Hill Family Cemetery

Cemetery:Hill Family Cemetery
Directions:13652 Gregg Manor Rd in Austin. 2 or 3 miles west of Manor on the SW side of the Road. Once Gregg-Manor Road splits from Cameron Road and turns south you will pass a gate to the west. This gate has the phone number of the property owner (512) 258-0427. Continue south to the next gate that is next to the wire mesh fence of the horse farm. The cemetery is located about 300 yards west into this property. Pflugerville East Quad, 3097-244
Contact:Shirley Patrick shp1945@gmail.com
Notes:Photos are on Find-a-grave. Photo? No photo or unreadable. All the people in this cemetery are kin. If you would like to know how contact me.
Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathMarkings/Inscription/Comments
BakerChristopher Columbus23 Dec 188923 Dec 1889C. C. son of CC & EM Baker
BoyceAlbert Galletin12 Feb 187421 Apr 1938A. G. Boyce
CrockettFannie Ellen14 Apr 187513 Oct 1962Fannie E. Crockett
CrockettRowena Vick Hill19 Mar 185410 Dec 1909photo?
CrockettWilliam3 Nov 18733 Nov 1873photo?
CrockettWillis Garth30 Jul 184816 Mar 1891In Memory of Verse?
GreggEliza “Lila” Vick4 Aug 187630 Jun 1882Lila dau of WE & SH Gregg
GreggFrances Elizabeth29 Nov 18686 Apr 1917photo?
GreggMartha “Pat”19 Nov 187811 Mar 1857 
GreggMary Bolling1 Jan 187127 Jun 1949Bolling Gregg 1871-1949
GreggMary Cousins22 Jun 18708 Sept 1870photo?
GreggSarah “Sallie” Hibernia Hill19 Jan 18509 Jul 1906photo?
GreggSarah Brown “Douschka”8 Nov 188725 Dec 1979 
GreggShirley3 Feb 187428 Sept 1945photo?
GreggWillian Eggleston “Willie17 Oct 184627 May 1915photo?
HillAdelle Mansfield20 Mar 186020 Jun 1925photo?
HillAlexander Campbell2 Sept 183431 Oct 1897verse?
HillJohn Augustus “Jno.”29 Nov 18646 Apr 1938double stone: HILL Shirley Bates Jno. A.
HillJohn Gregg1 May 186826 May 1945Metal marker:
HillLouisa Hadassah Maxwell18 Feb 184510 Mar 1845Louisa Maxwell Hill
HillMary Ann “Dickie”16 Dec 18519 Jul 1853photo?
HillMary Bolling GreggSept 18381 May 1871photo?
HillMinerva Frances Vernon3 Oct 183212 Jun 1896Manerva Frances Hill wife of Wm H Hill, Jr.
HillOwen K.6 Nov 188417 Oct 1886photo?
HillSarah “Sallie” Brown(e)4 May 179012 Aug 1867photo?
HillSegar Leigh6 Nov 188914 Dec 1949 
HillShirley Anna Bates22 Oct 186717 Jan 1946double stone: HILL Shirley Bates Jno. A.
HillTwins18 Apr 188825&27th Apr 1888photo?
HillWalter Hickman9 Nov 186528 Dec 1885photo?
HillWilliam Hickman, Jr. (III) 185620 Dec 185626 Nov 1871Wm H Hill son of Wm H & M F Hill
HillWilliam Hickman, Sr. (I) 17881 May 178815 Jun 1853photo?
HillWilliam Hickman, Jr. (II) 1822182219 Jan 1899photo?
McBeeFrances Hickman “Fannie” “Aunt Hick”2 Mar 18678 Aug 1944Double stone: McBEE Joshua C. Fannie H.
McBeeJoshua CatesJan 186320 Sept 1928Double stone: McBEE Joshua C. Fannie H.
UsseryElizabeth Ewing Hill27 Nov 184712 Feb 1868photo?