J. L. Foster Cemetery

Name of cemetery J. L. Foster Cemetery
Location of cemetery 7135 E. Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78741. Located on the SE edge of large private property. It is best viewed across the fence, behind a warehouse at the end of Metro Center Drive off East Riverside. From IH-35 and Ben White Blvd (Hwy 71), travel east on Ben White toward the airport. Turn right on Riverside Dr. Make your first right onto Metro Center Drive. Follow this curvy road until it ends at a cul-de-sac. Pull into the driveway on the right, behind the warehouse. Look down the fence 325″ from the road and you will see an electrical utility pole down a grassy slope. The pole is 2′ on your side of the fence. Across the fence 9.5 feet is the monument. Historical Marker. Montopolis Quad, 3097-213. 2007
Appearance One obelisk monument
Transcribed by Ronnie & Suzanne Pitman