Merrelltown Cemetery

Cemetery Name Merrelltown Cemetery
Caretaker Calvary Worship Center
Directions 14914 Burnet RD. On Burnet Road (FM 1325), north of Austin, just north of the intersection of FM 1325 and Merrilltown Drive. The cemetery is on the east side of 1325. Pflugerville West Quad, 3097-243.
Survey Date 2009
Photographed by Laurie Bloomquist
Surveyed By Laurie Bloomquist and Yvonne Beever
Comments Historical Marker.
Please Note This page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
? E S       SofG,Row1-16   Handmade limestone marker
? P         SofG,Row6-9   Handmade limestone marker / between the Thorp’s & Penningtons
? LP or EP         SofG,Row6-10   Handmade limestone marker / between the Thorp’s & Penningtons
? ?         SofG,Row10-6   Headstone broken
? ?         SofG,Row10-9   Headstone missing
? ?         SofG,Row15-3   Big & Unreadable
? ?         SofG,Row15-5   Hard to Read
? ?         SofG,Row16-1   Handmade
? ?         SofG,Row18?   New grave spring of 2008 – no marker yet
Ash James Guy   5-19-1879 5-24-1880 SofG,Row1-11 “Happy Infant Early Blest”  
Ash A. Hoyt   1849 1892 SofG,Row6-2   Husband of Viola Tennessee “Tennie” Kemp Ash. His son, Will, killed him. Later when Will married and had children, his son Sam, killed him.
Ash Viola Tennessee “Tennie” Kemp 1855 1929 SofG,Row6-1   Wife of A. Hoyt Ash. Daughter of J.B. and E.S. Woodward Kemp
Baines Laura Dillingham   9-14-1854 8/17/1945 SofG,Row8-7 “MOTHER” Wife to C.P. Baines. Married 11-5-1878. She was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The family left Lincoln County, Tennessee on January 11, 1855 and arrived in Travis County, Texas on 2/10/1855. She is the daughter of Brice Dillingham and Sarah Margaret Woodward Dillingham.
Ballard Debra Kay   1/27/1956 1/27/1956 NofG,Row3-5   There is no marker for this grave. Buried between Ida Maurine Parker’s grave and the fence. Granddaughter of Dude Parker. Sister of Ricky Dean Ballard.
Ballard Ricky Dean   12/20/1959 12/23/1959 NofG,Row3-6   There is no marker for this grave. Buried between Ida Maurine Parker’s grave and the fence. Grandson of Dude Parker. Brother of Debra Kay Ballard.
Bassford Micky Harlan   5/5/1939 5/31/2003 NofG,Row1-7 “CT2 US NAVY” Grandson of Willie and Dorothy Parker. Son of Edith Irene Parker. Brother of Barbara, Patricia and Stephanie
Bertelson Olene         NofG,Row6-4    
Bertelson Dorman         NofG,Row6-5    
Bertelson Synthia “Cindy” Kay   3/14/1952 7/18/1995 NofG,Row6-6   Granddaughter of Doc and Minnie Parker
Brock Henry     2-4-1895 10-4-1897 NofG,Row12-9 “Little Henry, Son of J.H. and M.J. Brock”  
Brock Julia Ann   1837 1921 NofG,Row12-5    
Brockman Fritz John       NofG,Row18-1    
Brockman Lenore Ann         NofG,Row18-2    
Brockman John         NofG,Row18-3    
Brockman Emma         NofG,Row18-4    
Bullen James H.   7-18-1878 11/11/1900 SofG,Row13-2    
Burns Evelyn W     2006 SofG,Row14-1    
Cahill Mike J.   10-8-1893 9/17/1917 SofG,row14-9    
Cahill John Daniel   7-22-1852 1/15/1938 SofG,Row14-8 “FATHER” Husband of Camby Smith Cahill
Cahill Camby   Smith 6-18-1862 4/16/1939 SofG,Row14-7 “MOTHER” Wife of John Daniel Cahill
Cahill Henry     1900 1956 SofG,Row14-6    
Cahill Ellen       8-17-1895   “Beneath this stone in soft repose, Is laid a Mother’s dearest pride; A flower that scarce had waked to life, And light and beauty ere it died” Infant daughter of M. and J.D. Cahill
Cahill Jasper W. “Humpy” or Casper 8/26/1902 1/28/1984 SofG,Row14-5    
Cahill Lela B       SofG,Row14-3    
Cahill J D       SofG,Row14-4    
Carter A.M.     7-31-1838 10/14/1909 SofG,Row11-? “MOTHER”  
Carter Andrew J.   7-4-1838 2-7-1889 Same ? ?    
