Grumbles Cemetery

Name of cemeteryGrumbles Cemetery; aka Snyder Field/Fowler Cemetery; aka Fowler IV Cemetery
Owner of land 
Location of cemetery52__ Brodie Lane, in Sunset Valley. Brodie Lane at Hwy 290 W
Driving directionsLocated behind Home Depot on the west side of Brodie Lane. (Behind Sub Shop near Home Depot and a retaining pond) Oak Hill Quad, 3097-224.
Transcribed byJanet K. Taylor-Carusi
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
Grumbles, Eliza Jane KesingerApril 10, 1937 to July 16, 1836
Grumbles, John D.May 17, 1833 to December 18, 1913
Grumbles, Sarah L. Carter
(Second wife of John D. Grumbles)
Lunsford, Francis “Frank” GrumblesApril 4, 1891 to August 20, 1907
Grumbles, Chester Allen (Infant son of Stephen and Edith Schwartz Grumbles) 
Grumbles, Henry MadisonNovember 30, 1869 to
Mr. CarpenterNo dates
Mrs. Carpenter1823 – no date