Manor City Cemetery

Name of cemeteryManor City Cemetery – In Progress
Location of cemeteryNorth end of Lockhart and Lampasas Streets
Driving directionsHwy 290E to intersection of Murray/Loop 212, turn right. At Y go right onto Lexington. Turn left on Parsons and go to 4 blocks to Lockhart and turn left. Runs into the cemetery.
Appearancefenced, mowed and cared for
Transcribed byKay Boyd, Inez Eppright and Sunni Williams
PlotName of deceasedDate of birthDate of deathMarkingsType of marker
174Gregg, MarySep 28, 1884Jul 7, 1885daughter of R. S. & M. B. Gregg 
1091Turner, Barbara Leannea  double stone with Ronnie Turner 
1092Turner, Ronnie ClaySep 28, 1961Mar 15, 2007double stone with Barbara Turner 
C-111Wilhelm, HenryJun 3,1910Aug 10,1953Tex 2nd Lt Co C, 407 Inf 102 Int Div, BSM & OLC-PH, 
C-112Gardner, Hardie J. Jr.Feb 11, 1924Feb 6, 1979US Navy WWIImilitary marker
C-113Schlisesske, CharlieNov 16,1904Jun 21, 1906son of H. A. Schlisesske 
C-114Hilda18831890with Frederic (probably Finn)double marker
C-115Frederic18811898with Hilda (probably Finn)double marker
C-116Finn, Maria LouiseNov 12,1875Mar 20, 1876with Clara, children of August & Caroline F.footstone-MLF
C-117Finn, Clara WilhelminiaNov 25,1876Jan 4,1877with Maria, children of August & Caroline F.footstone-CWF
C-118Finn, Frederica18521942with Christinedouble marker
C-119Finn, Christine C.18501901with Fredericadouble marker
C-120No name  stone block inside old iron fence w/cedar & elm trees 
C-121Menefee, Infant sonJul 13,1908Jul 14, 1908son of C. B. & U. L.footstone
C-122Menefee, JennieJan 17,1908Jul 15, 1908daughter of J. A. & Bernice R. Menefee 
C-202Giles, Addie MayNov 21, 1872Aug 9 ,1894  
C-221Anderson, Calvin C.Jan 9, 1917Sep 24, 2004  
C-222Anderson, Nora Belle1919   
C-223Ricketson, Burton A.Sep 21, 1914Aug 7, 1992double stone with Ruthfootmarker-FHM
C-224Ricketson, Ruth W.Feb 16, 1915 double stone with Burton 
C-225McKenzie, Fannie S.18711931double stone with William M. 
C-226McKenzie, William M.18681942double stone with Fannie 
C-227McKenzie. Alma AnnJan 29, 1905Sep 24, 1975double stone with Dave 
C-228McKenzie, Dave A.Oct 22, 1898Apr 8, 1977double stone with Alma 
C-229McKenzie, David WilliamNov 19, 1941Aug 24, 1997  
C-230Sellers, Van A.Sep 15, 1900Jul 28, 1964  
C-231Sellers, Maggie18771953double stone with Mikefootstone-Mama
C-232Sellers, Mike A.18721917double stone with Maggiefootstone-Papa
C-233Anderson, Arthur N.Apr 4, 1921May 14, 1969Tex T Sgt 1724 Sig Svs Bn Avn, WWII 
C-234Anderson, IdaJul 28, 1885Jun 21, 1950  
C-235Lacker, Daniel18501932“”Father”” double stone with Josephinefootstone-DL
C-236Lacker, Josephine18521934“”Mother”” double stone with Danielfootstone-JL
C-237Lacker, Martin??MTJan 28, 1888Dec 23, 1888children of Daniel and Joseph Lacker,with Kenneth, Daniel and Johnfootstone-MT
C-238Lacker, Kenneth ClydeApr 13, 1890Jan 25, 1892children of Daniel and Joseph Lacker,with Martin, Daniel and Johnfootstone-KC
C-240Lacker, Daniel GrishamOct 23, 1876Mar 7, 1902children of Daniel and Joseph Lacker,with Kenneth, Martin and Johnfootstone-DG
C-241Lacker, John W.Nov 20, 1892Oct 1, 1930children of Daniel and Joseph Lacker,with Kenneth, Daniel and Martinfootstone-JEL
C-242Ayers, Tennessee footstone
C-243Ayers, Gusssie19061921 Harrell FHM
C-244AYS 1910 Harrell FHM
C-299no name  large base block, top missing, no inscriptions 
C-548Menefee, Jerry B.Dec 28, 1880Dec 21, 1900  
C-549Menefee, John Alfred18771914Pvt Co, H 40 Vol Inf Spanish American War 
C-550Liles, J. R.Jan 27, 1869May 31, 1894  
C-551Chamberland, Dallas DevarMay 3, 1875Aug 3, 1876son of J. & M. F. Chamberland 
C-552Glass, Robert HectorMay 6, 1882Jun 17, 1889 footstone-RHC
C-553Glass, WillieDec 31, 1918Jan 31, 1919infant son of Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Glass 
C-554Glass, Willie SkaggsSep 24, 1895Jan 5, 1919wife of R. H. Glassfootstone-WSG
C-555Glass, Alice CarleyApr 23, 1860Oct 3,1942  
C-556Glass, R. D.Jan 23, 1837Sep 10, 1924  
C-557Glass. Robert DavidJan 23, 1837Sep 11, 1924Tx Ranger, ,Pvt 2 Frontier Dist, CSA 
C-558Wilson, Mrs. Fannie H.May 14, 1880Nov 12, 1913(in cement plot curb)footstone-FHW
C-559Wilson, WilliamNov 25, 1875Mar 21, 1965Father (in cement plot curbfootstone-WW
C-560Wilson, Annie M.Mar 3, 1900Jul 2, 1989Mother (in cement plot curb)footstone-AMW
C-561Baker, J. R.Deec 14, 1853Apr 3, 1933  
C-562Baker, Elizabeth AnnSep 5, 1855Jul 22, 1919  
C-563Baker, Margaret FrancesNov 16, 1878Oct 28, 1914  
C-564Williams, John G.18741922with Edna (in cement plot edging)footstone-JGW
C-565Wiliams, Edna O.18781937with John (in cement plot edging) 
C-566Williams Calvin M.19071930  
C-567Williams, BarneyMay 23, 1901May 24, 1960(in cement plot edging) Tex CPL HQ & HQ Co 1 Bn 29 Inf, WWImilitary
C-568Berry, Thomas DorseyFeb 22, 1876Dec 18, 1912P.A. Surgeon, (with Carolyn), marble plot curbmilitary
C-569Berry, Carolyn V. BryanSep 19, 1878Mar 8, 1961(with Thomas) in marble plot curbdouble marker
C-570Berry, Thomas Dorsey Jr.Jun 14, 1905Oct 13, 1970  
C-571Mansfield, BillyOct 31, 1920Sep 3, 1996married 5/30/1924 
C-571Mansfield, Juanita G.May 30, 1924   
C-571Bryan, Martha E. GriffinJan 19, 1839Mar 2, 1929  
C-572Meier, Bessie Browning2/6/18905/9/1912wife of A. E. Meierfootstone B.M.