Carter A. J.       SofG,Row11-7    
Carter Charles F.   4-27-1877 1/1/1901 SofG,Row11-6    
Chambers Vera Viola   2-14-1892 3-10-1893     Baby daughter of T.L. and Z.J. Chambers
Chambers Groves Baxter   1-7-1894 6/20/1902 SofG,Row10-7   Young son of T.L. and Z.J. Chambers
Clinkscales James Asa   1880 1902 SofG,Row4-3    
Collier Sophia Elizabeth “Babe” Ivy 10-17-1853 6/4/1910 SofG,Row9-10 “MOTHER”  
Collier Green M.   12-24-1848 9/6/1909 SofG,Row9-9 “FATHER”  
Collier John A.   10-31-1858 7-26-1886 SofG,Row9-7   Brother of Green M. Collier
Collier Elizabeth H. Smith 1-11-1823 2/20/1901 SofG,Row9-6   Green M. Collier’s mother. Born in North Carolina
Daugherty Edna E.   4-7-1873 7/28/1901 NofG,Row13-9 “HOPE” Wife of D.H. Daugherty
Dean Nancy A.   4-5-1882 8-29-1883 SofG,Row9-12   Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. (or G.) S. Dean
Dean Sidney S.   2-2-1860 4-27-1893 SofG,Row13-3 “The Cross Is My Anchor”  
Dean Sallie E.   2–1870 9-4-1896 SofG,Row13-1    
Detjens Mary Rachel       SofG,Row15-1    
Detjens David Otto   1924 2003 SofG,Row15-2    
Dillingham John     5-22-1832 5/14/1917 SofG,Row8-2 “FATHER” Husband of Lucy Eleanor Woodward Dillingham. They were married in 1854 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, and came to Texas in 1855, settling on Onion Creek, near Brushy Springs, Travis County.
Dillingham Lucy Eleanor Woodward 1-16-1838 1/4/1928 SofG,Row8-1 “MOTHER” Wife of John Dillingham. They were married in 1854 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, and came to Texas in 1855, settling on Onion Creek, near Brushy Springs, Travis County. She was the daughter of Lemuel S. Woodard and Jane Waggoner Woodward. Jane’s parents were Jacob Waggoner and Barbara Boone Waggoner. They had 11 children.
Dillingham William Woodward   1873 1952 SofG,Row7-3   Son of Brice Dillingham. William Woodward Dillingham was in a Wild West Show up in Oklahoma, etc , and left his wife to marry a woman bronc buster. However, on a trip to England, he married an English girl instead.
Dillingham Lena S. Lavilia Williams 1885   SofG,Row7-4    
Dillingham Brice     3-4-1831 6-20-1886 SofG,Row8-3 “OUR FATHER” Husband of Sarah Margaret “Sadie” Woodward Dillingham
Dillingham Sarah Margaret “Sadie” Woodward 5-30-1836 11/4/1912 SofG,Row8-5   Wife of Brice Dillingham. She was the daughter of Lemuel S. Woodward and Jane Waggoner Woodward. Two Dillingham brothers married two Woodward sisters.
Dillingham Leila Pearl   12-11-1870 1-8-1888 SofG,Row8-4   Daughter of Brice and Sarah Margaret Woodward Dillingham. (1880 Census gives her name as Nettie P. – Born 1870)
Dillingham L.P. “Little Pearl”       SofG,Row8-6 “IN MEMORY OF L.P. DILLINGHAM”  
Ferguson Lucy A       SofG,Row15-4    
Ferguson James C       SofG,Row15-5    
Fleischer Herman     10-12-1853 3/22/1925 NofG,Row6-8 “FATHER” Husband of Katherina Fleischer
Fleischer Katherina     3-3-1854 6/5/1909 NofG,Row6-7 “MOTHER” Wife of Herman Fleischer
Ford William R.     10-4-1875 SofG,Row5-5   Age 4 yrs, 9 mo’s, 11 days
Ford W.S.     12-3-1837 1/27/1923 NofG,Row5-7   Daughter is Mollie Michael – Wife of O.I. Michael
Ford Mary   Smith     NofG,Row5-8   Wife of W.S. Ford, Mother of Mollie Michael
Foster L M       NofG,Row18-6    
Foster Hattie         NofG,Row18-7    
Garner James P.   8-8-1878 7-6-1893     Son of A.B. “Arch” Garner and F.A. “Francis” Garner
Garner Francis     2-22-1849 2/14/1922 SofG,Row12-3   Wife of A.B. “Arch” Garner
Garner Arch B.   9-18-1848 7-3-1894 SofG,Row12-2   Husband of Francis Garner
Glenn A. J.   2-24-1833 5-27-1869 SofG,Row2-12   Handcarved limestone marker
Glenn Andrew     2-24-1833 5-27-1867 SofG,Row2-10    
Glenn Nancy     8-25-1835 1/23/1915 SofG,Row2-11    
Graves Emma     10-24-1885 4/9/1906 NofG,Row7-6    
Graves Nancy Edna Kemp 7-21-1864 6/24/1904 NofG,Row7-5   Wife of W.J. Graves. Daughter of J.B. and E.S. Kemp
Graves William J.   11-18-1853 7/2/1917 NofG,Row7-4   Husband of Nancy Edna Kemp Graves
Harmon J.B. Frank   1822 1879 SofG,Row3-1   Second husband of Martha Jane Woodward. Daughter of Josiah B. Woodward.
