Creedmoor Community Cemetery

Name of cemeteryCreedmoor Community Cemetery
Location of cemetery6000 Old Lockhart Road, Latitude 30.074660, Longitude 97.722225, Map
Driving DirectionsHead south from Austin on Hwy 183, when you see the fence line of the Austin Bergstrom
International Airport on your left, you are about 10 miles from your turnoff.
Do not exit on FM 1327, it is closer, except it is currently closed where you turn to reach the
cemetery because of construction on the new Toll Road. Continue on to Old Lockhart Road.
Turn east, that would be a right hand turn, coming from Austin and a left hand turn if you are
coming from Lockhart on Hwy 183. Follow the Old Lockhart Road 2.6 miles, Creedmoor
Community Cemetery will be on your left.
FYI, when you see the entrance to Aquatic Road which will be on your right, you are 0.2 miles
from the cemetery, it is on the left side of the road, you will miss it if you are not looking.
Date transcribedAug 14, 2008
Transcribed byNancy Hickman
CommentsPictures were taken starting at the right front of the cemetery, moving along the roll next to
the fence line to the back of the cemetery and completing this pattern for two more rolls.
Then beginning at the left side of Cemetery, head stone pictures were taken starting at the
rear on the right side and moving along the fence line toward the front. I found one metal
mark that had been placed in a tree probably opposite from where it belonged since it
belonged to Annie J. Caldwell, it had a unique place in the tree, so I left it not knowing
where it belonged, Caldwell family members are on the other side of the cemetery. I only found
one headstone that did not show any type of inscription, it is the last photo of this
collection, it has the form of a handshake on the front of it, may belong to the second to
the last photo taken. This cemetery is currently in use.
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
PlotName of deceasedDate of birthDate of deathMarkingsPhoto
1Alfred Parrish Feb 16, 1920Husband
2GraceFeb 13, 1870Sep 10, 1908wife of
3Jewel A.19041914Oct 11, 1901 Nov 20, 1914
4Carrie Parrish Aug 12, 1906Wife of Alfred Parrish, born in Kent Co. England
5Marion R. GregorJan 13, 1921Sep 12, 2005 
6James, E. Young, JrNov 29, 1930May 28, 1997TSGT U S Air Force Vietnam
7Jerry Ray VailAug 25, 1958Mar 27, 1988 
8Jerry Vail JrOct 25, 1926Apr 3, 1992MSGT U S Air Force Korea and Vietnam
9Alice E. GriffithDec 16, 1915Jun 20, 1966 
10Infant Son WrightAug 2, 1913Aug 3, 1916 
11Albert G. WrightFeb 27, 1890Feb 25, 1970shares stone with Jennie
12Jennie WrightJun 6, 1894Oct 21, 1973shares stone with Albert
13Mary Steussy GrayMar 16, 1902Mar 27, 1975 
14Stella Hannah SteussyFeb 27, 1878Dec 30, 1946 
15Charles T. SteussyFeb 17, 1869Jul 22, 1926 
16Charles SteussySep 12, 1890Mar 1, 1919 
17Gladys G. CaldwellSep 11, 1914Mar 19, 1945 
18Thomas Joseph Aiton Mar 24, 1902aged 42 yrs, 5 mos and 23 ds
19Mary H. AitonJul 17, 1834Apr 9, 1911 
20Thomas Aiton(born 1881)Feb 14, 190x77 yrs, 6 ms, 3 days
21Joseph Hardin Aiton Feb 25, 1896 
22Infant JohnsonFeb 22, 1897Feb 23,son of Charles & Tillie Johnson
23William Edward CaldwellMay 8, 1865Jan 2, 1957 
24Susannah Agnes CaldwellNov 20, 1870Mar 24, 1949 
25John Wallace CaldwellFeb 13, 1905Mar 17, 1963 
26Agnes E. (Bettie) MillerNov 12, 1902Feb 27, 1969 
27Thomas Edward CaldwellDec 24, 1897Apr 2, 1969shares stone with Annie
28Annie Johnson CaldwellJan 11, 1899Oct 22, 1993shares stone with Thomas (also Cook Waldon FHM)
29Conway Gene Caldwell19341986 
30Carroll Edward Caldwell19332003shares stone with Bettie
31Bettie Christine Caldwell1937 shares stone with Carroll
32Leona M. FarmerAug 28, 1925Dec 20, 1989shares stone with Leroy
33Leroy B. FarmerJul 20, 1924  
34Paul Garcia19612005 or 2008metal FHM
35Fred GarciaApr 2, 1927Jul 11, 2000shares stone with Ruth (Harrell FHM 1927-2000)
36Ruth P. GarciaApr 16, 1927Jul 3, 1998shares stone with Fred (Harrell FHM Ruth Pearl Garcia)
37Tracy SteussySep 12, 1890Mar 1, 1918son of H. C. & M. A Steussy
38Wilbert Roy BennerNov 4, 19172000??PFC U S Army World War x (FMH 1914-200x)
39Mary Inez Benner1928Feb 19, 2005U S Army Korea
40Crystal Gail Pfouts19782006metal Harrell FHM
41Martha Ann Lankford18431910