C-573Meier, Infant daughterAug 25, 1911Aug 25, 1911“”At Rest”” 
C-574Browning, Jessie V.Sep 10, 1860Apr 29, 1909dble stone w/Jenniefootstone-Father
C-575Browning, Jennie M.Dec 4, 1863Aug 4, 1949dble stone w/Jessie 
C-576Henry, T. dateno dateCo F 9th Tenn Cav 
C-577no name  lager flat stone about 3′ no markings 
C-578Fulton, Thomas dateno date“A Georgian by birth, a Texas by adoption” 
C-579Youngblood, dateno dateCSV 
C-580Koenig, MartinFeb 25, 1888Apr 7, 1968(with Elizabeth)double marker
C-581Koenig, ElizabethOct 3, 1896Jun 3, 1991(with Martin)double marker
C-582Giles, Banton WhiteAug 28, 1870Oct 5, 1952(with Leora)double marker
C-583Giles, Leora NorwoodDec 18, 1874Jan 10, 1945(with Banton)double marker
C-584Giles, Annie TheresaJan 20, 1896Jun 14, 1975  
C-585Giles, Bythenia JeannetteApr 13, 1909Apr 2, 1971  
C-586Giles, Dolly-Maude Harris FowlerApr 4, 1902Feb 3, 1985  
C-587Gregg Henry T.18811920 footstone-HTG
C-588Gregg, Richard S.18491897(with Mary)footstone-RSG, double marker
C-589Gregg, Mary T.18491934(with Richard)double marker
C-590Gregg, Ann R.Jun 5, 1873Mar 6, 1901In Memory, Daughter of J. P. & T. V. Gregg 
C-591Gregg, Florence R.Mar 4, 1882Mar 30, 1882  
C-592Gregg, Florence V.Jan 21, 1846Mar 7, 1882“I believe in the communion of Saints” 
C-593Gregg, W. HarveyNov 28, 1875Nov 13, 1876“of such is the Kingdom of Heaven” 
C-594Bates, Sallie A.Feb 14, 18xxJul 13, 1895  
C-595Bates, E. J.Feb 5, 1834Oct 29, 1888“Where I am there ye may be also” 
C-596Gregg, F. H. C.Jan 2, 1811Jun 15, 1888wife of Wm. Gregg 
C-598Gregg, CousinsMar 6, 1891Mar 9, 1970  
C-600Giles, MaryFeb 2, 1868Feb 22, 1872  
C-600Giles, Allen BattleAug 22 ,1869Oct 18, 1869infant son of L. B. & Annie Battle Giles 
C-600Giles, Campbell BattleApr 1876Jan 1952  
C-600Giles, Addie May11/21/18728/9/1894  
C-600Townes, Mrs. Bettie3/16/18221/25/1886born in Virginia 
C-601Leigh, Dr. R. H.2/1/18184/10/1876“Sweet be thy rest, my husband”broken in 3 pieces/off base
C-602Leigh, P. S.2/24/18237/12/1892wife of R. H. Leigh, “I am the reserection and the life” 
C-603Townes, E. D.6/5/18178/31/1864  
C-604Townes, M. C.4/26/18244/24/1884  
C-605Eggleston, H. B. 5/10/1872age 54 years 
C-606Lee, L. M.8/9/18693/21/1919  
C-607Baldridge   toppled, face down
C-608Bittig, John Walter2/17/18435/9/1910 ft-JWB
C-609Bittig, Julia E. Wilson7/13/184512/9/1885wife of J. W. Bittig, age 40y 4m 26d 
C-610Banner, Henry R.2/14/18602/2/1889  
C-610Banner, Susan R.5/30/18233/21/1893  
C-611Banner, Margaret D.10/13/18632/13/1918  
C-612Bittig, Floy Corine2/8/18808/3/1893 topplied, inside Bittig plot
C-613Fristoe, Rena BittigDec 31, 1870Jun 10, 1890wife of Henry F. FRISTOE, age 19 yrs, 5 mos, 10das 
C-614Bittig, Claude1/182612/21/1875  
C-615Bowdy, Mark T.4/23/19493/8/1967  
C-616Bowdy, Anna19282006Weed Corley Fish marker 
C-616Smartt, George P.18801918 footstone G.P.S.
C-617Smartt, George P. Jr.10/25/19136/25/1916  
C-618Smartt, Infant son3/15/19123/15/1912son of George P and Sadie G. Smartt 
C-619Smartt, J. C.18441911“A Southern soldier, a Christian, a gentlemen”double stone with Evelynfootstone J.C.S.
C620Smartt, Evelyn B.18501926double stone with J. C.footstone E.B.S.
C-621Pfeifer, Mildred GilesAug 7, 1898Jan 7, 1986  
C-622Pfeifer, Paul HerbertOct 26, 1894Feb 18, 1989  
C-623Pfeifer, P. B. 11/14/1934  
C-624Giles, Barton CampbellSpe 12, 1838Jul 31, 1922  
C-625Giles, Elisabeth A.Jan 24, 1817Aug 27, 1873wifwe of S. B. Giles 
C-626Giles, S. B.Dec 25, 1808Jun 17, 1884“Servant, Preachere of the Lord Jesus Christ” 
C-627Giles, Leonidas BantonOct 2, 1841Jun 12, 1922double marker with Annie 
C-628Giles, Annie BattleNov 22, 1849Feb 2, 1916double marker with L. B. 
