Collier Cemetery

Name Of Cemetery Collier Cemetery
Location of Cemetery Located on FM 2322 at Cat Hollow Drive in Briar Cliff, behind the PPOA building. A wooden privacy fence hides the cemetery from the road. The cemetery is not enclosed at this time but a gate remains from the previous fence. There are 45 recorded graves in this cemetery. Pace Bend Quad, 3098-144.
Latitude 30.41933
Longitude 98.04777
Date transcribed July 1, 2009
Transcribed by Leigh Lunsford
Please note This page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.


Aiken Howard Anthony 1-21-1924 7-24-1973 m. 04 Aug 1943 h/o Mary L. Lee
Aiken Mary L. Lee m. 04 Aug 1943 pre-planned; w/o Howard A. Aiken
Brown Elnora -1841 1-2-1900 w/o Dan Brown; Aged 59 Yrs
Brown James K. Polk 3-16-1846 5-11-1919
Brown Mary Ann LaMascus 9-15-1863 9-7-1891
Collier James Alfred 12-1832 -1908 h/o Rebecca M. Gregg m. 22 Dec 1854
Collier Charles Wesley -1859 s/o Alfred Collier & Rebecca Gregg
Collier Fred Asbury 1-27-1879 8-19-1951 s/o Alfred Collier & Rebecca M. Gregg; h/o Lena
Collier Lena Proffitt 10-8-1876 12-1-1955 d/o Steve Proffitt & Emma Wilkes; w/o Fred A. Collier
Collier Rebecca M. Gregg 7-1836 -1922 w/o Alfred Collier d/o Jeremiah Gregg & Polly Alexander; m. 22 Dec 1854 (9 children – 6 recorded living in 1900 Census)
Cook Adabell 9-21-1907 10-3-1908
Cox Artie Omie Collier 6-20-1898 3-14-1959 d/o F. A. Collier & Lena Collier; w/o Kilburn Cox
Cox Kilburn 4-16-1896 2-19-1971 s/o George Herman Cox & Hulda J. Pearson; h/o Artie O. Collier
Cugini Marian Billie 12-27-1924 1-9-2006 w/o Orazio A. Cugini
Cugini Orazio A 11-29-1919 12-9-1982 h/o Marian B. Cugini
Edwards Ruby Cox pre-planned; w/o Thomas F. Edwards
Edwards Thomas F. 4-10-1917 2-23-2008 h/o Ruby Cox
Elder Myrle B. 10-31-1904 9-7-1999
Euers Elmer G. 1-12-1898 12-26-1932 s/o T J Euers & Lucy Stapleton; h/o Anna M Euers
Euers Fred F. 5-19-1890 10-31-1918
Euers Otto 8-31-1894 1-24-1922
Gregg Edna R. Euers 8-23-1886 7-17-1985 w/o Philip A. Gregg
Gregg Fred Forrest 6-9-1912 3-12-1992
Gregg James Alfred 5-6-1906 2-27-1968 s/o Abner Gregg & Edna R. D. Euers
Gregg Jeremiah 3-24-1813 12-16-1900 h/o Mary A. McDonald Scott
Gregg Jerry M. 11-28-1916 2-4-2006
Gregg James “Jim” s/o Jeremiah Gregg & Mary Ann McDonald
Gregg Mary Louisa Scott 1-15-1855 2-19-1923 d/o Benjamin Franklin Scott & Mary A. Brady; w/o William Robert Gregg
Gregg Mary Ann McDonald 2-13-1830 4-19-1916 w/o Charles Franklin Scott; w/o Jeremiah Gregg
Gregg Philip Abner -1880 4-6-1917 s/o Jeremiah Gregg & Mary Ann Mcdonald; h/o Edna R. D. Euers
Gregg William Robert 2-12-1851 4-18-1924 s/o Jeremiah Gregg & Margaret Bratton; h/o Mary L. Scott
Henderson Howard H 7-27-1872 2-18-1885 s/o E.L. Henderson & Marg. D.
Henderson Rufus 4-20-1876 7-25-1877
LaMascus Harriet Morrison -1832 -1880
Long Luiza 12-14-1820 2-28-1879
Mayfield Marilyn 8-13-1942 2-27-1995
Milam Ollie Pankey 5-7-1872 5-12-1907
Ramirez Adolph C. 9-24-1919 6-2-1995 h/o Henrietta G. Ramirez
Ramirez Henrietta G. pre-planned; w/o Adolph C. Ramirez
Scott Mary Ann Brady -1811 -1897 w/o Benjamin Franklin Scott
Stratton Elva F. Cox 1-29-1921 11-13-1976 d/o Kilburn Cox & Omie Collier; w/o Harvey A. Stratton
Sylvester Minnie R. 1-31-1887 8-18-1894 Aged 7 yrs. 18 days d/o Caleb H. Sylvester & Mary Easter Collier
Unknown No 1 Gregg/Scott family area
Unknown No 2 Gregg/Scott family area
Unknown No 3 near Gregg/Scott family area
Unknown No 4
Unknown No 5
Van Straten Joseph M. 10-10-1932 3-17-1988
Wallace Emma -1834 -1909