Maul Cemetery

Name of cemetery: Maul Cemetery
Caretaker: Yaupon Creek Development (512-263-5200)
Location of Cemetery: Located in Lakeway in Yaupon Creek Development, once the Maul Ranch
Driving instructions: From the intersection of RR620 and Lohman’s Crossing Rd. Turn off of RR 620 and go down Lohman’s Crossing a short distance until you come to Lohman’s Spur. Turn left onto Lohman’s Spur and about half-way up the road you will see the entrance to Yaupon Creek. Turn right on Meadowland Rd. into Yaupon Creek Subdivision. Go up the street and take the first right (sign says residents only) which is a road into the swimming pool parking lot. The cemetery has an adobe wall and wrought iron fencing. The entrance is on the south side of the cemetery, key is not required. The cemetery is on private property.
Appearance: Good
Date transcribed: Dec. 17, 2007
Transcribed by: Mary Stewart Hicks, P O Box 505, Blanco 78606
(830) 833-1591
1 Albert Henry Sylvester 7/25/1876 9/21/1951 (son of Thomas H and Jane Hudson Sylvester)
2 Emma Ida Maul Sylvester 9/3/1885 6/27/1951 (daughter of Emma and C. Ernst Maul)
3 Homer Lester Sylvester 12/1/1907 8/30/1908 (son of Albert H. and Emma Sylvester)
4 Anna Reinke 8/15/1882 5/24/1971 (daughter of Emaline and Paul Reinke)
5 Paul C. Reinke 4/2/1844 12/27/1883 (1st husband of Emaline Lohmann Reinke Maul)
6 C. Ernst Maul 9/3/1855 5/3/1904 (2nd husband of Emaline Lohmann Reinke Maul)
7 Emaline Lohmann Reinke Maul 3/10/1852 12/27/1927 (daughter of John Henry and Rosene Lohmann, 2nd wife)
8 Baby Maul 2/10/1894 1894  
9 Henry Lohmann 1840 1884 (son of John Henry and Sophia Lohmann, 1st wife)
10 Austin Monroe Butler 1900 1955 (son-in-law of Albert H. and Emma Sylvester)