Roberts-Teague Cemetery

Name of cemeteryRoberts-Teague Cemetery
CaretakerPrivate grounds maintained by Roberts and Teague families
Location of cemeteryIn the Barton Creek West Subdivision
Driving directionsFrom Bee Caves Road (FM224), take Creek’s Edge Parkway. Cemetery is on the NE corner of Cliff’s Edge Drive and Creek’s Edge Parkway about 150 feet off the parkway on a small rise. There is a dirt road leading to the cemetery.
Date transcribedApril 19, 2010
Transcribed byN. Lillie and M. Todd
photo of historical marker at Roberts-Teague cemetery
photo of Roberts-Teague cemetery

A Texas Historical Commission plaque is near the front gate which reads: “In the 1860’s, the Roberts and Teague families came to the Bee Cave area where, for generations, their skills as farmers, ranchers, cedar choppers, coal kiln burners, and homemakers helped to shape its development and culture. It is said that this cemetery was established in 1898 when Joseph Roberts (1843-1925) offered the site to the grieving Simons family for an infant’s burial. A number of veterans are laid to rest here, including Alfred R. (Buck) Simpson (1895-1961), the second most decorated soldier of World War I. This burial ground records the lives of the pioneers and families of these once isolated canyons of Travis County.”

Row 1       
1Addie Lee BoylesJan. 29, 1894Feb. 9, 1986 slant-facedmarble 
2Gertrude OglesbyAug. 7, 1901Dec. 11, 1985 slant-facedmarble 
3Alfred R. SimpsonSep. 22, 1895Jul. 23, 1969Texas Pvt. U.S. Army World War Iflat slablimestone 
4Roy Lee Simpson19271976 plaque standingmetal 
5James E. Tatsch Jun. 29, 1960 flat slabgranite 
6J.R. Hutson May 14, 1941 tablet on basecast stone 
7Mrs. M.E. Hutson18721967 plaque standingmetal 
8unreadable   plague standingmetal 
9unreadable   broken slab  
10Francis MorrissDec. 25, 1911Feb. 18, 19811st Sgt U.S. Army World War IIslab on basemarble 
11Aurelia G. MorrissNov. 5, 1915Dec. 23, 1995In loving memory of “The Flounder Lady”slab on basemarble 
Row 2       
12unreadable  stone against a tree; could be a baseflat slablimestone 
13Hallie (Simpson) Pierce18981958 flat slabmarble 
14B.A. –Ford18451914 tablet on baselimestone 
15Nancy MillerMay 26, 1854Jul. 4, 1940 tablet on baselimestone 
16Lankston MillerMar. 12, 1846Sep. 3, 1922Co. H, 6 Tex Cav CSAtablet on baselimestone 
17James E. Crain18651955 tablet on basemarbleinside fenced area
18Syntha Bassford18451914 tablet on basemarbleinside fenced area
19A.H. Thurman  (dates are unreadable)tabletlimestoneinside fenced area
20Alfred Hutson  (dates are unreadable)tablet on baselimestoneinside fenced area
21R.E. HutsonFeb. 15, 1845Feb. 20, 1929 tablet on baselimestone 
22J.W. HutsonJul. 14, 1840Dec. 17, 1916 tablet on baselimestone 
23Joe S. HutsonAug. 11, 1886Apr. 8, 1950In God We Trust2 tablets on basemarble 
24Ina B. HutsonNov. 30, 1891Mar. 16, 1992In God We Trust marble 
Row 3       
25Frank WilsonApr. 12, 1868Oct. 7, 1944At Resttablet on basestone 
