Gregg School Cemetery

Name Of CemeteryGregg Cemetery; sometimes known as Gregg School Cemetery or Old Rock Church Cemetery
CaretakerPatti Gullahorn
Location of CemeteryOn private land near 5300 Gregg Lane in Austin, just west of its intersection with Cameron Road on the north side of Gregg Lane, with gated entrances.
Driving DirectionsFrom IH 35 take the Howard Lane exit and go east. Continue through the intersection with Dessau (traffic light). The cemetery is 2 miles down Gregg Lane on private land on the right side of the road.
Date transcribedMay 2006
Transcribed byJenny Nickels
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
1Almquist, A. J.May 6, 1832Nov 29, 1912Father
2Almquist, C. G.May 6, 1831Jan 14, 1927Mother
3Almquist, Joanna18691961dau of A. J. & C. G.(died May 22, 1961)
4Almquist, Mary18661955dau of A. J. & C. G.
5Ayers, Mrs. Mary18541913Mrs. Mary Barlar Ayers
6B. (H. B.)  footstone, near Bowman plot
7B. (J. E. B.)  footsone, near Stiles plot, base only of headstone
8Baby Peterno dateno date 
9(B)ailey?no dateno datenatural stone under bush next to dead tree near McGaha-broken
10Baker, Babyno dateno date 
11Baker, C. C. Mr & Mrs.  face down. Christopher C. and Ella M., adj H. D. Baker
12Baker, H. D.Sep 4, 18851928Hickman D. son of Mr. & Mrs. C. C.
13Baker, Jennie E.  marker missing b Jul 5, 1855-d ?31, 1878
14Barr, Matilda V. J. “”Tillie”” BirdwellFeb 11 1868Jan 11, 1951Wife of William B. Barr
15Barr, Wiliam AubreySep 15, 1884Feb 5, 18872 yr, 4 mo, 24 da, son of William B and Tille Barr, partial marker
16Barr, William B.Apr 3, 1864Dec 31, 1902 
17Bell, Arthur Oct 10, 1875age 70 yr, 10 mo, 4 da
18Bell, Ida MayMar 4, 1871Jan 12, 1877dau of H. W. & G. Bell
19Birdwell, Thomas M.  footstone T. M. B., missing marker, Barr plot b Apr 26, 1851 d Aug 22, 1888
20Bowman, Annie AlmquistMay 21, 1863Sep 13, 1942 
21Bowman, CatharineFeb 4, 1826Feb 6, 1892Wife of J. C. born in Shendoah Co., VA
22Bowman Feb 5, 1886footstone I. B., infant dau of W. D. & Annie. Marker made by FJ Scholz, Evansville, IN
23Bowman, J. C.Apr 1, 1824Jun 30, 1913Jacob C. born in Rockingham Co., VA
24Bowman, William DavidDec 15, 1860Aug 28, 1939son of Jacob & Catharine, footstone W.D.B.
25Boyce, WiIlliamJan 17, 1842Jun 16, 1905 
26Casselberry, LizzieJan 13, 1890Dec 7, 1904 
27Clarkno dateno date 
28Clark  footstone only J.A.C. John Alexander White Clark, b Oct 1, 1942, d Mar 1, 1914
29Edrington, Harriett E.Aug 20, 1857Oct 8, 1878marker face down at top of hill
30Evans, BabyMar 1882Apr 9, 1882marker missing
31Evans, Little AnnOct 1893Mar 1894footstone A. E., marker missing, dau of I. N. & Christine Almquist Evans
32Foster, S.Feb 25, 1844Nov 21, 1886(Simmons Foster)
33Fretwell, MalindaNov 19, 1865Dec 19, 1904 
34Goodwin, Sherley H.Aug 3, 1895Dec 13, 1896 
35Greer, Rhetta Feb 19, 1904wife of A. C. Greer
36Haynes, Buddyno dateno date 
37Heard, Inez18781897(Mrs. Susan “”Inez”” Ayers Heard)
38Heard, L. W.18451901(Lewis W.)
39Heard, Mrs.L. W.18481920(Georgia E. Heard, died Jul 14, 1920)
40Hillhouse, Mrs. A. J.   
41J. (E.C.J.)  footstone, base only, right of William M. Jackson. Could be wife Carrie
42Jackson, William Maxwell  W.M.J. footsone, toppled Woodmen of the World headstone
43Johnston, Lindsay OscarSep 9, 1898Feb 25, 19001 yr, 5 mo 16 da, son of E. H. & L. K.
44Kimmons, Elizabeth18251900Mother
45Kimmons, Samuel18221887Father
46Kuykendall, MargaretJul 13, 1796Mar 17, 1829 
47L. (C.W.L.)  footstone only, behind Evans graves
48McGaha, WilliamAug 15, 1845Jan 22, 1882large limestone block enclosure, top of hill
49Mills, ColemanNov 13, 1899Nov 7, 1904 
50Munn, Atlas NealJul 2, 1864Apr 13, 1918son of D. R. & L. M.
51Munn, D. dateno datebase only, Daniel R., husband of L. M.
52Munn, L. M.May 10, 1843Aug 15, 1883(Lucinda M. Wilson Munn)
53Nickelson, C. Mar 23, 189228 yrs. Wife of M. E. stone destroyed, top left corner
54Peyton, Claude D.Jun 22, 1879Apr 2, 1890son of C. D. & L. J.
55R. (J.A.R.)  footstone,( near Kyuykendall)
56R. (T.J.R.)  footstone of natural rock, hand-carved, near Joanna Almquist
57Reed, Minnie S.Nov 20, 1896Oct 31, 1897 
58Searl, John H. Mar 21, 1876age 29 yr, 4 mo, 20 da, base only
59Searl, Ora J. Oct 19, 18821 mo, 26 da, son of T. G. & A. J., obelisk lying on ground
60Sprinkle, Erasmus FrederickMar 5, 1813Jun 25, 1906Private 1BN VA Infantry Res CSA
61Stiles, PietyNov 18, 1810May 23, 1885age 74 yr, 6 mo 6 da
62Stiles, WilliamNov 14, 1810Dec 24, 1883 
63T (E.T.)  footstone, base only, next to Harriet Edrington
64Thomas, EsterMay 20, 1823Feb 23, 1884Mother
65Thomas GilfordJun 6, 1821Jan 19, 1892Father
66Webb, John WesleyOct 31, 1877Jun 25, 1881next to McGaha
67J  (partial footstone near Arthur Bell)
68not identified  (base only in front of Barr plot)
69not identified  (base only behind Barr plot, in front of fence)
70not identified  (two wrought fenced plots, no markers)
71not identified  (large base, right and behind Kimmons)
72C  footstone only, (under Hackberry tree right of center near bottom)
73Jamison, Frank A. Mar 9, 1880Dec 15, 1953 reinterred at Austin memorial park