Harris Beatrice     4/6/1910 4/27/1911 NofG,Row8-8   Daughter of E.W. Harris
Harris Willie M.       NofG,Row7-8   Wife of E.W. Harris
Hennig Charles Louie   9-9-1864 1/19/1959 SofG,Row10-2   Husband of Ida Letitia “Turk” Hennig. His parents came over directly from Germany. As of 1964 his son, Vernon Hennig, lived in Austin, Texas
Hennig Ida Letitia “Turk”   6-12-1866 2/4/1934 SofG,Row10-1   Wife of Charles Louie Hennig.
Hennig Laurence     9-17-1899 11/10/1901 SofG,Row10-3   Baby son of Charles Louis and Ida Letitia Hennig
Hennig Lula M.   6-19-1891 3-11-1892 SofG,Row10-4   Baby daughter of Charles Louis and Ida Letitia Hennig
Hennig Edgar N.   10-11-1888 6-5-1889 SofG,Row10-5   Baby son of Charles Louis and Ida Letitia Hennig
Holenfeldt JFW     1849 1945 NofG,Row19-11    
Howard Robert J.   1870 1934 SofG,Row4-2    
Howard Mary Mollie Smith 1865 1939 SofG,Row4-1    
Kemp Annie Agnes Ross 12-25-1865 8/12/1900 SofG,Row1-1    
Kemp Eliza Sophronia Woodward 1-14-1833 12/15/1918 SofG,Row1-9   She was the daughter of Josiah Brandon Woodward, brother to Lemuel Summerwell Woodward. She married James Barnett Kemp. J.B. Kemp accompanied L.S. Woodward to Texas when he came in 1855.
Kemp J. B.   4-18-1833 12-27-1881 SofG,Row1-10    
Kemp Minnie R.   4-12-1870 3-18-1888 SofG,Row1-8   She was the daughter of J.B. and Eliza Sophronia Kemp.
Kemp Daisy     9-15-1890 2-24-1892 SofG,Row1-14   Daughter of Louis Cass Kemp and Annie A. Kemp. She was named after Aunt Daisy Kemp Dixon.
Kemp William B.   11-4-1814 11-1-1883 SofG,Row1-7   Father of James Barnett Kemp. Son of Barnett Kemp who was a native of North Carolina.
Kemp Nancy   Brazier 11-15-1807 9-17-1892 SofG,Row1-6   Married William B. Kemp in 1832 in Tennessee. Mother of James Barnett Kemp. She was a native of North Carolina. Daughter of James Brazier and Polly Smith Brazier.
Kemp Abigah Guy   3-14-1851 6-2-1897 SofG,Row1-5    
Kemp Louis Cass   2-12-1859 9/18/1950 SofG,Row1-2   He was the son of J.B. and E.S. Woodward Kemp. Married Annie A. Kemp – 12/25/1865-8/12/1900. These were the parents of Daisy Kemp.
Kemp L. C.   11/25/1905 7/24/1906 SofG,Row11-3    
Killen J. A.   7-16-1844 12/18/1911 SofG,Row7-11   Husband of Mary Killen
Kemp Laura Carter Stamp     SofG,Row11-5    
Killen Mary     3-1-1839 1-7-1883 SofG,Row7-10 “As A Wife Devoted, As A Mother Affectionate, As A Friend Ever Kind And True” Wife of J.A. Killen
Killen L. J.   4/18/1906 4/18/1906 SofG,Row7-8    
King Lura   Smith 1867 1956 SofG,Row2-1   Daughter of John Smith and Jane Kemp Smith, who was a sister to J.B. Kemp
King Jessie Louis   11-5-1825 12-29-1865 SofG,Row3-4   Husband of Mary Jane Woodward King.
