Russel’s Place to Rest Cemetery

Cemetery: Russel’s Place to Rest aka St Mary’s Cemetery
Directions: African-American cemetery located on the north side of Pecan Street (1825) in Pflugerville behind the Hispanic section. Pflugerville West Quad, 3097-243.
Lcation: 200 Caldwell Ln, Pflugerville, Travis County Texas USA 78660 (behind the St Mary’s Cemetery across from Pflugerville High School)
Updated: October 2, 2015
Contact: Anthony Saucedo,
notes: It seems back in the early 1900’s neither African Americans nor Mexican Americans could live in the town of Pflugerville. So a man named La Rue Noton put aside an acre of his land west of Pflugerville & sold lots to folks for $50/ea. They called this area Pflugerville’s Colored Addition. Eventually (I think for 911 purposes) they had to change the name of two streets. I think it was during this time they realized this area of town was still called Pflugerville’s Colored Addition. They tried to change the name but the residents wouldn’t let them. According to a lady whose family is buried here…this cemetery was called Pflugerville’s Colored Cemetery. The only sign in the cemetery says: Russell’s Place To Rest. She told me this was to mark off the Russell’s section of the cemetery. Around 1910 this community started St. Mary’s Baptist Church and around 1920 they started this cemetery. So now most people call it St. Mary’s Cemetery. Of all the memorials here I know one does have an obit & that’s what they call it…St. Mary’s Cemetery.


Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Markings/Inscription/Comments
Hall Willie 1908 1969
Hall Lonnie 1907 1979
Hall Marie 12/24/1905 5/4/1977
Alexander Ben 3/1/1907 12/?/1986
Dukes Clifton 1946 2015
Russell Inez 11/22/1905 4/14/2006 In loving memory; Beloved wife, mother, and grandmother
Russell Charlie 2/2/1904 3/18/1987 Beloved husband and father
Rivers Ruthie 1916 2012
Robinson Early 8/11/1900 11/26/1998 In loving memory
Alexander Jack 11/17/1911 8/18/1975 Father
Robinson L.C. 11/2/1908 9/23/1967 In god we trust, In remembrance of family
Isaac Leroy 4/19/1915 9/17/1977 Gone but not forgotten
Isaac Lonie 8/22/1922 10/6/1985 Mother; Gone but not forgotten
Issac Leroy 2/19/1944 9/6/1970 Texas; CPL; US Marine corps; Vietnam
Jones Sarah 1922 1965
Robinson Bennie 1929 1984
Wicks Chester 10/24/1919 3/3/1937 Lamb at rest
Robinson Joseph 1931 1974
Thompson Dora 9/1/1920 12/13/1983 In loving memory of our mother; In god’s care
Robinson Samuel 5/18/1931 4/29/2005
Robinson Lloyd 11/1/1925 12/20/1999 U.S. Navy World War II
Rogers Jennie 3/24/1940 12/2/2010 Loving mother and grandmother
To live in the hearts of others is not to die
Black Vert 7/13/190 7 6/11/2002
Stephens Hattie 1907 1982
Stephens Leon 7/4/1902 10/17/1978
Shields Ethel ???? ????
Corothers Laura 1882 1973
Henricks Odis 3/27/1907 4/8/1950 Texas, S2 USNR WW II
Woods Pearl 2/18/1880 9/26/1945
Hall Cecil 10/19/1926 11/29/1949 Texas
PFC 617 AAF Bomb SO, WW II
Smith Willie 4/15/1925 4/25/2004 Loving wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend
Hall Lottrell 3/5/1903 10/23/1969 Mother
Smothers Mozell 9/25/1924 10/19/1940
McDade Albert 7/4/1905 12/27/1978
McDade Lula 10/22/1911 1/13/2004 In loving memory
Woods Holice 12/23/1903 4/28/1954
McDade James 1922 1947
Washington Gertrude 7/31/1898 9/11/1955
Jones Sam 2/25/1913 11/23/1991 PVT US Army World War II
Robinson Isaac 3/30/1918 8/11/2006