C-629Anderson, Bonnie E.Oct 6, 1919Apr 24, 1993in cement curbfootstone-Bonnie
C-630Anderson, Bessie MaeMay 24, 1912Aug 19, 1990in cement curbfootstone-BMA
C-631Anderson, John E.19101981TEC 5, US Army, WWII, in cement curb 
C-632Anderson, Oscar W.Jan 8, 1882Jun 22, 1960in cement curbfootstone-OWA
C-633Anderson, HildaJan 1, 1889Oct 17, 1979in cement curbfootstone-HA
C-634Anderson, Infant sonNov 6, 1913Nov 6, 1913“At rest” son of Mr. & Mrs. O. W. Anderson, in cement curb 
C-635Anderson, Infant sonNov 6 ,1913Nov 6, 1913“At rest” son of Mrs. & Mrs. O. W. Anderson, in cement curb 
C-636McKenzie. Katie W.Oct 3, 1872Aug 16, 1895born Smith Co. Virginia, wife of James McKenzie 
C-637McKenzie, Hugh JamesMar 30, 1895Jun 18, 1895infant son of James & Katie W. McKenzie 
C-638McKenzie, Maggier Skinner Apr 1878age 33 yrs. Wife of W. M. McKenziefootstone-M.S.Mc.
C-639McKenzie, M. J. Dunaway Mar 30, 1904age 60 wife of W. M. McKenzie 
C-640McKenzie, W. M.18331924  
C-695no name  large toppled base and newel for top, no middle section 
C-696Beckham, Ralph3/4/19283/16/1928 cement curbing
C-697Beckham, Dock C.6/10/187012/13/1956Father, dble stone w/Bertie Beckhamcement curbing
C-698Beckham, Bertie M.12/3/18797/3/1963Mother, dble stone w/Dock Beckhamcement curbing
C-698Marchall, Helen R.2/28/19106/24/1995  
C-699Wheeler, Kitty G. Manor11/30/18481/3/1882wife of T.B. Wheeler (Catherine Georgia)DETERIATED
C-700Wheeler, Mary M. Barton4/6/18068/23/1864wife of W. H. E. Wheeler, b Knox Co. Tenn, d Travis Co 
C-701McSpadden, E. A.18075/30/1867  
C-702Farr, Mrs. Sallie A.8/14/18499/5/1879  
C-703Gallaway, Elisabeth 1/5/1872aged 40 yr, wife of Bryant Galaway, dble double stone????? 
C-704Davis, Josephine ???? 10/28/1871age 9 yr 8 mo, dau of B & E Galawayfootsone-J. G.
C-705Galaway, Bryant 7/4/1887aged 70 yrsfootstone- B.G..
C-706Anderson, Signe M.18861971dble stone w/Albert Anderson 
C-707Anderson, Albert A.18851958dble stone w/Signe Anderson 
C-708no name  not found in 2008 
C-709no name  not found in 2008 
C-710no name  not found in 2008 
C-711no name  not found in 2008 
C-712Marcuse, Louis W. Jr5/20/19333/19/1976SP3 USA 
C-713Marcuse, Louis W.4/28/191410/23/1968dble stone w/Mattie Marcusefootstone-Father
C-714Marcuse, Mattie Lou3/15/19137/25/1995dble stone w/Louis Marcusefootstone-Mother
C-737Galaway, Bennie B.8/19/18946/15/1895“Sleep Darling & Take your Rest”, statue of baby restingfootstone B.B.G.
C-738Galaway, Edgar Franklin7/3/18791/15/1909 footstone
C-739Johnson, Infant5/25/18901/29/1891In sacred memory of son of Ira & Alice Johnsontoppled off base
C-740Fields, D. A. 6/11/1885  
C-744Fields, Charles B.1/5/18697/24/1890plot marked w/ 6 granite blocks with “F”footstone-C.B.F.
C-745Fields, Mary F.11/19/18492/15/1947entombed gravefootstone-Mother
C-746Fields, John D. M.D.4/19/18456/27/1926entombed gravefootstone-Father
C-747McClenahan, Little J. D.2/19/19001/18/1901son of Dr. & Mrs. H. C. McClenahan, entombed grave 
C-748Fields, J. T.7/27/18917/19/1872entombed grave 
C-749Raney, H. E. I.5/12/183012/5/1964entombed grave (Hibernia) 
C-750Carrington, Roena D. E. Raney1/26/18564/2/1884wife of Wm. D. Carrington, entombed grave 
C-751Raney, John E.2/12/182412/14/1901entombed grave 
C-752Raney, Sarah Nichols4/29/18332/21/1920Mother, entombed grave 
C-753Raney, Annie C.8/6/18536/19/1922entombed gravefootstone-A.C.R.
C-754Howse, I. H.8/30/185110/30/1890b Williamson County, Tenn, erected by his loving wife Ida Howsetoppled
C-790DeGroot, Dora Z.3/20/18918/23/1992  
C-790Eppright, Col George J.1/27/19034/18/1998  
C-790Eppright, E. C.3/11/185612/xx/xxxxDau of D. & M.A. Eppright 
C-790Zimpleman, Emma Gramer9/15/18638/9/1952dble stone w/ Jacob Zimplemancurbed plot
C-790Zimpleman, Etta Babette4/4/18876/17/1977  
C-790Zimpleman, Jacob .12/9/18613/4/1945dble stone w/ Emma Zimplemancurbed plot
C-790Zimpleman, Jacob Jr.18851886  
C-790Zimpleman, Mildred Cramer9/9/190310/22/1980  
C-800Rogers, Dorris P.9/7/19128/18/1998Capt, US Army WW II, son of Jake & Emma Rogers 
C-800Boyce, Harriet18061865wife of James 
C-809Howse, George W.11/13/18785/5/1945  
C-810Howse, Pinkie Lee Brodie9/14/18947/21/1982double stone with Charlie Howseft Mother
C-811Howse, Charlie D.1/30/189012/16/1941double stone with Pinkie Howseft Father
C-812Maxwell, Thomas O.10/29/18348/27/1865toppled, broken in 2 piecesfootstone T.O.M.
C-813Maxwell, Mary10/2/1807/18/1871  
C-879Hayes, John C.12/15/189111/24/1892son of A. A. & Lou Hayes 
C-880Thurner, Della18841901  
C-881Heath, Houston2/7/18927/5/1958Brothertoppled off base
C-882Heath, Elsy1/20/188612/15/1887  
C-883Heath, Frankie3/19009/903 footstone-F. H.