King Mary Jane Woodward 2-14-1835 7/25/1914 SofG,Row3-5   Born in Tennessee. Daughter of Lemuel S. and Jane Waggoner Woodward. Wife of Jessie Louis King
King F. L.   4-25-1862 1-7-1863 SofG,Row3-6    
King Estella J.   9-6-1886 12/2/1906 SofG,Row3-7 “A Light From Our Household Is Gone A Voice We Loved Is Stilled She was the daughter of L.W. and Ida C. King
King Mollie W.   3-6-1885 4/24/1912 SofG,Row3-8 “Gone But Not Forgotten” She was shot by a man named Brock for which he was hanged.
King Jessie Louis   2-3-1891 3/25/1917   “Gone But Not Forgotten”  
King Ida C.   11-16-1863 12/7/1938 SofG,Row3-9   Born in Tennessee – wife of L.W. “Lem” King (1880 Census)
King L.W. “Lem”   3-8-1860 7/30/1939 SofG,Row3-10   Born in Texas – husband of Ida C. King (1880 Census)
Land A.     4-18-1824 10-7-1854 SofG,Row5-10   This is a full lenth slab laying on the ground. It is hand carved.
Lynch Ellen     12-28-1891 9/6/1927 SofG,Row11-8    
Lynch Leona     2/22/1918 8/9/1930 SofG,Row12-6   buried at foot of plot with Ellen Lynch
Mercer Andrew S.   8/13/1902 10/30/1903 SofG,Row12-5   Baby son of W.H. and V.D. Mercer
Merrell Martha Jane Pennington 5-14-1846 3/29/1906 SofG,Row5-6   2nd wife of Capt. Nelson Merrell
Merrell Nelson     10-6-1810 1-11-1879 SofG,Row5-7    
Merrell Julia     3-9-1850 7-26-1852 SofG,Row5-9   Daughter of Captain Nelson Merrell and R.M. Merrell. First burial in Merrelltown Cemetery.
Merrell Rachel   McKennan 2-29-1811 9-2-1862 SofG,Row5-8   1st wife of Capt. Nelson Merrell. Married May 26, 1840 in Austin, Texas
Merrell S. Dudley   3-14-1874 3/5/1936 SofG,Row6-13 “BROTHER”  
Merrell William     3-28-1871 8/1/1939 SofG,Row6-14    
Merrell Nelson     12-16-1868 11/19/1959 SofG,Row6-15    
Michael O. I.   3-3-1874 2/15/1930 NofG,Row5-5    
Michael Mary “Mollie” Ford 9-29-1876 11/10/1978 NofG,row5-6   Wife of I.O. Michael; Daugher of W.S. & Mary Smith Ford
Moore Blanch     8/6/1912 3/16/1929 SofG,Row12-7    
Moore Johnie     2/18/1905 5/23/1909 NofG,Row10-8   Son of J.R. and N.J. Moore
Musser Mary     1908 1996      
Nalley Hessie J       SofG,Row16-2    
Nelson Adam George   1/18/1984 1/18/1984 NofG,Row4-10   Twin brother of Andy Carl Nelson. These twins were stillborn and buried in the same casket. They are grandsons of George Edwad Parker/
Nelson Andy Carl   1/18/1984 1/18/1984 NofG,Row4-10   Twin brother of Adam George Nelson. These twins were stillborn and buried in the same casket. They are grandsons of George Edwad Parker/
Parker Daniel Wiggins   8-30-1841 2/19/1922 SofG,Row2-9 “FATHER” Daniel Wiggins “Dink” Parker enlisted in the Civil War Mississippi Infantry Confederacy on July 27, 1861 from DeSoto County, Mississippi at age 20. He was paroled as a Prisoner of War from a hospital in Richmond, Virginia on March 1, 1865. Apparently he went back to Tennessee before coming to Texas. He settled in Corn Hill, Williamson County, Texas near Jarrell. He married Rachel Elizabeth “Betty” Woodward, born May 4, 1841 in Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Lemuel Summerwell and Jane Waggoner Woodward. They were married (marriage license issued in Travis County) on December 19, 1871 by Rev. Thomas H. Bacon. He helped build and operate the Woodward-Parker Gin in Corn Hill about 1871. From conversations with his grandchildren the best that can be determined is he came to Corn Hill from Tennessee and resided there for awhile after he was married. He probably came to Merrelltown in the mid-1870’s because his son Charles Lemuel Parker was born at Lemuel Summerwell and Jane Waggoner Woodward’s home in Merrelltown on November 25, 1876. They went back to Tennessee in about 1878 in a covered wagon. Grandpa Dink drove a freight wagon with four mules to Chattanooga. A daughter, Nannie Jane, was born enroute on June 4, 1878. They came back to Texas in the early 1880’s. The children walked most of the way behind the wagon. One brother, James H. Parker, came with them and lived with them for awhile. While the brother was here he cut wood to sell and had a measuring stick in order to cut uniform pieces. Bud and Willie, who were young mischievious boys, would hide the stick every chance they got and he would get very upset with them. He eventually went back to Tennessee where he died. After Grandma Betty