Comanche (North) Cemetery

Cemetery nameComanche (North) Cemetery
Alternate nameComanche Cemetery
DirectionsFrom intersection of 130 and 71, go east on 71 for 4.2 miles to Garfield. At highway crossover (American Fireworks Building, 5150 Highway 71 East) crossover 71 and take right on Albert Brown Drive. Drive .1 miles and then turn left on Caldwell Lane. Drive 1.3 miles and cemetery will be on left (west) side of road.
AppearanceEnclosed in chain link. Needs cleaning. Some headstones broken off and/or toppled over. Possible vandalism.
Survey date3/17/2009
Photographed byJudy Shaw
Surveyed byJudy Shaw and Sue Shaw
CommentsHaws was also spelled Hawse and Hawes. Adys and Minnie D. Hawse have a joint headstone, and another joint headstone with Eulah with the last name spelled Haws. There are other unknown graves with bases only.
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
RowSpaceLast NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotesPhotos
  SlaughterA. S.12-25-183707-07-1901Father
  DeWittyNellie B.12-28-190801-03-1910 
  Unknown (1)   Base Only. 
  Unknown (2)   Tiled Headstone on ground. Identifying info missing.
  Unknown (3)   Tiled Headstone. Identifying info missing.
  Unknown (4)   Tiled Headstone. Identifying info missing.
  Unknown (5)   Base Only 
  Unknown (6)   Base Only 
  ArchieBen181809-02-1893In remembrance of loving children
  ArchieMary185503-10-1910In remembrance of loving children
  CorzineSilas11-02-191509-16-1964TEXAS; TEC4 842 PORT CO TC; WORLD WAR II
  CorzineCharlie L.04-08-194809-21-1966Brother and Son
  Unknown (7)   Marker Illegible
  HawesNovella P. 03-09-1922Age 12; Our Dear Baby
  HernandezAnselmo08-03-191101-12-2007U S ARMY; WORLD WAR II
  HawsVirginia C.12-02-192601-30-1978Un Recuerdo de su Esposo y Familia
  HawsHomer N.18931983Joint Headstone with Pinkie Ola Haws
  HawsPinkie Ola19001944Joint Headstone with Homer N. Haws; Has 2 Headstones
  FrazierEulah Haws 10-09-1939Joint with Adys V. Haws and Minnie D. Haws; Sister; In Loving Memory of our Beloved Mother and Sisters
  HawsAdys V. 02-22-1919Joint with Eulah Haws Frazier and Minnie D. Haws; Sister; In Loving Memory of our Beloved Mother and Sisters. 1
  HawsMinnie Darling 05-14-1916Joint with Eulah Haws Frazier and Adys V. Haws; Mother; In Loving Memory of our Beloved Mother and Sisters
  HawseMinnie D. 05-14-1916Joint with Adys V. Hawse; Age 40, Our Loved Ones
  HawseAdys V. 02-22-1919Joint with Minnie D. Hawse; Age 21, Our Loved Ones
  WheelerCora Etta10-08-190603-07-1971Our Mother
  ThompsonOla Lee Fowler07-31-192412-24-1981Children; Our Beloved Mother
  FowlerLillian Annie Bell12-24-191510-13-1992In Loving Memory of Our Mother; With Love From All the Children
  CorzineWillie Mae Fowler09-16-191306-27-1993Our Beloved Mother
  Fowler, Jr.Richard Charles08-20-191112-04-1994U S ARMY; WORLD WAR II
  Unknown (8)   Wooden Cross