C-884Heath, Millie5/1/18635/19/1950Mother 
C-885Heath, T. B.2/16/18617/15/1904  
C-886Heath, Edith B.11/12/19044/15/1921  
C-887Heath, Jack12/25/189512/13/1965  
C-888Puckett, Gurtrudeno dateno datedau of B.A. & M. J. Puckett 
C-889Puckett, Mary J.6/1/18575/14/1890dau of J. J. & M. E. Parsley, wife of B. A. Puckett 
C-890Parsley. Martha E. 10/14/1909age 73 yr 5 mo 16 da, dble stone w/J. J. Parsley 
C-891Parsley, J. J. 7/20/1909age 76 yr 6 mo, dble stone w/Martha Parsleyfootstone-J. J. P
C-892Newman, Marion Wayne10/3/19325/25/1955PFC HQ BTAY 96 AAA BN 
C-893no name  no inscription 
C-894Houser, Lloyd, R.19121990 footmarker FHM
C-895Houser, Charles W.18811939duble stone w/Simmie Houser 
C-896Houser, Simmie Ann18891974dble stone w/Charles Houser 
C-897Houser, Nelson7/22/18535/17/1927Father, dble stone w/Christine Houser 
C-898Houser, Christine10/1/18547/1/1934Mother, dble stone w/Nelson Houser 
C-899Pledger, Brauregard12/29/186112/7/1915 footstone- B.P.
C-900Gustafson, Laney E.1/25/18937/3/1977  
C-901Gustafson, Robert E.3/30/18815/26/1954  
C-902Gustafson, Joe Francis7/2/19283/27/1938  
C-920Anderson, Elizabeth Ashmore  dble stone w/G. A. Anderson 
C-920Anderson, G. A.3/9/19324/9/1996dble stone w/Elizabeth Anderson 
C-930Cole, Edna Laura Schumann8/5/192012/23/1998  
C-930Dittlinger, Mary Kathryn10/30/19214/14/2002with William 
C-930Dittlinger, William D.10/8/19215/7/2001SSGT USMC WWII, with Mary 
C-995Thurman, Lavania E.5/17/187612/2/1890b in Giles Co., Tenn, age 14 yr 7 mo 4 da, dau of W. F. & M. G. Thurman. 
C-999Rowe, Janet C.3/9/18367/9/1897 footstone-_ C. R.
C-1000Groome, Mollie G. 1/2/1914age 82 yrsfootstone-M.G.G.
C-1001Thurman, John Willis1/26/18562/6/1934dble stone w/Rebecca Thurmanfootstone-J.W.T.
C-1002Thurman, Rebecca Alice8/11/18576/14/1917dble stone w/John Thurmanfootstone-R.A.T.
C-1003Weatherford, Harvey3/11/18876/27/1887son of Wm & L J Weatherfordfootstone-H.W.
C-1004Weatherford, Nancy Ann3/7/186012/15/1886step-dau of W.A.B. Howell, marker broken 
C-1005Howell, Minervy E.9/11/18402/29/1888wife of W. A. B. Howell, toppled 
C-1006Howell, W. A. B.1/30/184810/30/1911  
C-1007Howell, Mary T.3/2/18638/6/1890wife of W. A. B. Howell, toppled 
C-1008Howell, Ola7/7/18909/3/1890infant Babe of W. A. B. & Mary T. Howell 
C-1009Mayfield, Ike Newton11/1/188910/12/1971family plot w/cement curbing 
C-1010Mayfield, Ella Lockwood8/29/18923/18/1893dble stone w/Ike Mayfield, family plot 
C-1010Wilson, Peggy Irene Mayfield Dunlap  dble stone w/ ???? 
C-1011Mayfield, Infant 1924 sm foot marker
C-1012Lockwood, J. C.10/3/18532/3/1921dble stone w/ Mary Lockwood 
C-1013Lockwood, Mary N .5/1/18551/9/1928dble stone w/J. C. Lockwood 
C-1014Dunlap, I. Ray11/22/19231/16/1969  
C-1015Lockwood, Hazel P.10/20/191810/23/1920  
C-1016Howell, John O.4/29/18653/27/1924Father 
C-1017Howell, Nancy M.10/1/18711/25/1926Mother 
C-1018Anderson, Woodrow D.8/26/19126/16/2005dble stone w/ Genevieve Anderson 
C-1019Anderson, Genevieve S.2/1/192112/23/1989dble stone w/Woodrow Anderson 
C-1020Lockwood, John C.18761949Father, dble stone w/Linnie Lockwood 
C-1021Lockwood, Linnie18851972Mother, dble stone w/John Lockwood 
C-1022Lindgren, Marilyn B. Akers11/9/192510/24/2002  
C-1022Sjoberg, Ethel18941895  
C-1023Sjoberg, John Oscar18641936dble stone w/Tina Sjoberg 
C-1024Sjoberg, Tina Marie18661934dble stone w/John Sjoberg 
C-1025Johnson, Emma S.7/12/18667/3/1952  
C-1026Johnson, Carl A.12/12/18598/3/1938  
C-1027Johnson, Walter E.18961959  
C-1028Strandh, Jennyndnd metal name plate
C-1029Erickson, Bertha S.18321927  
C-1030No Name  found in 1995, not 2008 
C-1031Luedecke, Infant  son of Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Luedecke 
C-1032Luedecke, Wm. Howard4/11/19145/27/1914son of Mr C.M. & W. G. Luedecke 
C-1033No Name  found in 1995, not 2008 
C-1034Sjoberg, B. L.2/10/18302/17/1894b Sweden, d Decker, wife of A. J. Sjoberg 
C-1035Sjoberg, A. J.12/30/18268/12/1903b Sweden, d Manor 
C-1036Broden, Per August18581944dble stone w/ Ida Broden 
C-1037Broden, Ida Fredricka18621914dble stone w/Per Broden 
C-1038Johnson, Dewey4/4/18931/23/1898dble stone w/ Dora Johnsonfootstone
C-1039Johnson, Dora12/2/18995/26/1900dble stone w/Dewey Johnsonfootstone
C-1040Fredrickson, William Weldon3/12/192111/9/1977TEC USA WWIIfootmarker FHM
C-1041McGuire, Jo Ellen9/1/19399/9/1939  
C-1042McGuire, Ellen Acklin6/20/19166/15/1979 footmarker FHM
C-1043Lancaster, Beatrice Acklin2/7/18904/9/1976  
C-1044Acklin, L. S.9/8/187610/8/1934  
C-1045no name  not found in 2008 
C-1046Fredrcikson, J. Rudolph5/16/189410/18/1959Father. Dble stone w/ Alice Fredricksongranite footstone
C-1047Fredrickson, Alice L10/12/18932/10/1971Mother, dble stone w/Rudolph Fredrickson, cement border 
C-1048Clem, Henry W.18791935dble stone w/Margaret Clem, cement bordergranite footstone
C-1049Clem, Margaret Z.18931960dble stone W/Henry Clemgranite footstone