died Grandpa Dink went to Florence to live with Aunt Nannie and Uncle Jasper Thompson. However, he was not happy there so he came back to Merrelltown and lived out his remaining years with his son Charles Lemuel Parker. AN EXCERPT FROM “TALES OF CENTRAL TEXAS” AS TOLD BY WILLIE KEMP: “Living in the Merrelltown Community was a man and family named Uncle Dink Parker. I remember him well as a small child. He had two sons named Jim and Charlie Parker. Uncle Dink was a Confederate Veteran. He and his wife are buried in the Merrelltown Graveyard, so is Charlie and wife – who was a sister to Alpha Collier – named Ida Collier. As I remember Uncle Dink, he was a large, tall, white-haired man with a flowing white beard which was always kept pretty clean. He stood straight as an arrow. Jim Parker was the oldest son. He lived about Merrelltown for some time – later moving to Austin where he served on the police force for a long time. Charlie married and lived at Merrelltown ’til late in life when he moved away. That was after he ad become of an age and in such health that he needed someone to look after him. Charlie raised a number of boys, one being Willie Parker; another is Bud Parker, both of whom live in Round Rock. One of Willie’s boys is Martin Parker, Postmaster at Round Rock. One of Bud’s boys is Marvin Parker, a Letter Carrier working out of Northwest Postal Sub-Station in Austin, Texas. All of Uncle Dink’s descendants are fine people.”
Parker Rachel Elizabeth Woodward 5-4-1841 12/6/1917 SofG,Row2-8 “MOTHER” “She Is Missed At Home” Wife of Daniel “Dink” Wiggins Parker and daughter of Lemuel Summerwell Woodward & Jane Waggoner Woodward. Nickname “Betty” Grandma Betty dipped snuff.The family, except for Grandma Betty, all worked in the fields from daylight to dark picking cotton. When they got home Grandma Betty had done all the chores – milking, slopping the hogs, gathering the eggs, feeding the chickens, etc. – and she always had a nice supper all ready for the to sit down and eat right away.At one time the entire family – there were nine of them – had the flu at the same time except for Grandma. She took care of everyone and nursed them all back to health. Another time, Alta, Clyde, Dude and Doc all had the chicken pox at the same time. They were quarantined and couldn’t get out of the house. Grandma always pieced quilts and Doc and Dude were getting bored so they asked if they could help her sew on the quilt. She gave each of them a scrap of material and a needle and thread. They stayed busy for a long time.Towards the end Grandma Betty lived just across the road from the Merrelltown Cemetery. She would sit in the window and watch the cemetery and hallucinate about seeing carriages, etc. in her last days. After she died Grandpa Dink went to Florence to live with Aunt Nannie and Uncle Jasper Thompson. However, he was not happy there so he came back to Merrelltown and lived out his remaining years with his son Charles Lemuel Parker.
Parker Loma Lorena   9/19/1900 5/27/1901 SofG,Row2-4 “Loma – Our Darling” Daughter of Charles Lemuel Parker and Ida Lorena Parker
Parker Gladys Irene   12/1/1908 7/31/1910 SofG,Row2-3 “Gladys – Our Darling” Daughter of Charles Lemuel Parker and Ida Lorena Parker. Died from whooping cough
Parker Emma E. Collier 2-9-1882 3/4/1905 SofG,Row9-8 “Trust To Their Pillow Gently, The Dead Angels From Heaven Will Guard Over Their Bed”  
Parker Cora Rose Clark Moore 7-24-1884 5/30/1954 NofG,Row2-1   Charles Lemuel Parker’s 2nd wife
Parker Charles Lemuel   11-25-1876 12/24/1960 NofG,Row2-2   Father of Willie, Bud, Les, Doc, Dude, Alta, Clyde & CJ
Parker Ida Lorena Collier 11-22-1878 10/15/1930 NofG,Row2-3   Charles Lemuel Parker’s 1st wife She died at home in Merrelltown Wednesday October 15, 1930 at 2 pm. Funeral services were held at Merrelltown Cemetery October 16, 1930 at 3 pm. Mother of Willie, Bud, Les, Doc, Dude, Alta, Clyde & CJ
Parker Charles James “CJ”   4/23/1924 11/10/1995 NofG,Row2-4   Son of Charles Lemuel and Ida Lorena Collier Parker
Parker William “Willie” Ernest   7-17-1898 11/10/1990 NofG,Row1-5   Husband of Dorothy Helen Hester Parker. Son of Charles Lemuel and Ida Lorena Collier Parker. Father of Edith Irene, Helen Lorraine, Martin Ernest, Jack William and Bertha Faye.
