27Jul 191521 Nov 2004“OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN”Modern, shared with Martin H. MercadoGranite
309DeLeon, Abdon18881961 Slant FacedGranite
310Ochoa, Jose Cruz19361963 Slant FacedMarble
 Cantu, Anita Castro26 Jul 18875 Jul 1950d/s with Etanislao  
 Cantu, Estanislao7 May 188315 Jan 1975d/s with Anita  
 Cantu, Maria19171933