C-1050Zimpleman, H. A.18601912 footstone
C-1051Zimpleman, Anna18741909 footstone
C-1052Zimpleman, Infant18991899 footstone
C-1053Zimpleman, Thomas18371910 footstone
C-1054Zimpleman, Babette18441930 footstone
C-1055Zimpleman, Fred18881911 footstone
C-1056Zimpleman, Lee Roy19001900 footstone
C-1057Cramer, Henrietta18431930 footstone
C-1058Johnson, Earnest3/12/18698/4/1921  
C-1059Johnson, Ida Matilda9/14/18761/11/1944  
C-1060Johnson, Billie19211925 metal plate in block
C-1061Johnson, Roy19011925 metal plate in block
C-1062Johnson, Bennie N.7/3/190710/16/1950  
C-1063Norwood, E. J. Terrell10/1/18509/6/1892wife of A. C. Norwood, in cement curbingfootstone
C-1064Norwood, Sallie Atna3/4/18718/28/1892 ft
C-1065Norwood, J. H.12/29/18116/19/1892double stone with Sarah Norwood 
C-1066Norwood, Sarah Ann4/10/18151/10/1894wife of J. H. Norwood, dbl stone 
C-1067Norwood, James Bascom3/29/184710/17/1931Uncle Temp, “Honored and loved by all” 
C-1069Lindgren, James19351994 Cook FHM
C-1071Snowden, Jimmy Duane8/16/19504/5/1995  
C-1072McGowen, Ethel  face down 
C-1078Glass, Judy19121995Amey Funeral HomeFHM–CHECK AGAIN
C-1080Vaughn, Joe H.9/17/18511/11/1924  
C-1081Vaughn, Samuel Walker9/12/18655/12/1916WOW “Death is to sleep in Jesus when this life is over” 
C-1082Vaughn, James T9/12/18642/19/1916“At rest” 
C-1083Vaughn, Wm G.12/17/18554/16/1923“At” 
C-1086Beckman, Bonita19491996(2/2/1996??)Cook-Walden marker
C-1087Ray, Kathryn Chamberlain9/14/19154/13/1996  
C-1087Price, Lucille B19192007Elgin Funeral home 
C-1088Snowden, Myrtle Irene Bostick5/28/192111/29/2002double stone with James Snowden 
C-1089Snowden, James Ernest  double stone with Myrtle Snowden 
C-1090Snowden, “Bobby” Dale  doble stone with Mary Avery 
C-1092Turner, Joyce S.12/8/19392/3/1998double stone with Dale Turner 
C-1093Turner, Dale W.  double stone with Joyce Turner 
E-106No Name  grave stone, no markings 
E-107Cole, J. B.10/1/191111/7/1969 footstone-Daddy
E-108Welch, John Arlnad3/2/19185/3/1976MSGT USAF WWII, Korea 
E-109Boatright, Raymond R. Sr.9/26/19212/26/1977dble stone w/Elvera Boatright 
E-110Boatright, Elvera E.  dble stone w/Raymond Boatright 
E-111Cole, William Harrison18811922 footstone-Daddy
E-112Grafton, Cole Hatherly8/23/19053/25/1993  
E-112Wilson, Bessie Cole18881964  
E-113Lane, Octavia C.,19091981  
E-114Lane, Susie18811924dble stone w/ Jim Lane 
E-115Lane, Jim18791943dble stone w/Susie Lane 
E-116Foster, George K. Sr.18781948  
E-117Foster, Bessie C.18811947  
E-118Brady, Andrew Marvin8/24/19351/4/1937  
E-119Lockwood, Patt, Sr3/14/18905/27/1964 footstone-Father
E-120Lockwood, Vinie M.9/24/18941/20/1981 footstone-Mother
E-121Lockwood, Steve7/6/19465/24/1962 also metal plaque on fence by Manor FFA
E-122Lockwood, Barney M.12/16/19163/18/1976  
E-123Perry, John Leslie9/18/19027/9/1991dble stone w/Mabel 
E-124Perry, Mabel Lane10/10/190610/22/1993dble stone w/John 
E-125Watson, James Stuartn.d.2/9/1903  
E-126Watson, Laura Forden.d.9/29/1905  
E-127Hill, Claude Earnest7/25/189012/30/1970dble stone w/Mary Robinson 
E-128Robinson, Mary Ester2/1/18899/3/1981dble stone w/Claude Hill 
E-129Hill, John E.18551914dble stone w/Fannie Hill 
E-130Hill, Fannie18581903wife of John E. Hill, dble stone w/John 
E-131Carson, Miss T. A.2/26/18838/11/1895age 12 yr 5 mo 16 da 
E-132Hurt, L. T.10/4/18716/7/1907 (on ground)
E-133Fowler, Annie Lee2/25/186211/15/1894wife of J. B. Fowler 
E-134Jennings, Hanibal O.7/19/18959/10/1895son of E.E. & F. A. Jenningsfootstone-H.O.J.
E-135GLENN  cement block, no other markings. 
E-136no name  stone cement block, no markings 
E-137McCoy, Catherine3/25/18545/30/1900dble stone w/LaSalle McCoy 
E-138McCoy, LaSalle12/14/18574/6/1902dble stone w Catherine McCoy 
E-139Blitch, George Ann6/26/190312/12/1988b Daingerfield, TX, d Austin, TX, dble stone w/Olivia Blitch 
E-140Blitch, Olivia Estelle Gleen7/27/190112/26/1989b Manor, d Austin dble stone w/George Blitch 
E-141Murphy, H. Gaines Jr.4/30/187510/6/1917  
E-142McCullough, John Wesley8/26/19036/27/1925  
E-143McCullough, William Isaac11/24/18768/17/1921dble stone w/ Fannie McCullough 
E-144McCullough, Fannie Myrtle nee Murphy9/22/18792/24/1957dble stone w/ William McCullough 
E-145Ashmore, J. M.1/19/188811/15/1971dble stone w/M.E. Ashmore 
E-146Ashmore, M. E.5/18/18903/13/1977dble stone w/J. M. Ashmore 
E-147Ashmore, Mary Ann10/9/19298/24/1930  
E-148Ashmore, Dorothy8/10/19178/24/1917  
E-150Gasway, Raymond W. 8/1945 piece of stone
E-151Gasway, 1931 piece of cement stone
E-152Mason, John C.3/20/18843/31/1890son of H. & S. F. Mason 
E-153No Name   toppled stone, can’t read
E-154no name   3 pieces, no name
E-155Murphy, Tennessee Hendrix18581916  
E-156Murphy, Harrison G. Sr.10/11/183612/17/1927TN 2nd LT Co 12 Regt, Inf CSA 
E-157Murphy, T. J.12/24/186710/16/1892son of S. H. & R. S. Murphy 
E-158Mason, Dovie L.2/27/18908/29/1892dau of J. W. & Nannie Murphyfootstone D.L.M.
