San Jose II Cemetery

Name of cemetery: San Jose II Cemetery (also known as Montopolis Cemetery)
Caretaker: None
Location of cemetery: Off of Hoecke Lane, west of 183 and south of Ben White
Driving Directions: San Jose II is located in southeast Austin generally near 183 and Ben White (71). Take Riverside Drive off of 183. This will take you into an industrial park. After 1-2 blocks look for Hoeke Lane to the left (south) which turns off of Riverside. Hoeke Lane is an asphalt lane that goes up a hill and past a trailer park.


The first road to the left off of Hoeke is Poston Rd. (It was no longer shown in the 2004 Austin MAPSCO). The second road to the left is called Ella Lane. It looks like a driveway to someone’s house, which it is. However, if you take Ella Lane as far as you can up the hill it will take you to the west side of San Jose II and you can enter the cemetery there. The people who live in the area know there is a cemetery there and that that is probably the destination of anyone driving up that far. If you enter the cemetery here you might not find all of the graves. Most of them are on the east side and to get there from the west you have to navigate through a lot of foliage which is not always cooperative. It is very overgrown.

The third road to the left off of Hoeke Lane is Lee Hill Road. This will take you to the east side of San Jose II. It is a very rutted gravel road that goes up a hill. At the top of the hill there are many mobile homes of various sizes and conditions on both sides of the road. At the end of Lee Hill Road there is a gravel road to the left which you should take. It ends near a mobile home. You cannot see the cemetery from there.

To get into the cemetery you must walk behind the last mobile home on that road. You will come to an old wire fence. There is a lot of trash piled up there now. It is difficult to cross. There is a fallen tree and the remains of a tool shed. It is very overgrown with all kinds of brush, weeds, old rose bushes, poison ivy, and trees. The graves are easier to find in the fall when the foliage is not as lush.

No one remembers who owns this land. A woman who lives nearby in a white house, Gabriela Cisneros, says she used to know the woman who owns the land but she can no longer remember her name. She lived in Montopolis and died a few years ago.

Appearance: Abandoned; overgrown with high grass, shrubs, small trees, rose bushes; head stones hard to see.
Date transcribed: June 17, 2003
Transcribed by: Mary M. Elizabeth
Telephone: (512) 467-0942
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