Evangelical Free Church Memorial Garden Cemetery

Name of cemeteryEvangelical Free Church Memorial Garden Cemetery
CaretakerFirst Evangelical Free Church
Location of cemetery10309 Decker Lane
Driving directionsGo East on Hwy 290 to Decker Lane. Turn right at the light and go .5 mile to the cemetery on the left side of the road. There is a sign and address on the fence.
AppearanceFenced and well-maintained
Date transcribedOctober 30, 2006
Transcribed byKay Boyd
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
1Everett David Swening8/3/19595/31/1986 
2Everitt G. Alf Swening12/29/19302/5/1981 
3Esther Amanda G. Swening6/10/190612/27/2001on stone with Everett married 1/21/1928
4Everett Emanuel Swening12/25/190110/17/1977on stone with Esther, married 1/21/1928
5John Wesley Helge4/13/19226/29/2000EM2 USN WWII
6Martha Helge10/17/18837/8/1979 
7Carl Simon Helge5/6/18799/9/1925 
8Olga C. Anderson11/19/18798/18/1914 
9Rosalie Richard 1/11/1931 
10Christine Swening18431925 
11Sven Anders Swening18421908 
12Gus B. Swening19101910 
13Ivy R. Swening19001903 
14Gust A. Swening11/18/18764/8/1937 
15Alfrieda C. Swening6/16/18799/19/1937 
16Annie Nelson10/6/18739/25/1918 
17Albert L. Nelson10/22/190012/30/1976 
18Samuel Nelson6/1/18974/8/1925 
19Judith Zahr Blomdahl18821910 
20Augusta Carlson1/29/187011/19/1907 
21Gustaf Carlson11/3/18693/21/1955 
22unmarked grave  mound with no marker in Carlson plot
23unmarked grave  mound with no marker in Carlson plot
24Anna Christina Gustafson5/20/188611/26/1918 
25unmarked grave  mound with no marker in Carlson plot
26Mary Johnson2/23/18845/19/1917 
27unmarked grave  mound with no marker in Carlson plot
28David E. Gustafson4/21/18883/14/1964 
29John Henry Gustafson11/1/18578/5/1901Born in Nässjö, Sweden
30Calvin A. Nelson19191999Beck FHM
31Victor “Per” Helge 1900 
32Victor Anderson18761959 
33Annie Anderson18801927 
34Arthur Anderson19011902 
35Charlotta Swensonnonenone 
36Paul F. Rosell1/25/189111/26/1970PVT USA WWI
37Elna K. Larson8/2/18987/3/1997wife of Paul F. Rosell
38Kenneth Victor Hawkinson12/20/192412/16/1997Born Lamson, MN, died Austin, TX/ US Army
39Charlotte Kathryn Sundbeck Hawkinson2/17/1926 on stone with Kenneth, married 8/12/1949
40Blanche S. Carlson10/2/18962/24/1979Born in Sprinkle
41Robert C. Carlson12/27/18965/31/1989 
42Patricia Frances Carlson5/10/19328/25/2004 
43Malcolm Reves Carlson9/20/19203/2/1990USN WWII
44Merle Reed Swenson6/2/19332/10/2000 
45Charlotte Johnson5/23/18502/21/1912old stone and newer stone. Wife of Joseph
46Joseph E. K. Jonson2/10/18461/15/1939 
47Anders Ceder4/27/18236/7/1901 
48Charlotta Ceder2/19/182810/27/1917 
49Anders Gustaf Craft18551907newer stone/same as Anders Kraft
50Augusta Amelia Craft18551941newer stone/same as Augusta Kraft
51Augusta Amelia Sanberg Kraft2/13/185611/21/1941on stone with Anders
52Anders Gustaf Larsson Kraft12/1/18557/9/1907married Augusta 1/10/1877. 1902 Swedish immigrants from Barkeryd Oct 14 to Decker Nov 19
53Elvin A. Croft11/15/18974/30/1976son. ENGR USA WWI
54Paul A. Hendrickson9/15/18981/8/1972son-in-law. CQM USN WWI & WWII
55Jeanette Croft Hendrickson2/12/19003/5/1995daughter
56Ernst Teodor Zahr18781913 
57Milton W. Bartley4/11/19132/24/1994TEC3 USA WWII
58Martha Gustafson6/13/190211/16/1908 
59Alice Gustafson12/1/19098/1/1910 
60Anna K. Fritz3/12/194812/7/1897Mother
61J. P. Fritz1/16/18462/26/1926Father
62Hulda V. Fritz2/14/18832/12/1904Sister
63Howard Gustav Sunvison6/28/19097/29/1983 
64Adela A. Sunvison3/30/19126/9/1994 
65Rev. L. Otho Hixson12/18/19017/8/1985 
66Rose Smiley Hixson4/18/19065/14/1990 
67Marianne Katharine Taylor11/26/19299/29/1983 
68Herbert “Junior” Taylor8/1/19301991FHM
69Catharina Smith9/17/183612/31/1918born Sweden, died USA. Widowed with six children. Husband buried at New Sweden Cemetery
70Emma Charlotta Bengston 1893 
71Paul Carlson18921894 
72August Lindblom18521929 
73Emilie Lindblom18481916 
74Prebble Lee Sundbeck2/28/19269/14/2005on stone with Milton, married 5/20/1944
75Jack David Townsend8/13/19166/2/2003Captain USA/ on stone with Maureene
76Anna Schoenert1/7/19235/14/1993on stone with Ralph
77missing marker/base only   
78John Bird’s Babynonenone 
79Baby Powellnonenone 
80Mrs. P. Handsandnonenone 
81Carl Oscar Swening18721891