Parker Dorothy Helen Hester 4/3/1903 2/28/1981 NofG,Row1-6   Wife of William “Willie” Ernest Parker. Mother of Edith Irene, Helen Lorraine, Martin Ernest, Jack William and Bertha Faye. Daughter of Claude and Stella King Hester. Granddaughter of Lura Smith King.
Parker Carl Franklin “DOC”   12/5/1906 5/20/1998 NofG,Row4-2   Husband of MinnieVictoria Sellstrom Parker. Son of Charles Lemuel and Ida Lorena Collier Parker
Parker Minnie Victoria Sellstrom 2/12/1911 6/4/2000 NofG,Row4-3   Wife of “Doc” Parker
Parker James         NofG,Row4-4    
Parker Richard Carl   1/23/1930 11/18/1987 NofG,Row4-6 “CMSN US NAVY”; “KOREA” Son of Doc and Minnie Parker
Parker George Edward   2/22/1936 6/30/1988 NofG,Row4-8 “SP4, U S ARMY” Son of Doc and Minnie Parker
Parker Russell Allan   12/18/1961 8/29/2004 NofG,Row4-9 “CPL US Marine Corp”  
Parker Dan Ivy “Dude”   9/24/1910 2/16/1972 NofG,Row3-2   Husband of Nellie Arthur Ward Parker. Son of Charles Lemuel and Ida Lorena Collier Parker
Parker Nellie   Arthur Ward 1/12/1922 12/3/1996 NofG,Row3-3   Wife of Dan Ivy “Dude” Parker.
Parker Ida Maurine   8/10/1943 12/27/1943 NofG,Row3-4   Infant Daughter of Dude and Nellie Parker
Pearson Ethel     12-1-1893 7-30-1895 SofG,Row10-8   Baby daughter of E.J. and L.E. Pearson
Pearson Robert     3-20-1892 3-26-1892 missing stone inPearson row   Infant son of C.M. and S.C. Pearson
Pennington S. D.   9-18-1819 4-12-1886 SofG,Row6-11 “IN MEMORY OF” “A precious one from us has gone; A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our home; Which never can be filled” Husband of Mary Jane Pennington
Pennington Mary Jane   7-10-1841 11-28-1899 SofG,Row6-12 “IN MEMORY OF OUR MOTHER” “Rest, Mother, Rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow for thee weep” Wife of S. D. Pennington
Powell Maggie J.   10-20-1886 1-25-1897 SofG,Row5-1   Daughter of G.B. and E.T. Powell
Preston Reuben       1856 SofG,Row5-4 “In Memory of Our Father”  
Rambler James         SofG,Row12-1    
Ravanelli C. Jr.   2/8/1913 11/9/1913 SofG,Row5-2    
Ravanelli Annie     8-31-1888 7/21/1914 SofG,Row5-3    
Reece Wendell     6/27/1923 12/13/2000 NofG,Back Fence,NE Corner    
Reager William C.   1819 10-6-1897      
Reager Ann   Baker 4-21-1836 2-22-1910      
Reager Mary Elizabeth     11-29-1853 3-15-1856      
Reager Unknown     Unknown Unknown      
Reager Unknown     Unknown Unknown      
Rice Sarah C.   1-7-1856 7-30-1875 SofG,Row3-3 “In Sacred Memory Of” Daughter of Jane Woodward and James Holland Kitchens.
Rogers Octavo     7-1-1851 11-20-1894 SofG,Row3-2    
Rush Lillie   Kemp   1899 SofG,Row1-15   This headstone is hand carved from limestone rock and has worn away.
