Moline Swedish Lutheran Cemetery

Name Of CemeteryMoline Swedish Lutheran Cemetery
Location of CemeteryElroy community, southern Travis County
Driving DirectionsFrom the intersection of U.S. 71 and U.S. 183, go south on U.S. 183 4.0 miles; turn left at FM 812, go 5.1 miles. On the right side of FM 812 is Prince of Peace Cemetery, also known as Elroy Lutheran Cemetery
Date transcribedOctober, 2006
Transcribed byElizabeth Kihlberg
NotesPrince of Peace Cemetery is in two sections. A small sign, visible from the highway, marks the first section. To reach the second section, follow the barbed wire fence down the left side of section one to near the rear of the property, then look left over the fence line. The second section is among the brambles and brush.
Please noteThis page is part of the Austin Genealogical Society’s Cemetery Transcription Project. This information was compiled by volunteers who either transcribed historical records or visited the cemetery to write down the names and dates. Unless noted, the volunteer is not an affiliate of the cemetery.
Last nameFirst nameMiddleBirthdateDeath dateNotePhoto
WalentaFrankJ.July 28, 1888July 29, 1971Shares marker with Annie Walenta.
WalentaAnnieS.November 25, 1895September 30, 1988Shares marker with Frank Walenta.
SoderlundA.W.March 25, 1860February 7, 1927Shares marker with Elsa Soderlund.
SoderluElsaB.July 20, 1855November 16, 1936Shares marker with A.W. Soderlund.
Walenta Jr.FrankW.March 19, 1919November 29, 1975?
EricksonEdwardE.18581915Shares marker with Augusta Erickson.
EricksonAugusta?18651937Shares marker with Edward Erickson.
BengstonCarlG.February 1, 1898January 10, 1963?
BengstonRuthC.October 1, 1898October 30, 1978?
Giles, Sr.DavidL.July 10, 1937?Shares marker with Ida Giles.
GilesIda M.BengstonSeptember 20, 1938?Shares marker with David Giles.
BengstonLars 18611931Shares marker with Stina Bengston.
BengstonStina 18591953Shares marker with Lars Bengston.
AndersonGertieElveriaNovember 1, 1889July 19, 1922Although the birth year looks like it could be 1885 in the image, it is 1889.


LindbladJohnM.October 24, 1880April 22, 1962Shares marker with Teckla Lindblad.
LindbladTecklaE.May 20, 1885November 7, 1971Shares marker with John Lindblad.
HokansonJohnA.18411911Shares marker with Ida Hokanson.
HokansonIdaL.18621951Shares marker with John Hokanson.
HokansonRuthAyerNovember 18, 1898September 28, 1986?
HokansonAlexander?November 30, 1893March 19, 1957?
PetersonKlausG.April 24, 1865September 20, 1939Shares marker with Anna Peterson.
PetersonAnnaS.June 16, 1867December 16, 1948Shares marker with Klaus Peterson.
PetersonJohn?August 16, 1901April 24, 1983?
JacobsonChesterW.August 1, 1908December 25, 2001Shares marker with Edith Jacobson.
JacobsonEdithE.S.May 5, 1907October 19, 1974Shares marker with Chester Jacobson.
OlsonCarlW.January 13, 1919March 21, 1919?
OlsonNicklasA.18441921Shares marker with Hulda Olson.
OlsonHuldaG.18551932Shares marker with Nicklas Olson.
AndersonClaraSophiaJanuary 2, 1851June 2, 1910?


PolsonJohn?June 26, 1854January 29, 1913? 

Section Two



DIED JULY 17, 1927, AGE 34 YRS




(born 1895, died 16 Sept. 1935)




(Felis Santos, fallecido en junio 27 de 1924, edad 21

Felis Santos, died on June 27 of 1924, age 21)Although his death date looks like it could be June 29, the Index to Death Records, Texas, 1903-1940 gives his death date as June 27.

Also, in the death index his first name is anglicized to Felix.


Fenced Burial 1


The grave site in the best condition in this section. In the near end are two metal crosses, large and small, perhaps a mother an child.

Outside the far end of the enclosure, but not visible in this image, is another large iron cross.

Fenced Burial 2
Fenced Burial 3
Fenced Burial 4
Granite Marker
Cement Marker 1
Cement Marker 2
Metal Marker, one of several