E-159Mason, Lillian12/10/19011/13/190313 mo 3 da of age 
E-160Mason, Marjorie Katherine9/4/19165/11/1917  
E-161Glenn, Isham8/5/189012/7/1890infant son of W. T. & T. A. Glenn 
E162Gleen, Beulah2/20/18997/27/1912dau of W. T. & T. A. Glenn 
E-162Glenn, Willie1/3/18918/10/1891infant son of W. T. & T. A. Glenn 
E-163Glenn, Alice C.1/9/187312/28/1933Mother, dble stone w/William Glenn 
E-164Glenn, William T.10/30/18662/2/1939Father, dble stone w/Alice Glenn 
E-165Dupree, Lena Mae4/24/190210/11/1906  
E-165no name  new grave 10/2008, no marker 
E-166Lockwood, Haddie H.2/7/18823/6/1915 in cement rim
E-167Lockwood, Henry P.10/4/188112/23/1942 in cement rim
E-168Fredrickson, J. H.5/24/18772/10/1902dble stone with Annie Wrayin cement rim
E-169Fredrickson, J. H. Sr4/9/18451/7/1916 in cement rim
E-169Wray, Annie Fredrickson3/2/187210/6/1907dble stone with J.H. Fredricksonin cement rim
E-170no name   no name, no dates
E-171Henderson, Alice C.3/16/188912/17/1966  
E-172Canova, Emil P.10/11/18689/26/1913b Rosso Sta, Maria, Italy d Gause, Tex 
E-173Canova, Catherine1/23/18987/23/1898 footsone C.C.
E-174Lewis, James L.6/24/18826/15/1961dble stone w/Lena Lewis 
E-175Lewis, Lena Lavin2/4/188511/24/1964dble stone w/James Lewis 
E-176Dupree, Joe J.18791955dble stone w/Sallie Dupreefootstone-Father
E-177Dupree, Sallie A.18821967dble stone w/Joe Dupree 
E-178Dupree, Sallie C.2/1/18392/6/1919dble stone w/Mattie Dupree 
E-179Dupree, Mattie Y7/23/18688/6/1930dble stone w/Sallie C. Dupree 
E-180Dupree, M. C.3/5/19194/5/1919  
E-181Dupree, J . B.7/23/19347/24/1934  
E-182Dupree, P. Hugee (Buddy)11/5/19096/18/1974  
E-183Dupree, Andy Pete12/1/191012/5/1962TX Pvt 1262 SVC Comd Unit WWIIfootstone-A.P. D.
E-184Dupree, Katie12/9/18841/19/1950dble stone w/Ben Dupreefootstone-Mother
E-185Dupree, Ben5/12/18773/19/1953 footstone-Father
E-186no name  no name or datesstone block
E-187no name  no name or datesstone block
E-188Anderson, Minnie Lee11/29/19303/9/1933 footsstone
E-189Ashmore, Infant6/18/19026/18/1902dau of S. L. & M. S. Ashmore 
E-190no name  no name or datesstone block
E-191Davis, Gallant Earle9/30/18927/3/1894  
E-192Davis, Dixie Mae9/2/189010/7/1890dau of J. W. & Sallie C. Davis 
E-193Davis, James W. Jr.9/6/189610/9/1897  
E-194Darlington, J. B. 8/7/1894aged 45 yr 11 mo 1d, dble stone w/ Mary Darlington 
E-195Darlington, Mary Texana18541943dble stone w/ J. B. 
E-196Darlington, E. V.10/2/18765/17/1906  
E-197Ashmore, George N.7/8/18841/31/1954  
E-198Ashmore, Alonzo Newton Sr.12/27/18771/17/1950b Lawrence County, Tenn, d Austin 
E-199Ashmore, Nannie B.3/14/18524/26/1933Mother, dble stone w/ J. B. AshmoreFOOTSTONE-N?????
E-200Ashmore, J. B.7/18/18464/2/1926Father, dble stone w/Nannie Ashmorefootstone J.B.A.
E-201Puckett, Martha P.9/24/185412/1/1910 footstone M.P.?????
E-202Bell, J. N.10/10/18276/9/1900  
E-203Bell, Emily S.5/4/18313/2/1918  
E-204Canova, Mary4/15/18915/27/1916 footstone-M.C.
E-205Canova, Barclay9/27/18662/17/1916dble stone w/Secondina Canovafootstone-B.C.
E-206Canova, Secondina10/22/186712/15/1951dble stone w/Barclay Canovafootstone-S.C.
E-903Ballerstadt, Hatty11/27/18967/8/1897with F. E.footstone
E-904Ballerstadt, F. E.11/30/190012/10/1900with Hatty 
E-905Schneider, Therese2/14/18113/8/1890 footstone
E-906Schneider, John4/14/18291/6/1908  
E-907Bischoff, Margarette18321908  
E-908Ballerstedt, Minnie1/7/18953/9/1985  
E-909Bradford, Frances Ballerstedt12/21/18906/22/1990 footstone
E-910Ballerstedt, Mrs. Helen Morse7/3/18876/9/1916  
E-911Ballerstedt, Frances Schneider8/10/18604/25/1941  
E-912Ballerstedt, Hermann5/15/18539/9/1926 footstone H.B.
E-913Schieffer, Annie4/1/18781/25/1901wife of Alexander Schieffer 
E-914Ballerstedt, Dora T.1/3/188712/17/19565  
E-915Puckett, Little Zack 11/6/1896age 1 yr. son of Z. L. and S. P. Puckettfootstone Z.P.
E-916Howell, Frankie10/22/188512/24/1905dau of J. M. & E. S. Millsap 
E-917Bell, W. M.  toppled can’t readfootstone W. M. B.
E-918Bell, S. E.  toppled can’t readfootstone S. E. B.