26J. Green HutsonFeb. 15, 1861Feb. 29, 1940 tablet on basestone 
27unreadable   slabstone 
28unreadable   slabstone 
29Floyd Thurman  (no dates)tablet on basestone 
30Luther R. HutsonMay 5, 1921Aug. 9, 1924 slabmarble 
31Nancy E. HutsonMar. 30, 1920May 6, 1920 slabmarble 
32F.J. HutsonJul. 28, 1910Jun. 26, 1951 tabletlimestone 
33Jim HutsonNov. 7, 1903Jan. 14, 1935 tabletlimestone 
34Beverly Elaine SimmonsMay 18, 1947Jun 6, 1947 tablet on baselimestone 
Row 4       
35unreadable   tabletstone 
36Josephine SimpsonJan. 26, 1900Nov. 14, 1959 tabletstone 
37Annie M. WilliamsJan. 27, 1878Apr. 10, 1918Gone But Not Forgottentabletstone 
38Margaret E. SimpsonSep. 29, 1950May 6, 1951 tabletstone 
39unreadable   tablet on basestone 
40unreadable   tablet on basestone 
41Clara Schnell18981928 slant-facedstone 
42unreadable  apparently an infantstanding plaquemetal 
43unreadable   tablet on basestone 
44unreadable   flat slabstone 
45unreadable   tablet on basestone 
46Simons Baby 1898 tablet on basestone 
47Ader Hutson Jan. 23, 1916 tablet on basestone 
48Ramond Simpson   tablet on basestone 
49Will HutsonOct. 8, 1873Sep. 11, 1921 tablet on basestone 
50Lillie Hutson TrueMar. 28, 1880Feb. 6, 1957 plaque standingmetal 
Row 5       
51Charles Andrew SimpsonAug. 13, 1891Mar. 30, 1946Gone But Not Forgotten limestoneWilke-Amey-Clay
52Frances Simpson18911964  metal 
53Joan E. BanksNov. 26, 1930Sep. 4, 1958   Wilke-Clay
54Emmerto SimpsonAug. 2, 1949Jun. 15, 1951    
56Elva May PierceMar. 25, 1913May 3rd    
58Hue S. Herbert WallaceOct. 10, 1925Oct. 18, 1925    
59Wesley Cantwell18901902At Rest   
61Lealmal WallaceFeb. 8, 19091912    
Row 6       
64Harvey Lee SimpsonJun. 3, 1926Nov. 25, 1980Love Skeeter   
65Curtis SimpsonSep. 15, 1930Mar. 6, 1982U.S. Army   
66Jessie Lee RobertsMar. 15, 1937Jun. 3, 1944    
67Alfred R. SmallAug. 3, 1946Aug. 27, 1977    
68Lucy Small Nov. 3, 1945    
69John Nolan SmallOct. 25, 1939Nov. 23, 1939    
70Virgil NixonJan. 17, 1918Jun. 20, 1936    
71Unreadable stone      
72Elsie Smith Feb. 3, 1930    
73Henrietta RobertsMay 20, 1849Jul. 1, 1936Gone But Not Forgotten   
74Joseph RobertsNov. 4, 1843Mar. 15, 1925    
75Henry RobertsMar. 6, 1868Jun. 25, 1923    
76Lucy Jane RobertsFeb. 2, 1868Nov. 28, 1952    
Row 7       
78J.H. Miller  dates are unreadabletabletstone 
79No name   tabletstone 
80Charlie Lee RobertsApr. 16, 1945Sep. 25, 1990Gone But Not Forgottenmodernstone 
81Baby Roberts1979  plaquemetal 
82Homer V. TeagueAug. 16, 1898Jun. 24, 1965    
83James T. MorganDec. 1, 1886Aug. 12, 1905Erected by Grandma   
84J.M. TeagueAug. 27, 1847May 21, 1933At Rest   
85Mother Sara M. TeagueApr. 16, 1855Apr. 17, 1927    
86Emma Olevia TeagueJun. 18, 1895Nov. 17, 1921    
87Charles Edward RobertsDec. 13, 1886Feb. 25, 1975    
88Tiney V. Teague RobertsDec.8, 1918Nov.23, 2002Loving Mother & Wife   
Row 8       
89Louis Cecil TeagueJan. 22, 1929Feb. 11, 2004   All Faith Funeral Svc
90Matilda Miles19221999    
91Robert L. TeagueSep. 27, 1939Aug. 6, 1984