Schulze Thelma Lois Parker 11/3/1932 12/27/2005 NofG,Row4-5   Daughter of Doc & Minnie Parker
Shanholtzer George Harrison   1-1-1858 7/5/1945 SofG,Row7-6 MASONIC EMBLEM Husband of Ida L. Dillingham Shanholtzer
Shanholtzer Ida L. Dillingham 1-30-1861   SofG,Row7-5 EASTERN STAR EMBLEM ; “Our Record On Earth Is Recorded In Heaven” Wife of George Harrison Shanholtzer. She was the daughter of Sarah Margaret Woodward and Brice Dillingham
Shoults Andrew J.   1842 1929 SofG,Row9-2 “FATHER” Husband of Valeria A. Shoults
Shoults Valeria A. Collier 1851   SofG,Row9-1 “MOTHER” Wife of Andrew J. Shoults
Shults B. T.   8-19-1890 6-6-1891 SofG,Row11-2    
Smith Dora Alice Kemp 6-27-1861 1/27/1906 SofG,Row1-12   she was the daughter of J.B. and Eliza Sophronia Kemp. She married T. P. Smith
Smith J. or L. B. or P.       SofG, Row1-13   Handmade stone and illegible.
Smith Stella M.   9-4-1879 5-25-1880   “A precious one from us has gone – A voice we loved is stilled – A place is vacant in our home – Which never can be filled”  
Smith James Martin   1861 1894 SofG,Row2-2    
Smith E. W.   9-16-1830 12-24-1888 SofG,Row6-3    
Smith S. Letitia   11-10-1834 4/21/1922      
Smith William         SofG,Row9-4    
Smith           SofG,Row9-5    
Snow Josephine         SofG,Row8-8    
Snow John         SofG,Row8-9    
Snow Sudie U.   6-24-1876 2-21-1882     Daughter of John and Josephine Snow
Stamp A. T.   7-8-1869 3/11/1903 SofG,Row11-4   Birth year could be 1862 and Death year could be 1952 – illegible
Stephens Emmitt G.   8-9-1884 8-13-1884 SofG,Row9-11   Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. G.D. Stephens
Stephens Beulah         SofG,Row13-4    
Stephens J L       SofG,Row13-5    
Stramler Arthur     3-6-1894 10/31/1953 NofG,Row8-2 “Texas Captain of Inf. Res.” “World War I”  
Stramler Eleanor Helen Woodward 6-6-1860 5/10/1924 NofG,Row8-3   Wife of H.P. Stramler 8/31/1855
Stramler Nan J.   1868 1951 NofG,Row8-4    
Taylor           NofG,Row18-10   Infant
Thorp Charles W.   2-18-1851 12-8-1899 SofG,Row6-5   Husband of Zena S. Thorp
Thorp Zena S.   11-26-1851 8/3/1931 SofG,Row6-4   Wife of Charles W. Thorp
Thorp E.V. “Skeet”   1-3-1885 7/4/1946 SofG,Row6-6    
? MJM         SofG,Row6-7   Buried with the Thorps
Thorp E. S.   6-16-1824 9/3/1915 SofG,Row6-8 “MOTHER” “AT REST”  
Thorp Ella   Dillingham 3-25-1864 12/5/1949 SofG,Row7-2   Wife of James M. Thorp
Thorp James M   11-22-1862 5/26/1941 SofG,Row7-1   James M. Thorp was working in a Saloon and his girlfriend, Ella Dillingham, quit him because he wouldn’t give up this job. He married someone else and in later years, after his wife died and Ella was an old maid, they got married. He died before she did and that is probably why she buried him where she would be buried later instead of burying him by his first wife, which is usually the custom.
Tuey Clarence Dell   6-30-1888 11-2-1888 SofG,Row7-14 “IN MEMORY OF CLARENCE DELL, Son of J.W. and M.E. Tuey”; “Suffer Little Children and Forbid Them Not For Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven”  
Tuey Albert Austin   7-25-1885 10-24-1887 SofG,Row7-13 “IN MEMORY OF ALBERT AUSTIN, Son of J.W. and M.C. Tuey”; “Unexpected, But Not Unprepared, He Sleeps In Jesus”  
Turner W. H.   1848 1920 SofG,Row11-1   Handmade stone
Walton Loraine A.   1/25/1915 2/2/1981 SofG,Row17-1    
Ward Adeline E.   10-26-1883 1-6-1885 SofG,Row10-11   Baby daughter of Hiram and Phoebe Ward
Ward Nance O.   12-23-1870 12-17-1884 SofG,Row10-10   Teenage daughter of Hiram and Phoebe Ward
Ward Phoebe     10-14-1843 7/23/1920 SofG,Row10-12 “MOTHER” Wife of Hiram Ward
Ward Hiram     3-16-1830 4/5/1909 SofG,Row10-13 “FATHER” Husband of Phoebe Ward
Weber August     1838 1920 SofG, Row1-3   Married Caroline Kemp 1846 – 1904. Note: There was a dentist by the name of Weber who lived in Merrelltown about this time. Son: Richard. Also, had a son, Willie, who was a medical doctor.