E-919Bell, Alva 11/23/1901age 19 y, son of Wm. & S. E. 
E-920Small, Mary S.5/24/18863/15/1889 footstone M.S.S.
E-921Brunson, J. M.6/16/186712/29/1887born in Pike Co. Alafoostone J.M.B.
E-922Brunson, Amanda E.18691944 footstone A. E. B.
E-923Brunson, N. A.????  
E-924no name    
E-925no name    
E-926no name    
E-927Bell, Infant  dau of C. M. & M. E., “Infant”, “Sweet little jewel for earth too fair you have gone to heaven to blossom there.”propped against footstone
E-928Reno, Annie Pearl6/23/188211/20/1886  
E-929Ashmore, Frank Bell Jr6/10/19375/13/2006  
E-929Scott, Angibel K.9/25/190210/5/1977 FHM footstone
E-930Ashmore, Frank Bell Sr.3/2/19072/22/1958 FHM footstone
E-931Reno, Alice10/23/18548/24/1935Motherfootstone
E-932Bell, A. L.4/22/18338/22/1931double stone??? 
E-933Bell, Mary C.10/1/18331/3/1910 footstone M. C. B.
L-110Carlson, Infant daughter19161916  
N-515Dunn, Hoyt Nolen7/8/192611/13/1991USA, WWII double with Lillie B. 
N-517Dunn, Lillie B    
N-518Gardner, Annie M. Bryan19041993Cook-Walden marker(inside cemetery rim)
N-519Gardner, Daulton Hines??8/6/19344/27/1998double stone with Leroy 
N-519Gardner, Leroy Francis6/24/19343/17-3/27/1994double stone with Dault 
N-519Johnson, Edgar L.4/27/190510/6/1966double stone with Willie Johnsonft W
N-520Johnson, Willie Mae6/24/19074/16/1987 footstone-W.M. J.
N-521Hagood, Curtis M.9/6/19125/5/1983double stone with Lucille, m 3/5/1934 
N-522Hagoos, Lucille4/13/191511/11/1990double stone with Curtis 
N-522Parker, Douglas Reid 2/20/2003  
N-523Parker, Arthur L.11/4/19023/4/1990double stone with Ada 
N-524Parker, Ada A.8/20/190412/27/1983double stone with Arthut 
N-525Torn, Carl D., Sr.11/17/19027/21/1981double stone with Mariein concrete rim
N-526Torn, Marie F.8/27/19031/10/1966double stone with Carlin concrete rim
N-527Synatzske, Mrs. John  NO DATESsm metal plate
N-527Torn, David Jr.    
N-527Torn, Helen Bell8/25/193212/14/2004  
N-528Synatzske, John(1/3/1890)(2/23/1961) sm metal plate
N-529Collins, William P.19041961 hand carved stone
N-530Collins, Myrtle D.1908   
N-531McBride, Anthony J.19011964  
N-531McBride, Anthony James12/29/19566/21/1964  
N-532Collins, Clyde N.7/2/19459/22/1971 footstone C.N.C
N-533Collins, Ernest11/14/19256/30/1994  
N-534Moody, Betty Jane193812/15/1996 Elgin FH
N-535Dover, Daniel Ryan7/6/20067/6/2006(Boy A) 
W-01No Name no 2008grave site, not present 2008 
W-03Romines, William T.Feb 23, 1863Mar 24, 1914Father 
W-05Swain, Lermon WalterJun 19, 1902Jul 22, 1903  
W-06Davis, EthelMay 5,1 902Jul 26, 1903daughter of G. W. and O. J. Davis 
W-06J., S. M.  S.M.J.footstone-S.M. J.
W-07French, Mrs. Precilla U.Feb 20, 1848Jan 9, 1916  
W-09Swain, LettisiaApr 6, 1847May 1, 1886wife of J. J. Swain, born in Morgan Co., Ill. 
W-10Swain, JohnieSep 16, 1895Jun 16, 1894son of J. J. & M. E. Swain 
W-11French, MattieDec 31, 1896Sep 8, 1896  
W-12French, Edgar W.Feb 21, 1881Apr 5, 1881  
W-13French, J. J.May 7, 1846Feb 25, 1892husband of P. U. French 
W-14French, L. L. .Jun 8, 1883Dec 24, 1885son of P. U. & J. J. French 
W-15Ford, J. C.Oct 27, 1896Oct 17, 1918U.S. Service, Camp Beauregard, La. 
W-17Ballerstedt, Louis F.Sep 10, 1885Sep 26, 1971(with Hilma Ballerstedt)double stone
W-18Ballerstedt, Hilma LindgrenDec 28, 1885Dec 24, 1984(with Louis Ballerstedt)double stone
W-19Summerford, MaryJul 6, 1832Nov 24, 1900  
W-20Day, Martha JaneMar 20, 1873Dec 24, 1938Mother 
W-20Johnston, Sallie M.Dec 4, 1884Mar 25, 1891daughter of Z. P. & C. A. Johnston 
W-20Kostlunda Jan 14, 1896  
W-21Johnston, James L.May 26, 1878Jun 3, 1887son of Z. P. & C. A. Johnston 
W-22Jetter, J. T.Jan 2, 1885Oct 11, 1912  
W-23French, N. W.Mar 15, 1888Sep 24, 1915  
W-24Confederate Veterans  Erected in memory of the Confederate Veterans of Manor, 1913 by Manor Chapter U.D.C. Comrads and Friends, lest we forget, 1861-1865 
W-25Lancaster, Fannie J.Jul 8, 1849Jan 13, 1886wife of H.. E. Lancaster 
W-26Lancaster, John AldredFeb 23, 1882Mar 23, 1884Son of of H. E. & Fannie H. Lancaster (not found in 2008)(double marker)footstone-JAL
W-27Lancaster, Francis JamesDec 31, 1885May 19, 1886son of H. W. and Fannie H. Lancaster,(not found in 2008double marker
W-28Fristoe, Sallie W.Feb 23, 1846May 23, 1884wife of F. W. Fristoe 
W-29Covington, T. W.Aug 1, 1851Dec 17, 1883born in Culpeppr Co., VA 
W-30Lewis, A. B.Dec 7, 1817Oct 8, 1886  
W-31Lewis, Mary ColumbiaDec 28, 1841Jan 30, 1925  
W-32Crofts, Julia HesterMay 22, 1858Jul 18, 1890wife of E. J. Crofts, born in Snafflium, England 
