Austin State Hospital Cemetery

Compiled by David Rupe, Austin State Hospital, Plant Maintenance Director

Transcribed by Stephanie S. Sorensen, Historian, Texas State Cemetery 2005. Copyright. All rights reserved.

Information updated 7/1/09 by Richard Reneau, Maintenance Director at
the Austin State Hospital.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. This cemetery houses a community. Therefore, doctors, nurses, teachers,
    and students were and are buried alongside the patients.
  2. Because the patients were in a State Hospital does not mean they were
    mentally ill. Many patients were treated for alcoholism or other various
  3. The first date listed is the date the patient was ADMITTED. Please
    keep that in mind while searching through the document.
  4. I kept the transcription to the letter. For example, we all know the
    county of Wharton is spelled as such, but if the record read Warton,
    then that is how it is transcribed. The same goes for the names.
  5. The numbered plot list is not alphabetical. Please use your ctrl+f
    function to find the name you are looking for.

The Austin State Hospital was originally named the State Lunatic Asylum.
The name change occurred in 1925.

John Bryan was moved to the cemetery in 1882. The original plots were
on the ASH grounds and it was determined to bring distress to patients,
so was moved out of sight to a remote part of the property.

You can find more information on the Austin State Hospital Cemetery by
visiting and reading the article in the Austin Chronicle.

The cemetery is located at 200 West 51st Street, Austin, Texas 78751
in between Leralynn and Avenue F.

Mapquest will give you the exact location.

Access to the grounds can be arranged by calling the ASH maintenance
department at 512-419-2367.

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