Oak Grove Cemetery

Name of cemetery: Oak Grove Cemetery
Location: Spicewood Springs Road and Bull Creek.
Driving directions: Go north on Burnet Road to Anderson Lane. Turn west on Anderson; Anderson will change to Spicewood Springs Road. After Mopac, continue until you reach Hwy 360. Go south a couple of blocks to the continuation of Spicewood Springs Road. Go out that road 3.3 miles to Oak Grove Church. Some graves are next to the church. The main cemetery is across the road. Jollyville Quad, 3097-234.
Date transcribed: November 1999
Transcribed by: Clarice Neal
Please Note This page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
(Baby) Row 1
Allen Julia V. Row 4
Bertling Adrian Wesley Row 10
Bertling Althea Lee Boatright Row 10
Boatright Albert Bolden Row 9
Boatright Alex E. Row 10
Boatright Amelia Cacares Row 9
Boatright Annie Row 9
Boatright Charles Eugene Row 9
Boatright David Alexander Row 9
Boatright Elsie M. Row 6
Boatright Emmer Rose Row 9
Boatright Etta Mae nee Teague Row 10
Boatright Floyd C. Row 6
Boatright Frank Lee Row 8
Boatright Howard C. “Bo” Row 6
Boatright Jess T. Row 9
Boatright Joe Row 9
Boatright Lee Bolden Row 9
Boatright Liddie Row 9
Boatright Maggie Row 9
Boatright Pauline Suzanne (Cappell) Row 8
Boatright Robert Evans Row 9
Boatright Rosa M Row 9
Boatright Tim F. Row 9
Cantrell Dora L. Row 3
Cantrell Elvin M. Row 4
Cantrell Florence Mae Church lot
Cantrell Helen Row 2
Cantrell Howard C. W. Corner
Cantrell John S Row 3
Cantrell Nellie F. Row 6
Cantrell Oscar Gene Church lot
Cantrell Tom D. Row 6
Cantrell Tommie Row 6
Clark Daryl (infant) Row 9
Dorsey Tommie E. Row 8
Faurie Harold Dean Row 3
Faurie Mark Dwain Row 3
Ferrill Debbie Diane Church lot
Ferrill Mae E. Church lot
Ferrill Stanley Church lot
Guest Cleo V. Row 10
Guest Thelma B. Row 10
Herrin Carl W. Corner
Herrin Edna D. W. Corner
Holt Aimee L Row 1
Hopkins Edith E. Boatright Row 8
Jones Ethel Bell Row 8
Jones John H. Row 8
Kamp Dorothy Lou Row 6
Kamp Infant boy Row 2
Kerr Sheila Ann Row 3
Leonard Kathryn L Row 1
Love Kristin H. Row 7
Love Thomas D. Row 7
McConnell Archie M Row 1
McConnell Edith Thelma Row 1
McConnell Morris Row 1
McGrew Evelyn Row 7
McGrew G. W. Row 7
McKamy C. Francis Row 9
McKamy Ray Kinser Row 9
McKamy Raymond D. Row 9
Milhim George C Row 1
Milhim Jessie “Kathryn “Kitty”” Row 1
Milhim Michael Gary Row 1
Muller? Mrs. Nora D. Row 2
Phillips Emma Row 7
Phillips Infant Row 7
Phillips Infant Row 7
Phillips Infant Row 7
Phillips Shannon Lillie Lee Row 7
Pickens Betsy Mayfield Row 8
Pickens John Fred Row 8
Prewitt Dolly Row 1
Prewitt Jess Row 1
Prewitt Vergie Row 1
Reed Japhtha? Row 9
Richard Billy Ray W. Corner
Richards Elizabeth “Rightmire “Betty” Row 8
Richards Wilson “Lawson “Wilse” Row 8
Routon Martha Row 6
Schneider Marie Margurette Jeansotte Row 8
Shannon ? ? Row 2
Shannon A. Dewey Row 2
Shannon Andrew F. Row 7
Shannon Asa Edward Row 2
Shannon Bessie L. Row 2
Shannon Betty Lou Church lot
Shannon Clinton Church lot
Shannon Dewey Taylor Row 1
Shannon Dorothy M Row 1
Shannon Ella May Row 3
Shannon Forest W. Row 7
Shannon James Henry Row 6
Shannon James Earl Row 7
Shannon Johnnie Dee Row 2
Shannon Lela Mae Row 6
Shannon Marvin Forest Row 3
Shannon O. “L. “Buddy” Row 2
Shannon Othel L Row 1
Shannon Perry L Row 1
Simons Andrew Row 5
Simons Betty Tungate Church lot
Simons Charles Row 5
Simons Clarence William Row 5
Simons D. D Row 5
Simons Dexter L. Row 6
Simons Dick Row 5
Simons Edith Gribbin Row 5
Simons Edward Dexter Row 4
Simons Eli D. Row 3
Simons Ella Row 2
Simons Eva Dupur(?) Row 3
Simons H. O. Row 4
Simons Ida May Row 4
Simons infant Row 5
Simons L. M. Row 4
Simons Lee Row 5
Simons Lillie B Row 5
Simons Mary Alice Row 4
Simons Vernon Lee Row 4
Simons Rae G. Row 7
Simons Harvey B. Row 7
Simons Combs Myrtle J. Row 7
Steekes Thurston Vance Row 8
Sutton Elizabeth Ann Church lot
Sutton Rhodie Church lot
Swope M.C.F. Church lot
Tegue Olivia Viola “Ollie” Row 9
Tegue Raburn Calvin Row 9
Thurm Wm. Row 2
Toungate Ida Row 5
Tuttle Myrtle Ida “Meme” Church lot
Waechter Carl B Church lot
Waechter Dolores J. Church lot
Waechter Gustav A. “Gus” Church lot
Waechter Lewis J. Row 9
Waechter M. Elizabeth Row 9
Waechter Mandy M. Church lot
Waechter Willie W. W. Corner
Wallace Francis R. Row 3
Wallace James E. Row 3
Williams Pat Row 7
Williamson Ralph W. Row 6
Young Lucy Row 1