Weber Caroline     1846 1904 SofG, Row1-4    
Weber Robert E.   6-12-1840 5/25/1902 NofG,Row9-8    
Weed Corley       1957      
Wilson Nora G.   7-6-1876 6/5/1954 SofG,Row12-4    
Womack Martha     10-5-1817 5-9-1895 SofG,Row7-9 “ASLEEP IN JESUS”  
Womack Jesse W.   11-27-1813 5-27-1880      
Womack Frances J.   1-11-1855 8-8-1890 SofG,Row7-7   Wife of L.S. Womack
Woodward Lemuel   Summerwell 5-17-1813 10-10-1891 SofG,Row2-7   Lemuel Summerwell Woodward was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He was the son of Francis Marion and Jane Brandon Woodward. He was a brother to Josiah Brandon Woodward. His maternal grandparents were Josiah and Rachel Somerville Brandon. He married Jane Waggoner in 1834. He came to Texas in 1855 by way of New Orleans, Louisiana by steamboat and then on to Travis County by Ox Team. Lemuel Summerwell Woodward came to Texas in 1854 and scouted out Merrelltown as a future home site. He returned to Tennessee and in February 1855 he came down the Mississippi River on a flat boat to New Orleans and then on to Texas on an ocean-going ship to Indianola, Calhoun County, Texas with his family – his wife, four daughters and two sons. Two daughters – Sarah Margaret and Lucy Eleanor – were married to two brothers – Brice and John Dillingham. Mary Jane and Rachel Elizabeth “Betty” were single. Mary was the oldest and Betty was the youngest. The two sons were named Francis Logan and the youngest was named Josiah Polk. Josiah Polk was about eight years old then. With them came others including sons-in-law Brice Dillingham and John Dillingham along with others. Josiah Brandon Woodward, his wife and children; the Lane Family (no relation). The Wells were already in Texas – they came overland. With them came “Uncle Jim” Daniels, a freed slave, who walked most of the way with a load of whiskey. He had belonged to a family named Daniels and had been freed by them.They came from Indianola to Merrelltown by wagon train. Lemuel Summerwell Woodward settled in Merrelltown. Merrelltown was established in 1837. Brice and Sarah Dillingham settled near Austin – south of Austin. They later moved to Austin.Jane Waggoner who married Lemuel Summerwell Woodward was the daughter of Jacob Waggoner and her mother was Barbara Boone Waggoner (1790-1869).Lemuel Summerwell Woodward had one brother – Josiah Brandon Woodward – born June 6, 1811 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The parents of these two boys died when they were small. The father of Jane Brandon – Josiah Brandon – born June 26, 1761 in North Carolina; died in May 1842 in Lincoln County, Tennessee and his wife – Rachel Brown – born March 8, 1765 in North Carolina; died about 1847 in Lincoln County, Tennessee raised the grandsons, along with their own family of sixteen children, orphaned by the death of their parents.


Josiah Brandon (Jane Brandon Woodward’s father) was a Methodist preacher and the son of Captain John Brandon who died at the Battle of Kings Mountain, in the American Revolution

(Some of the above information came from the writing of Mrs. Lillie Woodward Dillingham)

From the files of W.W. Waggoner: She states that the Brandons lived in Burke County, North Carolina. They moved to Tennessee, a part of Lincoln County that later became Moore County. Josiah had a son – Lemuel – who was also a Methodist preacher. They built a log cabin on Cellee Creek on the road between Lynchburg and Winchester, near Elk River. Across the road from the log house (still standing) is Brandon’s Chapel – a Methodist Church still in use. In the genealogical portion of these data several family members are recorded to be buried near Brandon’s Chapel.

Woodward Jane   Waggoner 2-13-1814 6-17-1878 SofG,Row2-6   She was the daughter of Barbara Boone and Jacob Waggoner.
Woodward Ida W.   12-1-1886 9-25-1887 SofG,Row2-5 “Rest Sweet Timie Til Papa Comes” After Jane Woodward died, Lemuel S. Woodward married a Miss/Mrs. McKelvey, who was a number of years younger than he. Apparently Ida W. Woodward was a child of this marriage and probably died while they were still married. It has been reported that she left him after having two or three children and had all their names changed to McKelvey.
Wylie W. W.   10-23-1852 7/1/1934 NofG,Row11-7 “DADDY” W.W. Wylie’s headstone is laying flat on the ground immediately in front of Ethel Wylie’s headstone
Wylie Ethyl     10/1/1910 10/1/1910 NofG,Row11-7 “INFANT”  
Zimmerman E. F.   2-21-1846 10-6-1893 SofG,Row14-2