Pfluger Family Cemetery

Name of cemetery:Pfluger Cemetery
Caretaker:Pfluger Family
Location of cemetery:16442 Cameron Road, Pflugerville, Travis, Texas
Driving Directions:From IH-35, take Exit 247 into Pflugerville. Turn east onto FM 1825/Pecan Street and continue for 6.4 miles. Turn east at Cameron Road and travel for 1.1 miles. At the sharp bend in the road, turn north onto the private drive and follow the farm road 9/10ths of a mile. The cemetery is in the middle of a privately-owned cultivated field. Contact John Pfluger for permission to access the private property.
Appearance:An ornamental loop fence surrounds the cemetery. There are 16 headstones made of marble and granite. There are two headstones for Henry Pfluger, Sr. and the grave of W.August Pfluger has its own ornamental wrought iron fence. One grave for twin infants (Priess, died 1917) is only marked with brick borders and the grave next to it is for an unknown person is marked with a tree stump.
Date transcribed:7 Feb 2009, updated 28 Jul 2009
Transcribed by:Hope Comacho, Vernagene Mott, Laura O’Brien, Nathan O’Brien, Sara Strouphauer, Nathan Weiss
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
1UnknownUnknownUnknown  tree stump   
2Twins of Eugene & Mary Priess28 Mar 191728 Mar 1917Baby Twins of Eugene and Mary Pfluger Preissflat plaquegranitenonewEast
3Ervin H.E. Bohls4 Feb 189727 Jun 1897Son of E.H. & Julia BohlsmarbleTablet on slotted baseYesfairEast
4Wilhelmina Pfluger18 Aug 185010 Mar 1917We miss you Mother from thy place, we miss the sunshine on thy face; we miss they kind and willing hand, thy fond and earnest care. Our homes are dark without thee. We miss thee everywhere.granitetablet on two basesnogoodEast
5Henry Pfluger17 Dec 184714 Apr 1904Born in Germany, Dec. 17, 1847. Died in Travis Co., Texas April 14, 1904. We miss thee from our home dear. We miss thee from thy place. A shadow oer our life is cast. We miss the sunshine of thy face. We miss thy kind and willing hand. Thy fond and earnest care. Our home is dark without thee. We miss thee everywhere.granitetablet on two basesnogoodEast
6Anna Christina Pfluger20 Jul 18204 Dec 1897Born in Balliorn, Germany. Died in Taylor, Tex. Ich sterbe gerne, warum solt. Ich mich vor dem Graße Schauen, Mein Glauße pflegt oft mal sich auf meinen Tod zu freuden, Ich weiss das Gott Nach diesen zeit mich droben in der Ewigkeit gar herrlich wird erneun. (Oh Mother thy gentle voice is hushed. Thy warm true hears it still, And on thy pale and peaceful face Is resting deaths cold chill. Thy hands are clasped upon thy heart. We have kissed thy marble brow and in our aching hearts we know we have no mother now.)marbleobeliskYesfairEast
7Emma Willhelmmiene Liena Bruder3 Mar 188911 May 1889Hier ruhet in Gott. Den 3, Marz 1889. Den 11, Mai 1889marbletablet on baseYesgoodEast
8Catherine Louise Bruder25 Nov 186825 Mar 1889Hier ruhet in Gott. Geborne Pfluger Geborn um 25, November 1868. Gestorben 25, Marz 1889.marblepedestalYespoorEast
9William C. Pfluger06 Jan 187103 Oct 1886In Memory of William C. Pfluger. Born Jan. 6, 1871, Died Oct. 3, 1886. Hier ruhet die saat van Gottgesät Herstaub so künftig aufersteht. Verwesliches wird ausgestreut. Dochblüt es auf zur Herrlichkeit.marbleshouldered tablet with slotted baseYesfairEast
10J. G. Lucinda Pfluger04 Aug 188101 Jul 1882In memory of J.C. Lucinda Pfluger. Born Aug. 4, 1881, Died July 1, 1882. Schlaf wohl du kleiner Erdengast Der du den Herrn zum Freunde hast Schlaf wohl du ruhst in Jesu Hand. Der alles an dich hat gewandt.marbletablet on baseYesgoodEast
11Wilhelmine Neimann20 Jun 181725 June 1886Hier ruhet Frieden.marbledomed tablet on slotted baseYesfairEast
12Amanda C. Pfluger12 Nov 188821 Nov 1891 marblesculptured tablet on baseYesfairEast
13Christian Braker02 Feb 188216 Feb 1893In memory of Christian Braker. Born in Travis Co., Texas Feb. 2, 1892. Died in Williamson Co. Texas Feb. 16, 1893.marblepedestalYesfairEast
14W. A. Pfluger03 Mar 185518 Feb 1879In memory of W.A. Pfluger. Born in Richland, Travis Co. Tex. March 3rd 1855. Died Feb. 18, 1879.marbletablet with slotted baseNofairEast
15Henry PflugerAug 1803Nov 1867In memory of Henry Pfluger. Born in Germany Aug 1803. Died at his home in Travis Co. Texas Nov 1867.marblepedestalYesgoodEast
16Emma Pfluger05 Sep 187729 Dec 1877In memory of our Dear Little Emma. Daughter of Chas. & M.A. Pfluger. Born Sept. 5, 1877. Died Dec. 29, 1877.marbletablet with slotted baseYesfairEast
17Henry Pfluger30 Aug 180308 Nov 1867Erected in Memory of Henry Pfluger born 30 Aug 1803 at Altenhasungen, Hessia Germany died 8 Nov 1867 here at his home.marblepedestalYesfairEast
18John Henry Schlittler 20 Nov 1880Aged 48 Y’s 5M’s 20 D’s. Gone but not forgotten.marbledomed tabletNogoodEast