W-33Bailey, IdaMar 12, 1873Jun 30, 1952 double marker
W-34Bailey James E.Oct 12, 1840Apr 25, 1926 double marker
W-35Foster, MelvinJan 20, 1877Aug 1, 1899son of Wiley and Alice 
W-36Allison, JemomeJan 20, 1841Mar 6, 1911Ala Pvt Co. C9, Regt Ala Cav CVS 
W-36Fuller, Katie M.Jun 4, 1877Aug 22, 1893daughter of E. B. & Ada Fuller 
W-36Fuller, Nettie M.Jan 30, 1891Apr 2, 1893daughter of E. B. & Ada Fuller 
W-37Allison, Martha J.18561934  
W-40Clem, Lillie MaeAug 6, 1909Oct 24, 1911infant dau of J. W. & A. E. Clem 
W-40Kirkman, Lacy JohnMar 2, 1902Aug 27, 1996married Jun 21, 1924double marker
W-40Kirkman, Lucille M. (Bryan)Nov 11, 1911Aug 31, 1991 double marker
W-41Bryan. J. P.Mar 11, 1850Dec 31, 1907  
W-42Anderson, Kermit H.Oct 31, 1907Sep 5, 1953Tex Pvt HQ, Co 34 Arm Regt, WWII 
W-44Pillittere, Bryan G.  age 3, “Briman”. “He loved everyone” 
W-45Anderson, Gus May 1948with Anna “Shared love, sweat, blood and tears for manydouble marker
W-47Anderson, Anna May 1948years lest we forget” with Gusdouble marker
W-47Anderson, Gene Edward19331935  
W-49Anderson, Eddie G.Oct 9, 1896Dec 17, 1979  
W-49Anderson, Olivia ESep 22, 1910   
W-50No Name no 2008no marker 2008 
W-51Fisher, James F.18701936(with Fannie)double marker
W-52Fisher, Fannie J.18781936(with James)double marker
W-53Fisher, EdnaJul 17, 1870Oct 27, 1893wife of James Fisher 
W-54Bryan, TolithaJul 1854Feb 1937  
W-55Bryan, Joel E. Jr.19131977  
W-57No Name no 2008 headstone-rock, footmarker wooden stob
W-58Tom, Millard Barber19311960small stone blockCook FHM
W-59Cain, J. Y.  CVS 
W-60No Name not in 2008top of marker broken 
W-61No name not present 2008toppled stone,, no inscription 
W-62Smith, FrankSep 27, 1900Jun 27, 1904  
W-63Jones, Robert L.Apr 22, 1865Jul 27, 1869son of M. R. & R. A. Jones, age 4 years, 3 mostoppled
W-64Cain, LemackDsec 11, 1823Sep 25, 1869born in Empero, Tenn, “In scared memory of Sugar”outside of iron fence
W-64Cain, Philadelphia  b in Cook Co., Tenn., broken 
W-65Cain, S. M. Sep 25, 1869age 45 years, 9 mos, 14 days, Masonic emblem (inside iron fence)footstone-SMC
W-66Edwards, Susanah Nov 27, 1909wife of W. D. Edwards, age 82 y, 11 m, 15 da 
W-67Edwards, W. D. Jan 22, 1902age 68 y, 8 m 1 da 
W-68Jester, Joseph N.18571886Fatherdouble marker with Emma
W-69Jester, Emma L.18601931Motherdouble marker with Joseph
W-70Jester, J. T.Jul 21, 1859Nov 4, 1888(broken) 
W-70Jester, Joseph Gay18841935(one name only)double marker
W-71Jester, S. M.18861934  
W-73Jester, Lula Pearl18801961(not found in 2008) 
W-74Jones, Judge Williumson18011875  
W-75Darlington, Eunice Jones18261920  
W-76Jones, Martha Murrel18101901  
W-77No Name  broken marker, not present 2008 
W-78Malone, Adah L.Feb 14, 1864Aug 18, 1870  
W-78No Name  base only 
W-80Schieffer, Henry F.Apr 14, 1885Aug 18, 1929  
W-81Schieffer, Amalia B.Oct 27, 1889Mar 3, 1950  
W-82Ballerstedt, Willie HenrySep 5, 1881Jun 13, 1969(with Olga)double marker
W-83Ballerstedt, Olga SchiefferJun 9, 1883Jun 12, 1964  
W-83Bartley  can not read 
W-83Bartley, Eugene18521913  
W-83Bartley, JesseJan 188512/30/1914(d.c- p E Bartley & A. E. Anderson) 
W-84Kruse, Herman18791933dble stone w/Geneva Kruse 
W-85Kruse, Geneva18771953dble stone w/Herman Kruse(dc-Smith, nee Bartley) Lindgren on dc 
W-86Shaw, Audrey KruseSep 10, 1927Feb 29, 1980  
W-87McCullough, GreggApr 22, 1894Apr 15, 1903  
W-88Nairn, JamesDec 19, 1867Oct 8, 1934  
W-89Korn, Geoerge (GB)Jun 8, 1926Jan 9, 2002  
W-89Nairn, Ada E.Mar 14, 1873Oct 11, 1893age 20 yr 6 mo 27 da 
W-90Coleman, Charles PatrickApr 30, 1933Aug 15, 2002US Navy, Korea 
W-90Wallace, Dora Lockwood18821948  
W-91Lockwood, Joe18481920  
W-92Lockwood, Ethel HowellNov 23, 1907Jun 1, 1909“Our Baby” 
W-93Lockwood, Emma18491920  
W-94Beckham, Thomas H.Feb 14, 1857Jan 30, 1924  
W-95Beckham, Mattie M.Oct 8, 1858Jan 16, 1934  
W-96Beckham, Harvey S.May 15, 1896Mar 23, 1970Tex Pvt US Army WWI 
W-97No Name  in curbing with Foster, no engraving 
W-98Foster, J. M.Jan 3, 1845Apr 15, 1928  
W-99Foster, ElizabethOct 6, 1847Jun 8, 1921  
W-100Foster, George M. (Buddy)Jan 11, 1906Nov 28, 1920Son, dble stone w/Elizabeth Foster 
W-101Foster, Elizabeth A.Jan 18, 1882Jul 5, 1921Mother, dble stone w/George Foster 
W-102Nairn, Alex18701951dble stone w/Mary Nairn 
W-103Nairn, Mary B.18701914dble stone w/Alex Nairn 
W-104Carlson, Erik Johannes19121915  
D.C.Groome, J. W.4/15/18476/18/1928  

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